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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 23, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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. this is an eyewitness news special report. blizzard alert. good saturday morning, 6 a.m. you are waking up to this. a lot of snow we're seeing whiteout conditions as we sit under a blizzard warning. the roads as you can imagine are already treacherous we're at the early stages right now as we speak new jersey under a state of emergency and service on new jersey transit has been suspended as of 2 a.m. in addition to the snow. flooding is a concern along the coast with this storm bringing strong winds. a winter weather emergency
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today with people asked to stay off the roads, except for emergenc emergencies. it is really a mess outside, i came from new jersey, it is awful. stay exactly where you are, because we have everything covered for now, no need to venture out. the best advice we can give you at 6:01, stay off the roads, it is saturday don't go out in all of this. >> we have two meteorologists amy freeze and lee burg is around the tristate. let's start with amy freeze tracking the storm and the snow totals right now. amy good morning. michelle, rob, extreme snowstorm underway, visibility greatly reduced we're trying to see the gwb, snow coming down so hard just not getting a good look at it.
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but also the winds the blizzard will create reduced visibility making travel very difficult. latest readings coming in, snow in the area northeast winds at 8 miles per hour, snow gusts coming down at a heavy rate. blizzard warning was extended for west chester going westward for coastalconnecticuit along 95. winter storm warning going through parts of connecticuit here and extended a little bit north here of what we're expecting as far as snow to be on the ground. all the way through northern connecticuit winter weather advisory and this a major focus point. the coastal flood warning. high tides this morning of a very serious concern also this is the time period where we'll see the winds start to ramp up. we've seen gusts above 40 miles per hour. radar and satellite picture here is the storm covering our
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you look out the window and definitely have white covered streets and roadways very difficult to travel even at this early point of the storm. if you plan to do something early call it off at this point. here is the low pressure system. look how tightly wound these are around the low? this is the beginning of the storm a lot of moisture to go. we'll be hitting the brunt of this it looks like mid-morning to early afternoon. but already there are snowfall rates of at least an inch per hour. let's get outside, lee, you are covered in snow already. this is something else, i mean 12 more hours of this and we're not near the peek? i've got a few more inches in new york city, let me give you a visit here to what columbus avenue looks like we have not seen this yet in new york city, i reader for this one.
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are going to use during this storm and what it does is, it highlights where the heaviest snow bands are, see the areas in read? because i can't see much right now, if you look at the screen you'll see the areas in red 1 to 2 inches an hour over i-78, over i-80. i know michelle will be able to speak to this, it is right over new york city, western long island. i got a tweet from twin forks saying we are not getting much, say why? you are just out of the heavy band. yonkers up to let's say white plains, it is there. once you get to valhella, that's not the case. if you go back to the other computer guys, the actual heavy bands of snow are down to the southwest, we actually have heavier snowfall rates than washington d.c. they'll get some of the jackpot amounts.
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it is not a heavy snow, it will be like that along the coasts wind gusts picked up to 20 or 30. i've heard about 50 miles per hour gusts in new jersey and 40 miles per hour gusts on the coast. this is only getting worse. there is a buoy off the belmar, the areas of reds and oranges they'll be battering the jersey shore as we go through late morningful we go into a high tied cycles. just like amy said things are ramping up through the morning hours an we'll hit the height of the storm in the middle of the day 55 miles per hour winds, blizzard conditions and heavy snow. amy, if we're snowing at 2 inches an hour and you can hear one of the plows going by, they only go by on 2 inches of snowfall. it is a parade. if we'll see 2 inches per hour, we can pick up a foot in four
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and that's why the snowfall totals had to pick up. back to you for now. can you walk us through the snow totals the projections through new york. >> yeah absolutely. we have our weather map with the snow bands looking at 12 to 18 inches. a widespread area of 12 to 18 inches through much of new jersey, long island, it is a widespread 12 to 18 and in the bands in the areas that are persistent will push 20 to 24 inches. new york city, lower west chester parts of burgan county long island, locally 20 to 2 feet. talking 6 to 12 inches north of i-287. it is a completely different experience, it is plowable,
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any storm we've been through
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and it is going to be that way for the foreseeable future. if we come over here there is a side street this is 91st street and a plow has gone down you can see it. it is really snow covered, snow covering the cars and if you are waking up to this, there will be some shoveling and plowing ahead. we did see plows in bay ridge, new york city has 1600 plows today. 2300 sanitation workers will be working 12 hour shifts to keep the roads clear. there is that winter weather emergency. motorists advised to stay off the roads let them do their jobs. plenty of workers trying to keep things clear. these guys trying to shovel out the front of the supermarket. it is no easy
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a lot of snow starting at 9:00 in the nighttime. too much. too much we're only in the beginning stages. when the wind kicks in, it really is quite something we haven't felt for a long time we've been waiting for this big snowfall of the year we are getting it in a very mega doses this blizzard likeconditions kicking in at this early stage of the morning, michelle and rob, back to you, i know you are really jealous that you are inside missing out all of this good stuff. very sad i'm not standing in there with the driving blizzard in my face, very sad about that thank you marcus. such a regret the snowfall during the anchor shift. stay safe guys. from the roads to mass transit to the airports this storm is causing major disruptions for anybody trying to get around. heather joining us with a look at the traffic good morning. >> michelle and i, left our
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minutes to get into the city, it took us an hour and 40 minutes, at least. >> yes it did. i know this is no surprise right here because we've been hearing about this since yesterday, flights canceled across the board, newark, jfk, la guardia, subways but expect a lot of delays as a result of this storm. long island at this point they are saying on or close to schedule we have a couple of trains running with delays, service problems with that, you know that this could be an issue throughout the day new jersey transit already suspended service not only on the trains but the buses the light rail, you also have metro north running on or close to schedule just expect delays if you are headed out to catch a train only do that if you must. my advice? stay home, chill out. keep yourself safe. new jersey is in a state of emergency. we have the roads very dangerous, stay off of the
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it is incredible. i believe michelle was facebooking live earlier from the car to show you just how dangerous by the way michelle and i were not driving so we did that safely. bell park way westbound, we have an accident all lanes are blocked as a result of this accident this has been out there for quite some time now. i also need to let you know alternate side is suspended but the metered rules are in affect. how much longer we'll be able to see the boxes in order to feed the meters. and as you go through new jersey near reddington near exit 26 near rattlesnake road. this doesn't surprise me because 78 was really, really a mess as we drove in. this is before route 287. i believe that's where lee and
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onto 78, 28 287 don't even go out and drive if you don't have to because it is just a big mess. heather and i know. >> you have messy road conditions i took the subway, mta buses, chains on the tires and subway, at least at this hour is okay too that's how i got here. let's go to long island check on the conditions there our crew just up there. here is kristin good morning to you. good morning michelle and rob. i have to say i'm tempted by heather, she told everybody she should stay at home. nice seeing you all, goodbye! just kidding we are out here for the day. that would be nice. just stay at home, real little it is really, really awful out here. i want to show you route 106, 107 here in jericho.
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fewdays every county says they'll be out here and plowing we've been seeing the plows it is not they are not out there when i got on the road i certainly was not expecting these type of conditions this is a major roadway, forget about the neighborhoods it is of course twice as bad we'll show you some video we got from route 110 in huntington station, it is a main roadway, not good conditions the video doesn't look that bad, it is bad. it is very, very slippery out there so be very, very careful if you have to leave the house. we also got video of the lie, very few cars on the lie, that's what everyone wants is for people to just stay home make coffee at home do what you need to do because again the roads are just, they are real l really dangerous. we'll be out here all morning monitoring the conditions now we're live in jericho, channel 7 eyewitness news. stay warm and stay safe. don't go home, we need you.
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this is supposed to go until 7:00 tonight. we have almost 13 more hours of this storm to deal with. we are just getting started it is already tough out there. stay in. our coverage continues out abc 7ny for pictures all over this storm. rob and heather and i, we did facebook lives we saw lee doing one, checking out our social media middle ages getting viewer photos of the
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. coming right back, reminders and the snow how it
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you post they will on social media #abc7ny. that's a look at our starbucks which we know well including this morning. tony is a jersey girl live on the phone, how are you. >> reporter: oh, really. let me tell you something. guys, i am literally, i'm physically, mentally, emotionally exhausted. >> and it is just 6:15. this was the worst drive of my life. i will never forget it because i will never, ever do this again. i left my house at 2:00 this morning and it usually takes me an hour and 15 minutes i got here 10 minutes ago, it was whiteout conditions on the turnpike, on i195, and on the garden state park way, i passed
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snowplows and the salt trucks god bless them, i must apologize for even being in their way and being out on the road when they were trying to do their work, they were doing a marvelous job, the roads were always covered not even just the roads, it was whiteout conditions you couldn't see in front of you, behind you. whoever came up with the strips to put them on the side of the road, thank you because you probably saved my life because that is what kept me on the road it was just very dark, very dangerous the wind is whipping the snow you can barely see anything, took me four hours to get here. not complaining when i was trying to get on to the garden state park way there is just a small part that you can drive on there was a car stuck on the snow bank the guy's name was
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tires so he could get up on the garden state park way, i got my shovel out, be winter ready, i put my shovel in the car last night. i got out and helped him shovel up to the garden state park way so we both could keep going. if that doesn't tell you, it is not good to be out here driving i don't know what will. while you were talking we were showing my video from coming in far closer than you live to new york city and just the roads were terrible. 78 was not plowed, people on the side of the road and it is just a mess out there, especially 78 and south and that's where you are down in tom's river thank you so much. stay safe. four hours. oh, man. >> it is already tough. going to be a rough day, already bad now 6:20 in the morning. we say stay home, we mean
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number one of this storm so early in the game. i thought this was really supposed to take off at 7:00. everything sped up significantly. that's the thing with the storm you can do your best projections, there are other parameters that will change things more northern and we are learning lessons from the places the storm has already been in kentucky there are people stranded in their cars already been there more than 8 hours, don't go out on the roadways. if you can stay at home, do it because you don't want to get a situation like that where you are actually putting your life in danger and. >> three people died in the south in virginia in car accidents. >> dozens and dozens of people on a kentucky interstate that has people literally stuck in the emergency management can't get to them they had a layer of ice and snow on top of that several inches. for us outside our storm is underway, an extreme weather event likely record breaking
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this develops during the day but snow coming down hard already let's get you up to speed. the blizzard warning in affect look at the visibility. that's what the blizzard is about. the snow is going to stack up but not being able to see the gwb from our cameras 24 degree temperatures with winds gusting to 29 miles per hour, that's what's happening right now for central park. we have wind gusts in atlantic city, almost 50 miles per hour already. snowfall forecast everything on track here, last night at 11:00, our meteorologist lee goldburg was able to have a good degree of confidence here that we're looking at areas in pink a foot maybe up to 18 inches and locally pockets of 20 inches of snow. also the 6 to 12-inch range, extending through bridge port the backside of the storm, more confidence in that. this 3 to 6-inch range, it
6:24 am
where we could see parts of northern orange county getting half of what southern orange county did that's how we'll see the storm develop. those are some of the characteristics we'll see develop during visibility less than a mile, that's another big message here. you'll not be able to see very well when you get out on the roads. stay at home, take it easy. snow across the area, heavy snow in a lot of spots. the area of low pressure very tightly wound, that's bringing the winds and offshore there is lightning. wouldn't be surprised in this storm with the strength of it and the energy to see some thunder snow of lightning happening as it would be in a thunderstorm but a snow event where the snow is expanding and allowing for the energy to come down. yes we are getting off to a big start with snow already on the ground snowfall rates currently at an inch per hour out on long island back into parts of brooklyn and queens we have an inch per hour back
6:25 am
to be pushing in here shortly. we have 2 inches per hour, south brunswick, thinking you'll get a lot of snow and these heaviest snow bands that are happening are creating 2 inches per hour that's a whiteout condition scenario. the brunt of the storm between now and 7 p.m. snow ends around midnight. there are going to be time periods here in the early afternoon likely we'll be putting down a majority of the snowfall and that will be really impressive. widespread 12 to 18 inches we'll see less snow north up to 24 inches in heaviest bands and again through new jersey is where expecting that to happen can't rule it out for some pockets even for long island getting over a foot of snow. next 7 hours look like this. mid-20s staying below freezing even getting the upper 20s by the time we get to noon. with the snow coming down at such an incredible rate. it will keep the lower
6:26 am
so things are frozen, things are slick, not see improvements from that. melting begins tomorrow, the storm is over starting to wrap up by 7 a.m. tomorrow everything is out of here in fact by midnight tonight we could see an end to all of the snow. real quick recovery more melting occurring on monday the accuweather 7 day forecast, mild by tuesday temperatures in the 40s, wednesday and thursday, friday, there could be another weather maker in the area we'll be watching that one temperatures are warmer with that storm but long term models are showing that is a possibility. you'll be able to get a look here what's happening with the snowfall forecast giving you another peek of this 12 to 18 inches locally 20 inches. blizzard warning was extended over night for west chester also coastal connecticuit along 95, that addition of the blizzard warning doesn't necessarily equate to more snow, again a blizzard is not
6:27 am
it is about the wind blowing the snow over a prolonged period of time. 35 miles per hour over 3 hours, 3 consistent hours and then also a quarter mile visibility. those are the parameters which make dangerous travel. treacherous situations. and the coastal flooding issue. sustained winds we'll talk about that. high tides this morning. we've got reporters out on location, some of the high tides occurring between 6 and 9 a.m. will be the most significant we have to keep a look on. sort of a sigh of relief as the strongest winds come in to the bay and head towards places like staten island we'll have a low tied. at least those aren't coinciding, because the high tides are exaggerated. there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. let's look at times square, courtesy of earth cam just to give you an idea what that looks like there. they are busy
6:28 am
the cross roads of the world. oh, man, it is coming down out there we'll be back with more
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[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing] [sirens] . welcome back, another live look in bay bridge brooklyn. the high winds out there, blizzard conditions we've been talking about this storm for days and here we are and here we go.
6:31 am
coming in from new jersey, far worse. as you were watching eyewitness news on your television, be sure to join us online as well. right now, talking about lauren glassburg reporting live on facebook be sure to follow her on her facebook pages for when she is live and see what it looks like when she is reporting. all hands on deck here in the newsroom. of course this is not just the new york city east coast south storm, whole eastern half getting battered, washington d.c. expected to get 20 to 30 inches of snow could be one of the top 10 snowstorms of all time in the nation's capitol. they already have more than a foot on the ground the snow is expected to continue falling until late tonight. there are whiteout conditions with high winds you can see the visibility there in that shot
6:32 am
here major sport events have been canceled. for politics. and on and off ramps parts of interstate 95 were closed to let those snowplows do their work, officials say get off the road so they can do their work on the streets. the nasty weather is causing major problems along the east coast, 9 people were killed in nearly 1,000 crashes. take a look at this video showing drivers who were stranded from miles along interstate 75 that is in kentucky that's what amy was talking about people trapped in their cars the red cross has been working to get food and blankets to anyone not able to get out. live reports plus lee and amy are in with constant updates and the path of the storm. we're giving you a live
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you pictures photographs we have received from viewers. be sure to use the #abc7, when you post your pictures so we
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. welcome back to our coverage. eyewitness news saturday morning january 23rd good to have you with us. i'm rob nelson thanks for being with us, hope you're warm and safe inside, welcome to eyewitness news saturday morning. blankets of snow all over the streets and sidewalks. take a look at this winter wonderland, this is a shot in brooklyn a blanket of snow already, the ground, homes on top of cars as well starting to come down we are very, very early into this. here is a live look on the streets if you are headed to
6:36 am
have been canceled double check with your carrier to make sure that your flight is on time whether you are flying out or picking up someone who is supposed to be flying in 90% of the flights are canceled. airports are open but not doing much. here is a live look outside of our studios on the upper west side 66 and columbus, the snow covering the sidewalks and the streets still a little bit of traffic cabs going by, you don't have to be out there, stay in or be careful if you do hit the road. we have live eyewitness news team coverage from all angles from the trouble spots to the roadways. lee goldburg joins amy freeze. let's start with amy what's going on right now, amy. extreme snowstorm happening right now, the blizzard alert blizzard warning because of reduced visibility snow coming down hard and strong winds already happening we normally see the gwb from this live picture, it is not happening, 24 degrees, cold air snow coming down hard, snowfall rates heaviest right now, 2 inches per hour in some
6:37 am
miles per hour gusting to 29 here is our snowfall forecast map and last night we were able to gain some confidence in this 12 to 18-inch range for the area in pink. locally, pockets of 20 inches or more, so these heavy snow fall rates happening right now. that's what will help the snow really stack up. 6 inches to 12 inches for the areas in white includes northwest new jersey, that extends all the way through connecticuit. notice this little pink band on the north shore of long island and here in connecticuit that's an area where the back edge could see as it leaves the area lesser amounts to the north a sharp cutoff if we were able to get some of the totals that we're projecting on that map. that would put us in some of the biggest snowstorm ranges we've seen here in new york city.
6:38 am
getting 20 inches plus, that puts us in that range. if you look at these storms a lot period. this storm happening today and really the brunt over by 7 p.m. blizzard warning was extended for west chester and connecticuit, strong winds and reduced visibilities are in those areas of well the winter storm warning all the snow all the treacherous travel all the worrisome weather over snow happening for these areas in pink. we also have the winter weather advisory for duchess county into northern connecticuit. all eyes on the high tides which will be happening between 6 and 9 a.m. the first batch so we'll be watching to see what happens with those. again high tieds, full moon and winds gusting right now for atlantic city approaching 50 miles per hour we know the winds are going to get stronger. on the acutrack. here is the snow over head
6:39 am
some snow but the light amounts are north. the winds will be persistent we're seeing lightning just offshore indicating the strength of this storm and thunder snow happening is not out of the question, especially mid-morning until 2:00 we are really in the heart of the heaviest snowfall. these bands could really continue at anytime. right now our meteorologist lee goldburg is out in the elements starting to get the feel of how this snow is literally coming downside ways, lee. trucks going by. this is columbus avenue whiteout conditions we're on 66th street i can barely make out 64th. it gets really fuzzy all of a sudden you'll be high stepping for the next few days big time snows what you have to understand, yes we have some of the heavy snow here pre-dawn, it is coupled with winds that are 25, some gusts that are
6:40 am
winds yet, middle of the day. we have sufficient a long way to go. i want to show you where of the heaviest snow bands are setting up the areas in red, this is a tool we are going to use throughout the storm. this is our snow machine exclusive to us, we show the heavy snow bands over northern new jersey, i-80 and 78 into new york city. it is getting lighter in staten island, and the hudson valley, and this is light of 84 and the twin forks it is lighter as well. we're actually seeing heavier snowfall in the d.c. it is cold and windy feels like it is teens. it is a day to stay in doors we have a 12 hour window that will take us into the early part of the evening and easily into double digits. like amy said to make it one of
6:41 am
snowstorms, right now just getting things underway in this blizzard. amy? one of the things i want to remind people is stay off the roads, the heavy snow bands creating 2 inches per hour literally a whiteout condition. you can't see in front of you on the roadway. the brunt is now until 7 p.m. the snow doesn't end until midnight. a foot, foot and a half lesser amounts north we could see up to 24 inches in the heavier bands. i get on our snowfall forecast map this is all indicated areas in pink, long island, parts of coastal connecticuit, local pockets of 20 inches or more in central new jersey, if to get a good look at the snowfall forecast, jump online there is a spot where you can see all of the snowfall information. through social media spreading
6:42 am
>> we're looking forward to seeing what we have on the ground. we want people to do that as safely as possible. tweet us out. send us your pictures outside your back door what's happening with you, just stay safe, chill out, plenty of snow still to come plenty of storms still to come and the most important thing is we want people to have the information they need to keep their property and themselves protected. michelle? good message there. snow has been falling all night. here is marcus in bay ridge good morning. good morning michelle, as you've been hearing lee and amy explain, the blizzard, when this wind kicks in man it just cuts right through you, the snow coming down. it really is piling up this is third avenue in bay ridge,
6:43 am
a plow was able to clean off some of the snow here but there is that limited snow emergency that's been let the plows do their job, hoping that satellite they'll be less activity on the roads and give the plows and chance to stay ahead of the storm. 90th street, plows gone by one time that we've seen, you can see, it is a little bit uneven, it is just a flat blanket of snow and an indication this wind is blowing this snow around whiteout conditions making it that much worse. channel 9 eyewitness news. people dealing with wicked
6:44 am
erosion now even snow. kristin thorne actually injericho. >> i'm in jericho, yes. it is all right. you know what, marcus is mentioning the wind, i got very lucky, typically when we do live shots, it is coming thank you to all our photographers who are out there with us. there are a lot of people behind these cameras to. i want to show you 106, 107. this is what we expected, i want to show you going up to that light to give you a sense of the visibility, is really, really bad out on the roads. how quickly the snow is coming down, and going across the island early this morning, and show you how bad visibility is throughout the area, just very,
6:45 am
admit when i woke up this morning i thought they would be better than they are. it is not that the plows aren't out they are out in fact well we've got a couple going all over, they are going all over the place, definitely are out, definitely hard to keep up with the snow coming down, i'm kristin thorne. channel 7 eyewitness news. we continue our coverage this saturday morning. be sure to check out abc 7 for our snow stream, going to
6:46 am
you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. . welcome back from the trains, well, it is as we've been saying all morning it is a real mess out there. we want to go to road cam this is in the bronx much like the
6:47 am
give you a live look, the best advice is just to stay off the roads if you can. absolutely. i was driving around near knew, north of morristown, new jersey, not plowed. didn't look like that at all. be mindful. it doesn't look the same everywhere. it was a mess down by me in the area. speaking of messes over to heather i'm hearing this horrible story out of kentucky because of the storm there is a 35-mile backup on i-75 and giving a people a sense how bad the storm is up and down the coast and the south. speaking from experience, i tried to drive through a storm 5 years ago, and i got stuck on route 78 for three hours. don't go out and drive unless you absolutely have to. here is a look right here 54th avenue, we have an accident right here near the bridge with
6:48 am
we have another problem in the bronx on the degan right near the bell park way. this is near ocean park way, how the southern state park way near nassau road, check this out. you can barely see the southern state park way as you go through this spot. we are looking at route 4 at route 17 where that is a big mess, more issues lots of snow covered roadways. roads that i didn't want to drive on, unfortunately, we have to do this in order to be here to talk to you. but you don't have to. if you don't have to, you want to stay home. look at this mess over here. this is route 287 in morristown. stay off the roadways we have a jackknife tractor trailer on 78 eastbound right near exit 26. michelle and rob over to you. thank you so much heather. we are going to be right back with live picture from across our area, a giant blizzard right now taking a live look in, i believe jericho right now
6:49 am
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. welcome back everybody, as you well know, blizzard alert day, this is a live picture from bay ridge brooklyn where the snow is falling down heavily of course as it is across the tri-state. we have 12 more hours to go. look at this. it is really just beginning, absolutely. >> correct me if i'm wrong the totals seem to go, we've got in that cone of higher amounts, late yesterday. this is not as bad, this is worse than we thought 12 hours ago. yes, the snow is deeper. but the blizzard warning which i think is really the worst part of the storm if we're talking about degrees of danger the winds have been forecasted with this storm all along the snow amounts definitely increase all the northerly
6:52 am
people are seeing changes on the forecast, just an increased warning to stay off the roadways, when the snow coming down at rates to 1 to 2-inch per hour, we're talking whiteout conditions we northerlily see the gwb here obviously not in range, snow coming down too hard, central park, northeast winds 17 and gusts to 29-mile per hour. here is the snowfall forecast map. 12 to 18 inches. this is where we were able to expand the area of pink because higher degree of confidence we'll get closer to these totals locally approaching 2 feet for parts of central and southern new jersey. 1 to 3. we stick with that lesser amount to the north because of the sharp cutoff we're expecting right now looking at this map here the area of low pressure so lightly
6:53 am
to 50 miles per hour in atlantic city. we have not tapped into the strongest winds of the storm. the snow coming down snowfall rates are 2 inches per hour for central new jersey, we'll see lesser snowfall rates happening in the next hour, picks backup it will flow throughout the storm with the real brunt coming mid-morning to early afternoon, we're not out of the snow until around midnight. until 7 p.m. things will settle down and pull back, early tomorrow morning we are all clear. less snow to the north, up to 2 feet through central new jersey. this major coastal flooding we have reporters in several locations as the high tides approach we're looking at 15 to 20-foot waves and they are coming between 6 and 9 a.m. of the most concern. we have all our website you have any
6:54 am
to us, we'll get you the information as soon as we can, abc7ny is the place to go. accuweather seven day forecast, storms out of here tomorrow, temperatures slowly time tuesday through thursday, and michelle, rob looking at the snowfall forecast a lot of people saying i can handle the 6 inches i can even handle 10 inches but you get in the foot range of the snowfall that's where it becomes an extreme weather event where roads are shut down you need to hunker down and the winds could be serious for trees coming down, power outages be on alert. like in hurricanes we see if it is cat 3 or higher that's a major hurricane what constitutes a major snowstorm. noaa has a scale, but they associate the number of people
6:55 am
severity, goes from major to crippling to extremes this would be high end. >> this is the whole east coast, d.c. north. >> you got it. exactly. we're coming right back with live team coverage from our reporters all over the tristate area. as you know amy and lee are with us this morning keep you fully updated how much we are going to get and where this storm is going how long it will be around. this is road cam right now in the bronx, we are showing you pictures from all over
6:56 am
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6:58 am
flooding as well that will be an issue. good morning. >> welcome to the 7:00 hour of eyewitness news saturday morning. you are waking up to wind whipped snow this morning a blizzard blankets of snow covering the ground in new york city. we have 2 meteorologists tracking this storm. lee goldburg and amy freeze, we'll go outside to marcus standing outside in bay bridge brooklyn. >> good morning marcus. >> reporter: good morning rob and michelle, what are you guys doing walking out in this blizzard? going to work. >> where? >> manhattan. >> any thought of staying in and calling out? >> no, no way. have to enjoy the nice weather. was it what you thought it was going to be? was it worse? >> it is pretty insane out here right now, definitely worse than i thought it would be. >> going in by subway? >> yes definitely by train. >> all right go to work. we're working out here that's right. right now is actually like a
6:59 am
snowing pretty hard all morning it is really blizzard like conditions this is a side street this is what you can expect inches of snow already on the ground here on the streets if you are going to shovel your drive way come out to your car there is already and we're in the early stages of this, there is a lot of snow that is fallen over night and the wind really making it really tough to stand outside really tough to see we have seen plows go by they are out there working 1600 the city has new york city does, there is a limited snow winter weather emergency declared really urges new yorkers to stay off the roads let the plows do their jobs and there are 2300 sanitation workers who will be working 12 hour shifts to try and clear the city streets here comes the wind. still tough even though
7:00 am
get the roads clear, but if you can stay in, do that it is amazing to think we've got several hours of this still yet to come. rob and michelle? >> the 12 hours perhaps, thank you marcus get back in the truck. and going to lee goldburg for your latest in the forecast. what a mess. this really rolled in. the george washington bridge visibility very low we've had heavy snow and big snow bands for the last two hours in new york city, putting down 3 to 6 inches of snow, lesser amounts to the north. snowing at 24 that's why marcus said it is a finer snow not a heavy wet snow looking at 12 to 18 inches last night prior to the 11:00, it became clear not only was a foot of snow likely we'll have these big time amounts locally 2 feet in some of these bands. it will taper off north and west of i-287, a significant snowstorm and decent winds too,
7:01 am
meanwhile some of the heavier snows are coming into the area, we have heavier snows in d.c., incredible looking storm go about 150-miles offshore and closest to us in the middle of the day that's the peak of the storm. our meteorologist amy freeze is out in it right now outside the studios on the upper west side. love to see her. hey, amy. the snow is coming downside ways. really nasty out here coming down at the rates of 2 inches per hour, but the winds driving the snow practically taking your breath away. our sidewalks have been cleared a few times this is how the wind will stack up the snow, it is going to stack it up deep just like this in some locations you go out to your front yard you've got a couple of inches but stacked up in piles even against the side of the house, another places the snow will drift throughout the day. we get started here with temperatures that are very,
7:02 am
is very light, you could almost brush it away at times the snow will stack up and you can get rid of it quickly. trying to get outside and take care of the snow you are also facing this possibility or this task of going out and winds that are up to 30 to 50 miles per hour. that's what we've been seeing already. as we go throughout the morning know that the snow is going to come down heavy at times and the wind is going to drift that snow around so you clear the sidewalks the snow keeps coming down those are the kind of conditions you are doling with. that's why the idea of is absolutely a terrible idea that's why the big caution to stay in doors. here is a look at the winds gusting out of the northeast at 50 miles per hour at belmar, at 48 winds will continue at 30
7:03 am
of this storm system, water temperature, 47, doesn't matter with this storm, all the access it needs to very cold air. a mention of the wave heights 15 feet for the wave heights for the areas there in red, we could go above that, again there is a look at your heaviest rainfall snow, the heaviest snowfall bands the reason it is hard to remember is because this is the first one of the season, you guys a snow machine cranking out red bands at 2 inches of snow, hard to see the winds coming down, winds affecting how the snow is coming down uncomfortable to say the least. i'm getting back inside to you, lee. all right. or michelle and rob. it is okay, we'll send it to kristin thorne in jericho. kristin? hello there guys. amy has been talking about the wind, the wind is pretty
7:04 am
strong enough to really push you over if you've been out in strong storms you know how that is. i want to show you 106, 107 in jericho, look at the visibility, i don't know if you can zoom in, i can't even really tell what that is. that's a salt truck. that shows you how bad the visibility is, at least from where i'm have zoomed in. it is very, very hard to see. even if you drive an suv, you are going to be shocked at how difficult it is to drive out there we'll show you some video from route 110 in huntington station, the plows are definitely out but it is becoming more and more clear that they are having a pretty difficult time keeping up with this snowfall. it is just coming down very, very quickly also shots of the l-i-e, at least around 5:00 in the morning not a lot of people on the road which is good. honestly there is no reason to be out here. another live look back in jericho, you are getting a sense of the wind whipping
7:05 am
doing is bringing the snowbank up from the ground so just extremely hard to see as i mentioned again i have an suv, usually handles very well in snow conditions. it did not this morning i was very shocked even if you think, i have an suv i'm going to be fine, it is just not the case, this is a very bad storm. we're live in jericho, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. looking rough out there, just getting started on this saturday morning, coming up be sure to check out abc 7ny,
7:06 am
. taking a live look at the upper west side, we're going to bring you those pictures right now outside our window 66th and columbus, looking at a blizzard, it has ramped up over
7:07 am
lee goldburg is in as well as amy freeze, you were out there standing in that what was it like? >> listen, it is a bear, it is a beast coming in hard we are still waiting for the winds to actually peak. the worse is right around the middle of the day where the height of the storm is closest to us, our worse coastal flooding we're in a low tied where the wind are 55 miles per hour as we head towards the high tied huge concerns snowfall rates of 2 inches an hour, you're looking at 12 to 18 inches or more. this is just the appetizer. we are definitely scratching the surface of heavy snow fall, it is just we haven't gotten the peak winds that's why we talked about the daybreak to 7 p.m. coupled with the winds the heavy snow that will be the middle of the day. outside right now, a picture of the upper west side with the heavy snow going sideways we've been in heavy snow in new york city, folks trying to navigate, be very careful obviously even 1 or 2 cars traveling around, have a tough time stopping as
7:08 am
it will only pile up faster we're 25, winds 17 to 29 pressure on the fall for us really going to be the tom bottom out. and winds producing 2-inch snowfall rates whiteout conditions the blizzard now until 7:00 in the things will start to wind down. it will actually be in the evening hours the snow intensity starts to backup the snowflakes last until midnight. 12 to 18 inches less to the north, and you've been asking what are these bands, they could be 10-miles wide sit over you and go 2 to 3 inches an hour. wind gusts at belmar on 50 miles per hour. we're getting blizzard conditions in spots and you see these sustained wind speeds around 20. heavy snow fall with the peak winds through the middle of the day only starting to let off as we go into the evening hours,
7:09 am
evening until 10:30. there is our storm, we have the heavy snow here, heavier snow in west chester on rockland, fair field as well, gotten a little lighter over parts ocean county. the whole thing has to pivot around us, we get stuck in these bands quite awhile you can see that on the future cast, northern edge of the snow will get in duchess and that won't happen until the evening hairs that's why we have a long way to go. 12 to 18 inches of snow, locally bands that go over 2 feet once we get to i-287 we get to a foot or just below still impressive snowfall 6 to 12 inches northwest and north of i-84, 3 to 8 inches or less. blizzard conditions, heavy snow today, powerful winds and coastal flooding tonight the snow will taper blowing and
7:10 am
and tomorrow, what a totally different scene. sunshine returns and the melting begins at 34 degrees at clean up as well. your seven day accuweather forecast, snow and wind throughout the day today and then as we go through tomorrow, temperatures will be in the middle 30s. just note that the days on top the second day obviously sunday had to shift the days back over. 38 degrees on tuesday more melting we don't have any bigstorms after that there is a storm offshore midweek, i think it stays there but it would be rainy. >> until 7 p.m. you expect to be out of here totally mid-morning tomorrow. i expect the last flakes to be around midnight, it is going to be sunny when you wake up tomorrow morning. really a mess out there. going to jericho right now, kristin thorne has been there all morning we saw salt spreaders going out. not a lot of plows getting
7:11 am
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. . as we return to a picture of the upper west side, when you post them use the hash tag for our station abc7ny. look at that blow snowing sideways. the storm is causing major disruptions getting around even
7:13 am
morning. really lucky for us to hit on the weekend. hey, heather. it is a great thing that it happened on a weekend but you can still see that people are out there driving. this is the cross bronx we have an accident on the deegan right near the cross county park way. don't drive unless you absolutely have to. here is a look, you can see people on the roads check this out. you can't see black top there. so again, if you are going to the airports you may not want to go to the airports we'll head over to our chart. the airports have a lot of cancellations you want to get in touch with your individual carrier before you head out the door also long island railroad with delays being reported a couple delays here and there we have suspensions light rail, metro north on or close to schedule. subway services but expect a
7:14 am
looking at the george washington bridge from lincoln and the holland. if you get across the bridge use a new jersey transit bus. i'd like to go back to the webcams and show you a couple more shots of the outside is looking we looked at routes 1 and 9, this is route 3 near the new jersey turnpike. the eastbound traffic is coming towards us we have people on the roads you could barely see the pavement. i could see tracks over there not a good idea to drive. it is a state of emergency they need to get to plows out there to try to clear this. looks like we have a tractor trailer there, by the way tractor trailers earlier down exit 11 they were stuck and numerous tractor trailers stuck in a snow bank on the turnpike near the garden state park way. this is a look at broadway near 51st street and you can see people are out there mulling about.
7:15 am
hop on a subway, they are running but you can expect service changes as a result and then just more pictures to show you as you go around the tristate area, it is really, no reason at all if you don't have to drive you just want to stay home if you can. again we have a lot of snow covered roads, it is very dangerous to be out there driving at this point. again, check out that situation there. why go if you don't have to. and looks like a live picture upper west side here, want to go to break and have
7:16 am
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7:18 am
. coming back with live pictures from the road. this is in fort lee, might be route 4, the fort lee area really a mess out there people have their emergency flashers on. >> all right. continuing our coverage now joining us by phone is the city sanitation commissioner catherine garcia, thank you for being with us. let me ask you this, we are still early in the game how is this storm meeting up to the sanitation department's expectations. >> so the storm is much heavier than we anticipated luckily we
7:19 am
9:30 last night. we were at full plowing by 5 a.m. this morning and we have snow depth anywhere from 6 inches to 4 inches on the ground as of about an hour ago seeing intensities of 1 inch an hour which is bigger than i think we projected but we have full force in, we have right now about 2300 pieces on the road and been joined in the last half an hour by our other sister agencies who have brought in additional pieces of equipment so i anticipate that in the next half an hour we'll have 2500 pieces of equipment on the road plowing. but this is a storm where when we see intensities of up to 3 inches an hour, it is going to be very difficult to fight. >> i know you're talking about ramping it up to 2500 salt spreaders and plowers on the roads today. what are you seeing in terms of disabled vehicles or difficulty with people getting out and
7:20 am
supposed to be doing? >> i think we've been surprised with how many cars are out there, how many cars even not even four-wheel drive cars that are out there. i want to be very clear if you're blocking a plow in the street we are going to tow you. we need to make sure that we are hitting every block and that we are keeping the streets clear for emergency vehicles. >> obviously we could be in this kind of storm circumstance for another 12 hours or so, so if this intensity picks up we're not even in the worse of this just yet, do you anticipate further steps you'll have to take to keep up with the intensity of the storm. one of the things we are moving to now is we've attached v-plows in some of our areas they really can't be used until you are at extreme depths of snow, we'll be deploying those as conditions warrant. we'll also be using i anticipate our front end loader
7:21 am
later in the storm because those are assets not yet effective in these depths, we anticipate, this will be a historic storm for new york city. >> so from what you're saying you think this could rank up there with some of the worst you've had to deal with or the cities had to deal with? i have to say that it is looking very, very similar to 1996. >> wow. >> the weather is set up in a very similar fashion, i think you are seeing the impacts across the region which are you know, that storm went for i think a longer period than this one did, similar depth achieved. you have your own meteorologist who have been up all night advising you, this has been a very quickly changing and intensifying storm has it not. >> it has been.
7:22 am
extremes which was what we do. but trying to be hopeful that we would see that 6 to 12. but we were planning for 18 to 20 so we have got everything out there on the roads now and you know we are going to keep fighting these are whiteout conditions and so it is very difficult on our drivers and really no one in the public should be out on the road. they are not going to be able to make it through even where we plowed it is very very slippery. all right commissioner garcia thank you so much for joining us, we'll be in coverage mode here we hope to check back with you later in the morning to get an update. to clue our viewers in you remember this to 1996, we are seeing similar circumstances this morning this is worse than we thought but sounds like the sanitation department is out
7:23 am
what it can for the 12 more hours of this we'll have to endure. there is just no visibility for the plows and salt spreaders, you cannot see driving we had to stop every 10 minutes. right now broadway shows are on today. the league says you should check with your snows individual website for any information about exchanges or contact the place where you bought the tickets if you need to exchange or however this storm has changed your plans if you do have tickets as of now plan ongoing to the show this afternoon or tonight you'll be wearing your big boots and coats but still go as of now. >> the great white way, snowed in, still going. >> all around live reports from all around the tristate coming up. lee and amy are here watching every detail of the storm our coverage continues after the break of course send
7:24 am
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. welcome back, we are giving you live pictures from exit 15x in sea caucus, the turnpike, it is a mess you see tractor trailers out there, barely see the asphalt. when i went through there a little while ago, well, about two hours ago now, it was not even plowed. looks like not much has happened there good morning everyone i'm michelle charleswort. thanks for being with us i'm rob nelson welcome to eyewitness news saturday morning. lee right over to you, i went to bed at 6:00, it was looking not too bad but then by 11:00, but look more than we thought. no question about it as we went through the evening looking at a piece of information all week that said listen, we could really sit over you for a long period of
7:27 am
and that could produce 2 feet of snow we started to include that in our forecast at 11:00. this is the george washington bridge right here here is the toll plaza, we can't see that on some of our cameras it was supposed to be winter jam. we are right near that in many spots 1 to 2 feet across much of new jersey, long island coastal connecticuit, we could still get a foot then north of i-84, and if we start getting over 20 inches we're getting some of the bigger storms in new york city history we heard from new york sanitation they were seeing signatures of january 1996 that was 20 inches of snow we have a shot of that. meanwhile there is that low coming off the south and east when it is closest to us midday, not now. our meteorologist amy freeze
7:28 am
going on in manhattan. called for by day break, some of that very impressive. snowfall rates on the west side have been an inch per hour in the last 30 minutes coming down handy. we'll clear the sidewalks here doing a terrific job and then the snow comes back and quickly covers the surface. we have the drifting snow right here we have the deepest snow because it is drifted up against the you know, snack booth here and that's what's going to happen to your homes is you'll see the drifting of the snow and so the snowfall amounts across the yard maybe a little different. the big question is here, is do you get out in it? no. even shoveling could be questionable. kelly williams, did not go outside but tree just fell, barely missed the house. you have serious winds along
7:29 am
bright red bands that's 2 inches per hour snowfall rates. it is a nasty storm, that's got to be the message here, don't get out on the roadways don't risk it wait it out you have plenty of time also lee this is a thin, fine snow, very light right now that's because temperatures are so cold. it seems like we're slowing down on the upper west side maybe a little pocket where we'll drift off that doesn't mean there is a lull, means we'll have the bands coming and going from time to time. let's get back inside to you talk about the brunt and the snow totals people want to see them again and again. i did post them on twitter as well. >> if you're in northern new jersey along i-80, burgan county, western long island, you are getting the west. lighter to the north, the heavy snow bands are over us right now 2 inches an hour in whiteout conditions the brunt
7:30 am
and taper final flakes around midnight 1 to 20 feet across the area, otherwise this is a major impact storm and a blizzard for sure. michelle, rob, back to you for now. let's go back outside thank you lee as we are in brooklyn snow has been night. marcus is live in bay side with an update from that neck of the woods. hey, marcus. keeps oncoming down the winds for the moment die down a little bit that makes it easier, certainly a lot of snow you can see cars still passing here on third avenue even though there is that winter weather emergency, really urging folks not to hit the roads if they can avoid it so the plows can do their work. you see shovelers keeping the sidewalk clear that's important one of the things we've been noticing it is just a recipe for disaster is that people who are going to work are actually walking in the street because it is a little more plowed than
7:31 am
but with this poor visibility, the inability for cars to stop as quickly as they could or should, really is a recipe for disaster, please if heading out don't walk in the middle of the street. the drivers can't see very much the visibility very poor and so you do not want to do that. just really another reason to really not head out unless you absolutely have to. we've spoken to some people who say they have no choice they are headed to work and going, the subways are running and trying to make it there. the key is to stay off the roads if you can because they are slippery. channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you so much marcus. we'll go to long island right now, a lot of the roads are a mess. >> we just got word we have governor cuomo on the phone. can you hear us? we have you live sir can you hear us?
7:32 am
we understand you just declared a state of emergency take us through your thought process and what you are seeing from your perspective. well, the weather forecast, thus far have turned out to be correct. they've actually increased their forecast that we'll get up to 12 inches. i've been all new york city and metropolitan area, it is very bad and going to get worse. the eye of the storm is supposed to hit us at about 11:00. so i've declared a state of emergency that gives the governor more power in contracting process, closed roads, et cetera. we are concerned mother nature can bring snow, snow we can deal with. but you have high gusts of wind up to about 60 miles per hour that makes the situation more dangerous. and there is a possibility of coastal flooding which then brings evacuations now the
7:33 am
it is nothing that we haven't dealt with before but nothing to be taken lightly. again this is not going to be a short term situation, it is going to go on for a couple of days. people need to be aware we've been talking this morning about people on the roads and i've heard news reports saying you know if you are on the road take extra time, my advice would be a little different. you should not be on the road unless it is a true emergency and a crisis, chances are, you go on the road you are going to get into trouble, i don't care if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, i've been all over the metropolitan area, there are accidents, stranded cars once one car gets stuck now it is a domino affect. that car stops the road the plows can't move other cars get stuck and now you are outside in frigid weather.
7:34 am
consider right now we have the roads open right now mta is operating on a weekend schedule the buses are running the bridges are open. if the situation deteriorates we may make different decisions we may close bridges we may close roads. people wind up stranded at the destination. that is happened before. i have stood in this exact spot in the morning saying don't go on the road, we may close roads and that's exactly what happened. so that could very well happen today, we are going to see what happens with the weather. that's our last recourse is to close down roads or change the mta schedule but if the weather dictates then that's what we may happen people should consider that before we head out today. >> governor, we talked to the commissioner about the
7:35 am
around if people are blocking snowplows and looking live at a snowplow, if you are blocking a snowplow the sanitation department is going to tow you. so again you know, a cautionary tale saying just stay off the roads. >> it is more than, one thing dealing with mother nature we've had experience doing that, we who have been called in. if you are calling in the army and calling in all the quilt of the army, we have humvees, high axel vehicles literally we have all the forces that you could marshal all the equipment that you could marshal. unfortunately we've gone through this a number of times in my short governorship, i've gone through multiple natural disasters with this new extreme weather.
7:36 am
compounding affect is what citizens do. and going on the road in a situation like this unless it is a real emergency frankly i believe is irresponsible. you are endangering yourself, chances are you are going to get stuck again i've been all over the roads. i don't care what you are driving how good a driver. i don't care if superman was driving a vehicle, chances are you are going to get stuck if you get stuck you endanger yourself and others. if you make decision later to close roads, close bridges and can't get back now you've compounded your own situation. really when we say stay at home, it is not because we are being hyper cautious. i am not a hyper cautious individual. i never have been. but my advice is, really, stay home. governor last question quickly,
7:37 am
east coast have already declared states of emergency including governor christie last night what prompted your late decision here in new york. >> you know you don't want to impede commerce unless you really have to. i've been speaking with my colleagues i spoke with governor christie and understood his decision and his thinking we believe new jersey may get hit somewhat worse than new york state. once you declare a state of emergency you tend to impede commerce, businesses close down people don't come into work, you don't want to have to do it you don't do it until you have to do it and you have to do it when you believe public safety is an issue. we're at a point now where public safety is an issue that's why i feel comfortable declaring a state of emergency but since we didn't declare it
7:38 am
with people that we are serious about it. it's not being hyper cautious, it is truly justified. you shouldn't be on the roads and there is a chance we're going to do a briefing this morning and then a public briefing at 10:00, there is a chance that we make a decision about closing roads, closing bridges curtailing the mta which means you could go out and then get stranded and not be able to get home. >> governor cuomo thanks so much for joining us tell us where you are now where are you standing right now, sir. right now, i'm in manhattan in front of the governor's office, i was in west chester i'm on my way out to long island later on, so i've been on the roads, i've gotten a sense of what's out there. i've seen how many accidents,
7:39 am
i like to see it for myself, it is the new yorker in me i'm telling you firsthand stay home today. >> we'll see that public briefing at 10:00 a.m. we'll go backup to jericho report, good morning kristin. >> reporter: it is just getting worse and worse out here, it minute. i want to show you over this way, show the people the whiteout conditions here i'm having a hard time even facing into the wind to tell you about what we're seeing so i believe that we're showing you the shot of the you can't see anything right now. we are attempting to show you a shot of the l-i-e signs if you drive this road you are very familiar with it, you can't see. there is just way too many people on the roads you know, i don't know why people are out necessarily but it is probably not a good idea. again more people than we would like to see. now you have plows coming down here 106, 107 absolutely out
7:40 am
since the early hours this morning but you problem here the snow really comes from all directions because the wind it is blowing the snow from the ground, coming down from the sky, just everywhere. visibility is extremely, extremely bad. i want to show you the type of snow, this is supposed to be for my kids to shovel but they are getting out of it today because it is just too muff. it is nice snow in that it is fluffy, quite easy, that gives you a sense how many inches we have, what is that 3 inches or something here in jericho? it is just very dangerous. channel 7 eyewitness news. more on the weather thank you so much. let's get lee goldburg in here as well as amy freeze. this is wild. >> we hear the sanitation compare this to '96, governor cuomo not ruled out perhapsing
7:41 am
we're starting to hone in once the storm starts sometimes these details reveal themselves only when the storm starts that northern new jersey area may be hit one time after another, that's where we could get two feet or more. that's why if the governor was saying maybe new jersey gets harder hit in new york city in some ways road cam we actually have on the new jersey turnpike which you know, i actually thought it could look a little bit worse certainly it is snow covered right now visibility is probably still down a quarter of a mile there certainly less than a half mile. looks like moderate snow to heavy snow leaving the newark area right now. that's what we're looking at in terms of conditions in the area as the snow is coming down heavily especially along i-80 and hudson valley and long island. visibility is way down here in the george washington bridge. 25 degrees, northeast wind gusting to 29. we can update that gust to 35
7:42 am
snowfall amounts are trickling in. waiting for official amounts from our eyewitness news weather watcher. we look at morristown, last night is why i bumped up into the 1 to maybe 2-foot level. washington, that's in warren county 6 inches. staten island, and 4 inches and you're looking at 1 to 2 feet across much of new jersey, north of i-80 a little strip, maybe northern in passaic or sussex, look how west chester into putnam, north of i-84 is where we're six inches or less.
7:43 am
it back off. about blizzard conditions hour. the conditions can last for three hours and a blizzard is declared we have a good shot of that see the heavy snow through the day starting to taper and the winds starting to back off. still bad but we come off our peeks you can see how the heavy snow is right here, seems to have filled in a lot of times you have to sniff the rain to get the heavy snow. when you are northwest that's where you get the heaviest in long island and new york city, not snowing as heavily as it is in river dale, right now you have heavy snow in northern new jersey, still coming down steady in middlesex, ocean, so again that's why i'm really concerned about this area here in northern new jersey. if you look it is one band after another coming in from the motion through the day into
7:44 am
leaving the scene as we go into the evening hours. coastal flooding is a huge concern with this storm. major coastal flooding property damage a possibility, 15 to 20- foot waves are already appearing, that will translate up the coast historic water levels a possibility, weather service talked about that in atlantic city and cape may. we are in the middle of the cycle, it will be closer to the 10:00 hour, we go through this high tied cycle another one this evening which will be terrible because the water will continue to pile up during the day and we'll have to worry about 1 more tomorrow morning before the winds come off the land and try to push the water up. your accuweather forecast looking like this. heavy snow, powerful winds coastal flooding highs in the 20s, as kristin thorne was talking about it is not a heavy wet snow if you are right on the shoreline and the middle of the day for the most part it is
7:45 am
and fluffy snow for the west suburbs. 34 tomorrow, it is a completely different deal it is this white landscape and deep blue sky and the melting begins. here is your 7 day accuweather forecast, a rapid recovery tomorrow see things melting as temperatures get into the 40s you could see a brief shower on tuesday just a lot of clouds around i think a storm will stay offshore on wednesday into late week. so heavy snow right now northern new jersey, if this band sits over northern new jersey and we get multiple bands. 2 inches an hour for 8 hour and put a foot, foot and a half in that time weired, we'll get upper 20s to near 30s in northern new jersey. and in the realtime, one of the reasons why we started to raise
7:46 am
we see 30 inches those are the amounts in d.c. they were catching the brunt. >> you hear reports in d.c., push 20 inches but we may end up with some of the jackpots. keeps churning. that's it thank goodness it is saturday. that's for sure. let's take a live look outside 66th and columbus, the snow still coming down blizzard conditions difficult to see a
7:47 am
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7:49 am
the upper west side, this is outside of our windows here in the studio 66th and columbus, a little bit of a difference we're seeing traffic people being told stay off the streets the governor told us state of emergency in new york. we just saw a woman walking passed our window studio here with the ski mask on that's any indication of the conditions outside. also let's go to road cam a look along the new jersey turnpike in the newark area. >> 78 was not plowed at all, we were looking at 5 or 6 inches at that time this morning coming in and of course snow drifting with all of this wind very little visibility. >> we also got late word a few minutes ago how 7,000 power outages in our viewing area in new jersey in just in new jersey 7,000 almost 40,000 over all in the state of new jersey those winds picking up and taking down some lines take a look at this video posted on twitter by the pd shows live
7:50 am
street as that wind blows all that heavy snow around this is on bay shore drive. under a mandatory, mandatory evacuation right now, officials are telling people to avoid any unnecessary travel, saying yeah you'll get stuck on the roads if you needless ly venture out. the storm has been causing major disruptions all around. heather is here with that part of the story. now, governor cuomo declared new york a state of emergency, new jersey is in a state of new jersey, here when it is a state of emergency stay off the roads unless it is an absolute emergency. i highly doubt all these cars traveling along route 4 or route 17 is going to an emergency. this doesn't look like emergency type of travel. you want to stay off of the roadways, suv, even if you have an suv that's not going to make a difference keep them off the roads let the emergency crews do their work.
7:51 am
this is the west side highway in the 150s, this is a normal saturday morning, almost looks different than a morning looks like there are more cars on the roadway. a look at the east side as you travel on the fdr drive this is right in the 70s. you barely can see the black top. the driving conditions are undesirable. here is a look at the southern state park way, this is karona avenue. this person is driving way too fast and then a look at what's happening on the new england way by bartowavenue. let's go to our maps you'll talk a bit about what's happening with mass transit. long island railroad i'm seeing some delays on certain lines
7:52 am
transit suspended, trains light rail. don't go out and travel if you do not have to. thanks, heather. we talked to the governor and a state of emergency in new york the 11th state to have that kind of declaration, he did not rule out, closing down bridges as well as the mta nothing just yet on that but stay tuned that could change depending how this storm progresses. we are getting tweets about people cross country skiing on the streets of new york city, which is reminiscent of 1996, i will never forget that. be sure to stay with us with our site on twitter online social media #abc7ny share your pictures with us we are getting a real eyeful what this
7:53 am
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. this is an eyewitness news special report. blizzard alert. taking a live look outside of our studios here are the very latest headlines governor cuomo declared a state of emergency for new york state. >> yesterday mayor deblasio declared a local weather emergency for the city, cars
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