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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> in the end it was massachusetts that made general electric an offer it couldn't refuse. they're moving and taking 800 jobs with it. >> sad day for connecticut. >> reporter: charles runs an insurance company and wonders what the impact will be now that general electric has made official what many feared. it's moving its corporate headquarters from fairfield to boston. >> that's a lot of jobs that are going to leave the state. that can't be good. so it's pretty sad. >> reporter: ge moved to fairfield in 1974. it's a global operation with over 300,000 employees but for 40 years connecticut had bragging rights that the $150 billion company was headquartered here. last year ge notified the state it was considering moving. its proximity was sited to 55 colleges and universities and an international airport as key factors now that the company is becoming more focused on technology. >> they had interest in being
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current campus that they moved to in 1974 which was designed for a different time. in our conversations they expressed frustration about inability that's happened in the new york job market or other highly technical job markets. >> reporter: still the news is a blow to the malloy administration which is fighting the perception connecticut's tax structure is antibusiness. the town of fairfield itself is affluent. the property taxes is only a tiny part of the budget. there is concern over the impact of losing 800 employees and their families. >> they don't all live in fairfield. they live throughout fairfield county. so every town is sitting here saying okay, how many employees will be moving from my town and what will the impact be on our real estate market? >> the concern is for the tax space and the impact on the school budget. >> that was marcus solis reporting from fairfield. from connecticut to brooklyn, where right now police are looking in to whether a
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killed a teenager was a gang-related revenge murder. newscopter7 in the east new york seck. an 18-year-old man shot in the head and killed. a 17-year-old shot in the arm, in stable condition. three people in custody. police say they've recovered a gun. the mother of a new york city police officer who was shot in the line of duty is speaking exclusively to eyewitness news about her son's close call. her son is in good spirits but anxious to return to patrol duty. officer sherrod stuart was shot by friendly fire by responding to a fight in the bronx that erupted in to a hail of bullets. stuart was shot in the ankle during the melee accidentally by a fellow officer. >> he's young. he's 25. he'll bounce back. he'll take some time and go through therapy but he's young and in good health. >> officer stuart is waiting to have a second surgery on his foot. he's expected to make a full recovery. two bank robbery suspects in custody tonight after a cross-count police pursuit on long island.
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county say it all started when the suspects held up a capital one bank in bayshore. officers pursuing them in to nassau county. crashed in to a police cruiser along the jericho turnpike. suspects fled on foot but didn't get far. at least 10 people out of their homes tonight after a fast moving fire in new jersey. flames breaking out overnight in a restaurant on the first floor of a building in irvington, quickly spreading to the apartments above. one of the residents woke up and banged on his neighbors' doors to get them out in time. fire investigators now combing through the rubble looking for the cause. new at 6:00, bold proposals from new york governor andrew cuomo ranging from billions for affordable housing to limiting the amount of outside income legislators can earn. mr. cuomo got emotional when he spoke about his father who died and his girlfriend who is recovering from best cancer. he also got heckled during his speech. our
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in albany. >> it was a long speech covering a lot of different issues but two big things that could affect a lot of us. first of all, paid family leave for all new yorkers. also the governor is now planning to spend a small fortunate on the homeless. >> reporter: the governor's speech began on a bit of a sour note. >> okay, okay, everybody sees you. >> reporter: assemblyman charles baron disrupted him, shouting from the floor, but he was quickly escorted out. on the bigger issues, the governor saluted his father who died a year ago saying he wish he had spent more time with him. now the governor is pushing for 12 weeks of paid family leave for all new yorkers. for a pregnant mom or someone who needs to care for a sick parent. >> we should be there one for another, especially in a family environment. let's pass family leave this session. >> reporter: on the issue of
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$10 billion over five years to help with their housing and he wants the city controller to constantly audit troubled city shelters. the mayor wasn't complaining. >> if the audit is complimentary to that effort, that's perfectly acceptable. what we lacked in the past was the resources to help us fix the problems again on first blush now the resources will be there. >> reporter: in the last week the governor has touted new projects like a new laguardia and new penn station. conservatives say christmas was over last month. >> i don't know where he's going to get the money from. i don't believe most of the projects will ever get done or finish. >> reporter: on a $15 an hour minimum wage, republicans vow a fight but the governor not relenting. >> it's going to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs. it's going to sacrifice those jobs on the alter of the special interest of the family. >> pay a real decent wage. >> reporter: one proposal in the governor's budget could
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is a cut in funding to both cuni and medical reimbursements. were they on some sort of spy mission or did they simply run in to mechanical problems? we might never really know why 10 u.s. sailors in two shallow iranian waters. it's clear there's a new detaunt. shirleen allicot is here with the latest. >> that swift response quickly defusing what could have been an international crisis, this coming days before iran is expected to meet the last summer's nuclear deal. with $100 billion on the line, that may have a lot to do with why this did not escalate. >> reporter: american sailors with their hands up surrounded by iranian soldiers inspecting
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this video shows the terrifying moments when nine men and one woman were detained after allegedly drifting in to iranian waters. in an interview, apparently taken just before their release, one of the sailors admits to what he calls a mistake. >> it was a misunderstanding. we did not mean to go in to iranian territory water. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the video appears authentic but don't have many details about the circumstances surrounding the interview. the sailors had been traveling from kuwait to bahrain when the iranians say the navigation equipment on one of the boats failed, resulting in what they called an intrusion. today those sailors are safe and back in american custody. >> i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. >> reporter: the incident's timing particularly delicate, happening during the state of the union address and coming days before the deal where the u.s. plans to unfreeze $100
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critics of the deal like governor christie blasted the white house at a town hall saying this incident shows how little respect they have for obama. >> as for the sailors, the navy says the crew is in qatar, currently undergoing the reintegration process. they added what really matters is that the sailors are back and they are safe. a rough day for investors on wall street again as stocks suffered major losses today. the dow plunged 364 points. the nasdaq is down 159. and the s&p 500 fell 48 points. cold day on wall street. a cold day here as well. another bitterly cold day. >> it's so uncomfortable out there. but there are some changes, right, lee? >> no doubt about it. welcome changes. a little snow last night. a lot of cold tonight. still a bite ing wind although it's -- biting wind although it's backing off. are your 6:00 temperature in new york city is
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18. we'll let you know when the wind dies down and when more snow may fall in the 7-day forecast coming up. >> in less than five hours from now we could have a new billionaire in this country. we check the final rush to buy powerball tickets and one of the busiest stores in the state. >> the red hot knicks take on the not so red hot nets. will
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the chance to win free money. for so many it's a remarkable and strong attraction. why is it that so many people are going loco over lotto? >> i can't imagine why. perhaps it's the $1.5 billion jackpot. the biggest in history about by 250%. and even people who would never dream of playing, they're buying up tickets. in fact up to a billion tickets have been sold. >> michelle charlesworth at penn station where she checked out new york's busiest retailer. >> it's been a great day. so many people coming through. we are at world books down stairs in penn station which sells the most lottery tickets in all of new york state. i've got to tell you people are acting salty and they are confident. >> i don't know why they're here because the number is mine. >> five different lines in which you can buy a ticket.
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>> five different people selling tickets but one winner. me. did you ever hug a billionaire? [ laughter ] >> that was a little crafty. i respect that . >> reporter: it's the end of the day and what people hope will signal the end of their working life. >> i would enjoy myself really and my kids, and my kids' kids and my grand kids. >> people you'll never meet. >> and i'm changing my name. >> i would give them two weeks' notice. but i would call in sick every day. no, i'm just kidding. >> reporter: just to give you some idea where the store is, we're down here in penn station downstairs between new jersey transit and the lirr. this place is called world books. mostly what they sell is cards. and this sign is still cracking me up. 999. they can't fit $1.5 billion on there but i bet it will fit in your pocket. mr. jay patel has owned world books for years and seen winners come and go.
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no. he plays. >> i have everything. i don't have to buy. i have car, house, good family, my son is doctor. my daughter-in-law is doctor. >> look at you. but you still buy a ticket. >> take a chance. >> how much do you love commuting through penn station? >> oh, my god, it's what i think about doing every single day. i love it so much. i would miss it immensely. >> not , not. if nobody wins tonight, it jumps to $2 billion saturday. let's get her done. i want to be a billionaire so very bad. back to you, liz and bill. >> i like that you got going there. >> don't tell her the odds are stagger ing against her. don't spoil it. >> a reminder, you can catch
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drawing tonight right before eyewitness news at 11:00. we'll be repeating those numbers throughout the half hour. you can see the drawing on the watch abc app as well as on abc7ny. straight ahead at 6:00, yes, it's cold enough for a cuddle alert but we're not talking about people. we're talking about goats. it's good though. >> cuddling with goats? >> we'll explain what it means next. >> and lee returns with much more on how much we're going to
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cold. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone,
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time for the ultimate cuddle alert. a farm in virginia looking for people who are willing to cuddle and snuggle with about 90 newborn baby goats. baby goats, also called kids, need to be bottle fed about four times a day and kept warm. in return farm workers say the volunteers will
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course they'll get to cuddle. >> i nominate you. >> will they let me off the air to do this? >> i think they'd be happy. >> i can run down to virginia, come back in time for the 6:00. [ laughter ] meanwhile, it's freezing out there tonight. >> really been impacted by this cold. >> i'm just not used to it i think. right? >> how long have you lived in new york? >> i know. >> outside we go. we have a cold evening. winds starting to die down. very chilly. everybody is bund led up. sidewalks a little chilly tonight. temperature at 6:00 is 26. the air is dry. west r lae -- westerly wind still gusting over 20. running 10 degrees below our average. couple flurries tomorrow morning. even a snow shower north and west. then we're forecasting a wet start to the weekend. numbers on long island, middle 20s. 26 in merrick.
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in poughkeepsie, 25 in belmar. wind chills generally in the 10 to 20-degree range. we have a single wind chill at 6. peak wind gusts near 40 miles per hour west hampton. we started the day in the single digits. now not all stations reporting gusts. they'll continue to diminish still seeing gusts over 20 miles per hour 8:00 then 8 to 18 by midnight. also clouds are going to increase tonight. couple snow showers predawn hours. maybe slippery spots of the north and west. clouds will break up quickly by the end of the morning commute then partial sunshine for the rest of the day and in the mid and upper 30s, won't feel as harsh. heavy coat in the morning and it's not as biting as we go through the middle of the day. clear skies right now but clouds are increasing to the west. little disturbances bringing snow showers. this is going to come eastward along the throughway and probably roll through our area tomorrow morning. watch the futurecast here. teens and 20s tomorrow night.
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snow showers come in. this just updated and looks a little bit more robust than it did a couple hours ago. couple flurries and snow showers. dry near the ground. it may look worse on radar than it actually ends up being but might be a couple slippery spots and snow showers. just the wrong time as we head to the morning commute. it will quickly depart and we'll have partly sunny skies during the afternoon and temperatures get in the mid and upper 30s. 23 tonight. diminishing wind. late snow shower . early flurries. clouds give way to sun, 38. partly cloudy tomorrow night on your 7-day. partial sunshine tomorrow. a lot of clouds. 47 on friday. on saturday i think we have decent amount of rain early on but it does look like that rain will leave the scene as we go through middle of the day. maybe even sun in the afternoon hours. sunday is colder. clouds increase in the afternoon. maybe a late flurry and now it's looking like we'd have light accumulation late sunday night in to monday. it's a holiday. but monday morning travel will be a little tricky with accumulating snow. doesn't look
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>> she'll put a jacket on. rob powers up next with sports. >> ready for game night. tonight's knicks-nets game in brooklyn may be missing one very important piece of the puzzle. carmelo anthony had to leave last night's game at the garden. we found out his availability for this game at the barclays center. funny thing happened on
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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the nets maybe at one point thought they'd be a little closer. >> tonight they just might be. we shall see . teams headed in opposite directions head right for each other. carmelo anthony
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in last night's game at the garden. he steps on the ref's foot, rolls an ankle. he went back to the locker room, got retaped, came back out to give it a go but he was still uncomfortable. x-rays were negative but he's still hurting and will not play against the nets tonight. >> so melo will be out tonight. hope to have him back by saturday night but we'll go without him tonight and still try to come out here and prepare ourselves to try to win a game. >> what an effort last night for the knicks at home against the celtics. maybe their best home game in years. anthony was out. chrisops porzingis scored 26 points. he gets in foul trouble late. arron afflalo stood tall, so did jared grant. the knicks have won five of their last six. and then we have the nets. interim coach tony brown gets another look at his team. he shuffled the lineup last time out. nets lost to the knicks by 17 last month. everybody is getting fat on the nets.
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last win in brooklyn was over a month ago. a tough time to meet the surging knicks. >> we were obviously very motivated but i think we'll be extra ready. going to be no lack of adrenaline. >> just get a win. i think that's the biggest motivation that we're focused and locked in. >> we'll have highlights of the game tonight. steve tish was quoted as saying he hopes to have the team's head coaching position filled by the end of the week. they hoped to interview hugh jackson but he jackson job. now the browns have their sixth coach since 2008. yikes. big nfl weekend coming up. division playoff round . the ben roethlisberger admitting yesterday he has a sprained throwing shoulder and a couple torn ligaments.
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steelers hope roethlisberger will be able to play sunday afternoon. >> just standing here feels fine. obviously it was pretty painful during the game. just take it day by day but probably hour by hour really. yesterday the nfl made some dreams come true when it gave the rams the green light to move from st. louis to los angeles. the cardinals left in '87. the rams this year. here's the scene outside the rams dome in st. louis today. fans leaving their rams jerseys, their pennants, whatever. one of them had a note pinned to it that said take this with you. don't come back. now combining three of our favorite things. basketball, football, and white t-shirts. andrew clark lines up in pistol formation. andrew drops back, throws a hail mary. we've all tried this at one time or another. andrew made it work. finally
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still looking for help with your powerball numbers, the rangers have a suggestion. they tweeted this earlier today. it's their retired numbers hanging from the rafters at the garden. again, just a suggestion from the rangers. >> it's one of the 85% of the combinations or 97% that have not been used yet. >> i tweeted liz back. so you're saying there's a chance? >> right , there's 15% left. coming up tonight, the makers of a popular maker of lip balm in a class action lawsuit. a commuter alert on one of new york's busiest subway lines. could the l train stop running for years? that's tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. eyewitness news returns at 11:00 right after the $1.5 billion powerball drawing. we'll have those numbers for you. >> it's a billion and a half
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