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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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for bill evans. >> it's hard to believe people have to be out working in these conditions. it's so cold. it's coming in a condition where we have seen our temperatures so much more wild. that takes your breath away and gets your attention. this. the cold air coming from the north and west. gusts across the area nearing 30 miles per hour. consistent steady wind in the mid-20s. put the gusts in and it feels colder. near 40 miles per hour wind in bridgeport and gusts in and around the boroughs all morning long. factors these in, windchills are feeling like the single digits in white plains, monticello and teens across board. a very cold air mass. tonight when we lose just a little bit of warmth that we have today, temperatures will be below freezing about 4 hours. we go to single digit windchills tonight. colder tomorrow morning to start off the day. so, another day where you got to be bundled up withed single
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not a lot of snow out there to contend with. we could get a few more streamers coming through. current snow depth less than an inch of snowfall. not a lot around here. we could be adding to that by the time we get into next weekend. we will talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. for the next seven hours it's freezing across the area. >> thank you, thank you, amy. the icy and slippery conditions caused a 14 car pile up late last night in yonkers. a section of the southbound bronx river parkway is closed. the vehicles colliding near the palmer road bridge. ten people were hurt. fortunately all of the injuries are considered minor. the southbound bronx river parkway is closed between scarsdale and desmond avenue. it will not reopen until tomorrow because work to repair the guard rails will not be complete on the holiday. remember, you can stay on top of the cold weather conditions with our accutrack weather
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or google play stores. new at noon, police are searching for a driver that abandoned his car after home this morning. a startled woman was on the second floor and not injured but the structural integrity of her home is in question. n.j. burkett is outside the house in west babylon. n.j.? >> reporter: that's right, dave. little east neck road where you can see the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. the fact is almost nobody goes 30 miles per hour. not on this street and not on the side street which is gordon avenue over there. that is where the car lost control. speed and icy roads likely to blame for the crash. a car smashed head long into the back of this house after careening through the streets as i said. the tenants on the ground floor were not home. they were not injured. we don't know how badly the driver was hurt if at all
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car and took off. this area has seen several virtually identical crashes. neighbors are wondering what more will it take before somebody does something. late last summer you may remember this, a car loaded with teenagers smashed into the house across the street from the scene of this accident. killed. the first of three crashes here in just the past six months. here. they get in flight. they come across the bridge too fast. the people that hit this house, the car went into flight into the house. this house here, you can see the blue tarp, came across the bridge and lost control right into their house. now we have this today. we need a light here. >> reporter: well, they feel like they need a light to slow things down. workers are working to patch up
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inspector. he said the house is structurally sound and that they need to shore it up a little bit. the utilities are turned off inside the house. it may be a little bit of time return. again, nobody injured. we don't know the status of the driver because he remains at large this afternoon. we are live in west babylon, long island, n.j. news. >> thank you. a suspect is in the hospital and two others are on the run after they picked the wrong man to rob, an off duty nypd sergeant. the sergeant was heading home on east 178th street in crescent avenue in the tremont section of the bronx when the group of men carrying knives approached. mallory hoff is live at the scene with the story. mallory? afternoon. two men are still on the run this afternoon and i want you to take a look here. this is the crime scene, police crime scene set up here as they
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investigators have been in the process of taking measurements this afternoon, this afternoon morning. investigators say just after 4:00 in the morning three men attempted to rob an off duty nypd housing sergeant. he was walking home after a the bronx. person. >> reporter: the off duty 18-year-old suspect. detectives say that man was steak knife. he was taken to st. barnabas hospital. he is expected to survive. >> very nice that we have an officer that lives near us and he did what he had to do. don't let them take his life. he had to spray them. >> reporter: the other two suspects made a run for it. a man in a red jacket is believed to be armed with a gun. a man in a black jacket carrying a knife. police are searching for them and posting crime stopper signs urging people to come forward with information.
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another and strive to become decent human beings and not hurt each other. >> reporter: take a good look now. this photo was provided to us by investigators. those two knives, those were are the knives that were recovered on that suspect that was shot. the suspect who was currently hospitalized. if you take a look at what you are seeing, the two knives recovered on the one suspect in the hospital and in custody. back out live, we have been told that this officer has been taken to the hospital for evaluation. but he is expected to be fine. in the meantime, investigators at work trying to find those two men who are still on the run. live in the bronx, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new at noon, giants football star jason paul will have surgery on his damaged right hand. he posted a picture on instagram this morning.
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in a july 4th fireworks accident. he delayed the surgery in order to play with the giants for part of the season. on this day, america celebrates the legacy of dr. martin luther king junior, a man who helped transform the country. >> students here in new york city honored dr. king with a march across manhattan. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg joins us with the details. lauren? >> reporter: david and shirleen, while schools are closed today, one school is using today as a teaching opportunity. the manhattan country school is holding an event today that they do every year. it allows community members of that school to participate in a march. they head to city streets on this cold day to remember dr. martin luther king junior. it's not a mandatory event. many students, parents and faculty members attend. the march leads them from the school's new location on west
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the east side. students give speeches about relevant issues pertaining to race, gender and religion, things that are important to them just as martin luther king junior did in the '50s and '60s. >> it is based on the principles of martin luther king for racial and economic equality, a diverse body and staff that includes members of all different classes. and those are the principles i with. i treasure that. >> this march is important because it embodies the values and philosophy of the school. instead of just -- we don't just talk the talk. we are truly walking the walk with this march. turned out today. pretty impressive considering how cold it is. they will end up at the islamic
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we ex--cultural center. we expect them to arrive in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, lauren. today we are hearing rare audio recordings of dr. king after he received the nobel peace prize. >> that is the sort of poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance. >> what you are listening to is dr. king, they call the no bell lecture in norway in december of 1964. the no bell organization put the -- know bell organization put it on their web site saying this is the first time it was made wildly available. >> you can take a look back at the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king junior and tell us how you are observing page. >> what an orator he was. a horse carriage battle. the new deal and what the city
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a suspect is in custody after a police officer was shot and killed in ohio. it happened overnight in danville, a little more than an hour north of columbus. the officer was record missing while on duty when his -- reported missing while on duty
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blood on it. he was found outside the municipal building. turning to vote 2016 the iowa caucuses are exactly two weeks from tonight. last night the democratic candidates faced off in the final debate before the first votes are cast. >> tonight he has come out with a new health care plan. is. i have documented -- >> former secretary of state hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders and martin o'malley on the stage together. >> he voted to let guns go on to amtrak, guns into national parks. >> well, i think secretary clinton knows what she says is disingenious. >> i'm not sure if we are talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or the plan you introduced nine times in the congress. >> that is nonsense. we are not going to tear up the affordable care act.
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>> the debate took place in south carolina. there is an agreement in place in the fight over new york city's carriage horses. city hall released a joint statement to announce the union. it calls for reducing and relocating the horsing that became a political target for mayor de blasio. it calls for some horse drawn carriages in central park and believe a new in park stable rather than banning them together. it will decrease the number of licensed horses from 180 about 110. it requires the stable be built by october 201 to permanently house the horses. dramatic video. we will tell you what made this daring coast guard rescue in the waters off florida one of the most challenging missions ever faced. >> the duchess of cambridge picks a new job. her gig and the message she wants the world to hear. >> a live look outside.
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it is winter and we are bracing for bitter cold temperatures the next couple of days. last night we got a taste of winter, snowflakes coming down.
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roads early this morning in yonkers. it caused slick spots for drivers and made for hazardous driving. >> first time seeing this. you are like what is this white substance. >> such a late start. does this mean we will get away scott free. >> january 18th is a late start to deal with snow. but i dug deep into the history books back to 1868 and there was a winter in 1913 where we had no snow november, december, january, no snow. then february and march it started to snow and we had over 40 inches. >> oh, yeah. i lived through a couple of those snows in march. >> i figured you remembered the 1913 years. shirleen, no, but dave, quick >> reincarnated, that's why. happening outside. we have sunshine. the bright skies help a little, don't they. a little.
12:19 pm
the freezing temperatures and the big winds that we have across the area. that combination is what keeps us very, very cold. and not only do we have it right now but this will be another 24 to 36 hours of this kind of cold in front of us because by tomorrow morning our windchills will not improve. they will be worse. right now temperatures are below freezing. this is about as warm as we get. 20s through the boroughs. 19 in monticello. factor the thermometer readings into the wind gusts which are above 30 miles per hour for all the neighborhoods and even stretching into parts of the hudson valley we have strong winds. that creates the windchills in the teens. when the winds strengthen into early tomorrow morning it will feel colder. one of the reasons, the fresh snow we are getting upstate. the cold air has to travel over that and makes it worse. this bitter blast lasting the next two days.
12:20 pm
down the harsh wind, keeps the temperatures 10 to 30 below the normal for this time of year. tuesday. we can watch these areas in pink go into the single digits, tuesday morning. that will be harsh to wake up to, especially if you had mlk off. week. this one here, we are watching the track of the storm. the chance of the snow coming in is friday into saturday. still a lot of question marks with this one. we know it's calm. maybe a few flurries on the futurecast later tonight. this will create the same scenario. freezing surface will make it slick. watch out for that traveling home after dark. the amounts don't stack up to much. futurecast spells this out for us, less than 1/2 inch expected. not a big deal with the snow. we will talk about this storm system that will be developing later in the week. it has to do with the midwest snow that happens midweek, what
12:21 pm
behind it will be our storm potentially in the east and how that swings through the gulf will decide what happens for us. a lot to watch for on the track and the timing of the storm, where the coldest air ends up. lots to pay attention to. it's in the distance. we have cold to face at the moment. tomorrow 30 degrees for the high. windchills are very fierce. the accuweather forecast shows thursday and beyond temperatures moderate -- wednesday and beyond they moderate. storm. afternoon. the second half hour more details. >> a lot of sun in between. bundle up. >> thank you, amy. vacation murder mystery. a tv news producer from chicago killed traveling in belize. we will tell you about the person that police are talking to in the case.
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[ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? a daring rescue on the and young football fan's wonderful reaction to some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention.
12:24 pm
they rescued two men in some of the worst conditions they have seen in florida in the gulf of mexico. a rescue swimmer went down a line in 40 knot winds and 20- foot swells and managed to latch on to the men and bring them up one by one. the sailboat cracked open. both men were rushed to key pest airport for emergency medical treatment. everyone is said to be okay at this point. dramatic video of the latest attempt by spacex to launch a satellite into orbit. the launch was a success. the attempt to land the rocket not so much. it tipped over bursting into flames. last month spacex landed a reusable rocket on the ground. it has been unable to land on the barge. they feel like they are making steps forward. finally the carolina panthers have a tradition of handing off footballs to kids in the stands. check out this kid's reaction. the kids lucky enough to get them become big stars in their
12:25 pm
we could go back to the young lady. there is the reaction. holy cow i got the football. doesn't get old. >> did you see her eyes. >> i got it. >> good stuff. >> that's great. >> awesome moment. >> thank you, david. still to come on eyewitness news at noon, subway shut down, thousands of riders will have to find a new way to get into manhattan. plus, heading home, the americans held in iran for years are finally reuniting with their loved ones. you will hear from their families. >> what a milestone. celebrating 82 years of
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with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . our top stories, the bronx river parkway is shut down after a 14-car crash late last night. the southbound lanes are closed between exit 4 and the sprain brook parkway. the crash is being blamed on ice and slippery roads. >> police on long island are searching for a driver who crashed into a house this morning and then took off. it happened on east neck road in west babylon. a woman on the second floor of the house was not injured.
12:29 pm
survive his injury after being shot by an off-duty police sergeant in the bronx. the cop was walking home when they men armed with knives tried to rob him. police say he fired once hitting an 18-year-old suspect. the run. hello, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. we begin this half hour with a subway shut down. if you ride the n train brooklyn to manhattan, you may need to find a new way around. >> starting today, the mta closing a number of n train platforms for the next 24 months in order to make much needed repairs. dray clark has what you need to know to get around this closure. >> there are no manhattan trains at this station. if you are going to manhattan, it's fast evidence to walk -- fastest to walk to 8th avenue. >> reporter: they are moving commuters in the right direction hoping to ease the frustration and confusion
12:30 pm
changes to the n line. nine manhattan bound stations will be closed until next year. it's a major inconvenience for more than 50,000 commuters that ride the line every day. >> it stinks for people. very inconvenient. i am able to walk. can't walk. >> if i worked in the city i would be upset being over here. >> luckily i don't have to. >> reporter: here is the nine stations closings from 8th avenue in sunset park to 86th street in bensonhurst. the mta plans to give the stations a multimillion dollar face lift replacing cracked and crumbling platforms, installing new stairways, upgrading speaker systems and new doors, stores and windows with a fresh coat of paint. wheelchair accessible ramps and elevators will be added to some stations. >> you look here and the
12:31 pm
the metal on the stairs is corroding. >> reporter: so, for the next year commuters can catch manhattan bound n trains at the bank parkway, 8th avenue and coney island stations. also, once work is done on the manhattan bound side, work will begin on the brooklyn bound side. that will take 14 months to complete. in borough park, brooklyn, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. the man arrested for exposing himself in a putnam county library is charged with public lewdness. benjamin thomas was arrested last thursday. he is accused of flashing a woman inside butter field memorial library in coldspring harbor last week. investigators tracked him down using security video from the library. he is being held on $100,000 bond. a driver has been charged in a deadly accident that killed a 6-year-old boy in new jersey. the child and his mother were
12:32 pm
car jumped the curb and struck them. shane craws was pronounced -- krause was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are on the look out for a suspect in a random slashing in the east village. street. back saturday afternoon. the man was knocked to the ground as he walked near cooper square looking at his cell phone. police say it was when the man got up that he realized he was bleeding. one eyewitness described the scene. >> behind the white car, on the corner but i don't know what happened. >> reporter: the attacker, police say, is still on the loose. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. this comes after two other similar attacks, one in chelsea and the other in the east
12:33 pm
the youngest of the five americans freed in a prisoner swap with iran is back home in boston. this is as we learn more about the secret negotiations to set them free. abc's elizabeth hur joins us with the details. elizabeth? >> reporter: shirleen, u.s. officials say the americans were being detained on bogus charges and finally freed following 14 months of negotiations. five americans are free at last. >> we are overjoyed that he is out. >> reporter: a boston university graduate student, matthew is the first to return home arriving in massachusetts after being detained for 40 days in iran. meanwhile, three of the x prisoners are getting much needed medical treatment in germany. the first stop out of iran was geneva, switzerland where "the washington post" reporter met negotiate his release.
12:34 pm
year and a half on charges of espionage. >> he is doing okay. he was mostly neglected. >> reporter: another spent more than four years in prison. his sister beaming at joy that the news he was freed. >> we are looking forward to meeting him, hopefully soon. we are excited. >> reporter: and a pastor's family is grateful. >> i told my kids, woke them up, i said daddy is released from prison. >> reporter: the 5th american chose to stay in iran. we learned new details about their release. in exchange, the obama administration agreed to release seven iranians charged with violating u.s. and drop arrest warrants for 14 others. this is on top of paying $1.7 billion to settle old financial dispute with the iranian government. timing wise, these americans were released just after the nuclear deal with iran went
12:35 pm
house maintains the two deals are separate adding diplomatic efforts over the nuclear deal paved the way to happen. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. david? >> thank you. a man in custody in belize is a person of interest in the death of an american tourist. so far, no arrests have been made. an autopsy reveals 39-year-old ann swainy was strangled. she was reported missing from the hotel she was staying. her body was found floating in a river on friday. her family members and friends are hoping for answers. >> she felt safe there. we felt safe letting her go alone. >> swainy worked at our abc station in chicago where she managed online operations. investigators took a fisherman into custody friday saying he was in the area at the time of
12:36 pm
have not charged him with a crime. so sad. let's turn to meteorologist amy freeze in for bill evans on this cold day. 26 degrees out there. >> yes. i mean, we are below freezing across the board. we will stay this way until wednesday midday. plus, the winds out of the west- northwest. right now 32 miles per hour gust for central park. it's the combination of the cold temperatures matched with the winds that is making it feel so chilly outside. you really can't stand out too long because the windchills in uncomfortable. waiting for the kids, 26 for the thermometer reading. know the low teens are expected for the windchills. they will drop off after sunset to single digit windchills. a frigid night ahead. we will talk about the less harsh weather ahead and the potential for snow day forecast.
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killed and 15 wounded in an air strike by the saudi led coalition. several maybe trapped under debris. earth moving equipment arrived to help with the search for bodies and survivors. white out conditions leading to a fatal 60 car pile up. authorities say one person is dead after three separate crashes on a highway. at least a dozen tractor trailers were involved. three people suffered critical injuries including a sheriff's deputy hit trying to administer first aid. sport is pouring in for people dealing with a water crisis in michigan. 181,000 bottles of clean water is being sent to flint. scherr is partner -- cher is partnering with a water company to make it happen by wednesday. flint is dealing with toxic
12:41 pm
drinking water. the professional tennis world rocked by a stunning accusation that players fixed matches. some of the top tennis players are under investigation for throwing matches. the accusation is based on documents leaked from a secret investigation by tennis officials. this is out of the bbc among others. the investigation stretches over the last decade and some of the players involved are on the court. >> this is a growing problem. it's huge. the tennis integrity unit is not coming to grips with it. >> 16 players ranked among the top 50 were among the targets of the investigation. trader joe's has issued a recall effecting cashew nuts sold at stores in our area. the company says the raw cashew pieces may have been contaminated by sale manella. the bags are being recalled and labeled best before july 17, 2016. they were sold in stores in new york, new jersey and connecticut. customers can bring the back to
12:42 pm
the duchess of cambridge taking on a new job. her new role with a message close to her heart. >> and meet the couple
12:43 pm
new mission for the duchess of cambridge. kate is shining her light on a mission. >> reporter: her role is doting mom to the cutest members of the royal family kept her busy this past year. now princess kate will be adding guest rest to her resume. she will join the "huffington post" for one day where she will shine light on an issue of mental health. >> nobody would feel embarrassed seeking help for a
12:44 pm
we should be ready to help a child with emotional difficulty. >> reporter: she appeared in several psa's over the years. in a specific appeal for children that struggle with mental health. >> william and i sincerely believe that early action can prevent problems in childhood from turning into larger ones later in life. >> reporter: and in her new high profile role kate will commission contributions to a number of leading figures in the mental health world. >> it will be about her providing facility for other people to push their ideas and their experiences of mental health. >> reporter: the mom on a mission making mental health her number one priority since giving birth to princess charlotte in may. >> it will be her focus on the family. them. that is important for her to be there when they are young. >> she has so much class. you throw in the english accent and forget bit. >> she is.
12:45 pm
>> it is. it's cold outside. we have seen people coming by the window here at eyewitness news. >> desperate to come in. let them in. >> knocking on the door. it's really chilly out there. we have sunshine so it's sort of a trick. you think it looks so good. make sure you are bundled up with the gear. you will need it through the rest of this day and tomorrow. right now the sunshine from brooklyn to lower manhattan, a few fair weather cumulus clouds overhead. we did have brief snow showers over parts of brooklyn this morning. feels like 14 with the windchill really uncomfortable at times is how the windchill chill can be explained through the afternoon. subfreezing temperatures matched with winds gusting above 30 miles per hour across the tri-state. latest wind speed from monticello is 41 miles per hour. we have 39 miles per hour winds in bridgeport and long island. 30 miles per hour wind for islip. windchills are low and what it
12:46 pm
the most uncomfortable. the wind takes that warmth of your body quickly away from your skin then you get the chills. if you can stay bundled up with not much showing, that will serve you well as you get into the afternoon and tomorrow morning when the windchills will be lower. on satellite and radar, not much to see. with the lake effect pattern we can get streamers coming in this afternoon. futurecast shows that. little batches of snow flurries coming in. a quick moving snow flurry can't be ruled out. less than half an inch. it's sometimes enough to make the roads slick. worthy of the verbal caution. watch out for slick snow surfaces. timing friday into saturday as the computer models show us. it's setting up like a classic nor'easter. the track is important and the temperatures at which snow falls and occur is important as well. we are getting a finer tune on the timing. now we wait and see the track
12:47 pm
lot we can do until we get closer. head's up for late in the week friday into saturday. tonight 19 degrees. sub-zero windchills. the question is, what will this week look like. the next, you know, two days, today and tomorrow, we have serious bitter windchills to put up with. the thing tomorrow is that you will wake up to conditions that are colder than today. less cold wednesday into thursday. less harsh conditions. on friday again we are staring down the possibility of that snow coming in. mostly cloudy, 35. sounds decent. the track of the storm could weekend. we will watch for a chance of snow on friday night then see what happens for the weekend set up. sunday we could be back to 40 degrees depending on what happens with the storm system and the fresh snow because that is one of the reasons we are getting even colder air coming in here overnight is because we will have clear skies and fresh snow over the great lakes --
12:48 pm
syracuse getting 6 to 8 inches. the air is traveling over the fresh snow that makes it colder then arrives here with a better chill if you will. >> always better over here. >> lee will be back at 4:00 and continuing to update you on the cold weather and potential for snow. >> you will love this story. a couple in california had two big reasons to throw a party this weekend. >> happy birthday to you >> yeah. to begin, he turned 102 but he got to celebrate his 82nd wedding anniversary with his wife. the entire family there to mark the occasion from the kids to great, great grandkids. the couple say the secret to a long marriage, respect, affection and just not sweating the small stuff. congratulations to both of them. >> so sweet. >> a lot of love there. >> precious. we will be right back.
12:49 pm
hi, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. more celebrities are talking about boycotting the oscars because of a lack of diversity. who says they will stay home. remember when we grossed you out about germs at the grocery store on the grocery cart? we are about to do the same thing to your gloves. yeah. you don't want to hold on to them. how long germs can survive on those gloves. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news at 4:00.
12:50 pm
>> i was holding them today like that. >> you out. i'm preparing myself. thank you, diane. it's time for the feed. remember erin brockovich. >> of course. the environmental activist portrayed by julia roberts. well, she is in the headlines again accusing stockton, california officials are adding, get this, a man i don't to the city's drinking water. scary stuff. she spotted it on facebook. stockton mayor anthony silver responding on facebook i have received a lot of messages about this post from erin brockovich. we can't allow rumors to scare us until we have real evidence and facts. the story continues. another on the feed, children's picture book about george washington is making the feed after it was pulled for sending the wrong mess sang.
12:51 pm
first president but a slave cook baking a cake for washington considered to be in bad taste especially since it made it seem like the slave was happy, trying slavery in general. they decided to pull the book in the wake of backlash. >> a hot button issue there. >> quick look at weather. >> it's cold out there. bundle up. that's the best advice i can give you. make sure you have the gear. >> have clean gloves to wear, too.
12:52 pm
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