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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> meteorologist jeff smith is in franklin, new jersey, where it just started snowing as you can see. and we're going to begin with meteorologist lee goldberg. >> a little bit of flurry activity in new york city. fine sleet, a couple rain drops. we thosed the wind kicking -- noticed the wind kicking up. we're starting to get colder. we're going to be okay as we head into the evening commute with nothing more than wet spots any city. another picture in the hudson valley, near red hook, we're coating the ground there. we get north of i-84. you get north of i-80 in new jersey. that's where you see snowfall, and then even look a little higher inmanhattan with this light mix. we're at 43 right now. too warm for snow, and even if we get any precipitation, roadways are going to be wet in and around new york city. marginal temperatures near cold
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monticello. we have seen accumulations, same thing across northwest new jersey, 31 in andover and there are a few rain drops. this tool we use on the accu drop, steady snow coming down. sin value lake -- sylvan lake, and whites near patterson and north of caramel and headed away from fish kill into parts of northern fairfield, and snowfall across northwest new jersey in morris county and it looks like rain and a light mix into new york city and some not reaching the ground as you go into long island. one thing that's clear. this batch is coming through over the next hour. there's a distinct break before the squall line of snow showers with the cold front comes through this evening, and that's what we'll be tracking that could produce more widespread coatings. if you look at the first batch, there's the break. anytime between 7:00 and 10:00 tonight, that would swing through.
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new york city, still allowing for a dusting in the city, and a possibility of cold air services and that would move away, and more important, and all the precipitation with this is the bitter cold behind it. here's what you need to know, wet roads at worst, a few slippery spots and through the hudson valley as well. and a possibility between seven and ten tonight can produce additional coatings. bitter winds no matter what you see through the evening hours, and residual black ice for the morning commute. lots to talk about. it's under the category of a nuisance event. you're going to feel it, especially with the bitter winds later on. more on the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> lee, thank you. not one meteorologist but two. jeff smith tracking conditions in franklin, new jersey. jeff? >> franklin is in the highlands of sussex county new jersey. 32 degrees. that's important because route
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temperatures mean that snow won't only be accumulating necessarily on the grass but eventually on the roads as well. here's video that we had from when the burst of snow was even a little bit heavier than it was trying now. that snow started to coat the ground within the last hour in sussex county. the roads will be next to be coated as temperatures begin to fall. also earlier some preparations at new jersey d.o.t. and low die, involving large salt piles and front end loaders loading the salt from the piles onto trucks. the njot spread brines on the road to keep them from icing up. they are urging caution, even despite the rather small accumulation. >> we haven't had a lot of snow and ice this winter. just it's important to be cautious. oftentimes road conditions can change quite quickly it. may look clear. it could freeze over quickly. tonight that could be something to be careful as the temperatures drop when the sun
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you know, it could look like it's clear pavement but it could freeze over quickly. >> and as you can see, the snow accumulating fairly readily on the grassy surfaces in franklin, probably a quarter to a half inch of snow, coming down steadily now. the temperature is down to freezing. as lee was talking about rapidly changing conditions during the next couple of hours, and i'll be right here to update you coming up on eyewitness news at five, and also at 6:00. for now, live in franklin, new jersey, meteorologist jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we thank you. if you want to track the weather just the way jeff did, while you're away from the tv, check out the accu track app. search cbs7ny in the app or google play store. a bizarre end to a disturbing crime. police say a man found half naked in a psycho therapist's office this morning is a suspect in an attempted baby snatching.
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was approached by someone who said he needed to take the child she was caring for. she acted quickly and may have saved the day for the young child. lucy yang has exclusive new details. >> reporter: we have two frightening incidents here, which police now believe are linked by one man. 44-year-old craig niskokski, described as homeless and under arrest undergoing a medical evaluation. police were called to this professional office when a therapist said she found him sitting in her office half dressed. the room smelled like urine and cigarettes. authorities arrived, arrested him and connected the dots. they believe this man tried to snatch a baby just the day before. around noontime on monday in woodmere, detectives say she told the babysitter she was pushing a dead babysitter in the stroller. police found this surveillance
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parlor and were hoping to find him before he approached anyone else. and then a therapist found him this morning. we spoke to the therapist exclusively just a little while ago. >> it's textbook mental illness. very sad, and hopefully he can get help. i don't know what the outcome is for him. he shouldn't be on the street. >> reporter: again he has now been taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. he is no longer on the street. his last known address was east 2nd street in manhattan. we'll have more from the police and from this therapist. find out how she found her office so rearranged when she arrived this morning. live in long island, i'm lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 4:00, a search now underway for a man who tried to assault two young girls on manhattan's upper west side. police say the suspect in this surveillance video grabbed a 12- year-old girl by the wrist
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avenue yesterday. she managed to get away. investigators say he then walked up to a 13-year-old girl, right outside and asked her name. they say he hugged the teenager and kissed her on the cheek. ed teenager pulled away. the suspect ran away. a suicide bombing attack in turkey kills ten people and leaves at least 15 more hurt. it happened in an historic part. most of the dead are german tourists. the attacker, a 28-year-old foreign national is connected to isis. the prime minister also pledged a continued fight against the islamic state. well, in just a few hours from now, president obama will deliver his final state of the union address. many expect him to use this final opportunity to reflect on his years in office, but also push critical pieces of his agenda to the forefront before he leaves the white house.
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boozy conanine is on capitol hill with the speech. >> reporter: the president's address is a chance to define his legacy and influence the issues being debated in the campaign to replace him. the president at his desk in the oval office working on his final state of the union. >> i want us to be able when we walk out this door to say we couldn't think of anything else that we didn't try to do. >> reporter: the president says he will not deliver a long list of legislative goals, instead focusing on just three or four big ideas. the speech will undoubtedly include another type of list, the president will tout his successes on the economy, health care, education and the environment. he will try to counter what he feels is an avalanche of negativity from the republican candidates trying to replace him.
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to change, you know, the political environment and change people's attitudes. >> reporter: a message not expected to be well received by republicans. >> there is one thing that we hope to hear from the president and that is a comprehensive plan to defeat isis. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan blames the president's policies for the spread of terrorism and what he considers a weak economy. >> we are less safe and that is why the anxiety in america is so palpable. >> reporter: president obama's final state of the union address expected to be less aimed at swaying lawmakers than american voters already focusing on the race for their next president. there will be three presidential candidates in attendance, senators rubio, paul and sanders. senator cruz is skipping the event. report from capitol hill, boozy coo nanny channel 7 eyewitness
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>> coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. tonight. another political speech to tell you about. new jersey governor chris christie is in the state capitol delivering his 6th state of the state address. his critics claim he's been concentrating more on his presidential bid than his work at home. we have pictures from the assembly chambers, inside the state house in trenton where christie has just finished speaking. the republican presidential candidate has been struggling to keep his bid for the white house alive, while juggling his responsibilities in the garden state. at the top of his speech christie joked it's good to be home, then quickly highlighted his accomplishments as governor. >> here we are. six years later. the state of new jersey is strong and it is growing stronger every day. on our watch, new jersey has pulled back from the economic brink. we have brought discipline back to our public finances as well.
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eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll have a full recap of governor christie's state of the state. checking stocks on wall street right now, they made gains for a second trading day in a row. the market is trying to rebound from losses last week, and the economic turmoil in china spooked investors in the u.s. is around the world. here's a live look at the big board. the dow rose nearly 118 points to end the day at 16516. the record breaking powerball jackpot just keeps growing. as of right now, and we have to phrase it that way because it keeps changing, the jackpot is up to $1.5 billion. increased ticket sales helped push wednesday's jackpot even higher. no one has matched all six numbers and the powerball since early november. we spoke with a 7-time lottery winner to see if he had any tips to winning. >> there's only one answer to that question. only one answer, and it is not
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only answer. and that is buy as many tickets as you can afford. figure out what you can afford and just buy that amount of tickets. >> there you have it, if tickets continue to sell at this record pace and no doubt they will, the jackpot will likely increase again before the drawing. so when's the drawing escrow, you can see the record setting drawing wednesday night here on channel 7 eyewitness news right before eyewitness news at eleven. >> if you buy as many tickets as you can afford, it takes the fun out of it. >> then you can't eat. >> then it's stressful. >> we don't need that. >> exactly. >> don't need that. and still to come on eyewitness news first at four, they were held captive and forced to work. two children caught up in trafficking, hiding in plain sight right here in our area. and when a fugitive saw that police were using in photo
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. snow starts to come down in parts of our area. minor delays inbound for the george washington bridge as well as the holland and lincoln tunnels. a new poll shows bernie sanders with a lead over hillary clinton in iowa for the first time. a quinnipiac university poll shows sanders with 49% support compared to 44% for clinton. it comes as the vermont senator also leads polling in new
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deliver a blow to clinton's campaign in the first two contests. clinton ripped into sanders in a speech in iowa. >> we have a big difference over guns. you know that, and i think it's a telling difference. because if you're going to go around saying you stand up to special interests, stand up to the most powerful special interests, stand up to the gun lobby. >> sanders picked up the endorsement of move one of the country's largest liberal groups. it says its aiming to turn out tens of thousands of members in indiana and new hampshire to campaign for sanders. rolling stone magazine released the full interview of juaquin el chapo guzman, that likely led to his capture. in the 17 minute long video, el chapo tells sean penn he's not apologetic about being a drug lord, saying there's no other way to survive. he is in solitary confinement in a mexican prison, fighting extradition to the united states.
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running from the law. aside from el chapo, this is another fugitive. in ohio, apparently didn't like the photo that the police had posted on their facebook page, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and he sent them a selfie with the caption, here's a better photo. that one is terrible. look at him. he looks so suave and cool. and police added this was sent to mr. pugh himself. we thank him for being helpful, but now we would appreciate it if you would come speak to us about his charges. >> i don't think you have much say when you have a suspect about what picture they're going to use. >> and he didn't look all that overly concerned about the criminal charges. >> that is 18 months for taunting. >> and slightly being arrogant, too, i would think. did you see the top of the block, the traffic, you could see snow. >> it's happening.
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little bit of a changeover in new york city. the precipitation is very light and i'm not concerned about roadways for the beginning of the commute. we're finally starting to see snowflakes here, and it's feeling like winter. and if you look on the picture going across the empire state building, lower manhattan, see how it's gray and obscure, there are flakes aloft in the city, and reaching the ground with sleet and rain drops. we're at 43 and drops right now. the southwest wind is at 12, and turning gusty, you know, a gusty wind at 43 is a lot different than a gusty wind in the 20s. the pressure is falling off and a high today in a pair of fours. it goes in the book as an above normal day, no records of course. and look at the temperatures, this is what's so important, stan hope, new jersey, 31, below freezing, slippery roads there. randolph and clifton in the upper 30s. could get slippery, careful on the ramps and bridges and overpasses. we're seeing temperatures in
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mid-30s to upper 30s, in duchess county. nothing but just wet roads in long island, and it's not doing that much other than some rain drops lightly. so 8:00 is going to be a key time. what you're seeing right now is kind of riming for the arctic cold front that comes through around that time. that's when a burst of snow could drop a coating about anywhere. wind gusts about 30. after that, we'll go to 40. you'll hear the wind overnight. sunshine tomorrow, very gusty winds struggling to get above 30 degrees, it's a blustery and cold day. there's the first little batch of snow showers over let's say parts of beakman and fairfield county, and parts of new jersey, near summit and berkeley heights, the snow is coming down steadier there, and getting closer to newark and linden, and crossing into the hudson. briefly before 5:00, we could see light snow in new york city. there's a gap after that, that goes across eastern pennsylvania before that very
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showers. that's a squall line, and that will try to swing through the area this evening. now, there is some signs that will weaken as it approaches us. i think there will be at least some heavier snow showers that work through the area, and coat the roadways and we have to be careful of that because temperatures will be near freezing by then. behind that arctic front, frigid, windy, windchills are dropping near 0 in that area, and that's our forecast for later tonight. so see on this future cast, there's the initial batch that's over us right now. that leaves the scene between 5:30 and 6:00. we've got this gap where things are quieting down. there's the squall line, around 7. new york city around 8:00. long island, 9:00, 10:00, and swinging offshore, and then it's a race between the cold and sub freezing air coming in, and the moisture leaving. if the streets are still wet at this point, you're going to have black ice around. that's a concern north and west as we go through the morning hours tomorrow. no matter what you see tonight, it's going to be bitter for all
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temperatures until the low and mid-20s. wake up windchills, subzero north and west. in terms of snowfall amounts, some places are going to see little. south and east of 287 we may not see much. it's north and west of i-287 and north of i-840 in new jersey where we could -- i-80 in new jersey, where we could pick up the highest elevations. evening rain going to snow showers. blustery and colder. watch out for the burst of snow during the early evening. then it's frigid, bright and blustery, despite sun. sub freezing and feeling like teens all day long, and partly cloudy skies, 23, we stop on thursday as it's bitter to the beginning and not as harsh in the afternoon hours. looks like we have another storm we have to talk about over the weekend. we'll continue tracking tonight's snow and burst of snow and the weekend forecast coming up in our next half hour. back to you. >> thank you, lee. we are following breaking news right now. it's happening overseas, the
4:20 pm
boats are being held right now by iran. the pentagon also says that it has received assurances from iran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly, however that has not happened yet. the pentagon spokesperson, peter cook tells the associated press they are moving between kuwait and bahrain when the u.s. lost contract with them. there's no word at this point on how many crew members were on those vessels. we're continuing to get more information about this. as soon as we get that, we'll let you know what's happening with the ongoing situation overseas right now. >> just hours before the president's speech. turning the tables a store owner fights back against a would be robber. but this dramatic scene could have gone much differently if not for one small turn of events. we'll tell you what changed. and are you considering doing grocery shopping online
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why settle for less, when you can get more! call now. get free installation with a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. when it comes to theater in new york, some of the most exciting work happens off broadway. right now the public theater in the village is hosting a festival dedicating to highlighting the more adventurous work. the festival is called under the radar, reporter sandy kenyon has the details.
4:23 pm
for a festival of innovative work around the globe at a new york institution known for taking risks. the public theater is where hamilton was first staged by lynn man well miranda. >> what he's doing with the american musical is what these artists are doing with regular theater practice. they're turning it on its side, going look at this. >> reporter: mark russell and may enwang have run this together for a decade. >> for an artist to get here, it has to have a sense of urgency, and the artist has to be able to tell the story that is from a very specific point of view. >> reporter: sandy detong tells the story of the rei wan dan genocide from the perspective of a woman who was there and watched it happen. >> these are people you don't know yet but are going to know them.
4:24 pm
artists come from around the world. >> it is in new york city, which is kind of exciting, my first time in new york. >> reporter: from france and from chile they come, and some are from all over. >> he is a first generation mixed race child who is of the world. >> reporter: his show is called now i'm fine and it's at the public theater tonight starting at 8:30. it's a way to experience a bit of the world without ever leaving the city. under the radar continues through sunday on all five stages at the public. you'll find a complete schedule of the remaining events on our web site >> good show. sandy thank you. apple got a bad wrap for the light on its smart phones and tablets. some users say it keeps them awake. the company unveils a fix to help you sleep better. a police officer slams into
4:25 pm
what cause -- on staten island, so what caused him to lose control. a shocking story, a woman from queens accused of forcing two children you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777
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. now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. updating our top story this afternoon, snow is falling in parts of our area. a live look right now at route 80 in wharton, and actually that's not route 80. that's the west side of manhattan there, but it is dark and it is cloudy, and it is snowing in parts of our area. a little bit further west, this is in frankland, new jersey. and you can see the snow, some big flakes coming down. pretty steadily. >> all right. let's check with lee goldberg back inside at the weather center, more on the season's first flakes. >> you see it's difficult to see midtown, lower manhattan, that's rain changing to light snow at 43 trees. more of -- degrees. more of a mix at the ground because we're above freezing. the freezing line is 50 miles north and west of new york city.
4:27 pm
from palling to mill plane, to scots corners. river bank, that's where we get coatings near route 6 or i-84. temperatures above freezing but could be slick in a couple spots. there's a snow approaching new york city but it's also coming to an end to the west for a little while until the heavier line, the squall line over central pennsylvania approaches during the evening hours. we'll have the timing and the cold air ahead all coming up in accuweather forecast in a few minutes. a shocking story. that woman from queens accused of enslaving two children. >> yeah, investigators say the woman and the two victims lived at 196 street in flushing. the children were held for six years and forced to work, and the details have only recently surfaced. >> eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is live in flushing with the story. tim. >> reporter: and joe, the children were allegedly kept in this house here on 196th 196th street. that's where investigators claim that they were held captives as slaves.
4:28 pm
i mean, it really is. >> reporter: neighbors like bill and joanne still can't believe what they are hearing of the arrest of their neighborhood, sook yeong park, and startling charges that she kept two korean children, a 14- year-old boy and 16-year-old girl against their will and forcing them into long hours of labor, some of it here in this home on 196th street. >> i feel like i've been blind, you know, like i know the neighbors on either side. >> reporter: heart, who a friend says lives here with a husband and two of her own children has been charged with labor trafficking, assault and endangering the welfare of a child in a case that spanned a 6 year period. >> they never looked up to talk. i always used to smile because there's a lot of neighborhood kids and nothing, they always looked down. >> reporter: and never said anything? >> no, nothing at all. >> reporter: investigators also reveal from april of 2013 to
4:29 pm
on northern boulevard, the 16- year-old girl was forced to work long hours, and not receive any pay. they say she also worked in stores. the boy was also forced to work. >> how would anybody know. that's the sad part about it. how would anybody know unless they didn't go to school! nothing at the school. they don't see black or blue or something? it's two years. it's not, you know, one or two months. >> reporter: investigators reveal an assistant principal here at francis high school did notice bruises on the 16-year- old and was able to confront sook yeong park why their passports were allegedly taken from them. the children then told investigators about the alleged abuse. a friend of the park family who did not want to appear on camera said sook yeong park would not have anything to say. she wanted reporters to leave the front of her home. and investigators also reveal that during this time period,
4:30 pm
forced to sleep in a small area on the floor without a mattress and only one blanket. report live in flushing, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. we have learned new information about the breaking news we told you about a few minutes ago. two u.s. navy boats that are right now being held by iran. we now know that there are ten crew members on the two small vessels that are now in iranian custody. the boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the u.s. lost contact with them. the pentagon says it has received assurances from iran that the ten crew members and two vessels will be returned safely and promptly. abc news is report that secretary of state john kerry was in touch with authorities about this issue today. we are continuing to follow the situation that is happening overseas right now. as soon as we get more information, we of course will give it to you. a night of rest and
4:31 pm
after he crashed an suv into a flower shop on staten island. his cruiser jumped the curve and went into this wall in clifton just after midnight. the sergeant passed out and lost control suffering from some sort of medical condition. doctors say his injuries are not life threatening. city inspectors are assessing the structural integrity of the building. well, a pay raise could be in the future for a new jersey transit train workers. a federal lain board has recommended an 18% increase over the next two years. new jersey transit officials say that kind of raise combined with higher health care costs is not affordable at this point. both sides have 60 days to weigh their options. the train workers could strike as early as march 12th. also in new jersey, lawmakers have passed a bill to raise the smoking age to 19 and 21. the assembly approved the measure today. it already passed in the senate. it now heads to governor christie's desk. he has not said whether he
4:32 pm
the build would fine stores if they sell tobacco products 20 years or younger. new jersey would be the second in the country to raise the smoking age to 21 in hawaii. a heroin bust from a questionable booze bottle at jfk. as custom agents discussed, they found a sweet drink was too heavy. inspectors say the bottle was full of heroin pellets. a woman now faces charges of drug smuggling. the mother of the so called aplow ensateen is out of -- affluenza teen is out of jail. bond is down from a million dollars. she paid up and was released and remains under house arrest. couch is charged with hindering the apprehension of a felony. her son ethan was sentenced to ten years of probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. couch apparently helped him
4:33 pm
he is now being held there while fight fighting extradition to the u.s. new details on the american killed in italy. coming up, investigators reveal how the 35-year-old was killed. and a clerk turns the tables on a would be robber with a song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" that's life.
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an autopsy has determined the american artist whose naked body was strangled with something that might have been a rope. prosecutors need more time to figure out when 35-year-old ashley olson was killed. olson's body was discovered on saturday after her boyfriend asked olson's landlord to let him in. tests are also being performed to determine whether she was sexually assaulted. the florida native had lived in florence for about three years. >> back here in this country, several stores are recalling children's cold medicine because of the risk of a potential overdose. the recall covers two flavors of store brand medicine sold in four ounce bottles, sold with a dose cup with the incorrect
4:36 pm
nine stores are now recalling the medication including cvs and rite aid. dramatic video of a confrontation inside a convenience store in massachusetts. it's almost like a scene from a horror movie. surveillance video shows a man entering the store in fall river sunday morning, armed with a knife. he jumped up on the counter and lunged at the store's owner who grabbed his own knife and fought back. it's a knife fight. the owner didn't appear on camera but talked about defending himself. >> the whole time, 9:30, 10:00, somebody come and jumping on my counter. i think he want to kill me. and i self-defend myself. i just make him skip. >> well, as the sparring moved around the store, the attacker lost his knife. eventually, the owner threw his knife and some cash at the man and took off on foot. the owner was not hurt. the suspect we can tell you has been taken into custody.
4:37 pm
one of them were hurt,. >> that is a huge chef's knife. look at that thing. >> look at that, and they're close at each other. >> it's amazing no one was cut or sliced up. coming up, how apple's upgrades to smart phones and tablets could help you sleep better. and a price check for you. we're going to take a look at which online grocery offers the best price. >> and taking a selfie with a smart phone is so so passe, the drone taking the self-snap photo to new heights literally. the trend is next. and a live look outside right now. you can see there is some snow on the ground in parts of our area. slick roads are out there.
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kind of a buzz going around. people don't know what to do. >> a few flurries and threat of a coating, and we're wild about it. >> it has its issue, in your opinion one we have the slippery travel possibility and even if that's not widespread, we all get this biting wind later tonight. it will probably wake you up. you'll hear it whistling around the house or apartment. we have what is a little snow over the hudson, the george washington bridge. visibility gets limited. first to my twitter page here. twitter or facebook or instagram, thank you for the pictures and keep them coming through the afternoon hours.
4:40 pm
from the hudson valley and northern new jersey, north of i- 80. here's the picture of the george washington bridge. be extra careful on the bridges and overpasses this evening. they're going to cool off faster with the wind flowing underneath them, and they can get slippery. 43, a light mix in new york city, gusting close to 30. this planner is nailing the snow showers or the change over, and should be some snow showers in this area with the burst coming through. notice we're at 39. we don't fall below freezing until after eleven. that should be enough time for city roads to dry out and not freeze over. look at sparta, which will be bursting or have snow around say 7:00 or 8:00 and you're blowing freezing. so here's a planner for tomorrow, bright sunshine, and look at the wind gusts near 40 miles per hour, and in fact, the wake up windchill is tomorrow mortgage. we'll -- morning. we'll be below 0 north and west. single digits across the area.
4:41 pm
and wind imus over -- gusts over 35 miles per hour. there's the initial batch over us. the squall line, 7:00, maybe 8:00 to 9:00 into new york city. after that, long island and connecticut and notice how temperatures aren't below freezing just yet. more concern about black ice forming to the north and west of new york city. we'll dry out after 11 and watch for a couple icy spots tomorrow morning. more importantly lots of layers, hats, gloves and scarfs, everything, really cold on the train platform. in terms of snowfall, it's going to be light. some spots will get nothing. colder from the city south and east, and to the north and west, when you're talking about an inch, higher elevations into the cat skills. tomorrow. not as harsh on thursday. we're going to be watching the storm out of the gulf. clouds may increase and then you're looking at rain coming in on saturday. only concern with saturday is going to be that we could have a mix at the end of the storm north and west.
4:42 pm
this go to wet snow to the north and west. i don't see any big snowstorms, but it's stuff like this, little hits of flurries flurries and snow showers, so winter certainly setting setting in. back to you. >> we know you have to continue to monitor the snow which is why you're not going to join us for the trend. selfie stick, that was so last year. the drone which ways less than 3 pounds starts automatically, following you around, report hd video, taking photos. >> it is pretty cool. >> it's not available until the summer but more than 60,000 have already been preordered. >> watch out on the sky lift. >> speaking of new technology. apple will have a so called night shift mode on its next operating system update. the night shift mode will automatically shift the colors
4:43 pm
make it easier on your eyes at night. why didn't they think of this before. it will figure out when the sun is setting in your area. a couple big questions trending in the sports world. how did bill belichick get a black eye. he showed up at a news conference with a shiner above his left eye. in typical belichick form, he did not reveal much, saying only, i think i'll be fine. social media as expected, had a field day, some suggesting the coach was hit by an inflated football. we knew that was going to happen. espn's college game day account tweeted a nice photo of tim tebow at the college national championship game. the only problem closer look, someone standing by tebow makes it look like the quarterback had some sort of ponytail. it's not a mohawk. it looks like it is. we can confirm for all of you
4:44 pm
we have watched her grow up and battle cancer over the years, speaking of football, but leah still is cancer free, the daughter of former cincinnati bengals star, devin still, diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 4. today her dad tweeted this, saying after chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, leah is cancer free. >> excellent. >> great news. >> that is great news. that's the feel good story of the year, and i know it's still january. finally checking out cross fit athlete con porters dance moves as he works out. that is one tough aussie. check out the trend online. send your trend ideas using the
4:45 pm
>> watch for the toes there. >> if you can do that, that's impressive. buying groceries online. more popular than ever before. fierce. so who has the best price, we have the results of a recent price check. and we continue to follow breaking news overseas, ten iran. secretary of state john kerry has been in contact with an iranian official. iran says the sailors and the boats will be returned safely. however that as far as we understand has not happened yet. we're continuing to monitor the situation. we'll have the latest coming up on eyewitness people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health.
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skipping the grocery stores and instead of buying groceries online. sales are expected to top more than $13 billion for 2016. >> keeps growing. big players like amazon are jumping in on the online grocery game. how do the prices stack up. abc's rebecca jarvis has your price check. >> the deliveries are coming in. >> to see how different online grocery services stack up. we placed orders for the impact same breakfast items from four different companies at the exact same time. fresh direction, amazon fresh, market leaders and start up instar cart. >> consumer savings expert with me to break down our buys. >> you can compare prices with the sites. you can very easily find out who has the best deals. >> check it out on this particular day.
4:49 pm
for the same box of cheerios, direct, 5.99. a difference of more than $2 between the lowest and highest price. and for these paper towels, a difference of nearly $4 between the lowest and highest price. on our particular shopping day, the prices on most of our choices at amazon fresh were generally the lowest and fresh direct's generally the highest. fresh direct told us our focus is on high quality fresh food and solutions and we offer approximately 500 grocery deals per week. but with online grocery shopping, you pay for more than just the cost of the items. >> with amazon you're going to pay a 299-dollar annual membership fee. now, that includes your prime, but you really got to think about whether you're going to it worthwhile. >> while the other services don't require a membership like fees. lisa also points out with
4:50 pm
able to get the instore sale price. instar cart charged us 4.49 for this loaf of bread. when we checked in the store, the price was 2.99. retailers may choose to offer promotions in store, and others on instar cart. >> freeman says to save money, compare prices to your local grocery store and try a free trial of the service. that's what we did with amazon fresh. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> should point out prices and fees vary around the country and do your home work to make sure it's worth it for you. eyewitness news at five begins now. >> new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. another arrest in connection with a gang rape of a woman at a brooklyn park. new at five, the mother of one
4:51 pm
and she tells a very different story about what happened. and the flakes are falling right now in franklin new jersey. for the first time this season, we're getting a dose of snow. not a whole lot but enough to remind us that winter is definitely here. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams and i'm sade baderinwa. the snow is just starting to fall, and coming during the evening commute. >> new york city has the salt spreaders ready to go just in case. of course we're not expecting a whole lot of snow, but most of us are going to notice the bitter cold on the way. >> we have two meteorologists covering the snow and cold. we're going to begin with lee goldberg outside our studios on the upper west side. >> windy on the west side, as conditions change. we have some rain drops, ice pellets and snowflakes mixed in as we're seeing a changeover. it's been a while since i covered a rain snow line. snow in parts of the hudson valley. check out the huge flakes in duchess county, not too far from red hook. meanwhile, george washington
4:52 pm
watch out, the bridges and overpasses, they will be particularly slippery this evening. we're now at 37. we have dropped six in the last hour. this is the drop that we're concerned about, and now we're close to freezing at cold spring and freezing in montgomery. any precipitation is causing slippery spots going forward. long island comfortably above freezing and rain right now. and now the jersey shore, belmar, a couple snowflakes mixing in at 39 degrees. a gust of 40 miles per hour in islip. going to be colder winds later on. when you see that area in red near putnam lake and mill plain and dan bury, that's where we're seeing steadier snow showers. new mill ford, and back to putnam lake and dan bury. and there's the changeover line over new york city. more rain drops in queens and brooklyn, and snow snowflakes in manhattan and staten island, and rain showers on the island. you see a clear break coming into the new york city within
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