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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. it's 6:00. a man on a bike struck by a truck and left to die in brooklyn. surveillance video shows the moments just before the hit and run crash. >> breaking news. a terror attack at a university in pakistan. gunmen opening fire on students as classes are beginning. the siege is over. >> it won't be as harsh today. but it's the calm before a major winter storm. new information on the track and the timing and how much snow we may get. >> good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, january 20th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist jeff smith in for bill. >> everyone is talking about the major storm. the main impact won't be here until saturday. in the meantime, we have quiet weather. not as harsh as what we have had the past couple of days. temperature 28 degrees.
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27 white plains. temperatures in the low 20s toms river. upper 20s on the island. look at the windchills. not too bad compared to what we had yesterday. yesterday at this time windchills around zero. now we are talking teens and 20s across the area. snow moving through the ohio valley. that system weakens and brings clouds in here later on today into this evening. the major weekend storms are over the rockies. that will dive to the southeast and move up the coast by saturday. day planner, 28 8:00 in the morning. more clouds moving in later today. 36 by 4:00 p.m. the wind gradually diminishing. we will talk about the amounts in the full forecast. debbie duhaime has a look at the morning commute. good morning jeff and everybody. volume on the l.i.e. westbound moving slowly out to junction boulevard. it's all due to an accident.
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as we take it to the maps, again, this is the l.i.e. boulevard. accident blocking one lane. now, also on the fdr southbound into the 70s construction still slowing you down a bit. problems continue on 287 north truck fire. scene. subways back on or close to schedule. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on time. lincoln five in. holland 10. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. back to you. >> thank you. a bicyclist is dead and right now the nypd is searching responsible. the cyclist was struck in sheepshead bay. eyewitness news reporter dray clark has more on the vehicle involved. >> reporter: the intersection is behind me. it happened around 5:00. investigators say it's possible
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looking for has no idea that someone was actually hit yesterday. take a look at this surveillance video. you can briefly see the bicyclist and truck riding side by side. the moment they go out of view of the camera, that is when the accident happens. the truck driver kept ongoing leaving the victim lying in the middle of the street and really showing no signs of life. i thought we had sound there. there was several people in the area when the accident happened. they rushed to help him but he showed no signs of life and was later pronounced dead at kings county hospital. police have two critical details that might help them find the driver of the truck. one they say the truck is a ryder truck, a large box rider truck and it had an indiana license plate. if by chance you were in the area and that truck sounds familiar, the police would like
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live in sheepshead bay, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. an mta bus driver was hit with a bottle making a stop in the bronx. this new surveillance video shows a boy hurling a glass bottle at the driver. it happened last october near hole many street and prospect. the bus driver was hit in the face and suffered a minor injury to his left eye. police are searching for the child involved. police are trying to track down a knife wielding robber who is targeting small businesses in nassau county. this is the man that police say has preyed on 21 stores since february of last year. the suspect has robbed gas stations, pizza shops, pharmacies and other stores. he has hit six different communities with 13 robberies in valley stream alone. >> we believe he is staking out the store, makes sure there is nobody else in the store most of the time and he is quick.
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he takes either a small amount of cash or lottery tickets and cigarettes. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. breaking news in pakistan. in the last few minutes, army commanders say they put an end to a deadly attack at a university. the assault killed 20 people including students. four attackers are dead. police and troops concluded a sweep of the campus to find any other gun men in hiding. they struck after the university opened for the day. a large crowd gathered to celebrate the school's anniversary. police say the gunmen climbed over back walls, shot a security guard before they made their way to the administration building and male student dorms. isis is acknowledging the death of its spokesman, jihadi john.
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he was a kuwaiti born british citizen. he was killed by a drone strike in syria. on to the race for president and sarah palin's wild endorsement for donald trump. palin will join drum' on the came -- trump on the campaign trail. palin put her seal of approval at iowa state university. iowa is the state where trump is locked in a dead heat with texas senator ted cruz. >> are you ready to make america great again? trump? are you ready for a commander in chief that will let our politician. can i get a hallelujah. dog gone right we are angry, justifiably so. >> campaigning in new hampshire, cruz tried not to sound disappointed but it got worse. iowa's republican governor came out to say it would be a
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cruise in the caucuses. accuweather forecast. >> quiet morning out there
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storminess looming on the horizon for the weekend. we have a few quiet days before that happens. 27 in midtown. we take a spin on the weather wheel. i think temperatures will rise significantly today 11:00 a.m. middle to upper 30s as we head into the afternoon. if anything, sun will give way to cloud cover during the afternoon and early evening. 32 by 7:00 p.m. seasonally cool out there. with less wind it won't feel nearly as bad as bitter as yesterday. a system moving by tonight with clouds and snow before it gets to the east coast. this is the east coast storm we will watch for late friday into saturday. by 5:00 p.m. saturday snow approaching the nation's capitol. it waits until after midnight friday to move into parts of the viewing area. it may take until daybreak saturday to move in. we have details on the possible amounts and more specific timing and the start time and the end time of the storm in
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on the other side of the break. right now over to debbie duhaime with a look at traffic. >> good morning, jeff. we will go outside to our eastbound l.i.e. moving slowly here out to the grand central. westbound l.i.e. moving slowly. l.i.e. westbound out to the area of junction boulevard with an accident just being cleared. as we go to the maps, l.i.e. westbound at junction boulevard accident being cleared. traffic advertise heavy. watch out for slowdowns fdr south into the 70s. construction wrapping up. bernards township a truck fire, two lanes blocked. subways on or close to schedule. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit, metro north on or close. going to the other camera, inbound george washington bridge still moving smoothly across the upper and lower level. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you, ken, lori. >> all right, debbie. thank you. fast food theft was caught on camera.
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burglar that busted his way into a sandwich shop and it's not his first run in with the law.
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new information in a string of burglaries on staten island. detectives made an arrest. detectives say nicholas molifil is the man in the video. he is homeless. he is charged with four break- ins including this one where the front door was smashed in with a rock. he has a prior arrest for stealing from a church poor box. coast guard suspended the search for two marine helicopter members after a crash in hawaii. both aircraft failed to return to base after a nighttime training mission last thursday. the helicopters four life rafts were recovered but they were empty. a contractor who says that he had been facing death threats suffers a high priced
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these are the before and after pictures right there of david male her's lamborghini. the charred remains were found outside of his business. a few days earlier, he gave up a contract to remove four confederate contracts in the city. >> when you burn someone's property in a public place, you are breaking the law. a clear criminal behavior. it shouldn't be tolerated. >> the city of new orleans has contacted the fbi regarding the threats and car burning. time for a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist jeff smith live outside the studios on the upper west side. not as cold as yesterday. >> >> not as cold and not as windy. yesterday morning windchills were around the zero degree mark. everyone is talking about the big elephant in the room and that is the prospect for a major storm coming.
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let's head up a few hundred feet to central park. temperature is 28. the wind is calm for a change. that pressure at 30.21 and steady. let's dive into the storm. the first flakes hold off until late friday night. in fact, for much of the area, this may not get going until daybreak saturday. during the day saturday, this is a high impact winter storm. we are looking at heavy snow at times. high winds gusting upwards 55 miles per hour along the coast. with the onshore flow it will pile water on the coast. that in combination with a full moon could cause coastal flooding as well. snowfall amounts may vary greatly from south to north. if you are far enough north, away from the moisture source of this storm, you may not get nearly as much snow as the i-95 corridor gets. 21 in monticello.
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there will be a few clouds moving in later on this afternoon after a mainly sunny start. then the clouds give way to sunshine during the day tomorrow. highs in the lower 30s. then we watch the storm moving off the virginia coast by early saturday morning into a favorable position to give us a heavy snowfall on the i-95 corridor. it's not inconceivable that areas on the coast of the jersey shore and long island could mix with sleet and rain. right now i'm inclined to believe that the highest probability is a 6 to 12-inch snowfall but higher amounts are not off the table in this situation. here is one of the more depend believe computer models. the european model indicating a wide swath of 6 to 12 inches across the area. maybe less to the north farther away from the moisture. shine mixing with clouds. winds diminish. not as harsh during the afternoon. high up to 37. clouds breaking tonight.
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34 for a high. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. turning mostly cloudy on friday. snow doesn't begin until very, very late friday night. in fact, probably closer to dawn saturday morning. during the day saturday, it's windy out there. we have snow coming down heavily at times. could be coastal flooding. that snow lasting into sunday morning, tapering to flurries in the after then we clear things out and warm things up to early next week. the timing has been moved back a little bit. both the start time and the end time of the system. it's a long duration storm nonetheless. right around daybreak saturday for the main effects to come in here. then it lasts until maybe midday on sunday. back into you guys. >> all right. thank you, jeff. over to debbie duhaime for another check of traffic. >> good morning, ken, lori, jeff. good morning to everybody. let's start with the maps and a problem in new jersey 287 northbound exit 30 a truck fire.
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the garden state parkway heading southbound getting down to 148 in bloomfield, a collision reported. let's go to the 1 and 2 trains, everything is back on or close to schedule. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit, metro north on or close. george 15. holland 10. the tappan zee no problems here into the tarrytown tolls. earlier problems cleared. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you, ken, lori. >> debbie, thank you. delays on the long island expressway in queens after an accident early this morning. >> straight to john del giorno in newscopter 7. john? >> reporter: ken and lori, good morning. an earlier accident on the long island expressway. there were two incidents on the l.i.e. in queens around junction boulevard. one either direction. one westbound and one eastbound. looks like they have both been cleared up. you are looking at late running construction. they couldn't get the construction barrels out of the way while the accidents were being cleared.
6:18 am
we are getting construction up and out of the way. look for delays traveling eastbound. this is a problem for those doing the reverse commute going away from the city to the fairgrounds. eastbound you have the one lane blocked at the exit ramp for the grand central parkway. that is causing delays back past queens boulevard. you normally wouldn't see that this time of the morning. all lanes are reopened from the earlier accident. you have stop and go volume as a result. live over queens, dell, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. netflix hits a major milestone amassing enough subscribers to fill the entire east coast. >> is your password among the worse? >> in techbytes, nielson is tracking more of what you say online about tv. >> the ratings measurement company has decided to track facebook conversation about tv shows that you love and hate. it has been tracking your tweets for a while and plans to
6:19 am
>> netflix says this january subscribers topped 75 million members, more than expected. >> most come from overseas but netflix says it has recently added about 1 1/2 new members here at home. a new study confirms too many people are using easy to hack passwords. >> topping the list is 1, 22, password. >> and the letters under your left hand, qwuerty. still ahead, atlantic city has to wait for much needed bailout after inaction by governor christie.
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world markets took a
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nikkei plunged nearly 4%. it's now a bear market down 20% from its peak last summer. markets in hong kong saw a 4% drop. >> wall street new terse are sharply lower at this hour -- futures are sharply lower at this hour. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin mostly flat. financial help is not on the way for atlantic city. new jersey governor chris christie vetoed a bill that would have closed the resort city's 30 million budget gap. atlantic city will run out of money come april. four casinos have closed in the past year and the city lost $200 million to property tax appeals. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and let's check in with meteorologist jeff smith. >> we do continue to watch the prospect of a major winter storm for the weekend. in the meantime, quiet. not as bad. 28 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. probably more clouds during the afternoon. high up to 37.
6:24 am
you are at the bus stop this morning, sending the kids to the bus stop you need to bundle them up. the windchill is not as bad as it was yesterday. getting into the upper 30s this afternoon. normal this afternoon with diminishing wind. more details on the impending storm during the next half hour in the full forecast. we send it to debbie duhaime with the roads. on the subways 1 and 2 back on or close to schedule. up to john del giorno high above the l.i.e. good morning, john. what is happening? >> reporter: good morning, debbie once again. an update on the long island expressway. i reported a few minutes ago the earlier accidents were cleared. there was leftover construction eastbound l.i.e. on the exit ramp to the grand central. now we had this accident back in the delay for that construction. this appears to be a tractor trailer and a truck. fire department arrived. it looks like a small fuel spill down there. the problem is the fire department has blocked three lanes here.
6:25 am
update on the long island expressway eastbound at junction boulevard only that left lane is open while the fire department is operating. we have big delays behind us. another update in a few minutes. live over the long island expressway in queens, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john, thank you. we are getting a new look at extreme energy and action near the surface of the sun. nasa capturing a solar eruption triggered above the sun's magnetic field. the powerful magnetic flares are capable of disturbing the earth's power grid communication lines and saturday. >> fascinating. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," forced out by fire. a dozen families out in the
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new information on the winter storm heading for us. we know it's coming. we are getting a better picture of when and wear it will fall. >> in pakistan authorities take control of a college campus following a deadly terror attack. >> new information on a terrible accident across from a busy shopping mall on long island. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. it's wednesday, january 20th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and jeff smith in for bill. >> we have been tweaking the timing of the potential major storm for the weekend based on the latest computer model information. it looks like the first flakes don't arrive until late friday night. at the earliest, it's more likely daybreak saturday when we feel the impact of that. in the meantime, a calm few days out there.
6:30 am
sitting around 28 in central park. first light from the sun over the horizon. 30 laguardia. 27 white plains. all the way to 19 at toms river. windchills not nearly as harsh as yesterday. snow moving through the ohio valley. that system weakens before it gets in here. the major weekend storm just a weak storm right now over the rocky mountains. that dives to the gulf coast then up the seaboard saturday. temperatures near normal today. clouds moving in later on. wind diminishing. more details in the full accuweather forecast. right now we send it to debbie duhaime with a look at the commute. we will go to a view from newscopter 7 and somehow the eastbound l.i.e. eastbound l.i.e. into junction boulevard still have the right lane blocked here because of that accident
6:31 am
it looks like you still have activity here on the eastbound l.i.e. into junction boulevard and another fire truck pulling up on the scene. let's go to the maps. on the garden state parkway south of 148 in bloomfield, a collision. the northbound garden state parkway at the asbury tolls an accident there. lincoln 30, hole lane 20. alternate side in effect. back to you, ken, lori? >> debbie, thank you. pakistan. the prime minister is vogue revenge for this morning's deadly terror attack on a university. the assault at the university killed at least 20 people including students. four attackers are dead. the campus rocked with the sound of gun battles and explosions after the militants attacked a large crowd which gathered to celebrate the school's anniversary. police say the gunman climbed over a back wall then made their way to the administration building and male student dorms. the pakistan taliban has taken
6:32 am
in a phone call to the associated press. this morning we have learned the name of the woman struck and killed by a driver in nassau county. 48-year-old jen lin was crossing northern boulevard with her 15-year-old daughter. the driver of the hyundai elantra stopped at the scene and has not been charged. lin's daughter was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but she is expected to survive. developing this morning in brooklyn, police are on the hunt for a hit and run driver that killed a man on a bike. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in sheepshead bay with new surveillance video. >> the accident happened yesterday around 5:00 at this intersection behind me. investigators say it's entirely possible the truck driver they are looking for isn't even aware that someone was hit yesterday because the truck is so large and the accident happened so quickly. take a look at this surveillance video. you can see the bicyclist and the truck riding side by side. the moment they go out of view
6:33 am
the truck driver kept ongoing leaving the victim, who has been identified as ring con ma lying in the street. many ran over to help ma who was showing little signs of life. >> he was all confused on the floor bleeding from his head. a lot of people were around him to try to help him. i think somebody took a picture and gave it to the police. >> reporter: police have two critical details to lead to the truck driver. one the truck is a large box rider truck and the license plate is from out of state, indiana license plate. they think perhaps one of the eyewitnesses may have had a chance to get a good look at the license plate. if you are familiar with that truck and was in the area yesterday, the police would like to hear from you. live in sheepshead bay, dray
6:34 am
>> dray, thank you. 634. police released clearer video of the suspect wanted in a random slashing attack in the east village. investigators say this is the man that cut a social worker saturday. anthony christopher smith needed 150 stitches to close the wound on his face. doctors also had to do a nerve graft during eight hours of surgery. a dozen families in new jersey are without a place to stay this morning after a fast- buildings. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live in bayonne where residents are now getting help. mallory? >> reporter: many people are staying at nearby bayonne hospital. it was a challenging fire because of the conditions out here yesterday. this morning fire crews are on
6:35 am
surveying the damage. >> it's freezing. we have nowhere to go. reporter: a fast-moving fire tore through buildings in bayonne. the people inside had to get out quickly. displaced residents are staying at bayonne high school. >> i smelled something burning in the living room. thought it was my radiator or wire. opened the window and saw the fire. that is it. >> reporter: the fight proved to be challenging. >> it's brutal. >> reporter: bayonne fire chief said crews battled freezing temperatures. >> it's freezing, slippery, ice everywhere. a lot of guys are going down. >> reporter: hours later firefighters put out the flames. >> this whole block had the potential of going. i can't credit my firefighters enough. they did a tremendous job of containing this fire to just two buildings. >> a clock shop as well as a restaurant were damaged in addition to the apartments. no word on what started this fire. live in bayonne, mallory hoff,
6:36 am
>> thank you. mayor de blasio and some 300 other mayors gathered in washington for the winter session of the conference of mayors. the idea is to get administration officials to boost the economic conditions of the cities. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and jeff smith with your accuweather forecast. >> it's a clear and relatively calm morning out there. the big difference from what we had yesterday when the windchills were around zero degrees. upper 20s. with the wind being calm, windchill is in the upper 20s in new york city. head throughout the day. freezing by 11:00 in the morning. temperatures rising to the middle to upper 30s. sun giving way to cloud cover as a disturbance passes by. a disturbance that is causing valley. i guess we couldn't rule out a flurry south and west of the
6:37 am
hours before it moves offshore tomorrow. then all eyes are on the prospects of a major winter storm this weekend. snowfall in the nation's capitol up to baltimore. takes until well after midnight friday night, maybe dawn del giorno high above queens. good morning, john, what is happening? >> we had a busy morning on the long island expressway. we had a few earlier accidents then we had an additional one that happened in the delay from the earlier accidents. now we have problems. eastbound long island expressway at junction boulevard, a tractor trailer and a truck out on the l.i.e. they got it moved to the right shoulder now but you can see the fire department has the
6:38 am
so, folks at home that do the reverse commute from manhattan out to the island, you will find traffic where you normally don't find it. the right lane is shut. this is before junction boulevard near the area of the fairgrounds. the eastbound delay bumper to bumper. looks like an afternoon delay, back all the way to woodhaven boulevard. debbie? >> thanks, john. garden state parkway north at the asbury tolls an accident. southbound garden state parkway 14 in bloomfield a collision. george washington bridge moving smoothly. lincoln 30 minutes in. holland 20. subways back schedule. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit, metro north on or close as well. earlier problems on the fdr cleared. southern state parkway westbound moving okay out to eagle avenue heading through nassau county. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, lori, ken.
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welcome back. the first victim has been identified from a deadly greyhound bus accident in california. a woman was returning home after visiting family. the bus driver admitted that he felt tired and stopped for coffee moments before the bus employed into safety barrels and overturned. another passenger was killed and nine hurt. the ntsb is accepting a team to investigate. two pregnant women are being monitored after they tested positive for the see kay virus -- zika virus. a baby born in hawaii tested
6:43 am
the cdc is urging doctors to perform extra testing on pregnant moms if they show the virus. awake today and funeral friday for abigail flanagan, one of three columbia students that died in a bus accident last week in honduras. hundreds braved the bitter cold on campus to join with family members in honoring the memory of the three. they were part of a medical mission to help the poor. the bus crashed heading to the airport for the flight home. >> take a bit of daniella, olivia and abigail with you into your own lives. honor their sacrifice and make their stories an legacies now part of yours. >> eight others on bus suffered critical injuries including hannah bender from scarsdale. jury selection begins in the trial of a new york city police officer charged in the shooting death of an unarmed man in brooklyn.
6:44 am
officer peter liang told him he shot akai gurley by accident. he fired a shot in a dark stairwell in 2014 in a public housing complex. the bullet ricocheted off a wall killing mr. gurley. "good morning america" is up next. good morning, rob. >> good morning, lori. great to be with you this morning. coming up on gma, breaking news overnight. a terror attack overseas leaves dozens killed or wounded. details are coming in now. also ahead, a big day in politics. trump getting a major endorsement from sarah palin. what the former alaska governor has to say about the g.o.p. front-runner and a new political showing hillary clinton -- poll showing hillary clinton sliding. director spike lee will join us live to weigh in on the oscars facing a potential boycott. we will discuss the lack of diversity and why he chose to speak out now.
6:45 am
we will follow that closely on gma. >> sounds good. have a good show. thank you, rob. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's step outside with jeff smith on the upper west side. jeff? >> reporter: that's right. as we come closer to this storm, more details come in to clearer view. one of those details is the timing of the storm. we moved that back to close to dawn for saturday morning for the first flames to move into the area. in the meantime, that means we have more time to prepare for the storm. we have a calm few days coming up. let's look at the first bit of beautiful picture. 28 degrees. the wind is calm for a change. what a difference what it was like this time yesterday morning. the first flakes from the storm hold off until late friday night. more likely just before dawn saturday morning. during the day saturday, a high impact event. we are looking at snow which will be falling heavily at times. winds could gust up to 55 miles
6:46 am
that could drive water on shore and cause coastal flooding especially since the tides will be higher than normal due to the full moon. snowfall amounts may vary considerably south to north. if you are far enough north in the northern suburbs you may not get much. it depends on the track of the storm which will be coming into finer detail in the coming days. 21 belmar. if anything, sun will give way to some clouds during the day. a disturbance moving by tonight. with that you can't rule out a flurry, especially south and west of new york city. we clear out during the day tomorrow t. all eyes on the storm on saturday moving into the virginia coast into a favorable position to give us a heavy snowfall on the big cities of the i-95 corridor. blowing and drifting no and signature knife -- snow and
6:47 am
not inconceivable that parts of the jersey shore and eastern long island mixed with sleet or rain at the height of the storm because it can wrap up in warmer air in the midlevels of the atmosphere. i am inclined to believe this is a 6 to 12-inch snowfall. higher amounts are not completely off the table at this point. it's a very intense storm. it's got a lot of moisture so it has a high top end potential. one of the better computer models, the showing 6 to 12-inch snowfall well north of the city less snow because you are farther away from the moisture. accuweather forecast today, sunshine mixing with clouds in the afternoon. winds diminish. less harsh than it has been the past couple of days. 37 for a high. clouds breaking late tonight. could be a flurry around midnight. 25 for a low. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 34. the calm before the storm lasting through friday. clouds increase but any snowfall waits until well after midnight friday night.
6:48 am
saturday morning to move in. then saturday is windy. we have snow falling heavily at times. 33 for a high. that snow can last into sunday morning. we start tapering off to flurries sunday afternoon. we warm up a little bit into next week and clear things out. the timing has been moved back. the arrival time and the end time of the storm. we are talking dawn saturday through the early hours of sunday morning. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, jeff. time to check in with debbie duhaime for traffic. >> good morning, ken and lori. good morning, everybody. over to newscopter 7 and john will show us a problem on the b.q.e. this is the inbound side of the b.q.e. moving slowly up by the l.i.e. it's by broadway. watch out for an accident record here. again, you can see traffic is moving slowly here. this is the inbound northbound side of the b.q.e. up by the l.i.e. it's an accident still being cleared. traffic is moving slowly. going to the maps, the l.i.e. eastbound at junction
6:49 am
still blocking one lane. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, ken, lori. >> all right, debbie, thank you. oscar winning actor becomes a lifesaver. jamie foxx risking his own life to pull a driver from a burning
6:50 am
welcome back. jamie foxx became a real life action her row saving -- hero saving a man from a burning car. it played out in front of the foxx's -- of foxx's home. the car burst into flames. >> a guy pulls up. he has emt scissors. within five seconds later the truck goes up. i don't look at it as heroic. i look at it as we had to do >> good guy. the man was taken to the hospital with broken bones. foxx posted this image to the
6:51 am
father of the man he saved. the actor writing no heros, just happy father's 6789 foxx has two daughters. a fisherman made a big catch. what he hooked gave him quite a scare. people walking by the san clemente pier noticed a fisherman struggling with his line. when they looked down, they a shark emerging from the water nearly snapping the fishing rod. moments later everyone heard a loud crunch and that is when the shark broke free and swam away. up next, we are tracking a major winter storm. jeff smith has the latest track and snow totals that we can expect. >> a victim in a hit and run
6:52 am
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police are searching for the truck driver that killed a bicyclist in brooklyn and kept on driving. >> dray clark is live in sheepshead bay. >> reporter: the accident happened at east ninth and avenue u around 5:00 yesterday. take a look at this surveillance video. you can briefly see the bicyclist next to the truck. when they go out of view of the surveillance camera, that is when the accident happened. the truck driver kept ongoing. the victim was left lying in the middle of the street. he was rushed to kings county hospital where he was later
6:54 am
police say it's entirely possible the truck driver was not aware he hit someone because the truck is so large quickly. meanwhile, they are looking for awry der truck that has an -- for a rider truck that has an indiana license plate. accident on the b.q.e. leading to delays. >> let's check in with john del giorno. >> reporter: we will take your attention to the overpasses. the green tractor trailer out there in the center lane believe involved in a minor accident, northbound or eastbound brooklyn-queens expressway at exit 40. keep this in mind if you are heading to laguardia. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. thank you, john. let's check in with debbie duhaime again. >> let's go out to the fdr drive. stop and go traffic through the 100s, an accident being cleared. watch for volume fdr into the 100s.
6:55 am
eastbound still busy into junction boulevard, that fuel spill blocking one lane. on the cross bronx west at the sheraton debris. inbound george 15. holland 20. subways on or close. all mass transit on time. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. lori, ken, jeff. >> thank you, debbie. calm for the time being. the elephant in the room is the big storm this weekend. that's what we are talking about. we are tweaking the timing for it. let's check out the forecast today. 37 eventually under a mix of sun and clouds. first flakes from the storm don't come in until before dawn saturday. web di, snowy. highs around 33. major travel delays saturday into the day sunday. it looks like a 6 to 12-inch snowfall nice the most likely scenario. >> thank you, jeff. that is the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. we are back in about 25 minutes
6:56 am
"good morning america" is up next.
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