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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and we'll have the answers in a minute. the governor, mayor, urging drivers, stay off the roads, but if you must travel tomorrow, the mta says subways and buses will be running. today, chains were put on bus tires in jersey, and dunes built up in belmar where coastal flooding is a concern. evacuation orders already in place in some communities. >> and this right there, that is a live look from washington, d.c. where you can see you can't see that much going on because it's snowing. the nation's capitol could see its biggest snowfall in the century. further south, charlotte now covered by a blanket of snow, and there are flight cancellations up and down the east coast. >> we have several reports from across the tremendous state area -- tristate area. our coverage begins with lee goldberg. it's almost go time. we have been waiting all week
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and sort of a snow sky meeting the ceilings, lower, more about secured. let's -- obscured. plenty of cold air in place. look at the last two time periods on the planner. after 10:00, all belts are off, and the flurries can start to fall and get steadier overnight. our blizzard warning is from 4:00 a.m. to noon on sunday. 7:00 a.m. on sunday in long island. that's extra buffer on the backside. the worst will be through about 7:00 saturday evening. now, you have winter storm warnings in the nearby northwest suburb. still a substantial storm, a little less snow, and a little less wind. winter weather advisory in suffolk county, that's new, and winter weather advisory. look, even at the late stage, it's a wash in orange and putnam. coastal flooding is a huge concern with this, with winds that could gust over 60 and big
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there's our storm right now, 7 inches parts of arkansas, a foot of snow, and kentucky nearly a foot of snow, and north carolina 9 inches, and throwing the energy to the coast in charleston, that's going to come up the coast, not hitting the ground, it's very dry close to home, and we're not expecting snowflakes in new york city after ten. i think this evening, south and west in new jersey. snow arrives around midnight in new york city. main even a little bit before. we could have a few inches by dawn. already roads are snow recovered and dangerous. the brunt is 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening, so just in the heart of the day. snow ends by midnight sunday. the worst up to 7:00. close to a foot in new york city and long island, i can see higher amounts. and here's the final snowfall map leading up to the storm. again, a look at central new jersey, 12 to 18 locally 20. some of those higher amounts
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brooklyn, queens, and touching manhattan and parts of long island get big totals out of this. look to the north, more of a moderate storm, we have a lot to talk about. so many elements o. storm, timing for your neighborhood -- elements of the storm. timing for your neighborhood. we'll have it all. mayor de blasio has declared a winter weather engineer starting at 8:00 -- emergency starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning. it does not mean there's a travel ban but the mayor is urge drivers to stay off city streets and announced that any vehicles blocking snowplows or emergency vehicles will be towed. much more on how the city is preparing. eyewitness news reporter david evans is in downtown brooklyn continuing our coverage. >> reporter: the tone seems to have changed somewhat about how the city is responding to the storm. earlier this week they didn't seem concerned.
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all hands on deck. at sanitation garages, chains are going on for what could be a bigger snow operation than city officials once expected. this afternoon, the mayor issued a winter weather emergency, translation, avoid driving in the city this weekend. >> unless it is urgent, stay off the roads. it's as simple as that. make your plans now to not be on the streets of this city tomorrow, and i would say sunday likely as well. >> reporter: the higher snow totals also have sanitation considering an operation called pile and haul. snow would be moved to large snow fields and then melted if it's bad enough. >> i really don't know yet. it would be based on a 12 to operation. should the storm shift and we get closer to 6 to 12, we might not have to do that. >> reporter: city officials shut down. they are prepping equipment including chains on buses to
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police and fire are getting boats and high axel trucks ready for possible flooding. they know where it's likely, in places like garrison beach. >> areas that we actually experience flooding, prior to sandy, but particularly with sandy, we know we had the most problems with with regard to people that were in distress. >> reporter: yesterday, city hall didn't seem terribly worried about the storm, but today, officials did seem concerned, the mayor saying the national weather service changed its predictions and so the city is responding. the expectation right now between 12 inches and 18 inches. you have seen that number go up in the course of today so we're predicting 12 inches to 18 inches in new york city. >> also of course this weekend, all sanitation recycling activities, that is san selled -- canceled. new york city public schools are canceled. one other note, earlier today the mayor was critical about new jersey governor chris christie campaigning in new hampshire for president today
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was going on. governor christie has returned to new jersey, and today the mayor was asked about that, and he said it's good that local leaders need to be at their post and what could be a very bad storm. we'll see you later on, for now report live in downtown brooklyn, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. governor cuomo echoing the mayor's concerns in telling new yorkers to stay home. state officials spent the day getting equipment and personnel in place. >> in all of these situations, one of the greatest burdens becomes stranded vehicles or stuck vehicles from people who were on the roads. and it's not just that you endanger yourself, you endanger the emergency personnel who have to go out and help you. >> the governor says 200 department of transportation trucks are heading into the area, and 600 national guard members are ready for deployment. all state agencies are deploying marine equipment to
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damage in the past. now to our crews on the shore, flooding is a major concern with the storm. there are mandatory evacuations in parts of barn -- new jersey reporter toni yates is in manasquan this afternoon continuing our coverage. >> reporter: manasquan has its emergency alert system on and running in its low lying areas like this along the water that are prone to flooding that they are asking a lot of people to voluntarily evacuate. >> a flood warning is issued, minor or coastal flooding is expected within 12 hours. >> reporter: it's a continuous loop for emergency information for people in manasquan where they are calling for voluntary evacuations in low lying areas. >> we're expecting high water saturday night and sunday morning at both high tide. >> reporter: the oem tweeted
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voluntary evacuation flood zone and like most shore communities, sand has been pushed higher for added protection along the coast. >> we are asking people now to make plans and get out of town and get their cars off the street, anybody that lives in low lying areas, get their vehicles off the town. we're making available the burro parking lots. >> and homeowners are preparing for the onslaught of snow also expected. >> what happened to last year's shovel? >> i don't know it's just gone. i think it's in the yard somewhere. >> reporter: the local hardware store is stocked and busy. >> we have plenty of ice melt. we've got batteries, flashlights, sleds, snow throwers left, what people want. >> reporter: the major concern is potential flooding, evacuation of low lying areas is voluntary but strongly suggest suggested. >> due to blizzard conditions and coastal flooding. >> reporter: now, it is obvious that a lot of people have
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the garages and sheds. in fact, there's a generator on the porch across from where we are. mark at the hardware store says the only thing he has run out of are gas cans. much more coverage coming up at 5:00. we are live in manasquan, toni yates channel 7 eyewitness news. governor christie announced this afternoon he's had a change of heart and decided he will stop campaigning in new hampshire and return to the garden state to coordinate storm preparations. >> i want to make sure the people in my state feel safe and secure. i'm going to go back this afternoon, and then i will try to come back on sunday. >> with more on the storm concerns in new jersey, eyewitness news reporter, 7 on your -- eyewitness news reporter, sephon kim is is. >> reporter: 400 homes destroyed by sandy, and
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what will happen this weekend. dpw crews are keeping a close eye on this area. at the dpw site in wood bridge, 1200 pounds of salt, 80 trucks and plows, and a hundred workers at the ready to clear roads this weekend. forecasters say this storm will pack a punch bringing high winds along with the snow, and that will cause problems. >> the wind is going to cause a lot of white out. the snow is going to drift. my guys are going to have a hard time determining where the road ends and where the curb is. >> reporter: also ready to go, woodchippers and tree cutters. officials say there are still so many trees standing that were damaged by sandy, and ready now to come down. they expect in the fall with the weight of the snow, and that can cause power outages. that's something you don't need to tell residents living along the wood bridge river. it's the first place to flood around here, preparing for a power outage because the entire
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>> the last storm, the water came right up the street just about a month ago. >> reporter: up and down the block, empty lots where homes used to stand, and houses raised up high. rocky gallico says the reminder is nature is in charge, and he's at her mercy. >> i'm thinking the worst possible scenario, since the sandy storm, i have a new generator, and i have it at a higher elevation. >> reporter: now, back here live, you're looking at the badge of the wood bridge river here. as for the dpw crews, they started spraying the brine yesterday. they have 15,000-gallons of it, and expect to use all of it. officials say they expect to have plowable snow by 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. we'll have much more in storm preps coming up on eyewitness news at 5:30. report live in wood bridge channel 7 eyewitness news. a nassau county executive is urging residents to stay off the roads so plows can do their
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tomorrow. the country has more than 200 employees, the county, rather. and a hundred plows at the ready to get the snow out of the way. he added the storm drains have been cleared. mangano says the county is prepared as best as it can be for the storm. >> this season, we have not had many storms, so we have 28,000 tons of road salt and 3600 tons of road sand. we have the supplies necessary. we have the employees necessary. we have the assets necessary to fight. >> a nonemergency hot line will be open starting at 8:00 in nassau county, and warming centers will also be available. we have just learned that united airlines has canceled all of its flights out of newark airport on saturday because of concerns over the snow. meanwhile, the storm already causing problems at airport runways. at chicago's airport, international airport, earlier
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slid off the runway and into the snow covers grass there. the boeing 737 was arriving from san francisco, 179 passengers, 6 crew members on board. luckily none of them were injured. you can track the snow in your area at any time with our accu track alert app. it's free to download. search channel 7 eyewitness ab -- search abc7. eyewitness news begins at 6:00 a.m. and we'll keep you posted all day on air and online, and on our social media pages. coming up next on eyewitness news first at four, we are heading to washington where it's already snowing and snowing heavily. and a close call for a driver, a rollover crash and then a hydrant ends up going through the windshield. the fallout for a driver ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day.
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. it's 4:15. let's check the commute home on this friday before the storm. stop-and-go traffic on the eastbound long island expressway near queens. this is near the entrance of the bqe. hudson river crossings, 20 minutes delays outbound at the holland tunnel, 10 minutes inbound at the lincoln and no issues at the george washington bridge. another check at the airports. again, united airlines has canceled all of its flights out of newark airport on saturday because of concerns over the snow, and there are also flight consolations at la guardia and kennedy, and a reminder. alternate side parking rules are suspended because of the snowstorm but you still need to feed the meters. as we mentioned earlier, philly and washington, d.c. still expected to bear the brunt of this dangerous storm. airlines have canceled all flights to and from philadelphia's airport tomorrow because of the potential
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channel 7 eyewitness news'. >> reporter: that's exactly right. you can see the snow behind me. we're managing to stay warm. it's going to continue all night. we'll see how long that actually lasts. if r me, i'll be shivering out here -- for me, i'll be shivering out here. 30million people under a blizzard warning. the biggest danger tonight through tomorrow evening. that's when authorities are most concerned about potentially life threatening conditions. 30 inches of snow has been predicted with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. newscast going to bring massive snow drifts and whiteout conditions. you know, this storm has already blanketed the south in powder and ice. in louisville kentucky, the mayor announcing the city has opened five hills for sledding and in north carolina, the panthers are snow panthers, preparing for the nfc championship game still scheduled for sunday. it hasn't been all fun. the storm has claimed two lives in traffic accidents in north
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biggest threats. that's why everyone has been cautioned to stay at home. looking at lines of airports across the nation, the air is no better than the roads. more than 6000 flights canceled. we're talking about 200,000 passengers who have been displaced. but david, if it is any consolation to you and everybody listening at home, summer is exactly 150 days away. report live from washington, lonna zach channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks for the reminder. >> i think it's a glass half full thing. >> winter woke up. >> seriously. and you're talking tropical storm like conditions for parts of our area, too. >> especially along the jersey shore, and along coast, not just a minor one, which is 39 miles per hour. this is a strong one, maybe some hurricane force gusts near 72 miles an hour. so that is dangerous stuff. that's damaging. that's a serious storm, and coastal flooding with shore inundation is a possibility.
4:19 pm
low tide, but i think it's going to be very bad during the day tomorrow. this afternoon and evening as we gear up for the storm and see it marching up the coast and snow starting in cities like washington and philadelphia. we have our cloudy skies over new york city. we are at 29. the air is still very dry. so you may get a little nervous about the radar. wait a second, is it going to start right now? no, the snow will fall through the atmosphere for a while, moisten things up and then it will start to reach the ground. northeasterly wind around 7 miles per hour. the pressure of course is falling. this will drop like a rock, 30 degrees the high number. it's a cold day. we have cold air in place. along the coast where the numbers can get in the low 30s during this storm. they will probably be more of a heavy wet snow consistency, that will knock accumulations down a little bit. a lot of snow at the coast. i don't think we're talking about a heavy wet snow for new york city, and certainly not north and we've got enough cold air. not that it's dry and fluffy
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it's not the heaviest. cloudy skies this evening. snow will start getting go at 10:00. probably light know, and it might be like turning over an engine. it looks like it's getting steady, lighter, and then finally after midnight gets going. heavy snow by the morning hours, and the peak of the middle of the day, i want to point the attention to the winds. 20 miles per hour by midnight. gusting to 55 in new york city by the middle of the day. there's our storm. it hasn't taken full shape off the carolina coast. you've got a foot of snow here, up to the north in parts of virginia and kentucky. again, the flurries are trying to get into new jersey right now, but not reaching the ground just yet. i think by 8:00 in parts or a freehold, you're trying to see light snow. watch with your travel on the garden state parkway, and 195. could get slippery tonight. then ten to midnight, into new york city, fights for a while, but then gets going, and now by daybreak, we have heavier snow band. this is actually in the wee
4:21 pm
as the snow gets going. daybreak, that aligns with where our heaviest snow totals are, and some snow is going to get into the hudson valley, not a big intensity, and not for a long, long time. it will start to pivot offshore. i think it's moving out of the area at that point, and leaving us. the higher amounts south of new york city. 4 to 8 during the day. 1 to 3 in the evening hours. that puts you around a foot in new york city. 12 to 18 inches monmouth, ocean county. even some of this could get in parts of new york city. long island is closer to a foot. maybe the south shore is a little bit more. northwest of 287, 3 to 6-inch amounts. a few inches by dawn and tomorrow it's a blizzard: heavy snow and wind, coastal flooding, 29 degrees. stay in and watch it out the window. snow tapers and blowing and
4:22 pm
we scratched the surface with the wind. we see it's low, if moderate arounded coastline. we'll show you how high the gusts are and when the storm peak ins in the middle of the day. >> all of this happening in a full moon. >> yes, that's why, instead of a 1 to 2-foot surge, it's going to be 3 to 4 on the jersey shore. >> and mayor de blasio was saying they have 200 arborists on hand for the branches and trees that may come down on power lines and to get everything cleared away as quickly as possible. >> thanks lee. coming up next, a big change announced to promote more diversity at the oscars. we'll tell you about. and we'll tell you what you should always have in your car during a winter storm. and new information on, remember that cow spotted running on the streets of
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there's new video in the search for a gunman who shot a tourist. police are looking for a white volkswagen jetta. it followed the victim into the parking lot in the hampton inn as a 53-year-old mother went into the holt, a masked suspect jumped out of the jetta, pistol whipped and robbed her 20-year- old daughter. the father got into a struggle with the suspect, shot her in the shoulder and fled with another suspect. mother is in stable condition. police think this robbery may be linked to four other recent robberies. funeral services were held for a columbia university student killed on a medical mission in central america. services were held for abigail flanagan this morning at our lady of the sacred heart church in topan. she was killed along with two other students as her bus crashed as it headed to the airport on their flight home from honduras, earlier this month.
4:26 pm
the arrest of an american student in north korea. north korea claims that auto warmbier was arrested for a hostile act accusing the student of entering under the guise of a tourist while plotting to destroy it. he was on the university of virginia's dean list. his family lives in ohio. . back here in our area, remember that cow caught on camera running away from a slaughter house in queens? well, it has been rescued. the cow escaped from the jamaica archer poultry and meat market yesterday. we showed you this video. it was captured in a partnering garage in jamaica yesterday. the cow is at an animal sanctuary in new jersey. it's going to spend two weeks in quarantine there. after wards it will be free to roam on 230 acres with 18 other really friendly cows. >> that escape worked out well for that cow. the academy of motion picture arts and science is taking action, hoping to
4:27 pm
the oscars. it is now pledging to double the number of female and minority members by 2020. the organization also says it is working to immediately diversify its leadership and add new seats to its board of governors. this of course followings the backlash over this nominees and some celebrities calling for a boycott of the awards after an all white slate of nominated actors for the second year in a row. coming up next, we want to continue our coverage of the storms. we want to show you how people in west chester county are now gearing up. this is now how you expect a doctor to behave. when we come look at health care through our eyes and you'll see healthcare differently too.
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we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at . now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. a blizzard warning in effect for parts of the area ahead of tomorrow's storm. this afternoon, mayor de blasio declared a winter weather emergency. he's asking people to stay off the roads unless it is imperative. any vehicle blocking plows will get towed. along the jersey shore, folks there are preparing for a potential flooding medication. there are voluntary evacuations in place -- flooding mess. there are voluntary evacuations in place.
4:31 pm
falling in washington, d.c. we have several reports on the blizzard. we're going to begin with meteorologist lee goldberg in lee. >> the storm definitely coming up the coast at this point. we're not going to be able to avoid this one. there are questions with snowfall amounts. we're in line for a big snowstorm. taking the bus a good idea. 29 degrees right now, our temperature very chilly out. there's our storm. big snow already getting into dc, closing in on philly. we'll start to see it overspread the area by midnight in new york city. blizzard warnings go into effect around 4:00 in the morning. the worst will be fromin the morning until 7:00 in the evening. the snow arrives at midnight. central new jersey, coming in at 7:00, 8:00 this evening. the blunt, the worst of the storm, 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. the snow ends late saturday
4:32 pm
york city and long island. 12 to 18 inches, locally 20 across parts of interior new jersey, and some of the higher amounts can extend in staten island, brooklyn, queens, and northern new jersey, under a good 6 to 12-inch storm, and north and west of i-287. 3 to 6 inches, parts of northern, rockland, north of i- very different depending on where you are. we'll get into the winds. we'll tell you when they'll peak during the storm coming up in little bit. david, back to you. west chester county officials say they are prepared for the storm. as we have mentioned, coastal flooding is a concern as well. >> marcus solis is continuing his coverage. marcus. >> it certainly isn't as fierce as the thing ocean but the long island sound, rise -- the atlantic ocean, but the mild sound, rising, and at greatest risk of flooding.
4:33 pm
mixed bag as you're hearing so in other parts of the county, they're getting ready for some snow. >> if you wanted to see a parade of people armed with shovels, stand outside the home depot in hawthorne. >> what happened to last year's shovel. >> the old shovel is a little beat up. time for a new shovel. >> think you're going to have to use it much? >> maybe. 1 to 4, 4 to 8. who knows. >> reporter: the first storm o. season has sent people scrambling. plenty of amount being sold too. some -- salt being sold too. >> this is all that was left, a couple stragglers and everyone's in there fighting over it, and there's people calcium chloride. >> reporter: no shortage at shed. 1300 tons on hand to treat county owned roads. a county executive says the fact the storm will hit on a weekend makes is easier for
4:34 pm
>> use common sense. if you don't have to be out tomorrow, and the snow is starting to accumulate, don't on the road. >> reporter: the county will activate the emergency operation center. back here, no mandatory evacuations with this storm. they don't think it's going to affect as many people. we'll have much more on that coming up in another live report at 5:30. knack, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. while connecticut may not be hit as hard as its neighbors to the south, the state is not taking this storm lightly. >> this is a serious storm. probably the less serious, at least on its current trajectory than it will be in a place like washington. but people should use common sense. they should make sure that that there's nothing in their yards that can blow around. >> as a result, the governor says more than 600 plow trucks will be on connecticut road, along with 200 private
4:35 pm
don't forget, you can stay on top of the storm with our accu track alert app. it's free to download. search abc7ny in the apple app or google play stores. we're going to turn to the other news of the day, and the nypd touting its new cell phone alert technology, and how it proved crucial in catching a young thief armed with a loaded handgun in brooklyn. police in sheepshead bay, with the newly issued phones yesterday. >> i was able to respond immediately within two to three minutes and locate our perpetrator that fit the exact displaying. we basically saw the actual perpetrator walking out of the train station. >> police say they also found teenager. a man from long island arraigned today, charged with impersonating a police officer. 52-year-old peter brazil was
4:36 pm
driver called 911 from wanta avenue yesterday. the driver says brazil yelled at him to pull over while flashing a gold badge. the man is now charged with a criminal impersonation. turns out new jersey missed out on millions of dollars in superstorm sandy aid. the state received only $15 million out of the $326 million that it had requested. the nation's housing and urban developed secretary blames it on the state's weak application. by the way, new york city was awarded $176 million. still to come, an eyewitness news first at four, caught on camera. a doctor accused of attacking an uber driver.
4:37 pm
you're looking at live pictures of our accu track radar. you can see the storm over washington, towards philadelphia and north towards our area: tomorrow may not be the best day to head another movies, on sunday you may have chance to catch a flick. humans versus aliens in the 5 5th wave. sandy kenyon joins us now to tell us if it's worth it. sandy. >> here's my two word review, don't bother. maybe that's three.
4:38 pm
watching movies at home because the new films dumped into theaters in january are among the worst of the year, and the fifth wave is certainly no exception. >> i didn't know it then, but that was the last normal day of my life. >> an alien invasion from the perspective of a teenager could have been great. her thoughts, her fears fighting waves of attacks from aliens who are called the others but look just like us. >> and because the others look like us, we can't trust anyone. >> chloe grace moritz looks the part, but she can't quite carry an entire movie, and the two guys she meets are no match for her charisma, though i'm told they do qualify as hotties. >> it's okay. you're safe here. >> no, all right, we're not safe anywhere anymore.
4:39 pm
give actors and crew employment, and to allow gifted actors to work many more worthwhile films like spotlight for a fraction of the hefty fee they demand for drek like this. >> this is it, the fifth wave. >> it started? >> yeah. >> great dialogue, right, but hey, the fifth wave will take care of a lot of bills for a lot of people, including me, by the way, yes, i earn my salary in part by watches this movie, which is good because it sure felt like work. now, teen and preteen girls who want to hang out this weekend, will probably ignore me, and go to see the fifth wave anyway, especially since it's based on a very popular novel for young adults, but be warned, i'm told the best parts of the book didn't even make it into the movie. >> what?
4:40 pm
>> or not movie, dregs like this, to quote you. >> glad i get paid to watch this stuff. >> there's some good and some bad in there. we have a frightening reminder of why drivers need to be alert. a toddler wandering the streets. where were his parents. and a live look outside as we await the winter storm. kind of gray, very cold out there. meteorologist lee goldberg is going to update us on the
4:41 pm
start to i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters,
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and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in every neighborhood -- succeed. . a doctor caught on camera, attacking an uber car driver has been placed on administrative leave from her job.
4:43 pm
been identified as angali ramkesan, a 4th year neurology resident in miami. the confrontation began when she jumped into an uber that wasn't hers. the customer who did order the car filmed what happened next. >> almost 5-foot girl that weighs a hundred pounds. i'm getting really like belligerent right now. >> she was erratic, screaming, cursing, calling me names. >> and then that happened. police say no incident report was filed, and the doctor was not arrested. the hospital where she works says it is now conducting an internal investigation. it's going to determine if disciplinary actions should be taken including termination. a lot of drivers have had bad days recently and there's this example, a valet in massachusetts was tasked with parking a jeep but instead drove it through the wall of a condo complex, and right into an indoor pool. the valet told police, a rug got trapped under one of the pedals and he lost control.
4:44 pm
of the pool on his own. however, he did suffer minor injuries as a result. and then there's this shocking sight that was caught on camera. a toddler wandering down a busy highway all alone. the dash cam video from a deputies patrol car in oregon shows a 2-year-old boy running down the middle of the road late at night. and here's the thing, investigators say the parents were frantically searching for the child nearby. >> it was learned the family was cleaning up after a gathering at a nearby community center when the child in the flash of a second slipped out an open door, and straight out into the highway. >> that's all it took. the sheriff's departments to show this video as a reminder to always remain alert behind the wheel. they pick up the child, holding in the arms o. deputy. >> and you -- of the deputy. >> and you see that trucker flying by.
4:45 pm
for new york city for one second. we heard mayor de blasio, focusing on the higher numbers. >> we're around a foot in the city. prepare for the worst, hope for the best. there was an official during the press earn, listen, 6 to 12. if we find out there's a jog to the south at 6 to 12, we're in the wiggle room. i'll show you on a map in the totals, only a 40-mile difference between a foot and a half and four inches. >> not much. >> we're now set in our forecast. a round in the city. i'll show you where we could get over a foot. let's go outside right now. we have cloudy skies, as we await our first flakes that should arrive sometime after 10:00, 11:00 in new york city. when the visibility is this good, and you don't see the ceiling, you know snow is imminent because the air is just dry right now. we're going to watch that ceiling drop during the night. we're at 29. a northwest wind around 7:00
4:46 pm
nice job by the computer model showing snow showers that start to fall around 10:00 or 11:00. the heaviest snow during the day tomorrow, first thing in the morning, could have a couple inches on the ground. gusts to 45 45 miles an hour. blizzard conditions through the morning and part of the afternoon, 55 miles per hour winds. look at the snow starting to wind down a little bit by 8:00. want to focus again on the 12:00 time period. this is future cast showing all the shading. you see that purple. that's 50 to 60 miles per hour. there it is in ocean county, and these numbers are sustained winds. i mean they're happening pretty consistently, so 40 miles an hour consistently. you're talking about some damage with these winds, some power outages, significant winds to the north and west, but not damaging. then as we go through the evening hours, we still have gusty winds. now they're starting to be confined to the coast. there are gusts in new york city around 30 miles per hour, and a big dropoff by the time we get to dawn on sunday. high tide times, the first high
4:47 pm
about, early saturday morning. from a window from about 6:00 in the morning to 10:30 in the morning. we are day, and fire up for saturday evening. again on sunday morning we're concerned. snowflakes into monmouth and ocean county. slippery roads on i-78 during the evening hours. snow getting into new york city before midnight. steadier snow and coating the ground in parts of central and southern new jersey. daybreak, heavier snows in new york city and the coast. snow in the hudson valley, connecticut, northern new jersey, reaching into the entire area midday. lighter amounts in the suburbs, we're in the spot where the lows just offshore. just away from the mixing, which could get to the coast call areas of ocean county and the east end. we are snowing around 32, right along the coast, that's a heavier wet snow. not so much from the city on northwest.
4:48 pm
a foot in the city, 12 to 18 inches south and west. locally 20. some o. higher amounts in staten island, brooklyn, and queens. 3 to 6 inches there, and look at the difference there. this is what i was talking about with liz and david, 40 to 45 miles per hour with a foot and a half potential to 4 inches here. that foot line is going to cut right through new york city. the bronx could be in 6 to 12, while staten island, brooklyns and parts of queens could be in 12 to 18. the cutoff is fragile over parts of northern new jersey. i am concerned as we go through northern new jersey, we're going to have a big range as well. north and west of 287, you see 3 to 6-inch amounts. snow and wind tomorrow, blizzard conditions. we have a rapid recovery, actually, as we go through the day on sunday. sunday's actually going to be a pretty decent day. we have sunshine coming out, and the winds are backing off, and we're in the mid-30s and melting things and cleaning things up. and into next week, we get into the 40s and watching a storm
4:49 pm
that's a long way to go. we have a blizzard over the next 24 to 36 hours. >> we know you'll be tracking it every step of the way. >> no doubt. here's what's trending on this friday before the storm, and the philadelphia police department having a little fun with the impending blizzard. coming out first with a parody of drake's hot line to remind the public, you can't save spots with cones or anything else once you dig them out. >> call us from your cell phone. that parking spot is not yours alone. when we get that dispatch ring >> no save-zies. >> they also post add picture from the popular hbo show, game of thence. where -- thens, where the characters -- thrones, where the characters say winter is coming. >> catchy. unfortunately not so cute,
4:50 pm
the oscars, the latest celebrity, told europe one today, perhaps the black actress did not deserve to make the final list, and that is why there were no black nominees, and went onto suggest the boycott being called for jada pinkett smith is racist to whites and earlier we told you that the academy is taking steps to try and make the academy more diverse, the controversy rages on. a celebrity romance is trending. several sources report that miley cyrus and liam hemsworth are engaged. now the reports say they are back together and set to mare -- marry, however, and this is important, no official word from the couple on this. the new face of cover girl is the 19-year-old actress zendia. she says she cannot wait to share her beauty tips with her fans. and finally, as we brace
4:51 pm
the season, twitter showing off some o. first snow men -- of the first snow men getting built. the police are in the spirit, you see the snowman on the hood of the car. snowman at the beach. say no to the snow and yes to the sand, and finally, you really shouldn't trust a snow man. you never know what they're thinking. want to build a snowman, liz. as always, check out the trend online,, and send us your trend ideas, sending the hash tag, the trend. >> i have a feeling we're going to be watching frozen this weekend. >> i'm going to sing that song the rest of the day. >> i have done my job then. >> awesome. staying safe on the roads during the winter months and
4:52 pm
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we've been talking about communities getting ready for the storm. but what about your own car. >> nina paneda is in the upper side with how you can get your car ready. >> reporter: have this on hand, salt or even cat litter. you don't need that much. just a zip lock full. just enough to give your tires some grip in case you get stuck. keep in mind you can use a gallon of the wiper fluid quick, if that's gone you're driving blind. gile recommends topping off and
4:55 pm
plus check your oil so your car doesn't seize up. prevent your windshield wipers from freezing up by popping them up. >> if it doesn't clean the top and bottom of the windshield. >> reporter: check all four tires have equal pressure. if one is off controlling the car is harder. if you get stuck in the snow bank, have something on hand along with a blanket, shovel, food and water to get you unstuck. >> something as simple as cat litter. >> cat litter. >> reporter: the clay particles give good grip. >> the car will frequently just drive straight out. >> reporter: to get out if you get stuck, rock gently. go forward and reverse braking to stop the wheels from spinning.
4:56 pm
business is money in the bank. >> it is. we look forward to storms like this. >> reporter: that's because at this time, next week all of filled. because people get frustrated when they get stuck and burn off their transmission. another thing, wash your car after a snowstorm, because all the salt they put on the road is corrosive and can eat right through your under carriage. a blizzard alert. the monster storm is just hours away and the area could see more than a foot of snow.
4:57 pm
>> and i'm sade baderinwa. the weather service has issued a winter warning. >> the mayor says the city is preparing for the winter storm. the department of sanitation is putting out crews working 12 hour shifts. >> and this is expected to be a weather breaking massive blizzard. could get up to 30-inches of snow. we have team coverage of the preparations but we begin with meteorologist lee goldburg. here live in the upper west side, lee. >> about five hours from first flakes and maybe 12 to 14 hours from the first plows here on the west side. where at columbus avenue and 66th street.
4:58 pm
snow piles on the sidewalks
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