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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> i'm joe torres in for david novarro. in hudson county, police are investigating a case of animal hoarding. authorities removed up to 150 cats and dogs from the home today. >> new jersey reporter anthony johnson is updating the story. he joins us with the developing details. anthony? >> reporter: they are still out here -- officials are still out here gathering the dogs from inside the home bringing them out to the advantages behind me. that's where they will take the dogs and take them to shelters. all of the dogs will eventually be up for a developing. as you said, up to 50 dogs have been rescued from the home and there are a couple of cats that have been pulled out of the home. they all appear at this point in time to be in good shape. 17 puppies were rescued from inside the home on hillcrest place where conditions inside were described as deplorable. it appears the animals are in overall good shape. the animal rescue officials
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the house failed to show up in court this morning following complaints of excessive barking. one neighbor says they heard one dog parking and in distress so loud that it prevented her and her family from sleeping. the animals are labrador retrievers, rottweilers and a couple of cats. four shelters have been called in to help remove and place the animals. officials are calling this an extreme case of animal hoarding. >> the house is deplorable. your rib a -- urine and feces everywhere. animals took over the house. it's a hoarding case, could be mental illness. we need to get them out to no kill shelters. >> reporter: the man that lives in the house is identified as juan perez. so far we have not seen him out on the scene. he will face a number of charges because of the
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right down the street from where we are standing. all of the dogs brought out earlier today and they still continue to bring out are less than two years old. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> anthony, thank you. less than seven hours from now some lucky powerball ticket holder out there could be an instant billionaire. at this point the jackpot is $1.5 billion shattering the previous record for an american lottery at $656 million. that is a megamillions jackpot in 2012. if there are no winners tonight, estimates for saturday's jackpot hit the $2 billion mark. eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth is at penn station from the state's top selling store. michelle? >> reporter: this is the top selling store and top winningest store in all of new
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we heard an amazing number. 32,000 tickets are being sold per minute. that is the latest. look at the people. all the way down. there are five separate lines of people who are going home after a long day of work trying to find their one point $5 billion. most people tell me they are buying $2, $4, $10 worth. every person is having a lot of fun with this. what is going on here. >> quick picks. >> reporter: how many did you buy? >> $20 worth. >> i bought $20 worth as well. >> reporter: the lines are longer even though there are five machines pumping out tickets. carlton cards in penn station, they sell the most in the state and win the most. >> we have 31 people playing. >> reporter: you look trustworthy. i would put you in charge. >> we found out ten checks so
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we are winning. >> reporter: go phyllis. this guy's name is june gates by. you made time to come to the busiest lottery ticket selling place. >> i like to win. i will be the winner. >> reporter: you are? what is your name? >> june gates by. >> reporter: what will you buy, convertible, house, mansion. >> a house, boat, mansion. >> reporter: number one decadent thing you would buy yourself if you won? >> if you don't have a plan, you need to get out of line. >> give to charity. >> house on the water. >> reporter: you are my girlfriends. this store sells the most because more than half a million people come through penn station every day. am i talked to would never ever to work again. you know, i said people are having fun with this but look
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this is constant all day long. so many commute including me through penn station. a lot of people have pools, getting chummy with people at work, people that they never want to see again. we are live at the place selling the most tickets in penn station, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. world books downstairs. >> all right, michelle. thank you. >> if you win, it's been a pleasure working with you. >> if you feel you need a drum roll, a drummer is playing outside of numerous lottery retailers around the state like this one in midtown throughout tonight. stay warm. you can catch the powerball drawing tonight before "eyewitness news at 11:00." we will also, good news, stream the powerball drawing on our web site, is abc7ny. good luck to everyone. the jackpot continues to go up, wall street sank. stocks snapped a two-day winning streak closing the day with major losses.
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trading as energy stocks continued to fall. the market is struggling to recover after huge losses last week over the financial crisis in china. so, here right now is a live look at the big board. the dow dropped 364 points today to end at 16,151. also you should know the s&p 500 plunged enough today to be considered a correction. >> something else tanked, the temperatures. another day tf below freezing temperatures prompted new york city to step up the efforts to bring homeless people out of the cold and into shelters. the city issued a code blue warning today. the question now, how long will the frigid temperatures last. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it outside the studios. lee? >> cold night ahead. slow improvement through the overnight into tomorrow. you will feel the difference tomorrow afternoon when there is less wind and not as harsh. another night we have a biting
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a look downtown, not because of sun. we had ample sun but nothing but decoration. 28 degrees right now. only the second day this winter where it failed to get to freezing during the daylight hours. windchill around 19. we started with windchills near 10. feels like 6 in windchills in the teens to around 20 into the evening hours. the winds were peaking near 40 miles per hour earlier in the day. the wind gust is there but they are off the peak between 15 to 25 miles per hour. they will continue to diminish into the evening hours. we have no more wind advisories. that was canceled as i came outside for ulster and dutchess, supposed to last until 5:00. they dropped that early. this is wind speed futurecast. look how they disappear into the evening hours. good news there. wind at 6 to 12 during the evening hours, enough to make it really chilly but we are off the peak winds. the forecast windchill overnight in the teens then
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level in the afternoon, 25 to 32. now, as we make the warm up, one thing to draw your attention to, that is snow over the ohio valley. do we have to worry about flakes tomorrow morning and slippery areas? we will address that in the seven-day forecast in a bit. back to you for now. >> lee, thank you. a neighbor is credited with saving residents from a fast- moving fire in new jersey. flames broke out overnight in a restaurant on the first floor of the building in irvington and quickly spread to the apartments above. residents are thank full for their neighbors that they woke up banged on the doors to get them out in time. >> thank god my cousin woke up and woke us up and told us about it. if it wasn't for him, i think i right now. >> one firefighter hurt his ice. fire investigators are combing through the rubble to look for the cause. the 5th and final suspect in the gang rape of an 18-year-
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expected to be arraigned this afternoon. bail for the other four suspects ranges from 10 to $50,000. all of them will be in court on friday. the defendants have not been identified by the victim or her father who was allegedly ordered to leave the park at gunpoint. gun. the ten u.s. navy sailors briefly detained in iran are in qatar after being freed earlier today. they were taken into custody when the boats drifted into iranian waters. how that happened is still being scrutinized. the white house is crediting nuclear negotiations with helping to keep the lines of negotiation open. >> reporter: first broadcast on iranian tv, this video released by the same shows the terror rei identifying moments the soldiers ten dured.
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their hands up, firearms being inspected by the iranians. today they are safe and back in american custody. >> i also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. >> the quick response came 24 hours after two small boats piloted by the sailors allegedly drifted into iranian waters. they were traveling from kuwait to bahrain when the iranians say the navigation on one of the boats failed resulting in an intrusion. >> these are always socials which, as everybody here knows -- situations which, as everybody knows, if not properly guided can get out of control. i am appreciative for the quick appropriate response. >> reporter: the navy saying there are no indications any of the ten were harmed while in custody. the quick resolution to diffuse what could have been an
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in days iran is expected to meet the terms of a nuclear deal created last summer with world powers in which $100 billion of sanctions could be lifted. we are following breaking news right now out of brooklyn. two teenagers shot on pennsylvania avenue in east new york. one has died. the gunshots rang out about an hour ago. we are told an 18-year-old was shot in the head and died at the hospital. a 17-year-old was shot in the right shoulder. police say three suspects were involved in the shooting. one was taken into custody and a gun was recovered. still to come on "first @4:00," since a mass shooting in paris, a restaurant that came under attack has reopened its doors. we will show you the moving response to the reopening. >> plus, new york governor
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a quick check of the roads. an accident on the gowanus expressway in brooklyn. the right lane is blocked eastbound approaching the prospect expressway. as for the hudson river crossings, 15-minute delays outbound at the holland. minor inbound at the lincoln tunnel and george washington bridge. new video of a deadly avalanche in the french alps. two french high school students and a skier died earlier today. authorities say the avalanche hit the students and the
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it's not clear how many of the students are missing but up to 60 rescue workers and a helicopter are searching the area. new at 4:00 a bar targeted in the attacks in paris reopened its doors. customers retreated -- were treated to a glass of champagne. many said it was important to be there to show that parisians will not give in to fear. bouquets and notes were near the building. new york governor unveiling a $145 billion budget plan for the state of new york that includes a plan for paid family leave. >> we should have a paid leave program paid by employees who can get 12 weeks of pay. >> well, at the state of the state address the democratic governor called for raising the minimum wage to $15, cutting small business taxes and
4:16 pm
not everybody in the statehouse was pleased with governor cuomo's remarks. at one point assemblyman charles baron interrupted the governor's speech. >> okay. okay. okay. assemblyman, let me finish then you will have your turn. okay. okay. everybody sees you and everybody heard you. have a seat, assemblyman. >> well, the governor spoke about sandra lee his long time girlfriend and her fight against breast cancer. he proposed a $90 million program for the most aggressive the country. political reporter dave evans was in albany for the speech and will have a report at 6:00. no one interrupting lee goldberg. he is outside with the forecast. zipping up, pal. >> are you turned on. >> my battery just went dead. >> it's the cold weather.
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>> i have batteries that you charge to heat up the jacket. that's what we are referring to. it was nice for a while there. >> so, talk quickly so you can come back in. >> i will. folks, this jacket was recalled by the way because apparently it overheats. i was willing to take the risk today. you can't actually get it any more. maybe this is why. all right. so, it is cold out here. you need anything to keep you warm. the wind has settled down a bit. it's not whipping like it was a few hours ago. a little factor through the evening hours. central park, the shadows are over the park. the sunset is getting later is a the approaches the 5:00 hour. you can see the snow showers over the ohio valley. we are watching those super close. they will go across i-80. the air it is dry near us. i'm concerned a few of those could hold together in the northwest suburbs, maybe make
4:18 pm
if you look at the futurecast, across pennsylvania, they fall apart in the mountains. it may be in the predawn areas, a few flurries or isolated snow shower that makes for one or two slick spots to the and west. bill evans will watch that in the morning. after that clouds will break for sunshine. we should have a nice afternoon as temperatures warm to the mid- to upper-30s. it will feel nicer than today. the accuweather forecast is looking like this, diminishing wind tonight. later the clouds will roll in again. it might be a late snow shower or flurry to the north and west. down to 23 that could happen during the evening hours then level off if not bounce up later on tonight. we have the early flurry threat then clouds break for sun tomorrow. not as cold in the afternoon hours. a high in the mid- to upper- 30s. then tomorrow night, partly cloudy skies and above freezing. today was the second day we stayed below freezing during the daylight hours.
4:19 pm
it promises a soggy start to the day hoping that it can leave the scene during the middle of the day. we will have the latest with the timing on that. temperatures are marginal. if you look closely, snow in the poconos and catskills, maybe at the end of the storm. listen, joe, there is another storm threat sunday into monday, another close call on the coast. you can see the theme of what is happening here as we go into the middle of january. the storm frequency is higher and the cold air, almost of it is available that we have to worry about rain threats and snow threats. we will have more in the second half hour. >> come inside. i'm worried your coat will short circuit. >> don't joke like that. >> see you, lee. >> thanks, lee. well, a bank robbery suspect takes on police on a cross county change on long island. coming up, why they kept searching even after the suspects were caught.
4:20 pm
new jersey lawmakers are about to put the cards on the table when it comes to atlantic city's finances. a measure being floated would let the state take over the gambling resort town. if the bill is not approved, lawmakers want atlantic city to
4:21 pm
the head of new jersey's state senate wants the city to stop seeking bailouts. the rams are going back west. the league approved the rams move back to los angeles where they played for 49 years. the announcement set off a celebration in l.a. where fans have been waiting for two decades for pro football to return. the club moved to missouri in 1995. the team's owner said leaving st. louis will be tough. rams fans may have company. another former la team, the san diego chargers are mulling over an option to move along with the rams. >> so the city could go from having no teams to possibly two teams. that would be big. do you remember the first time you saw a movie or tv show in high definition? seemed like a heap in technology. >> some say we are about to
4:22 pm
entertainment reporter sandy kenyon has the details. >> reporter: the 4 k picture is so stunning the technology is such a leap forward it has to be seen to be believed. >> what you will see is substantial difference in picture quality. it will knock your socks off. >> reporter: at manhattan's sony store a home video revolution is in progress. >> you will have a much better picture in your own home compared to a movie theater. >> reporter: lee richmond is the go-to guy for some of the biggest stars in show business who depend on him to keep the home theaters up to date. >> what you will get with this tv is a phenomenal range of colors, saturation and ultra crisp picture. >> reporter: all the more remarkable because the big screen is thin. >> as thin as an iphone. >> reporter: to match the bitter picture quality, better sound. >> a tweeter, midrange and sub woofer matches the high resolution of the tv.
4:23 pm
from the tvs that cost around $3,000, the source material, what you are watching, must must be ultra high definition. 4 k cameras are in stores and 4 k disks will be available soon. after that comes this. >> sandy, inside this box is the gold standard for internet streaming of 4 k source material. >> reporter: not movies are being screened in 4 d but more will be available and the cost of the equipment will drop. >> there is no going back. >> reporter: sandy kenyon, eyewitness news. >> look at all of joe's gray hairs. i'm not sure we want that. >> we like the soft focus. >> you may have noticed sandy is not here today. that's because he is in los angeles getting ready for the oscar nominations.
4:24 pm
from hollywood tomorrow after the academy award nominations are announced tomorrow morning. he will have a live discussion on abc7ny. you can catch the oscars sunday, february 28th on channel 7. >> big night. a cross county pursuit. coming up on "eyewitness news first at 4:00," the bank robbery, the suspects on the run. police from two counties on their tail. a wild chase in long island that ended in spectacular fashion. >> general electric set to leave the town it called home for four decades. where is the company headed. >> delivering song: "that's life" song: "that's life"
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here is what is happening. the capture of ten american sailors in iranian waters could have turned into a major political crisis but ended with their safe return to the american fleet 4 hours later. >> we are hours away from the highly anticipated drawing for
4:28 pm
tonight's powerball jackpot is worth an estimated 1 1/2 billion dollars. you can see the drawing tonight at 11:00 right before eyewitness news or you can watch it on the abc app. our top story this half hour, suspected robbers on the run on long island. schools in the area went into lockout mode. >> police chased the bandits from bayshore to woodbury in nassau county where the suspects crashed into a squad car. long island reporter kristin thorne is in woodbury. kristin. >> reporter: thankfully, joe and liz, police were able to nab the suspects quickly. they spent a lot of the day canvassing a neighborhood where one of the suspects was found. this is believed to be the car the suspects were in when they crashed into a nassau county police cruiser. the two suspects fled on foot with dozens of officers close behind. >> sirens going off, cars
4:29 pm
on the median of the highway. helicopters over head. chaotic. >> one of the suspects was captured in the complex and one crossing 235. >> >>reporter: it started around 9:00 this morning when the suspects armed with a pistol allegedly held up this capitol one bank in bayshore. >> we deployed our patrol immediately and pursued the suspects to nassau county and we were communicating with nassau county all along and they were able to deploy numerous assets to assist us in the pursuit. >> reporter: it ended on jericho turnpike in woodbury. >> a money bag was recovered at the scene of the accident. >> reporter: police searched local neighborhoods for several hours using helicopters and dozens of officers to make sure they had everyone involved. >> at this point in time, we do believe we have all the
4:30 pm
>> reporter: and two police officers suffered minor injuries. one in that nassau county police cruiser involved in the collision and a suffolk county police officer as he was chasing after one of the those suspects. both of the officers will be fine. live in woodbury, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. one of the connecticut's largest employers, general electric says it is moving the global headquarters from fairfield, connecticut, to boston. they have been in connecticut for the past 42 years. several states competed to lure g.e. after it announced it took issue with planned tax increases in that state. the governor says the company promised many of the 5,000 other people it employees in the state that they will keep their jobs. >> of course i'm disappointed. i know many in connecticut share the disappointment and frustration. the decision is a clear signal
4:31 pm
to adapt to a changing business climate. >> massachusetts offered g.e. financial incentives for the move and the boston area has a diverse technological fluent workforce and they want to be closer to airport. a teenage girl held at gunpoint during a home invasion. now police need your help finding the suspects that did it. have a look at two of the three suspects here. nassau county investigators say the man walked into a home through a side door in november. they headed to an upstairs apartment, took out guns and demanded money from the victims. one of the victims, a 13-year- old girl whose iphone was stolen. fortunately no one was hurt. a frightening encounter in suffolk county. a man jumped into a woman's car, dragged her out then robbed her. the woman was on her way to work when she got off the l.i.e. at expressway drive north in
4:32 pm
according to police, richard clinton was walking down the street when he opened the passenger door, forced her out university car and robbed her. the woman tried to fight him off. clinton ran off but police found him minutes later. lead testing in flint michigan today as the national guard moved in to help with the city's water crisis. michigan's governor activated the guard to help distribute bottled water, filters and other supplies. flint's water became contaminated with lead last year after officials switched to a new source to cut costs. now children are undergoing free tests for lead contamination. >> hearing loss, seizures, special education needs down the road. those things won't present right away. >> health officials are telling parents their children, especially those underage 6 should have their blood lead levels checked as soon as possible. testing is underway in the neighborhoods believed to be most affected. a different water problem
4:33 pm
not only did thousands of gallons of water shoot out of a main but a lot of it froze from the low temperatures. people in that neighborhood do not have water service. crews had to turn off the supply this morning to shut down all of that gushing water. no word at this point what caused the water main to suddenly break. it's a question that many parents are wondering. should vaccines be a prerequisite for play dates. >> not easy to say. coming up on "first @4:00," the health risks of socializing.
4:34 pm
time for our segment with dr. richard besser. he is here now to talk to us more. >> mark zuckerberg ignited the debate over vaccines after posting this picture of his daughter with the caption reading doctors visit. time for vaccines. that picture got millions of likes, thousands of shares. here is the question people are asking. should you ban an unvaccinated child of a play date, like a birthday party.
4:35 pm
>> i think this is a really great question. it's one that is not truly one with a medical answer but there are a number of things to consider. no vaccine is 100% protected. so we count on those around us to provide the protection. the good news is that most children are vaccinated on time and up to date. 95% of kids have the two measles vaccines by kindergarten. there are pockets of group together that don't vaccinate. so, you could be in a situation that your child is vaccinated but the vaccine wasn't 100% protective so the -- two questions i would ask, is there an outbreak of a disease that can be prevented by a vaccine in your community and is is there someone attending your system. if the answer is yes to each of the questions, i would say you
4:36 pm
if not, i think you can. >> speaking of vaccines and whatever they are foolproof i received an e-mail from my daughter's school that they received the first confirmed case of chickenpox. she has been vaccinated. but how safe are kids who have been vaccinated. >> it ties back into that. the chickenpox, you get two doses. after the first dose it's 85% protected. after two doses, 98% protected. so, the chances are slim if you have been vaccinated. sometimes it will happen. the good news, if you get the infection after you are vaccinated, it tends to be mild. >> do you want to try to expose your kids? >> no. when we were little that was the way you would expose kids. people would have parties. >> right. >> no. the reason we vaccinate against
4:37 pm
people it's an annoying mild illness, there are children who end up in the hospital and children with immune problems. >> the last one, a question from a viewer that stopped you on the street. >> yes. >> michael. i suffer from chronic gastritis, what is your take on pro buy why the ticks. do they work. >> probiotics is the new frontier but it's not here yet. there are studies on colitis and irritable bowl that show it can be effective. it's in the research phase. the food and drug administration has not approved any. they are food supplements so they don't have to show they work. for most people, there is no harm whatsoever. if you have an immune problem or very ill don't take them. otherwise i think they will be
4:38 pm
>> the advertising is everywhere. >> exactly. i worry when the advertising out paces the knowledge. >> you feel guilty if you don't take one. >> you get them in yogurt and all kinds of places. that is okay but we are not there in terms of knowing which type of bacteria, how much. we are not there yet. >> good answers as always. if you have a health or medical question, post it and send it to us via video to abc7ny, twitter, instagram. >> stop me on the street.
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with select plans.
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more information about the breaking news in brooklyn. two teenagers were shot in east new york. one of those teens has died. shannon sohn is over the scene in newscopter 7 with the latest. shannon. >> a horrible scene here. you can see the police activity in front of the playground. the shooting took place on pennsylvania avenue right off the intersection with lavonia. they set up a crime scene. as you mentioned, two were shot. one was killed. the other is in stable condition at brookdale hospital. what we know at this point is that police do have three suspects in custody but the details surrounding this shooting remain in question. you can see that park literally adjacent to the crime scene about a mile or a block and a half, really, from a nearby high school. reporting live over new york in brooklyn, shannon sohn, channel
4:42 pm
>> thank you, shannon. >> all right, shannon. thank you. meanwhile, it's just bone chilling out there. is it bone chilling or are we not used to it. >> i think we are not used to it. it's a cold january day, no doubt about it. we are below freezing. we have seen a lot worse. >> it doesn't feel like it. >> it's starting to kick in. second day below freezing. the last couple of hours the winds started to ease a little bit. it's all about the wind in these types of situations. outside we go, lighter wind and a gorgeous sunset. this is fantastic over new york harbor. a few high, thin clouds and mostly sunny skies heading into the evening hours. mostly clear for a little while then the clouds roll in. 28 with the temperature. so, temperatures are working in the 20s, mid- to upper-20s. everybody is below freezing. windchills are in the teens. planner for central park, notice clouds during the
4:43 pm
maybe drop a degree or two then night. westchester county, a planner for rye brook, clouds are increasing. tomorrow. we start out with cloudy skies. 8:00 there could be a couple of flurries around. then they leave the scene quickly after that. winds lighter than today. mid- to upper-30s with partial sunshine during the afternoon should feel good. watch the futurecast. overnight. 23 islip. 24 bridgeport. belmar 23 and 21 poughkeepsie. here are the snow showers. they should hold together in central new york state but a few may have enough momentum to get into the hudson valley, poconos. a few of these flurries may make it down to the coast. the thing is the air is so dry that we may see the snow showers or radar but little is reaching the ground, maybe a couple of flakes around.
4:44 pm
snowflakes for the morning commute, not expecting a lot. could be a slick spot. after that the clouds should break. the afternoon looks good. mid- to upper-30s under partly sunny skies. seven-day forecast, not as harsh conditions on thursday. despite cloud cover on friday, we will be in the upper 40s. that will set the stage for rain on saturday. this looks like a healthy batch of rain. i think it's the morning that we get a decent soaking. cold air wraps in as it departs. could it end with wet flakes north and west? yes. i think it is leaving before it takes hold. sunday cloud cover, 39 degrees. the thing about monday, there is a storm offshore. now, right now i think the bulk of it is over the atlantic but it will be a close call. light accumulation is a possibility on monday morning. it may -- we may have to be careful of slippery conditions
4:45 pm
liz and joe, things are getting active as we look into the second half of january, the storm tracks are getting closer. cold air in supply. we will have our hands full the second half of the month. >> you will be busy. >> thanks, lee. >> get the coat fixed. time for us to take a look at the stories trending. there is buzz about first lady michelle obama's dress. >> beautiful as always. >> she stole the spotlight in that sleeveless yellow gold dress. many fans took to twitter to applaud her stunning ensemble. in case you were hoping to get your hands on one of those dresses, being sold at neiman- marcus, the $2,000 dress sold out online before the president's speech even began. >> there will be copies in a week. >> you think so. >> yes. in washington, more red carpet action.
4:46 pm
got an unusual question as he arrived at the capitol. >> secretary kerry, who are you watering? [ laughter ] >> got >> orange c would work. >> that was going on at the height of the iranian situation with the sailors, too. still a sense of humor intact. >> the suit sold out three hours later. actress olivia mumm shooting down reports that she is engaged to aaron rogers. she had a funny text exchange on instagram. her mom wrote and we are paraphrasing, you are engaged, why didn't you tell me first. olivia's response, oh, my gosh, mom, no. you know you shouldn't believe gossip on the internet. if i was engaged you would be the 8th person to know or maybe the 9th.
4:47 pm
>> tender moment between a big man and big burly bear. this is not leo dicaprio. this is a full grown bear. the man is a trainer at a wildlife center in otisville, orange county. he has been carrying for jim bo for 21 years since the big bear was a little cub. this special moment has been viewed more than 11 million times. >> bear love. >> almost doesn't look real it's so big. >> that is a huge animal. >> the bear looks like he is totally having a great time. >> swipe and rip your head off in an instant. >> a rescue dog going viral for being photogenic. >> say cheese.
4:48 pm
>> how could you not laugh. >> he is five months old, spending time with a chicago foster family when they noticed -- >> he flows. >> -- he flosses. >> he smells when you say cheese. >> he had the flu but his foster family is nursing him back to health. he should be ready for a forever family in a week or two. >> as always, check out the trend online at abc7ny. send us your trend ideas using hetrend. >> makes you happy. still to come, a big mix- up. >> how did a lawsuit in seattle wind up with the baby got back
4:49 pm
>> a quick check on the delays
4:50 pm
does this ever happen to you? you get a new cell phone number, then you get texts and calls from people you don't know and you wonder who had the phone number before you. >> chances are whoever it was was not as interesting as the man who had one seattle man's number before him. >> reporter: he's the rapper
4:51 pm
90s for the bootilicious anthem. now sir mix-a-lot in a mixup. a man was suddenly inundated with very big offers. >> i used to get a lot of phone calls and voicemails from luxury car dealers. they were always trying to have me test drive a ferrari or lamborghini. >> reporter: then this voicemail. [ inaudible ] turns out his new digits once belonged to sir mix-a-lot, the man behind "baby got back." overnight sir mix-a-lot talking to gma about the mixup. >> probably getting all kinds of photos and strange songs. if he's a lawyer, if he sifts through those calls, he'll find clients.
4:52 pm
solution. >> just to help him off load some of this pressure, he can always forward the ladies' pics to me and i'll take that off his hands so he won't have to deal with that. that should alleviate about 80% of the problem. [ laughter ] >> reporter: as for jonathan, he says he's happy to have the once famous number. >> i don't ever want to change this number. it's my fun, quirky, interesting fact for ice breakers. i can say actually, i have sir mix-a-lot's old phone number and it's kind of like a mic drop moment. that's hysterical. he should at least drive a ferrari if he gets that offer. there's still so much more news straight ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now.
4:53 pm
shot by friendly fire speaking out telling us how she fells about the incident. it's an eyewitness news exclusive. first a powerful response to a record powerball drawing. talk about fast and furious. tickets now being sold at a record pace. good evening at 5:00, i'm bill ritter in for sade. >> i'm diana williams. it is hard to imagine a jackpot this big. $1.5 billion is on the line for tonight's powerball drawing. and people are lining up all across the country to buy tickets. >> talk about loco for lotto. 1.3 million tickets are being sold every minute between 4:00 tonight's $1.5 billion jackpot a world record and if there is no winner tonight, saturday's drawing expected to be a staggering $2 billion at least. >> some people on long island are hoping their chances are better than average. they're taking part in a large lottery pool, a pool with more than a thousand people. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in
4:54 pm
plainview with more. >> i call this the mother of all powerball pools because it involves mommies. and the people who bought in to this pool, they weren't all warm and cozy inside like these folks. instead the people who bought in, they lined up at the public pool, at the public library and these mommies had no idea how big it would become. >> like giddy. people are just giddy about this. >> reporter: and talk about getting in it to win it. these two mommies from plain view and old bethpage, they're in it up to their eyeballs. >> i'm a little nauseous. [ laughter ] from walking around with just a nauseous, nervous, crazy excited feeling. >> what if something goes terribly wrong? >> reporter: what could go wrong? allie and her friend debbie figured they'd get about 15 or so of the other moms when they first started throwing around the ticket pool idea on the plainview mom's facebook page. that was last week when
4:55 pm
but what do you get when you mix
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