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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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his last state of the union speech showing the passion that got him elected seven years ago and offering a vision that he hopes puts an exclamation point on his presidency. but first, finally a taste of winter. it didn't last long but a coating of snow and flakes enough to remind us what january is supposed to look like. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. in new jersey tonight not enough snow to plow but salt spreaders were out trying to keep the roads from icing. >> these shoppers dodged the falling snow apparently forget their heavy coats. in orange county this video of snow falling on a parking lot in middletown. so what exactly is next and how long it will stay? meteorologist lee goldberg outside our studios tracking it all. >> a bitter wind at may back now, bill and sade. a couple of flurries out here. not enough to coat the car tops here but a different
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how about these pictures? west milford, snow covered roadways after some snow squalls. this picture from northern westchester county. half an inch fell there. a fresh inch in parts of connecticut. that wind is now knocking the it's gusty. we're down to freezing in new keep falling. it's feeling like 20s in many spots, the winds gusting close to 40 miles per hour at belmar. tomorrow. a windchill advisory -- a wind advisory, i should say, through the day tomorrow into the early afternoon hours. you can see the squall line that passed through the area earlier. a couple of leftover snow showers in dutchess. a couple of snow showers will swing through with temperatures in the low and middle 20s. here's what you need to know. the wake did you know windchills 0 to 10. so lots of layers. bundle up tomorrow morning. beware of black ice,
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and west. these biting winds will gust past 40 miles per hour into the early afternoon hours. coming up in accuweather we'll let you know how long the bitter blast lasts, then we look ahead to the next storm which will come over the weekend. will the cold air get out of the way in tame so that it's rain? we'll check that out. sade, bill, back to you for now. new at 11:00, four of the five teenage boys accused of raping a teenage girl in brooklyn tonight facing judge for the first time, denying that they brutal alley raped the girl after ordering at gunpoint her father to leave. josh einiger in court tonight for us. he's in downtown brooklyn. >> reporter: the point of an arraignment is solely to set bail. it's not to argue the facts. but that didn't stop defense attorneys for four of the five teenage defendants from doing everything they could to discredit the prosecution's case. they're 14, 15, and 17 years old.
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accused in the crime that horrified the city, the alleged gang rape of an 18- year-old woman. she told eyewitness news she screamed for help but no one stopped. >> everything she told us and the father told us, the video that we got that next morning and that next afternoon bolstered that side of the story. >> reporter: cops didn't release that video but as they hunted for the suspects they released this, showing the teens in a nearby grocery store before allegedly pulling a gun on the father and ordering him to leave after which they addly took turns raping the victim. >> prosecutors admit none of the suspects was picked out of a lineup or photo array. then there's cell phone video attorney kenneth montgomery shows the act was more consensual than prosecutors along. senate's not indicative under force. if a picture is worth a thousand words, that video was
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>> it sounds to me the police were pressured to make the arrest when they did. >> reporter: in court tonight two of the defendants charged with rape were not accused of any specific violent acts. the mother of one of them told eyewitness news her son has done nothing wrong. >> you're innocent until you're proven guilty. when they're making them out to be monsters, it shouldn't be like that. >> reporter: police have not yet recovered the gun they say was used in this rape. they also say they are waiting for dna evidence from a rape kit taken from the victim at kings county hospital after this incident. four of the five defendants already arraigned on first- degree rape charges, their bail set at between $10,000 and $25,000. we are live in downtown brooklyn, josh einiger, chapel 7 eyewitness news. >> a troubling story josh. very complicated. thank you, josh einiger. another disturbing story. a man assaulting two young girls at a popular burger
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tonight new york police are looking for him. cops say this man grabbed a 12- year-old girl by the wrist inside the shake shack on the upper west side of manhattan. after she managed to get away cops say he walked up to a 13- year-old girl, hugged and kissed her. she pulled away. the suspect ran away. new video tonight of one of new york city's most wanted. a murder suspect who is now back behind bars. i'm innocent. >> the 23-year-old declared his innocence as he was led away by police. video allegedly shows him shooting and killing a man in the bronx. he is accused of another shooting on new year's eve in manhattan. new details in a deadly hit-and-run on the fdr. cops say they have now caught a run' way driver. the 34-year-old is now charged
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accident, this as the victim is finally identified as 29- year-old anthony pham. police say he was struck on the northbound lanes of the fdr and left for dead by the driver. an international situation. iran now holding 10 u.s. sailors and two of their boats found in iran's territorial waters in the persian gun. iranians suggest the sailors were snooping. all this at a crucial time in the iranian nuclear settlement. no mention tonight of iran in the president's seventh and last state of the union address. he sign-posted his speech with a tweet saying i am treating this last state of the union just like my first because i'm still just as hungry.
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it's four. political reporter dave evans is here with reaction. >> the speech was a bit shorter. not a lot of new ideas. much of it was about the obama legacy, especially on how the obama legacy seven years ago was teetering op disaster. the president spoke of his one big regret, the rancor between parties has gotten worse, not better. >> the president of the united states! >> reporter: the president promised a different kind of state of the union address, and he began with a bit of humor on the big political story of the year, the campaign. >> i'm going try to make it a little shorter. i know some of you are anxious to get back to iowa. >> reporter: on the economy, obama bragged of creating 14 million new jobs and chastised all the nay sayers. >> anyone claiming that
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decline is peddling fiction. now -- >> reporter: and he struck a populous note condemn ago new economy that soften favors the rich. >> food stamp recipients did not cause the financial crisis. recklessness on wall street d. >> reporter: but the president acknowledged anxiety in america on both the economy and security, and on terrorism he challenged republicans to vote on fighting isis. >> if this congress is serious about winning this war, and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, authorize the use of military forcing a gains isil. take a vote. >> reporter: obama concluded how he began, on politics and a plea to candidates to try to take the high road. >> and finally, how can we make our politics reflect what's best in us and not what's worst? >> the president tonight never referred by name to any one candidate but did he seem to refer to donald trump when he said politicians insulting
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eyes of the world. trump tweeted out he found the speech boring and the president lethargic. bill and sade. >> dave, thank you. hours before the president's state of the union speech, governor chris christie was touting his accomplishments in new jersey. >> well, here we are. six years later. the state of new jersey is strong, and it is growing stronger every day. on our watch, new jersey has pulled back from the economic brink. >> he delivered his sixth state of the state address in trenton this afternoon. the candidate has been criticized for spending too much time stumping for the white house and not enough time doing his job. and happening tomorrow, new york governor andrew cuomo is expected to announce new state oversight of homelessness in new york city. and tomorrow's state of the state address he's expected to touch on shelters, affordable housing and support services for the homeless. we're also learning the man what gave his shirt off the
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subway will be the governor's guest for the big speech. >> that speech as well, covering it bill evans. still to come a case of mistaken identity. 14-year-old boy gunned down in his home. but it's who pulled the trigger that is the tragic part of the story. plus this. a group of near millionaires. they thought they had hit the powerball jackpot. wait until you hear why. maybe you will have better luck tomorrow. or maybe not. meteorologist lee goldberg returns with a look at the
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when you wake up. it's not about hugging trees.
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you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. new at 11:00 a father thought he was shooting an intruder. tragically it turns out the intruder was his 14-year-old so. that father now distraught. his son had left for school in cincinnati, then for some reason returned home through the back basement door.
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thinking it was an intruder. the door opened, the father was startled and fired his gun. he shot his son in the neck. >> he always wanted to take care of his boy. he made sure that he was not here running around with everyone else and made sure his head was always clear. i know his dad is really heart broken so i just pray for the family. >> wow. the father called 911 immediately but his son died at the hospital. charged. it truly is astounding, the powerball jackpot now the world's largest at a staggering $1.5 billion of dreams and growing, compared to the five largest jack pots we've ever seen, it's not even close. the mega millions in 2012 was a pal tree $656 million. darla miles has powerball fever. >> reporter: well, sade this 7- eleven here on north washington avenue is considered one of the luckiest spots to buy a powerball
11:22 pm
in fact, they have someone who won a $50,000 prize in saturday's powerball drawing. that hasn't been claimed yet. but i will tell with you the exception of one person, pretty much everyone who has walked into this store tonight is playing the powerball lottery. >> i just believe one makes their own luck. i don't agree on spending my money on taking a chance. >> reporter: here's one guy lotto hopefuls don't have to compete with. >> hard work. >> yes, ma'am. >> no lotto. >> no lotto. >> reporter: pretty much everyone else is trying to increase their chance at winning the $1.5 billion powerball. >> i'm living in brook lirntion new york. this is my hometown. people are asking me to buy tickets from new jersey, too, for them. >> i copied some numbers off someone else that just played one number. i said that might be the winning ticket. i memorized all those numbers.
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are in and out every hour. >> reporter: do you think your dad is going to win the lottery? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because >> reporter: this woman won a third place. >> i got four numbers and the powerball, which was only $10,000. >> reporter: it's not entirely uncommon to misread the wing numbers. it happened to the staff at an englewood cliffs restaurant this past saturday. >> i realized that we had wednesday's numbers on a saturday night ticket, and that's when it all went there here to here. >> reporter: is it almost intimidating or scary to have that kind of responsibility? $1.5 billion? >> especially with everybody knowing that you won that much money. >> it can change someone's life drastically if one person wins it. i would rather see a group of people win it. >> reporter: what do you think is going to happen if your mom wins the lottery? >> we're gonna be rich. >> reporter: everyone i spoke with said $1.5 billion really
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they wouldn't mind sharing with it the people they love and even with strangers. darla mails, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i'm sure they will get a lot of strangers in line for that one. 24 hours to go and you can catch the billion dollar powerball drawing tomorrow night right before eyewitness news at 11:00 and streaming on the app. so we had a little bit of winter today. winter tomorrow, then it's over, right? >> seems like it should be, right. we still haven't had measurable snow in new york city, which is pretty incredible. i did get to capture a squall that came through the upper west side. i ran outside, like i usually do, like a little kid. >> because you are a little kid. senate got heavy there just briefly, but not enough to coat things. it was gusty and turbulent, and it lasted a lot longer off to the north and west. check out our picture right now, the george washington break. be he is special careful on the bridges and overpasses as we go through the morning hours. might be some slick spots.
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knock you from lane to lane. 32 degrees, a west wind, 21 to 31 miles per hour. the pressure is on the rise. high today 44. we're still above freezing on long island. so even though there are a couple of flurries it's going to dry out because of the winds so we're not really going to have icy conditions near the coast but north and west, 31 in white plains, 31 poughkeepsie, 18 monticello, the windchills are in the teens and low 20s already. so you can have some black ice to the north and west. 25 at 9:00 in the morning. those wind gusts will be around 40 miles per hour. so windchills could be below 0 north and west. single digits in most areas. struggling to get to 30 during the day. the wind advisory through 1*eu7bg tarchtion then the winds slowly back down. we still have flurries from north bergen into midtown. great neck, over hempstead. a couple of snow showers that are leaving dutchess county
11:26 pm
far from new fairfield. you see the skies starting to clear out, then that whistling west wind coming in. it's super cold. the windchills in cleveland, 5 below. that's the air that's coming in here. true polar air. so it's bitter cold at 7:19 in the morning at subpoenarise. we'll start with a temperature of 26. 31 tomorrow afternoon. frigid, bright, and blustery, but it will feel like teens, even with that sunshine. tomorrow night partly to mostly cloudy skies, brisk and cold, down to 23. here's your seven-day. we're shy of freezing tomorrow. on thursday not as harsh during the afternoon hours. friday is not a bad day it's just that we're clouding over. we're going to be watching storm out of the gulf, getting atlantic moisture. this is going to bring us some rain. there could be an icy edge to this storm it is a arrives late friday night. but it's mainly a good soccer through the first part of the day on saturday. our only concern with this particular storm is that as it
11:27 pm
the atlantic, grabs some cold air, and maybe some rain ends with wet snow, especially north and wet. meanwhile on sunday brisk and colder, 38. i dropped monday's and tuesday's numbers. flurries monday morning, otherwise struggling to get to freezing both days, and some cold nights. the cold air is there. no real gelling of a big snowstorm yet but it's only a matter of time with this type of pattern. bill evans will have an update tomorrow morning. make sure you dress with all >> thanks lee. up next, a top security official in washington becomes the victim of another hack attack. plus, the quick change you cap make to soothe that aching back. but first, let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who's on the show tonight. >> thanks, sade.
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new at 11:00, when it comes to getting hacked on your computer, apparently no one is immune, not even the u.s. director of national intelligence, james clapper's office confirming his personal account were targeted by the same teenage hacker who released personal information last year about the heads of the cia and homeland security. in tonight's health alert experts say when it comes to
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money on things like back belts or shoe in-soles. there's no evidence they work. researchers found structured exercise programs lowered the risk of back pain by 25 to 40%. a variety of exercises are effective from core strengthening to aerobics. >> get out there and work out. rob powers up next with sports. >> a big game, and a good game. coach didn't want to make too much of this game in january, but what a game in january this turned out to be. straight ahead, the knicks, the celtics battle garden. it goes down to the wire. and carmelo anthony was not there for the finish. we'll tell you why. plus, a game changing night for the nfl, headed back to los angeles. what's in, dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection
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