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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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but what do you get when you mix powerball fever with a chatty mommy's group on social media? you guessed it. people from plainview lined up. >> the line was down the side of the building, around the side of the building. it's like 20 degrees, windy, freezing cold, bitter cold. people were hanging out like it was a party talking to neighbors, chanting powerball. >> reporter: but lest you think these mommies can't multitask, note the strict pool rules. their powerball pool is closed at 1225 people, 6,012 tickets, only one entry allowed per household. it will be split evenly at around $750,000 per person after taxes if they win. best part, these mommies increase the odds of winning from 1 in 292 million to 1 in 49,000. >> 49,000 seconds ago was
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49 days ago -- 49,000 days ago was in 1883. >> i don't think the town will forget the night we came to play lotto. >> we're back here live along the powerball line in plainview. as for the pools that the moms were running, everyone who participated, the mommies have them sign a ledger with all their contact information and apart from those few tickets they showed us from the camera, all the tickets are locked up at a safe at an undisclosed location and the mommies say after tonight's drawing they'll be checking all 6,012 of them. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. i'm still processing what the professor had to say. we saw the photo that stacy put on instagram earlier showing all those tickets and tonight there's a very good chance that we'll see a winner but lottery
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>> we anticipate more than 85% potentially as high as 90% of all of the possible combinations that can be wagered on will be covered by tonight's drawing. now it's really up to lady luck. >> won't be covered though. the only place you can watch the numbers drawn on tv tonight, right here on channel 7 before eyewitness news at 11:00. and we're also going to stream the numbers on the watch abc app and at abc7ny. now to some breaking news. new developments in a story we told you about last hour in east new york, brooklyn. shannon sohn above the scene with an update. >> a horrible scene here. police do have three suspects in custody following today's shooting but the shots rang out at about 2:46 this afternoon right around when school is betting out. as you mentioned two teenagers shot here. one of them was killed. the other one
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brookdale hospital but all of this happening right at the intersection of pennsylvania and lavonia avenues. it's happening directly underneath the railroad tracks. we want to give you a little perspective on the scene. a huge crime scene. police trying to figure out exactly why the shooting happened but to the upper left-hand side of your screen, that's jefferson field, a playground literally less than a block away and a block and a half away is thomas jefferson high school. one teenager dead, one in stable condition following the shooting. reporting live over east new york, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight we've got an eyewitness news exclusive. for the first -- you want to take that? >> for the first time in our exclusive, diana will take it. >> for the first time we're hearing from the mother of the nypd officer who was shot by friendly fire. he was shot in the ankle by another officer while they were trying to break up a fight in the bronx.
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fleischer is outside new york presbyterian hospital with more. >> the officer is recovering here at new york presbyterian hospital. he's had one surgery and is expected to have a second surgery. his mother who i spoke to exclusively along with the rest of his family is most grateful. >> i thank god that my son is alive and well and doing well. >> reporter: a mother's prayers answered. for donna stewart, knowing her son, nypd officer sherrod stuart, will fully recover after being shot responding to a large fight is truly a blessing. >> he's young. he's 25. he'll bounce back. he'll take some time and go through therapy but he's young. he's in good health. >> reporter: officer stuart and others from the 40th precinct were called to what's been described as a chaotic scene in which five people had been staying. >> it was a chaotic scene. it was. >> reporter: numerous weapons, guns and knives were found there.
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officer stuart was shot in the foot. a suspect was also shot and wounded. it was discovered officer stuart was wounded by friendly fire. >> we come from a loving family. we forgive and we move on. if the situation hadn't have taken place the way it did, nypd had to respond. >> reporter: officer stuart is expected to have a second surgery. right now he's getting a great deal of support, not only from a large family. he's one of nine children. but also support from his 40th precinct family that stops by to check on his recovery. >> i'd like to thank everybody for coming out, showing us love and all the support. we appreciate it. >> reporter: donna stuart says sherrod is in good spirits but can't wait to return to patrol duty. >> he's going to go right back when he's able to go back right with his group at the 40th precinct. he's going to be there. >> officer stuart's father unfortunately has not been able to visit him. he's a police
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tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. are you invigorated by this blast of frigid temperatures or are you already sick of winter? maybe it doesn't matter because we don't have much of a choice, do we? the great thing about the weather this season, if you don't like it one day, just wait a day. constant change. lee had an umbrella and now he has ear muffs. and that electric jacket. >> it's only the second time we didn't reach freezing so far this winter. some of us dodged the snow but we've not been able to dodge the bitter blast. that's with us tonight. it's a cold wind that's easing a little bit. beautiful sunset over new york harbor. our temperatures have been below freezing. it feels like we're in the teens. we're watching the winds die down this evening. they go about 6 to 12 miles per hour as we go through the evening hours then things won't be as harsh tomorrow. we're watching an area of snow for the second day in a row. we may have to deal
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we'll make sure it doesn't sneak up on you. a couple storms to talk about over the weekend. accuweather is just a few minutes away. another dismal day on wall street. stocks taking another plunge, snapping a two-day winning streak. energy stocks continue to paul. markets struggling to recover after huge losses last week over the financial crisis in china. dow down 364. nasdaq off 159 points. s&p 500 tumbling 48 points. a steep enough drop to be considered a correction. generators are now providing power to several buildings in carlsbad tonight following a new jersey transit but crash. the driver says he may have hit some black ice. the bus crashed in to the utility pole. that knocked down wires. unfortunately no one was hurt. passengers were put on another bus. the fifth and final suspect in the gang rape of an 18-year-old woman in a brooklyn park is expected to be arraigned this afternoon.
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four other suspects ranges from $10 to $50,000. all of them will be in court friday. her father was allegedly ordered to leave the park at gunpoint. gun. the man accused of slashing a woman in chelsea was charged 48-year-old kari bazemore is accused of two attacks including cutting a 24-year-old woman in the face. police say he had a box cutter on him when he was arrested. he was ordered held pending results of a psychiatric evaluation. a swift resolution to what could have been an international crisis. 10 u.s. sailors and their two boats released this morning by iran after the vessels wandered in to iranian waters. were the boats disabled or was this some kind of covert operation? we might never know. shirleen allicot here with the new developments.
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including the timing. this incident happening during last night's state of the union address. today video was released showing one of the sailors speaking out. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> this interview appears to have happened while 10 navy sailors were being detained at an iranian base on farsi island. >> it was a misunderstanding. we didn't mean to go in to iranian territory water. >> reporter: it comes a few hours after this frightening scene. the sailors with their hands up being taken in to custody after their two small boats allegedly entered iranian waters. today those sailors are safe and back in american custody. secretary of state john kerry applauding the swift response. >> these are always situations which as everybody here knows have an ability if not properly
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and i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. >> reporter: the sailors had been traveling from kuwait to bahrain when the iranians say the navigation equipment failed, resulting what they call an intrusion. the incident's timing particularly delicate, happening during the state of the union address and coming just days before a nuclear deal where the u.s. plans to unfreeze $100 billion in iranian assets. critics of the administration like governor christie blasted the white house today at a recent town hall. >> do you think it's any coincidence on the day of the president's state of the union? they have no respect for this guy and they have no fear of him. >> the 10 sailors are now in qatar where they'll go through the reintegration program. they were on their way to regular maintenance. the sailors themselves are from diego-based unit. police in turkey have made
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connection with a deadly suicide attack linked to isis. authorities say five people are under arrest for direct connections. 10 german tourists were killed. 15 other people were hurt. president obama wasting little time hitting the road one day after his final state of the union speech. president spent part of this afternoon in an english teacher's home in omaha, nebraska. she sent him a letter about concerns over the environment. the president also had other private meetings on his agenda before addressing a larger crowd tonight. he's expected to lay out plans for his final year in office. a deeply personal state of the state speech for governor cuomo as he unveiled a budget plan for new york. the democratic governor called for raising the minimum wage to $15, cutting small business taxes, and raising the environmental protection fund. he also spoke about his late father when he proposed paid family leave. then he talked about his long time girlfriend, sandra lee and
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while proposing a $90 million program for the most aggressive breast screening operation in the country. >> one word changed our lives. cancer. that started weeks and weeks and days of a torturous long road and tears and pain that i can't even begin to articulate. >> the less poignant moment, at one point cuomo was repeatedly interrupted by charles baron. dave evans will have more at 6:00. >> when he talks personally he becomes a better orator. battling fierce flames while dealing with freezing temperatures. it happened in new jersey. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, new information on where those flames started as they destroyed businesses and left many people homeless.
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taken from a home. the big question tonight is where is their owner? >> a widow fighting for money due to her late husband for his work at ground zero. why
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two bank robbery suspects in custody after a cross-county police pursuit on long island. sandusky -- suspects say -- suspects held up. they crashed in to a turnpike on woodbury. the suspects fled on
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a fierce fire overnight in new jersey. call it fire and ice because firefighters not only battling the blaze but the bitter cold. it ripped through a row of businesses and then through the apartments above. it happened in the essex county town of irvington. new jersey reporter toni yates is on the scene for us. >> the entire strip at 147th florence avenue has been all boarded up and the people who live in those upstairs apartments, they pretty much lost everything but they are okay. >> reporter: 10 apartments boarded up. family belongings left behind were destroyed in this fire that began downstairs. >> the five apartments were damaged severely or moderately. and the bottom versatile residents on the first floor were also affected. water damage, smoke damage. >> reporter: these cousins grew up in the unit directly above the restaurant. they lived
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at 1:40 this morning the fire forced them to run for their lives. >> it went up to my apartment then went to the apartment next door and they kept going over and over and over. >> the flames grew so fast and the wind and everything coming together, it was in seconds. >> reporter: surrounding companies answered the call to help take down this four-alarm blaze. the cold and ice adding to the problem. >> we have two members injured, one transported to the hospital for back injuries. the other individual for frostbite on his hands and fingers. >> reporter: utility crews worked through the afternoon to secure their damaged lines as fire investigators began combing through the rubble of the popular sports bar looking for the cause. the red cross is helping some families find temporary places to stay. most of their belongings lost but their lives saved thanks to their neighbors. >> i ran out the room, i called him to get my mom out. and then i ran out to the backdoor and i opened the backdoor and went to the next apartment over and started banging on their door to
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>> if it wasn't for him i think i wouldn't be here talking to you now. >> those two firefighters who were injured are expected to be okay. as you can see behind me still a lot of work going on to shore this property up. for now we're live in irvington, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got lee back. lee is inside now. you put away the automatic heating coat. what do you call that thing? >> automatic heating coat. [ laughter ] >> didn't sound quite right. >> don't go looking for it online. it's been recalled. it can over heat and set off fires. i took the risk. >> looks like a hoverboard, you've got to be careful. [ laughter ] >> it's fantastic when it works though. >> is it catching fire in the weather center? >> we have a fire extinguisher. we're good to go. glad i revealed that. we've got a fiery sunset over new york harbor. that
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beautiful evening ahead in terms of sky coverage but we definitely have some cold air in place. we're at 27. a west wind at 9 and the high today just shy of that freezing mark in the upper 20s so 10 degrees below average. sunset tonight just 10 minutes before 5:00. last year it was partly sunny and 36 degrees. so here's what you need to know. the bitter wind is backing off tonight. there can be a couple flurries tomorrow morning especially north and west. then a wet start to the weekend but maybe not lasting all that long in to saturday. might even have hope for late day sun in the mid 40s. a little concerned about a flurry that may come in to the end of the weekend. right now temperatures in the mid and upper 20s. definitely seeing the winds back off a little bit as we go in to the evening hours. our wind chills are in the teens. that's where they'll stay for much of the night. here's a planner. notice the clouds are increasing overnight and it might be a period of a couple snow showers toward the morning commute especially north and west. i think it's widespread, maybe a couple slippery spots. winds are a lot
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time we're above freezing. skies are mainly clear but there are clouds off to the west. we're watching this area of snow showers right here. a little disturbance here. it's going to go across the throughway and upstate new york. here's the snow showers we're watching. skies cloud over. and a few of these hold together, especially north of new york city. this is depicting snow showers to get down to the coast. the air is awful dry near the ground. this may be on radar tomorrow morning but not reaching the ground. best chance are higher elevations north and west. after that clouds will quickly give way to sunshine. a decent afternoon and not as harsh. so the wind backs off. we cloud over. there might be a late snow shower, low and mid 20s. early flurry. clouds break for sun tomorrow. decent day. in fact we're near normal at 38, sunset 4:51. partly cloudy and above freezing tomorrow night. here's what we're working on for 5:30. will that rain exit early on saturday allowing for a sunnier afternoon, milder
5:20 pm
we'll see, but maybe flurries get in here late in the day sunday. we've got a close call on monday. this is important because there is a storm offshore. we might be on the northwest fringe. that could mean accumulating snow for parts of the area. sunday night, monday morning. we'll have more on that in the next half hour. coming up, we'll tell you why the government could soon be tracking who buys expensive apartments in new york city. >> a key ruling in the bill cosby case. we'll tell you what a judge has determined his wife has to do. >> later, how did this worker at westchester county airport get an invitation on to the plane of justin bieber? >> and it's not just the apple watch. consumer reports puts popular smart watches to the test to find out what they can do. >> before we go to break, a quick powerball fact. california sold the most powerball tickets yesterday followed by new york and just by
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new at 5:00, the feds will soon start tracking secret buyers of pricey real estate in manhattan and miami in an effort to crackdown on money laundry. treasury department says it will temporarily require some companies to identify the people
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properties in new york and miami. the government says it's concerned some real estate deals are being conducted by corrupt foreign officials or international criminals. el chapo is on the move again, only this time it's within the prison walls. guards are moving joaquin guzman from cell to cell as a way to prevent him from esscaping again. a mexican government spokes-person says guzman has been moved eight times so far. a man left a journal thanking the gunman accused of killing nine black people inside a south carolina church. police releasing a copy of john russell houser's handwritten journal in which he described jordan roof as green but good. all new at 5:00, a bear
5:24 pm
gorged itself on pizza and fell asleep and is now back in the wild. a pizza parlor in colorado discovered the cub in the back room back in september. wildlife officials safely removed the animal but they also found the cub had a broken paw. so in place of their normal tip jar, employees set up a donation jar to help out with the bear care. >> a lot of people donated a lot of money which was awesome. it's very happy, running around and hibernating. >> after spending nearly four months at a wildlife rehab facility and gaining nearly pounds, the bear was released very far away from pizza and the town. >> gorging yourself on pizza and falling asleep, how human can a bear be, really? [ laughter ] still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, speaking of animals, dozens of animals including puppies found today neglected but the big question, where in the world is their owner? we'll have more on this mystery straight ahead. >> investigators back at the
5:25 pm
woman was killed in italy. what they're looking for. >> there are concerns tonight about the drinking water in one city and the wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies.
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with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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our top story this half hour, dozens of animals neglected in a home in new jersey. the big mystery tonight is where is their owner? a concerned neighbor called police when the homeowner had not been seen for quite some time. >> the reason the neighbor worried, the guy had nearly two dozen dogs and they looked like they had in -- they hadn't been fed or given water for days. >> anthony johnson is there. >> some neighbors say they've been hearing the dogs barking for days. they've been
5:28 pm
barking for months and finally something has been done. the rescue operation finally wrapping up inside of this house. they went inside and they tell us conditions in the house were deplorable. >> reporter: the dogs were still barking even as they were being rescued from a home filled with filth and foul conditions. when the dogs were pulled outside, they were too afraid to walk and had to be carried to rescue vans waiting outside. apparently the sound of dogs in distress brought attention to the home. >> we heard the barking, especially at night. they were very strong and my dog kept waking up like he wanted to go out because it was a very distressful barking and we couldn't sleep. >> reporter: several agencies responding, taking away as many dogs as possible. the man who
5:29 pm
up in court this morning so officials moved in. >> we're going to break 50, maybe 51. 17 puppies all in good shape, all healthy as far as we can tell. there's no major things we can tell other than redness in the eyes. >> reporter: most of the dogs were labrador retrievers. there were also a couple of rot -- rottweilers. the animals could soon be up for adoption. >> we'll probably hold on to them for 10, 12 days, let them decompress, socialize them. in the most part they'll all be adoptable. >> as you can see, all of those puppies were really very, very cute. we looked at them and they look like they're in very good condition even though they had not eaten in a couple days. the bergen county humane society will put the animals up for
5:30 pm
hitting me on twitter asking that question. they say that will be done in about the next two weeks. that's the latest live from north bergen. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. accusations of animal abuse in westchester county as well. take a look at one of two pit bulls rescued from a home in yonkers. after a tip, police found them fighting over food in the backyard. the other dog did not survive. this dog is recovering from cuts, malnourishment, dehydration. their former owner, 40-year-old ashaki bryant charged with animal cruelty. 23-year-old ruben pizzaro was arrested at an abandoned home in the bronx yesterday. video allegedly shows pizzaro shooting and killing another man in november. he's also accused of another shooting on new year's eve in manhattan. a federal judge ruling tonight that bill cosby's wife
5:31 pm
his defamation lawsuit against seven women. camille cosby unsuccessfully tried to get her subpoena thrown out. a request by cosby's lawyers to keep all documents in the case confidential for 14 days was also rejected. he's suing seven women who he says lied about him. the presidential candidates say they're ramping up their efforts, some of it positive but some of it attacks on the opposition. >> reporter: hillary clinton no longer holding back, less than three weeks until the first votes are cast, she tells gma it's time to go harder after bernie sanders. >> we've spent the beginning of this campaign for months now where i've been laying out my policies, where i've been meeting with people, listening to them about what they want the next president to do and now they're in the sprint. >> reporter: clinton pressing sanders on specifics for his healthcare plan, even enlisting
5:32 pm
>> senator sanders wants to dismantle obama care, dismantle medicare. >> reporter: sanders with a stunning new lead in iowa, 49% to clinton's 44%. and closing the gap nationally according to another new poll. >> i'm not going to underestimate secretary clinton's organization. she has more money in the bank than we do. it's going to be a hard fought contest. >> reporter: the shifting iowa poll numbers also putting pressure on donald trump with ted cruz taking the lead there, trump is hammering his canadian-born opponent over whether he can legally serve as u.s. president, tweeting today there's no way that ted cruz can continue running in the republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility, dems will sue. >> it seems they're very eager to support donald trump. >> as the republicans prepare for their next debate tomorrow night in south carolina, donald
5:33 pm
if he's attacked, he'll hit back much harder. blood testing began today in flint, michigan as the national guard moved in to help with the water crisis. they're helping distribute bottled waters, filters and other supplies. flint's water became contaminated with lead after the source was switched to cut costs. children are being tested for lead. lead testing events are being held in neighborhoods thought to be most affected. fans of pro football's st. louis rams are not very happy about the team's announced move out west. photos taken outside the rams' home field. one fan wrote a farewell message leaving a jersey on the gate that reads take this with you. don't come back. league's owners voted yesterday to move the team to los angeles for next season. still ahead we have new video of the avalanche in the
5:34 pm
this as crews continue to search for survivors. >> justin bieber, heard of him? that's not him though. has posted this video of a worker at a westchester county airport singing. you'll hear him and find out how he ended up on mr. bieber's plane. >> the bridges and overpasses a little easier to navigate in terms of the wind this evening but it's actually the stand still as you look at the traffic inbound on the george washington bridge. still chilly. temperatures at 28 . feels-like reading at 18. now we're watching a little snow here. could it be icy in spots tomorrow morning? >> before we go to break, we have a powerball question for you. lottery official says as of noon more than 85% of the possible number combinations had been selected. could that mean we're going to see a winner tonight? >> more than a billion tickets estimated to be sold for this drawing. that means a 97% chance of at least one winner.
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we have new video from the scene of the deadly avalanche in the french alps. two french high school students in the ukraine were killed. the ski trail was so risky it was closed and the leader of the school group should not have taken the students there. rescue workers and a helicopter are searching the area for any other possible victims. in italy police now believe an american artist may have opened the door for the person who killed her. investigators say they found no signs of forced entry, a struggle or robbery inside ashley olson's apartment. olson was seen leaving a club in florence. the next day she was found strangled in her apartment. police believe a chain may have been used as the murder weapon.
5:39 pm
she's not forgettable. she's unforgettable. >> on the doorway leading to olson's apartment building, someone wrote, quote, he is guilty. he will pay. so far authorities have not identified any suspects. his vanity may have been his downfall. a fugitive who apparently didn't like his mugshot sent police a selfie to replace it. now he's been arrested. 45-year-old donald chip pugh was taken in to custody for warrants out of ohio and georgia. he got a lot of attention on social media after police said he sent them a selfie along with a message saying here's a better photo. that one is terrible. soon hollywood will celebrate the best in film at the oscars and the golden raspberry awards celebrates the worst. four movies, including fifty shades of grey are tied with the worst nominations
5:40 pm
pixels, paul blart: mall cop 2, and jupiter ascending. the winners get gold spray painted prizes. the razzies come out the day before the much anticipated oscar nods. our entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is out in california and you can see him nominations after they're announced on good morning america at 8:30 a.m. then he'll report live from hollywood during eyewitness news. you can watch the oscars here on abc on sunday, february 28th. >> oscars, good. razzies, not so much. >> you don't want a razzie. >> you give me razzies all the time. we're getting a break from the bitter temperatures. lee goldberg with his accuweather forecast next. >> you deserve an oscar. plus, going beyond the apple watch. consumer reports looks at all the smart watches to see how they perform. >> they're called the unsung heroes of 9/11. workers who helped clean up the pile of debris.
5:41 pm
a compensation for their illnesses. why is one recent widow left fi in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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all new at 5:00, justin bieber's impromptu trip gave a baggage handler the chance of a lifetime. he got to sing for the star. >> i've lived a life that's full i've traveled each and every highway >> steve kelly works at westchester county airport and bieber wrote on instagram that he'd heard that kelly could sing so he brought him from the tarmac on to his private jet in order to perform. earlier bieber surprised fans at white plains. the 21-year-old bowled and played basketball and video
5:43 pm
>> have you ever bowled with justin bieber? >> he's not been there when i have been there. >> i wrote that wrong. he never bowled with diana williams. [ laughter ] >> he sure never has asked me to sing either. no electrification with this jacket? >> we have several weather systems we want you to know about the next few days. manhattan skyline from astoria under partly cloudy skies as we go through the evening hours. this camera usually shakes even in a very small wind. right now we're looking at pretty good conditions as we go through the evening hours. our numbers have been working through the lower 20s and in to the upper teens. so i think we're in pretty good shape as we go through the evening to see our wind chills back off a little bit. we're at 27 degrees right now. a wind chill about 19.
5:44 pm
the other wind chills around the area which are working in the lower teens north and west, single digits in monticello at 5. 19 in islip. mid 20s. you'll notice clouds increasing as we go through the overnight. long island, middle 20s. also clouds during the overnight hours. you'll wake up to overcast conditions. one thing this is not showing, a couple flurries around. might be a few snow showers off to the north and west. winds a lot lighter. clouds will break for sunshine. instead of see ing temperatures in the upper 20s, light winds and upper 30s. that should feel pretty good under a partly sunny sky. cold overnight with clouds increasing. the clouds will tend to hold temperatures up a little bit so we'll be in the upper teens to mid 20s tomorrow morning. snow showers coming in from the great lakes. a few of them can hold together especially in the hudson valley. we'll be in the northwest suburbs. but this is depicting snow showers getting in to new york city and long island. the
5:45 pm
think there would be flurries at worst. might be a couple slick spots to the north and west. clouds will start to break then we should have a partly sunny afternoon with temperatures in the mid and even upper 30s. looks like this. 47 friday. despite a mare -- a fair amount of then on but it's probably confined to the morning hours leaving us with at worst cloudy skies in the afternoon but even breaks late day, about 46. on sunday it's colder and brisk. clouds are increasing. might be a late day flurry and there is a storm just offshore on monday. i think it's close enough that we could at least have light accumulation around the area. i don't think it's major just yet. one of our computer models a little bit more bullish on more significant snows. but we're not buying that yet. light accumulations possible then giving way to sun. cold in to early next week and overall the pattern in to january is cooler. we'll have
5:46 pm
half of the month. you say you love your smart phone but you've been on the fence about getting a smart watch. >> with more watches on the market and the gadgets growing in popularity, we wonder which ones are the best. consumer reports put the latest smart watches to the test. joe torres has the results. >> reporter: commercials for smart watches are seemingly everywhere. watches of all shapes, sizes and prices offer to count your steps, check your heart rate and display notifications. they tell time too. consumer reports put them through a variety of tests. the lab checks the durability of the cover glass by scratching it with picks of increasing hardness. consumer reports tests heart rate accuracy by comparing watches to its highest rated heart rate monitor. testers assess water resistance
5:47 pm
pressurized tank. the sony smart watch 3 failed the test and landed at the bottom of the consumer reports' ratings. at the top of the ratings the apple watch which starts at $550. >> the face doesn't scratch very easily and apple watch has caught up with androidware and pebble to allow apps to be developed by third parties. >> reporter: that means plenty of apps like omnifocus, a personal organizer app. a good less expensive choice, the $130 asus zen watch 2. unlike apple you can use it with a phone that runs on ios another option, the $350 samsung gear s2 which offers 3g so you don't have to stay tethered to your phone to receive calls and notifications. >> lee swears by his. coming up, a 9/11 controversy. 7 on your side
5:48 pm
died after he worked at ground zero. >> before we go to break, a look at more of the excitement in tonight's record powerball drawing. these are long lines for tickets at the california/nevada border. nevada is one of six states that does not participate so people there are having to cross state lines. >> i'm liz when it comes to all that powerball mania we're going to take you to the store that sells the most lottery tickets in new york.
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those who worked at ground zero during 9/11, now a widow is fighting to get the settlement checks he was owed. tonight she has important information for
5:52 pm
>> this widow says her husband never recovered physically or emotionally from his experience at ground zero. he was getting compensation for his suffering but she couldn't collect for their family after his death. >> on september 11th two planes crashed in to the twin towers. >> reporter: and my dad helped clean up the mess, wrote 11-year-old samantha buck. now a college graduate, her father, brian buck, is dead. >> he felt it was his obligation. he was a hero. he was our hero. >> reporter: her husband first helped recover victims, then for months worked hosing down the smoking pile of debris. he died five months ago. >> he couldn't breathe anymore. he lost about 100 pounds in a month. >> reporter: as a first responder, brian buck was receiving compensation for his 9/11 related illnesses. when he came, this final settlement check came for more than $3500. >> i went to our bank where we
5:53 pm
no, he's deceased. you can't cash that. >> reporter: she contacted a law firm to issue a new check in her late husband's estate instead. >> this is what the woman told me to do. write void on the check. i sent it return receipt. carlos signed for it on 10-6-2015. >> have you received a new check? >> never received anything. >> reporter: she says for three months she was ignored. >> shocked that lawyers who are supposed to be helping these sick people would treat the widow the way they treated me. >> reporter: in the meantime their home is facing foreclosure. >> my husband had no will. he had no life insurance. >> reporter: so we called the law firm and within hours the widow got a call from the firm which claimed it never received the original check back. >> i don't understand why you guys can't find that in your office. >> reporter: 24 hours later, a fedex with a check. >> thank you so much. you have
5:54 pm
>> the law firm said it needed to make sure liz beth was eligible to get her late husband's benefits and sent the check out as soon as that was verified. the victim compensation fund just got a big boost from the 75-year extension of the zadroga act. people sick need to be aware they have two years from the date of diagnosis of eligible cancers. >> you did a nice thing, as always. general electric moving its headquarters, a huge blow to connecticut and new york. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:55 pm
this is not real. >> charles baron heckled governor cuomo in the middle of the state of the state address. what had him so upset? >> the final rush is on for all of those dreaming big hoping to hit the $1.5 billion jackpot. first, one of connecticut's largest employers says it's moving its headquarters and relocating hundreds of workers. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. no way to spin this. an economic blow tonight to connecticut. general electric after four decades in that state is moving out. >> this afternoon ge announced its moving its headquarters and 800 jobs from fairfield to boston. new york made a push but it lost out too. >> eyes news reporter marcus solis in fairfield tonight with
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