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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the heaviest snow of the minor event. it's that squall line with the cold front, the arctic front which is due in new york city close to the 8:00 hour, and you cast. now, this is suggesting it does break up a little bit. in that case, we would be spared from the squalls, we have to allow for scattered coatings. slippery far north and west. the burst of snow would be between seven and ten, if it materializes, and back to you. jeff smith continues our coverage in franklin where snow was falling on first at four. doesn't look like it's falling right now, though, right jeff? >> you know, just like lee was saying a lot of changes going on during the past hour or so. we have a heavy burst of snow before 4:00 and that lasted for about an hour or so, and then
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of course lee is watching that other line of snow squalls that will be moving in. this right here, route 23, one of the major thorough fairs in northwestern new jersey. this road in fine shape. untreated surfaces like the parking lot, over by the franklin diner are getting snow covered and guess what, accu track weather alert showing our temperature down to 31. here's video that we shot when the snow was at its heaviest, just before mainly wet, but all right. the temperatures are going to be falling, falling below freezing and they'll continue falling rapidly this evening. the good news, some crews preemptively preemptive spread salt before the snow arrived. we caught up with a few people talking about the wintry blast. >> it seems to be coming down hard now. i don't know, i just hope everything's okay with the roads and everything today.
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i'm going to be home, make a small fire and relax. >> i'm never ready for snow, not anymore. >> are you ready for a little bit of snow. >> sure. it's about time. >> and you know, it is about time. a couple people we ran into mentioned some of the ski areas. sussex county could definitely use the snow. at least they could use the cold to make their own snow. you saw the sidewalk in fine shape. that was probably treated. the grassy surfaces have a half inch. pretty scene in sussex county. be careful out there tonight. we'll update you on eyewitness news at six. we'll track the other line of snow squalls moving to the east out of pennsylvania. live in franklin. meteorologist jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you jeff, and the storm is hitting as people are
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you can see up to the minute radar changes and send photos from your neighborhood. >> and we're staying on top of breaking news right now. two small navy boats are being held by iran along with ten crew members on board. eyewitness news reporter dave evans is following the story from our newsroom. dave. >> this is of course a big concern. iran is mentioning the crew holding navy craft but american officials have received assurances from iran that the will be returned safely and promptly. a spokesperson says the two small boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the u.s. lost contact with them. it happened near farsy island. on one of the boats and that forced both boats to run aground. troops on board were picked up by iran. secretary of state john kerry learned about this atat
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he has forged a personal relationship. >> terry called iran when -- kerry called iran when told about the incident a couple weeks ago when iran launched a rocket test near u.s. warships, again, iran has taken control of two american navy vessels and their crew of ten. officials are promising the safe return of both the boats and the crew. we will keep you posted. >> thank you, dave. a fifth suspect accused of taking part in a gang rape in a custody. he was arrested today. we are also hearing from the mother of one of the suspects who has a very different story about what happened that night. eyewitness news reporter, kemberly richardson live for us latest. >> reporter: all five suspects will soon face a judge here. that 5th and final suspect, travis bedford, detectives picked him up at the high school.
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investigators say there's a lot more to do in terms of dna and video collection. for the first time, hearing from one of the suspect's family who tells me none of this makes any sense. >> what do you guys have to say for yourselves. >> they're 14 and 15 years old, charged with a heinous crime. part of a group of five who police say raped an 18-year-old girl in this brownsville girl. the victim told me she screamed for help, and no one stopped. >> i was just real scared. i didn't know what to do. i was in a panic mode. it's a complex case that has many outraged, including this one. her son is one of the suspects with the backpack, wearing a gray hoodie. he's just 15 years old. she doesn't want to show her face, first saw this surveillance video sunday. i woke him up and i called you.
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>> also in the video, a 14-year- old there in the red coat. this mother tells me after seeing this video, she reached out to the 14-year-old's mother. they immediately took both young men to the 7-3 precinct. >> that must have been a hard decision for you. >> it was a hard decision but we want them to give their story first. >> reporter: a story that contradicts what the victim says. she told her the group of five did cross paths with the victim and her father near the handball courts just after nine, but the teen insists neither he nor the 14-year-old ever touched the young women. i spoke with the teen's older brother, who also didn't want to show his face. >> my brother went down to the precinct and gave his dna without them ask. >> that's the victim's father in the blackjack et with red sleeves inside a near bodega. he told police before this, one suspect pointed a gun in his face, told him to leave the
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>> was there ever a gun. >> no one. >> reporter: this mom feels in the court of public opinion they have already been convicted of the crime. >> they're making them out to be monsters and it shouldn't be like that. >> reporter: also today for the first time, both the mayor and police commissioner acknowledging what critics say was an unacceptable delay in telling this community about the attack. both saying the information should have been quote clearer and given out earlier. we'll be following this case throughout the evening. we'll post any updates on abc7ny, and of course have much more later on eyewitness news at eleven. for now, we're live in downtown brooklyn, kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. the nypd searching tonight for the man who targeted two young girls on manhattan's upper west side.
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12-year-old girl by the wrist inside shake shack on columbus avenue yesterday. she got away, and then the suspect walked up to a 13-year- old girl outside. investigators say he hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. the victim pulled away. the bronx father charged with killing his pregnant daughter was back in court today. william lawyer requested a mental health evaluation to see if he has the ability to stand trial. police arrested him after the body of andrea caruth was inside the home. she was five months pregnant. deadly suicide attack in an area of turkey that is very popular with tourists. a 28-year-old with ties to isis detonated a bomb in istanbul very near the blue mosque. ten people were killed. another 15 hurt. most of the dead were german nationals. turkey's prime minister says the nation will not backtrack in the fight against the islamic state.
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preparing for the final state of the union address tonight. he's expected to frame the choices facing america to sect his successor. the president says he will not deliver a long list of the legislative goals, instead focusing on three or four big ideas. his fellow lawmakers say there is one pressing problem in particular, they hope he will address. >> i hope he focuses on terrorism. it's a serious problem that faces this country and of course new york. and we have to be smart and tough when it comes to terrorism. republicans say they hope to hear one thing from the president. his plan to defeat isis. and you can watch the state of the union address right here on channel 7 and the watch abc app. we will stream live on coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. and now to that race for the white house, there's a new poll out that shows bernie sanders, has a 5 point lead over hillary clinton in iowa. the quinnipiac university poll
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to 44% for clinton. clinton campaigned at iowa state university in ames, and is ramping up her criticism of sanders, reminding people that he votes against the brady bill and giving the nra a victory. sanders getting a key endorsement from move, one of the nation's largest liberal groups and nas more good news for the vermont senator. he's also leading the polls in new hampshire, threatening to deliver a blow to the clinton campaign in the first two primary contests. and on the republican side, republican presidential candidate ted fend off repeated questions about u.s. citizenship. crews campaigned in new hampshire at the granite state indoor gun range. after wards, he questioned donald trump's motives for repeatedly pushing him to verify his citizen ship. the two gop candidates are neck and neck right now in the polls. well, some welcome news from wall street, down for the second trading day in a row. stocks have gained ground.
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from costly losses when the economic uphe'll in china rat -- up heavel rattles investors. the nasdaq gained 47 points and the s&p 500 rose 15. still ahead, a deadly hit- and-run on christmas day, and a mother heartbroken over her son's death. tonight, her desperate plea for help and new video of the driver who killed her son. and a man arrested after he tried to kidnap a baby from the family's nanny. the bizarre way police finally tracked him down as we talked to the baby's dad.
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a bizarre kidnapping attempt with an even stranger ending. the man who tried to snatch a baby from a stroller found half naked in a therapist's office. this all happened in wood mere, and tonight the man is under arrest and the baby's father is talking to us. he spoke to us just a short while ago. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang joining us with the new details. lucy. >> well, diana there's a big sigh of relief in this community. i spoke with the toddler's father just a few minutes ago at his house. he told me he is grateful for the arrest, for the police, and for their nanny who protected his child. i also spoke exclusively with the psychotherapist who found the homeless man this morning in her office. >> we're told he was found sitting in the chair this
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>> i was just shocked. i wasn't scared. i was really just very surprised. >> the homeless man found his way into this psychotherapist's office in hewlett massive county. the therapist said her office smelled of urine and cigarettes when she arrived this morning. she immediately called for help. >> i think it was a coincidence that i happen to be a therapist and he's mentally ill, and i think that it was a very comfortable place for him to spend the night. >> nassau county police have now arrested 44-year-old craig miskowski. they believe he tried to snatch a baby just yesterday in wood mere. according to authorities had e approached a baby-sitter around noontime, told her she was "pushing a dead baby. horrified the baby-sitter rushed back to the house with the 20-month-old toddler and called police. authorities believe the suspect followed her into the house, then escaped with a stroller. >> one door in the mud room was unlocked. that's where defendant mikowski entered and at that point he stated give me the dead baby.
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police released the surveillance video from the restaurant hoping it would help them find him. as for the office where he spent a warm night, i'm told he took this book off the shelf, the road less traveled. the therapist hoping he finally gets the help he needs. >> it's textbook mental illness. >> very sad. >> reporter: now craig miskowski was taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation. his last known address was listed in manhattan on east 2nd street. we're live in hewlett tonight, i'm lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. lucy, thank you. a search is underway tonight for as many as eight suspects who shot, then brutally beat a man near columbia university in manhattan. police say this man and his accomplices approached a 34- year-old man on west 116th street between manhattan and morningside avenue on christmas day. one of them shot the victim in
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suspects hit the victim in the face, his body and more on his head. dozens of bronx residents are homeless after a fast moving apartment fire this morning. that fire broke out about 6 a.m. in a building on the grand concourse in tremont. investigators blame an electrical problem in a first floor store. the fdny says eight people suffered minor injuries. seven apartments were damaged forcing residents to find temporary housing. attorneys for bill cosby claiming the sexual assault charge filed against him is illegal. cosby's lawyers want the charge dismissed saying it violates a prosecutor's pledge that the entertainer would not be charged over the sexual encounter in 2004. because of that promise they say cosby testified in a civil suit. ten years later a new prosecutor used that testimony to charge cosby. >> all new at 5:00, hall of fame quarterback jim kelly passing a major milestone in his fight against cancer.
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photo and announced doctors have been unable to find any trace of cancer in kelly's body. he's now been cancer-free for a year and a half since his second battle with cancer in his upper jaw. 18 months cancer-free. >> that is wonderful. >> you love those miracles. >> that's awesome. >> it's really starting to look and feel like winter around here. >> yeah, and i think more people are going to feel it than actually see it. a little light dusting in berkeley heights, pretty coating there. it a's little slippery i-78, whether it's i-80 in new jersey or i-84 across the hudson valley, the streets briefly got damp in new york city, rain tried to change over to snow. we had a couple of ice pellets. now things are winding down for a few-hour break here before that last burst could come through around 8:00. what that first batch of precipitation did, it sort of primed everything for tonight's snow because we dropped our you get the humidity. the barometer's on the rise and the high today 44.
5:17 pm
rainfall a trace, and there are your sunrise and sunset times. near freezing in morristown and caldwell and teterboro and newark in the mid-30s. long island getting some light rain showers, even a couple of ice pellets in nassau county not too far where from where lucy was in hewlett. of course the hudson valley and connecticut ready to drop into the 30s. that's the key time. it's really a 7 to 10:00 window, but around 8:00 across the five boroughs for a brief burst of snow, winds will be west at 30, and then gusts of 40 by the time we get to midnight, is a much colder wind will drop us below freezing well over the 20s. those windchills will be in the teens and single-digits. you can see a couple of leftover snowflakes over lower westchester and you can see it near alpine new jersey and a couple of rain showers a little mix in brooklyn and queens and staten island, but really things are coming to an end across new york city. it will be about an hour of some light rain or a mix across the island, and then this break until the actual arctic front moves through.
5:18 pm
that's almost whiteout conditions on i-80. there is some signs this will weaken as it approaches us. there's the potential for at least some scattered bursts of snow around the area, the drop quick coatings that caused slippery conditions. no matter what it's frigid winds behind us. you can see the streamlines and that will be gusty later on tonight. there's futurecast showing this first batch leaving the scene after about 5:30, 6:00. there's that squall line approaching the delaware, but it also has it breaking apart. it's possible it's actually snowing on the garden state parkway but not in the five boroughs and also snowing to the north. it might slip in between with very little going on and the snow showers leaving the scene around 11:00. after that gusty winds dropping into the teens and 20s and the feel-like readings tomorrow morning will be in the single- digits. make sure you layer up, very heavy coat. leave as little covered as you can. it is going to be a -- during the morning hours because that wind will be nasty. basically it's a coating or
5:19 pm
city south and east. we can pick up scattered coatings to the north and west. closing in on an inch in sullivan county. for tomorrow it's 31, bright and blustery feeling like teens and 23 tomorrow night. here's what we're working on for 5:30. could we bounce back to 50 by friday. how about saturday's rainstorm, could that be a mix in spots. we'll address that and then the long-range looking cold but do we see any coastal storms. more on that in the seven-day accuweather forecast later on. thank you. coming up, how new jersey is one step closer to raising its smoking age. >> plus el chapo's interview released. the new details about el
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abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house to explode in ohio killing an entire family. they say it does not appear the blast was caused by a natural gas leak. the four victims have been identified as a married couple and their eight and 12-year-old daughters. the explosion last night shook homes throughout their neighborhood about 20 miles from downtown cleveland. some neighbors went into the burning house to try to help. >> there was debris and a lot
5:23 pm
ground, a lot of smoke and started screaming to ask if anybody was in there, and nobody responded. we couldn't get upstairs because that was engulfed in flames. the bodies of the mother and two daughters were found at the front of the house, and the father in the rear of the home. rolling stone magazine has released the full interview with actor sean penn and notorious drug lord el chapo. the man who controlled most of the illegal drugs that entered this country describes in that interview his childhood and much more. all this as we learn new details about the dramatic raid that led to his capture. elizabeth hur has more. >> this morning rolling stone releasing the full 17-minute video of el chapo's interview with actor sean penn. el chapo saying he is not apologetic about being a drug lord explaining there is no other way to survive. >> i to crawl under that to get over there. >> after el chapo's capture
5:24 pm
first look inside the drug lord's safe house, and his underground tunnels in mexico. after the mexican marines released this video showing the ferocious fight blasting their way through and killing five of el chapo's men before tracking down the target. actor eric del castillo saying he was surprised to learn his actures daughter arranged the secret meeting between el chapo and penn. mexican intelligence was photographing their every move and penn speaking out defending his interview with the drug kingpin telling the associated press i've got nothing to hide. as for el chapo in his interview he says being free was very nice, but of course he's now back behind bars, but getting him back to the u.s. could take some time as mexican
5:25 pm
extradition to the u.s. has been suspended. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. a desperate plea for help from a mother on long island, her son struck and killed by a car while headed to christmas dinner. new video of who police are looking for. >> a knife wielding robber tries to rob the wrong store clerk, how he fought back. >> and the power ball jackpot
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5:28 pm
lee goldberg is tracking the snow and the cold, he's at the weather wall to let us know what's happening out there. >> after the light mix across the five boroughs the roadway is dried out. we want to see that happen again tonight after a burst of snow. george washington bridge moving slowly but at least visibility has improved. our numbers have dropped 6 degrees in the last hour to 37. a gusty cold wind as well. freezing line getting closer to i-287. mostly wet roads, a couple of slick spots to the north and west. light rain and snow is not confined to connecticut and long island. there is that squall line right now. it's only about 60 miles away from the delaware water gap. we'll have the timing on that arrival and where the most likely areas will be for accumulation in your seven-day forecast a few minutes away. thank you lee. our top stories at 5:230, the search for a hit and run driver. police have surveillance video of the car they say struck and killed the man in bay shore on christmas day. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager spoke with the victim's family.
5:29 pm
and she joins us now with more on this investigation. stacey. >> reporter: that's right, and police really need some more help on this one. this was a father of 3. he was just crossing this portion of candlewood road near new jersey avenue here in bay shore, and the unthinkable happens on christmas. he's just trying mother's house over here, but he never made it to her alive. >> his mother fights back tears as she pleads for help here in bay shore, her son 33-year-old emmanuel de jesus cruz killed in a hit and run on candlewood road on christmas. >> why did that person leave and did not help my child. i need justice for the death of my son. >> it was 5 p.m. and mr. zavalla was crossing the street to visit his mother for christmas dinner. police have not released the
5:30 pm
even the part we can't show you, because they're hoping whoever struck him has a conscience. >> it is a bit graphic but it's important that we catch this perpetrator, and if the perpetrator's watching this, i urge them to do the right thing. >> important, too, for this community. they've been asking traffic officials for more stop signs on this road. >> because we have kids who cross the street, and we are scared. so many people have accident here. >> zavalla was the father of three children working hard his mother says to send them money back in el salvador. now all she can hope for is justice. >> because what happened to me, it could happen to someone else, and this pain is too big for me and my grandchildren, his kids. and we're back here live now in bay shore.
5:31 pm
surveillance video is a dark gray sedan, possibly charcoal gray with four doors and a sunroof they say it's likely it has damage on the passenger side on the front end. they're also asking the body shops to keep a close eye out for this car. they say anyone with information on this case should call crime stoppers. that number is 1-800-220 tips. and they're offering a $5000 reward in this case. we're live in bay shore. i'm stacey sager channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. a woman in the bronx accused of practicing dentistry without a license is facing some new charges tonight. valbona zayrach was arraigned on a string of new charges including assault and reckless endangerment. she's accused of injecting a patient with an anesthetic 189 times in preparation for a root canal. zayrach claimed to have dental
5:32 pm
also new at 5, a dangerous suspect we told you about yesterday now caught. 23-year-old reuben chullo pizarro was wanted for a deadly shooting in november and a new year's eve shooting in manhattan. they got a tip and found the man in an abandoned home in the bronx standing on the front porch. he was hiding out with four other alleged gang members who were arrested. an nypd sergeant is recovering after crashing an suv into a flower shop on staten island. his cruiser jumped the curb and went into the wall, this wall in clifton just after midnight. turns out the sergeant had passed out and lost control suffering from some sort of medical condition. the owners of the flower shop were out surveying the damage this morning. >> it's broken all the glass, my vases, all this, my stuff and this light is broken. >> the sergeant's injuries not life-threatening. city inspectors are assessing structural integrity of that building. it looked like a bottle of
5:33 pm
stronger led to a bust at jtk. custom and border patrol agents were inspecting a bag that belonged to a woman flying in from the dominican republic. they noticed that her bottle of a sweet drink was too heavy. turns out this pellets of heroin were inside. the woman a dominican citizen was arrested for drug smuggling. the so-called affluenza mom is spending the night at home instead of behind bars. tonya couch left a jail in texas today after she made bail. she is now under house arrest. couch is charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. her son ethan was sentenced to ten years of probation for drunk driving in a crash that killed four people. he skipped a meeting with his probation officer and tanya apparently helped him flee to mexico. he's still in mexico fighting extradition. dramatic video today of a confrontation inside a convenience store in massachusetts. a knife-wielding robber rushed in, but the worker was not about to go down without a
5:34 pm
the suspect is now in custody tonight. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer shows us how it all played out. >> from calm to chaos, in the time it takes this knife- wielding criminal to jump the counter. >> he said give me money, give me money. i was so scared. i don't know what i'm doing. then i see the guy hit my head with the knife. >> the store's owner under attack with a fist full of cash in one hand he evens the playing field by grabbing his own knife from under the counter and swinging back. >> i think he want to kill me. that's why i do it. it was making me scared. >> the owner doesn't want us to reveal who he is, but he had no problem facing down his masked sunday morning attacker. the two fiercely swinging at one another coming dangerously close but incredibly neither of them gets hit. at one point the attacker loses his knife, throws down a display rack, picks up a can of corn from the shelf and throws it.
5:35 pm
throw my can in my face. >> the fight continued. eventually moving off camera right next to the front door where the store's owner threw the knife and about $300 at his attacker. >> i am surprised the whole entire time, you know, 9:30, somebody come and jump at my counter, grab the knife and grab my money. raising the smoking age to 21, new jersey could be next. we're going to explain why, and the new app that could help find lost pets. we'll tell you about the technology that it this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. in new jersey lawmakers have passed a bill to raise the smoking age from 19 to 21, the assembly approved the measure today. it already passed in the senate and now heads to governor christie's desk. he has not said whether he'll sign it.
5:39 pm
a thousand dollars if they sell tobacco products to anyone age 20 or younger. new jersey would be the second state to raise the smoking age to 21 after hawaii. a troubling new report about a history of sexual abuse allegations by workers in the grand canyon. the federal report outlines 15 years of sexual abuse complaints from women who worked on river raft tours. the report says at least 13 current and former male park employees propositioned female colleagues for sex, touched them inappropriately and made lewd comments. a director at the park says they've tried to change the culture and have banned alcohol use during park services trips through the canyon. several stores are recalling children's cold medicine because of the risk of a potential overdose. the recall covers two flavors of store branded medicine sold in 4-ounce bottles. the cold medicine was sold with a dose cup with incorrect markings. nine stores are recalling the meds including cvs and rite aid. we have the information posted at abc7ny.
5:40 pm
app helps people find their furry friends who disappear. finding rover actually takes a photo of your pet and it puts it into the app's system. if your pet ends up in a shelter, it gets photographed and then the software makes a match through facial recognition technology. the app developed by a dog lover out in california is actually free. smart. smart app. the very chilly accuweather forecast is next. >> plus, look at this, yeah, that's an entire building encased in ice. >> talk about chilly. >> why there could be more danger when all that ice melts. >> so what if you bought 20,000 power ball tickets, what would your odds be then, and how much is the dream worth to you. i'm n. j. burkett on the east side, that story in a live report coming up. >> diana, chain reactions collisions on the ice as a sweeping system now moves east. >> the young american girl murdered overseas, how they did
5:41 pm
>> and the cold medicine
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from fire to ice, a badly damaged building that was hit by fire is on the verge of destruction after water used to building's facade. take a look at this. that is a lot of water. icicles now covering the building. firefighters worked to below freezing temperatures to fight that fire on saturday, and now officials say the old restaurant may be on the verge of collapsing under the weight of all that ice. >> lee has the big clicker out, which means you're tracking a lot. >> this is a new clicker right? what happened to the garage door opener? >> garage door opener is still in service, but today we need -- we needed to change weapons
5:44 pm
very cool. >> we're now getting in that mode right? >> that's exactly right. i want lots of features on my universal weather remote. so we're getting colder out there. kind of interesting. gusty winds but rain and snow showers are leaving the area and taking a break for a couple of hours. if you look at this shot, you just were able to do it a little while ago you can pick up above the manhattan skyline, the edge of the clouds, there's actually some clearing going on briefly before the arctic front arrives in a couple of hours. our temperatures have dropped into the upper 30s. the camera will start bounce. we're having winds gusting over 20 if not 30 miles an hour. there's the rain, some of it, it looks like it's heavy rain. there's probably some mixing going on. a couple of flurries over fairfield, westchester and putnam county and some showers over western long island, and there is your break, and you can just see the leading edge of the next batch of snow showers and squalls approaching scranton pennsylvania right now. i'll plan it for central park.
5:45 pm
squalls would reach new york city. i can see how it weakens and the hudson valley gets them. it misses new york city so we'll have to watch that closely. here is a planner for danville new jersey showing that squall going through around 10, which i actually think it's a little bit earlier than that, numbers are below freezing. that would mean slippery spots overnight. tomorrow you're looking at a lot of sunshine but boy, gusty winds here, and look at these wakeup temperatures. i mean you have 25 temperature but your windchills are below zero, anywhere from 5 below to about lets say 10 above during the afternoon. barely above 30 feeling like teens. a wind advisory has now been issued for the entire area. wind gusts could be over 40, maybe close to 50 miles an hour in a couple of spots. if you watch this futurecast, there are the showers leaving the scene. this is the squall line we're tracking over northwest new jersey between 7 and 8. between 8 and 9 if it makes it to new york city. otherwise a couple of coatings especially north and west then leaving the scene later on and 20s by morning feeling like teens. in terms of accumulation.
5:46 pm
we may see a little whitening on some colder surfaces, city and coast. this a coating to an inch, some of that's fallen to the north and west, we'll watch that closely. here's your seven-day accuweather forecast. 38 not as harsh, thursday afternoon, increasing clouds on friday. another rainy saturday. this one looks like it could end. a little wet snow north and west, it's brisk and colder on sunday and pretty chilly in the next week. the snow on monday looks like flurries. one thing we're seeing, there's plenty of cold. not seeing big storms along with it yet. it just keeps getting bigger. the power ball jackpot grew even more today. >> it's now $1.5 billion and a lot of people are thinking big, dreaming big tonight. >> mm-hmm. eyewitness news reporter n. j. burkett is on manhattan's east side with more on power ball fever and if there's anything we can do to increase our chances of winning. so how can we do that, n. j. >> look, the jackpot is growing by the minute, why?
5:47 pm
ordinarily play power ball like me are suddenly playing power ball, and the people who play it routinely are playing power ball in a very big way. >> there's still a tiny chance that i could win. >> it's a dream, but how much is it really worth to you? for some people it's $10 or $20, and for others it's worth even more than than. >> people spending $400 on quick picks, $200 on quick picks, 150 on quick picks. >> it's our office pool. >> workplace pools are forming across the nation, amid the widespread belief that buying large numbers of tickets will somehow make the game more winnable, but even if you buy 1,000 tickets your chances of winning are 1 in 292,000. if you buy 20,000 tickets your chances get a little better at 1 in 14600, but that still
5:48 pm
that's even after spending $40,000 on power ball. >> my advice is have a sense of humor about it. you want to buy a ticket, go buy a ticket. if you want to go get involved with a pool, keep it reasonable. >> psychiatrist harris straightener says it's easy to understand why people become irrational with big jackpots. >> you know, you can have a better chance of being hit by lightning, but what if i was hit by lightning, you know. >> and then there's always somebody who beats the odds. richard lustig has won the florida lottery seven times over. >> i live in orlando, florida, which is the lightning capital of the world, and yet i haven't been struck by lightning yet but i've won seven lottery game grand prizes. you figure it out. >> let's face it, the jackpot is too big to ignore. i've just announced this on my facebook page. i've started my own eyewitness news power ball pool. i'm collecting five sets from
5:49 pm
we're going to buy one power ball ticket. follow the page the next 24 hours. more pictures to come, and who knows, maybe we'll win. we probably won't win. diana sade, there's room for you. >> get a penny,. >> a nickel rather. >> thank you. do we need to have a contract since you gave me the nickel. >> this is complicated now. >> n. j., this could be too difficult. [ laughter ] >> okay. n. j., thank you. maybe we should have that guys lustig pick out our numbers. you can see the historic drawing tomorrow night here on channel 7 right before eyewitness news at 11. an mta worker goes above and beyond. >> next hear from him about helping a woman on the tracks and what he did when he saw the train rounding the corner. >> and i'm liz cho, coming up at 6 a woman tonight accused of holding two children as slaves in her house for years. we'll tell you how an alert
5:50 pm
>> and new poll numbers in new jersey may be low but governor chris christie used his state of the state address as an
5:51 pm
an fda worker honored for risking his life to save someone else's. a woman fell on to subway tracks in crown heights and he jumped down to save her. >> shirleen allicot tweeting out a picture of today's ceremony. she has the story. >> a news conference, a proclamation, today all eyes were on ralph johnson. >> i wasn't expecting all of this. >> but when you do what he did, this past labor day right here at the franklin avenue station in crown heights, you deserve all the awards. the 18-year-old mta employee got to work 30 minutes early when he heard a commotion on the platform. >> i heard all this screaming and yelling. i turned around. i run back down the stairs. the guy at the bottom of the stairs says it sounded like a baby had fallen on the tracks is what it sounded like he said.
5:52 pm
this white material with red, green, and gold dots on it. >> johnson says he didn't think. he just acted. >> i jumped down to the track bed. i see it's a lady. her legs are on the inside track, and the rest of her body is under the platform, so what i did immediately was to go and grab her to get her up. at the point where i leaned over to pick her up i hear the train coming around the corner. >> thankfully for johnson and the victim the train was going slow enough for him to get the driver's attention. >> the motorman was able to identify that he was on the tracks, saw his signal and stopped the train 25 feet from where ralph was standing, and due to that he saved the life of this passenger who was on the track area. >> when she opens up her eyes, was laying down she says i'm her hero. >> a mother went home, a wife went home. a daughter went home, and that becomes contagious throughout
5:53 pm
never forget that. >> and for that, ralph johnson is our hero, too. in brooklyn, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and still much more ahead including protests at governor christie's state of the state address today. eyewitness news at 6 starts right now. >> this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6. allegations tonight, a woman accused of holding two children in her home as slaves, and if not for an alert school worker, those children might still be slaves. >> we're following breaking news tonight, iran is holding ten navy sailors and their two ships. the u.s. right now desperately trying to get them back.
5:54 pm
taste of winter, but it's a quick taste, snow this evening followed by some bitterly cold temperatures. good evening to you, it's 6:00, i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. not much snow to be sure, just an inch or so, and just in some areas. >> yeah, but we are getting enough snow and rain to make it a slippery commute home in our area. these are live pictures of i-80 in paterson new jersey. >> snow also coming down in sussex county late this afternoon. it was sticking in the grassy areas, and in mount vernon in westchester county the sanitation department got the snowplows and salt red ready. jeff smith is in franklin: we're going to begin with lee goldberg outside our studios. >> if you blink you miss a couple of flurries and ice pelts in new york city about an hour ago. we're currently dry but it's getting windy and the temperatures are dropping. we're two hours away.
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