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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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york city, the mayor blasted back. >> i'm very upset with the insult that ted cruz threw at the city. i find myself for once in agreement with donald trump. >> reporter: on fifth avenue a lot of people did not like what ted cruz say. >> did you think what cruz said was insulting to new yorkers. >> very much so. >> terribly insulting. i agree with him. >> why? >> because he insulted all the people from new york that -- that sacraficed time and love for the city.
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governor, the mayor and donald trump agreeing. and on first at 4:00, the governor said he wants an apology but is yet to get one. >> it was insulting. in 30 seconds he insulted gays, he insulted women who happen to be pro-choice. and he tried to divide once again new yorkers from the rest of the nation. he tried to divide americans. >> many of you have been going to our facebook page to share your definition of new york values. please keep those comments coming. we love reading them. hear how major deblasio is
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diversity in this year's academy award winners. and the s & p500 lost 41 points, investors were rattled by another drop in oil prices. that caused energy stocks to fall. a new report about a dip in retail sales also contributed to today's losses. >> a former suffolk county police officer was found guilty of stealing money from hispanic drivers. scott green was larceny and official misconduct. but he was acquitted of the a hate crime charges. he faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted next month. oliver lee is accused of stealing a wallet.
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a police officer who's gun then went off. an american airlines flight was 10 minutes from landing when it encountered a strong wind gust. a flight attendant is being treated for a possible broken known. and it's going to be a stormy saturday with rain headed our way in just a few hours. as you can see the clouds are already moving in. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking the storm system. >> same system that caused problems with that flight. wind is freshening out of the south. moisture will be increasing. numbers are comfortably above freezing. and as the rain arrives the temperatures rise a little bit
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the rain is still several hours away. it's closing in on dc. severe weather down in florida. a tornado confirmed on the west side of the florida. the other part we're a little concerned about, right in the spine of appalachians there's a the rain-snow mix. there's the mix in the poconos and catskills. 10:00 tonight to 8:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning. half an inch for most maybe over an inch east of new york city. and a shot of 50s with some breaks of sun although it's a little windy. so it's not a wash out just early on. sade, diana back to you. be sure you have the accu weather app, you can track the storm with radar.
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to find a man that a woman says says raped her. she says the man goes by jeffrey kemp on e harmony. the woman met the man online a few moments ago and she agreed to meet him in person on monday. a tearful goodbye today to one of the three columbia university students killed in a bus crash in hon to the best -- in honduras. she had been volunteering and helping the poor during her winter break. >> reporter: they crowded through the door at the congregation until the synagogue could not hold anymore. mourners spilled on to the sidewalks and into the street where they listened on speakers. >> she touched a lot of lives. >> reporter: there was no shortage of love for daniela
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a junior who wanted to become a pediatrician, who spent so much of her short life giving of herself. >> she was so giving, went. >> reporter: but it all ended in hon to the -- but it all ended in honduras. they were on a trip sponsored by a group called brigade. their mission, to save livings. her father recalled when he told daniela the honduras trip sounded like too much. >> he told her, why don't you spent the month relaxing. how often do you do that.
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help the world. >> i think she was already working with aids patients when she was in ninth grade, so i think she always wanted to do this work. >> reporter: their grief only the first step in their journey to live by daniela's example in the future. the transport helicopter were on a mission when they crashed. rescue crews are scouring choppy waters for survivors. the new giant's head coach ben mcadoo talking to reporters about his new job.
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be talking over for tom kaufflin. >> james mcadoo took the reigns telling fans they have nothing to worry about. >> reporter: he's confident the giants made the right choice, ben mcadoo takes the job and it's a big one. three straight losing seasons. the first of 12 that tom kaufflin is not around. >> our offense, defense, special teams must play as once and our identity to be sound, smart and tough committed to discipline and poise. >> we wanted to find somebody who has the work ethic and leadership skills to be a successful head coach in the
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>> reporter: here are the numbers before mcadoo arrived those numbers went up in his first super bowl. those numbers went up again in season number two. now he goes from calling the plays to calling the shots. nothing concrete yet on his staff, mcadoo will keep advertise clock set five minutes forward to honor tom kaufflin, but moving on. >> he's the league's second youngest head coach right now. says he's ready for this job. at 6:00 we'll have more on the right away. >> i think we're going to get that's for sure. facebook. why one woman is now facing a year in jail because of it. >> an eyewitness news investigator exclusive.
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s if your commute is in trouble. next at 6:00. we've got dramatic video of a powerful gas explosion in mexico city. at least nine people were injured and taken to the hospital. authorities in indonesia confirming tonight that isis funded the attack. several suspects were taken into custody and an isis flag was found in one suspect's home. the bombings killed two people
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isis claimed responsibility yesterday. a new case of ebola has come back positive. a woman who died in sierra leone. the news comes a day after the health organization declared the ebola outbreak in west africa was over. meanwhile three people were hurt and two homes destroyed in new jersey. the flames broke out at 5:30 this morning on st. mary's street in burlington. the heavy flames and smoke are seen coming from the roof of one of the homes. none of the injuries is life threatening. no word on what caused the fire. we're learning more tonight about who is holding one of those winning tickets from this month's power ball jackpot. and another one who thought she was a winner, well it turns out it appears she was the victim of a family prank. abcs laura lister has more. >> reporter: today this tennessee family claiming their share of the nearly $1.6
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they bought the winning ticket at this neighborhood store near their house in the small town of munford. described as hard working and dependable. today they can be described as multi millionaires. >> somebody won the lotto. >> reporter: in california one power ball lotto winner not as lucky today. employees believing a nurse and mother of seven hit the jackpot. the prank instigated by her son. the owner of the nurses home had doled out 18,000 power ball tickets to staff and residents saying now if this is a hoax she deserves a break. >> what i was thinking was, sending her on a vacation to a destination of her choice. >> reporter: the third winning jackpot ticket in melbourne florida still a mystery. >> they're looking for a lawyer right now. >> reporter: the media swarmed
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one of the winners might work at the publix where the winning numbers were purchased. the winners have a year to come forward in california, less than that in florida. and in both cases they cannot remain anonymous. >> i think the family didn't know it would go so wild and so far and people would go to crazy about it. >> you never think ahead. no so we have some rain coming our way tonight. >> we do. still four or five hours away so if you have things that you want to get done. otherwise, after 10:00, 11:00 tonight take your umbrella. we're at 49 degrees. south wind fresh and moisture. we have the barometer on the rise.
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great it felt. sunset tonight was at 4:52. 35 last year in the state and partly sunny. so we have to watch these temperatures closely in montgomery and monticello. because as the rain comes in, we are going to see these temperatures drop a little bit. the atmosphere is just close to freezing where we can support the moisture in the catskills. 46 in belmar. clouds during the early evening hour, let's say the rain is coming in after 10:00. rain is getting steadier during the overnight. notice the winds start to pick up after midnight. then you have a north winds and 40 degrees. clouds may try to break and we make a run at that 50-degree mark. the low is spinning its way
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carolinas. that's why we're focusing on heavier rainfall amounts. mid-jab, -- mid-january this is a classic snowfall track. it just doesn't support snowfall right now so we're going to get a good amount of rainfall out of this. a little later to the north and east. heaviest rain in the wee hours hours of the morning. temperatures are the cool, even wet snow in the catskills. you see the heavy rain in the jersey shore. but this is moving right along. it's leaving the scene during the early morning hours and clouds will try to break up and we'll be in the 40s to 50 degrees. even though this futurecast is showing a little less.
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rain comes in late evening. it's mild. there's patchy fog around. then breaks of sun. i know you see 50 and certainly it's very mild for january. because of the breezes and the lower humidity it's a little cool. then it's brisk tomorrow morning. here's what we're working on for 5:30. is this rain moving so fast that we have to push the timing where it's gone by sunrise in some points. some snow showers could return to the scene by sunday afternoon. and then we could be below freezing for 48 hours straight or more as we go into early next week. very frigid start to early next week. >> up and down, up and down. mysterious noises keep people awake at night in one new jersey neighborhood. now police are investigating. >> also coming up, the experimental drug trial that went wrong. what happened that left several people with brain damage and one man dead.
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ambulance and school bus in brooklyn sent two people to the hospital. this happened in crown heights this morn. -- this morning. police say the ambulance was making a u turn. two people in the ambulance were rushed to the hospital complaining of back pain. at the time of the crash the ambulance was not carrying a patient. >> three new york city police officers become heros when there were hundreds of miles away from the home. the trio save add woman's life on a snowy road in pennsylvania. the accident happened near the ohio border. the officers saved an elderly woman in a wheelchair trapped inside an overturned ambulance. one cut her free while the others administered first aid. wal-mart will start closing hundreds of stores around the world by the end of the month. the only location shutting its doors here happens to be in the hartford. the discount store will close 260 locations worldwide more than half of them in the u.s.
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smaller wal-mart express test program. of course you can go to our website to see the complete be closing. new at 5:00, a new wave of students to get their exercise they're actually working out on bikes while they're in class. eyewitness news reporter amy freese visited the school to check it out. >> reporter: sit still and stay calm. that doesn't really work for a 7-year-old, but read your book and pedal is working just fine. >> i'm reading while i'm riding my bike. >> when i'm with the bike it feels more relaxed. when i'm not with the bike i feel a little crazy. >> reporter: peddling psychs is called ketestehic learning. >> people fighting over the desk cycles because they like going on it.
5:21 pm
solved bid -- by the kids making a list to take turns. only six bikes but already results. excuses to get out of their chairs and wiggling in their chairs are done. >> their bodies tell us they need to be moving. >> i read quite a few articles saying that students that are having a hard time focusing if they're moving more, that they have a -- it makes it easier for them to focus. >> so the kids would use it every day all day if we had enough for every child. >> this is an elementary school but certainly i can see it throughout. through middle school and high school as well. because you know we are -- we need to do more with kids but we also recognize that they need the activity. amy freeze, channel 7,
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>> we need to get a cycle under this desk. >> i'm practicing it right now. but you move a lot so it might be a distraction on the audience. plus an eyewitness news investigators exclusive. a homeowner ordered to stop the work on a roof deck but the construction went on any way. so why weren't they responding to the work going on.
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it even was made the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in every neighborhood -- succeed.
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a homeowner ordered to stop a rooftop deck construction. but nobody not even the police could stop it. and the mayor and wife speak out about the lack of diversity among the oscars nominations. the deblaisos not holding back, expressing their frustration over the nomination nods. >> there's no color in the supporting actor or actress categories. kemberly richardson.
5:26 pm
not holding back talking about the lack of diversity. the sentiment echoed times 1 million here on the east coast. today, mayor deblasio posted two tweets both using the hash tag oscars so white. first up he says hollywood fine from taking money from people of color and also fining of ignoring their talent. the first lady took a different approach, letting emogies do the talking. >> you have to make diversity the watch word. your flag ship event, your oscars ceremony, the oscar, the academy is all white. >> reporter: it's a talk that won't go away. even she admits when it comes to diversity this year's list
5:27 pm
disappointment. no minorities made it to the acting categories. >> everybody wants to see some representation of who they are or what they do, what their life is about. this year we had a good amount of films that represented that. i'm very disappointed we didn't see them at the oscars. >> reporter: fans that are upset that straight out of the compton was not awarded. >> i do wonder if enough of them saw straight out of the compton. because i talked to several people who said it's not my kind of music. >> reporter: now on the flip side, the revenant made by a hispanic director earned more nomination than any other film. one last note from here at city hall. a spokesperson telling eyewitness news, while the
5:28 pm
the talent of those nominated they feel strongly hollywood needs to more accurately reflect america's diversity. we shall see. for now we're live in lower manhattan, kemberly richardson. a building owner in brooklyn installing a heavy roof deck despite a stop work order. so where was the building's department when residents and even police called with concerns. jim hoffer getting answers and getting some action, jim. >> reporter: for several months the owner in defiance of the city order to stop work continued. constructing a heavy roof deck
5:29 pm
down. >> reporter: residents called police to stop the illegal work. >> it's imperative for you to come out and get this work stopped. from what i'm being told, the weight is not able to hold the roof deck. >> reporter: a city buildings inspector issued a stop order when the owner without a permit started building a roof deck to attract higher paying renters. he's repeatedly ignored that order which this tenant has documented. >> this roof can collapse any minute with that added weight on it. >> reporter: but the owner continued building through september, all through the month of october, continuing into november and through december as worried residents complained to the buildings department. and even took video of the owner and workers as proof. >> this is illegal. now you're breaking the law. >> reporter: where were the city inspectors to stop the illegal and potentially unsafe construction.
5:30 pm
the roof as we discovered last week. >> are you worried about it collapsing. >> i know it's heavy. it's heavy this roof, i don't know. >> reporter: days after we caught builders putting up deck railings, city inspectors finally hit the owner with serious fines totaling $15,000. >> i noticed the cracks started to get larger and larger and larger. >> reporter: minerva figueroa who lives on the top floor says the nearly completed deck weighs heavily on the roof and her mind. >> no one has come to tell me you're safe minerva. that's the only question i want answered, am i safe. >> reporter: we want to talk to you about the illegal deck on the roof. >> reporter: when we caught up with the owner he refused to answer any questions about the roof and its safety. >> is the roof unsafe, sir.
5:31 pm
the buildings department called the owners conduct outrageous and unlawful. they said the owner has days to remove the rooftop deck. the owner adding that the roof is structurally safe. please give our tip line a call 877-tip-news. you can also e-mail us at the.investigators. three new traffic lights will be installed in late april along 21st avenue. they will be put up at the corners of 23rd, 24th and crescent streets. local officials pushed for the lights to help reduce speeding. they said since 2009 there has been one death and dozens of avenue. >> getting milk should not be a dangerous endeavor.
5:32 pm
street and feel safe in our own community. >> the population in this part of queens is growing. as it grows we need too make sure people don't get run over by cars just because they are running their daily lives. >> right now there are just two traffic lights and no stop signs along a stretch of 21st avenue that's 2/3 of a mile long. new jersey state attorneys are asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit from a nurse quarantined during the ebola square. state health officials say they acted with public safety in mind when they quarantined hickox. hickox was working with doctors with no borders. she was stopped at the airport and was quarantined.
5:33 pm
we have the latest on a medical accident. three of the victims now face possible permanent brain damage. the study involved 90 healthy volunteers all of them given various doses. an accident is in yonkers is causing major back ups. >> reporter: you can see these cars sandwiched together and this is just three of them but that middle car literally underneath the car in front of it. two other vehicles involved in this accident as well. and we know do know that two people were injured. nonlife threatening injuries. what you need to know navigating these areas. the problem is that exit ramp is shared with the exit for the parkway.
5:34 pm
you, that's the north side of into this accident. look at this stream of head lights going north on that bronx city parkway. this is the volume you have to deal with. it does not affect you if you're coming off the saw mill river highway. but a mess tonight. shannon sloan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> it looks real bad there. shannon. thank you. more tragic news for celine
5:35 pm
and careful who you tag in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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5:37 pm
quote i apologize to the millions of new yorks new yorks -- new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politics and he apologizes to those being denied jobs because governorcuomo will not allow fraking. so kind of a back handed apology. and a woman being sued by her sister-in-law for tagging her on a photo. the sister-in-law called her stupid. the loud sound started sunday and have been heard at least three other time this is week. some people say it sounds like huge garbage dumpsters being
5:38 pm
>> people have heard this noise. several blocks away. you know, 15 to 20 blocks away people have heard it. >> the mayor is taking the noise seriously due to security concerns. he says police are increasing patrols in that area. a woman from chicago has been found murdered in belize. this is one of our coworker at our sister station. anne swaney was on location, she went to do yoga and never returned. she was found with bruises on her arms and neck. she was from our sister station in chicago. so far there have been no arrests in this case. celine dion now canceling her concerts in las vegas.
5:39 pm
dion's brother has just hours to live. her older brother is on his death bed. he two battling cancer in his brain, throat and tongue. just yesterday dion's husband died from throat cancer. lee goldburg tracking the weather. >> what's wrong with this photo. how a teacher spotted the big mistake that so many other people missed. >> a woman accuses a parking lot attendant of taking out revenge on her car after she reported him for allegedly using her cell phone charger.
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we're back and we continue
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you're taking a live look from chopper 7. this is the bronx river parkway. you can see all the police who are out there. there's been an accident there and it's causing a lot of back ups. a lot of delays this is a big exdouse happening right now from the city and that's a big roadway for people who need to get out to chester and those areas. >> this is a mess. >> aren't you glad you guys are at home watching tv. a teacher found a popular photo showing snowy streets in buffalo new york was actually given some where else. alex miller was given this framed thought something did not look right.
5:44 pm
that it was new york city. >> so that was not buffalo. >> do all your runs while you can because it's going to be a downpour later. >> i don't think it comes in like a wall where it's pouring by 10:00. as we get to the midnight hour it's going to get steadier. speaking of traffic as well. it's a little slow go on the national bridge. but at least it's a dry drive home. cloudy skies and a wind currently out of the south. it really has felt nice all afternoon. this plan for central park showing between that 10:00 and 11:00 hour it's going to move through. it's going to be earlier over central and western new jersey. this is the planner tomorrow. this rain is going to get out of the way early. this is not going to be a saturday wash out. it will be a gusty northwest
5:45 pm
the wind is going to be there and the humidity is lowering. but it's going to be a bit cooler. seeing our first radar returns a few sprinkles. this can start happening south and west of new york city over the next few hours. this rain is all coming our way. it's only about 100 miles away rain starting in dc. that's about four hours from now. as we approach the 10:00 hour. the future track confirm that is with rain moving in. as this rain moves in the numbers drop a little bit to the north and west. could be a couple of slick spots, north of i84 and the catskills and wet snow there. meanwhile it's heavier rain. look at how quickly this is leaving the scene, by one rise
5:46 pm
there's still going to be a couple of rain. so today is the warmer day of the weekend. on sunday i think we can get snow showers that may sneak in here before the day is out. then on monday, it is blustery. the lightnings are in the 20s and it feels like teens. there still could be flurries on monday as well. low freezing both monday and tuesday. we'll start to recover mid- and late week next week. looks like a cold shot for next week but then a warmer pattern for the late week of january. we're going to start to bounce back again. >> it's so weird. >> i don't know what's going on. >> i do. >> you do. thank goodness. >> when you leave your car at a parking garage you expect the workers to take care of it. >> but one woman says not only her car was being used
5:47 pm
complained about it, a worker took revenge. >> reporter: the transmission so damaged it had to be towed. but when this woman went up against the largest parking company in north america she was stuck in neutral. >> reporter: an merge disable brake and a car that would only go in reverse. >> as soon as i walked up i said hey, what's this. >> reporter: the next morning when she was was ready to go to work. >> would not go. >> i think somebody was abusing the car. >> reporter: the parking garage said that it was due to the age of her car.
5:48 pm
the car did not look like this. >> no, no. only tremendous wear would cause this. >> the only way it would do this is if you hit the gas and put it in reverse and park park. >> then they called me up and said well you have an old car. it's not a brand new car. >> reporter: we paid a visit to the garage. >> i'm asking you what your employee allegedly did to her car. >> reporter: a manager told us the employee had been fired. and days after we got involved. >> this was even a bit more than all my damages were. >> reporter: 8,000 paying her repairs, car rental, tow fees and then some. >> i can't even tell you how thrilled i am. i tell everybody i know. when you have a fight, when you have a battle, pick up the
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the garage owner sp plus said it had intended to getting our call. i guess she were going to surprise her. get documentation. take a picture of your car before you walk away. by the way the parking lot manager told me they got cell phone chargers as christmas presents. i wonder why. >> we love our parking garage right. >> we do, the best. a dog rescued after falling through the ice. >> hear from rescuers who say wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm.
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flailing in the cold water, a dog who fell through the ice in desperate need of help. >> tonight we're hearing from the rescuers who went into that cold water to save this pooch and how the dog put up quite a fight.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: that's west melford deputy chief making an attempt to save a dog. but the dog was not too happy being approached by an unfamiliar person. even by one with the best intention. at one point the shepherd went under the ice. fire colleagues on shore are glad they weren't sure. >> let him take the bite out of him. he'll heel. >> reporter: seconds later the dog takes the bite. despite pain the rescuers stay with the dog and after a couple of minutes figuring out how to save the dog the deputy pushes the dog to safety. >> he wasn't happy to see us unfortunately.
5:54 pm
decided to bite us a lot. >> reporter: deputies say they practice this type of rescue, but usually when it's a human the human trys to move toward them. and in this case, the dog was trying to get away and that's what took so long. >> reporter: small puncture holes were on the water suit, but not enough to let water in. >> i was able to get my feet underneath him and lift him off the ice. that's when he got out and walked away. >> good ending there. a stunning victory for a former cop in long island. >> he was charged with pulling over hispanic drivers and stealing their money. so why didn't the hate crime charges stick?
5:55 pm
starts right now. new york city under attack by a who wants to be president. and hillary clinton, bill deblasio and governor cuomo all praising donald trump for how he spoke out. and good evening thank you for joining us i'm liz cho.
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