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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 22, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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i mean that. >> reporter: or there's this skit from schumer's comedy central show about a new diet and exercise plan. >> then before you can say slap shaft they knock it out of your stupid mouth. >> reporter: compare that to kathleen madigan. >> you have enough money to pay a man to stand there and literally slap [ bleep ] out of your hand before you put it in your mouth. >> reporter: we asked but no comment from madigan's camp. liebman told us, i believe it was an honest mistake. but in the comedy world, accusations of joke-stealing are no laughing matter. >> they're very self-policing sort of community of artists. and your jokes are your krurncy. >> reporter: schumer is defending herself online and on the airwaves on the jim norton advice show podcast. >> i'm being accused of stealing jokes. and i wanted to come and talk to you about it and clear my name.
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and i never have. >> reporter: she's even vowed to take a polygraph and air the results on her show. comedy doesn't usually depend on the cliffhanger. but this one might. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> i'd tune in for the results. thank you for watching. and tune in tomorrow for gma.
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a frightening breaking news story tonight. a woman and her daughter robbed and beaten in new york city and then the mother gets shot. she's now in critical condition. police right now are at the scene trying to figure out who shot her. >> first, taking no chances and preparing for snow. the trucks and the salt all at the ready. good evening at 11:00, i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. the storm moving closer to us right now. states of emergency already declared by five governors. throughout our area communities trying hard to be prepared, crews working all night. >> we have two reports on the preparations for the snow, the flooding and the wind. we begin with the latest on the storm 's path. lee goldberg at the weather wall. >> now just 30 hours from the first flakes. severe weather and snow breaking out across the deep south. in terms of saturday morning, i want to highlight this, even though we're talking about the brunt of the storm in to the midday and evening hours, snow could be stacking up in the morning. that's a new trend and i do want to let you know it could affect
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morning. the trend toward lower totals, that trend has stopped and some places may even have to raise it a few inches. blizzard watches are up for long island, new york city and a good chunk of new jersey. winter storm watch is in the suburbs. less wind. still significant snow possible. coastal flooding a major element at this storm. 60-mile-per-hour gusts along the coast and major flooding is a possibility. while we're clear 1,000 miles off to our south and west, there's our storm. few inches of snow down to little rock, even east texas and the first signs of snow getting going in the carolinas and closing in on virginia. all this precipitation moves in to the colder air and changes over to snow. we're on the northeastern edge of a heavy snow area that will be over two feet of snow. that could get in to parts of central and southern new jersey but our northern suburbs is on the edge of the entire snow shield so it could be spared in the northern suburbs. here's what you need to know. it's going to arrive
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going to quickly leave the scene late saturday night, wee hours of the morning. the brunt from late morning to early evening saturday. hardest hit still looking like central and southern new jersey. snow, wind, coastal flooding the big things. 6 to 12 inches of snow. most of the day it's looked like 6 inches. i'll have an updated snowfall amount in accuweather in just a few minutes. more on the big storm and the prep arations in a moment, but first the breaking news. a woman's daughter pistol whipped by robbers. police trying to figure out who did this. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer with the latest. he's on the scene for us. >> let me set the scene for you. that shooting took place here at the hampton inn. this hotel is one of several here along the parkway just right across for jfk. that shooting took place up where those vans are. those are crime scene vans.
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mother and daughter were approached by two men. one of the men pistol whipped the daughter and took an undetermined amount of jewelry. then the mother tries to intervene, come to the aid of her daughter and that's when she is shot. we don't know how many shots were fired, how many times she was hit but she was shot in the torso. the two men then fled the scene. her mother has been taken to a nearby hospital. we understand she's in critical condition at this hour. we do not know if the daughter suffered any injuries. police are on the scene, dozens of police officers and investigators are here. they've set up crime scene outside the hotel collecting evidence. they're trying to find out and determine if this mother and daughter perhaps might have been targeted or whether this was a random robbery. that's where things stand. that's the latest here at south ozone park. i'm tim fleischer reporting live. more breaking news, this happening in manhattan. a man who gets out of his disabled vehicle after an accident along the fdr is struck by a car and
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crash happened in the southbound lanes near east 40th street. the victim was struck while walking in to the southbound lanes. the driver who struck them stayed at the scene. now we get back to the snowstorm. as lee just said, new jersey will get the worst of it in our area. especially with a full moon and high tide, a lot of snow, damage to a shoreline still not healed from superstorm sandy. we chose the ocean county town of toms river, that's where eyewitness reporter aj ross is. >> emergency management officials here in toms river. they're taking no chances, aggressively trying to get ahead of the storm. they're shoring up the coastline with dunes pulling out their big snow removal and rescue equipment, not to mention hundreds of first responders already on standby. >> reporter: marching out the heavy artillery, emergency management teams in toms river are gearing up for a busy weekend. the strong winds and flooding forecasted to hit the
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>> the one thing we do know is we're going to get the flooding. >> reporter: plows have been making their way down the shoreline building dunes to protect against the anticipated storm surge. as people who live nearby are being encouraged to prepare early. >> we don't really know what to we're preparing for different things. >> we have a 6-month-old daughter at home so we got formula, food, made sure we're prepared. >> these are high water rescue trucks that we did learn some things from sandy. we didn't have enough of these and had to borrow from other towns. >> reporter: voluntary evacuation will be underway for people living in a portion of the coastal region that now only has one way in and one way out due to bridge construction. >> the concern is people who stay in the area aren't going to be able to get out until the water recedes sunday or monday. >> reporter: with power outages another concern, emergency crews are preparing to work around the
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>> our primary concern is going to be power outages from the wind and most importantly is going to be moderate to major coastal flooding here. >> a lot of these coastal townships will also be utilizing social media to inform residents about warnings, changes, and closures throughout the weekend. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new york city also preparing for snow. as of now the mta has canceled all scheduled work this weekend and that includes the planned seven-train suspensions. alternate side of the street parking has been suspended for saturday, but take note, it is in effect tomorrow. mayor de blasio today urged everyone to plan ahead. >> anyone who has the illusion that they're going to be taking big trips on saturday and sunday, get that out of your mind. it's not happening. >> tomorrow night about 600 salt spreaders will hit city streets. about 1600 plows will be on standby waiting for the
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the homeless amongst us, tough enough life in winter, but in a winter snowstorm it's impossible. social workers patrolling the streets looking to get homeless people off the streets and riding along with them, eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett. >> the homeless have a choice, go to a shelter, go to a train terminal. sleeping in the streets on a night like tonight, no. that is not an option. >> reporter: they're hitting the streets long before the sanders and the road salt. teams of social workers searching parking lots and back alleys determined to get homeless new yorkers out of the cold. >> we've been out all day. >> reporter: cara oxenrider and alice barry are with breaking ground, a nonprofit homeless outreach agency. one of half a
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brooklyn and queens on frigid winter nights often in response to 311 calls. >> how many different neighborhoods will you hit on a night like tonight? >> we'll try to hit all of them where we have vulnerable clients. >> reporter: the homeless are forbidden to remain in the streets when the temperature dips below freezing. so cara and alice won't take no for an answer. >> it's unsafe. bottom line. it's unsafe. >> are you staying warm? >> reporter: their orders are to call 911 if anyone refuses to move indoors. whether it's to a shelter or a subway or train terminal. but it rarely comes to that. >> it's been our experience that if we're persistent, if we're kind, if we're respectful, that over time everyone will choose to go inside. >> let's go swipe you on the train. >> reporter: in this case they persuade a panhandler to head for the subway. >> he already has a bed. he knows how to get there. he trusts us and he was willing to let us swipe him on to the subway. >> all right. see you next week. >> reporter: but on this night,
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an indication that homeless new yorkers may be getting the message. >> bottom line is they can't stay out of this. >> no. no. >> ideally they want them in shelters, and they will provide transportation to get them there. breaking ground is contracted by the city of new york and the city is budgeting millions in the upcoming fiscal year for more permanent solutions. live tonight at penn station, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. crews are on long island ready to hit the ground running ahead of this weekend storm. trucks will pan out across long island tomorrow to brine the roads. officials say they have been preparing all week and their salt barns are at full capacity. crews are also bracing for flooding in low lying areas on the north shore and south shore. tide is expected to be one to three feet higher than normal. the storm expected to hard
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schools will be closed and government offices will close early. snow already causing problems on the roads in and around the capitol but now people there are bracing for the worst. city's mayor declaring a state of emergency ahead of the blizzard which could dump over 2 feet of snow over the area. meanwhile lee and his team updating the forecast overnight. we'll have the latest on eyewitness news beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning and throughout the storm we invite you to keep your tv on channel 7 and check out abc 7 ny, our website where we'll have our snow stream bringing you live news conferences and any other important updates. new at 11:00, a man has been charged in a random slashing attack in the east village. police say it wasn't his first attack. 28-year-old francis salud is charged with assault. police say he attacked anthony christopher smith on saturday. the victim needed 150 stitches to close the wound on his face. we spoke to one of his friends tonight. >> certainly relieved the police have made an arrest.
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been through a lot. but he's thankful to the nypd for putting in so much work to get this guy off the streets so quickly. >> police say salud has also been charged with another attack back in october. he allegedly slashed a 30-year-old man during a dispute over a cigarette. another pedestrian hit by a car on the streets of new york city. this time a woman in critical condition tonight struck by an out of control suv in manhattan. the driver losing control in east harlem, first running over the foot of an off duty new york cop and then pinning a woman up against a waterbath. not clear if he'll face any charges. new at 11:00, five people arrested including two juveniles in the mugging on staten island. the victim has no arms. carlos simon talking to eyewitness news soon after he was robbed outside a dunkin' donuts in november.
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to staten island to face charges of robbery and grand larceny. a warning to some women not to get pregnant until 2018. wait till you hear why. >> a disturbing trend. we'll tell you what tsa agents say passengers are trying to bring on planes now more than ever before. >> what happened to the driver who took to the road with his car like this. >> meteorologist lee goldberg returns with his accuweather
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a new york cop shot in the line of duty tonight is home from the hospital. three surgeries and 10 days later, officer sherrod stuart headed home wearing a boot-like cast. he was applauded by his fellow officers as he was led out of the hospital. guns in carry-on bags are
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at airports in the u.s. the tsa says it intercepted a record number of firearms last year. more than 2600 guns were found in luggage by tsa officers in 2015. that's 20% more than in 2014 and about 82% of them were loaded. in 2014 more than 2200 guns were discovered at airport security checkpoints. a bizarre story in queens. a cow on the land marked for beef steaks making a run for it. a cow videotaped hoofing about noon in the jamaica section. police managed to corner and capture the cow in a parking garage. it's believed brazen bovine escaped from the meat market. this is on 165th street. new at 11:00, an example of what not to do as the driver. police in ontario, canada pulled over an 80-year-old driver who said he was too weak to brush the snow off of his car. he got on the road with just part of his windshield clear.
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ontario provincial police tweeted out this photo with the comment "can't make this stuff up." the driver was fined $110. >> you're not supposed to do that. we've all been experimenting with the facebook live. lee did it again tonight. we're doing it right now if you're watching on facebook and on television. it's changed as you said since 6:00. and it's going to change again maybe? >> there are subtle changes here. i'm laughing at myself because i'm looking at the maps and conceivably nothing in a place, say monticello, little to nothing. and across southern new jersey there could be 20 inches. that's the range. so what to do in the middle, an incredible challenge. now we're almost within 30 hours of first flakes. we have what is clear skies out there right now. a lot of cold air in place. 27 degrees. northwest wind is definitely brisk and the high today in the mid 30s is pretty close to average. a planner for tomorrow, nice quiet tranquil day.
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will yield to clouds. mostly cloudy, cloudy but dry through the first part of tomorrow night. radar and satellite. heavy rainfall in the gulf coast but the snow is not -- is now reaching down in to parts of louisiana and higher elevations of north carolina and clouds starting to move in virginia. the storm is going to redevelop along the coast, all precipitation moves in to colder air and returns to snow. dc starts getting it during the evening commute. for your evening plans tomorrow, if you're talking about i-78, garden state parkway, 195, watch out for slippery spots late at night. closer to daybreak in to new york city, then in to the morning through the hudson valley. i think this is over doing the amount of snow that's in the hudson valley and gets more south and east with heavier amounts here. the brunt of it through early evening. i do like the way the timing is represented here because it's out of here before dawn on sunday. for instance, here's what a storm total timeline for new york city. could be a
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starts especially over staten island, brooklyn. four to eight inches during the day saturday. 2 to 4 saturday night. there's where you get your 6 to 12-inch amounts. i still have the city closer to the 6-inch amount with the door open for 12 inches. higher amounts, these could even be higher in this pink band. could be a foot and a half of snow whereas this is a very tough area to forecast, 3 to 6-inch amounts. i did put a little bit more of eastern half of westchester and fairfield in the 3 to 6 the way the storm is departing. could still get pretty hefty amounts in long island, parts of connecticut. much lighter amounts as you go north of i-84. we may miss the storm completely. mostly clear and cold at 7:15 in the morning. 23. tomorrow, 34. fading sunshine. snow develops from south to north toward daybreak. about 25 degrees should do it. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. calm day here. another thing i want to highlight saturday, the big time winds that could gust.
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that means the potential for major coastal flooding. it will wind down late saturday night. sunday clouds are breaking for sunshine and the wind is dying down. certainly not all that bad by sunday afternoon. actually a nice day. then we're in the 30s monday and even 40 with some snow we've gotten, at least some melting, though parts of central, southern new jersey it could be sticking around for quite a while. amy freeze has an important update tomorrow morning. up next, an unusual talent. how is a man able to make cans and other objects stick to his head? doctors say there's a reason. >> but first, let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who's on the show tonight. >> thanks, sade. tonight music from ben harper and the innocent criminals. my cousin sal torments customers at costco.
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in tonight's health alert, women in el salvador are now being advised to avoid getting pregnant till 2018. the unusual advice coming from public health officials. they're concerned about the mosquito-borne zika virus. it's been detected to several countries in the americas and is linked to a deadly neurological disorder in which babies are born with smaller craniums and brains. they call him the magnetic man. jamie keaton from suburban chicago has the odd and bizarre ability to stick cans and other objects to his bald head and for some reason they don't fall off. one doctor told him it's because of his abnormally high body temperature which averages about 100 degrees. really? keaton is cashing in on the curiosity by renting out his head to promote products for paying
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eyewitness news do not pay for these stories. oh, my goodness. i could not think of a better segway in to sports. really. >> that was great. should have been in sports. grab the passports. we're going to find out who's starting in next month's nba all star game. top five on each team were revealed tonight. straight ahead, we fill you in, find out if the knicks have anybody making plans for toronto. plus, the mets could be losing another
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. there were those in the beginning of the season who questioned carmelo's leadership. he's had a good season. >> so far this season he's been spectacular. leading the way. carmelo anthony has been showing off his all around game this season with the knicks. that surely helped push him in to the starting lineup for next month's nba all star game. starter for the east on valentine's day in toronto. 21 points. almost eight rebounds , four assists per game. most he's averaged in his career. making his teammates better, part of the game. anthony's ninth all star game.
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he busted pau gasol by 360 total votes. james and paul george to round out the east all stars. starting 5 from the west, curry, westbrook, kobe, durant, leonard. newly acquired yankee closure aroldis chapman will not face criminal charges after a domestic dispute. but major league baseball is also investigating. chapman could still be in trouble there. yoenis cespedes being wooed by the nationals and mets fans hold their breath. he put up big numbers in the world series run but he's a free agent. nats want him. they already took daniel murphy. mets aren't exactly out. cespedes, a popular guy this week. on ice the devils at home against the senators. final home game before the nhl all star game. 1st period, first goal ever for joseph, the 21-year-old opens the scoring
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travis zajack had a goal and three assists in the 1st period. they hang on to win 6-3. that's three in a row. rain tonight has got the schedule a little slow at the australian open. top seeds play later tonight. maria sharapova playing now. hewitt played his final singles match as a pro overnight. he's 34 and he's walking away. tennis royalty sending the best wishes as hewitt says goodbye and retires. been a rough go for rutgers basketball, beat up by purdue in a 50-point loss monday. had to take on number 9 iowa tonight. scarlet knights hanging in tonight. still trailed by 8 at the half. and cut in to that lead further in the second half, they got it down to 3 points on the mike williams shot. he scored 17 but the hawk eyes poured on. rutgers loses 90-76. now 0-7 in the big 10. finally
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