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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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island city with a look at the local folks who won. mallory? >> reporter: good afternoon. we are inside one of those lucky shops right now. this is the first time this shop has sold a lucky powerball ticket. i want to show you this right here. this is the machine used to print that very lucky winning ticket and the managers here tell me here, well, they only bought one ticket. a grocery convenience store in long island city sold a powerball ticket enough to shabby one million dollars. >> a great store. i wish he sold me the ticket. >> not this time. this guy is in the same boat. >> you bought a ticket here. >> yes. >> reporter: did you check it. >> not a winner. >> reporter: the manager spoke about the winning numbers. did anyone look particularly lucky. >> i don't know. maybe one ticket, i don't know. >> it's all luck. so very lucky to get that ticket.
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winning tickets in our area that matched five numbers but not the powerball. in new jersey, a one million dollar ticket was sold also purchased in new jersey, a two million ticket. in that case the winnings were multiplied by the power play. there were 5 million-dollar tickets sold in new york state, one in nassau county, three in queens and one in rockland county. does a winning ticket by a store more luck? >> a lot of people will come here and buy more tickets. >> reporter: back out live you can see the managers are waiting for whoever it is to drop by, say hello. these gentlemen, well, they are doing what anyone would want to do, check the numbers. in the meantime, as the managers wait for this lucky
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drop by for a cup of coffee on them. live in long island city, eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. turning to other news, we are learning more about the three people connected to columbia university that were killed in a bus crash in honduras. one was a nurse practitioner and two others were students. they were on a bus filled with program. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in upper manhattan outside of columbia university with more. dray? >> reporter: good afternoon, diana. it was a mission in three central american countries helping the poor. suddenly the situation turned tragic when a bus they were riding on lost control and crashed. this is what was left of the bus carrying 30 passengers
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into a ravine on a hillside in honduras. columbia senior daniella moffson, olivia erhardt and a student and practitioner at columbia presbyterian hospital were killed. flan that began was travel wearing her 19-year-old son who was injured. her sister-in-law spoke briefly. >> she was doing what she sams does, what is best for everybody. >> reporter: they were all members of a volunteer group working in honduras as part of clumps global right gates that provides medical support to poor and struggling people around the world. after a successful mission, the volunteers from columbia and barnard college were heading to catch a flight home when the bus veered off the road and crashed. a dozen more students on the bus were hurt. eight have critical injuries including heather bender from scarls dale. lee bollinger released a statement confirming the deadly scent
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the greater because these individuals were dedicating their passion and very special talents to serving those in need. the students who suffered minor injuries are returning back to the u.s. for those still suffering with serious injuries, columbia is sending supplies and a medical staff to make sure the students receive the best in quality care. and investigators in honduras blame a mechanical failure for the bus crash. live in morningside heights, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray. a group affiliated with isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in indonesia's capitol. five attackers set off suicide bombs outside of a starbucks cafe. then they got in a gun battle with officers. horrified workers in an office building watched as the bullets flew for nearly five hours. a witness describes the chaotic scene.
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western getting out of the car. we basically rushed into the building. then a third bomb went off. went up to the office on the 10th floor and we are on lockdown in the office building. then a fourth, fifth then sixth and small arms fire in the street in front of the building. >> the five attackers and two innocent bystanders were killed. 20 people were injured. turkey has attacked isis days after a suicide bombing in istanbul. after visiting the blast site, the prime minister said turkey's military hit in iraq and syria. attacks on the turkish border killed 200 members of isis. suicide bombing in istanbul happened near the blue mosque which is popular with tourists. ten were killed, most german nationals. new video released of a suspect wanted for inappropriately touching a 12- year-old girl in manhattan.
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police say the man walking on west 28th street in chelsea when a man came up and grabbed her behind. the victim screamed and ran home. her mother then called 911. police are hoping someone can identify the suspect. new video from police showing two men wanted for robbing livery cab drivers at gunpoint in brooklyn. the first was surf avenue and 35th in coney island. the second was a few days later on bay ridge avenue. in both indications the robbers got -- cases the robbers got away with cash. the republican candidates meet tonight for the second to last debate before primary season kicks off. fox business network is basing the lineup for the prime time and earlier debates in south carolina on the results of recent polling. this comes as front-runner donald trump faces a rising challenge from ted cruz. a little relief from wall street woes.
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early trading on wall street. the market is stabilizing following the worst drop since september. jpmorgan chase reported higher than expected earnings which is helping bank stocks. shake shack at the opening bell announcing the chicken sandwich will be offered nationwide. here is a look at the numbers right now. we will keep an eye on the numbers for you. and here is something very, very surprising. the hurricane center is confirming hurricane alex. this is january and we are talking hurricane alex. this is the first hurricane to form in the atlantic in january in more than 78 years. the subtropical storm has sustained winds of nearly 85 miles per hour. it is south of the a sores, a region of portugal a hurricane warning has been issued for that area.
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reach the azores on friday. >> unbelievable. we are about to get a small break from the freezing temperatures. here is meteorologist bill evans. >> this morning, we are, believe it or not, here at noontime, a lot warmer than this time yesterday when the windchills were around 10 to 15. temperatures are 31 around the five boroughs. 36, 38 down the shore. there is a little wind but that is a southwest wind. that will be a warm, dry afternoon. we will look at some low humidities. we will talk about the ride home on the ferry and the
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a bar fight. he is expected to have his court appearance today in florida for a misdemeanor battery charge. a police report says that carter and another man became angry with bar staff in key west after they were cut off. the other man reportedly head butted a worker and carter is accused of grabbing another worker by the throat. days after david bowie passed away, british actor alan rickman died of cancer at the age of 69. he played a teacher in the harry potter films. he notably played other villains but had many roles throughout his career. he appeared on broadway a
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actually. what a great movie. the oscar nominations are of the nods. the receive vin new from overnight leads the force wasn't with "star wars." brandi hitt has who is in the oscar game and who is out live brandy. shirleen. sylvester stallone, jennifer no surprises. the big winner revenant. >> the brutal drama the revenant leads the receiving 12 oscar nominations.
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both nominated for best picture. leonardo dicaprio is among an a list up for best actor. eddy redman took home an oscar last year. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: nominated for best actress, bree larson who spoke to "good morning america" minutes after the announcement. >> i am shaking right now. i am confused. it's the highest form of flattery in my field. >> reporter: she is competing against cate blanchett, jennifer lawrence and others. >> a white wash in the racketing categories. >> reporter: the blockbuster "star wars: the force awakens" received five nods in technical categories as the count down begins to oscar sunday with the
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now, some were surprised straight out of compton wasn't nominated. on abc. reporting live in los angeles, brandi hitt. back to you. >> thank you, brandi. sandy kenyon is in hollywood. we will check with him on "eyewitness news first at 4:00" and we made it easy for you to find a list of the oscar nominations. head to abc7ny or the eyewitness news app. we got it there for you. coming up next, a bus driver attacked. the frightening ordeal caught on camera as passengers stood there and watched the fight. why did no one call for help. >> a dog left inside a duffel shelter.
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looking like a winter wonderland in upstate new york. streets in syracuse had a thick blanketed of snow overnight. commute. cars on the street made it difficult for the plows. the department of public works hopes people move vehicles and
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>> we had a dusting in westchester. i woke up and a little white everywhere. >> nice. >> haven't seen that. what is that like. >> i was worried, is it slippery? the dog had a hard time. >> i thought the grist factory exploded. white, fluffy, floating around. that's what i thought. that was just another regular day in syracuse. an average afternoon there. for us, snow is hard to come by. now the sun is out. the flurries we had, coatings around and kind of slipperied up the roads a bit k. now you see the ferry boats are working it. sea street going back and forth. the water taxi working hard on the east river with high thin cirrus clouds. we have a nice fair afternoon. 31 degrees. dry humidity.
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which is fair weather. we have an arctic high over us. a few clouds which are coming lakes. the showers and snow we had this morning, those were lake way. yesterday's high 30. felt like 10 to 15. today at 38. sunsets at 4:51. daylight hours getting longer by a couple of minutes. 31 central park to teterboro. 33 newark. 29 white plains. we can show you the winds. there is not a lot of wind out there. at times 8 to 14 miles per hour wind from newark to the park. this will keep up for the afternoon. we will make it a few degrees cooler. but you see the clouds are really hard to come by here and the snow showers have left. so, we are seeing clouds across for the afternoon. then off to the west, we will look at a better day tomorrow
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this afternoon, 36, 38, 34 to 32 to the north. tomorrow sunshine. we start the day with 34 to 37 degrees. by afternoon we are into the upper 40s then clouds roll up from the south with a warm front coming over us. coming with that will be a batch of rain. that will start tomorrow night at midnight from the city east and west and south. that will roll over everybody by 7:00 saturday morning. heavy to the eastern end of long island. look at the temperatures. 11:00, 45 in the park. 46 down the shore. that will work its way on through. we will see sunshine breaking through later saturday afternoon. we start to get cloudy tomorrow. the showers come by midnight. saturday afternoon 48 and sunshine. colder air pours in sunday. back to normal and colder next week. flurries, clouds and sun. partly cloudy tonight, low 34.
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clouds in the afternoon. sunsets at 4:52. a nice high cloud cover and a pretty sunset. the rain comes in at midnight. at times the rain can be heavy. you will see it surges up from the south up and over us and really lasts through the lunch hour to early afternoon. back to cold weather next week. 32 on monday. i think it will be much colder than that. we may not get out of the 20s, upper 20s on monday and tuesday for high temperatures. we will keep an eye on that. otherwise we are turning the corner to milder air. >> as the room got really quiet. >> because that pause was just definitive. very strong. >> that's my job. if i had a weather broadway show we would say it was dramatic. >> bill, you are very good at that. thank you. commuter worries about the
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a bus deliver's desperate
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by a knife wielding man was caught on camera in ohio. the man tried to get on the bus with an expired ticket. when the bus driver questioned jared henderson, he snapped and punched the driver. the driver fought back and that is when henderson took out a knife. the bus driver screamed for passengers to call the police. he even offered them $100 but they didn't budge. the driver eventually had to call himself and henderson was arrested. how do you deal with a huge boulder in the road? you blast it into smaller pieces. it shut down traffic in northern california when it fell from a hillside. one vehicle was damaged but no one was hurt. crews came in, blew it apart and moved away the smaller pieces. u.s. airlines are expected to report record setting profits making it the industry's best years. airlines benefited from low
12:22 pm
planes and cutting perks like free peanuts. airline profits were nearly $17.9 billion in the first three quarters of last year. chipotle is confident that the e. coli crisis that plagued its restaurants is coming to an end. they met with cdc officials and they expect the e. coli outbreak is over. it began in october and affected dozens of people in nine states. still ahead, a warning about a predator. new images of a sinister suspect that threatened to abduct and sexually assault a teenage girl. >> a case of animal abuse.
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get out of the past. get fios. columbia university has identified three women who died in a bus crash in honduras while on a humanitarian mission. olivia erhardt and two others were killed en route to the airport. >> a deadly terror attack in jakarta. 19 people are wounded. authorities believe isis is responsible.
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claim some of the historic $1.6 billion powerball prize but lottery officials say they know where the three lucky tickets were purchased, california, tennessee and florida. hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm diana williams in for david novarro. we know that one of those powerball jackpot winners bought a ticket at this 7- eleven in chino hills. >> it means big money for the store owner, not to mention good mojo. that is where lauren lister is right now. >> reporter: diana and shirleen, the owners of three lucky powerball tickets became multimillionaires overnight binning the record breaking $1.6 billion jackpot that is split among those who matched. one of those was purchased at this 7-eleven. even without a winner coming forward, it was a party at this chino hills 7-eleven where a winning ticket was sold.
12:26 pm
the news came last night that this store in the los angeles area sold a winning powerball ticket in the nearly $1.6 billion jackpot. >> i am happy, excited and proud. >> reporter: two other jackpot tickets were sold, one at a melbourne beach grocery store. >> we were informed at 5:30 that this location sold one of the winning tickets. >> reporter: one sold in mum 6,000. >> hopefully they are getting the best legal and financial advice they can find before they come in and claim the wonderful plies. >> reporter: past winners have their success. >> benefit the community and our church. >> reporter: and saving. this single mom retiring and striving to stretch a $224 million powerball jackpot, one with coworkers. >> i live on a budget. and i am disciplined.
12:27 pm
with the fact that they don't have new fortune. >> i tried. i tried. >> reporter: we don't know who won at this store yet. in california, ticket holders have a year to claim their prize. when they do, they cannot remain anonymous. it is arraignment day for two bank robbery suspects on long island arrested after a wild police chase and crash. suffolk county police say murray hawkins and another held up a capitol one bank. the pair were nabbed after they crashed into a police cruiser on the jericho turnpike in woodbury in nassau county. new clues about the person that abandoned a mistreated dog at a shelter. this video was released by the district attorney's office.
12:28 pm
bag with a wounded and malnourished puppy named cooper. he shows signs of being left outside a long time and may have burn marks. he is being tread. the nassau spca is offering a reward for a tip that will crack this case. all new at noon, police arrested a man accused of assaulting two young girls at a popular burger spot in manhattan. herbert stokes is charged with grabbing a 12-year-old girl inside the shake shack monday. he is charged with hugging and kissing a 13-year-old girl outside the restaurant. the nypd released video of a man police tried to abduct and sexualitily assault a year-old in brooklyn. the suspect followed the woman in east new york tuesday morning. when she went into the cleveland street subway station, the suspect walked up to the teenage girl, grabbed her arm and threatened her with a knife. he told her that he would sexually assault and her abduct her. she fought back.
12:29 pm
the suspect accused of raping a 10-year old girl in brooklyn is in minnesota waiting for extradition. the nypd was searching for edwin caizaguano since october. they say he raped the girl in a home in bushwick. members of the nypd fugitive apprehension team tracked down the suspect on monday in st. paul. a fugitive is under arrest after texting while driving in the holland tunnel. authorities say he was fiddling with his cell phone and crossing lanes in the tunnel driving a rental van tuesday. police pulled thompson over in jersey city. he handed them an expired pennsylvania driver's license. he faces fugitive from justice charges. a big break in a murder mystery overseas. police have made an arrest in
12:30 pm
woman in italy. ashley olsen was found beaten and strangled saturday. marci gonzales has more on how authorities tracked down the suspect. >> reporter: italian investigators say they know who killed american ashley olsen in her apartment in florence arresting a suspect and what they believe lead to the 35- year-old's violent death. >> this case is rich in evidence with dna, probably fingerprints, surveillance cameras and i think witnesses. >> reporter: investigators say early friday morning, olsen left the florence nightclub pictured here from daily mail with a man she met. he had been in italy illegally for a few months and known to police for suspected drug related activities. investigators claim both olsen and the man were intoxicated an alcohol and possibly drugs walking to olsen's studio apartment where prosecutors claim she had consensual sex but investigators believe when
12:31 pm
there was a fight. according to italian media, the suspect pushed olsen and she hit her head fracturing her skull in two places. on saturday her body was found naked on the floor with bruises and scratches on her neck. the official cause of death, strangulation by a cord or chain. >> unsophisticated guy as far as crimes are concerned. >> reporter: they found the suspect's dna on a condom and cigarette in the toilet and tea her cell phone which helped police track him down. there are reports the suspect claims he didn't intend to kill olsen. he is in police custody charged with aggravated homicide. marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have still not heard back from the mta over possible plans to shut down the l train as a way to make repairs following superstorm sandy. the mta is reportedly mulling over its options to repair the l train tunnels in canarsie.
12:32 pm
up to three years. and we head back to bill evans. he has the after school accuweather forecast. >> well, we will have the sun and clouds for the afternoon as we go through, you see a nice hole there with the sun coming through in central park. temperature 31 degrees. into the afternoon, we will see the temperature up to around 36 by 4:00, 5:00. touching 38 for a while then dropping after sunset this evening for a little bit. not going to drop a lot. it will get warm tomorrow. after school, kiddos, it's 38 at the bus stop. this is a normal average afternoon high temperature. we will look at ten warmer for tomorrow. maybe 50. we will talk about that next. back to you guys. >> i was skeptical when you said really warm but 50 i will take. that is pretty warm. >> coming up on eyewitness news, carrots or something else?
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>> things have gone downhill for peak a bow street -- picabo
12:34 pm
olympic gold medalist picabo street admitted she pushed her father down the
12:35 pm
december then locked him in the basement. she claims her father pulled her hair. he says she got angry when he bumped the car into the house trying to leave. a former star running back, lawrence phillips died in his cell yesterday. he died at the hospital. suicide is suspected. he was in a cell alone. he was accused of killing a cellmate. he was serving time for choking his girlfriend and driving a car into three teenagers. workers at a waffle house are fired for staying their hair in a cooking pot. a disgusted customers recorded what he was seeing. this happened while the workers were on shift and serving food. the corporate headquarters stepped in and let the workers go. the county health department gave the restaurant a full inspection and found no
12:36 pm
drug smugglers trying to cross the u.s. mexico border got arrested. they were trying to hide a ton of marijuana disguised as carrots. customs officers inspected the load crossing into texas. dogs helped weed out the packages. there you get a closer look. the estimated street value, nearly 500,000 dollars. >> probably doesn't smell like carrots either. a mother in new jersey is facing charges. police say she left her daughter alone in a car that was stolen. she left the 5-year-old daughter in the car in trenton on tuesday while she used an atm. when she returned, the car was gone. after a brief search, police found the car abandoned in a nearby parking lot with the girl safe inside.
12:37 pm
using social media to send a strong antibullying message to the kids picking on her 6th grate son. she posted this message on facebook after the 11-year-old told his teacher it's okay, i'm used to the bullying. his premature birth lead to his development. she said. >> moving message that has gone viral thankfully so. the lip balm of the stars. coming up on eyewitness news, the popular brand facing a big lawsuit accuses of harming customers instead of helping them. >> from most wanted man in the
12:38 pm
balm is facing a class-action lawsuit. one woman said she had a bad reaction after using eos. lindsey janice has the story. >> reporter: the egg shaped lip balm touted by celebrities from miley sires to kim kardashian and britney spears proclaiming their love for the product eos, evolution of smooth. this morning a proposed class- action lawsuit by a woman that claims the product caused consumer lips to crack, burn, itch and severe boiling and blistering. the lawsuit brought by rachel cronin who claims after using it for the first time she had a negative reaction. >> within 48 hours by lips became extremely dry and irritated. they were flaking around the outside. >> reporter: according to the
12:39 pm
she says told her to seek medical attention. >> i couldn't fully open my mouth to eat. i couldn't smile fully because it would crack and bleed. >> reporter: in the suit she claims after posting pictures on facebook there was a frenzy of responses from individuals with similar experiences. >> the next step will be to colate the people that had similar complaints. >> reporter: overnight eos telling abc news we firmly believe the lawsuit is without merit. our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and meet or exceed all safety and quality standards validated by rigorous testing. they added that they sold several million lip balms last month in the u.s. and received 40 consumer complains, a complaint rate of .001%. the suit allegations that there are no warnings about the
12:40 pm
ingredients that the suit claims may cause potential side effects. a dermatologist and medical experts say the ingredients in this lip balm are not unusual. >> you can't be certain that the reactions are coming from the lip balm without further investigation. >> okay. that was lindsey janice. that is alarming. >> yeah. >> we use it this time of year, don't we. >> i just use shellac. shiny. >> i was a prom bone player. >> i love throwing bill a line and seeing where he goes with it. you never know. let's look outside. there you go. we got high, thin clouds, altocirrus and we will have clouds coming across from west to east for the rest of the afternoon. really we got warmer air coming and that will continue into the
12:41 pm
31 degrees. humidity 40%. winds are west at 8 and pressure is falling. yesterday's high was 30. normal is 38. record high is 70 set in 1932. now we are looking at 37 this hour along long branch. 39 wrightstown. these numbers are warming up to normal levels for this time of year, we have a few of these clouds in the area. we get breaks, sun will through. high clouds. warmer air coming our way. for the afternoon, futurecast, it will feature the temperatures in the mid- to upper-30s. tomorrow morning we start off in the mid-30s. it will be warmer tomorrow afternoon with clouds. upper 40s before rain rolls in at midnight. the rain goes by right at lunchtime and the temperatures will get to around 48 degrees. on futurecast, here comes the rain friday at midnight. traveling saturday morning,
12:42 pm
you have to beyond massachusetts on up to new england for there to be snow in this warm air mass that will be over the area on saturday. flurries north and west have gun to wind down. clouds and sun for the afternoon. dropping to 34 tonight. 49 tomorrow with cloudy skies in the afternoon. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. saturday we are talking about the morning rain and then back to chilly weather on sunday. look at next week. those temperatures might be a tad high. but someone that will know more about that and refine the forecast will be lee goldberg "first at 4:00". >> good stuff. thank you. >> there you go.
12:43 pm
coming up today at "first at 4:00" nearly 100 health clubs reach a settlement with new york state. why they are paying thousands of dollars. what it means for customers of popular gyms. that is later today on eyewitness news. it's time for the feed, the stories that got their start on social media and are getting the heavily mustached el chapo is a trend setter. take a look. joaquin el chapo guzman was wearing two of their shirts in the interview with sean penn. the store's owner has no idea how he got a hold of his products. he is not complaining. sales for the shirts have been through the roof.
12:44 pm
the web site crashed due to demand. >> you got one, too, right. >> a long time ago, yeah. it came back. >> yeah, it did. we will stick with the wardrobe theme. a church in taiwan attracting attention. people flock to the giant blew high held shaped church. they are coming to snap pictures of themselves in front of the oddly shaped building. it was chosen to honor women that had leg amputations because of blackfoot disease. a high-held church. >> interesting. we are seeing the video of a world record with aerial drones. engineers from intel put on the event in germany. they set up 100 small drones with lights.
12:45 pm
an orchestra played beethoven's 5th symphony. >> i love that. clever, creative. >> droned on through the night. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm diana williams. >> i'm shirleen allicot. make sure you are back this afternoon for "eyewitness news first at 4:00." go out there and have yourself a great afternoon. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save youin out-of-pocket medical costs.
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