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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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you can see already the intensity of the snow will start letting up in and around the city. as we head to the shore where you have been getting steadier for a longer period of time, this is where you can get additional accumulation. and on to long island, you have several more hours of snow fall to go. temperatures right now are around the freezing mark, and even below the freezing mark. that does concern me into the evening hours. the snow fall will really taper off during the next several hours. by 7:00 p.m., the only areas getting snow, eastern long connecticut. my concern for tonight, temperatures into the 20s tomorrow morning and that can create slick travel. up to an inch early this morning, mainly grassy areas and the best chance is south and east of new york city. another snow shower late tonight with the arctic front and with that, any wet roadways can become icy.
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we will detail that coming up. >> thank you. and you can track the bitter cold any time with the accutrack weather alert app. and you can find out if schools are delayed or canceled on our app and here on the air. a hate crime investigation is underway in bronx where a man was severely beaten. he claims he was targeted because of the way he was dressed. the victim suffered several broken bones at the hands of two men who reportedly pummeled him while screaming words of hate. we are in soundview with new information. >> reporter: sandra, he tells me he is terrified, not only for himself but for his three young children and other family members. police here at the 43 preand i want investigators with the hate crime task force are d precinct and investigators with
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43 precinct with the hate crime task force are on the case. the 43-year-old victim ended up in the hospital overnight with a possible broken rib, cuts, bruises and swelling to the face, arms and head. the father of three was picking up his niece from school on friday around 5:30 in the evening. he tells me as he walked out of the gates at ps 119, he was attacked from behind. the suspects, two young men wearing ski mask, kicked and punched the victim until he fell to the ground. he tells me the pair yelled the words isis and muslim. the victim who is from bangladesh was wearing traditional the suspects ran off but his niece was hysterical and he was lying on the ground covered with blood. >> i believe as a muslim, they hate us, they hate me and that's why they did it.
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how do i go back to the school again? would it happen again? he's not feeling secure. >> people here, people throughout the country shouldn't be worried about their faith or using the garb of their faith and shouldn't be worried about practicing whatever religion they want. they should be able to walk the streets in any community and feel as safe as anywhere else in the world. >> reporter: now the suspects did not rob him. he didn't take a single thing from him. on tuesday, the community plans to have a rally. at this hour, there are no arrests. at 6:00, you will hear from the victim and see surveillance video of the police response to this attack. for now we are live in bronx, >> thank you. in new jersey, the search for a missing woman with a medical condition ends in authorities found the body of
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today friends and family paid their last respects. >> reporter: well, it was a tragic day for friends and family of the woman. after vanishing on thursday night tragically, her car was found with her body inside at the bottom of the passaic river last night. today, hundreds of mourners packed into this chapel. so many showed up, they poured out to the street here and having to watch the funeral service if a monitor outside. police say on thursday night she called her mother crying and sounding lost just before she disappeared. officials say she disappeared. and now investigators try to figure out what went wrong, her childhood friends say the 22- year-old was always trying to help others, working with kids with special needs and always having a positive outlook on life. >> the words to say about her can't even cover for who she is because i just can't even -- she's just so incredible. like she loved everyone.
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she would never say anything bad about anyone. she wanted to have a good time. >> i am in utter shock. she was such an incredible, sweet, genuine person. you couldn't say a single thing wrong about her. she looked for the positive in everybody. looked to find the good in people. >> reporter: now family members say she had epilepsy and suffered from seizers but investigators say at this point, they do not know if that caused the crash. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a breaking news story. the u.s. embassy in baghdad confirms that several americans are missing in iraq. a senior u.s. officials tells abc news that the three missing americans are not members of the military, they are civilian contractors. a spokesman says that the u.s. bah single digits is working if full cooperation with iraqi authorities to locate them. a swiss air force plane
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iran has landed. three americans were onboard the jet that touched down after dark. from switzerland, they'll be flown to a u.s. air base in germany. those three plus one additional american were freed as part of a prisoner exchange. >> reporter: well, president barack obama says this is a good day, knowing that at least four out of the five americans are now on their way home. and also today, abc news has learned this was the result of 14 months of negotiations. three americans held for months, even years behind bars in iran landing first in switzerland and then germany. >> this is a good day. when americans are freed and reunited with their families, that's something we can all celebrate. >> reporter: the wife of the american pastor tweeting, he just landed. he is getting ready to leave to germany. i should talk with him in a few hours. thank you for your prayers. the father of two was in prison
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accused of threatening iran's national security. another of the released, the 39- year-old journal list detained for 18 months, charged withest pee image in a closed door trial. once -- with espionage in a closed door trial. they say we are relieved that this nightmare for jason and his family is finally over. also onboard, detained the longest, four years. the former u.s. marine arrested in iran while visiting his grandmother. the three all spent time at iran's notorious prison where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement and psychological abuse. president barack obama remaining steadfast in his message that it was diplomatic negotiations that led to their release. the deal quietly played outside of the nuclear deal negotiated
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>> we have achieved progress through diplomacy, without resorting to the another war in the middle east. >> as for the two remaining exprisoner, one is believed to be still in iran and an american student who was released independently. we are told he headed home yesterday. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. high surf complicates the search for 12 marines who remain missing after two helicopters crashed near hawaii. the marine corp just released this video of the search which includes the coast guard, army, navy and honolulu police and fire departments. a storm continues to send waves up to 30 feet, waves which have dispersed the debris. but searchers say they are not giving up. >> at this point, it's still a search and rescue mission. and the coast guard and our partner agencies are going to continue to search and maintain hope that we will be able to
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them home to their families. >> debris consistent with the type of helicopter involved was found but so far, there's no sign of the missing marines. right now, the democratic presidential candidates are preparing for tonight's debate. bernie sanders, martin o'malley and hillary rodham clinton all campaigned in south carolina this weekend. last night they attended a fish fry in charleston. the the south carolina primary is at the end of february. the first presidential contest is the iowa caucuses on february 1st. on long island now, police filed charges against a woman for hosting a party for nearly 100 underage drinkers. police received calls about a loud party last night at a home. responding officers saw between 75 and 100 underage party goers drinking various types of alcoholic beverages. investigators charged the 20- year-old with violating the state social host law.
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right now after he fell down an elevator shaft at a new jersey transit station. it happened at the albany street station just before 6:00 this morning. investigators say the man leaned against the elevator door and it opened. the man fell about 30 feet. it took about an hour for rescuers to pull him out. a group of act vests and political leaders are call -- activists and political leaders are calling on ecigarette companies to stop advertising to children. they came together today. both are demanding that these companies voluntarily follow the same rules that govern advertising of tobacco products to children. >> they are doing everything cigarette companies were banned from doing 18 years ago. >> it's seductive, reeling children in with enticing
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have nil la and chocolate. >> -- and vanilla and chocolate. >> the proposed rules are being reviewed by the obama administration. tornado tragedy coming up on eyewitness news, twisters tear through florida. new video of the trail of destruction the tornadoes left behind. fire escape. a firefighter's helmet camera captures the chaos during the rescue. ask the new technology in
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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ch keep going. keep going. >> we're seeing firsthand what it takes for firefighters to building. a firefighter wearing a gopro captured these rescues in central florida, central california i should say. the fire was contained to a stairwell in the building but the apartment building had filled with smoke. everyone make it out safely. a new safety feature now being tested on school buses, it can detect anyone within 10 feet of the bus, anyone like young students. we take a closer look and talks to a father whose daughter was killed by a school bus.
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screen sits a potential life- saver. with this student detection system, school bus driver bob knows when he pulls up to the elementary school, he knows when and where the children are around his bus. >> this will be another sound that we will get used to that tells us to stop, pause and look. >> reporter: eyewitness news got a look at the sds, a series of the send source placed around the bus, detecting anyone movement within 10 feet. mike is with the company that makes the sensors. >> this is the critical side because this is where the children are getting on and off. and we have also done two systems or sensors on the backside here to pick up obstacles. and this is probably the most critical area right here. this is the microwave-based technology, works in snow, sleet. >> reporter: the system is being closely followed as new jersey law makers consider abigail's law that would require all new buses to be
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the proposed law is named after the 18-month-old who was killed by a bus in 2003. the legislation. >> no reason why buses shouldn't be equipped with the same type of alarms and cautionary devices the to prevent a tragedy that i've endured. >> reporter: like the addition of the rounded cross-over mirrors and swing arm, these sensors proponents believe could add an important new level of safety. channel 7 eyewitness news. quite the afternoon there. >> yeah. >> looking more like winter. >> yeah. >> finally. >> a whole lot more. >> there's white stuff what is that? nay while. it's our first measurable snow fall in central park, officially .10 inches of snow. makes it look wintery. and some -- and some areas have had more than that, especially
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this is a view outside of the studios. you see one of the cars parked with snow covering it there. but mainly the roads right now are wet in and around the city. even though temperatures are right around or just below the freezing mark, the roads are wet for the time being. i'm concerned about later on tonight as the temperature falls, that's where there could be icy spots developing. the snow fall just starting to wind down a little bit. and then another snow shower possible later on tonight. behind that front, the big weather story is the bitter blast of cold during the next two day, wind, cold, temperatures in the 20s both tomorrow and tuesday. and that will keep wind chills down around 10 degrees and even below zero at night. and then we look to late in the week, a coastal storm is being well advertised by the computer models right now. the location very uncertain but it may or may not bring snow
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30 right now in newark. 30 at laguardia. 32 at jfk. catskills. and we have a winter weather advisory in new jersey county through 7:00 p.m. and you can see the back edge of that snow kind of being eroded way from the west so snow has come to an end over western new jersey by the water gap. but if the jersey shore up through the city, out on to long island, up through southwestern connecticut, still point here in new york city. later on tonight with the arrival of the front, there could be a snow squall during the pre-dawn hours and look at temperatures falling. they really don't rise much during the day tomorrow,
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and there could be another the afternoon. so here's the accuweather forecast for tonight, steady snow ending from west to east and maybe another snow shower late and the low down to about 25. it's partly sunny and windy and colder and could be a flurry during the day tomorrow the. it will feel like 10 degrees even though the high gets up to 29. windy, very cold tomorrow night and sub zero wind chills as lows get into the teens and here's the exclusive accuweather forecast, again, bright but bitter on tuesday, only up to about 29 for a high. and not as harsh wednesday. we have temperatures closer to normal wednesday into thursday. and then on friday, we watch a system and that could be a storm system developing just off to the south and that could bring snow. that's the big question in the exclusive accuweather forecast. and because it's a coastal storm, that could contain more moisture and could be a more significant weather event. that would last until saturday with temperatures into the low 40s by then.
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looking exclusive accuweather forecast than we have seen in many months. >> a ton. >> and you sound so pleased with yourself. >> it is what it is. >> interesting at least. >> thank you. a brooklyn subway riders are bracing for major service changes because of platform closures on the n line. starting tomorrow morning, nine manhattan-bound n train platforms will be closed for the next 14 months. it's part of a $400 million renovation project. and during the renovation, canopies and columns will be repaired, communication systems will be upgraded, new stairways and hand rails will be installed and platforms and overpasses will be improved. the mta says the service disruptions are the only way the get important repair work done. >> this is a vital project that needs to get down and get down now.
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built in the early 20th century. we got to get to the work. >> when the work is done on the manhattan-bound side, brooklyn- bound service will be suspended for another 14 months. let's head up stairs to the newsroom. sports up next. >> when the giants met the panthers late in the regular season, they pulled off a come back to nearly knock off the top team in the nfc. this afternoon, it was the seahawks looking to play copy cat. after carolina dominated the first half but who is moving on?
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that time of year for play- off football. >> it's getting exciting. the seahawks are the two-time defending nfc champions and the panthers had just one loss this season as the best in the nfl. and only one would be moving one step closer to the super bowl today. this afternoon, this was a tail of two halfs. first half, all panthers. the pick six and then they did 14-0 just a few minutes in. and got worse for seattle. cam newton hooking up with olsen, the panthers led 31-0 at the half. but it was all seattle after the break. here wilson finding the score. they would cut the lead to
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up the onside kick. and they recovered that against the packers last year but not this time. carolina takes it, 31-24. the panthers survive so they'll face arizona for the nfc title. for the final game of this round, the broncos hosting the steelers. denver got on the board first but pittsburgh has just taken the lead right now. 7-6 steelers at the end of the 1st quarter. while in the afc there was little drama, the nfc made up for that and more. the cardinals and packers game was wild. green bay down by a touchdown in the final seconds when roger threw up the hail mary and they made the catch to tie the game. overtime we go. the cards got ball and wasted no time. after a 75-yard pick-up from the first play, the touchdown. game over. the cardinals get the wild win. and it was much simper.
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not care. gronk caught a pair of touchdowns and they held off a rally to win. their quest to repeat track. the giants may not be in the play-offs this year but it was a big week for big blue. the team announced a new head for the team. here's more on the new guy in charge. >> reporter: this job is not for the faint of heart. and i'm the right man for the job. >> reporter: well, he's confident the giants made the right choice. he gets the job and it is a big one, three straight losing s first year in 12 -- losing seasons, first year in 12. he says this is an evolution, not a revolution but make no town. >> our offense and defense and special teams must play as one. and we will be committed to disexplain poise.
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somebody who had the intelligence, the determination, the work and the leadership skills to be a successful head coach in the nfl. >> reporter: the numbers before he arrived as offensive coordinator. those numbers went up in his first season. and those numbers went up again in number two. and now from calling the the plays the to calling the shots. nothing concrete yet on the staff. he will keep the clock set five minutes forward to honor tom. but make no mistake, it's his time now. >> we will take the rear-view mirror and throw it in the backseat and look out the windshield. >> at 6:00, we will have a full recap of the weekend's nfl play- off games so far. and we will see you in a little bit. >> will do. thank you. a flood of trouble in bronx. a leaky water main sends the water flowing, swamping several blocks. trail of destruction, homes
5:25 pm
people left without power as tornadoes move across florida.
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here's a look at some of the top stories. hate crimes detectives are investigating an attack on a man in bronx. police say he and his niece
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friday night when a group approached them yelling isis and then punched him. he was kicked and later treated at the hospital. the search for a missing new jersey woman has come to a tragic end and now investigators are trying to determine how her car ended up in the passaic river. the body of the 22-year-old was pulled if a submerged car yesterday. her funeral was today. a swiss air force plane carrying americans released by iran has landed. they'll be flown to a u.s. air base in germany. they were freed as part of a prisoner exchange. good evening once again. >> new at 5:00, water woes in bronx. >> this morning, a water main near 167th street and prospect avenue started leaking and that created flooding problems for several blocks.
5:28 pm
>> reporter: what was a small river flowing behind us here at east 167th street has been contained to a stop as crews have been working tirelessly to contain the water main break and clear debris from nearby drains. this break had a ripple effect to nearby homes and a nearby school where officials say the basement was flooded. >> bubbling through the pavement and overflowing down several bronx streets, fire and public works crews were called here sunday as a water main break shut down this stretch of east 1, 167th street. >> the water main break at approximately 9:30 this morning. the flow was very definite have a. >> reporter: as crews drilled and shut all valves to repair the nearby buildings were without power for a period of time.
5:29 pm
so i don't know if that's the cause of it. >> we do have water, i mean, we have to use bottled water but we can't take a shower. >> reporter: the river-like flow of water also seeped into the basement of ps 99. but by sunday afternoon, people nearby say the water had already receded a noticeable amount. >> more water. it was rushing faster. but now it's getting slower. >> this is bad. i have never seen nothing like this. when i looked out the window earlier, i have never seen it -- a water break as bad as this looks. >> reporter: and here we are 8.5 hours later. and you can still see crews here at work, even in these elements and snow. and they are trying to ensure that the leak is contained and completed and there's still going to be some time, at least several more hours before the road repairs are complete as well.
5:30 pm
7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new tonight, investigators charge a driver in a deadly accident in new jersey that killed a 6-year-old boy. the boy and his mother were walking yesterday when a car jumped the curb and struck the pair. the 6-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. his mother is in critical condition. the 21-year-old driver is charged with two counts of aggravated assault. new details tonight on a murder investigation in westchester county. the 27-year-old has been arrested for murdering his mother in her apartment in yonkers yesterday. the security guards at the apartment complex detained him and called police after a domestic dispute. investigators say the 50-year- old suffered multiple stab wounds. police are warning people to be on alert following the
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skimming devices at automatic teller machines in new jersey. investigators say they're not sure when the device was installed. meanwhile, two more devices were found not far away. this one was discovered earlier this week, also at a 7-eleven. and the other was found at the atm drive-up window at a bank of america. police in monroe say skimmers were found at a number of stores and banks there as well. investigators are advising anyone who used atms in the area to monitor their bank statements. now to that deadly tornado outbreak in florida. we are getting a new look at the damage left behind after twisters rip add part homes and businesses. we have the report from sarasota, florida. >> reporter: steven and kate wilson were asleep in their mobile home when the deadly tornado struck. >> actually removed the mobile home from its foundation, concrete block foundation, and
5:32 pm
>> reporter: wilson died immediately. his wife passing away from a heart attack a short time after. their son managed to crawl from the wreckage, helping his four children to safety. >> woke up this morning and lost a family friend and neighbor. >> reporter: these deaths in duette, florida, the only ones attributed to the three confirmed tornadoes that touched down overnight as a line of threatening thunderstorms and heavy winds pushed through the state. >> we have reports of two people trapped up stairs in a home. >> reporter: in siesta key, another twister damaged this home, trapping two victims inside. one pulled from the wreckage though a special operations unit had to lift a portion of the collapsed roof to reach the second, a woman trapped in her bedroom. siesta key is known for the pricy homes and wide gorgeous beaches. >> i grew up on a island so i have been through a bunch of hurricanes.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: by daybreak, residents who survived the night were out surveying the damage. the cost, estimated in the millions. >> this is the worst storm i have been in in 43 years. but you live and move on, that's all. >> reporter: and despite the urge to dig in, officials are now telling residents with storm damage to stay away from their homes until they're told the structures have been cleared. abc news, sarasota, florida. the flow of sweet n low from a brooklyn factory will be ending. they have told workers that the plant will end this year. the family-owned company says it will remain in brooklyn where it started but all manufacturerring will take country. that means about 300 people will lose their jobs. the spirit of reverend martin luther king, jr. was in the air in queens today. habitat for humanity volunteers
5:34 pm
the recreation center. habitat volunteers are out at various places around the area on what they're calling a weekend of service. tomorrow is the federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader.
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those who worked at ground zero after 9/11 fought to get extended coverage for health coverage and now the widow of one worker is fighting to get the settlement checks she's owed. >> yeah, on facebook, 7 on your side posted about this woman's plight. she has important information for anyone facing 9/11 illnesses. >> two planes crashed at the twin towers. >> reporter: and my dad helped clean up the mess, wrote the 11- year-old. and now a college graduate, her father is dead. >> he felt it was his obligation. he was a hero. sorry. >> reporter: her husband first helped recover victims and then for months worked the water trucks, hosing down the smoking pile of debris. he died five months ago. >> he couldn't breathe anymore.
5:36 pm
pounds in a month. >> reporter: as a first responder, he was receiving compensation for his live eleven related illnesses. when he passed, this final setmentment check came for $3,500. >> i went to our bank where we have a joint account. and she said, he's deceased, you can't cash that. >> reporter: so she contacted the law firm to issue a new check in her late husband's estate instead. >> she told me to write void, return receipt. did somebody sign for it? >> on 10/6/2015. >> reporter: have you received the new check? >> never received anything. >> reporter: for three months, she says she was ignored. >> shocked that dollars are supposed to be helping would treat, you know, the widow the way they treated me. >> reporter: in the meantime, their home is facing foreclosure. >> you know, my husband had will. he had no life insurance. >> reporter: so we called the law firm and within hours -- >> hello? >> reporter: she got a call
5:37 pm
never received the original check back. >> i don't understand why you guys can't find that in your office. >> reporter: but 24 hours later, a fedex with a check. >> thank you so much. you have no idea. i need a hug. >> reporter: you're so welcome. the law firm said it needed to make sure that she was eligible to receive the benefits and as soon as that was verified, they sent the check out. the victim's compensation fund just got a big boost from the 75-year extension of the zadroga act but people need to be aware, they have two years from the date of diagnosis for eligible cancers to receive any funds or medical coverage. and of course, that deadline is different for different illnesses so go to our website, abc7ny and we put a link to the fund that could answer any questions you may have. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> important information. >> very important.
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feet but the bride displayed a warm heart. >> how a bride's heart break led to a night of joy for others. and the snow is about to wind down momentarily in the new york city area but guess what, over long island, especially suffolk county, we have occasionally moderate snow right there and that will continue for another couple hours and there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life!
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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new video shows a car smashing into a gas station in avoiding a customer. the woman appeared to have been hit but you can see her get up after the crash. the crash triggered a gas leak and the store was evacuated. the people inside the car were rushed to the hospital. a seattle woman is turning
5:41 pm
she was set to get married but the would-be groom backed out at the last minute. the bride already had the reception space, the band, the food all ready to go and she didn't want to see it go to waste so she arranged for a local homeless shelter health -- homeless shelter the take advantage of the night she planned. >> it's a nice setting and i could take my kids and the kids had fun getting dressed up. so that's like the fun part of it for me. >> well the shelter says when other people heard about the random act of kindness, they wanted in on the action. in fact, a local salon offered free hair and make-up services so the guests felt at home in the fancy setting. >> very, very nice. >> great evening for that family. we have a fancy setting. look at that. winter. >> a little bit of champagne powder in the area. looked a lot nicer in the
5:42 pm
unless you're in central park, it looks nice with the snow coating the trees. but we have a ton of pictures from social media, from our fans on facebook and twitter. and check these out here from all over the place. >> i have seen it. >> yes, we have not seen the snow. and whoa, that's from west new york there in the middle. you see snow is covering the grown, mainly grassy areas. covering the trees. making it look pretty. so far, roads and sidewalks haven't really been the problem but that could change by later on tonight. and here by the way is a live look over toward central park and you can see a little bit of white covering the park there on the grassy surfaces and the trees with temperatures right around the 30-degree mark right now. still reporting snow officially. that was the 5:00 p.m. observation and that's going to be winding down, the wind from the northwest around 3 miles per hour. the temperature will be back
5:43 pm
so basically it means that if there are wet spots on the clerk they are, they can freeze over, especially untreated surfaces after midnight as we get the really really cold arctic blast by then. 30 at newark. and 25 at monticello. and 29 at sussex. and the radar picture right now showing the last of the snow just moving through new york city. still getting steadier snow over the jersey shore. and you're still getting steadier snow over parts of long island. we zoom in to the city first and you see just a couple flurries left over west of new ending fairly soon. the area that will get snow for a couple hour, parts of suffolk county where you could see up to an inch of snow, mainly on grassy surfaces this evening. that will come to an end probably 7:00 or 8:00. and another snow shower late
5:44 pm
and behind that, any wet roadways could become icy. so that could be an issue for the morning commute. the wind chill showing, what it feels like will be down to 13 at 7:00 in the morning and in teens all day tomorrow, and even falling below zero tomorrow night. and we could have wins up to 40 miles per hour tomorrow into the tomorrow night and early tuesday. and that along with the cold is going to make it feel brutal out there. exclusive accuweather forecast for tonight, steady snow coming to an end east of new york city. and another snow shower moving in late with the arctic front and increasing low, the down to about 25 but feeling colder right through the day tomorrow. and it's partly sunny and windy and cold with the flurry around and feeling like it's in the single numbers to around 10:00. windy and cold tomorrow night. and it will feel like it's belevy at times north and west of new york city. and the exclusive accuweather forecast. again, another cold one on
5:45 pm
and not quite as harsh on wednesday, upper 30s, near 40 on thursday. and we have to watch late in the week, especially late friday into saturday, the possibility of a coastal storm, the location of that very uncertain at this point but if it comes close enough, we could be talking about more significant snow fall. >> thank you. >> thank you. she was just helping out some animals in need. >> and now one woman in new
5:46 pm
because wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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a woman in new jersey fined for caring for squirrels. >> now she says that she was only trying to help an injured animal. but then it surprised her and gave birth. now she is facing some serious legal problems. we have her story. >> hey, sitting up, buddy. >> reporter: maria says no way they could have survived without their mother so she waited for her to return. >> we left the babies with the cage open for 24 hours. she never came back. >> reporter: she says when registered wildlife rehi bill at a timers could not take them in, she became their foster mom. >> good morning.
5:48 pm
for four months. good morning. and there's lala. >> reporter: they became their foster family. her son, her husband, october 31st, the division of fish and wildlife came knocking. >> and asked me if i had squirrels and i said, yes, i had no problem telling them the i was proud. >> reporter: what she says she department know was that this was illegal. them. that they had to be rehabilitated. i complied. i said, no problem. >> reporter: she says she even gave the officers the cage. she received days later, a tick net the mail. >> $500 -- a ticket in the mail. >> reporter: $500. >> the judge told me up to $1,000 fine. >> reporter: and the judge said up to six months in jail offense. >> no. >> reporter: you were doing something out of your heart? >> i thought i was. >> reporter: she pled not
5:49 pm
january it'll 27th. this animal lover who believes in promising, help and hope landing her in hot water she says was way too hot. >> especially wasting taxpayers' money to go to court over helping two squirrels? it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: channel 7 eyewitness news. a lot more ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. we have exclusive new video to show you. and new at 6:00, a big push to end cellphone dead zones. why you're being asked to help out.
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