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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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plains, hats, gloves, scarves all necessary, but not enough. >> icy conditions overnight being blamed for a 14 car pile up on the bronx river parkway. one of the southbound lanes reopened through the area. we have two meteorologists covering the cold. jeff smith is in hoboken. we're going to begin with lee goldberg outside our studios tracking it all for us. lee. >> there's no question, a piece of the north pole has definitely arrived in new york city. one of the coldest days of the year and it's that biting wind that will go through every layer you have on. trust me, even with this big coat on, it's cutting through. it's really chilly outside, and the cold is what we're concerned about over the next 36 hours. not the evening for a walk through the park. 25 degrees our temperature right now, and the new windchill at 4:00 is a mere 11 degrees. windchills are around ten in many spots out to the north and best. teens on the islands, connecticut coast, only one, the windchill in monticello. the peak wind gusts were over 45 miles an hour during the afternoon hours.
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slightly, and this is a wind that we have to contend with right through the day tomorrow that will gust up to 40 miles per hour. there's also a couple snow showers up state coming off the lakes and a few may flair up during the evening create icy roads. it won't be everywhere, but we can recreate the icy road conditions we had last night. you can see that on future cast through the evening hours. a couple bands sneak through the area, and tomorrow morning, you wake up to teens, and the gusty winds continue. the feels like readings will be in the single digits and more of the same. dangerous at the bus stop tomorrow morning, and on the train platform. stay inside as long as you can before the train and the bus comes. here's what you need to know, tomorrow night. things will be less harsh the middle of the week. watch out for spotty snow showers that could cause icy roads. and we will watch the potential major snowstorm late week, later friday into saturday.
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in the accuweather forecast. it's all coming up in the accuweather a little later on. hear that. let's go to jeff smith. he's in hoboken. you look cold. >> reporter: we have these new absolutely packed. hoboken. businesses. it's a holiday and it's very cold out here. my accu track weather alert showing a temperature of 26. the wind is coming in sustained at 13 miles per hour. gusting up to 25. that, as lee was saying, sending windchills down to 10 degrees. we shot video earlier, and this is really the third monday in a row that we have had an arctic air mass move in. not quite as cold agency the
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initial one a couple weeks ago. temperatures never got out of the 20s this afternoon even with all the bright sunshine we have had, and the wind adding to the misery. you can obviously see all the people we shot here bundled up to the max, and we caught up with some of those people who were braving the cold. here's what they had to say. >> i was kinding of hoping the warm weather would stay from december. >> it's nice. i like it to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. >> reporter: normal. >> exactly. >> reporter: you like your four seasons. >> exactly. it makes me nervous when it's too warm in the winter. >> it's crazy. but i'm from massachusetts, i can handle it. >> need a little snow to go with it, too. >> reporter: you don't mind that though? >> not at all. >> reporter: maybe snow friday into saturday? >> ugh. >> reporter: so you're not a fan of the winter. >> no, i can't wait until summer. >> i love the face on that young lady when i mentioned snow. it would be a collective grimes
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i'll be back here at five. it will be interesting to see once we reach darkness, sunset, how quickly that temperature falls. live in hoboken new jersey, i'm meteorologist jeff smith channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, jeff. one lane has been reopened in the southbound bronx river parkway in yonkers after icy conditions caused a 14 car pile up late last night. the vehicles collided near the palmer road bridge. ten people were hurt. fortunately all of the injuries are considered minor. right now, the left southbound lane is closed from palmer road while crews make repairs to the guardrail. you can track the weather on the go with the accuweather alert app. search abc7 in the app store. we're following a developing story in west chester county where a person has been fatally struck by a metro north train. this is what we know so far. it happened a short time ago at the philips man nor station.
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responding to the scene, and are still there right now. we do not know the circumstances leading up to the person being stuck. according to mta, hudson line services is experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes and trains liz. we're going to turn to an exclusive, new details on the slashing attack in the east village. a man who had to have 150 stitches after he was slashed in broad daylight. he's speaking from his hospital room to eyewitness news. darla miles has all the details. darla. >> reporter: well, liz, there's nothing superficial about this wound. in fact, the victim is still here at bell view hospital 48 hours after the attack, and doctors had to take nerves from the victim's ear in order to repair the extensive nerve damage in his face. attack. >> reporter: it was a gash so deep, it took 8 hours of surgery, 150 stitches, and a nerve graft to put the right side of anthony christopher
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>> it's about, you know, a 7 or 8-inch gash from his ear almost all the way to his mouth, and you know, the bottom half of his face was just kind of hanging off. >> reporter: did the person say anything to you at all? >> he just cursed. >> reporter: we were able to briefly speak with a 30-year- old social worker from newark from his hospital bed. saturday afternoon he came to the city to hang with friends and was walking around east 6 6th street when out of the blue he was sliced sliced with a blade. >> i was just walking up the street, heading to meet a friend for lunch. and someone randomly came up and slashed me in the face and back. i had never seen this person before. i have no idea who they are. i have no idea what their motivation was. they just came up and attacked me. i bled so much on my phone and couldn't call 911. >> reporter: he has partial paralysis on the right side of his face, but with physical
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doctors expect a full recovery. he hopes the suspect is arrested long before then. >> i was shoved against a wall, fell to the ground. >> reporter: now, christopher smith is not exactly sure what type of blade was used. he believes it was a razor blade or perhaps a box cutter because he was also slashed on his back through his leather jacket. the suspect at this point, all we know is that he's about 5-3 and weighs about 150 pounds. if you were in that area of east 6th street near cooper square on saturday afternoon and you know anything about this i think so, please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577- tips. report live in kips bay, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. a driver lost control of his car this afternoon in brooklyn, struck another vehicle and careened into the gawanis canal. he was able to get himself to safety. he was taken into custody at the scene.
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were in the vehicle that he hit. they were taken to the hospital and appear to be okay. two suspects remain on the run and another is being treated for a gunshot wound after police say they tried to rob an off duty nypd sergeant in the bronx. the housing sergeant was walking home from his shift early this morning when he was mugged by three men. the sag fired once, hitting an 18-year-old suspect. the man was carrying two knives. he was taken to st. barnabas hospital and he's expected to survive. >> very nice that we have an officer that live near us and he did what he had to do. don't let them take his life, so he had to spray them. >> reporter: the other two men who police say had a gun and a knife ran off. the off duty sergeant was not hurt, but he was taken to the hospital just to be checked out. well, this afternoon, family members are beginning to reunite with the americans who were just released from captivity in iran. boston university graduate
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arriving in massachusetts. the three other men freed in a prisoner exchange are being evaluated in germany. >> he seems in good spirits. he's, you he's really can't wait to get out there, see people, meet people, but right now he has to focus on getting himself better. >> we are looking forward to meeting him, hopefully soon. we're very excited. >> in exchange for their release, the u.s. is releasing 7 iranians charged with violating usages. arrest warrants for 14 other facing similar charges have been dropped. the obama administration also agreed to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government for $1.7 billion. meanwhile, we are learning new details about iran's capture, and release of u.s. sailors in the persian gulf. the only items found missing from the two recovered boats were the semicards for two satellite phones. account for the u.s. central command does not say how or why the boats deviated from their
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iranian territorial waters. meanwhile in the race for president, the top democrat candidates hitting the campaign trail for one day. hillary clinton spoke in south carolina on this martin luther king jr. day using the occasion to blast the governor of michigan over the handling of the water crisis, a largely african-american city of flint. bernie sanders attended the same event with his own message about race and equality. on the republican side, meanwhile, gop front runner donald trump worked to keep hold of evangelical holders delivering the convocation address at virginia's liberty university. these visits sparked some protests today by falling on martin luther king jr. day. while people around the country have been celebrating. it wasn't just the candidates honoring the life and legacy of dr. king. fbi director james comey placed
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in washington, d.c. told marks the 30th 30th anniversary of the federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader. in our area, there was a large celebration at the brooklyn academy of music that included community and political leaders. new york city first lady with mayor bill de blasio spoke about how the past influences current policies. >> dr. king's actions always nonviolent. always laser focused on the ultimate prize have set off a momentum that continues to this day. >> we have a city that now is both safer and fairer, and those are both parts of the civil rights equation. >> schoolers marched on the upper west side this morning and they are exploring civil rights,s of our day. we'll take a closer look at how they marked the holiday coming up in a few minutes. a disturbing discovery on a college campus in new york state. three students are dead. we have new details from police
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police say a college student in upstate new york was distraught over a recent break up when he killed two people before taking his own life. it happened this morning at an off campus home of one of the victims near suni. colin kingston entered the home of his ex-girlfriend, 21-year- old kelsey and found her and another male student matthew hutchinson, and then stabbed them both to death with a large knife. he then turned the knife on
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>> mr. kingston, and ms. anisi had been in a long relationship and recently had broken up. we believe that mr. kingston was distraught over the breakup. >> police say kingston called his father before taking his own life. mr. kingston then called police who then found the bodies. we are learning the suspect in the shooting death of an ohio police officer has a lengthy criminal history. officer thomas catrell was officer thomas catrell was found shot outside a municipal building that houses the danville police department saturday night. police arrested her shell jones early this morning after a two hour man hunt. investigators say his ex- girlfriend had called dispatchers to report jones was armed and looking to harm police. jones was released from prison last april after spending four years behind bars on theft and drug charges. giants football player jason pierre paul had another
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he posted the announcement along with this picture on instagram this morning. you can see it right there. pierre paul has already had several surgeries on the hand after a fireworks accident that happened on july 4th. he waited to have this one so he could return to the giants earlier in the season. >> it's good to see a smile on his face. >> it really is. >> terrible injury. good to see him back on the field. wishing him the best. and i'm wishing lee goldberg the best. if it was me, i'd have you doing these reports in here, right next to us. if it was me. >> i said that to one of our wonderful producers and he said, well, we want to illustrate how cold it is. >> how cold is it. >> look at the doggies walking with the sweaters. they're all ready to go. these dogs are new yorkers. this is nothing. little skinny legs going across the street. >> he's hustling. >> yes, he is. >> all right. so outside right now we've got gusty winds. the flags are whistling in the
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the wint is out of the west -- the wind is out of the west. you have it blowing basically from downtown to uptown, from south to the north here. here's that camera bouncing around. a really pretty shot. some of the clouds hanging over manhattan right now. we're at 25. there's that gusty wind. it's dry. the barometer is on the rise. and the high just shy of freezing for the third time this season. the average high is 38. record 66. i feel pretty good. so coming off of our first measurable snow in new york city, the average first date is december 14th. now we're in the upper 20s. not much evidence of that. maybe on grassy surfaces and you see we're in the mid-and upper 20s right now. those winds are gusting to 30 or 40. you have windchills, # 1 -- 11 in the park. 18 until the bronx. probably delays at the airport with gusty winds. 2 in monticello. 10 sussex. newark, trenton, and wrightstown. these are actual temperatures and you see that we have not gone through the coldest air
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where actual temperatures are near 0 and the windchills are 10 to 20 below. that has to come through over the next 24 hours, and then the recovery can begin. we can have a couple flurries or snow showers tonight. best chance will be north of new york city. there might be a couple spots that get dusting or maybe the roads get a touch icy. we'll watch that on radar. the wind is gusting at 30. and back up at 40 miles per hour with temperatures in the 20s. you see we have a few patchy clouds rolling through. and streamers and snow showers off the great lakes. a couple reaching the cat skills and they may flair up evening hours. it's about the cold to 48 hours. we'll have to watch this storm out west. it is likely to slip to the it's a weak system. we have to watch it for wednesday night, and that could be a little hint of snow there. more importantly, there it is, the key piece to the potential late weekend storm.
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it's sitting out over the ocean. when it gets over land, more observations, more into the computer modeling and we're likely to get more confirmation about whether the track is real, and confidence is growing for a late friday into saturday system. you have a couple snow showers overnight. it's gusty, very cold. numbers tomorrow morning, december pilot sunshine increasing will be in the teens and lower 20s at best, and we'll be short of the freezing mark again tomorrow. extremely cold tonight in your accuweather forecast. windchill near 5. near 0 north and west. there can be a couple snow showers around. tomorrow, it's a high of 29. bitter gusts, feels like 10 despite sunshine, and tomorrow night, clear and frigid, and after a gusty evening, it will back off. >> and clouds are going to be increasing during the day. it's certainly not as harsh during the afternoon, but there could be a little bit of snow at night, and we'll have more
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late week and weekend storm. we have learned more about potential timing and we'll address that in the next half hour. >> we got an interesting tweet from jennifer, who says that the coat you're wearing uses its own twitter account. just wanted to pass that onto you. >> someone else tweeted the balboa jacket is in effect, and lee, congrats on your golden globes award. >> thank you very much. and immaterialed -- i wanted to thank everyone at channel 7. we're getting new video of a sand storm that turned the sky yellow over downtown cairo. this is in egypt. the sand blotted out the sun today and limited vent on the roads, causing many -- visibility on the roads causing many to stay at home. and closed sea ports. forecasters say the sand storm will subside by tomorrow. and it's cold here, but some schools in brazil are getting ready ahead of rio de
4:21 pm
a sneak peek of what is to come in a little more than two weeks. each theme tells a story through song, and colorful costumes and floats. it usually comes with extra buzz as soccer stars are expected to attend. >> shorts and t-shirts. lucky. >> we can dream. you probably wash your hands after you get off the subway or touch something that looks kind of dirty. but do you wash those gloves. should you wash those gloves. we have a look at what's left behind once you stuff them in
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kate winslet offering an emotional tribute to her friend alan rickman. and clap. it's a funny time to be nominating things and accepting prizes when people as great as him have left us. >> she spoke about him in the london. and talked about working with him in the acclaimed film sense and sensibility. the 69-year-old actor died of cancer last week. on this day when the nation pauses to remember dr. martin luther king jr., a local school
4:23 pm
hopes of making it relevant to students marched on the upper west side today, and eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg has more on >> reporter: it may not be the march on washington but for with meaning. students, parents and faculty members of the manhattan country school taking to the streets today to honor dr. martin luther king jr. along the way, speeches about discrimination, in all forms. addressing the objectification of black women. >> i feel really powerful. i feel i felt like my voice was being heard. i was excited to speak from front of these people. there was a lot of practice and preparation that went into this day, and i'm proud of myself. >> it's a subject that she's actually been very interested in since she was 10, and when she received her first cat call as a 10-year-old, so it's a
4:24 pm
freely about issues like this. >> reporter: the marchers made their way from the upper west side through harlem before heading to the upper east side. >> this march is so important because it really embodies the values and the philosophy of the school. so instead of just, we don't just talk the talk. we are truly walking the walk today with this march. >> reporter: the school started celebrating martin luther king jr. day initially with an event inside the school 28 years ago. the students wanted their voices heard, so they took to the streets and they have been doing so ever since. >> the kids were saying the civil rights movement was a youth led movement and we're young people and we want to say what we want to say. >> reporter: a little activism at an early age. on the upper west side, lauren glassberg channel 7 eyewitness news. we'll have more on how martin luther king is trending in our trend, and you can see famous images of dr. king and
4:25 pm
quotes on our web site on first at four, a backlash over a children's book. we'll explain why that book is being yanked off shelves. >> also ahead, a driver slams into a home, and abandons his car. why some are calling the street around this the bermuda
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it is now in effect. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. our top story this half hour, a driver slams into a home on long island, and then abandons his car. now, the search is on for the person who was behind the wheel. it was a rude awakening for the woman who was on the second floor of that home at the time of the crash. >> it happened early this morning on little east neck road in west babylon. as it turns out, it's not the first time there has been a crash in this area. neighbors count three of them on the same street in just five months. >> eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett has been posting
4:28 pm
the bermuda triangle of suffolk county. he's in west babylon with the story. >> reporter: and that's right, liz, three serious crashes here since september. this is the street, little east neck road in west babylon where the speed limit is 30 miles an hour, but practically no one respects that. they don't respect it on this street, and they don't respect it on that street over there, which is gordon avenue, the side street that comes off the southern state parkway. that is where the car was coming from this morning. police say speed and icy roads crash. the car slammed headlong into the back of this house. were not injured. they were not home. the driver fled the scene on foot. but, yes, the same thing happened back in november to the house across the street. although nobody was injured there, a 17-year-old passenger in another car was killed when
4:29 pm
next door to that back in late august. well, tonight, neighbors say they have absolutely had it. they found for years for traffic lights to slow traffic down only to see more and more accidents. >> they are flying through here. they get into flight. they come across that bridge too fast. the people that hit this house, the car literally went into flight right into the house. this house here, you can see there's blue tarp there, it came across the bridge and lost control right into their house. now we have this today. we need a light here. >> reporter: well, the crash that happened at the end of the summer, that's the house that you're looking at. that house was so badly damaged it was knocked off its foundation. it has since been condemned. so again, three serious accidents now since the end of the summer. neighbors demanding action. we'll have much on this
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eyewitness news at 5:30 tonight. we're live in west babylon long island, n.j. burkett channel 7 eyewitness news. a man is now charged with public lewdness for allegedly county library. 36-year-old benjamin thomas accused of flashing a woman inside butterfield memorial investigators were able no track thomas down using security video from the library. he's being held on $100,000 bond: beginning today, the mta is closing several in-train platforms. they will remain closed for the next 14 months. eyewitness news reporter dray clark what has what you need to know to get around. >> if you're going to manhattan, it's fastest to walk to 8th 8th avenue. >> reporter: mta workers were out early moving commuters in the right direction, hoping to ease the frustration and
4:31 pm
with the big changes to the end line. starting today, nine manhattan bound end train stations will be closed until next year. it's a major inconvenience for more than 50,000 commuters, that ride the line every day. >> it stinks for people. it's very inconvenient. i'm able to walk. what about the old people that can't walk. >> if i worked in the city, i would be extremely set, being over here and having to take the end train only. i would be upset, but luckily i don't have to. >> reporter: here's a closer look at the nine stations closing, stretching from 8th 8th avenue and sunset park to 86th street and benson hurst. the mta plans to give the stations a multimillion dollar facelift, replacing cracked and crumbles platformings. installing stairways, upgrading speaker systems and adding new doors, floors and windows, with a fresh coat of paint. wheelchair accessible ramps and elevators will also be adding to some stations. >> you look up here, and it's like all messed up and the
4:32 pm
metal in the stairs is like corroding. >> for the next year, commuters can only catch manhattan bound end trains at 8 at avenue and coney island stations and once work is done on the manhattan bound side, work will begin on the brooklyn bound side. that, too, will take 14 months to complete. dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. a swedish doctor is being charged with rape and kidnapping after he confessed to drugging a woman with sedative laced strawberries, bunker. the man's defense lawyer described the case as a plot to find a girlfriend which unraveled when he walked into a police station with the woman allegedly to show police that she was fine. that did not work. the trial expected to begin next week. well, advocates for animal rights and domestic violence victims are teaming up to support the latest proposal for an animal abusers registry in
4:33 pm
the latest proposal for a public registry would include an annual fee charged to offenders. supporters say those who abuse animals are likely to repeat certain types of abuse, such as animal hoarding and violent crimes against people. similar bills have failed in the past in the state. for many, marge day is a day -- martin luther king day is a day of service in their community. some participants were americorps volunteers while others were from the neighborhood. >> i think we have about 50 students here with us today who are from this school and other schools who just came out because they want to serve and they want to make this school better for the kids that attend it. >> everyone there wanting to help out. some of the volunteers built shelves while others gave the place a fresh coat of paint. great to see. >> hard at work. >> still to come, a suspected shoplifter caught on cam a. we'll tell you why she had a change of heart and turned herself in. you probably had all of
4:34 pm
today, but could your gloves actually be making you sick? we'll take a look. what a gorgeous look outside, and you know, what it looks like out the window is not the upon over the next 24 hours. we're at 25 right now, and feels like 11. windchills are going to subzero, we have winds over 40 miles per hour. we'll let you know when they let up. could have snow showers in spots tonight, and how about
4:35 pm
the singer who deemed global fame with the song american pie facing a domestic abuse charge. don mcclain arrested early this morning at his home in camden, maine where he lives with his wife. he's 70 years old. he posted $10,000 bail and was released. no other details have been released. backlash about a children's book about george washington and his slaves has led the publisher to pull the book from distribution. scholastic says it will no longer use this book. it features hercules slaves
4:36 pm
president a birthday cake. the critics say the book sugar coats slavery. a woman wanted for shoplifting surrendered to police after seeing footage of herself in the act on the local newscast. police say 34-year-old alyssa bordanara of pennsylvania turned herself in. her boyfriend says she used to have a drug habit but she's working on turning her life around. >> she had a drug habit. i had a drug habit. i'm an addict in recovery. it happens. and she went to jail and she went to rehab, and she's in drug court now, and she hasn't used. >> she was arraigned on a felony count of retail theft and released on bond. the stunning accusations that players fixed matches. media reports say some of the top tennis players have been
4:37 pm
throwing matches. this as the years first grand slam tournament, the australian open gets underway. the accusations are based on documents that were released in a secret investigation by tennis officials. some of the players involved are still on the court. >> absolutely reject any suggestion that evidence of match fixing has been suppressed for any reason or isn't being thoroughly investigated. >> officials say the ago. they are pledge to go investigate any -- pledging to information. >> that story was an eye opening story. we can tell you about a close call caught on camera. a car ends up in a gas station. you'll get to see the heart stopping video. and actress, jada pink et smith is part of a growing list of actors, calling for a
4:38 pm
and most glamorous night. what a beautiful picture. the problem is it's brutally
4:39 pm
there are close calls and then there's this. a car smashing into a gas station window in sydney, woman inside. you can see her disappear from store. it appears she's hit, but amazingly the car just missed
4:40 pm
in fact, she was able to walk away. two people inside the car suffered minor injuries but were pulled to safety. making up the richest people in the world seems to be decreasing in size and increasing in wealth. the 62 richest people have as much collective wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the bottom half of the world's population. that is according to a new report from oman international. back in 2010, it too long 388 ultra rich individuals to own that portion of global wealth. and the free ride at apple's itunes radio service ends on january 28th. after that it's going to cost you. the company broke the news to customers in an e-mail. beats one will be the only free radio service from apple. all other stations based on artists or generas will require
4:41 pm
9.99 a month. >> okay. all right. we're warming up. >> i have to go over to beats now. >> have you warmed up? >> yes, i mean, you know, if you're dressed right, you got a rocky jacket, you have a lot of layers, you can fight it for a little while. it hurts to be out there. >> i will stay, we had little ones at home who were thrilled to wake up to snow this morning. we were out sledding at 7:45 this morning. >> wow, that must have been a sight. >> that's cold. >> it was windy, too. >> you see a little snow around new york city, took a long time typically, first measurable snow in the middle of december, and took almost a month later. meanwhile, it's the spectacular winter sunset. i mean, it looks so so pretty out there, but that wind is nasty, and that sun goes down, you don't get to walk on the sunny side of the street. it's harsh, we're at 25. partly cloudy skies and wind gusts over 30 miles
4:42 pm
you notice those cloudiness overnight. there's a disturbance coming through, that might spark a snow shower in a couple places, watch out for a quick dusting or snow shower that produces icy spots. in fact, when i looked at this planner in new city last hour, it showed a snow shower around 7:00. that still could materialize, and drop into the teens. tomorrow morning, around 20. wind gusts at 30 during the day. won't be surprised to see wind gusts get to 30 miles per hour. below freezing and after a gusty evening tomorrow evening, then the winds start to relax a little bit. it will take until late tomorrow night. you can see snow showers getting into sullivan county right now. what i think will happen is that disturbance comes in, this area may flare up just a little bit more and settle into the area briefly as scattered snow showers, the first part of the evening. the winds will be gusting right through tomorrow morning. wind gusts at 30 miles per hour. if you look at the shading, that's the wind gusts and the actual number is sustained, so that's happening pretty
4:43 pm
through the day, the winds will peek. look at gusts, 40 to 45 miles long island. harsh riding wind that will settle late in the day and it's been wednesday morning are down, and temperatures start to recover. here's the future cast showing some of the snow showers to get into our northern suburbs and down into new york city and long island. so only a few places could be spared. south of 78 and new jersey, where i don't think the snow showers could reach. showers. during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine. looking at the 7-day, accuweather forecast. we start getting a little less harsh and watch this disturbance go to the south with snow, and probably flare up offshore, and might be a little snow that gets thrown back on the coastline, maybe a slick spot through the day on thursday in a couple spots and we're in the mid-30s. on thursday, we'll look to this lull in the middle of the country, that will be our developing weekend storm. what we know right now, we're talking monday for potential
4:44 pm
storm is the time. coastal storms likely develop friday, and snow would not arrive until late in the day or even at night. way too early for snowfall amounts but confidence growing in a plowable snowstorm. david and liz, back to you. here's what's trending and martin luther king jr. is at the top of most trends and some hollywood stars are using the day to protest the lack of diversity at the oscars. the big trending hash tag right now, oscar so white now being used by stars calling for a boycott. >> hi, today is martin luther king's birthday, and i can't help but ask the question, is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence that we have amassed. >> jay did pinket smith joining film maker spike lee in boycotting the oscars. smith and lee say it is unacceptable that for the second year in a row, no actors
4:45 pm
it will make for an interesting show considering comedian chris rock is the host of that show, and you can catch the oscars on sunday, february 28th right here on channel 7. >> he won't waste any time. >> i have feeling something will be said. >> first words out of his mouth. easily. a 9-year-old rising star, possibly one of the most adorable acceptance speeches ever. jacob temperatureley won best young actor, and went onto steal the show with his acceptance speech. >> this is super cool. this is the best day of my life. >> i first want to say thank you to all the critics who voted for me, it must be a super hard vote because of the great actors in this category. >> he then goes on to say he's going to put that award next to his cherished millennium falcon from star wars.
4:46 pm
a rap song honoring nick's sensation, it's trending, the 7- foot 3-inch latvian, top candidate of rookie of the year, and the subject of a rap video by two of his his fellow countrymen. >> whatever that means. >> what? >> i don't know. >> the knicks by the way won in double over time thrill this afternoon, so keep it going. >> and finally. >> two guys in cars. finally, back to martin luther king jr., and the all white a cappella band, mecca beats, teaming up with the black a cappella band to celebrate the civil rights movement through song. >> is that amazing? >> beautiful. >> the two bands performing the
4:47 pm
martin luther king jr. and it's just a beautiful rendition of that song. >> i'll be downloading that momentarily. >> joyful. >> as always, check out the trend online at >> i just like listening to the music. really nice. well, before you bundle up and head outside, here's a question for you, can your gloves actually make you sick? probably not something that you thought about before. we're putting them to the test, putting them under the microscope to see what kind of germs are on them. and here's a quick check of the delays on hunts river crossing, 10 minutes inbound at the lincoln. 15 minutes outbound at the
4:48 pm
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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we all know that it is key, getting through a day like today with those bone chilling temperatures means a pair of gloves. >> absolutely. but are your gloves making you sick? it turns out they could be carrying germs like a lot of other things. >> reporter: they hold railings, open doors, push strorelz. -- strollers. sometimes they do that. so what germs are on our gloves? we took the snowy environs to swab leather, wool, and nylon. we tested for bacteria and viruses. >> how often do you wash your gloves? >> never. i never think about it. >> reporter: we even swabbed some of our fellow abc news employees. >> i have a cold. i'm kind of scared of what will happen. >> you're holding your own gloves.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: the results, 26 of the 27 were positive for bacteria. while most were harmless, nine tested positive for staph and mrsa, which could be harmful if they came in contact with an open wound. and one sample of the corona virus, a common cause of the cold. >> staph? that makes me want to wash my gloves or throw them away. >> it had staph? that's scary. >> i'm going to be more conscious with my gloves. >> every time your glove comes in contact, you're taking away some of the bacteria that was on that surface. >> reporter: here's the good news. dr. whittier says on glovers, bacteria and viruses may not last that long, in some cases just hours or minutes. >> it's not going to be alive on the glove for very long because it has nothing to help it survive. >> reporter: experts say don't keep your gloves bald -- balled up in your pocket.
4:52 pm
use a disinfectant wipe on certain fabrics. >> always be conscious not to touch your face. >> great reminder because you wash your hands. >> you never wash gloves. >> you don't think of that as much. good reminder for everyone. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thieves picked the wrong man to go after an nypd officer heading home from work, surrounded by three men. the sergeant shoots one of them but the other two suspects are still out there tonight. >> and an unusual case of hoarding. hundreds of birds crammed in to dirty cages. all of them rescued tonight. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. we begin with the weather. if you thought today was cold, wait until tomorrow. the deep freeze makes being outside for any
4:53 pm
workers in white plains had no choice making road repairs in the cold. >> if you had to wait for a bus on a day like today, like these folks in plainview, you had to have your hat, scarf, your gloves, and a whole lot of patience. we have two meteorologists covering the freezing cold weather. first we've got lee goldberg outside the studios on the upper west side and bundled up for sure, lee, you know how to dress in this. >> sorry about the siren. it will be passed by in a little bit. after the first measurable snowfall of the season, didn't leave a lot of snow behind but left a lot of cold. bitter cold, biting cold, and it's that wind that cuts right through you gusting over 30 miles per hour, even 40 in some cases. what a spectacular sunset over new york harbor. there have been whitecaps in the harbor as well. we're at 23 degrees right now in new york city and the feels like reading is at lane. that's where it stays much of the night. the wind chill is in the single digits in white plains
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