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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we begin with the weather. blizzard watches have been posted in anticipation of this weekend's storm. in new york city, the department of sanitation is ready with 300,000 tons of salt for the roads. in new jersey, some cities like passaic have begun to spread salt today. >> along the jersey shore concerns over snow are coupled with fears union beach has high water military trucks at the ready in case of coastal million dollars. snow and flooding is a concern on the shores of long island. we have several reports covering it. we begin with meteorologist lee goldberg tracking the storm. >> about 36 hours away from the first snowflakes. feels like it should be imminent. we have to wait until the predawn hours saturday, maybe late friday night over central and southern new jersey. cold air in place. lots of sunshine. no sign of a storm yet. wind is gusty. a look downtown, a lot of sunshine. we are at 34.
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are in the mid- to upper-20s. the wind is lighter in the park. it will feel brisk into the early evening hours. a blizzard watch is up for parts of the area. new york city, long island, northeastern new jersey, central and southern new jersey. a winter storm watch for the northwest suburbs. a blizzard warning to the d.c. area. that message is the same. that is where the heart and the brunt of the storm will be. farther north and west, northwest new jersey and parts of the lower hudson valley, less snow and wind. that's why you are seeing winter storm watches rather than blizzard. just because there is a blizzard watch doesn't mean totals are higher. it's just the opposite. coastal flood watches, this will be a huge story with the storm especially in ocean county, major coastal flooding a possibility. our skies are clear to partly cloudy with a couple of flurries, there is the storm east of dallas. look how it's vacuuming in the gulf moisture. there are tornado watches,
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the deal today, this storm track is shifting farther south and east, the forecast storm track is. what implications? well, that means accumulating snow does not include our entire area. it's possible parts of the catskills and midhudson valley escape the snow. the heaviest snowfall is to the south and west closer to philly and d.c. area. parts of central and southern new jersey could get into that. it's a lower impact storm to the north. so, again, in terms of arrival it will be late friday night into saturday morning. it will end laid saturday night. it does not look like this will last interest sunday morning. accumulation amounts, 6-inch storm in new york city rather than the foot. not as much evidence for a foot but not much of a jog to the north for that to happen. we have a new snowfall map that i was working on at show time. about 36 hours from the storm with the heart of the storm saturday afternoon into saturday evening.
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>> lee, thanks so much. as lee mentioned, parts of new jersey could see the biggest accumulations. late this afternoon lieutenant governor said the garden state is ready for the storm. >> the beautiful part, because we had a mild winter, nobody is complaining that they can't get enough salt. we are out salting the roads, brining the roads is what they call it. we have the trucks ready to go over the weekend. >> with more on how new jersey residents are getting ready, darla miles is in fair fooled and continues -- fairfield and continues the coverage. >> reporter: well, liz two of the biggest things that new jersey residents are concerned about is digging out and keeping power. we have been at this repair shop all day today. when we got here, this whole yard area was filled with generators and snow blowers. as you can see, they are almost all gone. >> it's nonstop. >> reporter: all home preps
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>> people are worrying about generators. making sure they are web tear rise. they didn't do it before then two days before the snow they call and want it done immediately. >> what we have here are new ones that customers have already bought and we are waiting for them to pick up. then here are a couple of the ones they probably did this morning and fixed up waiting for customers to pick them up. >> a little grease and ready to walk and roll. >> for your driveway. >> and neighbors. >> reporter: he is a remember stole prep pro. his fairfield home, he has cleared the gutters from the falling leaves next door, pulled the shovels out of the shed out back and placed them near his front door, stocked up on rock salt and ice melt. >> generator is ready to go.
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>> reporter: here is a few more tips from fema. install battery monoxide detectors. keep outside generators 20 feet from a door or vent and close off any unused room. as for window air conditioners- - >> the wind blew the cover off the air conditioner. inside i have another shield over the frame so whatever cold air might want to come in it won't come in. >> reporter: and the owner of this power and equipment company told us that a lot of people this year are ahead of the game since the winter has been so mild so far. he said lots of people got their generators and snow blowers maintained back in december and november. reporting live darla miles. >> channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. we turn to kemberly richardson in soho. new york city has 2300 workers
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>> reporter: well, dave, it is it's quiet right now. this time tomorrow this facility will be buzz wearing activity. this is where the department of salt. in new york city workers will have roughly 300,000 tons of salt to work with and another 300,000 gallons of calcium chloride. spreaders will begin laying down that mixture on city night. in terms of staffing, tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning, sanitation will have two 12 hour shifts in place with 2400 people on board each shift. plows are standing by and if needed, front loaders and melters will hit the streets. mayor de blasio voice this time around there will be better communication and coordination between the state and city. last year almost to the day in anticipation of what was supposed to be a huge storm, the mayor urged people to use mass transit. then with little notice,
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the mayor said things right now, alternate side parking, have not yet been nailed down. still, he is urging people to stay off the road. he did issue a travel advisory storm. >> take this very, very seriously. we are giving people a clear warning early. last time. giving people a couple of days to change their plans, to prepare. anyone who has the illusion that they will take big trips saturday and sunday, get that out of your mind. it's not happening. >> reporter: he is saying there will probably be, as you can expect, problems at the airports. tomorrow a lot of activity in the city. in terms of the buses, tomorrow is when crews will put the chains on the tires. d.o.t. will pretreat bridges and pedestrian walkways. in terms of the kids, if the forecast holds as lee has said, it will, at this point, the mayor says schools will -- will
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for now live in soho, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kemberly. later tonight, lee goldberg will be taking your questions on abc7ny's facebook live page. it begins at 8:45. and you can track the storm on your phone or tablet any time by downloading the accutrack weather app. search abc7ny in the app store or google play store. we are going to turn to the other news of the day. it's breaking news out of eastern harlem. an out of control s.u.v. ran over the foot of an off- duty police officer. the driver struck a laundromat pinning a woman against the wall. lauren glassberg is in east harlem with the details. >> reporter: scary afternoon. let me show you the scene behind me. this happened about 2:20 this afternoon outside the acme 2 laundromat on east 102nd street. a land rover is up against the laundromat. a woman was pinned. we think, according to
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from the gas station that is on the corner at lexington avenue, pulled out of the gas station, probably going the wrong direction and along the way rolled over the foot of an officer who was off duty. the police precinct is just down the block. we will show you video of the woman pinned, who bore the brunt of the impact of the land rover, she was pinned up against the wall. according to witnesses, she had been doing laundry in the laundromat. they had been doing laundry there just three minutes earlier, right before the impact. >> so short all you saw was the head hunched over the hood of the car. there was no movement. that's when we were crying when we saw the blanket go on. then when they hoisted her, you saw her move her head and they brought the oxygen tank and strapped her on to it. >> reporter: and the woman was taken to the hospital.
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eyewitnesses say the driver simply put his head down in his hands when he realized what had hand. witnesses -- happened. witnesses say they saw him being cuffed and taken way by police. we are waiting on confirmation for that. lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. another breaking news story. a water main break is causing problems, in weehawken. shannon sohn is over the situation in newscopter 7 with the latest. shannon? >> reporter: liz, the 24-inch water main break happened in front of the shops at lincoln harbor here in front of 120 ohare bore boulevard. what we want to show you as we bring the camera in, the water is bubbling out of the street. they have crews on the scene trying to get the upper hand but they have yet to cap the water main break. on the flip side, we can show you with skywriter 7 that storm drains are doing the job. most of the water is going in the storm drain then out into the hudson. so, it's keeping the water
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to a minimum. the other good thing, this is mostly an industrial area affected. however, new jersey transit is having to detour some of the bus routes because harbor boulevard is shut down between riverview and 19th street. this is affecting the 63, 64 and 68 runs on the new jersey transit buses. the 24-inch main broken and they have yet to cap it. reporting live over weehawken, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. a police charging a high- powered tax attorney with the murder of his wife in a multimillion dollar home in westchester county. julius reich is being held without bail. police say he stabbed his wife, dr. robin goldman at their home. she was a pediatrician in the bronx. police found her body in a shower. officers say when they arrested reich he had injuries to his hand. he is due in court on tuesday.
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line of duty is getting a hero's reception as he was released from he was applauded by his fellow officers after he was wheeled out for special surgery this morning. he held a picture of his uncle killed on 9/11. officer stewart was hit in the leg by a bullet fragment believed to have been fired by a fellow officer while they were responding to a street fight in the bronx ten days ago. we will hear from his mother at 5:00. mayor de blasio unveiling his budget plan for new york city. his preliminary spending plan totals $82 billion. that is about 3 1/2 billion more than last year. the budget adds $5.3 million for park security. the plan to step up park security was made before the reported gang rape in a playground in brooklyn earlier this month. another big issue, ambulance response time. political reporter dave evans will have more on that on "eyewitness news at 6:00."
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well, relief on wall street as stocks responded -- rebounded a bit. the closing bell rang a few minutes ago. stocks got a boost in a rise in crude oil and natural gas prices. a live look at the big board. the dow rose nearly 116 points. still finishing the day under 16,000 at 15,882. well, he was poisoned to death. he blamed russian president vladimir putin. today a judge said that is what happened to the spy. details coming up. >> a different police chase
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time for a check on traffic. we will take you live to the long island expressway in queens and pack your patience. a lot of volume in both directions. this is near 99th street. at the hudson river crossings, 5 to 10 minutes outbound at the holland tunnel. 15 to 20 minutes inbound at the lincoln tunnel. no big problems at the george washington bridge at this time. at the los angeles zoo an employee fell into the gorilla exhibit. the employee fell about 20 feet into a moat and suffered a broken leg. they had to strap the worker in a stretcher then hoist the victim up. thankfully the gorilla's were in their bedrooms at the time and the zoo was closed. british investigators say russian president vladimir
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poisoning of a former spy. putin did not comment on a new education council. alexander litvinenko died in 2006 after two russian men put poison in his tea during a meeting in a london hotel. the report says the men were probably acting on behalf of the russian spicer vice. litvinenko was a russian spy until he fled to britain in 2000. a former marine released from an iranian prison arrived home to flint, michigan. he was part of the prisoner swap deal with iran. he has been at a medical center in germany since his really over the weekend. there he is waving. he spent 4 1/2 years in an iranian prison. he was convicted of spying and sentenced to death in 2012 but then received a lesser sentence for the spying charge. >> welcome home. >> welcome home indeed. lee, this is a fairly
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making with the line shifting further south, correct? >> absolutely. it takes almost half the area out of a major storm situation. even new york city is on the cusp of that, although it's still too close to call. i don't want to take new york city completely out of the opportunity of having a foot of total better. the range 6 to 12 inches, i like the lower range. lower. then a jackpot over central and southern new jersey. just on the edge. so many times we have seen this as of late. let's look into new york harbor. we have the sunshine and a few clouds around. by tomorrow evening, that sun will be masked more by the clouds rolling in but we will be dry on the friday evening. friday evening plans just fine. that is a theme we are stressing. the high 356789 felt like 20s with the wind. the major winter storm arrives toward dawn saturday.
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over central new jersey, watch for slippery roads later friday night. this will leave the scene saturday night. that is an earlier departure. i think we wake up sunday morning and this is mostly over unless you are north and east of new york city. instead of all the way through saturday night, i think the brunt goes into the evening hours then starts to lesson after midnight. the hardest hit central and southern new jersey. snow, wind, coastal flooding a big concern. city. the higher amounts south and west of new york city. you heard about the blizzard watches. that doesn't mean higher snow totals. that just means sustained gusts to 35, heavy snow and visibility. if it lasts for more than three hours a blizzard is declared. 33 in old bridge. 34 mount pleasant. these are the areas that we highlight for the worst of the storm.
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chilly breeze out there. during the overnight. 6 to 12 miles per hour winds. tomorrow increasing clouds. temperatures in the lower 30s and the clouds thicken during the evening hours. a couple of flurries but that is not from the storm. this storm is through east texas. there is the moisture. the futurecast, how it evolves, it's coming out of the deep south. by tomorrow at this time, maybe at 5:00, you got snow breaking out in d.c. we are just dry at that point with clouds increasing. we don't have much of any wind at that point. here is where it changes. late tomorrow night snow can get to about 195 in new jersey. that is where ocean county, roads could get slick in a hurry. you know how that happens with the first initial coating of snow. the snow climbs up the jersey shore into new york city in the predawn hours. at that point nothing is happening. north of i-80, new jersey, hudson valley. now you are cooking through the day on saturday, especially in the afternoon hours with the
4:20 pm
the snow reaches up to the catskills but you have heavy snow bands over new jersey, long island, connecticut, parts of the lower hudson valley there could be mixing on the immediate coast. this is the one depiction that i think some of the snow is gone by that time. the major theme, high impact to the south. low impact to the north. new york city in the middle. here is the adjusted snowfall map. given the farther south and east storm map, i adjusted the bands to the south. so, you got a little to no snow north and west of i-287. in the lower hudson valley, inch totals. and coastal connecticut. part of the 6-inch band up to the gwb, north shore of long island. 6 inches in the five boroughs. 6 to 12-inch totals across central new jersey and the opportunity for a foot of snow
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really to the philly area and d.c. that's the amounts as of now. chilly breeze overnight, 22. tomorrow a high of 34. sunshine fades. tomorrow night snow will develop from south to north and mainly to daybreak. even late night travel over parts of monmouth and ocean could get dicey. saturday map, snow and wind. is this a miss for the northern suburbs? we will continue to watch the edge of that major snowfall to see if it gets into new york city. still around 36 hours for the first flakes. that's the adjustments bev right now -- we have right now. i think it will be a major snowstorm wind and coastal flood maker. >> one of the things, the important take away, even if the snow totals are low, you can still have a blizzard. i am more concerned about the wind, especially in new jersey where the power lines are above. you take a couple of tree limbs and that knocks it out thin out
4:22 pm
>> at the coast, 50 to 60 miles per hour winds for hours upon hours that is the equivalent of a tropical storm. >> you mentioned philly and d.c. d.c. officials announced they are shutting down rail and bus service tomorrow night through sunday. >> good call. >> that's the kind of storm they are gearing up for. at 4:30, we will head to the shores of long island for a look at how people are preparing for possible flooding. >> amy schumer fighting back against claims that she is
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actor will smith reaffirming that he and his wife will not attend the academy awards over the lack of diversity. not because he was snubbed. on "good morning america," he said he has a responsibility to fight for and protect the american ideals that make the country and hollywood great. he says that it is anything -- anything is possible with hard work and dedication no matter your race, religion or creed. >> when i look at the series of nominations of the academy, it's not reflecting that beauty. >> the actor says the racial makeup of the academy makes it difficult to get a diverse pool of mom mine that's and a systematic bias in the industry
4:25 pm
long running musical on broadway is making a comeback. >> [ singing ]. >> cats is returning. previews are scheduled for mid- july at the neil simon theater. the show will open in august. the revery valve cats started in the uk in 2014 and has a hip- hop flair. from cats to dogs. 7 new dog breeds competing at the westminster dog show. the dogs introduced at add my son square garden. some showed off a few tricks. some include: the show is february 15 and 16. >> i love that show. i can't wait to watch. still to come, a taxi driver's heroic deed. how that driver jumped into
4:26 pm
flames engulfed that cab. >> not your typical police car. a cow makes a run for it on the streets of queens. >> and we continue to track the season's first winter snowstorm heading our way. flooding on the coast and a big in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a newbeing trained. at the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right.
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and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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we begin this half hour with an accuweather alert. as we prepare for the first major snowstorm of the season, 1700 plows ready to hit the streets of new york city and 2400 workers scheduled for 12 hour shifts beginning tomorrow. >> mayor de blasio is staying put and not traveling to the mayor's conference in washington. governor christie is in new hampshire. he said new jersey is prepared and he won't return for the weekend weather unless the path changes. >> kristin thorne is in lindenhurst where flooding is a big concern. we begin with lee goldberg
4:30 pm
>> looks nice at the beach but a lot of that sand will get eroded. our view to the south is sun but in a little over 36 hours it will be snow. 34 degrees. we will be plenty cold enough for snow. there we are with lots of wind, thunderstorms developing right now. the development today, the storm track, the forecast storm track is dial farther south than east. that impacted the forecast snow totals. i will have the adjustments, where the worst of the storm is coming up in the complete >> thanks a lot. we will check back with you in a few minutes. as lee mentioned, coastal flooding is a big concern. kristin thorne is in lindenhurst with that part of the coverage. >> reporter: the snow tat taliban may be unclear. what is clear -- totals may be unclear. what is clear there will be flooding across long island. that is because of the full moon. indulge me for a second. look at this beautiful shot of
4:31 pm
when the earth, sun and moon line up, it increases the high tide and that is what we are expecting to see in low-lying areas like lindenhurst and the north show. it will be 1 to 3 feet higher than normal. snow is easier to handle in some respects than flooding which is why people who live in low-lying areas, you know, if you live in a place that floods, it's time to get your property, your home ready. we do have to worry about several inches of snow, expected several inches across long island. towns across the island getting hundreds of snow plows ready, making sure the salt supplies are good. they say some things, officials say it's hard to prepare for. >> if you are in a flood zone that typically is flooded during a weather event, expect it to be flooded during this event. until those waters reseed,
4:32 pm
is not a lot that can be done. >> reporter: but something that can be done right now, ed mangano says is clearing out storm drains. making sure any leaves and debris in them is cleared out so that dpw crews have been busy and will be busy tomorrow getting that done. live in lindenhurst, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kristin. >> you can get accuweather forecasts any time. download the accutrack weather app. it's free in the app store. we are following breaking news. the man accused of a random slashing in the east village has been taken into custody. anthony christopher smith was attacked on east sixth street saturday. he needed 150 stitches to close the wound on his face. on monday, police released photos of the suspect that they believe attacked christopher smith. the suspect is in custody this afternoon. we expect to hear from police in the next few minutes. meanwhile, a man in
4:33 pm
guilty to killing his parents. kyle naven appeared in court in bridgeport. he is accused of killing his parents jeffrey and jeanette to get their money. the couple disappeared in august. their bodies were discovered outside of a vacant home in october. navin's girlfriend is also charged in the case. not paying tolls? watch out. new yorkers are cracking down on drivers avoiding the bills. the dmv has the authority to suspend the vehicle registration of any motorist who fails to pay five tolls in a period of 18 month. the state found 35,000 cases of toll evaders in 18 months that deprived the state of more than $16 million. major shake up for the connecticut department of motor vehicles. the commissioner stepped down following various problems with a major computer system upgrade. he gave no specific reason for his resignation in a letter sent to dannel mow low's office.
4:34 pm
to lengthy wait times at dmv branches. rutgers wants to raise $100 million for expanded facilities. a video from patrick hobbs is asking for donations. a bill signed by governor christie allows rutgers to use money in tax credits to finance the construction. they joined the big ten conference and says it needs new sports facilities to be competitive. now to the latest on the water crisis in michigan. calls for the governor to resign are growing louder as newly released e-mails say much more of how the crisis occurred. elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: from a 65-year-old grandmother who uses a walker to get around and in desperate need of help. >> getting around is not an option for me. >> reporter: to this 2-year-old
4:35 pm
latest "time" magazine after his mother says he broke out into rashes from bathing in the lead contaminated water. >> trying to kill people basically. >> reporter: residents in flint, michigan, say the damage has been done. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: governor rick schneider releasing the e-mails is not the answer. >> i'm sure there are a lot of e-mails that he hasn't put forth. >> reporter: more than 200 pages of e-mails were released and it shows top state officials initial tried to pass an aide to the governor say it was the responsibility of local officials claiming critics were playing politics. the e-mail chatter begin in january of 2014 before flint switched the water source in an attempt to save money and allegedly waiting five months to warn the public, exposing thousands of residents including this 2-year-old boy and this grandmother to toxic tap water. the governor says more help is
4:36 pm
many residents say all they want is clean water. it's still unclear when that will happen. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. still to come on "eyewitness news first at 4:00," a mother's heart break. her little girl dying after getting the flu.
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dramatic video of a taxi engulfed in flames and exploding. the cab driver sprang into action and got the passenger, a woman in her 0s, safely out. this happened outside of a boss -- outside of boston. a man on a balcony captured the video. the passenger and driver are okay. fire. a grieving mother is urging parents to have their children vaccinated for the flu. piper died in washington, d.c. she showed no signs of having the flu until saturday when she collapsed. doctors discovered that her kidneys were failing.
4:39 pm
piper had never been given a flu vaccine before. >> it can be a very severe disease. >> i thought she would be here forever and do all the things that we did together. >> mom is devastated. the cdc says severe flu complications are most common in children under 2 but can be deadly at any age. good news about animal adoptions in new york city. animal cares centers, a nonprofit group that april power rates shelters across -- operates shelters across the borough said the number of animals put down went down. 15% are still euthanized. programs that mow that promote adoption are being hailed.
4:40 pm
million in grants for infrastructure improvements around the site of ge's future headquarters. that may include a helicopter landing facility and parking for corporate jets and a concierge team would help employees moving to boston. a lot of incentives on the move. nfl making history. a new york team hires the first female coach. >> and it's not exactly what you expect to see in the streets of queens. we got a cow on the loose. >> a live look outside right now. yes, we can say it. it's the calm before the storm. we will check back with meteorologist lee goldberg. he has an update on the snowstorm heading our way this weekend. >> what do you want to know about the storm in ask lee to night at 8:45. he is holding a facebook live talking directly with you about
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we have an update on breaking news we told you about. there is an arrest in the case of a random slashing in the east village. the victim, anthony christopher smith was attacked saturday. he needed 150 stitches to close the wounds on his fast. police arrested a 28-year-old man that they say is this guy. this is the second time police say he slashed a man. this man is accused of slashing a man over a cigarette in october and when we get more information on the suspect in
4:44 pm
you as soon as it comes in. well, the nypd also is busy today. yes, okay. there we go. the nypd is also busy today with not your regular old suspect. no, yep, they were chasing down -- do you see that? yeah, that is a cow. >> kidding me? >> cow was spotted in jamaica around jamaica avenue and merrick boulevard. some folks snapped photos of it. they corralled it in a parking garage. there they are. busy day at work. it's believed it escaped from the jamaica live poultry and meat market. freedom. >> snow is coming. >> you feel like he knows something. >> they know when something is not good in the air. >> i'm not sticking around here. i'm out of here. >> this guy i think i can block
4:45 pm
>> the cow is okay. probably back in the -- >> he's not okay. meanwhile -- >> yes, thanks for that moment of levity. >> you have been working so hard. that line keeps shifting back and forth. >> that's our job. it's exciting and fascinating to see how it moves. it will make a huge difference in the way people plan. if you are in the northern suburbs, you may not lose much of your weekend and southern you are hunkering down and new york city is in the middle. gusty breeze. great looking sunset at 4:59. getting later and later. 44 degrees. partly cloudy skies. wind is calm. over the next seven hours we will see temperatures drop below the freezing mark, clear to partly cloudy and wind brisk at 10 to 20 during the first part of the night. a little chilly. as we go through the day tomorrow, look for sun to fade behind the clouds.
4:46 pm
we will end the day mostly cloudy and quickly go overcast tomorrow night. fast forward to this time tomorrow. snow is moving in to the d.c. area. heavy snow through virginia. ice storm in parts of the carolinas and heavy rain along the coastline. we zip it to 10:00 at night. this is when the first flakes are getting into stafford township or toms river, close to jackson. this is interesting because the snow won't waste time moving in to monmouth and ocean and middlesex county but it could take from 10:00 to maybe 4 in the morning, six hours later as it runs into dry air and pivots offshore that we see the first snowflakes make it to new york city. i wouldn't be surprised if you see a snowflake in staten island at 4:00 in the morning if you are up and you have to wait until 7:00 in the morning. it could move that slowly. it will continue in the northern suburbs with the snow never reaching northern sullivan, ulster or dutchess county. it will be super close there. by late morning snow is stacking up. by early afternoon a couple of
4:47 pm
i think south of the area there could be more. then the height of the storm in the midafternoon hours into the first part of saturday night we could have snow bands coming in. this could throw off accumulations. you could have thunder snow and snow rates that are two inches an hour and you will stack up the most snow and the most likely would be this area here through central new jersey. then the storm pivots out. see how it weakens after midnight then pulls offshore. i think this is a little slower. by that time i think the snow has moved out. the computer models continue to blast the dc area and put us on the edge. this in particular is a few inches in the new york city area and this has 5 to 10 inches. our computer forecast is close to this. 6-inch storm in new york city. lighter to the north and heavier to the south. i am stilling a louing for snow in central and southern new jersey. maybe mixing on the immediate coast. a 6-inch storm new york city and much of long island.
4:48 pm
north and west of i-287, 1 to 3 inches or less. wind speeds are a big deal. i will get to that in the forecast. with increasing clouds tomorrow, the brunt of the storm goes into saturday. with those winds, a snapshot midday, purple there. 50, 60 miles per hour gusts. 3-foot wind surge. dangerous stuff there. letter major coastal flooding is a possibility. by sunday, we are clearing things out. temperatures are around 34. by monday, 38 degrees and we are melting things down. around 40 by the time we get to tuesday. i will continue working on the puzzle and mange sure we get it right. >> we know you will. >> thanks, lee. here is what is trending. "the new york post" managed to combine two hot topics into one front page headline. for that reason it is trending. if you haven't seen it, here it is. this weekend will be whiter than the oscars when the snowstorm hits new york city. snap. >> they have been on fire with
4:49 pm
this is a shot at the diversity controversy. well, comedian amy schumer looking to sidetrack a storm brewing around her after she was accused of stealing jokes from other comedians. she tweeted this. on my life i have never and would never steal a joke. and online video making the rounds compares her jokes to other female comics. she said she would take a poll -- polygraph test to say she didn't do it. and one of the comedians says any similarities is could incidents. >> chris hemsworth is trending. check those guns. his brother instagrammed the picture with the playful line hey, do you enlist, bro. >> is that real? >> this is lee goldberg arm right there or thor shape. yeah, that's real. finally, this isn't real, a
4:50 pm
setting the video on fire with videotapes of top stars. >> john malkovich takes a sip of the wrong drink. >> so, then i -- oh, my god. is that -- is that seltzer water. i asked for tonic. >> michael king can't open a jar. >> righty tighty. this way. >> explaining gravity. >> gravity is gal lactic relations alternating viable infrastructure yams. >> no way. >> he is fantastic. >> you can recognize him from walking dead. his impressions have some calling him the new king of impressions. the walking dead? >> did you recognize him. >> yes, completely. >> i told you. >> i had no idea that he was -- that he did that, too. he is so dark.
4:51 pm
>> the dark in the walking dead. the whole series is so, you know. >> you can check out the trend online. send us our trend ideas. >> that was fun. >> coming up next on "first @4:00." a female first. the buffalo bills make history in the nfl hiring a woman for a coaching job. 30 minutes inboun meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable
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it is a historic hire in the nfl. a woman breaking through what is being called the grass ceiling. >> the buffalo bills hiring the league's first female coach. she's got ties to the jets. sports anchor rob powers has the story. >> reporter: the nfl making
4:54 pm
the buffalo bills tweeting the revolutionary news breaking. kathryn smith is the special teams quality control coach, the first full-time female nfl coach. the new coach started as an intern for the jets back in 2003 and spent 12 seasons with the team working her way up to be an assistant to head coach rex ryan. ryan sending smith his well wishes saying kathryn smith is going to do an outstanding job based on her knowledge and strong commitment. i'm excited and proud for her with this opportunity. smith is the latest woman to make strides in the world of sports. last year the nfl breaking down boundaries by bringing the first ever female referee, sarah thomas to the field. and the nba making huge strides in 2014 when they hired becky hammond, the first female assistant coach in league history. >> i'm just incredibly grateful obviously for the spurs organization. >> reporter: as for kathryn
4:55 pm
alike all seem to be onboard. tweets overnight reading love this, and about time. >> about time indeed. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> an nypd officer accidentally shot by a fellow cop is home tonight. tonight his mother is talking only to eyewitness news. >> and an accuweather alert. new developments in the first big snowstorm of the season. how much snow will you get? really depends on where you live. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. we've been getting new updates throughout the day and adjusting the timing of the snowfall and those totals. everyone getting ready all around our area, new york city moving its sanitation crews on 12-hour shifts both to spread salt on the roadways and
4:56 pm
>> in passaic crews are already preparing the streets. >> from coastal flooding to preparing for the storm, we have several reports but we want to begin with meteorologist lee goldberg and the all important path of this storm. >> a critical adjustment to the path. we look to the south, looks gorgeous. great looking sunset. tomorrow we'll see clouds streaming in. we'll not see snow at this time. partly cloudy skies. the wind is still right now. blizzard watches are out for long island, new york city, parts of northeastern new jersey and certainly central and southern new jersey. that does not equate to higher snow totals. winter storm watches north and west. lower snow amounts. less wind. but still impact well to the north, lower impact. coastal flood issue, long island has been included in that as well as parts of new york city. then the coastal flood threat serious down the coast. that's a big element of
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