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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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east of dallas in to parts of louisiana. look at vacuuming in all that moisture off the gulf of mexico, expanding to the north, an icy edge through arkansas. that's a big tornado watch there. severe weather. very dine am -- dynamic storm getting ready. the forecast storm track has shifted off to the south and east by a little bit. what impact does it have on us? number one, accumulating snow doesn't even encompass the entire area. heart of the heaviest snow to the south and west a little bit more. we still have to be worried about big coastal flooding conditions and potential blizzard conditions. a lower impact in our northern suburbs. this will arrive toward dawn on saturday. but late tomorrow night across central and southern new jersey, so some slippery roads already in monmouth and ocean by late evening. it will leave the scene late saturday night. that's a little early. i don't think it will wait till dawn on sunday unless you're maybe over eastern connecticut or long island. the bankrupt of the
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and the hardest hit areas central and southern new jersey for sure. snow a big situation. instead of the foot in new york city, i think we're closer to 6 inches with an opportunity south and west of new york city. we'll highlight that and show you the new snowfall map in just a few minutes. >> you mentioned that coastal flooding. it is a big issue in a lot of areas. barricades are in place in many communities. toni yates is live at union beach with the preparations there. >> it is so cold out here right now, the colder it gets, the more i pull my hat down. today we're all running around in the cold trying to get things done so we don't have to run around in the cold and the snow. here in union beach they're either going to get a lot of rain or an awful lot of snow but they're preparing for whatever may come. >> that's what i'm out here doing right now, working on the snowblower, getting ready for that. >> reporter: the salt trucks are filled, the snow plows are
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are drawing out battle plans. what they worry about the most, flooding. >> we can push the snow to the side. the flooding is an issue. right now the national weather service is calling it a major flooding event. >> reporter: public works crews have set out barricades ready to block streets should the floods come and especially if they get the 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds along the coast. >> you take that and put it on top of the full moon tides that we're supposed to get on saturday and we have a problem. >> reporter: they've got the old military deuce and a half warmed up. >> i have them bringing it over here to stage out in our parking lot. so that in the event that we have to get in to the deeper water for any rescue or anything of that nature, this truck will be able to handle that. >> reporter: union beach is asking homeowners to help out. pay attention to the red alerts sent to their phones. >> we're also asking them if they have the portble basketball hoops to take them off the streets, off the curb line, so the plows can get through and
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>> reporter: same goes for vehicles and garbage cans. it's a weekend storm. >> we're asking the people to please, if you do not have to drive, don't drive. >> reporter: better just to sit it out. and i won't say it. i'll give keith here the honors. >> just stock up, get your milk and whatever you need to get for the weekend, and kick back and watch some movies. what are going to do? >> hey, i love it. [ laughter ] >> we also got late word this afternoon that some south jersey coastal towns like barnigate, their people are calling for voluntary evacuations along the shore just in case things get really bad. so do listen out for the red alerts or whatever your community is offering you toni >> staying home. that is not what governor christie is going to be doing. he says he's going to remain on the presidential return to the state. >> if circumstances warrant, lieutenant governor is there.
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handling things on the ground there. >> every member of the governor's cabinet is engaged and the governor is completely engaged. >> that was the governor speaking in new hampshire this morning. both he and the lieutenant governor participated in a pre-storm conference call last night and they'll be on another one tonight. because of the storm, mayor de blasio is canceling a trip to washington for the conference of mayors. he says he's checked in with the sanitation department and they're ready to go. the city has more than 300,000 tons of rock salt ready and nearly 1800 plows. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is getting ready. >> here are spring street it really is the calm before the storm. this time tomorrow there will be nonstop action at this salt shed but in other parts of the city, some folks are already ahead of the game. >> thank god today's been extremely busy. >> reporter: here on staten island folks are preparing
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>> rock salt, snow shovels, flashlights, batteries. >> reporter: they've learned from the past, those living here with a front row seat to the water have not, will not ever forget the extreme damage caused by superstorm sandy. this time around it's snow. >> we're bracing for the first big storm of the winter. >> reporter: mayor de blasio and other officials mapped out their strategy for dealing with the pending storm. this is some of the roughly 300,000 tons of their fingertips. in terms of the sanitation department, things really kick into high gear tomorrow. about 600 salt spreaders will hit the roads. 1650 plows will be on standby. it will be all hands on deck, two split shifts, 12 hours each, 2400 workers each shift. that's based on the current forecast. officials say if needed they are prepared to take things up a notch. >> should this storm be higher than anticipated?
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deploy over 100 front end loader plows as well as our 36 melters. >> reporter: based on initial forecasts last january, the mayor urged everyone to take mass transit. but then with very little notice governor cuomo shut down the subway system. >> the initial impulse that we were going to deal with something that might take extreme measures wasn't wrong. the lack of coordination was a real problem and obviously the decision should have been different. >> the mayor says looking ahead to saturday, at this point alternate side parking has been suspended. they're playing it by ear to make the call for monday. also at this point, bad news for kids and some adults, some parents. the mayor says if the forecast holds, if lee says what's happening is happening, new york city public schools will be open on monday. for now we're live in soho, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the mta says all scheduled work this weekend will be
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suspensions so the trains will be running. meanwhile, on long island, flooding there is also a big concern. water levels could be one to three feet higher than normal when the storm hits. sand erosion work from the fall may offer some protection. communities up and down the island are getting ready. residents are being told to clean out storm drains as well. american airlines has canceled all flights out of charlotte for friday. all flights out of philadelphia and washington, d.c. for saturday and all flights out of our area after late morning departures on saturday. if you have any questions about this snowstorm, who's got the answers? lee does. tonight at 8:45 lee will hold a facebook live where he's going to talk about the path of the storm and you can ask any questions, talk to him directly. throughout the storm keep your tv on channel 7 and check out abc7ny where we'll have our snow stream bringing you live news conferences and any other
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you can stay informed on the go with our free news and weather apps. breaking news right now. the l.i.e. where a couple accidents are causing major backups. shannon sohn is live in newscopter7 over sunnyside, queens. >> this is the first of those accidents in this sea of lights. we can show you a sky rider 7. this is a mini school bus that was involved in an accident with that tractor-trailer. a second mini school bus is there to pick up the children that were onboard the bus at at the time of the accident. this is the eastbound l.i.e. the local lanes exiting for the south sound. you can see the backup. we're going to show you the delays start to build up once again with yet a second accident less than a half a mile away. this one involving a taxi cab and a car. one person was injured in this crash. you've got the right lane blocked off there.
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just a sea of volume heading out to the island. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got breaking news we're following. an arrest in the case of a random slashing in the east village. anthony christopher-smith was attacked on east 6th street on saturday. he needed 150 stitches to close the wound on his face. police arrested a 28-year-old man. they say this is the second time that he has slashed a stranger. he's accused of slashing another man over a cigarette back in october. driver lost control of his suv running over an off duty police officer's foot and then pinning another pedestrian to a building. this happened in east harlem. the woman who was pinned is in the hospital in critical condition. this happened at 102nd street and lexington avenue. lauren glassberg in east harlem with the latest. >> this happened at about 2:20 in the afternoon at the neighborhood laundromat. the at
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the scene remains behind me that land rover still right up against the laundromat, the exact spot where a woman who was described as being in her 20s or 30s was pinned this afternoon. for those inside and those on the streets, some scary moments. >> i saw the girl was trying to escape from the car and she could not make it out and the car hit her. >> reporter: a land rover that witnesses say came from the gas station on the corner of lexington avenue and turned the wrong way on to 102nd street. before it smashed in to the woman it allegedly ran in to the foot of an off duty police officer but that woman bore the brunt of the impact and it took massive effort to extricate her. >> all you saw was her head hunched over the hood of the car. we were crying when we saw the blanket go on. once they hoisted her up, you saw her move her head. immediately they
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>> reporter: his car was hit by the land rover and he says he was almost hit as well. >> i was over there too, i was in the front door when they hit her. >> so it could have been you as well. you could have been hit too. >> yeah, thank god i survived. >> and police are saying it was an employee of this gas station on the corner of lexington and 102nd street who was driving the land rover at the time. he was asked by the station to move the land rover. it had had work done on it earlier in the day. witnesses say he put his head down in his hands when he realize what had happened. he's in police custody right now. charges are pending. you can see the precinct is literally steps away from where the laundromat is located. live in east harlem, lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. new information about a deadly fire in westchester county. it was an accident
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crew spotted the fire at a home yesterday morning. they rescued a woman from a basement apartment but were not able to reached the 29-year-old man trapped in a different basement apartment. officials are trying to determine if either basement apartment is illegal. still ahead on eyewitness news, friends mourning the death of a pediatrician. she's the victim of the first murder in scarsdale in decades. what we've learned about her husband who is accused of killing her. >> an nypd officer shot on the job goes home. we're there for the homecoming tonight. his family is talking to only eyewitness news about the other officer who shot him. >> and we're going to introduce you to the world's oldest barber. he's only almost 105
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tonight police are trying to figure out what led to a violent fight in the death of dr. robin goldman. she was a well loved pediatrician. her husband is charged with stabbing her to death in the shower of their home in the affluent community of scarsdale. cefaan kim in scarsdale with the latest. >> in this quiet upscale neighborhood this is a rare occurrence. it's been almost 40 years since a murder here. now friends and family are coming together for the couple's three children whose family is now shattered. >> an unexplainable tragedy. >> reporter: friends of dr. robin goldman having a hard time putting in to word what allegedly happened. the 58-year-old found stabbed to death in her scarsdale home yesterday.
5:15 pm
>> she didn't deserve this. a special kind person, always there if you needed her. it's beyond belief. >> reporter: loved ones poured in to her synagogue for her funeral to mourn her loss. as investigators continue to comb through the couple's home just up the street. goldman was a pediatrician. her 61-year-old husband, julius reich, a high powered new york city attorney. >> we have no domestic violence history at the house. no criminal activity. only a few calls for routine false burglary alarm. no activity at the house. >> reporter: just after 10 a.m. yesterday cops say reich called police. the couple's sprawling 6400 home in the affluent town of scarsdale. the first murder here since 1977. police aren't saying what reich said in his 911 call or where in the home cops found his wife's body. investigators are not saying how he got the bruise under his right eye but say he was taken to a hospital to be treated for a wound after being taken in to custody.
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to his hand that were treated. >> the couple was going through a divorce. reich is being held without bail at westchester county jail. police say he may face additional charges. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. just a little bit of snow caused a big mess on the roads in washington, d.c., virginia, and maryland. the combination of the light snowfall and untreated roadways led to a lot of accidents last night and this morning. commuters around the area endured gridlock and some were stuck in their cars for hours. even president obama was affected. the weather grounded his helicopter and the motorcade couldn't avoid snarled traffic. we kind of have to remind ourselves, this is the first snowfall of the season. we've got to be careful because we're just not used to it. we think we are because it's mid to late january here. we have to be careful. >> i know, and that's a great point because we stress for the
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be in the afternoon saturday. look what happens when that initial burst comes in, coats the roads and hasn't been if you don't have to travel on saturday morning, don't try to shoe horn in an errand saturday morning. it's not worth it. look outside right now, clear skies. i know that we've talked about this storm track right now and yes, it has trended farther to the south and east but we still at least expect a moderate to potentially major snowstorm in new york city. now. northwest wind at 22. brisk wind, something we advertise. this is the jackpot area especially away from the coast. there could be mixing from the coast in parts of interior monmouth and ocean county. we could still get heavy snow bands. right now our temperatures are right around freezing. we've got cold air available for this storm. increasing clouds tomorrow. not as breezy. highs in the mid 30s. couple clouds have been rolling in tonight but it's clear to partly cloudy overnight and of course there's our storm
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storm. severe weather in the south. icy edge developing here over arkansas. thunderstorms getting in to the tennessee valley. storm jumps up in to the dc area with snow returning there by this time tomorrow. we get our first snowflakes in central and southern new jersey later tomorrow evening. that's when roads start to get slick. by daybreak, we could start to see that snow stack up prior to daybreak. there could be an inch or two on the ground in monmouth and ocean county. then by mid to late morning the streets are getting snow covered new york city and takes until midday to go north of the city. we're in the peak of the storm with the strongest winds, heaviest snowfall and the snow will reach in to the hudson valley and taper off once we get 60, 70 miles north of new york city. even though this particular futurecast is still showing snow at 7 a.m., i actually think it's farther east. at that point i think we're winding down if not totally done. it's a low impact situation when we talk about our far northern suburbs, very
5:19 pm
between a moderate to major area. we've shifted our snow bands to the south. snow track is a little farther south and east but again, a small jog to the north and all of the sudden our totals are higher. the challenge right now as a forecaster is not to overcorrect. that's while i have new york city still in the 6 to 12-inch band. amounts taper off, very light snowfall amounts, still maybe plowable in a couple spots. then to the south you've got your best chance for a foot here south and west of new york city and long island should average 6-inch amounts. some of the heavier bands could exceed those totals. in terms of blizzard conditions, even though we have a watch, it's all about visibility and snow intensity over a period of time. 35-mile-per-hour winds and low visibility and that could last over three hours. all of the sudden a blizzard is declared. patchy clouds. chilly breeze over night. wind chills in the teens. tomorrow up to 34.
5:20 pm
friday evening plans are fine. going down to the garden state, watch out late night as the snow starts to move in from south to north and that snow will be moving in. we'll see if the snow is a mix for the mountains. early exit is looking more certain now. the competition is is a foot still possible? we'll address that in the next half hour. this weekend storm affecting those in need. coming up, the food shortage that's at its lowest in years and where people will notice. >> will smith opens up about had oscars controversy. what he believes the real problem is. >> a programming reminder. we invite you to watch operation
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we have more on the breaking news. a man under arrest for slashing a man's face. that suspect has been tied to another attack. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer just got out of the police news conference in lower manhattan. he has all the new details. >> manhattan detectives had made a very quick arrest in this slashing that occurred on the lower east side. they announced that arrest a short time ago here at police headquarters. you'll recall it was anthony
5:24 pm
social worker from newark. he was the victim in this unprovoked attack. he was slashed across his face. he suffered 150 stitches to close that wound. nypd officials announced this afternoon that francis salud, 28 years old, was living in an apartment on the lower east side, has been arrested and is the main suspect in this slashing. they do believe at this point it was a random attack. but they also point out, and this is very important, he had been arrested and was out on $30,000 bail following a similar slashing back in october of last year. it was at this point that you compare these two cases, that's when the detective put some old fashion police practices to work. >> she saw a wanted flier and in addition she saw this picture here. she saw he had the same physical description and it was the same type of assault.
5:25 pm
practices, very astute on the department of detective ewell. we'll have further notes from the news conference tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. reporting live a at one police plaza, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. westchester county's top prosecutor is now new york's chief judge. the new york state senate confirmed janet difiore's new role. the district attorney was voted in by -- voted in with no opposition. it's new york's highest court and it often makes case law for the state. congratulations to her. seven new dog breeds are competing at this year's west mincer dog show. the dogs were introduced at madison square garden and some showed off a few
5:26 pm
the new breeds include the french beger piccard, the water dog among others. the kennel club dog show is february 15th and 16th at madison square garden. cute dogs. a big step forward in a wounded nypd police officer's recovery. coming up on eyewitness news, the officer's happy homecoming and the people who know him best are speaking exclusively to eyewitness news. >> new at 5:00, he served his community for decades. find out why a priest in the bronx was suddenly removed from his church. >> and urban cowboys.
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sometimes, we all need a little help. today, you helped her plant a garden, and you want to be there to help her with all her tomorrows. if you're trying to quit smoking, you may need a little help. medications to help you stop smoking... including nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. now at 5:00, the countdown to a big storm. a weekend blizzard watch is in effect for
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parts of new jersey, all ahead of this first major snowstorm of the season. >> mayor de blasio issued a hazardous travel advisory ahead of the snowstorm but right now he has no plans to shut down the subways. >> on the jersey shore, drone video shows dunes that are being built in belmar to block the expected storm search. pretty cool video for that drone there. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking the approaching storm. here's here now with more. >> sad to see some of that beach get eaten away. big concern, an element with this storm. remember when we were tracking the storm over the pacific earlier in the week? it's getting closer but only over northern louisiana. a trend with the storm track, a little farther north and east. lower totals, especially to the north. this will arrive toward dawn on saturday. even late friday night south of new york city. it leaves the scene predawn hours on sunday so late saturday night. here's a little update to the brunt of the storm.
5:29 pm
strongest winds will wait till midafternoon, i think some of the accumulating storms are going. i'm going to call the brunt of the storm now midday saturday to the early evening hours. the hardest hit areas we maintain in central and southern new jersey. snow, wind, coastal flooding. around a 6-inch storm for new york city. a foot for new york city still not off the table. i'll explain an updated snow map in just a few minutes. as the storm approaches, one new york city that feeds the poor says it's running low on supplies. the soup kitchen network says the grocery bags it gives out to hundreds of families each week are a lot lighter than usual. mosbia has three locations in brooklyn and one in queens. the executive director says the gap between supply and demand is the widest it's been in four years. >> we need about 30,000 pounds of food every week just to keep
5:30 pm
we're under the 15,000 which makes it like very tight and we're trying to stretch every dollar. instead of buying tuna and salmon we're buying dry beans and brown rice. >> the director went on to say despite the shortage, volunteers are making sure everyone who comes to the soup kitchen receives some food. they had the fake snow ready to go but thanks to real snow, winter jam at central park is canceled. the announcement came today as a citywide blizzard watch continues. the parks department had been making fake snow for the event which includes sledding, snow skiing. the event will not be rescheduled. you can track the weather any time with the free accutrack weather alert app. the nypd officer who was accidentally shot in the leg by a fellow officer when they responded to a street fight in the bronx is finally out of the hospital and back home. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager tweeted out this video of officer sherrod stuart leaving
5:31 pm
she spoke exclusively with the officer's family about his return home. >> reporter: after three surgeries and nearly two weeks in the hospital, nypd officer sherrod stewart heads home wearing a smile and a boot-like cast to protect his gunshot wound. as you can see, no shortage of friends and family were around him. five brothers, three sisters, and a whole lot of friends from the 40th precinct. we spoke exclusively to the officer's mother about what lies ahead. >> has he said he twunts -- he wants to go back to work? >> oh, definitely. my son isn't going to let that stop him. >> reporter: january 9th, the officer along with many others responded to a huge street fight. five were stabbed. numerous weapons recovered from the scene. and then donna stuart got a phone call in the middle of the night. but because she has six sons and sherrod's dad is in the military, she wasn't even sure
5:32 pm
>> you have tunnel vision and you're just walking through like it's a movie or something. >> reporter: the night officer stuart was shot in the south bronx the crime scene was chaotic and immense and ballistics now shows the bullet that injured officer stuart came from another police officer's gun. >> we're a god-fearing family. we forgive. >> reporter: the family gave us this video showing officer stuart in the days after he was injured, working through rehab. >> i think other people would have caved in but he's really tough. >> the pain, it's bearable now at this point. with all the support that he's getting. >> reporter: officer stuart was wounded on his anniversary with the department but his family promising his career is far from over. in the bronx, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, a priest who served as the director of prison chaplains for the archdiocese is
5:33 pm
the archdiocese says the abuse allegations against father gorman date back 30 years. during the investigation gorman is not permitted to publically function as a priest. the archdiocese released a statement saying it immediately reported the allegations to law enforcement for investigation who have deemed the allegations to be credible, although they have not yet been substantiated. new information. a new jersey prosecutor has cleared three police officers in a deadly shooting of a man armed with a bb gun. the prosecutor found the officers were justified in using force when dealing with 21-year-old julian hoffman of brick township. the officers said he appeared to have a gun and ignored their commands. hoffman was found to have drugs and alcohol in his system. a not guilty plea for a man accused of killing his parents. police say he killed his mother and father jeffrey and janette because they threatened to cut him out of their will. their bodies were found in a vacant home in october.
5:34 pm
held on $2.5 million. two firefighters recovering tonight from injuries they suffered while battling a fire at a small church on long island. flames tore through temple pageant in southampton just before 9:00 this morning. a volunteer firefighter passing by spotted the flames and summoned help. one firefighter fell through the roof of the church. a second one slipped on ice. scary moments inside a gorilla exhibit at a popular zoo. this morning an employee fell 20 feet in to the los angeles zoo's gorilla enclosure. rescue crews pulled the employee out. thankfully the gorillas were in their pens and the zoo was closed at the time. the employee is expected to survive but he does have a broken leg. coming up on eyewitness news, one very close call. a taxi on fire. how a quick thinking driver saved the senior just in time. >> and also ahead, safety alert. the call to stop stores from selling one of the hottest toys around. and the smash hit that's no longer just a memory.
5:35 pm
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[ car honking ] >> frightening sounds of explosions as a taxi goes up in flames. a quick drinking cab driver prevents this from becoming a tragedy. he quickly helps the elderly woman in the back seat get out before flames consume the car. a man on a balcony recorded this video just after the rescue. this happened outside of boston. the driver and passengers are both okay. no word on what caused the fire. there's a call tonight for the suspension of all online sales of hoverboards following a scathing government report about their safety. the chairman of the consumer product safety commission says he's worried about fires sparked by hoverboards and the injuries suffered by people who fall off them. he's asking about whether hoverboards have the right
5:38 pm
difference of the weight of a child and an adult. >> seen enough fall and fire hazards to believe there could be core safety issues that need to be addressed. they're designed in a manner that makes them take off when people aren't ready for it. that's a hidden hazard. >> 13 hoverboards are under investigation for battery fires. amazon says it customers who bought those boards. hoverboards are illegal on new york city streets. it's making a return. >> the memory has been fading >> previews in mid-july. the neil simon theater is set for august. it's one of the most watched musicals ever. this version is expected to have a hip hop flare. >> that's kind of cool. got to check it out.
5:39 pm
hirings in all of pro sports. the buffalo bills have hired the first full-time female assistant coach. kathryn smith is the bills' special teams quality control coach. she had been apart of rex ryan's coaching staff for the last seven years. she had been administrative assistant for the jets and bills' assistant coaches. coming up on eyewitness news, diversity the a-list actor who is joining an oscars boycott. >> that's a cow on the streets of queens. how new york's finest busted this bovine. plus this. >> we're here in orange county today. i'm going to introduce you to my friend anthony right here. you can probably tell what he does for living. you won't believe how long he's been doing it and the difference he's made in this salon. >> great to see you as always. the blizzard warnings in effect. we're following this along with you, the tornado watch as well. 60 million americans in the path tonight. more than two feet possible in some places. massive flight cancellations and
5:40 pm
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a cow running loose in queens was captured this afternoon. it was spotted near the jamaica avenue and merrick boulevard intersection. they managed to corral the cow in a parking garage. >> came out here and got him and tied him right there. then the cops blocked the street and the truck came and got him. but it wasn't easy. >> you know they were going, what is this? the cow was headed for slaughter. it got
5:43 pm
can't blame it for running. >> not like it has to pick up milk for the storm. sorry. [ laughter ] >> we were talking during the break and our foot is kind of off the gas in terms of how much snow we're going to get in the city but we could still get a foot, right? >> i think that may be the perspective as you talk about a storm track that has shifted a little bit. as you go through this ebb and flow in forecasting a storm, looks like the storm track may be shoved a few miles south and east. that doesn't mean it can't come back. we have moved some bands down to the south a little bit. we have a 6-inch storm in new york city and that opportunity for a foot is not off the table. all we have to do is get bands that snowt at 2 inches an hour. that could happen saturday midday and afternoon. right now we have clear dry streets. 32 degrees. partly cloudy skies . northwest wind, 8 to 22. numbers drop below freezing.
5:44 pm
. it will feel like we're in the teens and 20s. increasing clouds. dry during the first part of the night but not late at night over southern new jersey. first snowflakes getting in to washington, d.c. by the end of the day. all types of flight delays through the midatlantic and travel delays there. this is what i'm a little concerned about late tomorrow night. yes, we're talking about most of the area waiting till daybreak saturday, but if you're talking about taking a ride on the garden state parkway, close to i-78 later tomorrow night and during the wee hours of the morning, roads can start to get slippery as the snow starts to stack up. by daybreak we may have an inch or two on the ground. maybe toms river or jackson up in to monmouth coupd as -- monmouth county as well. could be a big difference from staten island to the bronx. maybe it's 4 a.m. staten island, or 6 a.m. in the bronx. takes a while to go north and fight in some of the dry air to the north. it is going to put on the brakes as it gets to our far northern suburbs.
5:45 pm
is yes, while we talked about generally lighter amounts because the storm is farther south and east, you see these darker bands. all you need is a couple hours, one of these bands coming inland. best chance is from 287 south and east. this should start to weaken after midnight and really pull out early. you look at sunday, 10 a.m., this depiction, that could be five hours earlier where the snow showers are leaving the scene. i think that's a little snow on the futurecast. in terms of our snowfall amounts, i have the 6-inch line going through new york city. still in the 6 to 12-inch area. maybe a little bit more over parts of central long island. then you see 6 to 12 inches southwest of new york city. then the lighter amounts north and west of i-287. we could still have a 6-inch storm over the lower hudson valley. once we get north we get too far away from the storm. one thing i want to point out saturday is the big time gusty winds.
5:46 pm
miles per hour. major coastal flooding is a huge concern. still forecasting the sunshine to come out. the wind will die down in a hurry too. sunday won't be that bad of a day. monday more melting and we're around 40 on tuesday. that's where we stand with snowfall totals right now. keep looking at it. >> we'll be listening and getting ready. a new twist in the growing firestorm over a lack of diversity in the oscar nominations. will smith tells abc news he will join his wife jada pinkett smith in boycotting this year's academy awards show. >> this as the academy is planning more measures to make the awards more inclusive. lauren joins us from los angeles. >> will smith also tells abc news he was out of the country when his wife took action. he said she may have done it in part because he wanted nominated for his role in "concussion" but that she would have done the
5:47 pm
saying this is not about him. >> diversity is the american superpower. >> reporter: will smith in an abc exclusive with robin roberts responding to the oscar controversy over a lack of diversity, looking at this list of acting nominees, he says -- >> everybody is fantastic. and that's the complexity of this issue. >> reporter: smith pointing out -- >> i've been nominated twice for academy awards. and i've never lost to a white person. [ laughter ] >> reporter: losing to denzel washington in '02 and forest whittaker in '07. >> but it feels like it's going the wrong direction. >> reporter: the academy is under pressure as more stars speak out about this issue including will's wife, jada pinkett smith on facebook. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> reporter: even though he wasn't aware she was going to do
5:48 pm
his wife, and saying he'll join her in boycotting the awards. >> if we're not apart of the solution, we're apart of the problem. >> reporter: in a statement this week, the academy's president, cheryl boone isaacs, promising it's taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership. >> the new york times reports as soon as next week the academy is expected to announce new measures aiming to make oscar choices more diverse. they could include opening the acting and best picture categories to larger fields of nominees. he's been clipping, snipping, and shaving for more than 90 years. >> you'll meet the oldest barber in the record books, still cutting and orange county with no plans to set down his sheers. >> i'm liz cho. coming up at 6:00 as we track a major weekend storm heading our way, we look
5:49 pm
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a barber in orange county is by far a cut above the rest. anthony started cutting hair when calvin coolidge was in the white house. >> a long time ago. now he's the oldest working barber in the world with no plans to retire. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson shows us how they're celebrating his sheer dedication. >> reporter: every barber shop or salon is a community. but not every community has an elder statesman like anthony. >> hours don't matter. i don't get tired. i keep going. >> reporter: you're looking at the snips and clips of a barber who's been at this since the age of 12, and in just a few weeks he'll turn 105.
5:52 pm
the day of your birthday, march 2nd? how are you going to celebrate? >> come to work. [ laughter ] >> reporter: his mind and eyes still sharp. his smile still wide. his hands still steady. >> does a professional job. he's a master barber. >> his work is wonderful. he's got a heart of gold. he cares about the clientele. he cares about people. >> reporter: it's his work at fantastic cuts in new winser that gives anthony purpose and peace. amazing. it's hard to he's in better shape than i am. >> reporter: he's been recognized by the state and guinness book of world records as the world's oldest barber. anthony still works five days a week, still drives, lives alone and cuts his own hair. >> i cut it last night. how is it? >> beautiful. >> reporter: for more than 90
5:53 pm
customers, anthony has relied on his hands. as for retirement, he relies on faith. >> the only one that holds the secret is the man above. >> reporter: the styles and tools of the trade of course have all changed but anthony 's simple grace remains timeless. >> working, it keeps you young. >> reporter: rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what an inspiration. >> beautiful story. >> happy birthday, anthony. more money for ambulances and park safety. >> where's the money coming from? eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news. an arrest
5:54 pm
another attack. >> but first, bracing for the seasons. tonight the plows and salt trucks are getting ready. lee is tracking who's getting what good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. weather forecasting a delicate balance of science and nature. lee's forecast shows most of our area remains under a winter storm watch or blizzard watch. >> some work crews spreading liquid brine on the roads. that makes it easier to clear the snow later. new york city will put 2300 department workers on 12-hour shifts. they're getting 1700 snow plows ready. alternate side of the street parking has been suspended till saturday. >> darla miles is in new jersey.
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