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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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targeted and attacked. a man who says he endured a beating while his attackers yelled about isis talks the to eyewitness news. plus, after a mostly mild winter, new york city finally sees snow and a cold start to the the work week is on tap for tomorrow. good evening everyone. >> for many in our area, this is the first snow they have seen all winter. the snow started coming down late this afternoon. leaving a coating behind in this backyard.
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sticking to the streets but it there. >> and in the bronx, pedestrians had the hoods up and hats on to guard against the cold and the snow. jeff smith is timing it out for us and he is here with a first accuweather forecast. >> across the core of the area, the snow is beginning to wind down but there are some exceptions. we still have a winter weather advisory until about 7:00 p.m. the back edge of the snow quick lay approaching new york city. but areas off to the south still getting some steadier snow right along the jersey shore and the garden state parkway and little egg harbor. and also the next several hour, you will still be getting snow which could fall moderately at times over sections of long island, you havely suffolk county and southwestern parts of connecticut so there could
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on grassy surfaces. 30 in central park. so at or below the freezing mark so eventually there can be problems on the roadways. freeze overnight. by 8:00 p.m., you see the last little bit of snow over long for a time. by midnight, this arctic front approaches and moves through during the predawn hours of tomorrow morning. with that, perhaps another snow shower. that can actually coat the roads because temperatures will be down into the 20s. bitter chill. again, up to an inch of snow still over long island. earlier this even, mainly in grassy areas and the second snow shower later tonight and icy tomorrow night. it's all about the bitter cold. and then eventually another, maybe more significant, snow chance in the exclusive accuweather forecast. we will talk about that coming >> thank you. and you can track the snow
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with the accutrack weather alert app. search abc7ny in the app store or the google play store. he was walking his niece home from school when he was suddenly attacked and now a man who says the attackers yelled about isis as they beat him is speaking out about the frightening assault. we are in bronx with an exclusive look at some new surveillance video. >> reporter: sandra, he tells me he didn't see them coming and really didn't know much about what his attackers were yelling at him. the word isis, the father of three was doing what he does just about every single day. but this time was like no other. >> i'm outraged. i will not rest until we catch these two individuals. >> reporter: the chaos in the minutes after the attack.
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ambulance rushing to get -- this surveillance video shows the ambulancing rushing to the scene. the father of three through a translater told me what he believes sparked all of this. >> i believe as a muslim, they hate us, they hate me and that's why they did it. >> reporter: you see friday evening around 5:30, he was wearing when he has on now, traditional clothing. he had come here to ps 119 to pick up his 9-year-old niece from school. as he walked out of the gates hand in hand with the little girl, he says two men came up behind him and started kicking and punching him, all the time yelling one specific thing. the words isis and muslim he tells me. he says he will never forget it. and neither will his niece, she
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her uncle unconscious on the sidewalk. >> blood was running nonstop and blood was running nonstop from the nose, from here. >> reporter: the suspects took off without taking a single thing from him. despite what happened, he tells me he will not change what he wears or where he goes. >> to be attacked this way, to attack someone because of their faith is something that we community. >> reporter: and in fact, on tuesday people will hold a rally in the community to protest what happened. investigators will w the hate crime task -- -- investigators with the hate crime task force are investigating the case. overseas now, we are tracking developing news out of iraq. the u.s. embassy in baghdad confirms that several americans are missing there. we first told you about this breaking news at 5:00. a senior u.s. official tells abc news the three americans
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two days ago. they are civilian contractors. a spokesman says the u.s. embassy is working in full cooperation with iraqi authorities to locate the missing americans. three americans former prisoners in iran now in germany, reuniting with their family. the three threw through switzerland where the talks leading to their release took place. a fourth man that was part of the exchange deal has decided to stay in iran. now president barack obama says the agreement quietly developed separate from the international nuclear negotiations. >> this is a good day . when americans are freed and reunited with their families, that's something we can all celebrate. >> as part of the swap, the u.s. has released seven iranians including one who lived on staten island. the republican presidential candidates have criticized the president for the exchange. public works crews extend the flow of water -- crews have
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a water main break in bronx. water began gushing this morning near east 167th street. it bubbled through the pavement and down the street. eventually flooding several nearby homes and the basement of a school. right now the water is shut off as workers try to break. investigators charged a driver in a deadly accident in new jersey that killed a 6-year- old boy. the boy and his mother were walking yesterday in highland park when a car jumped the curb and struck the pair. the 6-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. his mother is in critical condition. the 21-year-old driver is charged with two counts of aggravated assault. a funeral today for the woman whose body was found submerged in the passaic river. police say she drove through a fence and down an embankment into the water. today friends and family are
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we have details. community in mourning. this young woman had touched so many lives, hundreds turned out to remember the 22-year-old. a solemn day for friends and family. with so many pouring into the jewish memorial chapel, countless mourners had to watch the funeral service from monitors outside. so tragic. i don't know what to say. we can't understand. >> reporter: her life long friends say the 22-year-old was always trying to help others, working with kids with special needs and always had a positive outlook on life. after vanishing several days ago, search teams discovered her body and her car at the bottom of the passaic river last night. on thursday, she called her mother crying and sounding lost.
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off the embankmentment before crashing into the water. as investigators try to figure out what went wrong, loved ones say her life was cut too short. >> such an incredible, sweet person. everyone who knew her, you couldn't say a single thing wrong about it. >> the words to say about her can't even cover for who she is. i just can't even -- she's just so incredible. she loved everyone. she was so kind to everyone. she would never say anything bad about anyone. she just wanted to have a good time. >> reporter: investigators say it was a call about a damaged fence yesterday that led them to her car. 10 feet under water, it was debris leading to the river that made cops realize what had happen and leaving her family devastated. >> it's very difficult for family, as you can imagine. the family is very grateful to all of those who have helped, all of the searchers.
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says she had epilepsy and she suffered from seizers but investigators say at this point, they do not yet know if that is what caused this crash. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the major changes coming to subway commuters tomorrow. the platforms of seven stations will be closed. and are you sick of dropped calls and texts that won't go through? the new plan to end cellphone dead zones in our area. we are getting a look at some of the photos that you have been sharing of the snow. this is staten island.
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listen up, a commuter alert. big changes for subway ride tears use the n line to get from brooklyn to manhattan. starting tomorrow, the mta begins work on the manhattan- bound platforms of nine brooklyn stations. only two, 8th avenue and bay parkway will be open to manhattan-bound riders. the work includes platform upgrades and improved accessibility for people with disabilities. the renovation is expected to last until the spring of 2017. for more information on the project and links that will help you plan your commute, head to our website, abc7ny.
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fix cellphone dead zones in new york city and on long island. >> in a crowded area like the new york metropolitan area, it's inexcusable with all the money we pay for cellphone service that there should be so many calls where it's dropped and dropped over and over and over again. >> the senator is asking new yorkers to email his office if they find areas where cellphone service repeatedly drops. he says the cellphone companies have told him they'll try to fix the dead zones that are reported over and over. he says his office will accumulate and put reports, present them to the cellphone companies and demand that they fix them. all right, up next, we will take a look at the damage from severe weather in florida.
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at two tornadoes ripped through central florida overnight. they were deadly. a couple died as they slept when one twister hit their duette. their adult son and four survivorred. and another tornado hit the beach community of siesta key known for its pricy homes. one woman had to be pulled from >> utter devastation. and we have in a lot of ways the exact opposite weather here. >> yeah, it's interesting.
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fringe of the same storm system. and that's why we've had snow during the afternoon and early evening hours and a lot of people have been sending us social media pictures of that snow fall and it's been rather pretty, as a matter of fact. especially on the grassy surfaces and on the trees. not so much on the roadways. but we've gotten lucky so far. it hasn't accumulated too much on the roads. but tonight, looking for the roads to perhaps start freezing over as we get the temperatures down below freezing. check this out, the skating rink in central park, people enjoying that winter wonderland type of scene out there. temperature right now, 30. the wind is calm. and central park receiving the first measurable snow fall of the season so far. the highest amounts though, along the jersey shore, checking in with a whopping inch of snow. that's how lackluster the season has been so far. basking ridge, new jersey, just over .50 of snow. the snow will end early
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receive up to an inch. and then another snow shower later on tonight with the arctic cold front moving in. and it's all about the bitter cold the next couple days with wind and temperatures in the 20s. the wind will make it feel like it's in the single digits at times. and then later on in the week, yeah, you're reading it right, a coastal storm may bring more significant weather by late friday into saturday, still really going to have to pin down the details during the next several days. 30 at belmar and toms river. snow fall right now. and also right down along the steadier snow. and that will end during the next hour. but you still have a couple to three more hours of snow left over suffolk county on long island. and then we regret a break and then the cold front comes through tonight. and maybe a brief but maybe even heavier snow shower later
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by 9:00 p.m., maybe a little bit steadier snow over eastern long island but the rest of the area has cleared up. and temperatures might go up a couple degrees before they midnight. and temperatures in the 20s. there could be slick spots on the roadways tomorrow morning and there could be a snow shower during the day tomorrow. and temperatures struggling to get out of the 20s. here's the exclusive tonight. steady snow coming to an end east of the city. maybe another snow shower late. the low down to about 25. partly sunny, windy, colder, a flurry around tomorrow, 29. it will feel like 10 degrees at times and it will feel colder tomorrow night. down to 19 in manhattan. it will feel like below zero north and west of the city at times and this continues into tuesday. bright out there but cold. highs in the upper 20s, feeling like the teens. and not as harsh on wednesday, less wind, milder and 37. and near 40 on thursday.
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there will be a coastal storm. the question is, where will it be? and if it's close enough, it could mean snow around here. more at 11:00. >> thank you. >> all right. >> we will be watching. sports up next. all that's missing from next weekend's title games is a pair of teams but that will be taken care of today. in carolina, the top seed panthers were in danger of blowing a big time lead to the seahawks so queue the onside kick. and a nail biter of a night in
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could today's nfl play-off games be as good as yesterday? >> that is a tall order. last week, every rogue team won for the first time in post- season history but the divisional round is a different story. the panthers trying to keep alive the trend of the home team winning and it was a tale of two halfs. first half, the pick six. worse for seattle. cam newton hooking up with olsen here. the panthers would lead 31-0 at the half but it was all seattle after the break. russell wilson for the touchdown. they would cut it to seven with just 1:16 left which set up the onside kick. and they recovered it against the packers last year.
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carolina the taking care of business, 31-24. the panthers survive and face arizona for the nfc title. >> we are on to the next round. we didn't play as well i thought we needed to. we did things were supposed to do and won the football game. that's the bottom line. for the best team in the afc, the broncos hosting the steelers this weekend. and so far, the steelers are on top 10-9 in the 3rd. full highlights at 11:00. but no matter what happens in that game the craziest of the weekend and perhaps the play- offs was last night. the packers use a hail mary at the clock hit zero to the tie the game. in overtime, all cardinals. he had made the defense look silly after a 7 ayard gain and then he did that, the game- winning touchdown and the cards move on. >> we knew it was going to be a tough game. i think we made it tougher than
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especially at the end. >> a great game. hard fought. you know, going back and forth. and the play-off atmosphere, e that's what year looking -- atmosphere, that's what you're looking for. ask the pats are moving on as well as they took care of business against the wild card chiefs. the pats built a lead and then held on despite a late threat from kansas city to advance to the afc championship. >> pretty cool. it's hard to do. you got to grind throughout the entire year. and there's only four teams playing next weekend and we are one of them. lot. the rangers have a dad's trip every season but this year, they're mixing things up. this year it's the first-ever moms trip. tonight they are trying to make visit the capitols. the rangers making a move. deflected in for the lead.
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play and no surprise here, when he's on the ice, he gets the equalizer. the caps have tacked on a couple more. it's 3-1 right now in the 2nd. and at barclay center, scoreless until midway through the 2nd period. the visitors attack. the first goal of his career. and that's the only tally so far. right now, 1-0 in the 3rd. the only drama was on the court last night as the knicks met the grizzlies. they met for the first time since the off-season altercation surrounding his estranged wife. despite that though, he still has the to pay. the nba announced a $35,000 fine for the veteran after what the league determined to be inappropriate comments he made in the days leading up to the game about the knick's head coach. well the road is never an easy place to be in college football so any win is a quality win. what uconn was going for today as they traveled to houston.
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the triple and they would lead by seven at the break. but look out for the husky, they would make a charge in the second half. three of his 20 point, that's for the lead. 69-57, the huskies hang on for their third american conference road. coming from behind on the road is not easy. >> thank you. that's the news for now. we thank you for joining us. stay tuned for abc world news. that's coming up next.
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