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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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are being built up in belmar to protect the community from coastal flooding. we have several reporters covering the storm beginning with meteorologist amy freeze. >> good afternoon to the both of you. as we get going feels like temperatures in the 20s. we're subfreezing on the thermometer today. here's where the stopper is right now making its way through the southeast. you can see on the north side of the storm plenty of snow. a lot of moisture on the south side. we'll continue to see that moving in our direction. a blizzard warning is in effect. we're expecting it to start in the city between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so snow will gradually make its way closer to us. we're already seeing the clouds from the storm overhead. we'll continue to see this movement over the delmarva it looks like by this afternoon's commute d.c. will already have snow falling. we're expecting it overnight
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accumulation by daybreak just south of the city moving towards the boroughs. four to eight inches during the day, an additional two to four saturday night. that's where we're getting that six to 12 range. lower amounts north in the hudson valley. we are expecting more than a foot in some parts of jersey. we will show you those snow total maps. blizzard warning until noon sunday. winter storm warning in effect until sunday afternoon. and the coastal flood warning. this will have a big impact on south facing shores of long island and the jersey shore. we'll talk about what's expected there. we'll also break down the latest not only on timing but what we're expecting as far as snowfall amounts in and around the area. those details are straight ahead. we're also reaching out on social media. david. >> amy, remember you can track the storm on the go with our accutrack app.
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search abc7ny. as amy mentioned, coastal flood doing be a major issue along the jersey shore. it is sandbags to hold back the water. new jersey reporter toni yates is reporting that a voluntary evacuation is in place. >> reporter: the mayor here of manaskwan has announced that people who live in low lying areas should evacuate. up and down the coast shore towns are preparing for the symptoms, combined with that saturday high tide that could cause all that flooding and beach erosion. in belmar they're building up the dunes for added protection. we want to show you video now of flooding during another storm. the low lying areas can get very inundated. mayor ed donovan spoke to us
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>> please get your cars off the streets because of the snow, potential for blizzard conditions and because of the high tides, in an abundance of caution we're asking for a voluntary evacuation of low lying areas. people can check the website. we will make announcements about the area that we're asking for voluntary evacuations, not mandatory, but voluntary. we're expecting high water saturday night and then sunday morning at both high tides. >> reporter: they're also asking people to not drive around once this storm hits, whether you're in the low lying areas or higher areas to not drive at all because they're going to have emergency crews okay. for those people who do heed the voluntary evacuations the township has an agreement with churches in the area to provide
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we will of course continue to track these storm prep as the coastal towns get ready for the storm. it live in manasquan, toni yates. governor christie is reconsidering his strategy. yesterday he said he would not cancel his out of state campaign plans. now he has said he hasn't made a final decision on if he would return home. >> if i feel like it's necessary for me to get down there, i will, but i'm not driving a plow truck, okay. we have all of our people ready to go. we've been through hurricane sandy. >> mayor de blasio said it is wrong for christie to remaine new hampshire. he said christie needs to see what is happening firsthand. >> the mayor also says that new york city will be ready. the city has issued a travel advisory and is asking everyone to stay off the streets.
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>> reporter: well, good afternoon, diana. up until now, let's be honest, we've had a mild winter but that is about to change drastically in the next 24 hours. that's why today city officials are letting residents know that they are ready for the storm and this first real battle with old man winter. the waters here in sheepshead bay are calm right now. a cold sunny friday about to give way to a harsh snowy weekend. >> everyone is already in ready mode. personnel are coming in. they know they're going to be doing long shifts. we're going to have plenty of people to handle this. >> reporter: cities further south will take the brunt but officials in our area are bracing for several inches of snow and perhaps more dangerously, high winds that could cause major coastal flooding. >> a lot of the major areas that bore the brunt of sandy have been reinforced with sand dunes and other measures to protect those communities permanently. and we have temporary measures
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>> reporter: this morning officials showed off an array of equipment to battle high water including trucks, rafts, even an air boat and jet ski. >> based upon what we've seen in the past and what conditions that we could actually experience, we now have offices in the precincts that are capable of deploying this type of equipment and performing those rescue operations. >> reporter: the coastal areas, as always, are vulnerable in storms and the lessons from superstorm sandy are still fresh. >> areas that we actually experienced flooding in, specifically with sandy, that we know we have the most problems with, with regard to people that were in distress. >> reporter: meantime city officials are preparing their usual show storm arsenal. about 300,000 tons of rock salt, 1800 plows and 600 salt spreaders ready to hit the streets for the storm and for the big cleanup.
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city goes into effect in less than 24 hours at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. at 4:00 a.m. is when that blizzard warning kicks in. we do expect mass transit to run as normally as possible tomorrow and officials do believe schools will be open come monday. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. mayor de blasio will update us on the preparations. that's going to begin at 1:30 this afternoon. we will carte live on channel 7 and of course at abc7ny. on long island utility crews trimming trees in advance of the snow hoping to reduce outages from fallen limbs. reporter stacey sager is inhicksville with much -- is in hicksville with much more. >> reporter: obviously the big concern is power outages, especially if we get these strong winds that are being predicted for tomorrow. we just spoke with the folks
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they say they have a full fleet of crews. that's about 1,000 field personnel ready to go for tomorrow. now, already today there were crews out and about on long island's north shore especially which is more prone to power outages because of all the trees. pseg tells us because of programs like this one, that sin creasing the distance between power lines and tree branches, they've been able to reduce outages by as much as 60%. now, as for tomorrow's storm, they urge customers to remember two things. safety and patience. >> know the information that they need to know in terms of how to report an outage which is the 800 number. stay in touch with us through social media. we have an enhanced social media team with twitter and facebook. but also know that during a storm like this, there could be outages. so have a little patience with us. we want to get all of our customers restored as quickly
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>> reporter: and they make the point that obviously they can put their crew members up in those buckets if there are winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. so that's why they're urging customers to be patient. once again the phone number to call if you have a power outage, that emergency phone number, 1-800-490-0075. 1-800-490-0075. eyewitness news. this wide ranging storm means thousands of canceled flights across the country. more than 400 flights have been canceled in the u.s. all major airlines issued waivers allowing passengers to reback on to earlier or later flights. of course, the bulk of today's cancellations were down in charlotte and raleigh, north carolina, while tomorrow's cancellations center on philly and new york.
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dump two feet of snow over washington, d.c., enough to shut down the city. moments ago the federal government closed its offices. it started at noon. the area's subway system will shut down late today and remain closed through sunday. hospitals in the nation's capital getting ready for whatever the storm brings this way. that includes putting emergency plans in place for workers to shelter in place tonight and tomorrow. a lot going on so stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of this storm. and again we will bring you mayor de blasio's news conference live. it's expected to begin at 1:30. >> stay home, watch us on the air. we're going to be on the air nonstop. stay home and relax. still ahead, we've got the other news of the day, including a mother robbed and then shot outside of a hotel with her daughter in the car. we're live with the search for the gunman. plus, the real police arrest a man who flashed a police badge and pulled over a driver.
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manasquan,. back on eyewitness news at noon as we keep tracking this storm, the first snowfall will be overnight in new jersey, then in new york city we'll start seeing flakes early in the morning. amy freeze will continue to track the storm as it heads our way. a close call for a driver in clifton, new jersey. take a look. the car rolling over on clifton avenue this morning. what is even more frightening, a fire hydrant ended up going right through the roof of the vehicle.
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hit by the hydrant. however, we don't know the extent of the driver's injuries but they tell us the driver did survive. we'll update you with any new information as soon as we get it. new at noon, a man has been arrested for impersonating a police officer in montauk. police arrested 52-year-old peter brazil. police say he tried to pull over another driver by flashing a gold badge. a hit-and-run in brooklyn left a teenager in critical condition. a 15-year-old boy hit near broadway and marcy street in williamsburg at around 9:00 last night. eyewitnesses say a red minivan hit the pedestrian, then fled the scene. the young man was taken to bellevue hospital in critical condition. >> right now we're learning more about the u.s. student arrested in north korea. north korea says the man was arrested for a hostile act.
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virginia student of entering a tourist. he was on the dean's list. still ahead, a scare on the look at this. video of a toddler running down a busy highway. how a sheriff says this is a remainder for everyone out there. >> and a pilot arrested for flying while drunk. how did he end up getting busted? another look outside. a little bit gray but not too bad. but that's about to i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl.
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we can file this day under looks can be deceiving. >> the calm before the storm. the sunshine giving way to the clouds. that's the leading edge, the first sign. the blizzard warning is in effect. when people hear that word blizzard, they're thinking monster snow. really it has a lot more to do with the winds and the visibility and the danger of the storm. so that's why we're emphasizing less travel is a better decision for tomorrow. 28 degrees, below freezing in central park. north winds 7 to 17 miles per hour. pressure on the rise. as we get into this evening, not only do we have clouds in place as a signal of the storm,
12:18 pm
up and we will start to see flurries late tonight, and by snow. overnight. we finish tab. here is what you need to know about the winter storm. accumulations in new jersey starting by midnight, new york city accumulations 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. waking up tomorrow, following the symptoms, we'll already have some on the ground for parts of the area. the blizzard time period is 11:00 a.m. what. that means is winds sustained at 35 miles per hour, low visibilities for a period of the afternoon, then we also will have very strong wind gusts, up to 50 miles per hour in the city, 65 at the coastline. the biggest impact is central and southern new jersey but erosion a major concern. these will be the highest tides we've seen since superstorm sandy so another test of the jersey shoreline.
12:19 pm
already the storm reports, little rock, arkansas, seven inches produced from this storm. that's the most that they've had in 20 years, just crushing a record. look how fast things are moving through richmond, virginia, and the clouds and the snow approaching the d.c. area for the afternoon commute. that's one of the reasons that we sped things up. we were thinking maybe we would wait until the sun came up to see the snow but it's coming in quite quickly. so we go from clouds increasing to flakes flying. accumulations for south jersey after midnight. by 7:00 a.m. we will have had snow falling by about an hour or two. 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., these bright dark blues showing up between noon and 4:00 p.m., these dark circles, it will be heavy bands where we could see snowfall rates up to two inches per hour, then a lot of blowing snow. that could disrupt some of the
12:20 pm
but everything clears out early sunday. the futurecast winds also show around the same time, between noon and 6:00 p.m., how the winds pick up 50, even sit, perhaps 65-mile-per-hour winds. that's what's going to create the coastal flooding impact. the snowfall flooding forecast. sullivan, ulster, and dutchess just as a precaution. three to six inches takes us from new york back to northwest new jersey along 95. then six inches to a foot areas in white. in and around the city we may have a range just in the boroughs from what we see in staten island to what we sib manhattan. parts of connecticut will get that backlash of the snow. so it actually comes in a couple of pieces of accumulation. first the early part of the storm, then a heavier hit in the afternoon, then it's all out of here by sunday morning. we'll see quick exit. very cold afternoon on sunday.
12:21 pm
temperatures in the upper so the accuweather seven-day is available at abc7ny. if you have any questions to the storm we want to help you. in the second half-hour we'll talk more about the coastal impact. meteorologist lee goldberg is already in the house. >> thanks amy. still ahead, bad behavior on camera. a woman attacks an uber driver. off. and adele breaks a new record what. her hit song the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it.
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caught on camera, a frightening reminder for all drivers to remain alert especially when you see this video involving a toddler on the highway. officers released this dash cam video that was taken earlier this month. a deputy spotted a two-year-old boy running down the middle of a busy highway. investigators say the parents were nearby frantically searching for the child but traffic was zinc by. the sheriff says the video serves as a warning.
12:25 pm
dozens of protesters stormed parliament in eastern europe. the protesters were demanding early election and were met by riot police. protesters are angry about falling living standards in the impooer in the impoveri shed country. adele hasbrouck a record with views. still ahead, a mother shot outside a hotel. plus, a pilot under arrest accused of flying while drunk. and as we wait for the storm
12:26 pm
our top story this afternoon, the top story just about everyone's talking about, that impending snowstorm that's expected to bring high tides, coastal flooding.
12:27 pm
the jersey shore, manasquan expecting voluntary evacuations. in new york city the nypd is showing off some of its new equipment this morning. a snow alert in the city begins at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. >> on long island, pseg trimming trees to try and avoid power outages, the storm expected to bring high winds and that could knock out power. >> we have two reports on the weather. we start with meteorologist amy freeze with an update on what's headed our way. avenue. >> everything is on course so we've got cold air in place. feels like 22 outside. that's a combination of the thermometer reading and also the wind so bundle up if you've got errands or something else to do to get ready for the storm. below freezing across the board in the boroughs. with. the storm itself is developing as expected, and it's even sped up a little. so we expect accumulating snow by midnight tonight in new
12:28 pm
so we could see flurries by late tonight into the early morning hours. that means it's going sticking. then new york city, 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., snow has been falling. it's on the ground by 7:00 a.m. in a lot of locations we're starting the storm already. the blizzard conditions, that big wind and the reduced visibility, that's 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. so the highest impact will be central and southern new jersey. at the coast we've got winds gusting to 65 miles per hour. the storm itself just racing up through washington, d.c. and headed towards the delmarva. we will continue to see the progression into the early morning hours. snow on the ground already by between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. that will start the accumulation. by noon to 3:00, 4:00 that will be the worst of the blizzard- like conditions.
12:29 pm
visibility and dangerous travel. then after that into the evening hours we'll still see accumulations. right now our snowfall forecast pretty much on target. we were able to extend a little bit up in sullivan, ulster, and dutchess county but we are still expecting a very sharp and dramatic cut-off of where the storm will be affecting one area, then not affecting another. three to six through northwest new jersey. that includes parts of new york city and coastal connecticut. then six inches to 12 inches through central new jersey out to long island. then there's this area in pink, monmouth, middlesex county, ocean county. these are places we could see up to a foot of snowfall. i'll have much more detail on the timing ahead in a few minutes. >> thank you, amy. as we get ready for the storm, other parts of the east
12:30 pm
22 states are on alert. it's already dropped snow as far south as tennessee. >> that storm system even spawning what weather watches may have been tornadoes last night. abc with more on the wild weather. >> reporter: that's right, in washington, d.c. here, we're expecting to get the brunt of it. unlike new york there isn't the same experience or infrastructure. we're seeing the city starting to clear out. no one wants to be caught unprepared. 70 million americans today in the path of extreme weather. six states of emergency already declared. the nation's capital bracing for power outages, roof collapses, and worse. >> we see that as a major storm. it has life-and-death implications. >> reporter: washington today beginning to lockdown, drivers asked to stay off the roads. the d.c. metro transportation system will be closed.
12:31 pm
where you're going to be throughout this storm. >> reporter: up to 30 inches of snow predicted here with 50 miles per hour winds and store shelves reflect the concern. outside of washington, philadelphia's airport canceling all flights in the new york area around 1700 snow plows are at the ready. >> we have 303,000 tons of rock salt on hand. >> reporter: extreme conditions facing coastal communities. the delaware and jersey beaches, this will be the greatest test since hurricane sandy. this satellite image captured the mon store storm. cars sliding off the roads in arkansas. tornado in mississippi taking down trees. as the countdown to a potentially historic blizzard is now just hours away. and according to flight aware, already more than 6,000 flights have been canceled. we're talking about 200,000 passengers affected.
12:32 pm
traveling should check with your airline. you don't want to be stuck there. live in washington, channel 7 eyewitness news. back to you, diana. >> if you missed any of our forecast on eyewitness news, you can watch what our weather team is tracking on our free accutrack weather alert j. a mother remains in a hospital after she was shot outside a hotel. police say she was shot outside the hampton inn in south ozone park. the daughter, police say, was also pistol-whipped. darla miles has the very latest. >> reporter: well, david, we have seen detectives return here to the hampton inn this morning to continue this ainvestigation. eyewitness news has learned the victim is an english as a second language teacher from baltimore. she and her daughter were only staying here overnight and planned to take an early
12:33 pm
where she planned to teach english. we've learned this entire incident from beginning to end was caught on surveillance video. that video shows a volkswagen jetta pull up at the hampton inn in south ozone park, queens, around 8:30. we're told the video shows the mother jumping out of the car, going interest the hotel, presumably to check in. during that time, police say the suspect, wearing a ski mask, hopped interest the driver's side of her car. that is when the 20-year-old daughter was pistol whipped, then the mother comes out while this is in progress. she attempts to defend her daughter, gets into a struggle with the suspect and is shot in the chest. that suspect takes off in that jetta on north conduit avenue. now, at this point we are told
12:34 pm
incidents that follow this robbery pattern so the nypd is looking to see if all of these incidents are connected. at the same time officials are investigating. a woman was robbed yesterday in sheepshead bay. officers received a description over their smartphones before it was september over department radios. we have new insight on superstorm sandy aid for new jersey and how a weak application got the state only a fraction of the money it requested.
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we have an accutrack alert for you. as you know, we are about to get pummeled by a big snowstorm. this is the first one of the season. you can see on the map it is going to hit all along the east coast. we've got a snow alert in new york city that's going to be starting at about 3:00 a.m. of course we'll be covering all of this as the storm hits. we're learning now that it turns out new jersey missed out on millions of dollars in superstorm sandy aid. the garden state received only
12:38 pm
million that it had requested. the nation's housing and urban development secretary blames it on the state's weak application process. by the way, new york city was awarded $176 million. an oklahoma city police officer has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for rape and other crimes. he was convicted last month on four first-degree rape counts and 14 other charges. prosecutors say he targeted black women while on patrol in a low-income community. his lawyers say he will appeal his conviction. a former alaska airlines pilot facing federal charges for allegedly flying commercial flights while under the influence of alcohol. 60-year-old david was arrested at his home accused of piloting two flights in june 2014 while intoxicated. they say he flew from san diego to portland, oregon and back
12:39 pm
random drug and alcohol test. prosecutors say both tests performed show he had blood alcohol concentration of .134 and .142. the nypd spent $40 for a kid with a beard and the move saved his life. this is the kid. >> oh, i see where you're going. you love goats. >> oh, i do. >> the goat was caught running around. the animal was headed for slaughter, but officers with the 103rd precinct paid the slaughterhouse $40 to keep the goat. the previously elusive kid is now living at an animal sanctuary. >> it's a happy goat. this is a not so happy story.
12:40 pm
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cameras catch an uber driver attacked. this time by a doctor in miami. abc has the story. >> reporter: papers flying. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: barking and berating. this time the woman zion a confrontation with an uber driver identified as a fourth- year neurology resident. >> call 911? oh yeah. >> reporter: when she jumped into an uber that wasn't hers, the customer started recording the encounter. >> i'm a five foot girl that weighs 100 pounds. i'm getting really belligerent. >> reporter: he then threw her down. he began tossing items from the
12:42 pm
>> you lost your mind. >> i have lost my mind. >> reporter: before walking away, the driver, speaking to local station wtvj. >> she was erratic, screaming, cursing, calling me names. >> reporter: this isn't the first time an uber driver has been attacked. n october this video surfaced of a former taco bell executive attacking his driver from behind. as for this woman, she did not respond to our request for comment. police telling abc news there was no incident report, nor was she arrested. however, her employer, jackson health system, released a statement saying she's been placed on administrative leave, adding they have launched an administrative investigation to determine whether any action will be taking. >> that story disturbing enough that our producer said i'm going to find something to follow that story that's going
12:43 pm
i think that was the feel good. >> which is what this story. we're going to meet a man what is going to make you think twice the next time you complain about shoveling snow. >> iraq war veteran justin anderson has and for him he says it's no big daily to get into his specially rigged wheelchair and plow his sidewalk. there's nothing he can't do. he's not only doing it for himself, he's taking care of other people. he doesn't have any obstacles. he gets it done. >> love it. >> didn't i tell you that was a good way to forget that other story? >> yeah, but she did lose a career probably. she's in trouble. a lot of us are going to be doing the snow removal. i don't know if we'll have a rig like that, but we're all going to be doing that deed. >> we should caution people to be careful because this is the
12:44 pm
if you haven't been lifting heavy snow, you do need to be careful. >> this is a storm that has such intense wind that you may want to be careful deciding to go out in the storm. when you get a 50 miles per hour wind that's affecting trees, power lines. and down the should, 65-mile- per-hour winds. so trying to clean up might be a complicating factor. 28 degrees in central park. plenty of cold air in the area. the storm makes its way in our direction for the rest of this afternoon. we're staying below freezing. winds turning out of the north- northeast. we see a few clouds. blizzard warnings for areas in orange. that includes long island, all five boroughs. we also have the winter storm warning for areas in pink. further to the north less snow, less of the blizzard conditions that we're expecting. then we also have the coastal
12:45 pm
effect as the high tides come in. that's until sunday. we really have to watch the early high tides on saturday and saturday night. snow does begin in south jersey. accumulations are expected by dawn. we'll have snow on the ground by the time the sun comes up. quarter mile visibility, dangerous driving conditions, blowing snow during that time period, and that will be afternoon until 9:00. then coastal flooding, plus the full moon, plus the storm. so that spells a lot of trouble. folks what live down the shore, and you've been through nor'easters, a reminder, this is the first tide that's been as high -- or it's the highest tide that we've seen since superstorm sandy. so something you haven't seen since superstorm sandy came through. a comma shape on the radar. look at the timing.
12:46 pm
already it's approaching d.c. and the delmarva. by the time we get into the commute they've got snow. by 6:00 a.m. show becomes spread across the area so waking up with accumulations, then snow throughout the day tomorrow. it looks like the most intense bands are going to come in midafternoon. noon to 8:00 p.m. you should be ready. everything clears out sunday morning. sunshine greeting us by the end of sunday. on the snowfall forecast here, the lesser amounts are up in the hudson valley. northwest new jersey. just north of new york interest the suburbs, the storm wraps around. that's probably where we'll get the heavier totals, near bridge port. white. for the boroughs, we could have some boroughs getting the higher end of this range, then
12:47 pm
of the range. 8 to 10 inches for long island seems realistic. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. over the weekend we've got the store. monday not as cold, 38, more melting tuesday and wednesday. just worthy of a mention here, the winds that we're expecting on saturday will be gusting above 50 miles per hour, but they will be sustained for a long period of time also, and that's a problem. when you have a wind for a lengthy amount of time, that's going to blow around a lot of snow. sort of makes the totals seems less important and more importantly avoiding the conditions and staying off the roads. another big heads-up to the coastal locations. know your high tides, be aware, check in with your neighbors. the coastline was forever changed with sandy. so you think you know your
12:48 pm
sort of a different scenario. >> thank you. we've just gotten word, governor christie in new hampshire. he's wrapping up a town hall but he is going to be returning home. he's put it out on his twitter account that he is going to be back in the state of new jersey. so literally we just got word in and we wanted to share that. >> he writes, i want to make sure the people of my state feel safe and secure. we'll stay on top of that. here's a look at what's coming up next on "the chew." >> i've got a recipe for a delicious fondue, and carla is
12:49 pm
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moving into the d.c. area imminently. so it will be there for the commute, then south jersey will dawn and then accumulations by the time you wake up in the city. everything les course. we have all the maps available at abc7ny. >> can you look at this thing? it's a big, big storm. >> a lot of moisture. >> we've got the mayor speaking at about 1:30 this fill us in on all the storm preps that are being done here in new york city. >> throughout the day when we're updated by any of the local leaders, check abc7ny. we'll be back here on
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