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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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she suffers from seizures and doesn't have her medication. our eyewitness news reporter is in maywood. >> reporter: sandra and joe, the last time this young woman was seen was two nights ago. the last time her family heard from her she sounded lost and upset and police are not ruling out foul play. they have set up this command post in maywood close to where she was last seen and they have been desperately searching since last night. take a look at her picture. this is 22 year old deborah stuben. she suffers from partial complex seizure disorder and does not have medication on her. thursday night she was pulled over close to here for a traffic stop. family members say they told police immediately afterwards she called her mother crying. >> she's very, very sweet. she's very mindful of other people, conscientious. she has a lot of friends. >> it's not characteristic of her to be not in touch with
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yes, there is a little bit concern that anything could be possible at this point. >> reporter: stuben was driving a gray mitsubishi galant with k40fph plate. she is 5'2", 110 pounds, last seen wearing glasses with black frames, pink wool coat, long black skirt, rainbow colored sneakers. police have been tracking atm and credit cards and her ez pass but so far, nothing. >> thank you steph an. to a developing story, un nuclear agency says iran met its commitments in the nuclear deal with six world powers. the announcement paves the way for the lifting of the sanctions imposed against iran over the nuclear program. this development comes as u.s. and iranian officials agreed to
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americans held in iran including the washington post reporter. our eyewitness news reporter joins us with the developing details. stacy. >> reporter: four american prisoners are now coming home plus a fifth, a student, was released independently today. this is the result of more than a year of top secret negotiations. it was all set against the backdrop of the tense talks over a nuclear deal. the latest exchange, high stakes diplomacy, which became more intense back in october, first with this ballistic missile test in iran and then as recently as this week when iran detained ten u.s. navy sailors and two boats in the persian gulf even airing footage of their apology. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> reporter: the sailors were released in less than 24 hours after the secretary of state
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because according to the obama administration, diplomatic channels were already open, ongoing nuclear talks. among those part of the exchange is the washington post reporter convicted in closed proceedings last year after charged with espionage. today the publisher of the post is saying they couldn't be happier. also a former u.s. marine detained in august 2011 after he went to iran to visit family. another man is being released. he is from idaho and was detained in 2012. the 4th's circumstances are still unknown. all of this is set against the backdrop of world powers getting set to drop sanctions against iran as part of a landmark nuclear deal. the political reaction to it all is just beginning. >> return for the americans to
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or dropping charges against seven iranians accused of violating u.s. sanctions. six have dual citizenship so it is unclear if any of them will be going back to iran. presidential candidates are already weighing in, some very critical of the exchange. we will have a lot more coming up again at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. thank you. investigators charged a statin island woman with murder. authorities say she fatally stabbed the father of two of her children. police responded to an apartment at the todd hill houses in castle ton corners this morning. the 31 year old had been stabbed in the chest. the couple's two children ages four and ten were in the apartment during the stabbing as well as a teen daughter from a previous relationship. a fourth man charged in the beating death of a popular middle school teacher in new jersey. 33 year old melton was found
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apartment in 2009. investigators say robbers targeting a different mistakenly entered hers. 38 year old jerry spaulding faces charges including felony murder. he is serving eight year sentence for an unrelated drug case. three other men are already charged in melton's death. connecticut, the parents of a high school student who died last month want to know if cyber bullying led him to take his life. staples high school freshman christopher lonnie died december 23. the photo policy he hadcal examiner ruled his death a suicide by hanging. his parents asked the school superintendent to investigate whether he was bullied online. the west port police say their investigation right after his death found no evidence of that. >> nothing in this investigation uncovered anything that led us down the road to explore cyber bullying as a cause. >> reporter: social media posts
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bullied. police say they will reexamine the case. singer celine dion has suffered another family tragedy two days after her husband died from cancer. her brother died today also from cancer. her rep says 59 year old daniel dionne passed away surrounded by family. he was the 8th of 14 of her siblings. her husband died from throat cancer on thursday in the suburban las vegas home he shares with dionne and their three children. new information about belize. autopsy revealed that the 39 year old was strangled to death. the hotel where she was staying reported her missing thursday. her body was found floating in a river friday. she worked at the abc television station in chicago
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no arrests have been made. a hotel sieged by al-qaeda linked terrorists in west africa ended with more than two dozen dead. a small group of terrorists took control of a downtown hotel and neighboring cafe in the capital last night. this morning local, french, american security forces successfully stormed the area and freed 126 people. four terrorists were killed. we are now only about two iowa. on both sides there are tight races and tension. in particular, a show down between one time friends, donald trump and ted cruz, over so called new york values. here is a report from myrtle beach south carolina. >> reporter: the war of words escalating. in south carolina today, cruz wasted no time taking a stab at his former friend after getting
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>> who put donald trump in charge of the elevator? >> reporter: trump started the day ripping into cruz on twitter posting he was born in canada and was canadian citizen until 15 months ago. lawsuits have been filed with more to follow. cruz fired back. nervous energy. and for whatever reason, donald going down in the polls. >> reporter: he doubled down on comments questioning new york values, a line of attack he used against trump thursday. >> if you are offended at my pointing out how much the failed policies of clinton, cuomo, de blasio have hurt new yorkers then which of those do you agree with. >> reporter: trump blasted cruz. >> he finally went off the wagon and is being a little crazy.
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heated battle and trump is getting unexpected support. hillary clinton tweeting just this once, trump tower's right. new yorkers value hard work, tolerance, resistance, building better lives for our families. you may want to avoid the george washington bridge because construction work has shut down the south bound road river drive. one of two lanes on the forth bound roadway is closed. the lanes will remain closed until 8:00 am monday morning. >> we do have good news for drivers. more plunging prices at the gas pump in new jersey and beyond. aaa says the average price of a gallon of regular in new jersey was $1.78 as of yesterday. that's down $.05 from last week and down more than a quarter from a year ago. the national average price is $1.93. a man on a mission to find
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coming up on eyewitness news, the officer went above and beyond the call of duty rescuing a man who went to the wrong place for a job interview. that man wants officer for his lucky break. >> a new crime fighter, a historic and inspirational day as the new bronx district attorney is sworn in. >> a dog rescued after fa in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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we are remembering dr. martin luther king, jr. this weekend. the national holiday honoring the slain civil rights leader is actually monday. at the children's museum of manhattan on the upper westside today, kids were busy coloring and writing about dr. king. they also created a mosaic portrait of him. the museum says the activities were designed to be fun and educational. we do a lot of stories about police looking for someone. now a story about someone looking for the police. >> a man from the bronx is desperately trying to find the officer who helped him when he needed it most. he wants to say thank you. our eyewitness news reporter assisted in the search with this tweet as she reported the story. >> i am stunned. ain't no cop doing nothing nice for james padar robbins.
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bad. >> reporter: a ride in the front seat of a police cruiser, a first for james roberts. >> i love this guy wherever he is at. i have to see him. >> reporter: the 58 year old ex- con wants to break bread with the nypd officer who gave him a lift to a job interview helping him end a ten year unemployment drought since he was released from prison. do you have any idea of what his name might be? night. for sure his tag, his name has an a and a d. that's what i remember. >> reporter: roberts was so excited about the shot at an airport job that he thought his interview was at la guardia but it wasn't. >> i walk to the corner and i am like where can i find this. >> reporter: he used the free bus pass he was given by his social worker but the staffing agency was a few miles away in fresh meadows.
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walk there and make it. what time do you have to be there? i said 1:00. it's 12:00 something. he said get in the car. >> reporter: he got the job. now the agency that helped him find the job is also helping him find the mystery officer. >> i want this man thanked and i want the public to know that this is the kind of good people that work for the city of new york. >> that was definitely a very, very nice gesture. >> and there are many more out there just like him. that's for sure. you got a nice gesture for us? >> no. do i ever? >> occasionally. >> this winter has been a nice gesture as a whole but we do have arctic air on the way tomorrow night and into early next week. in the meantime it is pretty normal for january. unless you are outside now, it is well above normal. we are headed to the empire state building with temperatures around the 50- degree mark.
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22. so it is a little bit breezy. there is a much stronger cold front on the way tomorrow night. with that, there will be a couple snow showers and behind it more importantly much colder air to greet us for the new work week. normals this time of year are 38 for a high. that will be more like tomorrow's high temperature. we weren't too far from the record of 58 which was set in 1995. we did get a little bit of rain in the morning. it was coming down pretty good. about a quarter of an inch in central park, closer to 3/4 on the east end of long island toward montac. expect sun to start tomorrow. that will give way to clouds. we are watching an offshore system. it stays far enough offshore so we don't get snow here but there could be a flurry or two in parts of the jersey shore. we have a better shot at scattered snow arctic front late tomorrow night and into the first thing monday and behind that it is arctic air with a biting wind
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right now it is 43 at sussex. we have had reports from some of our viewers on twitter of a couple sprinkles over the northern suburbs. they're showing up on radar into parts of fear field county, connecticut. a disturbance is moving by so you can't rule out a sprinkle during the next several hours on parts of long island. this system right here is the one we have to watch during the next 24 hours but we are 99% sure this stays way out to sea. futurecast tonight into tomorrow, there could be an early sprinkle this evening. tomorrow, 7:00 am, temperatures will be around freezing in the park. clouds quickly increase during the day. there is that storm system, not too far offshore. it might be close enough to give a place like toms river a flurry in the afternoon, maybe the eastern end of long island, a few flakes of snow tomorrow
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check out the air mass that moves in late tomorrow night and monday and the snow showers across the area. there could be a snow shower at any point monday with temperatures having a hard time getting out of the 20s. there will be a wind as well. 32. clouds. tomorrow, 39. we are watching the offshore storm. it probably will not have effect on the core of our area, mostly cloudy with a snow shower after midnight tomorrow down to 26 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast, blustery and cold on monday. i wanted to show you on monday, the wind chills that we will have during the day. we are talking mid and upper teens as we head into the afternoon, windy and cold tuesday despite sunshine, only getting to the upper 20s. then we start warming up later in the week with upper 30s by wednesday, upper 30s thursday. there is a shot at a little bit of rain or snow by late friday into saturday but that's many, many days away.
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forward to or not really look forward to some more cold. but it is january. >> yes. >> and we live in new york. >> thanks for the reminder. >> thanks. it's been three weeks since christmas but all across new york city, christmas trees are still piled up on the sidewalks. we saw trees throughout the westside of manhattan last night even though the city says curb side election began days ago. the sanitation department has extended the tree collection through friday. it was supposed to end yesterday. the agency says it has 158,000 trees. those not collected by today may still be left curb side and violation. we have sports up next. >> while the nfl play offs will rule the sports world tonight, around here the afternoon was all about hockey. we have the rangers looking for
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this came down to skills competition.
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afternoon hockey in the big how about that? >> it's gotta be fun. for the last month the rangers have been alternating wins and
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if that pattern held true, there was really only one possible result today as they met the flyers, a win. blue shirts on the road this time in philadelphia. rangers did trail in the first but until this. snapping it in, it's the road trip this weekend, new york up in the third but the flyers change that. great passing here ends with wayne simmons who ties the game. nice moves and the rangers go up in the shoot. lundquist gets the win 3-2. rangers get the w. in other matinee hockey action, new jersey is getting on the road, this stayed 1-0 until the third with just 18 seconds into the period. a loose puck goes in for 2-0 devils and schneider coming up with the shut out. >> it is playoff saturday in
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and the first match up is a good one as the defending champion patriots host wild card chiefs who come in an on 11 game win streak. here's what's happening. tom brady is wasting no time. it's the patriots leading 7-3 in the second quarter. after their loss to the nets wins, knicks will once again try to return to the 500 mark tonight as they meet grizzlies in memphis. anthony is out for a second game. the nets are also in action as they visit atlanta in the second of a back to back after last night fell to the trail blazer. brooklyn struggled in the fourth as portland pulled away. the blazers came away with a 16 point win. it's been quite a week for the nets. last sunday the head coach was fired and the general manager was reassigned. the king responded with a loss
5:24 pm
rival knicks on wednesday as this rebuilding begins. >> reporter: here we go again. today the nets began the search for their 6th head coach since moving to brooklyn less than four years ago. >> it was very shocking. >> it was surprising, but we gotta move on. >> i take full responsibility for the state of the team. >> reporter: at 10-27, nets have the third worst record in the nba, not what the owner expected when he bought the team and guaranteed title. the goal hasn't changed. >> i am 100% owner of the team. i am all in. >> reporter: the team will take its time hiring new leadership as toni brown takes over as interim head coach. >> i am sure for the next season, we will be, i hope, championship contenders. >> reporter: nets' focus is clearly on the future. what about the present? half of the season remains and this team can't and won't just give up.
5:25 pm
our job is to try to turn this around, play harder and smarter, have some fun. >> we can't be out there anymore just going through the motions and trying to get through a game. we want to play to win. >> reporter: the search for a new head coach and general manager has begun but don't expect it to be over soon. we'll see you again at 6:00. >> rebuilding takes time. thank you. coming up, a new boss in the bronx. how the new district attorney is breaking barriers. >> captured on camera but still on the loose, the search for the armed thieves who held up a deli in brooklyn. clyde.
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you're watching new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news at 5:00 with joe torres, sandra bookman,. eyewitness news continues. search teams are looking for a young woman who disappeared. the 22 year old is from passat but was last seen in maywood thursday night. she suffers from a medical condition and does not have her medication. a statin island charged with murder. authorities say she stabbed
5:27 pm
he is the father of two of her children. iran agreed to release four americans in exchange for seven iranians held or charged in the united states. the released include a washington post reporter. a fifth american has been released in a move unrelated to the swap. good evening everyone. >> a new crime fighter in the bronx is making history and breaking barriers. clark is the first new bronx district attorney in 27 years. she's the first woman to hold the position and the first african-american woman to become a district attorney throughout new york state. >> she officially took the oath of office. our eyewitness news reporter is live. >> reporter: it was a historic and inspirational day for clark who returned to her roots
5:28 pm
bronx district attorney breaking long standing gender and racial barriers on none other than martin luther king, jr. weekend. before a packed auditorium, leaders from across the city, state, and courts gathered to bear witness to a prodigal daughter returning home. sworn in as district attorney, clark is the first woman to hold the position and first african-american woman to hold the office in the entire state of new york. >> the first woman d.a. in bronx county. >> another step forward not just for new york city or new york state, in our nation's evolution in the healing of our wounds and beginning of a deeper progress. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio and senator chuck schumer touched on the significance of her election and passion to give back to the community she was raised in. >> we also need that d.a. to be compassionate and to
5:29 pm
in the criminal justice system and to have fairness and decency and honor. >> to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office of district attorney of the county of the bronx. >> reporter: with other sights set on rooting out public corruption and a new task force among other things clark asserted she's anxious to get to work. >> as a daughter of the bronx who once dreamed of holding the office that i am now sworn to uphold, this is an honor and a privilege of a lifetime. >> reporter: there is a trail for others behind her to follow. >> while many of us come from ordinary means, we are capable of extraordinary things. >> reporter: prior to her election, ms. clark served as associate justice for new york state supreme court. >> thank you, a.j. a family is grieving a loss
5:30 pm
to her death from the roof of a building in manhattan. candles are set up outside ray's pizzeria. police say 15 year odd and her friends were jumping from roof to roof in hell's kitchen. police responded to a 911 call and found the teen unresponsive on the ground in an alley on 10 10th avenue. >> she was a good girl. she never got into trouble. she was happy. she was funny. she made everybody laugh. >> police say a resident told jimenez and her friends to get down from the roofs before the fall. her family says the teen was afraid of heights and they don't know why she would be on the roof. a teen on long island faces hate crime charges after police say he spray painted swastikas in the 18 year old christopher
5:31 pm
yesterday afternoon after responding to a report of graffiti on two vehicles in rocky point. vetters say collins painted swastikas on a house and retaining wall and painted graffiti on another home and street signs as well. the search is on for three men who robbed a deli in brooklyn at gunpoint. this surveillance video released by police shows the suspects as they threatened the deli clerk. it happened monday afternoon at rodriguez's deli. the men stole $4000, two cell phones, and two of the workers' wallets before running off. the nypd is searching for a modern day bonnie and clyde accused of robbing a bank in queens. photos show the suspects armed inside a td bank thursday night. boulevard. the woman threatened a security guard with a gun while the man forced his way behind the cash. >> we believe they had some
5:32 pm
to the bank at some other point. >> it's scary for this neighborhood, you know. it's very horrifying. >> police found some of the money stained red from an exploded dye pack. it was thrown out along rockaway boulevard shortly after the robbery. the fbi is working with the nypd's new joint violent crimes task force to search for the suspects. if your weekend includes hitting stores and restaurants of soho you will see a larger police presence after a spike of burglaries in the new popular neighborhood. a new command center is set up on the street and there are officers on every corner. nypd says burglaries there are up 50% since last week. people are glad to see the neighborhood getting extra attention from police. >> walking up and down the streets, i notice them standing outside of each of the major shops. obviously this command center here is significant. >> it's important to really
5:33 pm
neighborhood so that residents and businesses know that the police are here. >> an nypd spokesman says since the command center was set up last week there have been no incidents at any of the high end stores in the area. bad weather is to blame for a rough ride for passengers bound for miami. the turbulence was so bad that some people on board hit their heads. a flight attendant had to be rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: coming on a stretcher an american airlines flight attendant with a bloodied nose after the plane she was working on was violently tossed around in the sky injuring her and five of the 159 passengers on board. >> we have one flight attendant with a broken nose and we have several minor injuries to passengers. >> one of the stewardesses when the plane dropped she went flying in the air and bashed her nose and it was gushing blood.
5:34 pm
flight 1410 taking off friday from new york's la guardia. the pilots hit a storm. the airline is confirming this morning that the boeing 737 hit severe turbulence flying through south florida. >> it felt like a roller coaster. everybody was afraid. >> people that weren't in seat belts were flying up and hitting their heads on the top of the plane. >> reporter: it wasn't the only flight coming into miami to feel mother nature's rath. more than 60 flights were delayed during the storms friday. >> it was bad. it was bad. >> we flew out of our seats and grabbed each other's hands because we were freaking out. >> i was crying. that's how crazy it was. all the drama and worry about car services like uber and lyft increasing congestion in new york city, it turns out it is not a big part of the traffic problem.
5:35 pm
congestion by the mayor reports the biggest congestion culprits are double parking delivery trucks and construction projects as well as record tourism bringing more people into the city. car services says the study are a contributor to overall congestion but not a primary cause. a driver goes up against the largest parking company in north america and gets stuck in neutral. >> coming up on eyewitness news, she claimed a garage worker was using her car improperly. when she reported it, she says things went from bad to worse. 7 on your side has more on what
5:36 pm
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right over your existing tub. and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, they do it all in just one day. i know because i did it. when you leave your car with a parking garage, you expect that it's going to be taken care of while you are gone. >> one woman says not only was her car being used inappropriately but when she complained, an attendant took revenge. that's when she turned to 7 on your side. >> it scares me to death. >> reporter: a disabled emergency brake in a car that
5:38 pm
the damage was revenge by an attendant she caught using a cell phone charger. >> i said hey, what's going on. >> reporter: that was the morning. later that night, she turned the key. >> it wouldn't go forward. >> reporter: the garage blamed it on wear and tear. >> nobody could figure out what was wrong with it. >> i think somebody was up using the car. >> reporter: a licensed mechanic who serviced transmissions for 40 years says he just did routine maintenance on the transmission. >> six weeks beforehand this did not look like this? >> no. >> reporter: he showed us the gears saying only high heat and tremendous force would cause them to melt and crack. >> the way to cause this damage, if you step on the to the floor and then shift from reverse to drive, reverse, drive, back and forth. >> reporter: michelle put in a claim with the garage which sent out the own adjustor to take a look. >> he agrees that this was damaged by use. >> reporter: the adjustor
5:39 pm
only wanted to give thousands less, book value. >> they called me and said well you have an old car and it's not a brand new car. >> we paid a visit to the garage. >> reporter: i am asking you what your employee allegedly did to her car. >> reporter: a manager told us the employee had been fired and days after we were involved. >> this was a bit more than my damages were. >> reporter: 8000 paying repairs, car rental, tow fees and then some. >> i can't tell you how thrilled i am. i tell everybody i know, when you've got a battle, call 7 on your side. >> reporter: sp plus parking said it was paying the claim before it got our calls. the take away, document the condition of your car before parking or valeting it anywhere. if something happens get a written report before leaving. try and keep a hold of any service records. >> good advice. his golden voice helped him become an internet sensation.
5:40 pm
homeless man with a smooth voice made a dramatic come back. >> the great dane that lives up to its name. could it be the tallest dog in the world?
5:41 pm
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thlife was saved in harlem . from saved by the bell to serving time, actor dustin diamond is in jail. diamond is serving a sentence for a bar fight in wisconsin. he was booked last night for a four month sentence after convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. he was cleared of felony charges after he testified he accidentally stabbed a man inside a bar on christmas in 2014.
5:43 pm
on ted williams. he is the once homeless man whose silky voice turned him into an internet sensation about five years ago. >> when you are listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you are listening to magic 98.9. >> williams has landed a steady gig at the same radio station in ohio where he began his career in 1980s before it was derailed by addiction. williams continued to struggle even after his voice went viral five years ago. he now says he wants to be an example for others trying to turn their lives around. take a look, a great dane in nevada may be the world's tallest dog. at two years old, rocko stands at 40 inches from his paw to shoulder and more than seven feet on his hind legs. his owners are making a bid to the guinness book of world records to document rocko as the tallest living dog.
5:44 pm
they find out if rocko is a record breaker. >> goodness, rocko in a new york apartment. can you imagine? >> oh my. a cheerleader for tampa bay buccaneers and a friend were making videos by the water when they captured something unexpected. >> you didn't get any of my pictures? >> no. >> oh my goodness! >> you saw it. a dolphin jumped right over a paddle border. the cheerleader chloe love she sees dolphins all the time but this was extra cool. >> i wonder what the paddle border thought. what's running through his mind. >> hey, getting that picture, that's how they captured it. pretty good. >> that's right. we have got some cold air headed in here. >> cold air but not much in the way of snow fall. there will be a few flakes i think in the air late tomorrow night and early parts of monday, especially north and
5:45 pm
but it doesn't look like a big time accumulating snow. we really haven't had accumulating snow so far this season in new york city with only a trace in central park so far. we head outside now and we check that view over toward mid down. temperatures are still very mild. we are sitting at the 50-degree mark with cloudy skies. the wind is brisk from the west at 10 gusting to 22 miles per hour. the next seven hours, temperatures are falling through the 40s. this isn't too bad for this time of year. by 9:00 p.m., we are down to overnight. by midnight, we are down to about 40. plains. you have temperatures in the mid 30s well north and west of monticello. we have one batch of sprinkles moving through speaking of long island, parts of nassau into northwestern suffolk. these may or may not be reaching the ground.
5:46 pm
it will clear out overnight and then clouds will return during tomorrow. look at the temperatures. 50 in the city but not too far off to our west it gets a whole lot colder with even single numbers north of the u.s. canadian border. that is heading in our direction. by tomorrow night the front will move by with perhaps a couple snow showers after midnight. there may be a coating. lows are getting down to 27 morris town, 28 white plains, 30 islet. highs tomorrow are about normal. we are getting to about 30 at monticello with sunshine giving way to clouds. there could be a snow shower late in the day as an offshore storm stays well offshore. we have a better shot at a couple snow showers late tomorrow night and into monday. 29 is the high monday. it will feel like it is in the teens all day. repeat for tuesday except tuesday is sunnier, 28, still
5:47 pm
then we are closer to normal for wednesday and thursday. there might be a storm late friday into saturday. we'll have to see if that materializes. it could be rain and/or snow. >> all right. bundle up. >> yes. >> thank you. a dog rescued after falling through the ice. coming up, you will hear the dramatic tale from the it's not about hugging trees.
5:48 pm
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flailing in the water, a dog that fell through the ice in need of help. >> now we are hearing from the rescuers who went into the water to save the dog. they're talking about how he put up quite a fight. >> a mighty fight. our new jersey reporter anthony johnson has the story from west milford. >> let them get him out. >> reporter: that's darren williams making a dangerous daring attempt to rescue a six month old frightened german shepherd that fell through the ice on lindy's lake. but the dog was not happy being approached by an unfamiliar person, even one with the best of intentions. eventually the dog swims away and the captain assists in the rescue. at one point the shepherd went under the ice.
5:50 pm
he gets close and the dog gets scared. colleagues onshore are glad they weren't close. >> let him take the bite out of they'll heal. >> reporter: the dog takes a despite pain, the rescuers stay with the dog and after a couple minutes of figuring out how to save the shepherd's life deputy to safety. it was all in day's work. unfortunately. he was pretty frightened and lot. >> reporter: these guys time. the difference is when it is a human the victim usually tries to get to the rescuer. in this ways being it was an animal the animal was frightened and stayed away and that's what made it take so long. >> we are happy the pup made it out and everyone was okay. >> reporter: small bite marks on the rescue suits and luckily the punctures did not go through the.
5:51 pm
lake minutes after being rescued. the owner came out to coax him to sure but it took a while to be sure it was okay. thankfully it ended fine and firefighters say it was successful. >> i was able to get my feet underneath him and lift him on out of the ice. that's when he got out and walked away. new details coming in on the historic deal with iran. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 economic sanctions lifted on iran and five prisoners released. >> searching for a missing
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