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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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there is 300,000 tons of rock salt and 1700 plows at the ready. we have three reports starting with meteorologist amy freeze in for bill evans today. amy? >> reporter: there is large amounts of snow for saturday into sunday. until then, cold. temperatures below freezing and we do have a windchill. the feels like is 25 degrees. we are looking at a storm developing in the gulf coast. it will pick up moisture, take its time then travel up the east coast. there is time to get ready and prepare for the storm before it gets here starting with flurries late on friday night, then heavier snowfall on thursday afternoon before finally leaving on sunday afternoon. right now not a lot is happening as far as the skies go. absolutely beautiful. enjoy the rest of the day. make sure you are bend lettered up and -- bundled up and ready to go. there is a blizzard watch in yellow. that extends to philadelphia
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boroughs, south jersey and parts of long island as well. there is a winter storm watch in effect for the areas that are in blue. so, that is just to the north and west of the blizzard watch. the reason for this blizzard watch is because of the sustained winds at 35 miles per hour for a long period of time. this area of blue will get snow but perhaps the winds won't be as fierce and conditions during the storm won't be as severe. there is a coastal flood watch and that will be during high tides that we have problems with it. coastal surf as well. lots to talk about in the full forecast in a few minutes including some particular areas or micro forecasts that we can put together to help in your neighborhoods. until then, reach out to us on social media. we will have a big forecast in a few minutes that includes the accuweather seven day. see you then, david. >> amy, thanks. a lot to track. we will turn to the snow preps in new york city. mayor de blasio gave an update on the city's plan this morning. he said among other things
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last year. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is at the city's new salt shed with more. kemberly? >> reporter: dave, speaking of the salt, this is some of the roughly 300 tons of rock salt that will coast the streets. the wheels of the well oiled tomorrow morning. at sanitation, it will be all hands on deck. >> i think people need to take this very seriously and thing. >> reporter: with the first significant storm of the season two days away, mayor de blasio and other city officials laid out their plan of attack, how and who will be working the weekend snow situation. sanitation is staffed and on board. >> there will be 2300 workers per shift, 579 salt spreaders will be predeployed friday evening and we have 303,000 tons of rock salt on hand.
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out there is unknown factors with this approaching system. still, he went ahead and issued a travel advisory urging people if they can to stay off the roads. he stopped short at this point of a travel ban. a sensitive subject. rewind to last year around this time, the storm that was expected to be a monster but fizzled out. as it approached, the mayor urged people who did have to get around to use mass transit. but then governor cuomo shut down the subway system leaving folks stranded. the mayor says this time around that will not happen. the initial impulse, something that would take extreme measures wasn't wrong. the lack of could or din face nation was a real problem and the -- coordination was a problem and should have been different. >> reporter: the mayor said information. he said the way the forecast is looking at this point he does not anticipate they will have to close the subway. in terms of new york city
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tomorrow is a go. monday at this point, the way the forecast looks over the weekend, you will be in class, kids. for now live in soho, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kemberly, thank you. from new york city we want to turn to new jersey where in addition to snow, coastal flooding could be a big issue. new jersey toni yates is live in union beach with that part of the coverage. toni. >> reporter: yes, indeed, lauren. the local leaders are saying because this storm could go either way, it could be a major nuisance or major nightmare, they of course are preparing for both. now, as you said, they got to be thinking about lots of rain and snow and flooding on top of that. public works have the salt trucks loaded. plows are attached. they have the big military vehicle that they can wade through the floodwaters if areas are flooded. and a code red alert this
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and cell phones in town. they want to give people an update on what is expected so far and be giving them reminders about what they need, the people in union beach, to do to make it easy for crews to stay on top of the storm. >> we are asking the people, please, if you do not have to drive, don't drive. if they come out with their cars and they get stuck, they are only going to hamper the emergency vehicles that need to get through. >> what about where to put the cars with the flooding? >> we are asking them if they have a driveway, put it in the driveway or garage. if you don't have one, we have what we call the bradley parking lot, the parking lot on pool avenue. they can use the parking lot. we are asking them if they have the portable baseball hoops to take them off the streets, the curb lines so the plows can get through and not worry about hitting them. >> reporter: public work crews have been busy. you can see that barricade
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it says road flooded. they got those out in the key spots around town that they know floods when a storm like this comes through. so, at this point, it's prep all the way with very little sleep for the public works crews in union beach. live in union beach, toni yates, back to you. >> thank you. at this point, new jersey governor chris christie says he will remain on the presidential campaign trail rather than return to the state as the storm approaches. >> lute low tide governor is there -- the lieutenant governor is there. ground. if i need to go back i would speculative to know. >> he was in new hampshire this morning. the governor said new jersey is prepared. he said he was on a conference call last night and everyone had their assignments. another prestorm call is scheduled for tonight. if you have any questions about the storm, meteorologist amy freeze will answer them on facebook live at 1:00 this afternoon. go to our facebook page to watch her and submit your own
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on top of the weather any time. go with our accutrack alert app. it's free to download. search wabc or google play stores. new at noon, an nypd officer whose leg was hit by a bullet during a shoot out in hospital. officer sherrod stewart has been recovering since the shooting in january on the 11th. a fragment from a bullet believed to have been fired from a fellow officer got lodged in his leg. he was injured in an exchange of gunfire. a 19-year-old suspect was shot multiple times. he was arrested and is facing charges of assaulting an officer. a long island railroad service is back on track after a train hit a car in suffolk county. service on the ronkonkoma branch was suspended twice earlier. a car became disabled on the tracks east of the pinelawn station. after the car was moved, crews had to inspect the tracks for damage. only minor injuries were reported.
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woman murdered in scarsdale. she was officially identified moments ago as robin goldman, a pediatrician in the bronx. her husband, julius reich was arrested for her death. he went before a judge last night. he is due back in court on tuesday. this killing is the first homicide in scarsdale in nearly four decades. a 28-year-old man is in custody after being hurt in a police-involved shooting in westchester county. it happened on north 5th avenue and mount vernon while officers were chasing the suspect for a nearby burglary. noel smith is accused of pointing a gun at a detective during the chase. an officer fired a single shot hitting him in the leg. he is expected to survive and is facing weapons charges. a second day of jury selection is underway in the manslaughter trial of a new york city police officer. prosecutors say peter liang killed an innocent man that didn't pose a threat and he argued with his partner four minutes before getting the
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attention. liang claims he accidentally fired the gun in a public housing development in brooklyn. the bullet ricocheted off a wall and killed gurley. stocks on wall street are rebounding after a day of triple digit losses. a live look, they are up 268 points, 16,034. the dow got a boost today from energy stocks which rose as soon as the price of crude oil stabilized. yesterday oil prices had the worst one day drop since september. coming up, what newly released e-mails reveal about the water crisis in flint. >> the break in the case of a hit and run that killed a be
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there has been an arrest involving a deadly hit and run involving a bike rider. junior hicks was driving the truck that hid reng chan ma. mayor de blasio will deliver his prime -- preliminary budget message this afternoon at city hall. a lot will focus on policing the city. the budget proposal will include increased park security, $20 million added for the hiring of over 100 park enforcement patrol officers and call for expanding the shot spotter program. it uses sensors to detect gunfire. it covers 60 square all five boroughs.
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released 274 pages of e-mails about flint and its water. today bottled water continues in flint. the corrosive water supply is eating away at lead pipes and contaminating the water. in one e-mail, an aide describes people concerned about water quality, antieverything group. another says resident were caught in a swirl of misinformation. well, after making a big splash endorsing donald trump, sarah palin is expected to hit the campaign trail. she is facing questions for missing a rally in iowa she was expected at. meanwhile, other high public republicans are following her lead. former candidate bob dole. ted cruz says he is not sure if the endorsements will help trump. >> we are seeing more and more the establishment calling out
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the reason, look, donald was candidate. on the sunday shows recently, he said seven months ago he was the establishment. >> ted is not the right guy, hasn't got the temperment. everybody dislikes him. he is a nasty guy. >> trump also took a swing at democratic candidate bernie sanders a calling him, quote, a wacko during an interview with cnn today. actor will smith weighing in over the debate on the lack of diversity at the oscars. he said during an exclusive interview on "good morning america" that he like his wife will not attend the award show. he wanted to clarify speculation that it has anything to do with him being snubbed by the oscars. he said he and his wife are boycotting the show as a way to call for change. he said the racial makeup of the academy voters makes it difficult to get a diverse pool of nominees but there is a
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>> industry reflects america. there it is a -- there is a regressive slide toward separatism, racial and religious disharmony that is not the industry, that is not the america i want to leave behind. >> smith says that he and his wife will not be attending the oscars. a first for the nfl. a woman becomes coach for the buffalo bills. her close ties to the jets. >> and why would singer john legend, perform outside of a jail. the message behind the surprising show. >> a live look outside. plenty of blue skies. but all we are talking about is the snow heading our way.
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welcome back. mild outside. not bad but it's all going to change. >> the sun makes it feel so much hotter. even when temperatures are below freezing, a little wind out there. the cold will be in place. we wait for the storm. this is the calm before the storm. >> a lot of waiting and anticipation. >> let's get you started. we are getting more and more information as time goes on and we get closer, more and more particular details. let's get busy s. first check of the current conditions in
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slightly above the freezing point. west winds 9 american. pressure is falling. high has been the 33 degrees. that is below normal. we will continue niche with temperatures in the mid- to upper-30s as well. planning the next seven hours, through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine through sunset. temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. tomorrow another cool day. we will have windchills in the teens and 20s. then the storm begins saturday. that's when it will get started. flurries late on friday. that's not part of the storm. it is during the day on saturday. snow accumulates and a lot of spots from south jersey up into the city will take time for the snow to get going. coastal flooding saturday through sunday. this is of a main concern. all of the high tides from saturday morning to saturday night into sunday morning all will be areas of concern because of the storm, because of an exaggerated tide due to a full moon and persistent onshore flow will create beach erosion, too.
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energy, down up the east coast and head in our direction. plenty of time before that happens. the storm is way down in the gulf. we have this stretch of space in which to look at the storm and gather information bit. details about it. we have time to prepare. so, this is the accutrack watch and warnings national weather service. a blizzard watch for the areas in yellow. long island is included. all five boroughs and south jersey as well. this is the area where we expect to have fierce winds, 35 miles per hour or more for three hours. we expect to have snow that creates reduced visibility because of the blowing. travel will be difficult. watch. this is saturday during the day until sunday at 10:00 a.m. a lot of different watches and warnings including the coastline with a coastal flood watch midday sunday because of the micro climates we have set up across the tri-state. there is a winter storm watch
12:20 pm
neptune. another micro climate telling you what will happen with each storm system. here is the timing. flurries, clouds ahead of this tomorrow night. saturday during the day we see the accumulations happening. we will continue to see snow falling during the day saturday and into the night on saturday and early part of sunday. looks like lesser amounts north and west. we stick with that. heavier snow south and east. areas in bright blue are the main areas of concern. we let this roll. you can see the amounts rolling in. larger accumulations for saturday afternoon. if you wake up, it's not on the ground, the snow is coming. a lot of it will be gradually making its way to the north and east as we go through saturday afternoon. here are the snowfall totals predicted by the accuweather team. as we go through the day today, refined. we are still in the 6 to 12- inch zone. the track has changed a bit since the storm last night. it will continue to do so. as that happens, we will refine
12:21 pm
don't look on there and see 12 inches and think i am getting a foot of snow. this is a zone. as we get more and more details, we can tell you are you on the high end or low end. this storm over the weekend. by monday temperatures back to 40. good news it happens over the weekend. in the second half hour, coastal impacts, tides, those types of things and the major winds. >> saturday night plans a wash pretty much. >> snow will be on the ground and trying to clean up. >> stay in. >> i got some good movies to see. >> we will be following up with
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john legend letting his music do the talking when he talks about undocumented immigrants. he played outside of an arizona jail for immigrants. after the set, the pair took a tour of the detention center. they spoke to detainees and met with immigrant families hoping to raise awareness of the bad conditions the people are kept in. a unique view of the northern and southern lights
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the astronauts got these pictures from the iss. the natural light display occurs after a burst of the sun's gas and magnetic field causes a solar wind to occur. it streams up from the sunlight and hits the earth's atmosphere. >> looks beautiful. get your running shoes ready. you can submit an application to take part in the tvs new york city -- tcs new york city marathon. the marathon will be held on november 6th. broadcast live on channel 7. applications accepted until february 21st. much more ahead in our next half hour. we will head to long island where storm crews are preparing for a lot more than just snow. also, wall street woes. the uncertainty causing
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our top story this afternoon, we are in the famous calm before the storm. the tri-state area is bracing for what could be a major snowstorm. mayor de blasio issuing a travel advisory for saturday. hundreds of sanitation workers will be working 12 hour shifts and more than 1700 snow plows will be ready to go.
12:27 pm
the snow and the possibility of coastal flooding. right now a blizzard watch is in effect for some areas until sunday. we have two reports this half hour. amy freeze will update us on the latest track. we start with kristin thorne on long island. >> reporter: we are at the dpw yard at the town of hempstead. i spoke to the town supervisor. they have the 400 trucks, all of them, ready to go. crews are working their regular hours. once this storm hits it will be all hands on deck. the town of hempstead is one of the larger towns on long island. they have about 1200 miles of road to take care of. so, that explains the 400 trucks that they are getting ready today as well as sand at the dpw yard in roosevelt. the town supervisor feels well prepared for the storm. they think they have everything
12:28 pm
now they just need the residents' help. >> be sensible. stay home saturday unless you absolutely have to travel somewhere. get your cars off town roads. try to put them in a driveway. it makes it easier for town crews to come through and plow curb to curb. obviously if the streets are lined with cars it impedes our cleared. >> reporter: so, another thing we have been telling you to look out for will be coastal flooding. the water is expected to be 1 to 3 feet higher than normal. so, people in low-lying areas both on the north shore and the south shore of lopping island should be paying attention to that, getting their homes ready. for more on that and a closer track of the storm, i will turn it over to amy freeze in the studio. amy? >> kristin, we start with what is looking outside. the storm is 48 hours away. long island has to have a
12:29 pm
for the coats stall flooding impacts -- coastal flooding impacts. the storm is still in the gulf. it has plenty of time to come northward. as it does it will wrap in the familiar northeast winds and throw the water up against the shore lines. the south jersey and jersey shore has the most impact. long i land is not out of the woods. the -- long island is not out of the woods. the other thing for long island that we are talking about is the blizzard watch 1:00 p.m. sunday. the winds will be at the worst saturday afternoon, 50 miles per hour or greater. in a few minutes in the full forecast, we will break down the different zones and talk about the watches that have been posted for these areas and we will have your snow totals map in a few minutes. i will see >> all right, amy, thanks. airlines are getting ready for the potential travel mess.
12:30 pm
impact travel up and down the east coast. if you were planning to travel this weekend, you will want to potential changes. several carriers are offering travel waivers and refunds for area. you can track the approaching snowstorm on the go with the accutrack weather alert app. download it for free in the app store or google play. developing story. stocks rebounding this hour after a roller coaster of a day yesterday. right now the dow is up 232 points. at one point yesterday the dow was down more than 500 points. stocks tumbled over a global slow down and falling oil prices. here is elizabeth her with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon if you have money in stocks these are scary times. you can't help wonder what is going on.
12:31 pm
words, china and oil. wall street opening with green and red throughout the morning, keeping investors on the edge of their seat following a dismal day yesterday. >> uncertainty is the markets worst word. >> reporter: the culprit, the tanking oil prices now $2 a barrel. the lowest in 12 years. great news for consumers with the majority. 78% of americans pay less than $2 a gallon at the pump. for the energy companies, it's a huge blow. shedding some 100,000 jobs last year and more jobs could be lost if oil prices stay this low. >> so, not knowing where the bottom is in oil, it causes a lot of angst. >> reporter: uncertainty and
12:32 pm
second largest economy is another concern. the turbulence in china is sending stocks down 10% for the year for the average retirement savings account, a loss of nearly $8,300. if you have money in stocks, your best bet is to ride it out as opposed to take it out of the market. the people who take their money out of the market when it's down or the people who lose. at the end of the day, it's about perspective. it looks bad now but we are told in the last stocks are up 40%. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7, eyewitness news. police in queens need your help finding a man accused of terrorizing a woman in her home. investigators are looking for the man seen running down the street in this video. the home invasion happened yesterday on center street in ridgewood queens. detectives say he forced a woman into her apartment at knifepoint and robbed her. she was not hurt physically. officials in newark are
12:33 pm
after a school bus dropped off a 4-year-old at the wrong school. not only was the preschooler, re'kaiya harris left outside in subfreezing temperatures at the wrong place tuesday morning but was left at the wrong school. she was picked up by a new bus company driver. it is working with her parents to figure out what went wrong. >> you left a 4-year-old to fend for themselves on a street at a whole other school. how would you feel in your 4- year-old was out there in the freezing cold. >> the preschooler was dropped off outside of north star academy middle school. her mother said security cameras captured the entire incident. workers at the school kept her safe. a former russian spy apparently poisoned. did vladimir putin authorize the killing? we have details in a new report.
12:34 pm
a british inquiry found two russian men were responsible for the death of a former kgb spy. the investigator said they were probably acting on behalf of a russian spicer vice and vladimir putin probably had final approval. he died in 2006 after the men
12:35 pm
meeting in a london hotel. in a death bed statement he blamed putin. the founder of wikileaks will face questions about sex assault in sweden. he will be presented with questions in the coming days. julian assange has been living in asylum since mid-20 12. he feels if he is extradited to sweden he will be handed over to the u.s. for publishing classified documents. a zoo keep near australia is recovering after being scratched by a tiger. he said he was just frustrated. 41-year-old man was claude by the tiger and taken to the hospital. the video he posted on twitter was posted actually by steve irwin's widow. it shows the zookeeper saying he will be okay.
12:36 pm
comedian amy schumer is defending herself against accusations that she stole jokes. one was a joke she made at the apollo similar to one made by wendy decades ago. lehman is coming to schumer's defense saying she thinks the similarity was an honest mistake. new at noon, one of the most popular shows on broadway history making its return. cats set to open in august. july. you tube. the revival of cats started in 2014 and has a hip-hop flair at this point. >> that could be interesting. nice. first for the nfl, a woman buffalo bills. she is no stranger to the pros. coming up, her close connection
12:37 pm
>> this is a wild one. this man has the bizarre ability to stick cans and bottles to the top of his head. we had to bring it to you.
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that is the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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we are back with a historic hiring in the nfl. a woman breaking through the so- called grass sealing becoming the first female full time coach. the break from a new york team. the nfl making history. the buffalo bills tweeting the news. kathryn smith is the quality control coach, the first full time female nfl coach. smith started as an intern for the new york jets in 2003 spending 12 seasons with the team and working up to an assistant to head coach rex ryan.
12:40 pm
buffalo bills sent smith well wishes saying she will do an outstanding job based on her knowledge and strong commitment. i am excited and proud for her with this opportunity. smith is the latest woman to make strides in the world of sports. last year the nfl brought the first female ref, sarah thomas, to the football field. >> put your guard up. >> reporter: the nba making big strides in 2014 when they hired becky hammond, the first female assistant coach in the league's history. >> i am incredibly grateful to the spurs organization. >> reporter: as for kathryn smith, football and female fans alike seem on board with tweets like this, love this, about time. it is about time. this isn't the first time that the bills have broken the gender barrier. they hired the first nfl female scout in 1984. a new york town is turning
12:41 pm
the town's usual spot for a skating arena closed for renovations. parks and rex workers flooded the lot with waterment as long as temperatures are below freezing, it should be ready for skaters in a couple of days. if you are planning to go to central park for the winter jam saturday, canceled because of all the -- >> oh, know. >> oh, know. >> we have real snow. >> they don't need to make it. >> the winter jam is fun. kids sledding, snowboarding, lessons, all that stuff. >> they will get to do it. >> thanks to mother nature. >> in your own backyard with this one. let's get you up to speed. the storm is saturday. here we are on thursday with a beautiful sky to enjoy. temperatures are seasonal for this time of year, mid- upper-30s expected. a biting windchill is out there. bundle up outdoors. 33 in central park. all eyes are fixated on what will happen this weekend, how it will affect your plans,
12:42 pm
that enough around it or, perhaps, stay in altogether. the next seven hours, temperatures in the mid-30s around the area and the winds will come and go out of the northwest up to 15 miles per hour. a bit of a windchill out there. bundle up. that will be the same story tomorrow. sun and clouds, chilly during the day. on the accutrack, things are calm. hardly anything showing up at all until tomorrow afternoon. clouds increase, flurries late at night, then the storms begins on saturday. the blizzard watch, you will hear a lot of people say the blizzard, blizzard. the reason for a blizzard watch is because of the sustained time, long period of time with the winds fierce as snow is coming down in the area. the amount of snow doesn't matter as much as it does the reduced visibility because of snow showers and wind at the same time. we have this blizzard watch extending out to long island as well as the five boroughs and in parts of southern new jersey as well. areas in blue under a winter storm watch. winds won't be as fierce. lower amounts in those areas.
12:43 pm
coastal flood watch from toms river to mystic island. further to atlantic city. high tides from saturday morning, saturday night into sunday morning are a real concern. also, you are out of the blizzard watch here from long branch to neptune. these are areas that will see high winds. perhaps they won't be sustained for as long a period. lots to watch for. where you live matters. right now it's along the coast, picking up mouse stir -- moisture. 8:00 p.m. friday night, this is where the storm is. it's creating flurries and increasing clouds. by saturday we will see the snowfall. heaviest will be coming down perhaps for south jersey as early as 6:00 a.m. but in the city, accumulating snow, heavier accumulating snow will be happening during the day on saturday. on saturday afternoon, bright blue in here. these are the heavier amounts of snowfall.
12:44 pm
head's up with the storm. it's not just snow falling but the wind which will blow the snow back on the roadways and reduce visibility. the rest of this day 36 degrees. tonight down to 24. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. take some time and go down the stretch for you. wondering about the timing of the storm, flurries late on friday. this is not the storm. instead, it's just now getting closer to us. 6:00 a.m. saturday, starting to make its way into new york. 6:00 p.m. saturday it will move further off. then on saturday, we have the snow and the wind combined. temperatures below freezing. this is the day to watch as well. we will see a variable -- from place to place on how severe the conditions are. as we get closer to the storm, we can tell you, fierce winds up to 50 miles per hour are a real possibility. sunday, sun breaks. this is where we put in the end of the storm and what we are expecting.
12:45 pm
a pocket central new jersey to philadelphia that could see more than that. around the area of 6 to 12 for those areas in white. lesser amounts north and west. there is the snowfall forecast. we brought up the 6-inch line -- down a little bit to 287. we are expecting less north and west. that is the emphasis in the storm system. 6 to 12 over the boroughs, long island and new jersey. that doesn't mean that everybody gets 12 inches. instead the characteristics of the storm determine how much you will get. closer. we make the maps to give you a general idea. lee goldberg is already here working on the forecast. so, we each are at our different points in the day working on the forecast, collaborate and give the forecast. we are tweeting and will give back to everybody. boots at the ready. >> if you have any questions,
12:46 pm
amy freeze is answering them live 1:00 this afternoon. go to our facebook page to watch her and submit questions there. under the category of stupid human tricks. >> jamie keaton earned the nickname can head man. he can stick just about anything to his head. how does he do it? it's not clear. he says a doctor told him his abnormally high body temperature of 100 degrees, that is weird, may be what suction cup. >> okay. >> a talent. >> i think. >> we will be back.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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hi, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. later on eyewitness news, we will have the latest on the weather. we will meet the man who holds the world's record for being the oldest barber still working. he is about to turn 105 years old. wonder what he charged when he first started, don't you? we will have that on "first @4:00." >> thanks, diana. time for the feed. remember sapphire terry, the little girl that touched the entire world with a simply request. the 8-year-old severely burned in an arson fire in 2013. she wanted christmas cards, enough to fill the christmas card tree. since then she received more than 2 million pieces of mail. volunteers sort through it all reading each one. the family set up a trust because she has received so many donations from around the world. a reason to like firefighters.
12:49 pm
facebook because of the awesome story behind it. this is one of the firefighters from riverside, california that gave him his own shoes. he spotted him having difficulty walking. when he stopped to check on him, he realized he didn't have shoes. they could barely reach him with the traffic but they took care of the homeless man and gave us another reason to say thank you to the guardian angels of engine number 6. that will do it for eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm lauren glassberg. check back at "first @4:00." have a i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin,
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