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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that's the very latest from the news room. we turn now to the weather. of course your 7th avenue remains closed after high winds closed part of a building facade. >> tomorrow at this time we could be seeing something we snow. >> we have two meteorologists covering the wind and snow. we'll begin with lee goldberg who's outside our studios on the upper west side. >> we've got a meteorologist for each 10th of snow we might pretty remarkable. here we are january 11th, no measurable snow in new york city and maybe a 20% shot through tomorrow. could be problematic in terms of travel for your evening commute tomorrow. beautiful sunset at 4:48. we're cold. 32 degrees right now. how volatile was yesterday with 1 to 2 inches of rain, thunderstorms, big time winds at near 60 degrees. now we're 25 degrees colder as we head in to the evening hours. wind chills are in the teens and lower 20s. winds will back off
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but clouds are just off to the west. you can see snow showers near chicago. that's the clipper that can bring snowfall to us here's the way it shapes out. you're fine sunglasses and heavy coat. after 2:00 or in. maybe a couple bursts of snow lieu the evening hours. evening hours. best chance will not even guaranteed snow on long island that will hours. know. a very cold night ahead but winds will be backing off. storm mix is likely to develop and that coating in spots north and west could make for roads slippery. i think if we're going to see any type of accumulation in new york city, long island and along the jersey shore you're looking at awnings, car tops, just would mean wet no matter what happens with the snow tomorrow it's going to unleash more bitter cold air. we'll tell you about
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part of 7th avenue still shut down because of damage from the wind this morning. police shut it down to cars. you can take a look at this live picture, kind of odd seeing no cars on that portion of 7th avenue between 52nd and 57th street. this is because part of a facade of a hotel came crashing down. meteorologist jeff smith is outside the hotel with more on the clean up and what they're doing to make sure everybody is safe. >> the northern portion of 7th avenue that you referred to from 53rd to 57th has been reopened. just this one block here between 52nd and 53rd that remains closed. this happened at midnight last night. had it happened during the commute, could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: 44 stories. that's how far three light
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the facade of the sheridan, new york. >> there's a lot of tourists and a lot of people. i think the construction work should be a little more safer than it is right now. >> reporter: high wind likely contributed to the incident. winds were gusting to around 30 miles per hour it at the surface but could have been double that near the top of the building. luckily nobody was injured but the stakes are high at such a high profile hotel. >> it's the where the president of the united states, where he stays at. >> reporter: building owners are responsible for insuring that their buildings are secure during high wind events. >> everybody should be more concerned about their safety. >> reporter: in the meantime engineers will access and examine the remaining panels and repair them if necessary. streets and sidewalks around the building remain closed off and that was not good news for local businesses. >> as a result we've had
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day in about 20 years. the a10 completely. going to be rough coming back from losing a full day's business here in january. >> in the last 15 or 20 minutes some of the scaffolding has risen all the way up to where that part of the facade fell off presumably are analyzing the portion around that to see if it's actually stable. meanwhile, we head down 44 floors and closer to the ground the sheridan new york, the hotel itself has commissioned some people to install a sidewalk shed to keep people safe. this particular block will be closed down to traffic and also pedestrians until the engineers can confirm that they're safe to return. live in midtown, meteorologist jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> don't forget to keep the accutrack weather alert app with you tomorrow as the snow moves through. you can get up to the minute radar information and send us photos from your neighborhood. now to a developing story
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a fast moving fire spreads to three buildings. one building so ravaged by flames it collapsed. these cold temperatures certainly not making things any easier for firefighters. anthony johnson is on the scene. >> firefighters not only having to deal with the cold temperatures but as you said a very fast moving fire out here on bergen street. we want to show you the buildings severely burned in this fire. we had an opportunity to talk to the owner she told us how that fire started. basically they were doing roof work on one of the buildings. the roofers were doing the work. that's when the fire started. the fire quickly caught and just ripped through these buildings out here on bergen street. firefighters rushed to the scene. this was a third alarm fire. there were reports earlier on that firefighters did have some trouble getting out but they were able to pull everybody out of the fire scene. only some minor injuries
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but a number of people that live inside those buildings have been displaced by this fire. the buildings looked like they're completely destroyed, have been gutted completely. the woman that owned the building here at 212 bergen street told me there had been another fire and the building right next door back in october. she said there was another roofing incident that started a fire and they were still in litigation to try to get money back from that and this is what happened earlier this afternoon. once again, everybody that was in the building, they were able to get out. a lot of people were at work and that was very fortunate of course but they're coming home now to find that their buildings and homes have been destroyed. that's the latest live from newark. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. a developing story today, dozens of people injured when a new jersey transit bus swerved off the road in newark and crashed in to a tree. the bus crashed near wainwright street and lyons avenue.
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ripping off the upper right side of the number 37 bus. some passengers had to jump out of escape windows and the back exit. all 31 people were taken to the hospital. a couple with broken bones. at this point authorities have not determined what caused the driver to hit a tree. nypd is still searching for one person believed to have taken part in the gang rape of a young woman in a brooklyn park. today we're learning more about what her father did while he tried to get someone to help him to help her. kemberly richardson is in prospect heights with more on the police investigation. >> a very, quote, complex investigation. that's how mayor de blasio is describing this case. right now detectives here in special victims are interviewing, talking with those four teens now in custody. officials say some of the young men are claiming the sex was consensual. >> it's pretty messed up that guys are going around doing things like that to women.
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about five young men, police say this group. years old. there's a 17 -year-old and one suspect is still out there. investigators maintained the men raped an 18-year-old girl at gunpoint thursday night in the corner of this dark park in brownsville. girl. but come on. her father should have never did that. her real. >> reporter: in this surveillance video just obtained by eyewitness news, you see the victim's father there in the black coat with red sleeves. according to the time stamp, while he's in this bodega not far from the park, the suspects are allegedly raping the teen. the father, we're hiding his identity, told me right before the attack the group approached him and his daughter in the park. they were drinking by the hand ball courts. one suspect pointed a gun in his face and ordered him to leave. he said he didn't have a cell phone, maintains he first ran to this bodega, explained what was happening.
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call the cops because my daughter is being raped. they wouldn't call the cops for me. >> reporter: this was his second stop. he appears to motion to someone behind the counter that he needs to use the phone. next he appears to use a customer to use his cell. that man at first pulls out his phone and hands it to the father but quickly takes it back. the father leaves. >> i was just real scared. i didn't know what to do. i was in a panic mode. >> reporter: today mayor de blasio pointed out how valuable this surveillance video was to the case. >> the footage made it inevitable to these assailants were going to be arrested. we have four of the five. >> they're still looking for the fifth. the father tells me after he left the bodega he flagged down two nypd officers. he went back to the park. about 15 minutes had passed. by then the suspects were gone. in
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richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're learning that a fight over a hoverboard may have led to the shooting death of a child on long island. the accused gunman, 20 year jakwan keller was held without bail. investigators said keller is a gang member and the shooting was retaliation over the stolen hoverboard. the stray bullet flew in to a hempstead home killing 12-year-old joiner. >> the residents of hempstead cooperate would the nassau county police and in one voice we let this individual know and other members of that community know that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated. >> keller faces murder and weapons charges. the world has lost a music icon and there's a growing memorial today filled with
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the world. today flowers were the musician died yesterday of people have been leaving flowers and gathering outside bowie's soho apartment. that's where sandy kenyon is right now. i see the crowds growing even more since 4:00. >> absolutely. it's a sad occasion but there is a they're celebrating the best way they know how by playing and singing along to the music of david bowie. one of the cards below always love you. david bowie had deep ties to the city, buying this building in 1989. it's here they've come to pay him tribute from all over the world. >> reporter: the street outside his home was packed with fans. young and old come to mourn the loss of david bowie. >> his music in the 70s spoke to a lot of people. his music
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different spoke to a lot of people. even in the 90s when he was reinventing himself. >> david provided a shining rock and roll beacon on the hill. >> somebody who's just inspired every step of my life and the soundtrack to my life. >> reporter: his death came after his 69th birthday last friday, which bowie used to release new music and to say farewell. >> look up here i'm in heaven final move. he was a master of reinvention who inspired generations by never staying sound without compromise. don't let anything even if society defines you, don't let it define you. keep doing your own thing. >> reporter: charlotte is from west islip. >> even though i wasn't born when a lot of his music came out, i always found it was
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>> reporter: that's why echoes of his music can be heard everywhere today. >> put on your red shoes and dance t blues >> reporter: i once saw bowie sing that song. he matched a sound that didn't sound or look like anyone else. david bowie died with his wife iman and his two children by his side. his music still reminding all of us to be true to ourselves. >> an old friend of mine wrote me asking how is it possible that david bowie managed to sound so fresh and original on each one of his 25 albums? fans will be wondering about that, pondering that question for many
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for a complete look back on david bowie's career, photos and all various remembrances from some of the biggest stars in the world, just go to abc7ny. that's where you'll find a complete tribute to david bowie. reporting live from soho, outside david bowie's apartment, sandy kenyon, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so many of us have spent the day listening to his music. among the celebrities reacting, madonna releasing a statement saying in part, i'm devastated. david bowie changed the course of my life forever. i found him so inspiring and innovative, unique and provocative a real genius. thank you, david bowie. i owe you a lot. the world will miss you. that from madonna. a lot of you have been sharing your own memories of david bowie. please continue to do so. he was really apart of all our lives.
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coming up, a car crashes in to a store injuring two police officers. what they did next ended with the driver in handcuffs. >> new video of the gun fight that ended with el chapo back in custody and sean penn is now talk about the interview of the drug lord while he was on the run. >> plus, the historic powerball jackpot grows tonight. what you need to know before this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. we have new video today showing heavily armed mexican marines going in to the battle of the recapturing of the drug
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raid led to joaquin guzman being caught again after six months on the run. meanwhile, sean penn is defending himself today after his interview with el chapo went public. penn said he had interview. >> reporter: the daring attempt this newly released video shows mexican marines going after the infamous drug lord, guns blazing. at other times crouched down taking cover. el chapo, joaquin guzman, is now back inside mexico's highest security prison, the same one he managed to escape from six months ago but this time he's being held in solitary confinement. the mexican attorney general now says it could take at least a year to extradite el chapo to the u.s. this interview is what led to his recapture according to officials. academy award winning actor sean penn
5:18 pm
rolling stone magazine three months ago. el chapo was trying to land a movie deal about his life, shopping the idea around holiday producers and actors, recording this video. but mexican authorities were tracking penn during his visit with el chapo. at the golden globes celebrities said it is not uncommon for actors to have meetings like this one. >> i know a lot of very, very serious actors and filmmakers who've been having meetings like this forever. as an artist. >> reporter: sean penn also defended his interview with the drug lord telling the associated press he has nothing to hide. >> today the white house commended mexican authorities for bravery in the attempt to recapture el chapo. they say it's been a high priority for both governments. talking about the snow that's coming our way.
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it's going to be almost too warm in some spots for it to stick. it will be around 40 degrees. kind of gradually getting us in to the snow game. >> it's nice to ease in to it. >> by the way, look how gorgeous this shot s. -- this shot is. the empire state building is dressed up for the college championships. a beautiful cold night, pretty night in new york city. 32. we're at the freezing mark. westerly wind gusting to 21. today's high was 40. that was right after midnight. much of the daylight hours spent in the low 30s feeling like 20s. rainfall after we got nearly 2 inches yesterday, crazy day yesterday with the big wind gusts and thunderstorms. there are your sunrise and sunset times. mostly sunny and 37. 10 degrees colder than that. hopewell junction. these are the areas north of i-80 in new jersey where we could see those coatings of snow and slippery spots tomorrow evening. you
5:20 pm
north and west to worry about slick spots. freezing in islip. 30 in belmar. it will still be cold tomorrow morning but then we'll bounce in to the upper 30s by noon time as the sun goes away. the gusty winds this evening will back off and we're looking at this clipper system right here. clipper systems which we haven't had too many of. usually they don't carry a tremendous amount of moisture unless they start interacting with a storm offshore. this particular storm doesn't look that impressive right now but a little jump from the jet stream will help it get a little stronger. it's going to our north rather than just to the north of us. if you look at this futurecast, 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, catskills, poconos, northwest new jersey, look how it's still above freezing in sussex. 29 in monticello. in the nearby northwest suburbs we could see some snow. could also mix with raindrops. evening
5:21 pm
could west. see our numbers in newburg were 30. still above freezing. new york city south and east. then it will clear out and turn much colder after that. looking south and east of i-287, we get north of west and maybe a little farther north than that we could pick up some coatings. if you're going to see an inch it's in the highest elevations. teens in the suburbs. wind backs off. wind quickly gives way to sun tomorrow and a p.m. mix of rain and snow. down to about 25. here's what's coming up at 5:30. we're going to feel like teens on wednesday. late week temperatures may be trending warmer and that will lead me to believe more wet than white with our saturday storm. we'll look at that in the 7-day forecast accuweather forecast in the next half hour. coming up, the princess now on trial who's facing some serious charges.
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this man. their urgent warning and why the nypd wants him off the streets now. >> being financially smart in 2016. 7 on your side with the changes you can make now so you can save money all year long.
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an appeals court deciding to postpone the trial of the driver in the case of freddie gray. a judge delayed it so an appeals court can decide whether officer william porter can be forced to testify against goodson. goodson was with gray during the 45-minute van ride when he suffered a broken neck. his trial ended in a hung jury last month. time is running out and presidential candidates are focusing on iowa and new hampshire. the earliest states to hold caucuses or primary elections. trump talked about his immigration platform today. a protester yelling something you rarely hear about donald trump, saying he's boring. trump smirked, yelled at the guy, then had him thrown out. the democratic leader stomping
5:24 pm
recent polls showing hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in the state. while clinton was in waterloo she picked up an endorsement from the transportation secretary, anthony fox. caught on camera, a driver in new jersey loses control and drives right in to a convenience store. two officers hit and wait until you see what they do next. >> and an urgent search for a violent murder suspect. tonight the nypd's plea to the public to get him off the street. >> a dramatic rescue. people pulled from a burning building on long island.
5:25 pm
we're back in our top stories this half hour. an urgent call for help from the nypd. the violent murder suspect they want off the streets tonight. >> an out of control driver in new jersey barrels in to a
5:26 pm
process runs down two officers inside . behind the wheel, a suspected drunk driver. fortunately those officers are okay tonight. >> the force of the crash bad enough to send the officers flying but destite being hit they still manage to capture the driver. >> tim fleischer with the story. >> you can't take your eyes off that video. the driver comes driving right through the center. the front door right there and right at these two officers. >> with thundering crash and glass flying everywhere the video of this vintage buick is jolting enough as it comes to rest in a wallington 7-eleven. not until you see these second view as you realize those are two police officers being struck by the out of control driver. >> it's very disturbing and the time we live in nowadays, you don't know if it's someone who's doing that purposeful or if it
5:27 pm
>> reporter: sergeant thomas kruk and police officer zagaja move around the store getting their coffee. when suddenly police say 64-year-old robert delvin jumps the curb and slams the car through the double doors, pushing the officers against display cases, knocking both men to the ground. >> he drove a good distance in to the store. >> yes. almost 15 feet away. >> reporter: the driver sits there for a minute but then starts backing out of the store and in to the parking lot. >> when the car exits, the sergeant, actually he was in better shape. he went after the gentleman. >> reporter: officer zagaja suffered a leg injury. both officers escort the driver from the car and take him in to custody. robert delvin is charged with driving while impaired and assault by auto. as for the damage cleanup -- >> it's been almost like five hours. we remain shut down to clean up the mess. about it.
5:28 pm
business, five hours. >> reporter: especially with heavy sales of powerball tickets. but the owner is glad the officers were not seriously hurt. >> officers fine. that's all i care. >> the sergeant is up and running. the officer is recovering but no permanent injuries. very lucky. very bless d -- blessed. >> as they say, very lucky and very blessed. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. take a good look at this man. cops hope you recognize him. he's a murder suspect with a long criminal history who police want to get off the streets. this is video of the suspect in the bronx before he gunned down a man in broad daylight. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot is outside police headquarters in lower manhattan. >> as police describe him this is a career criminal who has no problem pulling out a gun in broad daylight and shooting innocent people. he's done this several times and with a rap sheet so long, the question is
5:29 pm
>> reporter: arrested 23 times, several of those for attempted murder, and each time ruben pizzaro has beat the charge. >> ruben pizzaro is a charismatic guy, a guy you can speak to like when we're speaking right now. when you're looking at him, you're looking at the face of a regular guy you'd talk to on the street every day. >> reporter: -- >> reporter: police are hoping to put him away for good with this video. it shows him in the bronx november 24th where he chases a man who he shoots and kills. >> the homicide occurred in the morning in front of a daycare center. where the backdrop, where he committed the actual homicide was the wall to a daycare center. >> reporter: then on new year's eve police say pizzaro car jacks the van, robs a random man and shoots him in the shoulder, then orders that driver to take him to the bronx. the brazenness of
5:30 pm
2013 when he pulls out a gun and fires at random. >> we had a witness come in to it, identified ruben as being the shooter and actually shooting at him and once it came time for court, he refused to cooperate. >> police are hoping that mentality will change, if someone recognizes him that they'll cooperate and come forward and help bring pizzaro to justice. reporting live from lower manhattan, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. a fire in a home upstate where four adults were found dead tonight has been labeled suspicious. firefighters discovered the bodies inside a two-family home in rochester sunday. local papers say homicide investigators and the monroe county district attorney have been on the scene. there's no word yet on how the victims died. their identities have not been released. two window washers trapped on a platform dangling from the 71st floor of a texas sky rise have been rescued. this was at the chase towers in downtown houston. it took firefighters about an hour to rescue the two
5:31 pm
the chase tower is houston's tallest building at 75 stories and over a thousand feet tall. new yorkers can continue placing their bets online on those fantasy sports sites. a judge ruled the companies draftkings and fanduel can continue operations in the state. the new judge's order allows the businesses to continue until their appeal is heard later in the year. new york city's goal of making half its taxi cabs wheelchair accessible is getting a boost tonight. today mobility ventures unveiled its new mv1 empire taxi designed exclusively the company wheelchair accessible model in the country. the new taxi regulations kicked in on january 1st, requiring hundreds of drivers to buy wheelchair their medallions. a real life princess on trial. coming up, why she's
5:32 pm
>> people pulled from a burning building and it's all caught on camera. the brave officers and this. >> it's a new year. we have seven smart money moves you can make that will keep more money in your wallet for 2016 including something you can do on the computer or on your phone that will take just seconds and will really save you. >> i'm meteorologist lee bundled up in the big chilly temperatures and cold wind. our number right now is 32 in new york city. we're watching these snow showers off to the west. this is where we're looking at snow in chicago and eventually we'll get snow in our area, coast. we're concerned about slippery conditions for tomorrow evening.
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new at 5:00, honors for nassau county police officers who thought fast on their feet, rescuing a woman from an
5:35 pm
female and male, and they were screaming for help and they could see they were in stress because they were covered in black soot and the flames were starting to come up through the out. >> at the same time this was happening, two other officers were in the back of the building pulling four people including two children to safety. lamar odom will not face drug charges after he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel last year with cocaine in his prosecutors in nevada could not prove the former nba his stay. odom did not have cocaine on him when he was found and it could not be proven when he had taken the cocaine that was found in his system.
5:36 pm
clues about the murder of an american woman living in italy. she grew up in florida but moved to florence to take care of her father. they had a fight. when he went to check on her a few days later the landlord let him in to the apartment where olson was found dead. he was questioned by police but no suspects have been named. a case underway in spain where a member of spain's royal family is facing fraud charges. princess christina is accused of bankrolling a lavish lifestyle with funds that her husband received from an embezzlement scheme. the trial will resume in february. controversial guidelines to reduce breast cancer screenings have now been adopted. the u.s. preventive services task force recommend women with an average risk for cancer begin screenings at 50 instead of 40. they also recommend the screenings be done
5:37 pm
the task force also clarifies that women in their 40s that want to begin screenings should discuss the decision with their doctor. the powerball jackpot is now a mind-boggling $1.4 billion. before you join that office pool we'll tell you what you need to know about splitting the cash should you win. >> there are lots of those going around. the play boy mansion is up for sale. wait till you hear this story. the one thing the buyer must agree to do before signing on the dotted line. >> great to see you. we have breaking news tonight. stunning new video just released and you'll see it. gunfire, grenades to catch el chapo and what sean penn is now saying about his covert meeting. and we remember a music legend and his secret in the end. and why
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we're back with breaking news, this time in the bronx. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire there and that house is engulfed in flames right now. i know we've got some winds out there and of course it's a cold night so not a good night for firefighters. shannon sohn live in newscopter7 for us. >> it's really the worst possible conditions for them to be fighting this blaze but the wind really pushing this along. you can see the fire is shooting through the roof of this two-and-a-half-story house at 335 east 236th street. police were called to the scene along with the fire department just after 5:00 this evening but you can see the fire went right through the cloth and the second floor of this two-and-a-half-story single family home. we see firefighters inside the house. at this point there is no word on any injuries. that is your good news.
5:41 pm
has gone to two alarms and firefighters clearly having a difficult time with the cold and wind getting this blaze under control. reporting live over the woodlawn section of the bronx, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we've got lee here. you were just looking up the wind conditions in that area. >> i'm also looking at areas to the east like mount vernon where some of the smoke will probably go. you can see it was pretty actual -- accented in that picture. we have a cold night tonight then we've got a little snow to talk about hours' time. still clear skies in the manhattan skyline. this camera usually bounces if it's a 10-mile-per-hour wind. we're seeing it shimmy a little bit but the winds will start to back off as we go through the evening hours and i think by 10:00 you're looking at a 6 to 10-mile-per-hour wind. wind gusts at 21 out of the west. we'll drop below freezing this evening. it will hold steady for a while. mainly clear skies
5:42 pm
let's look at tuxedo. a few patchy clouds later on. you could have slippery spots tomorrow afternoon and maybe a coating of snow. here's your planner as we go through the day tomorrow. then the winds are picking up. look at the numbers. the winds are out of the southwest and they help our temperatures spike to 40 degrees during the afternoon hours and you're looking at a couple snow showers around. about 8:00 in the evening snow showers are still with us and then they'll wind down quickly. watch this futurecast to give us a close look. you'll see snow showers come in during the afternoon hours, primarily off to the north and west, sussex county and catskills. temperatures are below freezing in monticello. snow showers can close in on new york city but because it's in the low and mid 40s it could even be rain showers mixed in when we're seeing snow in the hudson valley wet roads, north of i-84 and higher elevations, slippery spots developing during the evening commute. snow and
5:43 pm
the evening and things will quiet down. a blustery wind comes back tomorrow night and temperatures start to plummet again. this particular computer model indicating very light if any. forecast calls for at least some coating north and west of i-287. even if it happens at the city and coastline, it would be really on colder surfaces. you have our 40 tomorrow with light snow coming in. wednesday behind this you're looking at temperatures that are going to be much colder so on wednesday morning the feels like readings could be zero in monticello to about 15 or so. during the afternoon hours we stay below freezing. decent friday. warming temperatures in to the 40s. as we go in to saturday, look for the rainfall on saturday to come in steadiest in the morning and might be a little mix to start and finish this but for the most part i think you're talking about rain on saturday. there's the potential for storms to be along the coast along with cold air. right now i don't think the time is right just yet for us. we'll watch it closely. it's
5:44 pm
we'll see if we need to add snow to the forecast next week. the iconic play boy mansion is now up for sale but there is a catch and a giant price tag. the catch, play boy founder hugh hefner does not want to leave so you'll be living with him. i don't understand that one. the 5-acre property features 29 rooms, a game house, wine cellar, and the famous play boy swimming pool. the entire estate is listed for $200 million. >> you get a party planner. so many people playing powerball this week so that jackpot -- >> is going way up. the jackpot is now at a soaring $1.4 billion. many people join office pool. lots of them happening here. up your chances to win, but what if you do win? how can you make sure everyone gets their cash? >> eyewitness news reporter marcus solis has the answers. >> reporter: christopher cooper isn't passing around a memo.
5:45 pm
important office document. copies of the powerball pool. six co-workers hoping to split over a half a billion dollars. >> we're a pretty tight knit team around here. i think i'd advocate for a group vacation. >> reporter: big groups have won big prizes. office pools are popular because it's a chance to decrease the lottery's virtually impossible odds by having a share in a larger number of tickets. although they sure seem trustworthy, these colleagues are taking no chances, signing the contract promising to split the contract. the word equally is capitalized and in bold face. >> you never know, money changes people and we just want to make sure that when we're all winners on wednesday, everyone has their equal share. >> i trust them dearly but the contract gives me security. >> reporter: the contract is even notarized. a little overkill says a lawyer specializing in lottery winnings, but he says something should be written up before every drawing.
5:46 pm
people participate one week and not in another. so it's always important to be clear on who's participating that particular week. >> reporter: the new york state lottery says you should consider limiting the number of players to 10 because that's a maximum number of individual checks it can cut. larger groups have to form trusts or limited liability corporations. as for this group, they have a fundraising team at storefront academy harlem, a tuition-free school where the entire budget is based solely on financial contributions. accordingly, they plan to giver back. >> -- to give back. >> we might not want to stay at our jobs forever but we can set up an endowment. >> reporter: sounds like a winning plan. in harlem, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> some folks are really thinking it through. [ laughter ] contracts, endowments. >> don't forget you can see the historic drawing wednesday night right here on channel 7 before eyewitness news at 11:00. >> somebody is hopefully going
5:47 pm
getting finances in order. a new year's resolution for a lot of people.
5:48 pm
money tips you can follow for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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saving money is often a top item on many people's new year's resolution list. >> but it can be easier said than done. that's why we have 7 on your side's nina pineda with seven smart money moves to help you save more in 2016. >> it's time for a fresh financial start. you should begin with looking at what you may be wasting, those trial memberships that started out for free, games, subscriptions, apps, now you're paying for them and may not even know it. start with reviewing those apps. could be signed up for automatic upgrades, dinging your card every month. or membership fees you forgot about. cancel any recurring installment payments you're not using. >> could be a movie streaming service like netflix or hulu plus. it could be credit reports which cost anywhere from $10 to $20 a month. >> reporter: a quick review of her joint credit card statement revealed her husband had also signed up for amazon prime.
5:50 pm
that's $100 a year and i have my own subscription and he totally forgot about his. in wasted money. >> reporter: it's a great goal to exercise daily but many of us go to the gym. at an average cost of $57 a month, don't do it. >> now is the time to just cancel it. >> reporter: if you've got a big holiday bonus, don't blow it. >> maybe it's a home improvement project you've been wanting t the value of the home. >> reporter: get serious on finally paying off debt this year. resolve to pay down high interest credit cards first. >> always pay double to triple or you'll feel like you're continuously digging out of debt. >> reporter: she advises giving your credit card a break and start saving by shopping with discounted gift cards. many web silets sell or -- websites sell
5:51 pm
>> you could get discounted gift cards to target, to the movies, to grocery stores. >> another tip for our big takeaway, avoid atm fees. new york has the second highest fees in the whole country. an average of $5 per transaction. you can opt for cash back at a store and definitely avoid any non-bank atm and fees. they're if you're getting slammed with overdraft around. open an account with an institution which lets you hold on to more of your money. >> smart tips there. how do you keep women safe at night in taxi cabs? >> there's a new proposal and wait till you hear what it is.
5:52 pm
right now. the family of a 12-year-old girl shot and killed while she was sitting in her home. tonight speaking out after cops make an arrest for her murder. investigators now believe she was killed over a stolen hoverboard. >> and new calls for action to try to protect women who ride in taxies late at night including putting panic buttons in the back seat. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. we'll have much more on those stories in just a minute. we'll begin tonight with breaking news. the nypd says officer sharrod stewart actually hit by a bullet from a fellow officer. >> this was a case of friendly fire. eyes -- eyewitness news reporter joe torres. >> it was not a teenage suspect who shot an injured nypd officer early saturday morning in the bronx. police acknowledge late
5:53 pm
officer who shot his 25-year-old
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