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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:51pm EST

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total fell to the ground. >> we have more on the winds and cold. we'll start with jeff smith live in midtown. >> we're obviously lucky nobody was hurt in this situation. let me set the scene. we're outside of the sheraton new york midtown right at 52nd and 7th avenue. we'll pan up about 4 stories to where two pieces of -- 46 stories to where two passes of facade fell. this was probably due to the wind. some of the debris fell on a parked, unoccupied car, no reports of injuries, thankfully or evacuations in the situation. i checking wind gusts at the time and they were gusting 30 shgs, 35 miles an hour -- 30, 35 miles an hour at the surface. probably closer to 50 to 60 miles an hour. this situation has pedestrians in the area concerned.
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>> thank god nobody was hurt. things like that have to be checked. in times square there are a lot of tourists and people. it should be safer than it is righ. >> back here live along 7th avenue, the buildings the department will evaluate the structural integ faechl of the side of the -- integrity of the sie of the building. we're setting up scaffolding to protect people. winds have calmed down a little bit since then, but they still could be gusty through the day. bill evans is here with a look at that. >> jeff, you're right. the wipd gets stronger when you -- wind gets stronger when you go higher. the wind calmed down a little bit but the wind gusts over the last 30 miles an hour. 25 in the park, but as jeff was saying you get to the height,
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and it almost doubles. winds. temperature is 32 degrees. we're looking at chilly temperatures. 34 in the park and down in the jersey shore and the winds are blowing out of the west. 21 in newark. 23 around jfk. you take this cold air, add the wind to it, this is how it feels 24 stattian island. 24 in the bronx and 23 around laguardia and 23 around jfk. we'll be in the 20's or the teens for the real feel. 12 up toward monticello. if it will be this cold, why not have snow. the fersz clipper of the season start -- the first clipper of the season starting to gather here in canada and start moving toward us tomorrow. so this afternoon we'll get a temperature to 35, 36 degrees. cooler than normal. tomorrow we'll start the day in
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by the afternoon we'll get cloudy and the temperatures, 39, by 4:00, the snow showers will start with the clipper to the west. we'll see snow showers working through and the coastal sections mixing with ice and rain and that pushes on through, we get snow showers and really cold air comes in behind that as we go in wednesday. we'll talk about that next in the accuweather forecast. laurie, shirleyy, back to you. this afternoon, the world is remembering a music legend. david bowie died last night at the age of 69 after losing a battle with cancer. he was born in london. fans put down candles and flowers next to a mural. here people are doing the same thing. a memorial is growing outside of his home in soho. sandy canyon is live with more on bowie's incredible life. sandy.
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neighborhood. but friendly. the sign outside of his apartment reads star man forever. he has been here since 1999 combining two penthouses but he has been part of the new york 1970's. he was a master of reinvention who inspired generations by never standing still. without compromise. that is why david bowie inspired so many of his fellow rockers to push the limits of what is possible. that is why echos of his music can be heard everywhere today. i once saw bowe since that song to half a million people, all eyes on him, because few could match the charisma of a man who
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didn't sound or look like anyone else. he was born david robert jones in london but he would prove far less ordinary than his name. as many would see him transsend gender and move easily from one end to another. >> it is a struggle teal remember that i'm no longer 20. >> he emerged from a struggle with hard drugs. stars. the end. his new album released just last friday. his music still reminding all of
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. >> photographers here, it is obvious, david bowie's impact you can see in his apartment where he had a home here in the city since 1999. on social media, more than 3 million tweets to remember david bowie and in this neighborhood, they're remembering him too. we'll have a lot more about that on eyewitness news first at four. for now, i'm sandy kenyon in soho. reporting live for channel seven eyewitness news. >> celebrities are reacting to the news of david bowie's death. kanye west tweeting david was one of not important inspiration. he gave us magic for a life time. billy idol stating nearly brought to tears of the sudden news of david bowie's passing.
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rest in peace. you can view a slide show of david bowie's career on and we put links of his hit ease our website. the man accused of shooting an nypd officer in the bronx was charged this i morning. christopher rice struck officer stewart saturday morning. the officer was responding to a large street fight. she struck rice four times. he was charged with assault on a police officer. menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. right now, police are trying to find the one suspect still on the loose after an alleged gang rape in brooklyn. six the five suspects are in custody this afternoon. police say the men sexually assaulted an 18-year-old girl thursday night. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson is live with the latest on this. >>reporter: well, at this hour, detectives with the nypd's special victim's unit are
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trying to piece together what did and did not happen here. sources tell eyewitness news, the 8-year-old victim positively identified at least two of the suspects, men who she tells me argued over who attack her next. >> oh, my god. it could have been one of my children, one of my girls, all of the little girls around here, it was very sad. >>reporter: a community outraged this morning, speaking out, looking for answer baez what allegedly unfolded in this park thursday night. this 18-year-old, we're hiding her identity tells me five people took turns raping her. >> did you recognize these guy snaez. >> no. i was just real scared. i didn't know what to do. i was in a panic mode. >> saturday evening, police released this surveillance video from inside a bodega not far
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say the are pollutal attack happened -- brutal attack happened. these are the suspects before the alleged rape happened, four now in custody. a 14-year-old, 2, 15th's and a 17-year-old. police were stopping people in the community, filling them in on the gruesome details and getting the word out. it worked. sunday evening, parents of two of the suspects brought their children in to the precinct. police arrested two more. detectives are interviewing all of them here at special victims unit. a 5th is still out there. the victim's father was with his daughter at the time tells me they were drinking near the hand ball courts the group approached, one pointed a gun at his face and ordered him to leave. >> if i stood there and fought. >> you thought you would have died. >> yeah. it wasn't planned.
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bedega for help, the same store the suspects had been. >> i need help. my daughter is being raped. they wouldn't call the cops for me. >> i spoke with the worker at the bodega. at the time the father wasn't making sense, he couldn't understand what he was saying. he pointed out all of the suspects are regulars in his store. we'll follow the story throughout the day and have much more later on eyewitness news. for now, we're live in brownsville, richardson. >> thank you. investors are hoping the stocks will rebound after the worst week a of trading since 2011. over a night, stocks in china fell increasing concerns that the economy is slowing down. we take a live look at the big board. dow now up 44 points. new details about a man charged with the murder of a 12-year-old girl.
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. police in italy vowing to give the maximum attention possible to find the person who killed an american artist. the body of 35-year-old ashley olsen from florida was found inside her apartment on friday. she moved there to be closer to her father, olsen was well liked
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by everyone who met her and hurt her. >> she never met anyone who didn't like her. you know, nobody deserves to go through that. so i just, whoever did this to her, i hope that they get what is coming to them. because it is really hard. >> authorities have questioned olsen's boyfriend, a local artist but so far there are no official suspects. president obama has picked almost it two-dozen special guests for his final state of the union tomorrow night. a syrian refugee, an ex-convict and sitting governor are just three of the president's 23 special guests. presidents often use the first lady's guest box to host people who have shaped policy or have been part of news events. they're regularly recognized during the speech. watch tomorrow's state of the union address right here on channel seven and watch abc app. we'll stream it live. coverage begins at 9:00 a.m..
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the first primary voting and the heat. new polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders dead locked in the new hampshire and iowa races. clinton holds a slim lead of 448 to 45% over the vermont senator in iowa and sanders leads clinton in new hampshire 50 to 46%. on the republican side, a presidential candidates are gearing up for the of the new year. south carolina. it comes as a new poll shows ted iowa. cruz has criticized trump's immigration policies and trump's raising questions about the citizenship. caught on camera, a dramatic rescue as police help save people from a burning building. >> taking a live look outside,
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for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? . we have breaking news out of houston, texas, this is a live picture of dangling window washers. this is the platform there. the win down-- window washers are on the platform.
12:18 pm
they're looking to rescue him. this is the chase tower, houston's tallest building. we'll teep you posted. -- we'll keep you posted. >> if you think about something like that happening here today with the winds going on it would be very, very frightening. not that tfrightening. >> we've had it at one world trade after it opened shortly. our sister station ktrk is right on top of it in houston! here is what is goi this afternoon. there. we have 12 to 23 miles an hour winds. really pretty afternoon. this is evidence of the arctic air where the sky is crystal blue like that and we'll have this for the afternoon. the wind slowly dies down tonight but you can see the tide is coming in but the wind is coming out of the west. so you get the little waves, you the wind cuts through the buildings and goes into brooklyn to the watchtower. it will be a wind where it is kind of tough for a few more
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hours and dies down tonight. the park is showing west at 12. the other winds have been around 23 and some gusts, the pressure falling a little bit. so the normal high is 38. yesterday we were at 59, and yesterday we had a daily rain fall record, an inch and 8/10th. there were thunderstorms as the cold air comes crashing in yesterday evening. the sunset at 4:48 and it will be a really pretty sunset. 34 in the broofrn. this is the air temperature. we factor in this wind and can you believe the wind would even feel colder if there were snow on the ground here but there is no snow on the ground. it is cold enough as it is. 22, 23 on the hudson river valley making it feel like 23 agrees from la guard to central 13 monticello. for the afternoon it will feel
12:20 pm
then, developing up in here in canada around winnipeg is an system. it gets here tomorrow evening so we're talking about 3 4:00 in the afternoon with snow jersey. at the jersey store in long island where it is warmer. that will nix with rain but behind it, cold air sweeps in behind the front. the clipper itself will be up to the north. the front switches right through and you can see the temperatures drop like a rock for wednesday. a reenforcing shot of cool air comes in behind the clipper system. we're looking at a coating in the city in northern new jersey and maybe there is enough there that makes about, you know, as that pushes through tomorrow, maybe an inch to the north here. just enough to make roadways slippery tomorrow and early for wednesday. blustery, much colder. feels like the teens and lower 20's.
12:21 pm
tonight, cold with teens in spots. followed by clouds and the snow shower comes in tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. snow showers, a couple in the afternoon and evening and the temperatures will drop like a rock after that. down to 25 tuesday night. blustery cold on wednesday and chilly sunshine as we go into thursday but we'll warm back up into friday and get a shot of rain because the temperatures are warm coming up this weekend. so we'll keep an eye on that for you. there is a little snow coming to make it interesting. thank you, bill. surprise wins, shocking moments and lots of censorship. we have the big winners from last night's golden globes and
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ask your doctor about xarelto . . caught on camera nasa county police officers fought their way through thick, black smoke and flames on long island to rescue trapped residents. take a look at this video posted on facebook. two officers using a ladder from a nearby construction site help people escape from a burning building on friday.
12:25 pm
officers were in the back of the building pulling had four people, including two children to safety. champion surfer garrett mcnamara is speaking out about his massive wipe out caught on camera the 48-year-old was launched off his board while surfing a 50-foot wave on the carolina coast thursday. mcnamara says he hit waurt so hard he saw a bright light and described the crash as the experienced. he plans to return to surfing as soon as that arm heals. an e emotional court
12:26 pm
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. our top stories this afternoon, fans around the world are paying tribute to singer,/song writer david bowie. he died after an 18-month old battle with cancer. he is known for hits like changes and space oddity. he is 69 years old. >> part of 7th avenue went down after wind sent a side of the building down from the sheraton. scaffolding is being set-up in the meantime.
12:28 pm
earlier of window washers trapped on a dangling platte normal houston texas. we have good news. those window washers were rescued, taken into the building through a window, the platform is still dangling but we're told that the men are safe. >> that is good news. >> yes it is. i'm sh alacott. >> new information about a stray bullet that killed a grirl on long island. >> the -- girl on long island. dj joiner died after a stray bullet went int home in hempstead. >> it is security that is, very tight. the family of deja joiner and the family of the suspect jaquan keller were here.
12:29 pm
break out in the courtroom here. we've learned that this whole thing may have happened over a hover board. 20-year-old keller was angry someone had stolen his brother's hover board so the shooting may have been a retaliation for. that keller is a member of a gang and thought someone from an board. obviously 12 joerld deja joiner was not the intended target. they e were in court as well as keller's fan. joiner was in her living room in october when the bullet came flying through her front window and struck her in the head. prosecutors say keller shot through the window on purpose. >> this is deprafbed individual that -- depraved individual that committed this act. the residents of hempstead cooperated with the police and one voice, we let this individual know and other
12:30 pm
members of that community know that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated in hempstead or nassau county. >> police say they had gotten tons of tips that killer may be a suspect. they -- they saw him driving and arrested him. he is being charged with murder in the second degree and is being held without. >> thank you. a brutal fight between a robber and gas station clerk in newark and the clerk wips. overnight, the -- wins. overnight, the two men squared off. they fought and the clerk managed to hold on to him before police arrived. both men were pretty banged up. the accused robber was taken to the hospital with his injuries. new video captured. one of the vehicles involveded in a deadly hit-and-run. a truck ran over a 52-year-old man. the man was lying in the road because he had been knocked over
12:31 pm
by another car. neither of the first two drivers stoped police say a third car also struck the man, that driver, though, remained on the scene. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. now to new detailed about the world's most wanted drug lord "el chapo." officials announcing today it could take a year for him to be extradited to the u.s.. he was s in a mexican prison after months on the run and a hollywood star may have been a key part in how officials tracked him down. karen travers has the story. >>reporter: nat mexican attorney general's office confirmed the process to extradite "el chapo" begun. for now, the drug lord is being kept in solitary confinement in the highest security prison, the same one he escaped from six months ago. officials say joaquin guzman's secret meeting with sean penn led to his recapture. penn, working for rolling stone magazine interviewed him
12:32 pm
approximately three months ago. the magazine released this photo of the two. the king pin was trying to land a movie deal about his life, shopping the idea around to producers and actors recording this video. but mexican authorities tracking penn during his visits. it is not uncommon for actors to have meetings like this. >> anyone who is an artist interested in understanding human nature and behavior and anything would want to talk to him. any person like that. >> i don't want to throw any other actors under the bus but i know a lot of very, very serious actors and film makers who had been having meetings like this forever. >> many wonder whether penn violated any laws in meeting with the fugitive. >> to convict him of harboring or concealing a fugitive. you would need evidence that he actually helped him, aided him,
12:33 pm
not just to say he met with him. >> penn has not commented on the case since guzman was captured. karen travers, channel seven, eyewitness news. governor andrew cuomo is asking for reforms to the correctional system. he wants to see changes in incarceration and set f inmate on to a better path. our answer is lock the cage, throw away the key. no vocational help and then release them and some how they'll be in a better position than when they went in. it is insanity. job training, education, and transitional support ideas are included in the governor's proposal. now to an eyewitness news exclusive. we're hearing from the man's who's warm act on a cold subway train has gone viral. joey resto was coming home from
12:34 pm
shirtless man standing on an h train. other persons have moved away from the man because of the odor but he sat right in front of him and made the gesture that warmed hearts of more than 11 million viewers on the internet and around the world. >> i took the shirt off my back and i gave him the hat that i had on my head. >> he didn't realize someone else was recording his act of kindness. he hopes his actions will inspire other people to do the same. the record breaking powerball jackpot is getting even bigger. a short time ago, the jackpot jumped to $1.4 billion. the odds of winning are one in more than 292 million but that is not stopping people from buying tickets. even though no one has hit the big jackpot since early november, a $1 million ticket was sold last week.
12:35 pm
to reach over a billion dollars. it is expected to increase as more people buy tickets. you can see the historic drawing wednesday night right here on channel seven right before eyewitness news at 11. >> got to be in it to w. >> seriously. we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. he has the after school accuweather forecast. >> the coats with the gloves and the scarfs and not many folks out at lunch time when it is this cold with the windchills in the 20's. the temperature will get to about 35, 36 in here between 3 and 4 and then start dropping but we'll have a beautiful sunset coming up at 4:45 and cold. outside. if you want to go outside, sunshine. make sure you have the gloofbs and scarf to -- gloves and scarf to keep you warm. watch out for the frostbite. 35, 45 minutes. we'll talk about snow for
12:36 pm
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. . new at noon, the bodys of four adults were found in the
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upstate new york. firefighters made the gruesome discovery while battling a fire in layton avenue in rochester after midnight. police have not said how they died and have not released their identities. fire officials labored this fire suspicious -- labelled this fire suspicious. residents will vote on their village sale and whether to keep the image that some call offensive since 1883, the sale has shown town founder hughes white in what's called a friendly wrestling match with a local native american. supporters of the sale say it shows how white gained respect of the local people but people say it is offense offensive. voted on. >> they're seeking a possible
12:40 pm
there are proposals in county. right now the new jersey state constitution limits casinos to atlantic city. friends and family will gather today in los angeles to say a final goodbye to singer natalie cole. cole, the daughter of jazz legend nat king cole died on new year's eve at 65 years old. the grammy winner used video technology to sing unforgettable and when i fall in love with her late father. cole battled health problems in recent years including hepatitis c. dozens of detroit schools from a teacher sick out. the district announced that 20 public schools will close. some teachers recently raised concerns overpay and working conditions. the state is trying to recarolina which includes -- reorganize which includes working conditions. some big surprises at the golden globes. who took home the trophies, including the wins that brought
12:41 pm
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. it is one of the biggest nights leading up to the oscars. celebrities showed up in style. >> the revenant took home important golds but there were surprises as well. >> i'm going to do this month log and go into -- monologue and go into hiding. >> no one and no topic off limits. >> the only person who ben affleck hasn't been unfaithful to. please welcome matt damon. all eyes were on jennifer lawrence. she may have beaten out amy schumer for the award but they were this year's golden girls. >> people have a lot of preconceived notions about us.
12:45 pm
amy, you're so, pretty and, like, everyone likes them. and wants to hang out with them, and they seem so fun to be around and like, oh, they should be models, and before i see amy i get an inner laughter, i hard. it almost feels like being in love but without the burning. >> the golden globe goes to -- sylvester stallone. >> sentimental favorite sylvester stallone brought down the house winning his first globe for creed. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i've ever had. >> what i used to do for a living but not very well but it happened and this is an extraordinary moment.
12:46 pm
>> leonardo dicaprio took home top honors for the revenant. the martian won best picture and comedy. john hamm stole the show winning his second golden globe and hen sen electrified the club show. nominations will be announced on good morning america for the oscars. >> you stayed up for it. >> i watched the whole thing. >> i came away with just one feeling that, one observation. i want to know who can broadcast it without blocking out some of the audio. >> no bleeping? >> i need a no bleeping channel or filter. >> you know, you were not the only one asking for that. >> especially when ricky gervais leads to to transportation officials mel gibson.
12:47 pm
and i'm like, okay, maybe i don't -- maybe i need the filter. looking outside at noon time. we're looking in historiaf, the wind coming from the west across the buildings. if you look really hard. the steam was coming out of big alice, the power plant and over toward brooklyn. the winds so strong out of the west here. the power plant is cranking out the power and it will be a cold afternoon and a cold night. really, about three days of some pretty cold weather. we're looking at 32 degrees with a wind west at 12. normal high is 38 in the afternoon. 34 degrees. yesterday's high was 59. nearly 60 degrees. that is why it feels cold. the wind gusts have been around 35 miles an hour. lots of sun but windy and cold today. it will feel like 20 degrees for the rest of the day. snow showers in the evening
12:48 pm
coming through with the front frontal boundary. 23 down -- 34 in the shore here. 12, 16, 21 miles an hour winds. still a tough wind out there as we go into the afternoon. it feels like the low 20's, mid-20's. low teens here around monticello at 12. that is the way it will feel for the afternoon and the winds will crank out of the west but back to the canada situation. the clipper situation dying down. that is what rolls in here tomorrow evening, temperatures tomorrow morning will start out in the 20's and teens north and west and then you'll see the evening commute. this could slip you up in the roads a bit especially in higher elevations. it will mix with rain in the jersey shore and the temperatures will bottom out. cold day. tuesday night into wednesday. the snow showers get going tomorrow right after school, right at 3, 4:00. mixed in with rain on long island and then we'll be looking at accumulations of a coating,
12:49 pm
but not looking at major accumulation. looking at the cold weather and reenforcing shot for wednesday. tonight we have consider cold skies. temperatures 39 but nou you know, snow showers show up in dark. that is when we see the snow showers around and accumulating spots into the evening. the it won't warm up at any time soon. we warm to 40 on friday which is above normal and then we'll see what happens for the weekend. to give you an idea for sunday. sunday is 40 with a mixture of rain and snow. that might be a slop fest on sunday, you know, another good weekend, become one with the potato chip on the couch. >> sounds good. >> happening today, college championship. the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide tonight.
12:50 pm
clemson comes in as the number one ranked team in the country. the tigers only championship came in 1981. alabama has 15 national titles. the last coming in 2012 and you can watch the game on espn. kickoff time is 8:30. and we'll be right back. first, here is a look at what is coming up next on the chew. >> today we're cooking up perfect dishes straight from the pant raechlt we have a tasty and easy to make snatch.
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12:52 pm
. i'm in the newsroom and here is what is coming up later. one city council member is calling for change because of the number of women assaulted by taxi drivers. i want to show you what she wants installed in every cab in the city.
12:53 pm
finances in 2016, looking at the easy changes you can make now which can save you big for the entire year. we'll all be saving money. are we saving money, guys? >> trying to do better in 2016. >> i have no c! >> i saw her shopping earlier. i'm kidding! >> oh, thank you. it is time now for the feed two little girls talking about their american girl dolls is getting a lot of attention on social media. check this out. the dolls are a different ethnicity from the girls. their mother says they were outraged when she saw a video of two while girl as ing when they got two black girl dolls. she says it is important to teach children about diversity and that is a positive message
12:54 pm
that has gone viral. >> great to see. we all know that the whip and the nae nae has created a number of parody videos. look what happens when two girl's dad shows up. . >> the father makes this epic video bomb. check out how he kept up with his daughters.
12:56 pm
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