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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we begin with breaking news in newark. investigators want to know why a new jersey transit bus swerved off the road and crashed into a tree injuring dozens. this happened near lions avenue. the upper right side of the number 37 bus as you can see it there was ripped off. >> the crash sent passengers into a frenzy this afternoon. many of them jumped out of windows and out the back exit over fears of a possible fire. >> she just hit the tree. i don't know what happened exactly. i can't remember nothing what happened. it was crazy. we were crazy. i was like frightened. everybody was like trying to get out. >> at this point, authorities have not determined what led to the crash and why the driver hit that tree. thankfully no other vehicles were involved. a fire is burning in a residential area on burgen street. a viewer sent this video. the flames started in one home and the fire has spread to
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as we take a live look at the scene, the worst of the flames right now are out, and it does appear that one of the buildings has damage to the upper floors. we have no word of any injuries or what exactly sparked this fire, but of course we're going to continue to follow this and bring you more information as soon as we get it. we're going to turn to the weather and another shot of bitter cold temperatures coming our way tonight. and some part of our area could actually see some snow tomorrow. meteorologist lee goldberg is timing it all out. he's outside right now in this really cold weather out there, right lee. >> no question, liz and diana. snow is the only thing we haven't seen over the past couple of days. it was wild yesterday, 1 to 2 inches of rain. double rainbows and now all of a sudden we have the gusty cold wind and that's the big deal this evening is the blustery conditions that will last night. let's go ahead and look outside, be careful on the bridges and overpasses with the hour.
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right now, so yes, it is above freezing but we're running a good 24 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. and it feels like it's in the teens and 20s. middle 20s from sussex into the city. 23 in islip. winds out of the west, northwest, again, some gusts close to 30 miles per hour. we had a gust at long island, 71 miles an hour at cap street state park yesterday. incredible. skies are clear, but clouds are starting to work in off to the west, and there's the clipper system that we will watch for tomorrow that will sweep into the eastern great lakes and bring a touch of snowfall. so tomorrow morning, just have some sunshine, sunglasses and the heavy winter coat, and i think after three or four in the afternoon, some snow or mix could work into the area. that's the thing, we're having temperatures not too far from about 40 tomorrow afternoon, so it's not even a sure thing that comes in. as we go into the evening hours, snow showers, a couple bursts, a better chance north and west where we can have a
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will quickly move out in the evening hours. cold night ahead, but at least the winds will back off. that snowy mix is going to develop during the afternoon hours tomorrow, and it will impact the evening commute, primarily wet roads, city and coast, but that coating of snow in spots can make roads slick mainly off to the north and west. there's a small chance we could get coatings that come down to the coastline, and there's a better chance north and west of i-287. your 7-day accuweather forecast is all over the place. it's nothing like the december we had. the weather pattern has changed. we'll see you again and explain back to you. >> thank you, lee, and those winds that lee mentioned are blamed for causing the facade of a building to fall to the sidewalk below. this happened in midtown, and right now, part of 7th avenue is stimclosed. -- is still closed. this is a live picture. you can see the road closure there. the streets were closed after one of three panels detached from the 44th floor of the sheridan.
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debris hitting a parked car. fortunately nobody was hurt, but it has made some people walking through the area quite a bit nervous. >> thank god nobody was hurt. things like that has to be checked in times square there's a lot of tourists and people. i think the construction work should be a little more saferrer than it is right now. >> -- safer than it is right now. >> today they are looking at the structural integrity. a sidewalk shed is being built adds a precaution. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news as we track the wind, the cold and the potential snowfall that lee mentioned. you can also get updated forecasts at abc7ny. we are learning new information in the murder of 12- year-old dejah joyner. she was killed by a stray bullet while sitting in her home on long island. suspect 20-year-old jaquan keller made his appearance in court today.
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for a stolen hover board. kristin thorne is in hempstead with more. >> security very very tight inside and outside the courthouse today. that's because the family of both the victim, dejah joyner, as well as the shooter, were both here. a fight almost broke out inside the courtroom, and yes, as you mentioned, we learned that all of this may have happened over a hover board. police say 20-year-old jaquan keller was angry that someone had stolen his brother's hover board, so the shooting was in retaliation for that they felt. police say keller is a member of a gang and thought someone from a rival gang had stolen the hover board. obviously 12-year-old dejah joyner was not the intended target. her family is suffering and grieving over that loss. they were in court today as well as keller's family. they were there to defend him. joyner was in her living room in hempstead in october when a bullet came flying through her front window and struck her in the head. prosecutors say keller shot
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we spoke with dejah's grandmother after court. >> justice is being served. >> we want to thank all those that came together, not only the excellent police work, but the community that utilized crime stoppers and provided important information that led to the arrest. >> reporter: police say they got dozens of tips that keller may be the suspect, and yesterday they spotted him driving in hempstead and promptly arrested him. he's being charged with murder in the second-degree, and is being held without bail. live in hempstead, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. thanks there's new video of a father searching for help for his daughter as she was being sexually assaulted in brooklyn. security cameras show the man entering a bodega after five teens forced him at gunpoint to leave his daughter in a park in brownsville. it was the second storm where the man claims no one would let him use the phone to call the police. the man eventually flagged down
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before they could get there. four suspects are in custody. police are searching for a 5th 5th. meanwhile, the nypd is searching for a gunman who they say is on a deadly crime spree. police are searching for a 23 year old gang member considered armed and dangerous and detectives are afraid he will strike again. he shot and killed david novarro in november as part of the ongoing dispute with the victim, and he jumped into a van parked on sherwood avenue, pulled a gun on the driver that night and forced the man to drive him to a location where he opened fire on another man and then stole his bag. the man accused of shooting an nypd officer in the bronx has christopher rice faces assault on a police officer menacing, and assault charges. prosecutors say the 19 year old
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stewart was respond to go a large street fight. the officer returned fire, shooting rice four times. rice was officially charged at the hospital this morning: a report out this afternoon found governor cuomo did not commit a federal crime by shutting down a new york anti-corruption commission. a u.s. prosecutor says there's insufficient evidence to show that cuomo enter feared with the operation -- interfered with the operation of the commission. the governor appointed the panel to look into the corruption by state officials for two years. he closed the commission a year later after an agreement was reached with state legislatures to enact ethics measures. take a quick look on wall street right now, and stocks kicked the trading week off with small gains. stocks rebounded a bit from the costly slide last week triggered by the economic uncertainty in china. here's a live look at the big board. the dow gained a little more than 250 points to close at 16290.
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a pioneer in pop culture, but most of all, david bowie was a music icon who changed and elevated rock 'n' roll. his family announcing today he died following a long battle with cancer, and of course it had a lot of us surfing the internet listening to his music. mourners including a woman with a tattoo of bowie paid homage at his birthplace. fans left flowers at the house that bowie once called home. and hollywood is marking the day with tributes at the walk of fame. sandy kenyon is in soho outside his home in new york city with how fans here are remembering him. sandy. >> reporter: diana, this can only be described as an outpouring of love and support. cards, candles, and lots of bouquets from all over the world. chili -- chiel, peru there.
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appeal and his ability to bridge the gap between generations. at the place he calmed home here in the city, they came to remember one of their heroes. >> you could just tell he loved new york, he wanted to blend in as much as he could, and he did, actually. miraculously. >> just a very like gentle guy, when you were there with him personally. >> david bowie spanned generations and generas a chameleon who began as david jones and adopted a series of personas, as varied as his music, and by constantly reinventing himself, showed us all a way forward. as ziggy star dust, bowie helped define the term gender bender and helped members of his generation define themselves. >> he didn't fit the mold precisely.
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if you were a little bit strange, you know, he was an example of something who was successful and cool. >> reporter: his influence on other musicians is a big part of his legacy. his turn on the big screen as the man who fell to earth proved his charisma was the equal of anybody in any situation. bowie was no stranger to the pi czar, but kept moving along -- bizarre but kept moving along the cutting edge for more than four decades. his genius stayed relevant. his final album was released just last friday on his 69th 69th birthday, and he used the occasion to say good-bye. look up here, i'm in heaven.
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million albums that david bowie sold in the course of his career. as we continue to stay here, there are so many people still adding flowers as we are here now. on eyewitness news at five, i'll talk to a young fan, age 20 from west iceland who will explain why david bowie has been so relevant in her life. for now, report live from soho, i'm sandy kenyon, channel 7 eyewitness news. diana, liz. >> he reinvented himself so many times, and made himself relevant to so many generations. >> he allowed us all to be a little bit different and be okay with that. at least when i was growing up. >> a lot easier to accept. >> absolutely. >> thank you sandy. coming up on eyewitness news first at four, could casinos be coming to northern new jersey. we have the big announcement coming out of trenton. and we take you inside the raid that led to the arrest of
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and two police officers are injured when a car crashes through the store. we have the video and the story coming up. as we go to break, the song that helped introduce david bowie to the world, ground control, the major tom, we will be back. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters,
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look at the roads. heavy traffic on the eastbound bqe. it's barely moving there. an accident near exit 30 has two lanes blocked right now. over at the hudson river crossings, there are 15 minute delays at the outbound holland tunnel, minor delays at the inbound lincoln, and inbound george washington bridge as well. there's new video that shows the raid that helped in the capture of mexican drug lord juaquin el chapo guzman. helmet cam video shows mexican authorities unleashing a barrage of ammunition. he invaded authorities then, and was finally captured friday. guzman is being held in solitary confinement as he awaits extradition to the u.s. and sports fans here in the new york can bet online again, at least for now. the web site ruled that draft kings and fan dual can resume operating in the state.
4:17 pm
them to shut down claiming they violate the state's gambling laws. the new ruling allows the businesses to continue until their appeal is heard later in the year. we are still two days away from the drawing and the historic powerball jackpot, no surprise, it's growing huge. lottery officials raised the estimated jackpot to $1.4 billion today. the record breaking prize is already the largest in the world before the most recent hike. ticket sales over the past two drawings have been off the charts and lottery officials say the estimate daily meaning again. and yes, you can see the drawing, the historic drawing wednesday night, right here on channel 7 right before eyewitness news at 11:00. >> we know it's going to go up between now and then. >> it could be 1 1/2 billion dollars. it's just unbelievable, the amount of money.
4:18 pm
opportunity this past saturday night. i was so thrilled to see no one had gotten it. >> for those of us who little bummed. i have numbers you may not like as we go through the week. we talk about snowfall tomorrow, but not big in terms of accumulation. let's give you the details and timing. we look at the sunset, which is now getting later and later. 4:48 over new york harbor, very pretty there with clear skies, and it's the wind, gusting to near 20 or over 20 miles per hour, and the wind will diminish after sunset. it will be brisk, but won't be as biting as it has been during the day. the high today, 39 degrees. that was after midnight. much of the daylight has been struggling through the upper 20s and 30s. in new jersey, milkwood pennsylvania, this is where we're worried about coatings during the afternoon and evening tomorrow. not that we couldn't get a brief burst, but it wouldn't stick to area roads because
4:19 pm
33 in poughkeepsie. 34 in brentwood right now. here's your planner, gusty wind this evening. then it backs off. 6 to 12 with temperatures is chilly but not the howling we saw yesterday into today. so as we go through the midday tomorrow, clouds will increase in a hurry. look at the temperature. 39 degrees, and look for snowflakes to develop after 3:00 in the afternoon. mainly clear skies right now. you see how those winds are gusting out of the west, and look at the skinny bands of heavy snow coming out of lake ontario, and lake erie. they have started to wane in recent hours, sort of a sign the winds are starting to let up a little bit. there's our developing clipper system tomorrow. light snows near chicago. it doesn't look that impressive. there's jet stream energy coming in from minnesota, and that jet is going to give a jolt to the area of low pressure as it lifts into eastern canada, and that's what swings some snow across our area tomorrow. let's take you through it. we'll fast forward to tomorrow morning where we generally are in the upper teens and middle 20s. start out with sunshine.
4:20 pm
the wind starts to pick up during the middle of the day, and a little area of snowfall after 2:00, in sussex, and warren and maybe western passaic county, off to sullivan county and then after 3:00 or 4:00 from the city north and west, there's areas of snow. now, earlier in the day, it was depicted as snow showers down the coast. it's backed off a little bit, but i do think snow showers can develop after that. by the way, it can come into rain drops or mix first because we're so high in temperatures. i'm not concerned about anything other than wet roads, city and coast. northwest where it's 30 in newburgh, and going into the evening hours tomorrow, the evening commute, slippery conditions could start to in terms of potential accumulation, this is very very minor, but up to a coating from 287 south and east. that includes connecticut, central new jersey, new york city long island, and down the shore. in the hudson valley and northern new jersey, we could pick up coatings, higher elevations could push an inch.
4:21 pm
tomorrow, it's a high of 40. sun gives way to clouds. an afternoon mix or snow starts to develop and that will go into the evening, and quit. partly cloudy and blustery after that. coming up at 4:30, wait until you get to wednesday, another howling wind day with windchills in the teens. we'll see if we bounce back after that. there's another storm over the weekend. we'll let you know if it's rain or snow when i come inside. back to you. >> this is definitely winter now. >> the sleeping giant has been awoken. >> someone poked it. >> thank you. staying safe on your ride home,s new push to make taxi rides safer for women. what could be changing in your cab.
4:22 pm
. a funeral was held today for singer natalie cole. services were held in los angeles. cole who was the daughter of jazz legend nat king cole, the grammy winner used technology to sing unforgottable and when i fall in love. she battled health problems in recent years, including hepatitis c. hollywood's season of
4:23 pm
the revenant took home three big awards. we have a look at some of last night's highlight winners and who might be manging an appearance come oscar sunday. >> the hollywood foreign press sent jennifer lawrence home a winner, her third under the direction of david russell. >> she may have beaten out best pal amy schumer for the award, but they were still this year's golden girls. >> as women in hollywood, people have a lot of preconceived notions about us. >> they're like, oh, they're so pretty, and everyone likes them, and wants to hang out with them, and they seem so fun to be around, and they should be models. >> i was like before i see amy, i get inner laughter because i'm about to laugh so hard. >> almost feels like being in love.
4:24 pm
>> and the golden globe goes to sylvester stallone. >> reporter: sentimental favorite sylvester stallone brought down the house, winning his first globe. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> reporter: a part he was nominated for almost 40 years ago, whose latest incarnation could finally mean oscar gold. >> what i used to do for a living, but not very well, and it happened. and this is an extraordinary moment. leonardo took home top honors for the revenant. >> what an incredible oscar. >> matt damon took home the film for the martian, both winning for drama and comedy. two other standouts walked away empty handed. experts expect to see spotlight and the big short earn best picture nominations when oscar
4:25 pm
this week. channel 7 eyewitness news. speaking of the oscar nominations, they are this thursday, and you can see the oscars february 28th here on channel 7. >> a lot of great movies out this year. a decision about casinos is now in the hands of voters. we've got that story coming up on eyewitness news first at four. and protecting passengers who ride in taxi cabs, is the answer to require a panic button. and an international murder mystery.
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now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. updating the two stories that are breaking in newark this afternoon. three buildings were badly damaged in a fire. two of the buildings were occupied and residents had to be located, relocated. thankfully no one was seriously injured. also happening in that city. investigators trying to figure out why a new jersey transit bus swerved off the road and then crashed into a tree. it happened late this afternoon
4:29 pm
wainwright street and lion's avenue. dozens of people on board that bus, and some of them were hurt. and our top story this half hour, a renewed effort is underway to end violence against women when they are riding in a cab. >> a new proposal would require a panic button inside those taxis. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in the meat packing district with the details. tara darla -- darla. >> reporter: that's right. it's me in the meat packing district. it would apply to all four, like uber and lift. and some believe it would be way more reliable than the commissioner bratton. >> we want to make sure taxicab drivers are put on notice this type of behavior will not be tolerated. >> reporter: new york city council member and chair of the committee for women's ashes,
4:30 pm
by commissioner bill bratton last week. >> one of the areas of concern we have is particularly young women coming out of clubs and bars in manhattan, and by themselves, intoxicated, getting into a cab, yellow, green, some of the car accident, and see an increase in assaults in those instances. so we're encouraging women to adopt the buddy system. >> in violence against women. what is your strategy. what are you doing to deal with this? what are you doing in livery cabs, what are you doing in our parks. community leaders and women's rights advocates stood on the steps of city hall for more than an hour monday morning, all against a buddy system. >> we want to assure that when we are working with our police department, we are not encouraging women to implement buddy systems but rather saying that you have a right to be safe. >> reporter: and are pushing for the passage of a bill to require a 911 panic button
4:31 pm
>> to have this kind of alert system would be easier than taking somebody with you. >> why do you think it's a good thing? >> because if someone needs help. >> reporter: in a written statement, the nypd says telling new yorkers to be aware of their surroundings and when you're intoxicated to have a sober buddy with you is sound advice. rape and all crime for that matter is never the victim's fault but you should know what you can do to minimize your vulnerability. >> for fallacy, it's hard sometimes, walking down the street it's hard sometimes. with a buddy system, it's hard sometimes. >> reporter: i asked congressman if she had a chance to speak with commissioner bratton about her request. she says they have been playing phone tag and hopes to speak with him tomorrow when he appears before the city council. also in the written statement from the nypd, commissioner bratton says he's open to any reasonable idea that would prevent anyone from being the victim of any crime. report live in the meat packing district, darla miles, channel
4:32 pm
a deal has been reached to allow new jersey voters to decide on whether to add new casinos in the state. governor christie and lawmakers have agreed on a referendum that will ask voters whether to approve two casinos in the northern part of the state. the ballot measure ensures the developments would be privately funded. for each licensee, there be a mandatory minimum $1 billion investment in each license, so in each of the two licenses, those projects must be worth a cap of investment at least of $1 billion each. >> that referendum will be on the ballot in new jersey this november. new york city is including the number of walk in shelters as part of the effort to get homeless people off the streets. mayor de blasio announced the number of city funded drop-in centers will go from 4 to 8. the cities provide, food, showers, and other services for
4:33 pm
there used to be nine drop in centers. five were closed between 2008 and 2010. investigators trying to determine the cause of a suspicious fire in a house in upstate new york where four bodies were found. firefighters made the gruesome discovery inside a two family home in rochester sunday morning. two local newspapers say several homicide investigators and the monroe county district attorney visited the scene today. police have not said how the two men and two women died, and their identities have yet to be released. police in italy are vowing maximum attention to a murder case. the victim was an american artist. the body of 35-year-old ashley olson was discovered beaten and bruised inside of her apartment her boyfriend has been questioned but so far no suspects have been charged. abc's elizabeth hurr has more. >> reporter: ashley olson's murder in italy is sending shock waves. >> a beautiful, friendly, shock. >> reporter: across florence
4:34 pm
where she was raised. >> she's not forgettable. she's unforgettable. >> reporter: today olson's father laid flowers at her apartment. she had joined him in italy in 2012 to do some work in art and modeling. but on saturday, she was found dead in her studio apartment on the couch with bruises and scratches on her new england. her italian boyfriend reportedly had a fight with her a few days earlier he told police. when he couldn't get ahold of her, he asked the landlord to let him in, and discovered the body. he and several friends have been questioned but so far, no arrests. >> the key is the circumstances and events around her life at the time she died. >> reporter: in recent instagram posts, olson mentions she may have had unwanted attention, posting pictures like these, adding the hash tag, stalker. it's unclear if she was serious. >> anyone that met her loved her. she never met anyone that didn't like her. >> reporter: friends say they are just baffled and by phone,
4:35 pm
forever. we lost our precious granddaughter and daughter. precious girl. as for the investigation, police are now reviewing olson's phone, computer and clues. and we're told that the first autopsy results could be available as early as tomorrow. i'm elizabeth hurr for channel 7 eyewitness news. the supreme court justices today led let's stand a lower court ruling saying peggy willis had no presently rights to a child conceived by the former partner. the relationship ended when the child turned one. the state court threw out the claim to presently right -- parental rights. we are learning who will join dan moly at president obama's final state of the union access. guests include mohammed
4:36 pm
mosque that was riddled with gunshots hours after the attacks in paris. and james tillman who serve 18 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. he was exonerated based on dna testing. and mark barden of newtown, connecticut. the new york city school chancellor says high school graduation rates are training, and dropout rates are falling. over 70% of the 2015 class graduate, a 2% increase over the previous year. meanwhile, the dropout rate fell by 9%. there is still a huge racial gap. 64% of hispanics and 65% of black students graduated compared to 85% of asian and 82% of white students. caught on camera, a close call, coming up on eyewitness news at four a car slams into a 7-eleven in new jersey while
4:37 pm
and two unlikely people
4:38 pm
. a close call for two officers in new jersey who were struck by a car that came
4:39 pm
the crash was caught on camera in wallington sunday morning. the officers were getting coffee inside that 7-eleven when a 64-year-old driver crashed into the store, shattering the glass. >> it is very disturbing and the time we live in nowadays, you don't know if it's someone doing ha purposeful or if it was just an accident. you can see that in the actions by my officers after they were hurt, they were very disoriented. they actually fled to the back of the 7-eleven area, made sure everyone was okay and when the car exits, the sergeant, actually, he was in better gentleman. >> thankfully those officers were not seriously hurt. the driver of the car, robert devlin is charged with assault by auto, and driving while compared. a potential new cancer test is getting substantial backing from two of the richest people on the planet.
4:40 pm
donating $100 million to a company developing a blood test to detect cancers earlier than doctors are able to do. the test will be available by 2019. these tests use a technique called a liquid biopsy that scans blood for signs of cancer dna which can indicate that a tumor is forming. can't happen soon enough. the greatest show on earth will no longer include elephants. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus says it's going to stop using elephants in the performance. the elephants will be taken out of the show by that's a year and a half earlier than what was previously announced. move comes amid growing public concerns about the treatment of animals in traveling shows. the eleven elephants that are currently on tour with the circus will get to retire. they're going to be going down to florida. >> very nice. >> which is where you should go to retire. >> exactly. >> good place for them. coming up next, the golden globe's dress right off the rack. and the playboy mansion is
4:41 pm
there is one big catch, and this is a big one. we're going to tell you about the permanent house guest. you can guess who, it comes with a mansion. >> scuffling around in his robe and slippers. and a live look outside. we could be getting our first snowflakes of the season tomorrow. lee you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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ck . it was a scary scene in downtown houston when window washers got caught on a dangling platform.
4:44 pm
hour to rescue the two men from outside the 71st floor of the building. both are okay. the chase tower is houston's tallest building at 75 stories, which is just shy of 3 1/2 football fields. cell phone maker motorola is getting a new hipper name. the chinese pc maker that owns the company is planning to change its name to motto by lenovo. that means you won't see the name motorola on anymore phones. lenovo bought motorola from google for nearly $3 billion in 2014. motorola was the company that brought us the first walky talkies and consumer cell phones. i don't motorola. are we just like, moto, you and i can't pronounce it. >> exactly. nobody can. >> there will be no better phone than the star tech in 1996.
4:45 pm
>> granted it was like that big. >> the extra battery, you can see that in your pocket. it's a little intimidating seeing the snowflakes and the white across the screen there. >> to think about in january is the 11th and we're talking about a little coating is the biggest snowfall in parts of the area. so we have a great sunset. this just tells you that obviously we're getting later in the season. 4:48 now. the sunset in new york city, the days are getting longer. and it's getting colder. 33 degrees right now. it is clear. and a west wind at 12 to 21. still a gusty wind, which will back off as we go through sunset. dropping below freezing after 8:00. it will be a cold night with diminishing wind. how about a planner for randolph randolph. we can see colder air, and warm up nicely during the day tomorrow. for instance, we have sunshine tomorrow morning, heavy coat,
4:46 pm
afternoon, and did get snowfall at 4:00. if in and out notice -- if you notice, sun is working in, a mix of rain and snow showers, city and coast, and looking at a better chance of snow showers off to the north and west, and light snow showers as we go into the evening hours. here's future cast, again, overnight, chilly tomorrow morning. 20s and upper teens. first snow in new jersey, others it's coatings across the area, mainly north and west. see how it's a mix or little along the coastline. this will last through the evening hours, and it will go away, and temperatures will wednesday morning. this is future cast, a computer model showing the depicted amounts. you see how light it's been. it's backed off on amounts and we have the opportunity for coatings, north and west of i- 287 and maybe a trace or coating in spots, talking about mainly colder surfaces as well. tomorrow you have your late snow. the thing is behind the system on wednesday after we get that warmth coming in on wednesday,
4:47 pm
temperatures to start the morning. we'll feel like we're around 10 or so. very chilly on wednesday. thursday, chilly sunshine, clouded up on friday, and the next storm is over the weekend. that one on saturday, steadiest rain in the morning, could be a mix. north and west. for the most part we're talking about rain on saturday, and turning colder on sunday. there was earlier indications there could be coastal storms going on early next week. i'm thinking cold and dry, but we'll watch that closely for you. that's coming up as we go through 5:00. back to you. >> thank you, lee. we've got breaking news that we want to fill you in on. we have just confirmed that the police officer shot over the weekend was hit by friendly fire. officer sherod stewart was hit in the ankle. he was respond to go a large street fight when he was hit. and again, we have learned that the hit was friendly fire. we're going to have much more coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00: time to take a look at what is trending on this monday, and the world paying
4:48 pm
reaction to the singer's death is all over social media. paul mccartney writing quote his music played a very strong part in british musical history, and i'm proud to think of the huge influence he has had on people around the world. kanye west tweeted david bowie inspirations. he gave us magic for a lifetime. >> and sandy kenyon will have much more of david bowie's life and legacy coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. >> my favorite quote, he let us release the alien in all of us. and now to the golden globes continuing to trend. and a couple moments getting attention. lady gaga walked up to accept the best actress golden gallon. watch what happens when she
4:49 pm
dicaprio, and his reaction, is terrified, startled, i don't know. leo said he was caught off guard. some people called his behavior childish. actress brice dallas howard got a lot of attention for her golden globes dress, and the usual place she got it, the jurassic world star purchased it after a rack -- off a rack at niemann marcus. >> no stylist. >> she say it's a size 6 and it's really hard to get a glamorous couture gown. good for her. the iconic playboy mansion is now up for sale. there's a catch. and a giant price tag. >> a really giant price tag. the catch is that playboy founder hue hefner does not want to leave the property. he'll be living with him. he may give you access to the
4:50 pm
29 rooms, a game house, home theater, a wine cellar, the famous playboy swimming pool as well. check this out, the entire estate costs $200 million. >> not cheap. >> and hugh hefner. >> how do you divide up the space in the fridge, you know. >> so many decision. >> that's the first thing i would have thought of. >> finally, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. a woman in georgia posted this picture on facebook. her daughter does a couple of cart wheels and then the rescue hound starts imitating it. the video has already been viewed nearly 7 million times. i'm not seeing. >> apparently we're not showing you that video. >> that's okay, imagine it if you will. as always check out the trend online. there you go. there the dog goes. >> all right. just take our word. it's good. coming up on eyewitness
4:51 pm
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former nba star lamar odom will not face drug charges after he was found unconscious at a bothell in nevada. prosecutors said evidence could not prove the former nba star had used the three months later odom reached a milestone. he's finally out of the hospital. >> reporter: over the weekend lamar odom spotted for the first time outside the hospital. the new photos showing the basketball champion out and about, a miraculous turn after last october. the sighting comes days after odom checked out of cedars-sinai medical
4:54 pm
facility. >> he's staying at a house that was converted in to a sort of rehab facility. it has nurses and medical equipment and a doctor is coming and going. >> reporter: a promising sign nearly three months after he was found unconscious, clinging to life, after a drug fueled binge at a nevada brothel. but the former nba star making incredible progress after his estranged wife, khloe kardashian revealed doctors told her they were unsure if he'd pull through, saying, they told me he had four hours. >> as he's emerged out of that, walker. he can talk. say sentences. >> reporter: his son posting this photo of his father over the holidays and his aunt telling abc news of his miraculous recovery that lamar continues to make remarkable strides. there's still much more news ahead.
4:55 pm
5:00 begins right now. new at 5:00, dramatic videos. police say the man they're looking for has a long list of prior arrests and they want to get him off the street tonight. plus -- >> ground control to major tom >> growing memorials and tributes around the world to remember musician david bowie cancer. i'm sade baderinwa. we'll have more on those stories with breaking news. >> the nypd officer shot over the weekend, it turns out it could have been friendly fire. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres is in the news room following these developments. what do we know? >> this information is just coming now in to the news room. the nypd telling us yes, this officer, officer sharrod stewart shot over the weekend was the
4:56 pm
been moved from one hospital to another where he's been recovering over the weekend. police officer sharrod stewart is 24 years old, unmarried, appointed to the nypd four years ago on the anniversary of the shooting. if you remember at the time, we may perhaps have some video from this weekend, he was a plain clothes anti-crime unit police officer. he was shot and wounded during an exchange of gunfire with a suspect in front of the 188 lincoln avenue in the south bronx. these pictures from the scene over the weekend. he was part of an anti-crime plain clothes officer. he was with a partner when they responded to some 911 calls there at the scene. there was an exchange of gunfire. the latest information taken over the weekend. police commissioner bratton there. the latest information again coming that he was actually a victim of friendly fire. police commissioner bratton is about to have a news conference at about 5:15 this afternoon. we hope to have more details for you then.
4:57 pm
that's the very latest from the
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