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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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america." good morning shgs, america. deadly terror attack on a crowded tourist destinytation overseas breaking right now. at least ten killed more than a dozen injure. a suicide bomber targeted a crowded park. two feet of snow in 4 hours causing chaos on the roads. plows struggling to keep up. this car completely encased in ice and new york and boston bracing for the first snow of the season. another bitter blast of arctic air is moving east. dramatic new video of that daring raid to capture el chapo. the deadly shootout between marines and the drug lord's bodyguards. the first look inside his safe house and his hidden escape route and new surveillance pictures of sean penn before that secret meeting as the actor breaks his size. and roll tide. alabama, national champs once again. >> alabama back on top of the
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>> knocking off clemson overnight is an instant classic. the tide turning on a trick play. our team on the sidelines for all the action. >> all: good morning, america. and it is a great morning for alabama fans. it is being billed -- >> almost crimson. >> i'm trying to be -- >> a little nod. it's their fourth national championship in the last seven years. 11th overall. jesse was there. he'll have a complete wrap-up. >> a lot to including that deep freeze in the midwest moving east and take a look at this car in upstate new york. completely frozen encased in ice. sam and our team are standing by. but we are going to begin with that breaking news. a deadly suicide bomber in one of europe's most popular tourist destinations in istanbul,
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terry moran is in london with the latest. >> reporter: this attack in the historic heart of istanbul close to that famous blue mosque happened about 10:20 this morning. a massive blast that shook nearby buildings heard across the city. police swarming the scene. the injured rushed to nearby hospitals. some with serious injury, at least ten people have been killed. 15 wounded and foreign tourists are among the dead, we hear. a german tour group was nearby. among the wounded, six germans, one peruvian, one norwegian, the turkish president erdogan said a suicide bomber linked to syria was responsible. it's the latest in a spring of terror attacks in turkey and this is just another sign of the region. george. >> they are facing a many front war. thanks very much. now to that blast of winter dumping more than two feet of snow around the great lakes. creating whiteout conditions and now boston and new york bracing for the first snow of the season. abc's linzie janis is in icy
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for us. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're here on the shores of lake erie where high winds pushed the wear over this break wall creating this frozen wall of icicles and check this out. this car completely encased in ice. you can see how the water just washed over it and froze instantly. this is about six inches of ice, solid on there. check it out. it's not going anywhere any time soon. overnight, winter whiteout. street. >> reporter: snow causing york. cars crawling along highways. as plows struggled to keep up. >> move on inside now. >> reporter: drivers unable to get traction. this car losing control and skidding off the road. rescuers battling the elements to get though those trapped in the storm. snow falling so hard and fast,
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inches in just over four hours. and wind gusts of up to 47 miles per hour sending waves crashing off lake erie freezing this restaurant, creating an incredible scene. and in case you were wondering the owner of this car, a young guy, 24 years old out at the bar and decided to do the responsible thing and get a lift home. came back to his car looking like this. he probably won't be able to get it till spring. not going to make progress today. they are expecting, george, up to another foot of snow in the buffalo area. >> we can tell how cold it is. we'll go outside to sam in for ginger and, sam, that snow is heading our way, new york and boston? >> absolutely, george, first flakes of the season. coming out of the sky today and drive time home in new york big story. right now louisville, cleveland, cincinnati, your roads are a mess and slippery. already the watches and warnings out. it's not just the great lakes but on into the northeast and cold front stopped for a reason. look at the snow in
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but also look at the pink, blue and white all around new york. that's your 4:00 start time to new york. drive time boston. you start at 5:00. it's not a lot of snow but it's enough to make your drive home a mess. erie, pennsylvania, this is your snow and bad news, i got more. behind this, behind this is this air. 23 below in minneapolis this morning, 15 below in iowa city. that's your windchill. it spreads deep south and east. even colder to start. atlanta, 18 degrees tomorrow. this last of thursday, 26 degrees. robin, george, everybody was making fun of winter and now winter is like, i got you. >> i know you'll have more. now to the national championship game and the new kings of college football, alabama. overtaking top ranked clemson in that instant classic last night winning the game and taking their fourth title in seven years. jesse palmer was there for it all. how about it, jesse?
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>> roll tide, robin. it was unbelievable and i'm here at the timo tell and this was a game for the ages. both teams fighting so hard for the national championship but alabama has been a powerhouse in college football forever. they proved it again last night. both teams combining for 40 points in the fourth quarter alone and this game came down to a couple of wild plays. >> alabama back on top. >> reporter: overnight number two alabama shutting down number one clemson's undefeated season with a score, 45-40. >> it's something i dreamed of since i was little. i can't say enough about it. >> reporter: the incredible night kicking off with megastar ciara's rendition of the national anthem. >> the heisman winner in the open field headed for the end zone. >> reporter: the biggest star on the field, derrick henry scoring three touchdowns and clearing this sea of orange and crimson. our rob marciano right there on the field. >> how does it feel tonight? >> it feels great.
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trade-off. >> right in front of the end zone. touchdown, tigers. >> reporter: going into the fourth quarter a tied game until this crucial trick play. >> alabama's got the ball back. >> reporter: alabama regaining control of the ball after an onside kick teeing up power player o.j. howard. >> it's howard for his second touchdown tonight. >> reporter: minutes later. >> touchdown, drake. >> reporter: alabama's kenyon drake returning a kickoff for a 95-yard touchdown. >> once i saw green grass, i was just trying to make sure i got to the end zone and last ten yards i gave it all i got. >> reporter: clemson fighting till the end scoring in the final seconds but it wasn't enough. giving alabama the title of national champions. the team showering head coach nick saban in a gatorade bath for the fourth time in the last seven years. so it's his fourth national championship in the last seven year, of course, all coming under nick saban.
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championship and many people now calling nick saban the greatest head coach in the history of college football, robin and george. >> that is saying something. you stayed with them. you picked 'bama. you got it right this year, jesse. you did it. >> i had a 50/50 chance. >> yes, exactly. we're going to have a lot more on the game coming up. >> a realist. the race for the white house and gloves are off between bernie sanders and hillary clinton like never before with new polls showing a dead heat just 20 days before the first vote answer faced off in iowa last night and abc's cecilia vega is on the trail in des moines, good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: did you say heat, george? good morning to you from a freezing iowa. this time, 20 days from now as you say we will know who won the iowa caucasuss but this morning, hillary clinton is feeling the pressure and bernie sanders is pouncing. they were not on stage together but overnight a democratic candidates' forum hosted by fusion, bernie sanders and
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head-to-head. >> have you noticed this lady has been getting more aggressive with you? >> yes. >> why is that? >> it could be that the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today. >> i have laid out specifically my tax plans and my friend, senator sanders, has said he will lay out hit before the iowa caucasus and a m anxious to see them. he was basically a democrat before he was a republican. >> reporter: also taking time out for a few laughs. >> is it off grandbrand for a democratic socialist to live in a mansion like the white house? [ laughter ] >> well, i would consider it more like public housing. [ laughter ] >> nice public housing. >> reporter: and across the aisle, the laughs continued.
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show" with jimmy fallon. >> extraordinarily handsome person. [ laughter ] >> i have a beautiful head of hair. >> reporter: and, of course, on the attack. >> i think she's got maybe a race that's going to be a little tougher. i think she'll win, i guess. >> reporter: when it comes to hillary clinton. >> i haven't even started on her yet although last week i did a little bit, i guess but we haven't even started. >> reporter: yeah, he is not letting up. right now the clinton campaign is trying to lower expectations. one campaign insider telling me the mood inside camp clinton is not necessarily nervous but the word is realistic, george. 20 days to go. >> i don't know who drew the shorter straw you or linzie. you get inside. matthew dowd, calling for a spirited debate. she could lose the first two contests? we've gone from a coronation to
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conflagration and i still think she's favored but it could be a much longer race. >> what does the world look like in the clinton camp if she actually loses iowa and loses new hampshire? >> i'm reminded of the line in "jaws" i think we'll need a bigger boat. the other thing fascinating who would have guessed six months ago donald trump has a better odds of winning iowa and new hampshire than hillary clinton in this process? >> you believe that. >> he has better odds today that he will win iowa andnew hampshire than hillary clinton will. >> way up in new hampshire he is in a real fat. matt dowd, thanks very much. the commander in chief and big revelation from vice president joe biden saying in an interview within cnn how president obama offered to help his family as his son's health crisis worsened. abc's jon karl is at the white house with that story. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the vice president is sharing a story he has never told before, showing his close bond with president obama recounting a
7:12 am
had with the president after his eldest son beau was diagnosed with brain cancer as he was serving as delaware's attorney general. >> i said if beau resigns he has no -- there's no -- nothing to fall back on, his salary and i said but i worked it out. i said but jill and i will sell the house and be in good shape. he said, promise me you won't sell the house. he's going to be mad at me saying this. he said i'll give you the money. i'll give you the money. >> as you said a special bond between those two men. the president will be giving his final state of the union address tonight and the white house is signaling this will be a different kind of speech, non nontraditional? >> reporter: that's right. this is a legacy speech. unlike many states of the union this will not be a laundry list of proposals of what the president wants to pass, in the coming year, this is going to be something that looks at what the president has done over the past seven years. the president has said that he
7:13 am
the new year than he has ever been going that a new year. look for him to talk about more successes to come. quite a contrast to what we've been hearing from the republicans and, frankly, robin, a bit of a tough sell because 70% of american public in most recent polls say they believe the country is on the wrong track. >> all right, jon, thank you. we'll have live coverage of president obama's last state of the union address tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. i know you'll be -- >> heading there in a little bit. that new video of the raid to capture el chapo. the billionaire drug lord back behind bars as prosecutors in seven u.s. jurisdictions fight to get him in their courts. abc's matt gutman is at the scene of the bloody showdown and has the first look inside el chapo's underground tunnels. good morning, matt. >> reporter: that video giving us a visceral sense of how ferocious the fight was inside that house. and in our walk-through we saw blood on the floors and el chapo's escape tunnel showing us how close he got to getting away.
7:14 am
but with the mexican marines got,ing looked and sounded more like war. el chapo guzman's bodyguards fighting to the death blasting away. the mexican marines wear body cameras ss returning fire lobbing stun degrades. signs of that fierce gunfight but no sign of el chapo. the mexican government had been hot on el chapo's heels since his secret meeting with sean penn and actress kate del castillo last october. el chapo wanted had him to make a biopic about it. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: turns out it was being documented by but mexican intelligence photographing their every move. photographs showing they arrived before heading out to his jungle hideout in one of his planes. sean penn now breaking his silence on that controversial "rolling stone" interview telling the associated press via e-mail, i've got nothing to hide. this morning the magazine
7:15 am
full 17-minute video el chapo sent penn and this morning abc news getting a first look inside el chapo's safe house. >> one of the things they apparently liked to watch "queen of the south." the narcos liked to watch shows about narcos. the mirror leading to a tum. very dank and very wet and go down this passageway which is flooded and had to crawl under that to get over there. right there is that door. it looks like a portal on a submarine and through that is the entrance to the drainage that was was supposed to take him to freedom. it led right under the street and took the marines five hours to finally capture el chapo and this morning he's in a super max prison but overnight mexican officials saying his extradition to the u.s. has been suspended. george. >> yeah, it could take some time.
7:16 am
that deadly home explosion in ohio. >> just near cleveland. four members of one family killed after an explosion and fire ripped through this home. the mother and her two daughters, ages 8 and 12, were found in the front hall. the father was found in the back, investigators right now do not believe a gas leak is to blame but they have not ruled it out. well, there is a new warning about the u.s. economy as oil prices continue to plummet. analysts warn up to one-third of american oil and gas companies could go bankrupt. oil prices are falling in part because of slowing demand in china. some experts fear prices could drop from $30 to $16 a barrel. well, there is growing concern about a humanitarian crisis in syria. food and medical supplies have finally arrived in the town of madaya which had been cut off for months forcing resident there is to starve and now aid workers say the situation is even worse than feared with hundreds of people at rick of dying unless they are immediately evacuated.
7:17 am
cincinnati bengals linebacker. vontaze burfict. we've all seen therapy animals on planes for people who need emotional support and i don't know about you but nothing says comfort quite like a pet turkey. check out this picture posted online by a flight attendant. airlines allow animals on board if you have a doctor's note saying you need the app mall for emotional support. unclear if he put any fellow passengers in a fowl mood. but that turkey is gobbling up those frequent flier miles. >> oh. >> wow. >> you know. a turkey -- >> on a plane. >> can you imagine if straps next to you was a turkey. >> i would be off that plane. >> i'm with you there. >> not okay. >> i mean, you know, sir, ma'am,
7:18 am
at some point someone's got to say that's not a therapy animal. that's food. >> it's food. >> oh, sam. oh, wise sam. parts of the northeast bracing for the first snow chicago saying been there done that. >> but let me show you what it looks like. let's go to the wall. chicagoland, this was it. it's over for you now. such a warm december you caught up with snowfall totals. this is running into the deep south. good morning, houston. 47 degrees and fog this morning and my gorgeous state of florida, look at you. panama city, tallahassee, lake city, gainesville, all these numbers are in the 20s, below the freezing mark here. we have that freeze warning deep into it and tampa, you're in,
7:19 am
the parks. >> coming up on "gma," the mother of that so-called affluenza teen in court. her other son going before the judge pleading on her behalf. now she's set to walk out of jail.
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7:25 am
the grand county course is closed between east 181st street and east burnside avenue. four teenagers will be in court after being charged in a gang rape inside a brooklyn park. the suspects who range in age from 14 to 17 were caught on camera before the attack last thursday in brownsville. police say they threatened a man and his 18-year-old daughter with a gun telling him to leave while they raped the teenage girl. they are facing several charges including rape. police are searching for one more suspect. >> on staten island, a police s.u.v. has smashed into the side of a building in a clifton neighborhood overnight. the driver, a sergeant in the new strategic response group appears to have suffered a medical problem. he passed out at the wheel and
7:26 am
he was taken to "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence
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let's check in with heather o'rourke and the morning commute. >> we have been talking about this b.q.e. accident. this is the northbound side near tillery street. all lanes are closed down because of this tractor trailer. it spilled garbage all over the roadway. sanitation is out there trying to get it cleaned up. let's go to the maps. these delays begin all the way off the verrazano bridge up the gowanus on to the b.q.e. into the accident scene. mass transit on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, back to you. >> thank you. we are in for snow showers later today. >> it should start west of the area around 3:00, 4:00. temperature 27 degrees. temperature will rise to the
7:28 am
40 but it's 19 white plains and islip and 20, 21 down monmouth and ocean county. the snow starts this afternoon. burst of snow or flurries that can create a trace to a coating and make for slippery roadways. then bitter cold tomorrow. real feels in the teens. lori? >> thank you, bill. that will do it for us.
7:29 am
this is going to be the best day celebrating a huge win last night, alabama, did over clemson. >> sam was going nuts during that play. >> that's football. a long run. >> when they run. >> awesome. >> it set the stage for their big victory and the man behind it, kenyon drake will join us live. but kenyon is going to join us. he's got his fans around him and it was an exciting moment and dedicated the game. >> it sure did live up to the hype. a lot going on right now including that breaking news in turkey. suicide bomber attacking a popular tourist destination, at least ten people killed and more than a dozen injured. president obama preparing for his final state of the union address tonight including dr. bennet omalu behind the movie "concussion."
7:30 am
sam, you better remember this. carli lloyd, okay, in the finals of the world cup, from midfield she scored. it was one of her three in the world cup final. well, this morning, team usa star getting a huge and a well-deserved honor named women's world player of the year, big congratulations to carli lloyd. >> she did earn that one. we will begin with tonya couch, remember, she's the mother of that affluenza teen posting bond this morning after a judge slashed her bail. abc's ryan owens is in ft. worth with the latest. good morning, ryan. george. she is expected to walk out of hours. that's after her defense team was able to convince a judge that the so-called affluenza mom is not so affluent anymore. she's the so-called affluenza mom who the sheriff says has been complaining about her accommodations behind bars. this morning, tonya couch may get to leave. this texas judge reducing her
7:31 am
to 75,000 after she pleaded not guilty. >> we're talking about a third degree felony. we're not talking about a capital murder. i got to make my decisions based upon the law alone. >> reporter: the judge pointing out tonya couch is accused of a nonviolent crime. hindering the apprehension of a fugitive. namely her son ethan. the duo disappeared last month after video was posted online of ethan at a party where others were seen playing beer pong. that's a violation of his probation for killing four people in this 2013 drunk driving crash. his attorneys arguing the teen suffered from affluenza, that he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. the mother's arrest warrant says the duo drove to mexico after tonya withdrew $30,000 cash and told her estranged husband he would never see them again. >> how much money is in that account if she were to have access to it? >> last time i saw it was negative 99 million.
7:32 am
froze the mother's bank accounts and she owns no property. that it all longbelongs to her soon-to-be ex-husband. if released he'll live with him. she'll have to wear a gps ankle bracelet and pay back the county the more than $3,000 it cost to fly her back to texas. what about ethan? he is still in mexico fighting extradition. next week there will be a hearing here. whether he's here or not, to determine if his case will finally be moved to adult court. george. >> o. ryan, let's talk to dan abrams about this. the purpose of bail is prevent somebody from running away. these proven she can run away. why the huge reduction in bail? >> this isn't a million dollar bail case. these two, ethan and her mother are two of the most hated people in america. although he's in mexico. that doesn't mean that you change the rules because you want to get them.
7:33 am
it's to make sure she shows up. she will be under 24-hour home confinement and wear an ankle bracelet. two incredibly restrictive requirements to make sure she's not going anywhere. to be honest this makes a lot of sense it's much more realistic. >> shouldn't have been a million dollars. >> i don't think so, no. >> meanwhile, you've budget scratching your head over this decision by ethan just to sit there in mexico and fight extradition. >> i have no idea what he's doing there. i mean, he's in a detention center in mexico, not serving the 120 days max he could possibly get here in the united states. now, is it possible a judge will give him credit for that? maybe. if a judge doesn't you have to ask yourself what the heck is he doing? he will get extradited here. so it's just a matter of when. >> meanwhile, you've got tonya's lawyer seeming to plant the possible seeds of an insanity mental health defense. >> the judge ordering a mental
7:34 am
immediately will say she better not get off on a mental health defense. the reality is all the judge is doing is making sure she's comfortable tent to stand trial. meaning can she understand the proceedings against her and assist in her defense, et cetera. that's a very, very low standard. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. all right, george to that appearing model accused in a string of jewelry store robberies in the south. abigail lee kemp facing a judge for the first time on monday breaking down in court as we learn more about her alleged accomplice, abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: looking much less sure of herself than the young woman on video staring into security camera, the 24-year-old who police have now charged with robbing a string of jewelry stores is seen here head down being hauled into court monday. abby kemp is facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. police identified her as the young woman with the gun and gloves accused of stealing
7:35 am
across five states in court she broke down into tears. >> let's test it out. too big. >> reporter: it's an entirely different picture than the former model with a sense of humor seen in videos posted on social media. >> she was a student athlete in high school where she played basketball and softball. >> i'm a golfer now. >> reporter: friends say she was confident and later waited tables at hooters and twin peaks. >> it's almost 5:00. to myself. >> cocky is air really good word to describe her. >> reporter: police named this man ras her accomplice. he was arrested with kemp at this home north of atlanta and is sitting in jail too. neither have yet entered a plea. kemp has a bond hearing thursday. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> our thanks to steve. coming up powerball fever hitting a high. we know t.j. can't get enough of
7:36 am
going, t.j. >> yes, but, robin, i need folks to get out their pen, paper, calculators and their checkbooks, i am about to show you a way to guarantee you can win the powerball jackpot, that's coming up on "gma." a couple million just for the heck of it ind to do your own taxes. so we flew in mastermind george smoot to help him. ok, what does it say there? it says, "did you buy a home?" did you buy a home? yes. well then, press there. (cellphone tone) ok. thanks.
7:37 am
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it is 7:41. back now with our world record powerball prize growing along with the lines to buy tickets for wednesday's night historic drawing. the jackpot now close to a billion and a half dollars. and nobody hoping for a winner tomorrow night more than that guy, t.j. holmes, where are you? >> look, yes, i need a win because this thing is only a rental. i got to get it back by wednesday. but, look, the numbers are so large they're hard to compute but people have done the calculations and come up with a way to end poverty and guarantee
7:41 am
million dollar jackpots, that's so 2015. 2016 has brought a new frenzy over a big number. 1.4 billion. remember, this jackpot started at $40 million just two months ago. was at 300 million on new year's eve but just because nobody has hit the big jackpot the past 19 drawings doesn't mean nobody is getting rich. at least 67 tickets worth a million dollars or more have been sold in that time. >> big smile. >> in iowa, joel dominguez was one of those $1 million winners. >> i never win anything. i feel very lucky. >> reporter: everybody seems to have powerball fever but the biggest players are in the smallest state, the folks in rhode island are buying tickets at a higher rate than any other state almost 3 1/2 per person. >> you can't win if you don't play it. >> reporter: but in the midst of the madness an idea emerged. this facebook post suggesting the billion dollar jackpot be divided evenly among all
7:42 am
$4 million for each of us. the original post shared over a million times. one problem with that idea, math. we'd all get about $4 apiece. not 4 million. all right. i know you're kept cal as a way to guarantee a win, we say, well, why wouldn't somebody do it already and plus there are 292 million combination out there. why not buy them all. here we go. if you bought every scenario, that's 292 million tickets at 2 as i ticket you're out $584 million. the jackpoint 1.4 billion after taxes you get 524 million. that's a little short but if it gets to 1.5 to $1.6 billion, this is going to pay off and you can make your money back. a couple of problems. first, let me get to it. you have to live in a state that doesn't have state income tax. two, almost impossible to get
7:43 am
tickets and, yes, george. >> what if more than one person wins. >> you're in trouble. that's the other thing. always, george. george, don't you have a state of the union to go to or something, man. >> that blew that rearry right out of the water. my question was more about can you carry the two -- >> i'm done with y'all. >> whole lot of work on that. hey, coming up we have one of the stars from last night's national championship game, do we still have time to talk to him. i hope so. 'bama's kenyon drake will tell us what was behind that, oh -- >> yeah. >> come on back.... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it
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7:47 am
oh, this is one for the ages. kenyon drake, alabama, 95-yard kickoff return in the fourth quarter, and the last little stretch he gets into the end zone and clemson's only loss of the season and joining us now is kenyon. he is is there -- >> he likes seeing it again. he's smiling. >> have you been to bed at all? have you gotten any rest,
7:48 am
i got a little bit of sleep when i went upstairs, but probably only like an hour of sleep. >> who wants to sleep. you want to, you know, just congratulations again and again. what was it like, those last few yards when you dove into the end zone? >> i knew i was running out of gas and i knew i had a defender on my tail closing in, so i just wanted to give my last-ditch effort and dive for the end zone and luckily it worked out for the better. >> it surely did. this is the fourth title for alabama. the last seven years with nick saban. he has five overall as a head coach. what did he tell you guys before the game and what makes him such a special coach? >> our motto for the entire season is always finish. we came up a little bit short in the ole miss game early in the jeer and understood it was an elimination game from that point on, so at the end of the day, he
7:49 am
and give your best effort and with a coach saban, you always want to lay it out at the end of the day and we're glad we can be national champions at the end of the day. >> i know, kenyon, that was very special for you and the entire team, you lost a former tealmate to a car accident in october. alti. tell us about him and what it meant to dedicate the game to him. >> yeah, alti was a special individual. always knew how to light up a room any time he came into a room and to get this national championship for him when he can never get -- he didn't get it, but thank you, he did a great job and, you know -- >> they're telling you to wrap. >> i'm sorry. >> and mascot too. tell the mascot we said thank you for getting up. congratulations. roll tide. congratulation, guys. so excited for you guys. thank you very much. when we come back at the top of
7:50 am
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7:54 am
"good morning america" is
7:55 am
find your fit. good morning. tuesday, january 12th. i'm lori stokes. breaking news in the bronx with a three-alarm fire burning through an apartment building on the grand concourse in tremont. the fire started before 6:00 this morning in a first floor store. it then quickly spread upward through several more floors of the building. we are told that one person has a minor injury. the grand concourse is closed between east 181st street and east burnside avenue. on long island, police are looking for the masked robber who shot a gas station attendant. this happened in huntington station. the worker was pumping gas when someone with a gun came up to him before 10:00 as night. the robber eventually fired once. the worker was hit in the knee. he is recovering at the hospital. >> a check on the morning commute with heather. >> we still have a problem on the b.q.e.
7:56 am
northbound side you will find all lanes closed down into the area of tillery street. overturned tractor trailer on that ramp to the main line of the b.q.e. the ramp from tillery street to the b.q.e. is closed down and closures on the ramp trains signal problems. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> heather, thanks so much. >> snow on the way. let's check in with bill. >> we have sunshine. what a pretty morning. temperature 28. that will be the 8:00 temperature. 27 ridgewood. 28 staten island. 19 islip. 29 montauk. 29 bridgeport. a nice day until lunch. then the wheels come off the wagon. your evening commute snow around, trace to a coating from the city south. south of i-95 and i 87. just enough to make it slippery. tomorrow morning it's bitter cold.
7:57 am
that will do it for us. we are back in a half hour with
7:58 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. big news concerning breast cancer. the huge headline about final recommendations when it comes to mammograms. what it means for women about when to get screened and what age to start. dr. ashton breaking them down this morning. nobody can drag me down blake shelton fights back. the country star taking heat from fans for his new romance accused of going hollywood with girlfriend gwen stefani. what he's saying about his incredible year. i'm on top of 9 world time to clear your mind and reboot your soul as we go inside the meditation craze. millions of americans already doing it. now deepak chopra and i'm going to bring along my own teacher sharing their secrets to living healthier and happier. we're putting you on the path to feeling better starting now. and it's one "pretty little liars" little morning.
7:59 am
the biggest hits on tv is here. get ready for the "pretty little liars" as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. never been in love before i know that amy's daughters are very excited. >> they're not excited because i didn't let them come here today. >> oh! "pretty little liars." the cast of the hit show is here live opening up about the big winter premiere tonight. >> the girls cannot get enough of it. >> so excited about tonight. been talking about it for a week now. >> our house too. also this morning, big new headline about multivitamins. do at the live up to their labels? surprising new research coming up. if you're one of the millions who shop online for groceries we'll tell you which delivery service is the best value for you. and how all the prices stack up, we'll have that coming up. okay, that's coming up. now amy working her way to the
8:00 am
rundown. >> good morning, the big story a deadly bombing at one of europe's most popular tourist destinations. at least ten people have been killed after an explosion ripped through an historic area of istanbul, turkey, not far from the iconic blue mosque. most of the victims are foreigners. government officials have identified the suicide bomber as a 28-year-old syrian national. back at home hillary clinton is breaking ranks with president obama on immigration. clinton's reaction was at first reserved when the obama administration began rounding up illegal immigrants for deportation. but she came out against the raids last night during a forum in iowa and bernie sanders immediately denounced those raid has they first began. well, donald trump took another jab at hillary clinton last night asking how she could be in such a close race with bernie sanders who isn't even a democrat? trump claimed he, quote, hasn't even started going after clinton. for now trump has his own challenge in iowa where polls show him neck and neck with ted cruz.
8:01 am
have filed a motion to dismiss the indecent assault charges against him in pennsylvania. they claim the prosecutor is violating a ten-year-old agreement not to bring criminal charges against cosby if he testified in the civil case involving the same accuser. cosby is due in court again early next month. and in medical news new doubts about the effectiveness of multivitamins. a study finds one out of three multi multivitamins fail to live up to the claims on their labels and while some of the supments were lacking in nutritional content others exceeded the levels tolerable for the body. a new warning from the american heart association. it says drinking just one sugary soft drink each day can add to your belly fat even if it doesn't increase your overall weight. that fat is the most dangerous because it wraps around internal organs and raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. and finally imagine parking your car without even being in the driver's seat.
8:02 am
a software upgreat now allows tesla cars to park and unpark themselves not only can the car pull itself into your garage at the push of a button it can also parallel park by itself and perhaps the best part, it can drive right up to you in a parking lot. kind of like a valet parking without having to tip the valet. the future is here, robin. >> it is, thank you, amy. i know you have a lot of interest in the next story, as well, because there is a big headline about mammogram recommendation recommendations. new advice from a major group of experts that could affect when women in their 40s begin getting screened. we have dr. jen ashton here to explain. so, what is different today? >> so, robin, we're seeing the final guideline, this is just by one group. trust me there are other groups and they will be weighing in again but the big change here from the u.s. preventive service task force is really a softening up for recommendations in their 40s. what they're saying for women with average risks start screening at 50.
8:03 am
screening really isn't recommended for most women over the age of 74. this is exactly what they said in 2009. the difference here is more woman's choice in the 40 to 49-year-old age group and shared decision-making between that woman and her health care provider or doctor. >> every woman has to make the decision best for her. men are diagnosed with breast cancer, as well. >> absolutely. >> can you understand the frustration that why can't the experts be in agreement? >> absolutely. and i share that frustrate as a woman and as a physician but this is a very complex issue because there are a lot of specialists that teed to weigh in here. and there are not just medical and scientific issues but there are ethical and social and political and economic issues and the goal here is trying to find that sweet spot, robin, between risk and benefit and not just in saving lives but in improving women's quality of life, as well. >> how about health insurance coverage and the mammogram -- this new guideline? will this complicate things?
8:04 am
only time will tell. i will tell you ironically women who have insurance because i have patients with insurance and without insurance often have less choice in making decisions about whether or not something will be covered. the one issue here is that congress did pass a bill with a rider that extends coverage through the year 2017. what happens after that we'll have to wait and see. >> give us your bottom line. >> i'm a board certified ob/gyn and follow the recommendations start at 40 but what i worry about this term average risk because we know the majority of breast cancer is diagnosed in women who were average until they get that phone call. so while it's important to crunch numbers and analyze statistics, there are actual women's lives that i am responsible for and that will always come first for me. >> i know it will, jen. thank you so much. you know, once again people will pepper you with questions and you'll be on twitter and take your questions throughout the morning, you can tweet her @
8:05 am
"gma's" facebook page. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." country star blake shelton taking a little heat for his romance with gwen stefani. what he has to say about that. then we have a parenting alert for you about teens who try too hard to fit in and what you can do about it. plus, we're going inside the meditation craze. deepak chopra is with us sharing his secrets. all that and very exciting morning. the cast of "pretty little liars" is with us live. hi, ladies. hi, everybody. all that and more coming up on "good morning america."
8:06 am
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8:10 am
the country music star sending a message of his relationship with gwen stefani. reena ninan here with the details. >> good morning to you. you know, he has never been shy about turning to social media to take on the tabloids or even negative comments online and once again blake shelton is standing his ground. >> blake. >> reporter: country music star blake shelton breaking out with an aggressive tweet monday to his over 15 million followers. hey hate e. i'm having an incredible 2016 so far. then just minutes later, yee haywhay achlta haww. if you only learn one thing from me take no [ bleep ]. >> he's been flaunting his relationship both by being seen in public and all over social media. >> after his divorce from miranda lambert last july he's been called out for supposedly going hollywood by his country
8:11 am
you used to be such a good person. hollywood hit you and, man, it leaves some disappointed. that's all. his hilarious response, just sitting here in a preetiing about the fact that i've gone hollywood. >> blake is kind of saying it's my life and i'm happy. >> yet life seems to be very good for the 6'5" country superstar. his new relationship with rock star gwen stefani has been very public since they announced it in november. and even sending each other flirty tweets like, blake shelton, you're so funny and cute. this weekend he and stefani were spotted in nashville at a wedding for shelton's hairstylist. last week after he won a people's choice award stefani tweeted, wow, #everybodylovesblake. meanwhile, his ex-wife is basking in her new romance with southern soul singer anderson east. >> miranda, blake and all the partners have seemed to move on. it's just the fans, they really
8:12 am
couple and it'll take them some time to accept blake and gwen as a couple. >> and no matter what happens this year we all know when the drama of heartbreak comes fantastic songs and blake shelton starts his concert tour next month and gwen tweeting out a few days ago, #,writing a song about a cowboy. >> good to see you. buying your groceries online and skipping the store is on the rise. sales expected to top more than $13 billion for 2015. with so many companies fighting for your dollar, even big players like amazon are jumping in the online grocery game. we wanted to see how their price prices stack up this morning and abc's rebecca jarvis has your price check. >> reporter: it's breakfast time at my house and the deliveries are coming in. >> thank you. >> to see how different online grocery services stack up we placed orders for the exact same breakfast items from four
8:13 am
same time. peapod, fresh direct, amazon fresh, the market leaders and start-up instacart. lisa lee freeman with me to break down our buys. can you really compare prices with these sites. >> you can very easily find out who's got the best deals. >> reporter: check it out. on this particular day we find four different prices for the same box of cheerios. amazon fresh, $3.54, peapod, $4.79. insta cart 5.49 and freshdirect, $5.99. a difference of more than $2 between the lowest and highest price and for these paper towels, a difference of nearly $4 between the lowest and highest price. on our particular shopping day, the prices on most of our choices at amazon fresh were generally the lowest and fresh direct's generally the highest.
8:14 am
on high-quality fresh food and solutions and offer approximately 500 grocery deals per week but with online grocery shopping you pay for more than just the cost of the items. with amazon you'll pay a $299 annual membership fee. now, that includes your prime, but you really got to think about whether you're going to use the service enough to make it worthwhile. >> reporter: while the other services don't require a membership like amazon, they do charge delivery fees. lisa also points out with online services, you may not be able to get the in-store sale price. instacart charged us $4.49 for this loaf of bread. when we checked in the store, the price was 2.99. instacart told us retailers may offer tosome promotions only in the store. freeman says to save money compare prices to your local grocery store and try a free trial of the service. that's what we did with amazon fresh. for "good morning america,"
8:15 am
york. >> and as you can see we had a delivery. prices and delivery fees vary around the country so you need to do your homework to make sure it's worth your while. here a few things to remember. store your grocery list online helps you save time and since you're not shopping in the store you won't be making those expensive impulsive buys. that checkout counter -- >> "pretty little liars" impulsive to click the button. >> i need a candy bar right now. no, i've never ever ever ordered on line before because i think it's peaceful to walk through a supermarket. >> peaceful? that's not how i would describe shopping. >> the gender thing. >> i love shieking too but online is convenient too. >> certain items like i don't know about -- >> staples like that but meat and vegetable, i want to see them. >> lara. >> we move on to a parenting alert about a phenomenon than called camouflaging where teens try too hard to fit in and they
8:16 am
it's a story we first saw in "teen vogue." take a look. anything? >> reporter: sometimes teenage girls just need to be heard. >> you're ruining my life. >> reporter: but this morning, it's what they aren't saying that's getting the attention. camouflaging as it's known was coined by psychologist dr. joe an deke and featured in february's issue of "teen vogue." when young girls go to he can streeps changing or downplaying how they express themselves in order to fit in. >> it's specifically refers to when young women sort of shed some of their individuality, could be in their looks, behavior, word, actions so that they blend in more with their peers. >> reporter: an issue many teen and tween girls are facing like 12-year-old amanda from pennsylvania. >> i wanted to say something and then i didn't say it because i felt like everyone was just going to judge me. >> reporter: also, 17-year-old
8:17 am
>> i found myself dumbing myself down, demoting my intelligence to fit in. >> reporter: over time someone who camouflages a lot can lose sight of their authentic self. >> reporter: now the two say instead of blending in they're working hard to stand out hopes others will do the same. >> today i'm confident, today i'm brave and just saying those things make you realize that you are confident, that you are brave. >> reporter: so here now with how you can help your teens, vanessa schenck founder of the tia girls club. we both said, we did it. it didn't have a name but i think it's a phenomenon that's been going on for a long time. how can parents tell if their daughters are camouflaging? >> well, camouflaging is exactly what it sounds like so it's hiding who you are to blend in with those around you. so if your daughter is doing anything that is out of character, you know, if she is -- >> if she's embarrassed to be smart.
8:18 am
walks into a classroom and takes the glasses off because none of her friends are wearing glasses or the friends that she wants to be friends with aren't wearing glasses and put them in her pocket and can't see the board. >> s that a minor example but a good thing for parents to keep a watch. so, what do you want to say to parents and what do you want to say to young girls or, you know, women out of college who still might be doing it? >> you know, everybody does it. to some extent but it's about keeping your voice alive and keeping your authentic self alive. and your self-esteem high so it's just really about being who you are. and being proud of that person. >> it's a bad habit. if you start to camouflage then and then how do -- where does the line separate from who i was and who i am? >> when you start to camouflage you have a loss of self-esteem and when you have a loss of self-esteem, you feel unworthy so a lot of things happen where, you know, you enter into self-destructive behavior from
8:19 am
eating disorders to cutting, so it's really important that you keep your self-esteem in a healthy place. >> i'm glad you put a name to it and we're talking about it. it is really important. >> yes. >> got to just embrace the person that we are. >>vanessa, thank you very much. they can out the issue. "teen vogue" is on the newsstands right now. sam has a look at the weather. >> we're embracing because it's cold out here.
8:20 am
am i right, wisconsi all right, everybody. where are we going now? >> all: lara. >> thank you, sam.
8:21 am
come on in here, sam. we'll get some "pop news" started and talk about a little something coming up. i want to start with you. you hear this song "start me up" by mick jagger's former partner probably saying this morning. jerry hall may be feeling "pretty little liars" good finding love and an engagement ring with another rock star of soughts. rupert murdoch. >> of sorts. >> he's a rock star in a very big way. >> dollar and cents way. >> the couple made the announcement monday in a london newspaper. it's been a whirlwind of a romance, four months together, the couple were spotted on the red carpet this weekend and the multibillionaire popped the question out in l.a. over the weekend. a spokesperson said they have loved these past months together. thrilled to be getting married and excited about their future. >> they look happy. >> you know what, live. >> the number one thing you want
8:22 am
if you get it, get it. good. >> life is short. i know you've been gone for awhile. >> yes, ma'am. >> it's only four letters. l-a-r-a. >> what did you say? >> roll it. >> hey, lora -- >> i did not. no. i did not. did i really? what day was that? what day is it now? >> hey, lora, we're embracing just because it's cold out here. >> that was five minutes ago. >> i just want to die. >> sam champion and i worked together since 1990 -- >> it's not like i -- oh, no. >> so, anyway -- can that why george was giving me this smile when i walked in? did you know -- >> i didn't know it was going to be that great. >> oh. >> since we have run out of time for "pop news," a little tutorial on names i will finish
8:23 am
yes. >> okay. >> most of us cut into pizza the same way. how do you cut your pizza, sam? >> he's going to -- >> oh. it's okay. >> i'm sorry. >> listen, it's okay, john. john, it's okay. >> thank you. we're embracing just because it's cold out. we have pizza for you guys because there's a new way to cut it. so come on in. scientists have created the perfect slice, some people want more crust some just like the toppings and middle. this is a scientific way to cut it. i'll explain it to you and you can grab a piece. if you do these kind of curved lines like that, yeah, and like that then you cut each in half you allegedly get 12 identically
8:24 am
no crust. scientific finding. >> this is science, america. >> this is free pizza and what could be better than that. and, jon, we'll go back to the weather when we get back. >> i will never live that down.
8:25 am
forecast.tt2w`t3n`&d! bt`nc"$ tt2w`t3n`&d! "a`ns.@ tt2w`t3n`&d! bm`nx%l tt4w`t3n`&d!" dzlq da< tt4w`t3n`&d!" enlq 4e\ tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzl& -b$ good morning. 8:27 on this tuesday, january 12th. new video shows the moments before a deadly hit and run that happened on long island christmas day in bayshore. police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a man crossing candle wood near new jersey avenue. he was taken to the hospital. he did not make it. the driver was behind the wheel of a four-door gray sedan that may have damage to the passenger side fender. take a look at the man in in long island terrifying a baby-sitter in woodmere. the man told her he was -- she was pushing a baby. he demanded the child. when the sitter fled to the family's home the man tried to get in demanding the baby.
8:26 am
a three-alarm fire burned through an apartment building on the grand concourse in tree month. it started on the first floor then quickly floors. we are told one person has a minor let's get a check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> northbound side of the b.q.e.
8:27 am
because of this overturned tractor trailer. garbage being cleaned up. let's go to the maps. subways have signal problems d trains at th avenue. f and m train at 57th street and b, d and e side stairways east side closed with falling debris. we have a bit of snow on the way. meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> first snow of the season, first clipper. 2 and sunshine. cloudy later. that's when the snow gets here. it is around the ohio valley. that gets here this afternoon. that will slippery up the roads. not a lot. looking at coating to a trace maybe from i-95 south and east and up to an inch north and west. bitter cold tomorrow. we will warm up into the mid- 40s by saturday. so, there you go. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you so much, bill. that's the news for now.
8:28 am
more "good morning america" i want to dream >> some dream of falling in love. >> i really like him. >> i think we have a real shot. >> others dream of galaxies far, far away. >> force. >> it's calling to you. >> and some dream of changing the world. >> i >> but there is one night we all dream in gold. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> the oscars hosted by chris rock live february 28th on abc. >> you saw it here first. we all dream in gold. that's the theme for this year's oscars, nominations two days away. we'll bring them to you live thursday morning. >> some good trailer right there. get it on thursday. john krasinski, director ang lee will join us and the president to announce this year's nominees and, of course, the 88th academy award
8:29 am
>> "gma" will be there for all of it. the red carpet, the actual award, the after parties and then our huge, huge after-party the morning after which is actually really still that night which is a party in itself. >> you have fond memories of our -- >> no, because it never ends it really never ends. >> you don't sleep. >> great time. >> you're in hollywood and then everybody is out. yeah. >> yeah. >> my sister dorothy is going this year. i'm bringing my sister dorothy this year. the oscars, she's never been. >> so nice. you and i have been to an oscar or two. >> again and again -- >> it never gets old. now to our -- time for our we boot camp and clearing away mental roadblocks that could stop you from having your best 2016. it's been a big part of my life and have to thank you, george.
8:30 am
>> helps so much and it has been life-changing. >> relax, take a deep breath. and scream. [ screaming ] >> yes, screaming or releasing frustration is actually preparation for this class at l.a.'s unplugged medication studio. this prep work is part of a long list of modern meditation techniques that are widely popular around the world. >> just all these incredible trends from sound vibrations, sound healing, crystal healing. aromatherapy meditation. >> group classes have become the latest after work hot spot. offering up a different kind of happy hour and if you don't have time for a drop-in session there is an app for that. hundreds of meditation apps offer guided sessions that you can do any time anywhere. today, 18 million americans meditate. everyone from athletes to politician, marines, even
8:31 am
clarity and calmness and corporations like google, target and general mills are all bringing mindfulness to the workplace. so why all the hype? research proves it doesn't just relax you, it can physically change your brain for the better. >> there's this interesting and growing body of science which suggests that meditation can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, reduce the release of stress hormones in your brain. >> reporter: dan harris wrote a book about it. >> everybody's life is a mix of good and bad and what meditation has helped me do and i think can it help a lot of people do is be more appreciative of the good and less overwhelmed with the bad. >> reporter: so i got to thinking about my own journey with meditation and caught up with my teacher bob roth. the first time i remember doing it with you, oh, i felt the full experience. the colors and i'm like, oh, my
8:32 am
then you send me on my way and i'm doing it at home and it's not working or i feel it's not working. come back to you for a refresher and i'll never forget what you shared with me to help me understand, share that with us now. >> it's a beautiful thing. a physicist in india who caught me to teach i was one time with a reporter and the reporter said, some meditations are more on the surface and some meditations seem deeper. are the deeper ones better, he said, no, they're both equally good and the reporter said how is that possible. ma ha-- there's no perfect meditation. it is what it is and sometimes we settle and sometimes we're wet. >> i have found i am more aware of those stressful moments that are still going to happen even after meditation, but my reaction to them, i recognize them and i just am at a peaceful state. >> what was your worry or what
8:33 am
>> i think like a lot of people, bob, that i'm not going to be able to do it. i can't quiet my mind of the you said to me, of course, you can't. >> nobody can. >> once you say that and you realize recognize the thought and push it out and if it comes back in -- >> let it go. >> right. >> let it go. yes. i feel so at peace right now and in part because guru meditator deepak chopra, he is here with us in our studio, sam. he has a new book out called "super genes" and a man who many see as the first to introduce them to meditating. deepak, thanks for being here. you know there are so many people that just say, you know, it's elusive, i can't do this. how do you make them understand the benefits of it and that they can? >> as we show in "super genes" meditations changes the gene expression.
8:34 am
you see a 40% increase in the enzyme call enzyme that is an anti-aging enzyme. all those that are responsible for healing go up sometimes 17-fold. all the genes responsible for inflammation go down, inflammation is associated with many diseases. this is at the genetic level but besides that, it helps you sleep better, improves your relationships, gets rid of stress. >> anti-aging just did it for me. i'll see you tomorrow. so, but most people when they hear your name they think of you as being this guru but take us back to a time before this and then tell me how that changed your life. >> well, i'm 69 now and never been sick, taken medication, been in the hospital but when i was 30 i was a burned out resident in medical institution,
8:35 am
occasionally getting sloshed and totally stressed and stressing out my patients. when i started meditation i started to lose my cravings and i settled down and i decided i was going to teach it. >> and you have and you've been teaching today. you've been live streaming on our facebook page and we have some questions for you. kelsey, do you have a question? >> yeah, so i was meditating earlier this morning. such a beautiful experience. my question for you is how do i quiet all the thoughts that come into my mind from my daily stress that's going on? >> okay, so you don't, okay. you don't worry about that because trying to quiet the thought is a thought in itself. now, we think as long as we are alive if you're not thinking, you're either comatose or dead so you don't try to get rid of thoughts. meditation is two aspects to it. the inward stroke where you go in the direction of your inner being and the outward stroke which is thought and bopping up
8:36 am
>> do we have a quick question? >> yes, i really enjoy meditating but i'm such a busy person. what's the best time and place and should you be sitting or lying down? >> sitting is best, if you're lying down you might fall asleep which means you need sleep anyway. but any time is good. any time. anywhere. even in a bus or a train or a plane. >> i have found that on a plane you don't have to be in a certain position. you don't have to -- >> just be comfortable. >> where is jennifer? you've been meditating for quite some time and have a question. >> so i do love meditation and i've been doing it for awhile but sometimes wonder what's next. what would i do? >> let me ask you a question. are you aware? >> i think so. i am. >> who did you consult? >> who did i consult? >> okay. so now i'm going to ask you the same question. i'm going to ask everybody the same question don't say yes. just wait till i do this and
8:37 am
are you aware? >> yes. >> so the question are you aware is a thought. the answer yes is a thought. in between is your inner being awareness so now i'll ask the same question are you aware, don't answer. just settle into being. are you aware. you feel presence? that's you. >> yes. >> i really felt -- >> you can live here. you don't have to live anywhere else in the center of your being and then no matter what the situation is, no matter how chaotic the world is you never lose your peace. you are equanimity. you're grounded here. so try and live here. >> try to live here. those are words to live by. >> in the presence of your being. >> deepak, thank you very much. thank you for livestreaming and helping our viewers at home and here. >> it's been a joy.
8:38 am
me having sam filling in this week for ginger. >> it's been nice here. show you what's going on. one or two things we wanted to
8:39 am
i know it's hard to get >> i think is is working. i still feel peaceful. all brought to you by state farm. >> thank you. coming up next the cast of "pretty little liars."
8:40 am
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tt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q2;x tt2w`t2n`qt" "a@q"7< tt2w`t2n`qt" bm@q)
8:43 am
>> lucy we fupdz out who "a" is. where were you and were you as surprised as everyone else? >> yeah, i think i was along with a few other people i was one of the people that didn't know who -- i think troian bellisario, -- you knew. i like keeping it a secret because i considered it exciting for me but i thought, yeah, i mean it came out of left field but marlene king who created our show who is the heart and soul of our show came up with this idea years ago which a lot don't know. i don't know where i was. i think i was in a table read when i found out. >> no. ashley, we have a question for you from a fan on twitter. joey wants to know if you could bring back any character to life who would it be and why? >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> gees, i probably would say mrs. di lorentis. she is the sweetest person ever
8:44 am
show and amazing actress. i love her. >> i said my daughter could not be here, ava, 13. so i told her i would ask a question for her. she wants to know do you guys hang out when you're not on the set? just like she would. >> that was a really good imper nation. so cute. >> yeah, we do. it's kind of tough we spend so much time on set together so we do have our own groups of friends we need to come and see all the time, but, every once in a while we'll get together tore dinner. >> i'm sure she'll be happy to hear that. sasha, i know a lot of your fans feel strongly about which cups they'd like to see get back together. 45% want kayla and emily and alison, your character so what are the chances emily and alison get back together? >> our creator, marlene, that we were talking about, she describes it really well. obviously she knows more than i
8:45 am
emily and alison will always have some sort of flame. there will always be some sort of -- there's always a love there, a special bond. we don't know exactly where she's going to go with it but, you know, there's always hope for emmason. >> our character. >> there will always be something there and find alison with a new love interest and ends up being engaged and married so you kind of see the relationship between emily and alison change. but we always have something special there and i think the fans are still going to enjoy it. >> speaking of love congratulations on your engagement. >> thank you so much. >> beautiful pictures? we wish you the very best. where is that, by the way? it's gorgeous. >> oh, it's in at the peck la. it's in wine country. >> oh, nice place. thank you all very much. very exciting tonight. "pretty little liars" airs tonight at 8 eastern. 7:00 central on freeform.
8:46 am
we'll go inside the bone broth diet next. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
8:47 am
and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
8:48 am
now to part two of our re-boot camp this morning. time to re-boot our bodies and here now is kellyann petrucci. yes. i said it right. i know. the bone broth diet. which you sent me some recently. >> and? >> i was pleasantly surprised. yes, but tell people because it's not con sunmme. >> it's not one you throw in the
8:49 am
bones of chicken, beef, turkey and simmered for a long period of time and when that happens the magic happens. that's when you get all those nutrients, the protein, the mineral, the amino acids all fuel your body and your broad craves this. >> are you coming in here, sam, everyone. you said you would taste it. >> come on. stay here. >> you snooze, you lose. >> so -- >> double fisted -- >> one is chicken. this is beef. >> very tasty. delicious. >> you know what, also i found it to be very filling. >> it is. >> and that's what makes this so different. that's what makes this diet so different. if there's one thing i want people to understand it's so rich. it's so nourishing that it really does warm you down to your toes and not hungry. you don't drink more water and fills you up. this is even better. it fills you up, no calorie, no carbohydrates. >> any down sides.
8:50 am
is that if you like soup, this is even better. this is even better. so if you're that type of person who says, you know what, i like soup. this is even better. down side really is i can't think of any. >> it's not salty. this is what i expected. i expected to not be able to do it with someone with high blood pressure -- >> are we cheering? >> i tried them both. i prefer the chicken. is there a difference in value. >> no, just a milder taste. when you are first starting out, start slow, work your way in and -- he likes the gusto. some recipes in your book. >> we only have 30 seconds left. there's dos and don'ts about food. not depriving but swapping things out. >> it's not about doing without. so i grew up italian. i love pasta. i got to have pasta.
8:51 am
made with a vegetable shredder. superle simple. easy, very low in calorie. tastes amazing and pizza, you got to know you can have pizza, right. this won't make you feel like you swallowed a bowling ball. >> cauliflower and it's simple. easy, delicious. i promise you will not feel like you're doing without anything. >> now we know how to cut the pizza. >> kellyann, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> the bone broth diet.
8:52 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by ashley home store. this is home. >> all right, before we go you can re-boot your okayout with daily burn 365. free workouts on our site. sam, you in? >> i'm in. let's burn. >> khloe kardashian with us tomorrow. good morning. tuesday, january 12th. four teenagers will be in court
8:53 am
in a gang rape inside a brooklyn park. the suspects who range in age from 14 to 17 were caught on camera police say, before the attack last thursday in brownsville. more suspect. let's get a check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> hi, michelle. we have new jersey transit problems. 15-minute delays because of signal problems in new york affecting the northeast corridor, north jersey coastline. we have the d trains with signal problems at 9th avenue. e, f and m ems activity complete. b, d, east side stairways are closed. b.q.e. northbound near tillery, garbage spill being cleaned up. street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle, over to you. >> snow is on the way. meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> it doesn't look like it now. we have high clouds to the west coming your way.
8:54 am
showers that are coming. the 9:00 temperatures will be 29 degrees. 30 to whitestone and cambria heights. 21 wrightstown. cold numbers as we go along. snow showers are around western pennsylvania, ohio valley coming our way. not a lot, accumulating maybe to an inch. 40 by lunchtime, early here. a slippery evening commute then tonight. a coating to an inch of snow north and west. not a whole lot. a cold 29 degrees. michelle.
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