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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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snow piles on the sidewalks that you'll have to high step over. get what you need to get done, get inside and make sure you're inside tomorrow. obscure clouds developing and you see the ceiling trying to lower a little bit. feels like we're around 20. look at that snow planner, snow, 10:00, 11:00. blizzard warnings, they get hoisted around 4:00 in the morning and they will go through sunday morning. winter storm warnings near by west and north suburbs. lower snow amounts, less wind, still a very significant storm. winter weather advisories farther north and west. fairfield county and even at this late time frame, putnam county. coastal flood warning major concern especially on the jersey shore. near 65 miles per hour. there's the storm right now. it's already dropped 7-inches
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a foot of snow in kentucky. 9-inches in the virginia snow beginning in dc and the snow showers are getting close to philly. the snow is about to redevelop. the snow showers will get into central and southern new jersey probably after 7:00. looks like it's going to snow imminently. home. 8:00. the snow arrives around midnight in new york city and we could have a few inches by dawn. the clouds could be out by daybreak. the brunt, the blizzard from 7:00 in the morning and the snow will end on saturday night. the timing definitely shifted to an earlier period. higher amounts south and west. we know it's lower to 287. the near suburbs, you're squarely in that six to 12-inch total.
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some of those amounts could get into queens, staten island. we have all that information coming up in a few minutes. diane,sade back to you. >> as we get ready for the snow to hit, mayor deblasio issued a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. he's urging drivers to stay off the roads so winter plows can get to work. >> reporter: sanitation they've already shifted to 12 hour shifts for everyone. they're bringing in workers over the weekends and they're going to be awfully busy. the city is prepping now for what is starting to sound like a pretty bad storm. the mayor said the weather service upped its predictions so the city is responding. >> you've seen the number go up
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we're predicting 12-inches to 18-inches in new york city. >> reporter: if you're thinking about driving this weekend in what could be a blizzard. the message from the mayor. >> please don't. unless it is urgent stay off the roads. it's as simple as that. make your plans now to not be on the streets of the city tomorrow, and i would say sunday likely as well. >> reporter: one big worry is flooding. and in garrison bridge it's still recovering from sandy so officials are getting trucks ready just in case. >> am i worried about it. i'm going to check to when the high tides are and my car will not be on the block. i will move the car. >> and hope for the best. >> and hope for the best. >> reporter: chains went on buses today, and sanitations is now considering an operation called pile and haul. snow would be piled up in certain locations and then melted if it's really that bad. >> i really don't know yet. it would be -- get based on a
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but should this storm shift and we get closer to a six to 12, we may not need to do that. >> the big worry is if it is a lot of snow, could ambulances and police get through it all. will new yorkers help to keep streets clear, an urgent message today from the mayor. >> emergency vehicles can't get through, they can't save people's lives. i think it would be a very good self-interest, it's a moral thing to do but it's in self- interest for every new yorker to heed this warning. >> sanitation has cancelled any recycling and sanitation pick up tomorrow. all new york city public school activities has also cancelled this weekends. dave evans, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, dave. from new york to new jersey, governor chris christie now returning to new jersey for this big storm. mandatory and voluntary evacuations are under way in some coastal areas and hundreds of first responders are on
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eyewitness news reporter tony yates is live for us, toni. >> reporter: they have emergency vehicles that could get through flood waters at the ready. they're going to have several high tides over the weekends but the one they're really concerned about is the high tide on saturday night. because that is the one that can tip the scales toward trouble. >> reporter: because if the wind continues to blow at a steady 35, 40 miles per hour with 60-mile an hour gusts, the water can't get back out. so you get one high tide builds on top of the first high tide and that's when we get the worse flooding. >> reporter: alerts are flashing on these warnings posts throughout town. they prefer people leave before the storm. >> please get your cars off the
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conditions. and because of the high tides in an abundance of caution, we're asking for voluntary evacuations of low lying areas. >> new jersey's coastal town stands to be hammered by the storms with high tides and strong winds making matters worse. the lieutenant governor toured the area to see storm preps while governor chris christie has decided to get back to the state. >> i got the biggest support team. and my feeling was the best decision is to head home. >> is there anything you don't have? >> i'm all out of gas cans. that's the only thing we've run out of. >> that's a lot of de-icer. >> yeah, i'm just stocking up for the kids. >> you know you can come down on monday and take a look. you know, please stay off the
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>> well, not only is governor chris christie coming back to the state he's going to be on television tonight at 8:00 talking about storm preparations you can catch his address right here on channel 7 8:00. now to long island where more than a foot of snow isn't the only thing people will have to contends with but tropical storm like winds. downed trees and power lines a major concern tonight. stacy stager is in long beach with more. >> reporter: the big concerns here on long island. the power outages and the flooding. this beach is called the canal and you can see why. it's on the bay side of the barrier island which they're most worried about. because you can see these houses will be most vulnerable. call it tieing up news ends before the big storm here in
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renovating homes postsandy now just making sure what they have fixed stays that way. but some residents aren't so sure anything makes a difference in a severe storm. >> the last time we had sandbags, we did everything prep we could do. and it was in two seconds it means nothing. >> reporter: you figure why even go there. >> this time, i guess we don't have the strength. >> reporter: law officials are quite concerned about the timing of tomorrow's storm. the bay side of the city always vulnerable. as $30 million of funding with infrastructure from the state is still years away. >> it's maddening that our city has gone without adequate protection so we have taken some steps and we're in a much better place than we were presandy. >> reporter: other vulnerable areas were tended to by psege today. this type of work increasing
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and trees, well they say it has reduced power outages in communities by as much as 60% this past year. >> we have data that shows us where there's a lot of outages. we know where the problem areas are. we go to those problem areas and we do the preventative maintenance. >> reporter: still beginning tomorrow they urge residents to be patient with the predicted high wind, residents will see their fair share of hassles. >> just the way you will not be able to see in your car as you drive because of the visibility issue, the blizzard like conditions create. so too will our snowplow operators. >> reporter: we're back here live now along the canals of long beach. this is the north side of the island, the side where flooding is probably a bigger threat than along the oceanside. pse & g planning to use a thousand of its field crews. 400 additional ones if
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we'll have another live report at 6:00. for now we're live in long beach,. about 6,800 flights have now been cancelled in anticipation of this storm the *r. the bulk of -- in anticipation of this storm. at newark more than 300 cancelled. the airport will remain open but essentially there will be no arrivals or departures until this storm clears. and if you were thinking of grabbing a train, amtrak is running a modified service and will have some trains running over the weekend along the northeast corridor. check first though. and the shows will go on. at least for now. we called to find out about broad way shows and we're told no cancellations but a good idea to check your particular show in advance just in case. >> you want to make sure.
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murky in other parts of the country. a blizzard warning is in effect in washington, d.c. with the worse of it coming tonight into tomorrow evening. and in tennessee, interstates are pure gridlock around downtown nashville. many drivers are already at the point of having to push their vehicles through snow covered roads. and in charlotte, the sight of this week's nfc championship game the carolina panther stadium is covered in snow. the team went on business as usual practicing in today's conditions. and stay with channel 7 for continuing coverage. eyewitness news will be there for you tomorrow morning beginning at 6:00. we'll keep you posted all day on air, online and on social media pages. and still ahead. other news, big news, it's coming out of hollywood tonight. the academy making changes to address the diversity issues. a mother shot while fighting off a gunman trying to
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near jfk. the attack part of a frightening pattern. what police know right now about the suspects. >> we'll tell you about new developments in the horse carriage controversy.
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police releasing new video of a car shooting by a mother who was trying to protect her daughter. darla miles is in queens. >> reporter: that 20-year-old
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put in her forehead after being pistol whipped. but her mother is still here in critical condition. and the nypd believes the suspect in this case have done this to four other people. >> all i could hear was helicopters and sirens. >> despite surveillance cameraless. police say the duo robbed a mother and daughter. pistol whipping one, shooting the other. >> that is aggressive. and it's kind of scary because it's so close to home. the block. >> not too far. >> reporter: police say a 53- year-old english teacher and her 20-year-old daughter were checking into the hampton inn in south park queens on thursday night. they said this jetta pulled in right behind their car.
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the suspects with a ski mask jumped into the driver's seat she says. give me all your money. the 20-year-old said she didn't have any. that's when the suspect hit her in the head with a gun. he then said, if your mother doesn't have any money, i'm going to shoot you. >> the mother came out a little while later, unbeknownst of what was going on. >> reporter: they got into a struggle and she was shot in the shoulder. >> we want to get these two individuals that are very dangerous. >> reporter: family members refused to comment as they went to visit the 53-year-old teacher at the mother and daughter were only checking into the hotel one night. planning to fly out from jfk to africa for the daughter's semester abroad. >> it used to be very quiet around here. now it's off the chain. >> reporter: police say those other four incidents they
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they all were committed in that same generalluation, december 28, january 3rd 5th and 9th. if you have any information about any of these incidents please call crime stoppers. two teenage boys are under arrest for the attack of a muslim man. rahmen was left with bruises and a swollen eye. a driver in new jersey survived an incredibly close call. you'll know it when you see the car rolled over on to a sidewalk and cliff this morning after crashing into a tree. but the car went of a fire hydrant that literally crashed through the front windshield missing the driver by inches. the driver not seriously hurt. wow. that was close. >> i'm just thinking about the jaws music.
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it's coming. that blizzard is coming our way. it is moving in. we're not going to be able to avoid this. we were checking in on twitter with our sister station over in washington. one of the meteorologists said okay upping the total to 30- inches. >> remarkable. >> no doubt about it. the rain -- sorry no rain, the snow is clearing up. we're seeing flights coming in. it'll be the last flights we see coming in. and whether it's twitter or instagram, nbc7, let us know that the snow is starting. we're seeing a pretty gusty wind. it's feeling like it's in the
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it's only 20 miles per hour but gus at at times. maybe over to a flat bush. these are the areas that could get into over a foot. because some of the heavier amounts from new jersey will cut into parts of the south burroughs. here's the planner for you. obviously quiet through seven clock. i do think we have snow after 10:00 or 11:00. should be light. it'll be on and off. heavy snow, when you wake up we'll have blizzard conditions first thing. look at the wind gusts that's hour. so here's the storm right now. the coast. i anticipate seeing lightning strikes when the storm really begins to strengthen. we've already had decent snow amounts here through the virginias and mid-atlantic. the air is still too dry. let me know if you start seeing flurries then we have to push up our timing.
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you can get into new york city. certainly 7:00 and 8:00 we will start to see the flurries move in and the roads start getting slick. the storm is getting steadier after mid-night. this is some of the banding that starts to form. that's where we're getting the heavier amounts to the south and west. snow get into the valley and connecticut by daybreak. going all the way through our southern suburbs. and then this form will be pivoting out. i think certainly we'll be plowing by midday. one to 3-inch by the evening. about a foot in the city. that's six to 12-inch area, just a little wiggle in there. some of the higher amounts or lower amounts for that matter. snow develops around midnight.
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blizzard, heavy snow and wind, coastal flooding. more snowing and drifting tomorrow night even as the snow tapers. here's what we will address. could the totals drop again. could they be more than a foot in parts of long island. how about 70-mile an hour gusts for the south shore? that's why we have to track this as well. another update in the next half an hour. >> it's coming, thanks lee. big changes for the oscars tonight. the head of the organization
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we're backing some big changes for the -- we're back with some big changes for the oscars. >> we have entertainment reporter sandy shane. >> reporter: some of these rules that have just been changed have been put in place almost since i've been alive. the oscars says he's not going to wait for the academy to catch up. and they're making changes to make the membership of the academy more diverse. it was just last friday that the president of the academy made this promise to me at the
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>> last year the academy brought in more new members than we have in our history. and the most diverse group that we've ever brought in. and that is something we're going to continue to do. but as today's announcement makes clear, the academy came to the conclusion the pace of change wasn't fast enough. especially given the criticism since last week's nomination announcement. jada pinkett smith was the first to take a stance then spike lee. the reverend al sharpton even urged viewers to boycott this year's oscar's show just tune it out. the announcement include a global campaign to recruit qualified new members who represent greater diversity. in addition no longer will members automatically remain qualified to vote for the oscars for life. they will be elected for 10 years subject to renewal if they remain active in the industry.
5:23 pm
looking at different peoples. whether it's color, whether it's female, it doesn't matter. >> reporter: the hope is these changes will bring down the average age of the membership. which is reportedly over the age of 60. her goal is an ambitious one to double, double the number of women and minority members of the academy by the year 2020. the changes will not affect this year's oscars but will change who votes for future academy awards. diana. u.s. leaders are denouncing student. he's accused of entering the country under the guides of a tourist while plotting to destroy it. rumbier is in the dean's list. his family lives in ohio. a monster winter storm moving in. coming up on eyewitness news. we're going to get another update from lee.
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residents from the tri state area get ready for the winter whollop.
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right now we want to take a live look at the white house.
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ready for the brunt of the storm right now. meteorologist lee goldburg is tracking this monster storm. what's the latest lee. >> white out at the white house. as we look at the empire state building. we'll be watching this after 9:00 or 10:00. because the first flakes will come down but it'll be too warm to stick to the ground. as we go through the storm, it's cold enough so that it's not a wet sopping snow. all these thunderstorms starting to break out along the carolina cost. it's snowing in dc. getting into philly and first flakes are going to try to get into new jersey after 7:00 or 8:00. i still think it's close to mid- night in new york city. the blizzard warnings will go up at 7:00 in the morning. you are going to wake up and look out the window. it'll be going, it'll be windy, gusts over 45 miles per hour and heavy snow at times. so the snow arrives around
5:28 pm
we could already have a few inches by dawn. the plows will be out. the blizzard concerns around 7:00 a.m. early start but earl littler finish. close to a foot of snow. parts of the new york city could even get a little more. same thing long island and low -- lower to north. north of i84 lower once you get into northern new jersey. we get a foot or more. part of this pink band we have going into the burroughs. big storm, blizzard conditions tomorrow and major coastal flooding. the county is bracing for the largest snowstorm of the season. crews are ready and hundreds of plows and salt trucks are prime to hit the streets. marcus solis is in marenette. >> reporter: being on the
5:29 pm
communities. for some it's snow and slick roads. here on the long island sound shore it's flooding. with the first real snow of the season coming, it might not be obvious why don marino is shoring up his home. >> what we're worried about is the high tide. of course it's going to be high tide. full moon, you have a full moon, perfect storm for flooding. >> our house which is at the end is the highest house out here. and we've never had a problem. but a lot of other people have. >> reporter: in other parts of west chester snow remains the bigger issue. crews had 1,300 pounds of salt rock on hand to treat the roads.
5:30 pm
so we're getting ready and we're prepared. >> reporter: as are residents making their runs to hardware stores before supplies run out. >> this is the last thing they had left. they sold out of the calcium chloride and shovels. >> reporter: back in mamaroneck they're making sure all their crews are stocked. >> reporter: we're staffed for the worse and we're going to hope for the best. >> reporter: and so voluntary evacuation not mandatory orders here in effect in mamaroneck. and the city will activate their emergency center. channel7, eyewitness news. a large portion of new jersey is now under a blizzard warning. evacuation orders have been issued in some towns along the new jersey shore.
5:31 pm
recovering after superstorm sandy. >> i'm taken the worse possible scenario, since the sandy storm, i have a new generator and i have it at a higher elevation. >> reporter: for rocky galligo and his son and grandson, it's become a routine they've become all too familiar with. power ready to go and anything in the yard that can blow away or float away being tied down. >> the last storm the water came wasn't even a big the water came right up the street just about a month ago here. >> reporter: the home sits right along the wood ridge river. sandy damaged 400 homes. this weekend's storm is not only bringing snow but high winds and high tide. >> my grandfather i mean he was the first house here when there was, there was nothing here. he was the first house. he put this second floor in his house himself. you know what i mean. this is our whole family is, their heart and soul is in this place.
5:32 pm
more than 400-tons of salt and 80 plow trucks at the ready. they also have wood cutters and woodchippers because there's so many trees still damaged from sandy still standing they expect will come down with the weight of the snow knocking down power along the way. crews meanwhile have 250 miles of road to clear. >> the wind is going to cause a lot of white out, it's going to -- snow is going to drift. my guys are going to have a hard time determining where the road ends. >> reporter: that was eyewitness news reporter sephon kim reporting. you can track the storm on the go with our weather app. you can download it for free. just search ny7ny. there's a bad accident on the grand central parkway and q garden queens. shannon is live with the latest. >> reporter: we have only one lane of traffic getting through on the westbound side of the
5:33 pm
in fact, we can show you with sky that police and ambulances just took someone out of that ambulance. they had to extricate one of the passengers in that vehicle. what you need to know is on the eastbound side the traffic coming toward you. those delays and that is just rubber necking take you all the way back to laguardia airport. look at the traffic all stuck behind this accident. it takes you right through the q interchange. might be one of those days where you're betting off taking the lie. shannon sloan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. we have breaking news, the new york state department confirms three people have virus. all the victims traveled outside the u.s. this virus is spread by mosquitoes. symptoms include fever, rash
5:34 pm
for several days. the virus cannot be contracted by contact. at a bail hearing, a judge found wright to be a flight risk because he has millions of dollars and friends with jets. he is accused of stabbing his wife 24 times inside a bathroom. and the police are testing their phone alert system. they had a teenager the alert said a teenager had just stolen a woman's cell phone on a platform. >> i was able to respond i mmediately within two or three minutes and locate a perpetrator that fit the description that the phone was displaying. we basically saw the actual perpetrator walking out of the train station.
5:35 pm
this loaded handgun on that teenager. a 15-year-old in connecticut is the subject of a federal investigation tonight for allegedly pledging his allegiance to isis. the teen reportedly substituted the word isis for the united states during a pledge of allegiance. school officials reported the incident to police and the police alerted the department of security. >> it's pure speech. it's not like the shouting fire in a stadium. >> police did not deem it a legitimate threat. the 16-year-old is now attending an alternative school. a big scare in the air coming up on eyewitness news. the pilot accused of flying under the influence. also ahead a swimming surprise, a massive crocodile that decided to host its own pool
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what's not to love this. the piano man stepping in to save a school in long island. billy joel says he's going to give the long island school for the arts a donation but they have to keep it open. 60-year-old david hans armsten was arrested in his california home. he flew from san diego to portland and back. he was selected for a random drug and alcohol test.
5:40 pm
has alcohol in his blood. he has since resigned. a family in florida woke up to find an uninvited guest taking a dip in their swimming pool right in their backyard. it was an 8-foot long crocodile. it was lounging in the heated pool. the contractor working at the home says the family just moved to the florida keys from pennsylvania and now they got to know the alligators down there. >> they thought it was a toy. >> they thought it was a floatie. >> they thought someone put a toy in >> he had just turned the pool heater four days ago, i guess it likes the warm water. >> the family called the wildlife officers and they returned him back to his habitat. what triggered a doctor to go ballistic. >> and steer in the clear.
5:41 pm
for the future. now there's something new in store for this run away cow. >> sade, diana, the breaking news, 80 million americans, the blizzard deadly already. tens of thousands without power. the major new announcement act
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remember that cow that ran into our hearts when he was seen running away. now that cow is in quarantine. after two weeks, yeah that cow will be able to roam free on 230 acres with 18 other cows. that was a smart cow. >> yeah he was. >> now he gets to live. >> and before the snow gets
5:45 pm
>> that's my reminder. get your favorite flavor of ben and jerry's and enjoy tomorrow. >> i was thinking about the winds that you were talking about. tropical storm winds. that's going to be huge tomorrow. >> these are going to be high tides that are comparable to a tropical storm. i mean that's unbelievable. you have a full moon. the big high tide. we'll go outside tonight. we have cloudy skies and take your before pictures now. of the drive pavement, of the crosswalks before the big piles. someone tweeted, you can call the amount of snow but can you call the days we're going to have alternate side parking ended. i'll think about that. cloudy skies, a northwest wind. could be gusting over 45-miles- an-hour. we could already have the clouds going through columbus avenue. there's the planner showing
5:46 pm
then you have the heaviest snow. daybreak tomorrow right through the day. look at the wind gusts in new york city 55 miles per hour and the snow tapering off in the evening hour. we want to look at that midday time period closely. if you see the purples, the end of that scale is 50 to 60 miles per hour. those are the gusts. the numbers you see are more sustained winds happening more frequently. you see sustained near 40 miles per hour along the coast. that's damaging wind and power outages along the coast and serious beech erosion. and then by sunday morning certainly lighter winds and much improved day. the high tide times we're talking about a morning high tide cycle 6:00 in the morning to 10:30 at the sound. and again in the evening so the evening is at high tide. snow getting into central and southern new jersey. roads will start to get slippery on i95. garden state parkway. snow getting into new york city. prior or around midnight into northern new jersey.
5:47 pm
here in the overnight to continue to push through thed hudson valley. during the day we're snowing heavily at times especially in the northern end of the city. three to 6-inches about a foot in new york city. six to 12-inches northern new jersey. central and southern new jersey into parts of new york city. let's zoom in and look at this. you can see the best chance for over a foot in new york city would be staten island, brooklyn and queens. even some of this could streak into long island. look at this difference. looking at late data coming in. it's very possible this foot line trying to get into morris county as well. that's something we'll be watching as well. here's another look at the map and we've posted on abc7 nly. on sunday what a much improved day. you have sunshine. the winds are getting lighter
5:48 pm
as we get into next week, 40 degrees, we're quiet. the snow will continue to melt. as you go into wednesday it'll be a storm we're watching offshore. even if that was close that would be in the way of rain. let's get through this blizzard and it'll be blizzard tomorrow and it'll be toward the end of the day. an uber driver being attacked. >> this time it involved a doctor down in miami. abc's lauren lister has the report from miami. >> reporter: a woman throwing paper, today this woman is identified as a fourth year neurology resident. >> yeah call 911. >> reporter: when ronkensen jumped into an uber, the customer started recording.
5:49 pm
>> seriously, call 911. >> reporter: a clash going on for minutes. she climbs into a car at one point. hurling insults and personal items out of the window. >> i have lost my mind. >> reporter: this isn't the first time an uber driver has been attacked. in october, this video surfaced of a former taco bell executive attacking his driver from the backseat. as for romkusun in the video she appears to make a clean break. just walking off. miami police telling abc news there was no incident report or arrest but her employer jackson health system releasing a statement overnight saying she's been placed on administrative leave. adding they've launched an internal investigation to determine if any disciplinary action will be taken up to and including termination. >> also uber has suspended her attack. she meanwhile did not respond to abcs request for comment. lauren lister, los angeles.
5:50 pm
hold your horses. there's a new plan for horse drawn carriages in new york city and it's not a done deal just yet. >> coming up on eyewitness
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we're back. we have breaking news for you. there's been an accident involving a newark police car. this follows a police chase. you're looking at live pictures from news copper seven. a police vehicle involved and a second vehicle. right now we don't have the condition of the offer or officers. although we understand that there was a police chase. we will get more information and bring it to you as soon as
5:53 pm
the mayor's new plan facing if city hall. >> reporter: that would slash the number of horses and create a new stable in central park. the drivers do not want to cut their horse numbers until that stable is built. >> we don't see the need to cut down our numbers until such time as we actually are moving in there. and we, if we cut down our numbers now, that's potentially going to close our stables before this new stable ever gets built. >> reporter: the bill is in part the result of an agreement between the city and anson cab industry but add ons such as limiting petty cabs are causing decent. >> we were put into this deal as some sort of a bargaining, some sort of bargaining tool basically. and basically the mayor completely disregarded livelihoods of approximately 250 people working in central park all year round. >> reporter: by 2:00 this afternoon, 110 people were still hoping to be >> we cannot support bill 573a
5:54 pm
because it does nothing to put an end to an industry that is not held accountable to what happens to horses when it's done exploiting them. >> reporter: adonis is the bill cosponsor. he believes there's more opportunities. >> we will come back with a future bill that's good for everyone. for animal rights, for the horse carriage industry and for the petty cabs. >> until then, big questions remain such as where exactly in central park will a stable be built and how long will it take to build much more on this upcoming bill at 6:00. >> still a lot of things to be working out on that.
5:55 pm
heading back to new york before the storm hits. i'll be declaring a local winter weather emergency. >> more than 20 million people in the tri state on the same page. from new york city to the shores of new jersey and long island are getting ready for a blizzard. a storm that could bring a foot or more of snow in some areas. and tropical force winds that could cause floodings and power outages. the big storm headed our way already dumping heavy snows in washington, d.c. parts of the country. lee goldburg is tracking it all we'll be getting. >> good evening, we're at 6:00 i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. it's the big storm we've been arriving tonight. >> if you can stay off the roads tomorrow and be prepared for possible power outages.
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