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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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preparing for the big one across the tri-state area. folks are stocking up on winter weather supplies and water. >> overnight a blizzard watch was issued for new york city, long island and northern new jersey ahead of this weekend's major winter storm. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. today is thursday, january 21st. it's not just the snow we have to worry about. >> people on the jersey shore are facing severe flooding as this storm pounds the coast. crews will be busy building sand dunes to protect homes and businesses. >> we have team coverage as the storm approaches. mallory hoff is in new jersey. dray clark in manhattan. we begin with amy freeze in with bill evans with the latest track on the storm. >> good morning. here we go, thursday, it's cold outside. feels like 22 degrees. throughout the day, sunshine and then the feels like temperatures in the 20s until
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we have two days to get through before the storm gets to us. plenty of time to refine the exact track and also the amounts of snow. but the thing that you should prepare for is that there will be a winter storm in the area and it takes place mainly during the day on saturday. windchills in the teens and 20s taking us through the afternoon. feels like temperatures through tomorrow morning will still be under 20 degrees. it will be colder today. you will feel the chill through tomorrow but the storm itself does not get here until late friday. a blizzard watch has been posted and goes into effect on saturday through sunday for long island and all the boroughs of new york city and areas in blue you are under a winter storm watch until 10:00 a.m. sunday and the coastal flood watch. most serious conditions from toms river to atlantic city with the potential for coastal flooding there. the storm will continue to gain strength, momentum and moisture as it crawls up the east coast again. the majority of the snow
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it wraps up and gets out of here. heaviest south and east. less snow north and east. we will talk about the amounts in the accuweather seven-day forecast. right now heather o'rourke looking at the commute this morning. probably rails are doing better than the roads i would suppose. >> the rails we do have a little bit of a glitch on the f trains. track work at west 4th street. downtown express only 34th to west 4th street. other than that, our trains are doing fine. outbound george washington bridge trying to get to the outbound upper levels, emergency construction, two lanes are closed. you can see the delay and you are back to before the area of the alexander hamilton bridge into the george washington bridge upper level. minor delay inbound. lincoln and harlem minor delays. pothole repairs. l.i.e. accident east near 108th street. street cleaning rules are in effect today. lori, over to you.
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new jersey is expecting the heaviest snowfall from this storm. also communities on the jersey shore are facing another threat. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live in belmar with more for us. good morning, mallory. >> lori, good morning. as we know the threat is flooding. there is potential for flooding here this weekend. as we know, preparedness is key. when it comes to the beaches on the jersey shore, the beaches need to be ready. if you take a look here, you can see the sand dunes have been built up as far as the eye can see. in this video from yesterday, you can see crews there hard at work taking this very seriously as they build up the dunes. the idea here of course that if coastal flooding should occur, the dunes could protect roadways, businesses and homes in this area. in the meantime, officials are expected to meet this evening in bradley beach to discuss potential safety countries here. people that live in the area
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>> the wind will be a big issue. we will keep an eye on that. and the surf. >> we are five blocks from the beach. they are saying it's tide. hopefully they are getting the sand dunes ready and we have to see what happens. >> reporter: taking a look at the video you can see people stocking up on the essentials. you want to make sure that you are prepared. back out live we are expecting to see high tides early saturday morning, saturday night and sunday evening. you want to make sure that you are aware of that. if you live in this area, be as prepared as possible. live in belmar, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> mallory, thank you. now to new york where mayor de blasio is preparing the city's response to the storm. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in soho. dray? >> reporter: good morning, ken. the mayor said the city is prepared to deal with the storm.
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go into more detail as to what kind of manpower and machinery they will employ. he will hold the news conference from the city's salt shed in soho. we were able to get some insight into what they will do at the office of emergency management when the storm hits. from the office in downtown brooklyn, they can monitor snowfall totals, high winds and be able to keep a close watch on any coastal flooding. in the event of a major emergency during the storm, oem can activate the city's emergency alert system will provide messages to people via the television or radio. >> we will get snow with the coastal flooding because of the high tides and heavy winds so we have to deal with that. what we are doing, we are getting ready. >> again, mayor de blasio is
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in soho this morning discussing the city's plan at 10:00 a.m. about an inch of snow caused traffic conditions in the d.c. area. drivers were trapped behind the wheel for hours last night. some got out and pushed the state police record 160 accidents during the evening commute. one state trooper was hit as he stood at a crash scene. in washington and officials urge everyone to stay off the roads until midnight. uber did a price surge charging customers four times the normal price. if you have forgotten how to drive in snow, don't worry. so has the secret service. president obama's motorcade slid and crawled as the inch of snow crippled traffic across the d.c. metro area. pool reporters watched as the motorcade struggled to cope on the slick roads. we have to say if one inch is
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going to deal with a couple of
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a man who lives in the home is in police custody. it's the first homicide in that town in nearly four decades. a teenager with asperger's syndrome has been found safe. kyle hoffmeyer was found at the subway station in queens. he ran away friday night after an argument with his father. his family says that he was spotted twice on two different subways before he was found. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist amy freeze in for bill with the accuweather forecast. >> good morning, ken and lori. the camera bouncing a bit. winds during the day today. temperatures could make it to the mid-30s. feels like temperatures will remain in the teens and 20s. what a great shot over the east river. 20 in central park. it feels like 22 right now. this feels-like temperature really takes your breath away. make sure you are bundled up and ready. here is what to expect over the weekend.
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crowds increase friday night. flurries starting off. saturday during the day is when the snow accumulates. also the wind picks up and this will be the worst of the conditions. blizzard-like conditions expected for the long island. coastal flooding with the persistent winds and full moan. they are posting watches and warnings that go into effect saturday. coastal flood watch from toms river to atlantic city but all coastal locations be on alert. we spin the weather wheel, we get above freezing with a high of 36 expected around 2:00 p.m. we will see the clouds increase for this evening. more details into the second half hour and we will talk about snow accumulations and predicted totals. heather, plenty of time for people to get out and about. and it's on the weekend. >> it is a great thing. everybody will be a lot safer if they can stay off the roads.
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disappointed that they will not have a snow day. let's go and look at what is happening here on the deegan, cross bronx into the george washington bridge. over to the maps, i can tell you that the george washington bridge outbound upper level, we have emergency construction. delays are building on the cross bronx expressway as a result. tonnele before secaucus earlier accident cleared away. 34th to west fourth street. minor delays inbound at all three hudson river crossings. street cleaning rules are in effect today. ken, lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. as we continue our accuweather alert coverage, long island is bracing for a potential blizzard this weekend. a few hours from now, we will get an update on the storm preps in nassau county. >> also ahead, new details on
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terrorizing a woman in her home on center street in ridgewood queens. detectives say he forced a woman in her apartment and robbed her. she was not physically hurt. investigators are back at square one as they search for the person who murdered an american woman on vacation in belize. the person taken into custody after ann sweeney was murdered is no longer considered a suspect. sweeney that worked as an online producer at our sister station in chicago was found dead last week. investigators say she was strangled to death while doing yoga near a river outside her resort. a mom is steaming after her daughter was dropped off outside the wrong school in subfreezing temperatures. she was literally left out in the cold tuesday morning. a new bus company and driver were supposed to take her to her preschool. instead, she was left at a middle school. newark public schools apologized.
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>> you left a 4-year-old to fend for themselves on a street at a whole other school. how would you feel if your 4- year-old was out there in the freezing cold. >> the little girl was dropped out outside of north star academy. her mother says security cameras captured the entire incident. workers at the school kept her safe. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with meteorologist amy freeze outside tracking the storm, amy? >> this is the kind of weather that your fair weather friends come into play. maximus, plea cue the windshield-oat the windbreaker this morning. hopefully you have a furry friend to cuddle up with this weekend. today and tomorrow looks sunny they are chilly. the windchill factor in the upper teens and 20s.
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you need to bundle up for real chilly weather the next few days. timing, here is the latest information. saturday the snow accumulates. blizzard-like conditions and coastal flooding. national weather service posted a blizzard watch in effect saturday until sunday at 1:00 p.m. all the boroughs and long island are included in that. areas of blue you have the winter storm watch until sunday at 10:00 a.m. there is a coastal flood watch for parts of south jersey, toms river to atlantic city where we could have problems with high tide. we have the accumulating moisture of mixed precipitation and snow. it's a full moon so exaggerates the tidal problems. we are expecting flooding and the possibility of serious erosion as well. this is where the storm is right now on the accutrack down in the gulf picking up moisture. it has a lot of space to travel.
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a little to the east, a little to the west. that can make the difference in the accumulations. right now the computer models are came can you lating what is happening with the storm now and making predictions on what happens saturday during the day. that's why it becomes tricky. areas of purple. snow accumulating there. areas with oranges and yellow are heavy rainfalls. the moisture has to coincide with the coldest air in order for the snow to stack up the deepest. that appears to be happening south and east. less snow amounts off to the north. that includes the hudson valley and parts of the northern counties. the computer models will get high amounts for new york city and eastward and through parts of central new jersey. lesser to the north and west. here is the accuweather forecast call for snowfall. areas in white 6 inches to 12 inches. that's a lot of variability but there is plenty of time, more than 48 hours.
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have to be prepared for serious winter weather over the weekend. blizzard-like conditions through the day on saturday indicate we will have strong winds sustained at 30 miles per hour or more for three hours. cold today and tomorrow. no question about that. the accuweather forecast showing the storm over the weekend. you want to find a way to stay inseed, not travel saturday. the snow ends sunday mid- morning. sunday afternoon we could see sunshine. monday not as cold, tuesday and wednesday back into the 40s. that's the accuweather seven- day forecast. maximus with a fur coat, i am so into you right now. >> there you go. >> come get inside, amy. let's go to heather for a check on the commute. >> she is wearing a perfect color for maximus. troubles outbound side of the george washington bridge. newscopter 7 is up above. we check in with john del giorno. good morning, john. >> good morning, heather. we have live pictures from newscopter 7 looking at the
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this is the city side looking across to new jersey. problems on the outbound side underneath the apartments. you can see the flashing lights, some of the overhead signs that are lit up. there is emergency construction on the outbound upper level. you see the tractor trailer at a standstill. this goes to the cross bronx. it begins by westchester avenue. >> that's a nightmare. nontruck go to the right and the lower level. f trains track work west 4th. downtown express only 34th to west 4th. mechanical problems at 14th. downtown trains are business passing 14th street as a result. we had an accident in north bergen, tonnele near secaucus. the accident has been cleared away. residual delay, however. harlem river drive off the george washington bridge near 125th street, pothole repairs there. n trains manhattan-bound trains
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they have tom important area platforms set up. we have route 17 both directions at linwood right lane and exit ramps are closed as a result as you head through that spot. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead on eyewitness news, pay back for customers
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another volatile day of trading on wall street. the dow dipped more than 500 points in the red settling for a loss of 249 points. nasdaq and s&p were down as well.
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losses extended overseas. nikkei dropped 2 1/2 percent. hong kong hang seng index finished 2% down. amazon is offering full refunds on hover boards because of several problems causing injuries to riders. that includes the increasing number of hover boards catching fire. the u.s. consumer safety commission says the decision is based on the number of people hurt when falling off the two- wheel devices. the commission says the injuries may be caused by a device or design florida. walmart, the nation's largest employer is giving nearly all of its hourly store employees a raise next month. walmart is fighting to keep its employees from leaving during a tighter labor market. the 2% pay bump will affect 1.2 million workers at walmart and sam's club stores. walmart usely loses half a mill one workers every year. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and amy freeze is in for bill with the
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>> good morning to the both of you. cold conditions today and tomorrow. outside right now we got windchill factors in the teens and 20s. uncomfortable and stays that way through tomorrow morning despite the call for mid-30s through the afternoon. be ready t. facing thursday and friday, really di cold. flurries develop late on friday. the main heart of the storm is over the weekend. saturday day break snow will be falling. it accumulates during the day on friday. blizzard-like conditions with the storm. the potential for coastal flooding as well. all the snow is on the ground by sunday midday. we could close out the weekend with a little sunshine sunday. we will talk amounts but parts of the area 6 to 12 inches of snow. we are in that zone. we will talk about timing and amounts in a few minutes. heather o'rourke has a look at the commute. >> we have a large amount of traffic on the cross bronx expressway. look at this delay as you go on to the westbound side. you can actually call that
6:22 am
westbound on the cross bronx expressway your delay begins out by westchester avenue. why do we have this delay, we will head to the maps and tell you. outbound side upper level underneath the apartments you have emergency construction. trucks you have no other choice, you have to go to the upper level. nontrucks go to the right and go on to that lower level. street cleaning rules are in effect today. ken, over to you. >> thank you, heather. new this morning, nfl history is made in buffalo. rex ryan's bills made kathryn smith the first woman to hold a full-time coaching job in the league. the bills sent out a tweet shall tearing the glass ceiling, congrats kathryn. rex ryan is excited and proud for smith. we are closing in on 6:30. still ahead this morning, prepping the plows. a major winter storm set to bring possible blizzard conditions to new york and the
6:23 am
but there is still a lot of the unknowns as the snow makes its way across the country. >> this is a live look at washington, d.c. traffic is standing still in the d.c. area
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here comes the snow 48 hours before the first flakes start falling and a blizzard watch issued for new york city, long island and parts of new york city. >> cities across the area gear up for the first major storm of the season. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. this storm will be a blockbuster with heavy snowfall predicted from the appalachians, also to new england. >> overnight the nation's capitol bass crippled about -- was crippled by an inch of snow. countless accidents as the snow
6:27 am
it won't get better with up to two feet of snow forecast for that region this weekend. meteorologist amy freeze is in for bill. >> looking at the pictures is proof that a little bit of snow can make all the ditches. because this pass the first snow of the season, you want to plan ahead. it's cold temperatures. even though the thermometer could be reading above freezing, it feels like 22. the windchills will go into the teens. not much better than teens and low 20s through friday morning. plenty of cold air in place as the snowstorm arrives. bliss sard watch has been -- blizzard watch has been posted. areas in blue a winter storm watch, parts of northwestern new jersey and hudson valley. this will be in effect saturday
6:28 am
coastal floated watch toms river to atlantic city. this is where we will look for the persistent east winds. we are in between systems today. lots of sunshine. a bitter cold you have to put up with. forecast high of 36 in new york city. in a few minutes we will talk about the timing, when it starts and who could get the most snow. heather o'rourke has a look at the commute. as the sun comes up, expecting it to be spectacular. but don't let it deceive you. you need the gloves. >> the calm before the storm. we have over here a bit of a storm on the cross bronx expressway. not only do we have construction under the apartments now we have this accident. it looks as if this car may have been disabled and this tractor trailer hit the car. so, the left lane is closed off. this is the cross bronx expressway. you have heavy delays on the cross bronx. we have the accident under the apartments and construction
6:29 am
quite a delay for you as you head on to the cross bronx expressway. now let's go to the maps. inbound at the george washington bridge, you have a minor delay. lincoln 20. holland 15-minute delay. outbound under the apartments you have emergency construction. in addition to that, another accident is being cleared away. f and m trains track work at west 4th street expect delays. 6 trains mechanical problems repaired. then the n trains manhattan- bound skipping those stations through brooklyn. street cleaning rules are in effect today. >> with potential blizzard conditions on the way, today we hear from how the city is preparing. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in soho. >> reporter: good morning. mayor de blasio will hold a news conference at the city's salted shed in soho at 10:00 this morning. across the five boroughs, people are getting ready in the normal way of stocking up on
6:30 am
this is how it looked at the lowe's in downtown brooklyn with people buying shovels and rock salt. store managers expected a mad dash to the store when it became clear thated storm would be bearing down on new york as it makes its way up the east coast. they expect the crowds to get larger as we get closer to the weekend. everyone wants to be prepared for the first big snowfall of the winter season. >> i got the shovels. everything else is good. i got the kids. i'm ready to go. >> super busy. a lot of people are coming in since we opened, the doors opening. they are all running in. a lot are looking for salt, things like that. snow blowers, shovels. we are getting ready for this big storm so -- >> because this is only the first storm of the winter season, lowe's says they have more than enough supply to meet the demand. mayor de blasio laying out the city's plan on how they will
6:31 am
morning in soho at 10:00. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. parts of new jersey are included in the blizzard watch. but along the jersey shore the concern is going to be the extreme flooding. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has more from belmar. mallory? >> reporter: lori, good morning. yes, it is. when it comes to these types of storms as we well know, preparedness is everything. here on the jersey shoreline, that means making sure the beaches are ready. you can see the sand dunes built up. a beautiful picture this morning actually. the sand dunes built up as far as the high can see. you can see crews yesterday actively preparing for the storm, building up the sand dunes taking this seriously. the hope with the sand dunes is if there is in fact coastal flooding, they would help to
6:32 am
businesses and roadways in this area. tonight in bradley beach, officials will meet to talk about safety concerns. people in the area tell us, yes, they are concerned. >> we are in a spot where we are safe from the water. a bunch of nay worst were hit so we get concerned with the high tide and the full moon. >> reporter: as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. in the video, you are seeing folks stocking up on the essentials, preparing for a weekend that will be spent at home if not far, far away. back out live, preparedness is key. high tide is expected early saturday morning, saturday evening and sunday morning. take note of the time frames and be as prepared as possible if you live in this area. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> mallory, thank you. on long island, nassau county executive ed mangano
6:33 am
preps later on. suffolk police moved humvees and heavy trucks to the precincts to help with the rescues. they expect coastal flooding and beaches will take a real pounding. utilities have a warning that the combination of wet snow and high winds could do a lot of damage to the electrical system. if you are aware from your tv, track the incoming storage at abc 7 click the weather alert to see the latest accuweather forecast alerts along with live radar of the current storm path. new this morning, the search is on for four people who robbed nearly a dozen people at a party in manhattan. police say they put on masks and went into a third floor apartment ordering 11 people to get on the ground at gunpoint. the suspects escaped through a bedroom window cell phones and cash.
6:34 am
identified the teenager stabbed to death in williamsburg. he was killed at lorimer street and montrose last night. authorities are searching for another teen who may have got in a fight with the victim before the stabbing. police have not released a description of the suspect. mayor de blasio will deliver his preliminary budget message today at city hall. a lot of it will focus on policing the city. the mayor's budget proposal will call for increased park patrol officers and expanding the shot spotter program. it uses sensors to detect gunfire. it covers 60 square miles across all five boroughs. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and let's start again with amy freeze. >> lori, ken, good thursday morning. what a beautiful sunrise we have from rutherford, new jersey, back to the city. absolutely gorgeous skies. lots of sunshine.
6:35 am
currently at 27 degrees for central park. feels-like temperature is just at 22 degrees. now, for the rest of the day and into tomorrow morning, the feels like will be in the teens and low 20s. it's the windchill factor that will make it uncomfortable at times. be ready for the cold. all eyes pointing to the storm over the weekend. national weather service put out a blizzard watch saturday into sunday at 1:00 p.m. that is areas in green. blew a winter storm watch until sunday. and coastal flood watch for southern new jersey. all coastal locations during high tide needs to be head's up this weekend. because of the storm and a full moon, the tides will be exaggerated. bundle up because the winds will be fierce making it feel colder. the latest on the headlines that you need to know, flurries could come in friday night. the snow accumulates during the day on saturday. that will be the worst of the conditions.
6:36 am
five boroughs and parts of long island. much more on the storm t. we will talk about the timing and how much snow could stack up in the accuweather forecast. >> heather o'rourke has the commute and it's cold out there but the sun at least helps, i guess. >> absolutely. much better than the snow that we are going to see. here is the cross bronx expressway. john del giorno moved to the other side of the accident so you can see the tractor trailer here. all of that delay is over here. we have the right lane squeezing by at this point. tractor trailer, there is a car in there somewhere. your delays, this is near third avenue, your delays are extensive westbound on the cross bronx. not only because of that, we will head to our maps and tell you what else is going on as you head out the door. this is where the accident is. delay continues to the george washington bridge and outbound underneath the upper level emergency construction. inbound side is okay. subways we have a couple of issues.
6:37 am
street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," if you are planning on hopping on a plane to escape the storm, think again. what some airlines are doing to make it is year for travel. >> a possible terror plot that had the nypd on alert. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
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airlines are getting ready for the potential travel mess this weekend's storm could cause up and down the east coast. several carriers including american, united, delta and southwest and jetblue are offering travel waivers and refunds for people traveling to and from the storm zone. some are waiving the fee to change the dates of your flight. if you are travel -- traveling this weekend check the airline for changes. a man is in custody after being hurt in a police-involved shooting at north 5th avenue and mount vernon. noel smith is accused of pointing a gun at a detective during the chase. an officer fired a single shot at smith hitting him in the leg. he is expected to survive and
6:40 am
the suspect at a terror plot turned himself in. detectives interviewed the man. he was identified as a possible i sis sim pay -- isis sympathizers. after speaking with the man, police determined he did not pose a threat. "good morning america" is up next. >> we are getting ready. the blizzard watch in new york. 20 states in the path of that winter storm could get up to 2 feet of snow. rob is there tracking it all. they have gridlock over two inches just overnight. they are getting ready for a big one. breaking news out of london. official report that russian president vladimir putin probably approved the poisoning murder of former kgb officers and critic. what this means for the president. and robin is in l.a. with an abc news exclusive. will smith, you see them sitting down there, he is in
6:41 am
over the oscars. he talks only to robin this morning. >> very good. packed show. thank you, george. we check forecast. >> and let's step outside with amy. >> all eyes are focused on what will happen this weekend. despite the sunshine, we will see cold temperatures and windchills in the 20s. heading out the door, feels like 22 reading the winds and temperature in central park. looks gorgeous as the sun comes up this morning. it will be a fantastic looking day. temperatures are subfreezing until 11:00 a.m. over the next several hours temperatures will rise to the mid-30s. feels like temperatures remains in the teens and 20s. it will be a cold day across the entire area. by tomorrow morning we have the feels-like temperature in the teens and low 20s then we wait for the snow to come. plenty of cold air to deal with.
6:42 am
the exact track of the system makes a difference. know that the windchills are a factor today and tomorrow t. flurries fly on friday. that's the beginning. the main snow accumulates saturday during the day. we have a blizzard watch posted by the national weather service for areas in green including the boroughs and long island. it goes into effect saturday into sunday. areas in blue, the winter storm watch, northwestern new jersey and hudson valley we are expecting less snow. serious weather conditions all day saturday across the entire area. coastal flood watch from toms river to atlantic city. that is for the east winds with the storm, the high tides coinciding with a full moon and we are expecting serious erosion and folks living in that area that typically have coastal flood issues, a big head's up. the storm is gaining strength and momentum. the exact track is what we will
6:43 am
this helps us to pinpoint not only how much snow but how serious the weather conditions will be during the storm. the winds will be fierce at times. that is a real concern. then snow so heavy that it's difficult to see for traveling. all these conditions will amount to a real significant snowstorm across the entire area. no matter how deep the snow gets, which right now we are expecting the half yeast to be south and east while lesser are expected north and west. everybody will be watching for winter weather conditions over the weekend that continue until sunday about mid-morning. the futurecast giving us significantly less snow north and west. the areas in blue. while we get more snow south and east. it includes the city. these are the numbers through the accuweather forecast. right now 6 to 12 inches. the large area in white, huge disparity. 6 inches will be significant. higher amounts are expected
6:44 am
partly cloudy skies tonight. below freezing. 24 degrees. tomorrow temperatures at 34. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the storm will mainly be on saturday. more likely after 11:00 a.m. that the heaviest snowfall happens. the fierce winds continue saturday night then sunday the storm wraps up and the storm pushing out. monday 38 with sunshine. the seven-day forecast will be updated on the hour at abc7ny. this is a good time to upload the free app to continue to stay on top of what is happening all weekend long. it's cold out here. i'm coming back inside. >> thanks, amy. over to heather for the commute. >> big problem. long island railroad ronkonkoma is suspended between ronkonkoma and farmingdale. vehicle hit east of the pylon station. customers can hop on the montague or port jefferson as an alternate.
6:45 am
westbound at third avenue you have an accident. farther west under the apartments going to the upper level you have emergency construction, two lanes closed down. minor delay inbound at the george washington bridge. lincoln 20, holland 15-minute delay. brooklyn bridge inbound disabled vehicle. verrazano lower level a disabled vehicle. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. >> thank you. get your running shoes ready. starting today you can submit an application to take part in the new york city marathon. runners with a guaranteed spot must fill out an application. a drawing in march determines who gets the other spots. the marathon will be held november 6th broadcast live on channel 7. up next, a tiger goes on the attack and a zookeeper
6:46 am
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a zookeeper at the australia zoo is recovering after being scratched by a tiger. he said it was just frustrated or chris rock would say it was being a tiger. the 41-year-old man was rushed to the hospital. the video posted on video. he will be fine. the tiger is acting like nothing happened.
6:48 am
has a day in his honor. mayor de blasio declared yesterday david bowie day in new york city. the proclamation was read at the curtain call of the final performance of lazarus. that is of off broadway production that bowie cocreated. he died last week from liver cancer at the age of 69. an accuweather alert and a blizzard watch for parts of the area. we are putting together the latest forecast on when the winter storm will arrive.
6:49 am
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l.i.r.r. service is suspended on the ronkonkoma branch in both directions. >> let's get the latest from john del giorno in newscopter 7. >> these are first live pictures from newscopter 7. we are over wyandanch. you can see an accident between a train and car. this is long island avenue at little neck road. the accident happened about 15 or 20 minutes ago. it involved a car fire as well. no word on injuries here but the roadway is closed. you can see service on the ronkonkoma branch currently stopped while police are beginning this investigation. what we are told is that the ronkonkoma branch currently
6:52 am
ronkonkoma and farmingdale. customers are encouraged to find an alternate method of transportation. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the east coast is bracing for a snowstorm on the jersey shore. the storm concerns include coastal flooding. >> eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live in belmar with more for us. >> reporter: lori, ken, good morning. the key is preparedness. you can see the dunes have been built up as the jersey shore prepares for the potential of this storm to come to this area. if you take a look at the video from yesterday, you can see crews actively working, building the dunes up, taking this very seriously. again, the idea is to prevent coastal flooding in this area. back out live, high tide cycles are expected on both saturday and sunday. if you are in this area, you do want to be prepared. live in belmar, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. let's go back to the l.i.r.r. >> let's talk about that one more time.
6:53 am
we can go to the maps. it's suspended on the ronkonkoma branch. that is between ronkonkoma and farmingdale. ken and i were talking about, that is a huge suspension. that takes you from suffolk all the way in. new jersey transit, metro north fine. george washington bridge westbound under the apartments emergency construction cleared. earlier accident at third avenue is with us. inbound george washington bridge lower level an accident. >> wow. busy day. >> busy, busy. >> thank you, heather. cold one, bundle up. temperatures in the mid-30s. feels like temperatures are in the 20s. friday we have feels like temperatures in the 20s as well. plenty of cold air as the storm approaches. what is new this morning is the blizzard watch posted saturday into sunday and there is a winter storm watch for areas north and west. facebook live after 7:00. i will do it in the back office of the accuweather section so you have questions, join us.
6:54 am
>> all the runs.
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