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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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honduras when the bus they were in lost control. we are live at columbia university. >> attackers set off explosions at a starbucks in indonesia overnight that lead to gun battles with police. five attackers and two other people have been killed. >> it was a moment millions of people have been waiting for, the powerball drawing. we now know this morning that -- where the winning jackpot tickets were sold. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> they were not sold here, just so you know. >> i'm rob nelson filling in for ken rosato. thanks for being with us. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> happy thursday to you. good morning. here we go. cloudy skies. flurries around. 24 degrees will be your 6:00 temperature this morning. up the hudson river valley, temperatures around 20. kingston, poughkeepsie, 18 and
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there are the snow showers we are talking about on 684, i- 287, i-95 and across the l.i.e. so cold it will be a fluffy flurry. 33 degrees at noontime. 38 this afternoon with sunshine. we turn the corner to warmer weather. it's warmer tomorrow into the 40s. we talk about that next. heather has all kinds of stuff. we talk about the connecticut turnpike northbound side 17 to 18 a tractor trailer fire being cleared away. this is something you want to think about for the weekend since it's a for most. major construction project, harlem river drive ramps to and from the harlem river bridge will have closures. george washington bridge southbound on the harlem river drive the ramp will be closed. northbound one lane open. this is supposed to start tomorrow evening and last until at least monday. now, we are finding that we have construction still with us
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to the 60s. two lanes are closed down. new jersey transit long island railroad, metro north doing fine. brooklyn bridge is completely reopened into manhattan. street cleaning rules are in effect today. lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. a volunteer mission to help poor people in honduras ended tragically when a bus crashed and fell into a ravine. two students from columbia university and barnard college as well as a u.s. health care worker were killed. 12 other americans were injured. eight are in critical condition. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in morningside heights. dray? >> reporter: good morning, lori. both columbia and barnard college are both out on winter break. classes resume next week. these are some of the students that decided to spend part of their break doing goodwill. suddenly on the way back home
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it was a mission of mercy that ended in tragedy. two student volunteers and u.s. health care worker in honduras to help the poor were killed in a bus crash now blamed on mechanical failure. the ride to the airport for the flight home ended with the bus veering off the road and plunging at least 260 feet into a ravine near the honduran capitol. all 30 passengers on the bus were from columbia and barnard college, members of the university medical brigade. daniella moffson died and olivia erhardt. at least a dozen more on the bus were injured. eight are in critical condition including heather bender from scarsdale. columbus university is sending both medical supplies and personnel to honduras to provide on site help for those
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live in morningside heights this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. breaking news out of indonesia. it is all about terror. jakarta was rocked by explosions and gunfire. seven people killed, four attackers. suicide bombers targeted a starbucks and a gas station came under attack. there were open gun battles in the streets while people watched from office towers. ten people were wounded. there were repeated warnings of attacks by islamic militants since november. news of the terror attacks sent stocks sliding in asia. markets are down in taiwan, japan and hong kong. futures are up this morning following huge losses wednesday. the dow starts at 16,151. you may not care about the stock market, someone is not
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this is the story everyone is talking about. the powerball. three winning tickets were sold at the historic $1.5 billion drawing. none was sold in our area. yeah, get up and go to work. winners in california, florida and tennessee. here is the good news. we had several second prize winners in the tri-state area. take a look at the winning numbers. minutes after the winning numbers were announced, a huge crowd appeared at the store in california that sold one of the winning tickets. lauren lister is live at that store in chino hills. good morning, lauren. a lot of activity at that store today? >> reporter: yeah, rob. someone who shopped at this southern california 7-eleven is one of 292 million. those were the odds of winning the powerball jackpot.
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say a winning ticket was sold here. >> can you believe it. a world record jackpot coming to you right now. >> reporter: the more than billion dollar moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. the winning powerball numbers. >> reporter: that moment changing the life of a powerball winner that bought one of the tickets here at this chino hills 7 he leavened. crowds of people showing up last night after it was revealed. >> happy, excited. >> like we won even though we didn't because the community won. >> reporter: call it a sign of powerball fever sweeping the nation. tickets ahead of the drawing selling at $1.3 million a minute during rush hour. >> winner. >> reporter: drawing long lines, inspiring people to
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powerball free nevada into
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on our web site at abc7ny and on our social media pages as well. just before the kick off of primary season, republican hopefuls will meet once again on the debate stage. fox business network is hosting tonight's debate. it's -- the lineup on -- the results of recent polling. the debate comes as donald trump faces a rising challenge from ted cruz, particularly in iowa. rand paul and carly fiorina were cut from the primary stage. big sports news. the giants are keeping it in the family as they have hired a head coach to replace tom coughlin. ben mcadoo will head the team. he was on the green bay packer staff where he won a super bowl ring five years ago. he is the second youngest head
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an official announcement is expected soon. good morning, coach. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist billy evans. >> i like the sound of that. taking a look from the roof camera. central park south to the left with wollman rink. we have cloudy skies, flurries out there, too. maybe not able to see them on the live picture but this morning, 24 degrees at 6:00. here are the flurries we are talking about. cutting across sussex, warren, passaic, bergen, through the five boroughs across long island. these are lake effect snows making flurries are gone by 8:00. sun is out at 10:00. 25 by the time we get to the end of lunch hour and 38 this afternoon. at the bus stop, you can meet the huckleberries.
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three out of four huckleberries will be there. like the four out of five dentists surveyed. after school today, 38. that will feel good. they will still be there. >> we are also there. there. >> i will definitely be there. this is the fdr doing fine we had earlier construction project picked up and put away. let's go to the maps. vehicle fire extinguished on the connecticut turnpike northbound 17 into 18. as you travel to mass transit times, looking fine new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north. subway service on or close to schedule. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. rob and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," disturbing new details this morning own a
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a mother, father and two daughters died in monday night's blast outside of cleveland. investigators say all four victims were killed instantly. neighbors say the explosion in north field center township was so powerful it shook homes throughout the area. a suspect is in custody this morning in the murder of an american woman in italy. police say an african immigrant from senegal is being questioned in the strangulation death of 35-year-old ashley olson. her naked body was discovered over the weekend in her apartment in florence. an autopsy shows she was strangled with a cord or rope. the suspect was denied on dna evidence found at the scene. the first lawsuit against malaysia airlines for the disappears of flight 370 have been filed in the u.s. the flight vanished two years ago. 239 passengers and crew were on board.
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from a piece of a wing, has not been found. the statute of limitations for filing a claim against the airline is early march. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill evans outside the studio on the upper west side. >> good morning, gang. here we go. we start the day with what will be flurries out here. can you see them out here? they are fine flurries. the temperature is on the cold side. these flurries are small. they are making their way across the five boroughs this morning. that's okay. come on buy. nice to see you. good morning, here we go. take a look outside. skies are cloudy, flurries, high yesterday of 30. normal high is 31. a cold morning out here. temperature. wind. morning. we are looking at a few flurries.
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threw, 287, i-95 in connecticut, merritt parkway. these are fine flurries. be on the lookout for that. you have to clear the car. by 8:00, 9:00 this morning, those are gone. the sun is out. a nice day with less wind. temperature 38. it will feel better today, not as harsh or cold without the wind out there. temperatures will start to warm up tomorrow. we get into the upper 40s friday with cloudy skies. look at the futurecast as we get to friday night and saturday. 2:00 a.m. saturday. here comes rain. rain on saturday morning. up in the catskills, that will mix with ice and snow. so,ing skiing this weekend up to hunter mountain, up to upstate new york and doing skiing up that way, rain in massachusetts, too. it will be warm. you will have that mix, el nino season. the sun comes out late in the day on saturday. a cold start to the day. we look at temperature warming to 38.
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a c. it's normal for this time of the year. tomorrow we got sunshine, 47. it's cloudy by late in the day. temperatures are upper 40s to near 50. the rain saturday morning. 48 and sunny saturday colder sunday. tonight partly cloudy skies. tonight -- tomorrow is a nice day, mild 49 degrees. 11 warmer than normal for this time of the year. day forecast. saturday we have the rain in the morning then we got sun in the afternoon. then it's back to chilly on sunday. sunshine on sunday, high 37 and 32 on monday and tuesday. i don't know if you heard it or not but there is a dog barking out here. >> hard not to hear. >> come on over. i know, it's thursday. nobody ever feeds this dog. sir, what is your name.
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that's my buddy. that is maximus, maximus el chompo, maximoose. he has been in hiding. now he is out. >> all right, thank you, bill. >> you guys have a great day. problems on the m trains, m for maximus. problems at metropolitan avenue. service is suspended between metropolitan avenue and myrtle. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing fine. 46 east in teterboro near green street an accident. then going over here to the connecticut turnpike, as you head north, exit 17 to 18 we have a tractor trailer fire being cleared away. major construction projecting on, harlem river ramps this weekend and next weekend. plan accordingly. street cleaning rules are in effect. over to you. >> thank you. skype is celebrating a decade in business with a feature that users have been
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>> indeed, reena ninan and kendis gibson report. >> in techbytes, skype celebrating the 10th anniversary with a brand-new call fee tire. users will be able to conduct free video conference calls from the mobile twices. the feature will roll out in the coming weeks for ios, android and windows mobile devices. >> ford unveiled a concierge service. >> you can book advanced parking and arrange ride sharing trips. >> you can take a tour of the world's largest model railway exhibit without leaving home. >> google maps captured every tiny detail of the miniature wonderland in hamburg, germany. consists of 8,000 miles of track. this reminds me of mr. rogers neighborhood. >> those are techbytes. >> have a great day, everyone. all right. still ahead on "eyewitness news
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a popular lip balm company is the class-action lawsuit. she said the lips felt like sandpaper hours after using it. the suit claims the product created severe rashes, bleeding, blistering and cracking to the users lips. the suit filed by mark geragos asks for damages and demands corrective advertising.
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moving the global headquarters up to boston. the company has been based in fairfield for more than 40 years and employs about 800 people. ge announced in june it took issue with planned increases on corporations in connecticut. ge will keep many workers in the state and continue working with various suppliers throughout connecticut. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> a few snowflakes out here. a few flakes falling around as you see here. that will be through the morning here for another hour or so. then we will see these flakes winding down about 8:00 this morning. you see on the accutrack radar, some back up to the hudson river valley.
6:25 am
not the heavy wet ones to slippery up the roadway. a light wind over the next several hours and the next 7 to be precise. temperatures warming above the freezing mark by the time we get to lunch hour then this afternoon a sunny 38 degrees. m trains have been repaired. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north on or close to schedule. we had an accident on 46 and teterboro eastbound near green street. that has been cleared away. on the connecticut turnpike, as you go northbound, around exit 17, 18 you have a vehicle fire being extinguished and cleared away. minor delays george washington bridge. ten minutes apiece at the lincoln and holland inbound. major construction projects starting this weekend 10:00, midnight. i don't have the precise time yet. harlem river ramps to the george washington bridge, big construction project.
6:26 am
effect. lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. just a couple of hours away now and we will know who is in the running for an oscar this year. you can watch the big announcements live. then the oscars on february 28th here on channel 7. >> closing in on 6:30. heart break at columbia university. three students were killed in a horrific bus crash in honduras. we are live at you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. mb a tragic accident lead to the deaths of three columbia and barnard students. >> huge celebrations in california overnight with word that it did sell one of three
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$1.5 billion powerball jackpot. find out where the other two tickets were sold. >> it will be a cold start to the day. we have spotted flurries. a warm up is on the way. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm rob nelson filling in for ken rosato. thanks for being with us. it's thursday, january 14th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> flurries, temperatures in the 20s. be on the lookout for that just as you walk on sidewalks or getting out there. you might have to scrape off the windshield on the car. massapequa and north port 24. down the jersey shore 23 degrees. here is the accutrack radar. 287 and across the l.i.e. and northern state parkway.
6:30 am
it's nice actually. it's warmer, into the 40s tomorrow. we will talk about that and the weekend, too. how is it going? behind me you can see low visibility on the new york state thruway because of a snow squall reported. i want to remind you to use caution and expect delays on the new york state thruway through rockland county and the palisades mall and we have another snow squall reported in new canaan. m trains switch problems repaired. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing fine. 46 going east at green street the accident has been cleared away. and on the connecticut turnpike north on exit 17 that vehicle fire is just about extinguished and cleared away. they have to remove it from the roadway. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. rob, lori, over to you. >> thank you. the moment of truth has arrived.
6:31 am
splitting the historic $1.5 billion jackpot. >> overnight we learned the winning tickets were sold not here but in california, florida and tennessee. here are the winning numbers: there was one two million dollar ticket sold in new jersey. also nine one million dollar tickets sold in jersey, new york and connecticut. mallory hoff is live at one of the winning stores in long island city. mallory? >> good morning. one million dollars not too shabby at all. i want to show you the person that purchased the ticket for one million dollars, they walked down the street into this convenient store and purchased the ticket valued at $1 million. you have to imagine they will
6:32 am
other folks who are happy today, those three jackpot winners. >> reporter: they were chanting chino hills, chino hills, chino hills. that was the scene early this morning. a crowd gathered outside of a 7- eleven. that's where one of the three jackpot winning tickets was sold. that store could receive up to $1 million, a bonus for selling the winning ticket. >> i am very happy. >> take a good look at this map of winning tickets in our area that matched five numbers but not that powerball. in new jersey a one million
6:33 am
new jersey a 2 million power play ticket was sold. three stores in connecticut sold winning one million dollar tickets. five sold in new york state. one in nassau county, three in queens and one in rockland county. what you need to do right now is pull out the lotto ticket and check the numbers. that is what matters this morning. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. stay with eyewitness news and abc news as we learn more about the big jackpot winners and the smaller prices in the tri- state. we will keep you up to date at abc7ny and on our social media pages. breaking news from indonesia. terrorist guns and bombs rocked the city of jakarta.
6:34 am
starbucks is closing all of its stores after three suicide bombers targeted one of its cafes. that was followed by open street battles. one attacker was seen firing as he passed crowds on a motorcycle. five attackers and two other people are dead. 20 have been wounded. bodies could be seen lying around a police station and a popular shopping center. the bloody rampage came after repeated warnings from police that militants were planning something big. the the columbia university community is coming together this morning with word that three people on a mission help the poor in honduras have died. dray clark is live at columbia in morningside heights. good morning, dray. >> good morning, rob. the students left on a mission to make a difference and they did that helping the poor in honduras. unfortunately and sadly on the way back home, the bus they were riding on suddenly took a deadly plunge. authorities in honduras blame
6:35 am
crash that killed two student volunteers and a u.s. health care worker from columbia university and barnard college. the bus feared off the road and fell 260 feet into a ravine near the honduras capitol. they were heading for a flight home after a mission helping poor hondurans. all were members of the university's medical brigade. daniel that moffson was one killed along with olivia erhardt and abigail flanagan from columbia presbyterian. a dozen more were injured and eight are in critical condition including heather bender from scarsdale. columbia university is sending medical supplies as well as personnel to honduras to provide on site support for those students who are there injured. live in morningside heights this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray.
6:36 am
airing an apology from one of the u.s. soldiers detained for intruding into iranian waters. the sailor caused the -- calls the intrusion a mistake. he offers an apology. the comments were made before the sailors were set free. u.s. central command is looking into whether the crew was under a threat at the time. new video from police this morning showing two men wanted for robbing livery cab drivers in brooklyn. the first late night robbery was december 6th at surf and 35th street and the second a few days later on bay bridge avenue. in both cases, they stole the driver's phone and cash. if you recognize the men, call police. the suspect accused of raping a 10-year old girl in brooklyn is a waiting extradition in minnesota. the nypd had been searching for 24-year-old edwin caizaguano
6:37 am
they say he raped the girl in a home in bushwick. he was tracked down monday in st. paul. the suspect accused of ambushing a philadelphia police officer says that at the was acting in the name of islam. now the fbi is calling the shooting a terror attack. officer jesse harnett was hurt when he was shot three times inside his patrol car last week. investigators say edwin archer conferenced -- confessed to the shooting. his mother said he was hearing voices and felt targeted by police. let's go back over to bill. >> we look outside and we got cloudy skies, flurries around. this will last for a few more hours as we get past down and up to about 8:00. you can see the steam off the buildings and power planting straight up. virtually a calm wind this morning to the east side.
6:38 am
thank you for joining us. 24 degrees. flurries and a light west wind as the flurries come across this morning. they will last another hour or so. along 95, goes l.i.e. coating the roadways. heather was showing me it on her traffic camera. we will see it go away by 8:00, 9:00. noontime 33. then into the upper 30s later on this afternoon. tonight the temperatures will hold above freezing and be warmer overnight tonight. kids, good day after school. it's warmer by afternoon tomorrow, near 50. we will talk about that next. >> heather is looking at the commute. snow on the roads. >> if you are getting up this morning and you head out the door in rockland county, take a look. you can see the marks from the tires of the cars. there is snow really falling on the ground up there. use caution. we will go to the maps and, again, this is the new york state thruway in rockland
6:39 am
to the tappan zee. use caution. then as you go on to the connecticut turnpike, northbound side, earlier truck fire. fire cleared. now snow is falling up there as well. use caution. m trains switching problems metropolitan avenue. they have been repaired. new jersey transit, long island railroad doing fine. minor delays george washington bridge, 10 to 15. street cleaning rules are in effect today. >> thank you, heather. still ahead this morning, the search for a dangerous group of muggers caught on
6:40 am
one week after the alleged rape of an 18-year-old inside a park, all five suspects have been charged. travis beckford is facing several charges including rape and sex abuse. four other suspects will be in court tomorrow.
6:41 am
a gun to scare off the victim's father thursday in the brownsville section then raping the 18-year-old young woman. defense attorneys are arguing the sex was consensual. a search is on for a group of violent muggers after an attack was caught on camera. you can see them grab him. it happened in the williamsburg bridge section. if you have any information, call police. we still have not heard back from the mta over possible plans to shut down the l train as a way to make repairs following superstorm sandy. the mta is reportedly mulling over the options to repair the l trains tunnels in canarsie. one plan would shut it down for up to three years. next. square. >> lori stokes, good morning to you.
6:42 am
have been talking about, the powerball fever. the enormous 1 1/2 billion jack spot. we will be live at the winning locations as people turn out to celebrate the lucky meet them as well. donald trump losing his cool on the campaign trail. we will have the details on that. huge day in hollywood. counting down to the oscar nominations. nominees will be announced this morning. we are live in los angeles. i wish you could see our crew. they are in suction comped doze and it looks like prom night. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bye bill evans now. >> our flurries are gone, dog nab bit. they are nice for a while.
6:43 am
now a look outside and what is happening. we have cloudy skies. still flurries around. it's 24 degrees. humidity at 51%. light wind as opposed to the gnarly nasty mean wind we had yesterday. yesterday's high was 30. normal 38. we will be at normal today. 70 the record high in about 32 -- in '32. days are getting longer, daylight hours by two minutes a day. winds diminished. normal temperatures today. tomorrow warmer. a shot at rain saturday morning. then bitter cold for next week. 18 to 21 across northern new jersey. winds are light out of the west. we have 35, 40 miles per hour wind gusts we don't have that today. we have flurries today.
6:44 am
these are lake effect flurries up the thruway, 287. but you see back to the west partly cloudy skies. that will come in today and for the afternoon. so, as we get through the afternoon, 20s this morning. upper 30s to lower to mid-30s to the north. tomorrow temperatures start in the mid-30s. some spots hit 50. rain on the way. we will get sun later in the day saturday and temperatures milder in the upper 40s. you may have flurries in your hood. i give it a c. 47 tomorrow. that will be a great start to the weekend. saturday morning rain and then
6:45 am
mild at 48. colder air filters in. that is normal. colder as we get into next week. tomorrow it will be well above normal. normal 38 and we are at 49. rain saturday morning. sunshine 48 saturday afternoon. sunday we will be around 37 and in the freezing mark next week with temperatures in the low to mid-20s. we are not looking at any snow any time soon. happy thursday. >> thank you, bill. >> another look at the commute. >> so, we have somebody right over here on the northern state parkway working very hard to clean up this debris here that was caused by this car here and this car right over here. two-car accident on the northern state parkway. you can see they are trying to get the debris out of the roadway then they will reopen all lanes.
6:46 am
northern state parkway west near exit 30, i.u. willets road. switching problems or back on the m trains. expect delays. long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north on or close. five minutes inbound george washington bridge. lincoln inbound 20. alternate sides are in effect today. lori and rob, over to you. >> thank you, heather. we love this story. 20 minutes of happiness lead to a few more minutes of fame for the workers at a jersey restaurant who thought they had won the powerball. >> some of the employees at grissinis appeared on jimmy kimmel live. they thought they won the jackpot before realizing their numbers matched last wednesday's drawing. their boss said some workers didn't exactly give two weeks
6:47 am
>> this guy, diego, a customer wanted him to get a car and he said get your own car r. >> he said the dishwasher quit on the spot, through the to well down. but they were back hard at work last night because clearly they didn't win. no word whether the 400 tickets they bought for last night's drawing produced any big winners. >> they won publicity. >> they did. they gave tony's restaurant some extra life. the video of the workers celebrating for about 20 minutes is one of the most viewed on our web site, abc7ny. they posted it -- we have posted it on our facebook page as well. >> watch jimmy kimmel live weeknights on channel 7 and the watch abc app following "eyewitness news at 11:00." glad jimmy had the guys on. remember his roots in the tri- state. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," caught on camera. boulder blast.
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[text message alert] [texting] [crashing]
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new video that shows an explosion that helped clear a giant boulder blocking a california highway. the huge rock rolled on to the
6:51 am
crews drilled holes, filled them with dynamite and blasted it into a bunch of pieces. problem solved. a connecticut mom is using social media to send a strong antibullying message to the kids picking on her 6th grade son. >> mary ann posted this message on facebook after her 11-year- old told his teacher it's okay, i'm used to bullying. the message includes pictures of her son whose premature birth lead to early development issues. she wrote, quote, there is not one person he doesn't like or love including those who tormented him. i strive to be more like him daily but fall very short. >> awesome. some lucky people are waking up very rich. >> count your money. >> we will have an update on
6:52 am
three local college students were killed in honduras. >> dray clark is live at columbia university. good morning, dray. >> reporter: good morning. students were in honduras as part of the university medical brigade. they were on their way back to the airport heading home when
6:53 am
veered off the road and plunged 260 feet into a ravine. two students from columbia university in barnard college were killed as well as a nurse practitioner from columbia presbyterian. a dozen more students were injured. eight are in critical condition. authorities blame a mechanical condition for the bus crash. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. last night's winning powerball jackpot tickets were sold in california, florida and tennessee. all is not lost for the tri- state area. ten tickets worth one million apiece were sold in new jersey, new york and connecticut. >> we just confirmed one of the winning tickets in florida was sold at a publix grocery store in melbourne beach. if you have any relatives down there, call and tell them you love them. >> get on a plane and head out there and tell them you love them when you get there. >> exactly. over to the maps, we have
6:54 am
northern state parkway near exit 30, i.u. willets. the accident pushed to the shoulder. m trains switching problems at metropolitan avenue. expect delays. >> thank you, heather. let's look outside. flurries this morning. you say dray's live shot. ferries are working. 24 degrees. this feels better than yesterday when we had the winds down to 10. sunshine, 38 today. 49 tomorrow. rain early saturday. sunshine and chilly saturday. >> that's the news for now. i'm rob nelson filling in for ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. up next "good morning america." we will hear the nominations
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