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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 19, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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or even asking diminishes dignity. >> reporter: the hash tag oscarssowhite is making a revival. people tweeting 50 shades of grey has been nominated for more oscars than people of color this year. and oscars so white rocky got nominated in a movie about apollo creed's son. among the snubbed, will submit, who played a forensic pathologist in "concussion." >> that was dope. >> reporter: the critically acclaimed "straight outta compton" picked up one nomination for screenplay. many noted the writers are white. cheryl boon isaacs, the first black president of the academy, has said incorporating minorities in the film industry is a priority. >> we are louder and louder and we're going to continue this conversation. >> reporter: she announced the academy will be conducting a review of membership in hopes of increasing diversity. the spotlight is now on comedian chris rock.
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and many are wondering if he'll address the controversy onsame. earlier this week he tweeted out a new promo. >> i might curse! >> reporter: a caption calling the oscars the white b.e.t. awards. for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in new york. >> the academy awards air february 28th on abc. thanks for watching. tune into gma tomorrow. as always we're online on our "nightline" facebook page and at it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself.
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out of the hospital after
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the victim of a random slashing in manhattan tonight talking about the attack and we're getting the first images of the suspect police are looking for. but first, bundle up and get ready for more. an arctic blast gripping the tri-state. lee says tomorrow morning it's going to be even worse. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. new york may or de blasio issuing a code blue, warning everyone to be careful outside. tim fleischer with bundled up people in hoboken. >> we'll begin with meteorologist lee goldberg also bundled up on the upper west side. >> there's some pretty fierce chill out here. it's a powerful wind. we're down to about 20 degrees and feels like we're in the single digits. our camera has been shivering. 19 degrees right now. the feels like reading is at 9. we could have
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already feels like 4 below. the wind gust, which topped over 45 miles per hour earlier in the day are topping out at about 30 miles per hour right now and they'll go right back up tomorrow morning. also watching a couple snow showers come down from the lakes. a few of those brushing ulster and duchess. most of the area spared from the snow showers overnight. if you look at this futurecast, upper teens to around 20 then teens tomorrow morning. look at the feels-like readings tomorrow morning. single digits for most and subzero off to the north and west. and then our weekend snowstorm. there's the storm coming ashore. in the pacific northwest tomorrow evening dives in to the middle of the country. pretty confident of that. then where does it go? could it be out to see? unlikely. could it be a big snowstorm? could it be snow and rain? that's definitely on the table. here's what you need to know. extreme
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less harsh midweek. the major snowstorm may impact the area late friday in to saturday. we've learned a little bit more about the snow. we'll tell you more about it in the 7-day accuweather forecast. i'm going to get inside. >> get warm. and right now people are trying to cope with this arctic blast. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is in hoboken. >> a good many people have been chased off the sidewalks and some look forward to many don't. >> winter 's bitter cold is gripping the area. >> i'm really warm because i have several layers on but i'm real good. i'm happy for the cold. >> reporter: many are not
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>> it's about time we hit the cold, hit the slopes, get some snow. >> reporter: speak of snow, when there's none on the ground, just didn't seem right to michael. with the help of a friend to build this snow making machine, michael has been able since january 4th to lay down about 6 inches of snow on his front yard in hawthorne. >> if you look neighborhood i am the only house with snow. as a matter of fact, the whole town of hawthorne and probably passaic county. >> reporter: there's enough of it to shovel and more than enough for a good snowball play. >> when michael gets the water and the air mixture just right and it's cold enough, he can lay out an inch of snow every hour. >> how is it packed for a snowball? >> pretty good. >> reporter: even with the bitter temperatures, michael and his friends, thomas and anthony, are enjoying this fresh batch of snow. >> we came to drive by and i saw it and i couldn't believe it. >> this is crazy. and i'm
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snow on my lawn. >> like i said, do enjoy this kind of weather. it bears repeating as well that mayor de blasio has also issued a cold blue so please check on friends and neighbors. this is bitter, bitter cold. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got breaking news right now. a building that houses senior citizens in upper manhattan without heat or hot water on this freezing night. emergency crews and con ed are responding to marshall plaza in washington heights that's home to 180 seniors. the building has been without heat and hot water for at least 90 minutes. five people hurt tonight by a fire in an apartment building in the allerton section. cell viewers. a six-story building. that was put out within 30 minutes. but the building suffered extensive damage. two residents were
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firefighters suffered minor injuries. right now one lane of the bronx river parkway in yonkers remains closed after icy conditions caused a 14-car pileup. the vehicles collided near the palmer road bridge late last night. minor injuries. the left southbound lane is closed from palmer road to spring brook to the guard rail. new at 11:00, he needed 150 stitches to his face, the latest city. this time in manhattan. the young man tonight talking to us about his horrific ordeal and joe torres tweeting this picture of the 30-year-old social work er who left the hospital tonight. joe is with the story at bellevue. >> christopher smith walked out of the hospital with nothing but praise for the doctors who literally structured his face back together again and nothing but pleas for the nypd to find the guy who slashed him.
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someone slashed him in the east village, anthony christopher smith emerged from bellevue hospital, his face swollen from eight hours of surgery and 150 stitches. >> i hope somebody, if they have information, if they report it as soon as possible because he caught me without warning, without any sort of provocation. i have no idea who he was. he could get somebody else. >> reporter: late today police released these photos of the man they believe attacked christopher smith saturday afternoon as he walked along east 6th street. investigators describe the suspect as a 20 to 30-year-old asian male, 5'6" tall, and weighing about 150 pounds. he was last seen wearing a black waist length jacket, black skull camp and black pants. >> you can't stop people from doing and saying random things. all you can do is try to catch them and either put them in the hospital or behind bars. >> the people of new york reached out and helped him quickly. i'm grateful for that. and he's
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>> reporter: the 30-year-old social worker from newark also suffered a cut to his back. the laceration across his face damaged four nerves. >> they say i'll be able to smile again fully in six to nine months so i'm hopeful for that. i won't be able to feel my right earlobe but that's a small price to pay. >> christopher smith told us he may never be able to walk down a new york city street again without feeling that constant need to look over his right shoulder and he understands his physical healing will take some time but he also acknowledged the mental replay of what happened, that may never go away. live in kips bay, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. happening tomorrow, a new york city police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man heads to court in brooklyn. officer peter liang is expected it other request a jury trial. he's charged with manslaughter in the death of akai gurley. in
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in the dark stairwell of the housing project he was patrolling. the bullet reportedly ricocheted off a wall and killed gurley. tomorrow a court appearance in westchester county for a mother accused of criminally negligent homicide. kathleen dimes will appear in federal court to face a string of charge. the body of lacy carr was found last year in her mother's bedroom. prosecutors say the room was filled with alcohol and various drugs including morphine. those horse drawn carriages, handsome cabs, ubiquitous in new york city, but maybe not for much longer. tomorrow the drairfbs who could soon lose their jobs are expected to speak out. a new deal with new york city reached by mayor de blasio and the union representing carriage drivers would cut the number of carriages nearly in half. it's up to the city council to approve this deal. a driver is on the run tonight after crashing a car in to a home on long island.
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control this morning in west babylon after speeding in to an intersection with a thin coating of black ice. the car veered off the road, drove through a fence and smashed in to a home. one person inside was not injured. the driver ran away on foot. a mugging in the bronx not exactly turning out as planned because the victim interpreted out to be an off duty new york cop. he pulled out his gun and shot one of the suspects. happened early this morning in the east tremont section. police say the sergeant fired once, striking an 18-year-old suspect who was armed with two knives. he's expected to survive. two other suspects got away. police say they were armed with a gun and a knife. tonight we're learning what president obama had to give up in that prisoner swap with iran. the obama administration releasing seven iranians charged with violating u.s. sanctions and dropping arrest warrants for 14 others, as well as settling an old financial dispute with iran for $1.7 billion. three of the four americans released by iran are now in germany
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>> he's doing okay. he's mostly been time. main concern is to make sure he integrates back in, that he gets the right psychological treatment he needs. >> a fourth american decided to stay in iran. a fifth american whose release was separate from the partnershipser swap is back on u.s. soil tonight. oh, he could write songs. tonight his fans feeling anything but, frey died today at 67. glenn frey died in new york city, complications from rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, and pneumonia. his eagles partner remembering frey as funny, bullheaded, mercurial, generous, deeply talented and driven. hotel california, take
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soundtracks for so many of our lives. it means because of that work, glenn frey lives on. we have new video of a man crashing in to another car, child. so how did the driver end up in the gowanus canal? >> plus steve harvey reveals what's happened to his family since he announced the wrong winner at the miss universe pageant. >> plus lee goldberg returns with the cold accuweather forecast and the latest information on the no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
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we have new video tonight of a bizarre and frightening hit and run accident. a pregnant woman putting her 1-year-old daughter in to her car when she's hit by a driver zooming by. he takes off then drives right in to the highly toxic gowanus canal. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman with what happened next. >> reporter: this was the not so dignified end to what police say began as a getaway from a hit and run crash.
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to brooklyn's notoriously polluted gowanus canal. this cell phone video was shot of matthew murphy as he scrambled from the car seconds after it hit the water around 11:15 this morning. >> give me your hand. you're good. >> i would say he was a little delirious. he kept saying the ice made him slip and he was like trying to stop. honestly i didn't see any brake lights. >> reporter: police say murphy was the same driver involved in that hit and run about four blocks away. surveillance cameras captured the moment a car making a left off of court on to degraw suddenly side swipes a toyota camry where a mother was about to remove her 1-year-old daughter from the back seat. the dark sedan keeps on going. onlookers look to help the woman and child who are not seriously hurt. just minutes later emergency crews
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where a dark sedan was partially submerged. the driver taken in to custody. tonight 36-year-old matthew murphy is charged with leaning the scene of an accident and reckless endangerment. in gowanus, brooklyn, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. new details in a gruesome double murder-suicide that's rocked a small college town in western new york. police say a man distraught over his recent breakup stabbed his ex-girlfriend and her male companion, then killed himself with the same night in her off campus the victims, 21-year-old kelsey annese, and 24-year-old matthew hutchinson were student athletes at suny geneseo. police say colin kingston called his father before killing himself. steve harvey revealing his family got death threats after his miss universe mistake. harvey is also denying rumors of
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publicity stunt. he said he never would have brought all of this on himself and he's perfectly comfortable with the level of fame he has and had. so many honoring the life and legacy of the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr. today. tonight a community in westchester county coming another to salute him once more. the community center in yonkers holding its 30th annual celebration honoring dr. king. this year's theme, all lives will matter when black lives matter. meanwhile president obama and the first lady spending martin luther king day volunteering. they planted vegetable seeds at an elementary school as part of mrs. obama's initiative to stop childhood obesity. >> the force of the king day so powerful, mayor de blasio and governor cuomo even marched together. turning now to weather,
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a lot of eyes are on the snow. >> especially the late week one. for you. i want to thank all our viewers for joining me on chat. we had a lot of fun with that. i hope we gave you insight to the reality of the the hype. we'll get in to some of the details now. the empire state building in red, black, day. west r lae -- 22. high shy of freezing for only the third time this season. average high, 38 degrees. our temperatures are huddled in the upper teens and low 20s in the hudson valley. couple flurries in ulster and northern fairfield. wind chills anywhere from 4 below in monticello to 10 in montauk. most of us in single digits. we're actually not in the core of the coldest air. from cleveland to chicago,
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tonight in to tomorrow morning. sunshine, wind gusts 15 to 30. i think the winds are peeking into the afternoon hours. you see these shades of yellow and red. those are gusts that could be near 40 miles per hour during the day. they'll back off slowly after tomorrow evening and we won't hit freezing again tomorrow. the skies are mainly clear. a little stripe of light snow showers near pine plains. maybe it just brushes northern fairfield county. most of us will be dry and mainly clear for system number one right here, looks like it's going to be a fairly dry system. could see light snow showers thursday morning with a few slippery spots. that doesn't look like a big deal. the key now with this system for late week is this piece of energy that's still out over the pacific. so our computer models can only have so much strength when the storm is over the ocean. more data is available when it comes over land. that's tomorrow night. preliminary thoughts on this, i do think an out to sea track is only about a 1 in 5 chance of that. so
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in terms of the exact track weather, all snow or snow or mix, that's what's on the table. certainly the i-95 corridor there could be some mixing. looks like our confidence is growing that it's going to be a big storm. meanwhile you see a couple snow showers that could pass by tonight. otherwise mainly clear. upper 20s tomorrow. forecast wind chills through the day will only improve in to the 10 to 15-degree range. 19, extreme cold. wind chill below zero. be really careful. delay the kids going to bus stop. it's going to be so cold. feels like 10 to 15 during the afternoon hours. 24, clear and frigid with diminishing winds. wednesday, 37 degrees and cloud cover. increasing in the afternoon. maybe a slick start on thursday. on friday we'll be looking at the daylight hours being mainly dry as that coastal system develops. if there's going to be snow it will probably be late in the day or at night. probably the main part of the storm will be late
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way too early for totals. i know you're anxious to hear about them. we're still a good jeff tomorrow. coming diabetes. not enough sleep can put you at risk for the disease, but does it matter when you get wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get fios. it's not about hugging trees.
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you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. in tonight's health alert, another link between sleep and diabetes. research has shown a lack of sleep can increase your risk of diabetes by 16%. now a new study shows you can counteract that risk with excessive sleep on the weekend. researchers in colorado said two nights of excessive sleep reverses the metabolic effects of four consecutive nights of poor sleep. a jilted bride turning
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generosity, turning her would-be reception in to a party. making lemonade out of lemons, they invited 150 guests from a nearby homeless shelter for a feast and fun night out and a night they'll remember. and so will that former bride-to-be. rob powers up next with sports. >> really good idea. those two kids were having fun on the dance floor. let's talk basketball. monday night matinee for the knicks at the garden. this game had just about everything including the return of carmelo anthony. this was far from a perfect game but it was dramatic. plus the nets
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another countr so there's an injury in the knicks game you're going to tell us about. porzingis? or is it like get back to work? >> it's get back to work and we'll see you wednesday. the rookie injured his foot today against the sixers. he thinks he's fine. so we get to the game this afternoon. carmelo anthony's ankle feeling better too. back on the floor for the first time since last week.
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reebss -- rebounds in the game. had to leave the game. no x-rays. more on that in just a bit. philly would go ahead by three points. the knicks need anthony's 3-pointer just to send the game to overtime. and right on cue the sixers get their own 3-pointer to send the game to double overtime where finally the knicks get some breathing room. arron afflalo, 25 points. knicks win it 119-113 in double overtime. >> yeah, if the doctors would make the decision for me to play, i would have played. >> hopefully we get the confirmation that everything is cool and looks like it will still be ready for tuesday. the schedule doesn't help out tonight. the nets have had some bad losses lately. joe johnson gives them hope early in this one. 14 points 1st quarter. johnson finish would 22.
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lopez had 29 points. it would be a fight to the finish but the raptors had more fight. kyle lowry, 21 points. derozan, 30. the game was tied at 98. the nets lose 112-100. now 20 games under the .500 mark. they faded in this one. in cleveland an nba finals rematch. cavaliers and warriors, it was ugly. lebron james, 16 points. jr smith frustrated. cleveland fans bored. the warriors win 132-98. and it wasn't that close. venus williams knocked out of the australian open tonight in the opening round. she reached the quarterfinals there last year. but joanna conta played for the first time at the australian, beat williams today. williams was the 8 seed. let's get to the big man on
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the cuse coming


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