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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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officer who shot his 25-year-old brother in blue. the nypd today tweeted this picture of officer stewart as he continues his recovery at new york presbyterian. the four-year veteran part of a plain clothes patrol was with his partner when they responded to a call of a street fight in the bronx. officer stewart and his 40th precinct partner exchanged gunfire with a fleeing suspect when stewart suffered a gunshot to his right foot. again, the nypd confirmed stewart was hit by friendly fire. this here is a photo of police commissioner bratton alongside officer stewart's hospital bed shortly after the shooting. we hope to hear more from the police commissioner later today and have that for you on eyewitness news at 11:00. we should point out not only did investigators recover a 380 semiautomatic gun at the scene but in the exchange of gunfire officer stewart hit the male suspect four times. 19-year-old christopher rice
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police arrested rice and charged him with assault on a police officer, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon. we're going to turn to the weather and weather making headlines tonight. bitter cold temperatures and our first taste of snow. and by taste, we mean not even an appetizer. >> one flake for every 100 people. temps dropping 30 degrees since yesterday. some of us will be seeing a few flakes. >> meteorologist lee goldberg studios. >> it's a good thing the snow didn't come in right now because it's very cold and would stick in a hurry. tomorrow evening it it's about this biting wind. everybody walking down the sidewalk is just cringing and the chilly wind gusting over 20, bridges and overpasses getting a little
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backs off this evening. we're feels 25 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. what a volatile 24 hours. the wind chills now anywhere from 10 to 20 so it's a bitterly cold evening. only about half the stations reporting gusts right now. that's a good sign as we head in to the evening hours. the winds will slowly diminish. skies remain mainly clear. there's our low coming out of chicago. over the last couple of hours we've seen that snow expand east of chicago in to parts of michigan so that's the clipper that can bring snowfall to us tomorrow. here's the you're fine tomorrow morning for the there's the snow getting in to the area after could be a mix close to the city and the coast. best chance of seeing coatings will be north and west. that threat will go through the evening hours with a burst of snow then it will leave the scene and bitterly cold air comes in. a cold night ahead but the winds will back off. this snow or light mix will develop tomorrow afternoon. a coating of snow in spots can make roads slick north and west
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tomorrow. that closely. even if we don't see much snow across the area we'll see a bitter blast again as we go in to wednesday. more on that in the 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. we're following breaking news right now. good news that firefighters are getting the upper hand at a fire in the bronx. you're looking at live newscopter7. shannon sohn is over the scene with an update. >> unfortunately the damage already done despite them getting the upper hand. you can still see the smoke billowing out of this home. we've got tape from about 20 minutes ago. this fire started shortly after 5:00 this afternoon and quickly raged through the second floor we still have pockets of fire that the firefighters are trying to deal with but at this point they're starting to get the upper hand on this second alarm blaze. at this time there's no word on any injuries but east
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with a ton of fire department activity. reporting live over the woodlawn section of the eyewitness news. another fire to tell you about. this one in jersey. it was fierce , fast moving and tonight three buildings are flames breaking out residential building. happened in bergen street and newark. firefighters pulled out and one of the buildings collapsed. it out safely. no word on what started that fire. also in newark, dozens of people hurt when a new jersey transit bus swerved off the road and crashed in to a tree. the impact ripping off the upper right side of the number 37 bus. some passengers jumped out escape windows and the back exit. 31 people taken to the hospital. a couple with broken bones. at this point authorities have not determined what caused the driver to hit the tree. the suspect charged with shooting and killing a 12-year-old girl in her own home in hempstead faced a judge today.
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20-year-old jakwan keller fired the shot in retaliation over a stolen hoverboard. today the victim's family was also in court. long island reporter kristin thorne is at the courthouse with the latest. >> security at the courthouse local police, county police, sheriffs. that's because the family of both the suspect and the victim were in court today. in fact, a fight almost broke out inside the courtroom today so it's very raw. >> reporter: delores joiner says the entire family is still grievering grieving the loss of 12-year-old deja. the family is taking a little bit of comfort in knowing the man accused of killing her is now behind bars. police say 20-year-old jakwan keller was upset that someone from a rival gang had stolen his brother's
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shot at her house in hempstead back in october, a group of people were standing out front. deja was in the living room. she wasn't the intended target. but the bullet came lieu ieu -- came through the front window and struck her in the head. >> there should be a message to the members of the gangs in this county. these violent heinous acts will not be tolerated. >> reporter: police say they received dozens of tips that keller was the alleged shooter. they arrested him yesterday as he was driving in hempstead. >> i want to congratulate the residents that you took our advice. you saw something, you said something about it. >> we received significant information during our canvasses from the community and it's quite clear the village residents came forward to assist us in this investigation. >> keller is being charged with murder in the second degree. he's being held without bail. we're live in hempstead, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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for the last of five suspects accused of raping a young woman in a park in brooklyn. surveillance video shows the father of the victim searching for help during the attack. police say five teenagers forced the man to leave the park in brownsville at gunpoint. they then sexually assaulted his 18-year-old daughter. mayor de blasio said the surveillance video of the suspects has been essential to this case. >> the footage made it inevitable to these assailants that they're going to be arrested. that's why we have four of the five. that's why we believe we'll find the fifth soon. >> the victim was treated at the hospital after the brutal assault. he was a visionary and ground breaker in a music business in a society that so often applauds the conventional and the tame. tonight people around the world remembering david bowie who urged rock and rollers to turn and face the strange changes because pretty soon you're going to get older. david bowie got older and he got sick.
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his 69th birthday after an unpublicized battle with cancer. bowie certainly had his share of changes, always moving ahead musically and varying his repertory, performing with a diverse cast of characters from mick jagger to bing crosby. "black star" released on his birthday last friday. here are the lyrics: look up here, i'm in heaven. i've got stars that can't be seen. i've got drama that can't be stolen. everybody knows me now. look up now. i'm in danger. a deal has been reached to allow voters in jersey to decide whether to add new casinos to the street. governor christie and state lawmakers have agreed on a referendum that will ask voters whether to approve two new casinos. christie said the ballot measure insures it would
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the revenue would go to improvements in atlantic city. federal investigation insufficient evidence that governor cuomo committed a crime by shutting down the so-called panel was appointed by the governor to look in to corruption by state officials but the commission was closed a year after an agreement measures. another big effort tonight to try to help the homeless in new york city. mayor de blasio doubling the number of walk-in short-term shelters for the homeless with $8 million poured in to providing more places to sleep and eat before they get in to a shelter. there used to be nine of these drop-in centers but five were closed under mayor bloomberg. as we continue on this monday night, calls for new action to protect women while riding in taxi cabs, especially late at night. >> later in sports, he hinted over. tom coughlin is just 69
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the team the former giants coach
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it was just a simple suggestion about preventing crime. women said commissioner bratton should ride cabs with a buddy. >> now government intervention back seat of taxi cabs.
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>> one of the areas of concern we have is young women coming out of these clubs particularly in manhattan and brooklyn by themselves, intoxicated, getting in to a cab, yellow, green, some of these uber cars. and we've seen an increase in assaults in those instances. adopt the buddy system. >> it was the mere mention of a buddy system in the same sentence as sexual assault that had women's rights advocates fired up on the steps of city hall monday morning. >> the buddy system as your approach is off the table. >> reporter: instead city councilman lori combo wants the city to require a panic button in all cabs after 14 women were raped in year. >> i don't have a final opinion because it hasn't been studied by the nypd yet but that's certainly worthy of study. >> i think it would be a viable
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>> reporter: even though this event to prevent sex assault against women in cabs have been planned for a while, it was still really hard for council members to ignore the gang rape that happened in brooklyn last week. >> it shows us why the buddy system is not a comprehensive approach because this young woman had a buddy. she had her father with her, walking with her that was unable to stop it. >> reporter: in a written statement the nypd says telling new yorkers to be aware of their surroundings and when you're intoxicated to have a sober buddy with you is sound advice. rape and all crime for that matter is never the victim's fault, but you should know what you can do to minimize your vulnerability. >> if you need a buddy to go everywhere you go, are we really free? >> reporter: in lower manhattan, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. just ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00, an early cancer detection test at bill gates and jeff bezos are betting their millions on.
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two of the richest people on the planet putting their big bucks where their mouths are and new cancer test. bill gates and jeff bezos donating $100 million to a company developing a blood test to develop many types of cancer much earlier than doctors are now able to. the company called grail claims the tests will be available by 2019 and use as technique called a liquid biopsy that scans blood for signs of cancer dna which can indicate a tumor is forming. fingers crossed and good for them. >> exactly. so we're talking snow but we're talking snow. >> not going to be shoveling. most roadways will be wet. 30, 40 miles north and west of new york city tomorrow. a beautiful
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really pretty. really blustery those. cold riding the staten island ferry. nice sunset to start the week. in 24 hours' time we'll be seeing a few snowflakes fall. there's the empire state building. a lot of colors on that. that's for the college football national championships. one side clemson, one side alabama. humidity to match the wind gusts over 23. the barometer is on the rise. the high was 40 after midnight. much of the daylight hours in the upper 20s and lower 30s. 19, monticello. 31, yonkers. norwalk coming in at 32. long island temperature business low freezing. 28 in belmar. we'll be warming in the low 40s here tomorrow. maybe even mid 40s. that will really prevent any slippery conditions. 24, sparta. that's where we could have a coating. maybe an inch in monticello. so clear to partly cloudy skies overnight. few patchy clouds by morning. first part of the day you'll have sunshine. look at the jump in temperature by noon time to 39.
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, a little slower a little lighter there. there's our weather system. snow has actually blossomed a little bit. this low is getting a little jolt from jet stream energy but it's not coming right along i-90. that would typically be a decent snow track for us. it's lifting to our north and west. so we get brushed by some of these snow showers. sunshine early. heavy coats, sun glasses. it will cloud over quickly by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. closing in on 3:00. snowflakes may start to fall in new york city or north and west but it's 40 in central park at that point. 44 in belmar and bridgeport. that may be mixed with a little rain initially. snow shower threat will last in to the evening hours and quickly move away after that. the deal is numbers will fall very quickly tomorrow evening and that could create icy roads just about anywhere if there's any dampness left over. a trace or less. 287 south and east. there's a coating.
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talking about inch amount, higher elevation of scat kills and poconos. clear to partly cloudy. less wind tonight as the night goes on but still cold. tomorrow up to 40. sun gives way to clouds becoming breezy and that afternoon mix or snow starts to develop or roads get dampened. evening snow will end then it turns blustery and colder as we go in to tomorrow night. late snow tomorrow. and the deal is on wednesday no matter what snow type you get, blustery conditions in to the morning hours on wednesday. in fact these numbers will feel like we're zero to 15 as we go in to wednesday morning. on thursday it's chilly sunshine. 36. we've bumped up the numbers friday in to the low and mid 40s so that guarantees this next storm saturday is going to be rain. it could have a bit of a mix at the start. 46 and rainy saturday. sunday and monday look cold but dry at this point. you probably heard about a snow potential early next week. i don't think the timing is right just yet but we'll watch it for you. rob is up next with sports.
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about somebody that's getting phone calls just about now. tom coughlin is not done coaching. we'll hear from another local over the weekend. the nets. and we get ready for
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let me say on behalf of all baby boomer, when i heard tom coughlin was only 69 years old, i knew this would not be his last coaching job. >> giants fans have a hard time seeing him in anything but blue. coach coughlin did interview for the eagle job today. he may not
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the 49ers have requested an interview with the former giant head coach so in the weeks since he left the meadowlands in the rearview mirror, coach coughlin has teams. coughlin never said he was done with coaching and other teams are showing interest. meanwhile the giants met with job. that's six potential interviews for the giant job. smith spent the previous seven years with the falcons, took them to the playoffs four times. giants trying to work an interview with bengals offensive coordinator hugh jackson now that cincinnati has been bounced from the playoffs. what a weekend for these games, right? wild stuff at the bengals game with the steelers off the wall. vikings game with seattle was wild for other reasons. it was the third coldest nfl game on record. 6 below zero at kick-off. 10-9 seahawks, closing seconds. vikings bring in blair walsh to kick a game winning 27-yard field goal. >> snap good. spot down. walsh's kick is up and it is no good!
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are you kidding me? the season can't end like that. >> oh, yeah, it can. yes, it can. it did. the big nba news today comes from brooklyn where the nets talked about their weekend house cleaning. the coach out, gm reassigned. the owner in town to explain it all. laura behnke has more. >> here we go again. after firing ly -- lionel hollins, they begin their search for their sixth head coach since moving to brooklyn less than four years ago. >> very shocking. >> it was surprising but we have to move on. >> i take full responsibility for the state of the team. >> reporter: at 10-27, the nets had the third worst record in the nba, not what the owner expected when he bought the team six years ago and guaranteed a title though the goal hasn't changed. >> i'm 100% with the team and [ inaudible ] i'm all in. >> reporter: the team will take its time hiring new leadership
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coach. >> i'm sure for the next season we'll be i hope championship contender. >> reporter: the nets' focus now is clearly on the future, but what about the present? over half of this season still remains and this team can't and won't just give up. >> i'm not going in and saying playoffs. our job right now is to try to turn this thing around, play a little harder, play a little smarter, have some fun. >> we can't be out there going through the motions. we want to play to win. >> reporter: in brooklyn, laura news. spurs in town tonight in the final college football game of the season and the championship game, number 1 clemson, number 2 alabama. tigers can go to 15-0. the tide is 13-1 trying to win a fourth title in the last seven years. >> knowing the team is going to make some plays but how you respond to the next team is going to be the key. >> we don't see ourselves as the underdog.
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wants to pass the job to lebron james. lebron went on to score 37 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists last night so maybe the cavs are going to make that a part of the pregame. >> when's the last time that happened to lebron james? [ laughter ] let's check in with sade baderinwa to see what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> a close call for a young boy nearly run down while crossing a city street. local officials demand change at this dangerous intersection. plus, the best high tech solutions to help you get a good night sleep. we'll have those stories tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> that's it for us for now. thanks for watch ing. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight is coming up next. eyewitness news returns at
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