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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 21, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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enough to nurture a talent -- >> reporter: george clooney won for "syriana," speaking out in support of diversity. i think african-americans have a real fair point, that the industry isn't representing them well enough. >> every ten years, we get lucky. then when it happens, the players, hollywood's finally turned around, look how much we've made progress. then a drought for nine years. >> reporter: director spike lee says even though he's skipping the glittery night in protest he's not calling for boycott. he believes the problem goes deeper than awards shows. >> we're not in the room in these green light meetings. until that happens, we'll continue to have these stories about the lack of diversity at the oscars. >> reporter: and yet lee says the message transcends hollywood. >> you're going to make more money if your product and your
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of this great country. let's go to the bottom line. if you don't change, you're going to lose money. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. >> we'll see more of juju's interview with spike lee in a few weeks talking about his new documentary "michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall." tune into gma tomorrow for the full exclusive interview with will smith. as always we're online on our
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thank you for watching. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself
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putting up the dunes and stocking up on supplies. people not taking any chances as a powerful storm heads our way. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. the storm now on the move and moving our way. >> with days to go we're getting a better idea of the impact it may have here. we have several reports tonight. joe torres and n.j. burkett with the preparations. >> we're going to begin with meteorologist lee goldberg. he's tracking it all at the weather wall. >> here's what's new at 11:00. i'm fine tuning the time a little bit. i don't want you to be surprised by light snow friday that could make roads slippery. it's such a sharp cut-off to the north and maybe some mixing that comes in along the coast. also on the good side introduced some sun in to the sunday forecast as the storm will get out of here in a hurry. we're watching light snows that have been coming out of pennsylvania before they hit the
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coming out of the delmarva will come. there's the storm that develops in to our weekend storm, moving in to the deep south, gulf of mexico, then up the coast. on saturday it's in prime position to give us accumulating snow. huge range across the area. but at the height of the storm, big travel delays and blizzard conditions, coastal flooding and power outages especially at the coast. winter storm watch is up for most of new jersey. even blizzard watches in parts of dc. parts of these areas can get two, even three feet of snow. coastal flooding is a huge concern. equivalent of a tropical storm with 3-foot surges because of the full moon. gust of 60 miles per hour. that's a major concern with this. first flakes late friday night in to saturday morning, brunt of the storm is saturday afternoon and night. snow, big winds, coastal flooding. the average accumulation 6 to 12 inches but there's more south and west of new york city, even a lot more. we'll show you the new banded map and how they've
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just a few minutes away. preparations are already underway throughout our area for the snow and flooding fears. dunes are being put up and people are stocking up on supplies. joe torres continues our coverage. he's on bradley beach on the jersey shore. >> the one square mile borough of bradley beach. it has an ocean on the east side of town, a lake on the north end of town, a lake on the south side of town. it is surrounded by water. with the storm coming closer and closer, you can take an educated guess at what the big concern is here. flooding. >> reporter: at the stop and shop in neptune, benny floyd loaded up the car with groceries for him and his mother. >> i'm a chef so i get to cook during the storm. fruits, citruses. >> something tells me you're going to eat well during the storm. >> i'm going to try to eat well, that's for sure.
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belmar, public works brought the heavy machinery on to the beach. the concern here focuses not only on snow totals but coastal flooding as well. >> that's why we have our bulldozers buildings and strengthening dunes for 1.3 miles up and down the entire beach front. >> reporter: they'll do it tomorrow in bradley beach. they have a preparation meeting scheduled for thursday afternoon. >> our main concern is a storm surge of some type on the north and south end of town. >> reporter: this is one of them. if the area around sylvan lake starts to flood, says the chief, that's an indicator of what's to follow. >> i'm right on the border of avon and bradley beach. so we can kind of look outside our house and see how the water is. hopefully there won't be any flooding. >> like so many other jersey
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belmar, they've not only replaced so much, they've learned so much since superstorm sandy. the equipment is better, the knowledge is different. all of that will come in so handy as this storm inches its way closer and closer. live at bradley beach, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. n.j. burkett in the county village of north port. >> that's right, on the dots here at north port harbor. you just say the word nor'easter and people on the north shore of long island sit up and pay attention. as lee said a moment ago, snow along with flooding and beach erosion all in the forecast for this major winter storm. authorities in both long island counties are determined to reassure their coastal residents that they are prepared for the worst possible scenario regardless of how likely or unlikely that may be. beaches have been built up. and major
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humvees and other heavy duty four-wheel drive vehicles. lessons learned from the superstorm. it's also happened here on long island. several reasons to feel good about this in spite of the forecast. the beaches are in great shape because they haven't been battered up until now by winter storms. there's plenty of road salt and money in the budget to clear the roads. the only real question i have is do people really remember how to drive in snow? live tonight in north port, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> staffers are hard at work tonight at the nerve center for new york city storm response. the office of emergency management are closely monitoring snowfall amounts, high winds, and possible coastal flooding. officials say the timing of the storm could be a blessing because it shouldn't affect schools or the work day commute. a lot will be happening in the next few days leading up to the storm. we'll be staying on top of it on tv and abc7ny and on our apps for your smart phone or tablet.
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movement the storm makes and have all the details on how the tri-state is preparing. now to the other news on this wednesday night. police investigating the fatal stabbing of a teenager in brooklyn. the 17-year-old boy stand in the williamsburg section. he was taken to bellevue hospital and that tonight is where he died. no word on what led up to the stabbing and police say they've made no an arrest tonight in a deadly hit and run involving a bike rider in brooklyn. can reng ma was struck and killed yesterday while riding his bike in sheepshead bay. 31-year-old junior hicks is under arrest. police say he was driving the truck that hit reng ma then took off. at this point hicks is charged with driving away from the scene of a deadly accident. a teenager with asperger's syndrome found safe after he was missing from his home in manhattan for nearly a week. 16-year-old hoffmaier found. he
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night after an argument with his father. we were alert today his disappearance by his aunt messaging me on facebook. he was the subject of an anonymous tip to police that said he threatened to shoot a police officer and could have ties to isis, but tonight the threat. detectives interrogated the 36-year-old man after an anonymous call to police in philadelphia and harlem singled him out. those calls led police alert. new at 11:00, disturbing questions tonight about a preschooler dropped off by her bus driver at the wrong school. a middle school in new jersey. and then left there in the cold. her parents found out about it when they were called by police in newark. how in the world did this happen? here's eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer. >> reporter: woodson holds her daughter a lot closer now having lived through a parent's nightmare. >> mad. i started crying. had to calm down.
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have got kidnapped, snatched up? >> reporter: early tuesday morning here at their home, bus. the daycare. >> last time i seen her was when she got on the bus. >> reporter: it wasn't until she took a break at work and saw on her voicemail 30 messages trying to reach her. >> her school calling me. and i just started busting out in tears. >> reporter: she says the new driver took her to the wrong school, north star academy, here about 12 to 15 blocks from their home, and left her on that bitterly cold day. >> he put her on the sidewalk and drove off. >> reporter: she says there's video from security cameras showing rakia being dropped off. fortunately school officials noticed her. >> took her in the school, fed her, gave her activities to do until they found who the student was. >> i was scared.
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who claim their top priority is the safe transportation of students by contract bus vendors also say we are working with harris' family to investigate and correct this matter with the bus company. ranique may take even further action. >> i need answers. i need charges filed. negligence, child endangerment. you left a 4-year-old to fend for themselves on the street. >> reporter: reporting from newark, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. an affluent neighborhood in westchester tonight the setting of a murder mystery. a 58-year-old woman was found dead this morning in her sprawling mansion on lincoln road and scarsdale. the victim's identify has not been released. it's not clear how she was killed. a man who lives in the home who may have called 911 is in police custody being questioned. developing news out of asia where the markets are relatively flat at this hour, and that after financial turmoil on the markets here and in europe is indeed welcome news, at least for now. by the end of the
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today, the dow losing 249 points. at one point it was down more than 560 points. nasdaq dropped 5 and s&p 500 was down 22. as we continue on this wednesday night, the secret ingredient that can protect your skin during the winter. >> also a frightening ride when a snowboarder gets caught in the middle of an avalanche. >> new urgent concerns tonight about the safety of hoverboards. lee goldberg no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right?
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new at 11:00, what could be the toughest safety crackdown on hoverboards which have literally been catching fire. the head of the consumer products safety commission calling for the suspension of all online hoverboard sales. he's calling in to question the safety of all hoverboards, including those not yet under investigation because they've caused so many injuries. so far it's not just about the 40 reported fires involving
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injuries as well. amazon earlier tonight offering hoverboard buyers a full refund. a snowboarder likely still catching his breath tonight after he narrowly escaped being buried alive by an avalanche. the man was plotting his own course at the resort in lake tahoe, california when he landed hard off of a jump, setting off an avalanche. the snow dragged him roughly 50 yards down the mountain side. he was lodged chest-deep in snow but was able to get himself out. he was a magnificent presence in new york city, living here 22 years. mayor de blasio declared today david bowie day. the proclamation read tonight at the curtain of the broadway show lazarus. the mayor tweeting today he believes he speaks for all of us when he says, quoting now, the stars look very different today.
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the fdny tonight honoring martin luther king, jr. at its headquarters. former mayor on hand to honor current and present fdny members for their commitment to public service. the storm isn't supposed to hit till saturday but there's already snow in central park tonight, manmade snow. the parks department creating fresh blown snow. the winter sports festival will feature everything from snowshoeing to skiing lessons and if the storm forecasts are right, all that manmade snow not even necessary. >> just a little glimpse of what we might be getting. >> just getting us psychologically prepared. >> plenty of natural snow. of course you're going to plan on that. >> so what's it looking like? >> we have some adjustments to make. had a great talk on facebook tonight. what about this new model run that's come
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city? what do we think about that? that particular model is pretty unreliable and not really a pillar of our forecast. we're factoring it in but i'm not raising totals. what it may indicate is some of the heavy banding that may occur. we're at 31 degrees, westerly wind at 6. how good did that feel with the light wind, there's the average at 38 degrees. here's a planner for tomorrow. after a couple of flurries overnight we're going to clear up by dawn. we'll be at about 27 by 8:00 in the morning. winds are up tomorrow. a little bit more tomorrow than you did today. won't feel as warm. it will feel like 20s with the gusty wind. there are the snow showers slipping to our south. a few of these may flare up at the last second. just beware of that. there's our storm in the middle of the country ready to dive near the gulf. pick up that moisture and come up the coast. this is a great looking timeline. let's advance it all the way in to friday afternoon. at that point the clouds you see
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the storm. it's the leading edge of the storm. there's an ice storm going on in the carolinas. travel slowing and you've got snow approaching the dc area around the evening commute. one thing i want to warn you, light snows could break out. you know how that initial coating could cause slippery conditions. that could happen south of i-78 during the first part of the night friday. then it's between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning it's getting in to new york city and takes until mid to late morning to get all the way in to the hudson valley. look at the darker shadeings. that's big time snowfall rates. could be 2 to 3-inch an hour bands. that could really pile up in a hurry. the most favorable spot would be across central new jersey with less snow off to the north and it pivots out sunday morning. this is what we're going with now. i have the most average snowfall here being 6 to 12 inches most
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a lean on the 12-inch amounts. big time coastal flooding there. but just inland, central new jersey, may have to raise this a little bit farther to the north. there's a good chance for 12 to 18 inches of snow. to the north, in 50 miles you could go from over a foot to just an inch or two. this is a it tough forecast in the hudson valley. right now i have northern westchester being a cutoff then north. tomorrow is a chilly day. clear to partly cloudy and 24 tomorrow night. your 7-day forecast. fine daylight hours friday. late friday night in to saturday morning, snow begins. worse saturday afternoon and night, really coming down. i added some sun to the forecast in the afternoon sunday. then melting as we go in to monday. amy freeze will have an update. she's in for bill evans tomorrow morning. we'll be with you hour by hour. new tonight, protecting
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crapped and chapped lips, severely dried skin. how do you keep it protected in these cold months? here's kemberly richardson. >> reporter: there's no avoiding it, so when it comes to your skin -- >> cocoa butter. >> yes, love it. keeps it moist the whole way. >> reporter: what's the best way to combat the harsh effects of the cold? the doctor tells me for your feet, elbows, and knees, a little known secret. look for products containing urea. >> that's a humectant. it pulls moisture in to the upper layers of the skin. this adds in hydration and softens them. >> reporter: you may yearn for a hot shower or bath. skip it. >> that can actually dehydrate our skin. >> reporter: after soaking in lukewarm water, doctor says follow the one minute rule, the maximum time you have to put on your moisture. your pores are open. she said stack up on
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>> creams are more hydrating than lotions. >> reporter: when it comes to your lips, you must have a protective barrier. though tempting, don't lip them. >> we actually have digested enzymes in our saliva so that breaks down the skin. it's good for inside the mouth but bad on the skin. >> reporter: continue drinking plenty of water but the doctor points out hydrating from the outside is just as important as from the inside. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> don't lick your lips. my mother used to always tell me that. getting healthier faster. could a blood test soon tell whether antibiotics will help us feel better? >> but first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel to see who's on his show tonight. >> hello, new york. tonight casey affleck, vanessa hudgens, music from savages. it's not about hugging trees.
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you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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helping doctors predict when and when not to use antibiotics. in a study of more than 300 people, a test developed by researchers at duke university was able to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections 87% of the time. it works by analyzing the workings of the genes in the blood. while it's not quite ready, experts hope it could soon help curb the over use of antibiotics. it remains the largest single screen movie theater in new york city. now the iconic zigfeld theater expected to show its last showing in the next few weeks. its release is not being renewed. it will go to the owners of gotham hall who will transform it in to a ballroom that will open next year. big movie theater going to shut down. rob powers up next with sports. >> man, did we have good basketball tonight. the knicks probably shouldn't have needed to play one of their most dramatic games of the season but it sure was fun to watch. straight ahead, a tough game at the garden. it goes down to the
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this is basketball worth watching. >> plus, the nets at home
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civilian fire deaths in new york city near record lows. my honor this morning to host the campaign for operation 7 save a life, 18 years. campaign includes having the fdny, other local fire departments across the tri-state distribute free smoke alarms. we're saving lives. watch operation 7 save a life special this saturday. i'm hosting it. honored to do it. 7:00 here on channel 7. >> great thing you've been apart of for so many years. >> the best thing i do at this station i think. basketball. >> it was fun. this was a good been playing well. and tonight played a team that beat them by 21 last month. good chance to gauge improvement against the jazz. didn't look like it until this afternoon that chrisops porzingis would be able to play with that sore foot but he did. utah in front. here comes the comeback. carmelo anthony, nine assists.
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symptom galloway. anthony also scored 30. he did it all. knicks seem g -- seemingly headed to victory. jazz make all three shots. they go to overtime. in o.t. look at the effort from williams all by himself, battling for the basket plus the foul. 118-111 in o.t. the knicks win a thriller at home. nets had a big game at home. cavaliers came calling. they just lost to warriors by 42 thursday. lebron james, first two points of the game. then again later, two highlight slams very early. brook lopez, 16 points, 10 rebounds for the nets. kevin love scored 17 for cleveland. so did james. and neither guy played the 4th quarter. nets lose 91-78. that's four in a row. the cavs came on strong. the cavs never let up. game week preparations now officially underway in the nfl for the conference title game sunday. in the afc that means
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that means tom brady against peyton manning. they won't line up against each other but they're two of the best quarterbacks ever. this will be the 17th time they play against each other. might be the last. >> the consistency, the durability, his ability to always seem to come through. >> very hard worker. very competitive guy. he just plays the position the right way. in buffalo the bills have hired kathryn smith as special teams quality control coach, first female coach in nfl history. seton hall coming off a big win over a top 25 team, tried it again against villanova. tied 69 late. villanova's ryan --ryan archidakano. 72-71. free agent slugger yoenis
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