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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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blocking the plows out there, will be towed. in materials of getting around transit bus services -- suspended thousands sitting without power, governor christie declaring a state of emergency, a big concern is keeping the roads clear, good morning. >> you're watching a special edition of eyewitness news, we've been watching this snowfall all morning long, gotten so much more intense a few hours ago we want to start with the very latest, call for a bigger snowfall around 11:00 last night, you were right. >> now that we see daylight you see the landscape probably anywhere from 4 to as much as 10 inches that have fallen anywhere from new jersey to long island down the shore. >> why is it kicking so much? is it the cold? you see lightning offshore it is just exploding offshore, it is just a tremendous set up
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temperatures that are in the mid-40s so that's adding a lot of heat and energy, very dynamic situation. outside we go where the wind is blowing this is the upper west side we'll see amy in just a second right now snow covered probably up to about 4 or 5 inches in central park waiting for the official first set from the weather service that should come in anytime, 25 degrees wind gusts to 35 and wind gusts of 35 you talk about blizzard conditions with quarter mile or less, there are blizzard conditions happening around the area. . and what a difference is, dusting in places, putnam county, then you have heavy amounts along the connecticuit coast as well. if we start pushing 20 inches of snow, which is a possibility
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getting across the top new york city snowstorms of all time. we have blizzard warnings coastal flood warnings winter storm warnings to the north, there is our storm look at the live light on the radar, give us a hint where the storm is going to go probably skip off to the north and east, came in fast, probably leave during the late day early evening we'll start to see snow intensities go down. rockland, west chester, also into morris county, union, essex, all the five buroughs, want a sample what's happening? what's it look now that we have light to look at the landscape. nasty. is snow has been come downside ways we certainly have a few inches here on the upper west
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coming downside ways it is very uncomfortable but looking out on the roadways i am actually seeing vehicles out here, this is dangerous. not just because of the snow on the ground and the snow right there in the middle of the street, the plows have been coming by, they are definitely available, it is so slippery and you can't see that far, i can hardly see to the next block when you are looking across trying to see from columbus to broadway here, trying to stay to the lincoln center, the visibility is reduced that's one of the things that makes travel very, very treacherous, snowfall rates have been up to 2 inches per hour, i feel like we're sort of getting a climb in intensity over manhattan and the brighter reds showing up will be the heavier snow that is where we see the snow stacking up plus it is extremely cold, when the snow comes down heavy at times like this it could cool the lower levels of the atmosphere allowing the snow ratios to be high, 10 to 1, all the
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deep snow projection that we've got, again, not fun to put your face into the wind of this, but it is dangerous too. twitter report coming in for new jersey kelly williams saying an oak tree down in her front yard, barely missing the house. these are the types of impacts these winds in a storm like this can break we'll keep you posted but back here live, yes, our sidewalks are being cleared on the regular but you get out, clear it and 15 minutes later you've got ground just be careful during this storm staying inside is the best bet even trying to keep up with the storm during it, i don't think this is one of those storms where you are out and about trying to keep things cleared because the winds are just so fierce. thank you amy. we'll go gangbusters through the middle of the day, where winds are gusting where the snow is the heaviest as we go
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we come off our peaks and start to wind down, the brunt the blizzard through early evening last snowflakes around midnight, east of new york city, 3:00 in the morning widespread 1 to 2-foot snowfalls far north still a substantial snowfall and up to 2 feet in some of these heavier bands, just very concerned as these bands sit over parts of northern new jersey could we even exceed two feet we'll be watching that for you and make sure you know every bit, michelle, rob back to you. let's go back to bay ridge brooklyn, marcus has been showing us what it looks like there and the wind keeps whipping up marcus. michelle and rob, what i was saying earlier you have people walking on the street in the middle of the street because it is more plowed than the sidewalks and really not a great idea these cars can't stop as quickly as they'd want
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pile down and the wind whipping around. the roads actually not as many cars the plows are trying to keep up with this at least as the snow continues to fall and then now the neighborhood waking up a little bit we've got ed who is dutifully shoveling out his car, did it catch you by surprise how much? >> no, it is an awful lot happening pretty rapidly. >> so are you going anywhere? or just trying to keep it clear? >> trying to keep it clear, there is a lot of elderly people on the block, if they have to go to food town and go into the store pick up any supplies that are left over there. it is just a matter of taking over the people in the neighborhood. >> shoveling the walk. all right that's one responsible citizen right there.
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this is 90th street in bay ridge, the street itself plows have gone by a couple of times but you can see how much snow there is on the side streets because the plows they are hitting those secondary streets those main streets first ever once and awhile they get the side streets not easy to travel or get out of your own block so that is why there is that snow emergency and why the governor declared that state of emergency in new york your best advice just stay in watch eyewitness news rob and michelle? thank you marcus. let's go back to kristin thorne, out on long island in jericho, definitely looks worse than the last time we saw you. >> it is just really bad, another look at 106, 107. a lot of story on the roads is visibility. it is just really, really bad, even having problems i know amy mentioned seeing the next city
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to see out here, we are trying to see highway signs pretty much forget about that. it is very, very difficult you better know your way around we'll go this is, even before the last live shot i said that's the entrance to the lie, now i can see it it is the northern. that's how bad it was. so, the visibility was so bad out here. comes and goes right now the wind is not as bad but it is just whipping around and the snow because of the wind coming from like all directions it is just flying all over the place we've been talking about staying off the roads doesn't appear a lot of people want to do that. there is a lot of people out here you know if you want to head out, it is very dangerous, i've mentioned before, i have an suv it handles very well in the snow it did not this morning that was a few hours ago and gotten even worse. we are seeing small, small
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but we can show you know, people want to be out, hoping there is not going to be any accidents you know, that's what we have out here for you. for now we're live in jericho, eyewitness news. very good advice, just because you have four-wheel drive doesn't mean you can brake with all four-wheels. we don't want to forget about our folks in new jersey a lot of concern about coastal flooding as you heard lee say parts of northern new jersey could hit the jackpots amounts of the storm rivalling with the folks in baltimore and d.c. got 20 inches or perhaps more than that so this again michelle you know this well. the waves are kicking up a will the of this story with the blizzard having to do with the wind, the waves the possible flooding conditions and high
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an hour and a half ago look at that wind move that camera. we're going to talk about mass transit and the airports as well. the storm has caused major disruptions. a few more quick points we are expecting to hear from governor christie, we'll bring that to you live 40,000 power outages in new jersey, 7,000 in the new york, in our viewing area here, new jersey transit is closed so you cannot get around that way and again keeping an eye on coastal communities, and having trouble getting around because of the weather. we don't want our new jersey folks to think we forget about you not the case it is just tough out there but we have crews on the way. heather. talk about getting around again supposed to be closed except for emergencies folks are out there. they are out there all over the place. >> new jersey a state of emergency, tony, we haven't forgetten about you. i got your back, do you know
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northern new jersey. northern new jersey. this is route 80 in montville, this is the guardrail. you can barely see route 80. you want to stay off of the roadways if you can. we are also going to check and see what's going on here. this is route 78 in clinton, route 78 through clinton, eastbound near exit 26 which is rattlesnake road we have a jackknife tractor trailer, it has been there since michelle and i were in the car earlier the city. we're also taking a look what's happening here as you go on the staten island extress way, that's eastbound traffic towards the bridge, the bridges are open, however, you don't want to go out and drive. don't want to cross a bridge to. that's why they are calling a state of emergency stay off of the roadways unless it is an
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you can see again, a ton of snow on the roadways and cars on it as well. let's go over to our maps and we'll talk to you about mass transit long island railroad i was checking in with long island railroad expect delays on many of the branches but running new jersey transit saying a different story suspended trains, buses, light rail, we also have local service only for mta buses none of the express service going on. we're also taking a look at our area airports i'm sure your flight is not going anywhere. you want to get in touch with your carrier, my husband was supposed to fly out. we have our subway service at this point but you can expect service changes delays of those service changes again we have this problem that you travel onto 78 east in reddington. we have a jackknife tractor
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this is all run by sensors gps, things are not exact as far as our delay colors are going to. this roadway there is barely any traffic on it if there is any traffic it is moving very slowly and again you shouldn't even have to be out there in traffic you should stay home unless you absolutely have to. you are not going to an airport, not catching a flight only emergencies that's the only reason why i want to see cars on the roads. we have multiple tractor trailers stuck on the garden state park way, they had to be winched out of the snow and moved. a tractor trailer, imagine what it will be like in your sedan if you get stuck in a snow bank in the blizzard of '96 i got stuck for three hours it is not something you'll have to deal with. 280 had a bunch of accidents
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get off the roadways if you can stay home. michelle and rob. let's go to governor chris christy, thank you for talking to us, where are you? i am in morris county new jersey right now. what are you hearing in terms of what this storm matches up to expectations 12 hours ago? >> so far it seems to be meeting expectations we're having significant snowfall here in the state, not so in the northern part of the state than the southern part of the state, we're watching the roads very carefully. we are seeing minor street flooding along the jersey shore, other than that, nothing certainly that would have any evacuations around here, we're seeing power outages, they are concentrated predominantly in the southern part of the state right now, i expect we'll see more as the day goes on in the northern part of the state. we heard from lee goldburg,
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could rival the through d.c. you are hearing the same thing what advice would you give to those folks. >> the advise, is stay home. do not, and anywhere from 6 to 18 inches of snow, so that's a significant snow event and up there, moving to the south, salting the roadways sanding and making sure it is safe for emergency vehicles to pass. i'm encouraged that there is very few vehicles on the road that's how we need to do it for those folks expect snow 2 to 3 inches more than originally predicted given the track of the storm. you are actually taking a look live at our road cam on the turnpike south of elizabeth.
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off the beach, you are saying stay off the roads give us an idea what calling a state of emergency means for handling snow like this in blizzard conditions? >> the state of emergency gives us legal, if we had to put in travel bans this is my 17th snow emergency in six years as governor. this is not our first rodeo, and we are prepared we had 228,000-tons of salt. we have 3800 vehicles spread throughout the state. we have national guards men ready if we need them and 10 different armories. to help evacuate folks, we don't anticipate that, i don't know what that car was that went zooming by those plow trucks those are the people we want to stay off the roads. we've heard a lot about the
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high tied, full moon, extremely gusty winds out there, what have you heard about that and again what advice, do we have any particular concern i should ask about those coastal communities? we've gone through the first high tied already, seen very little if any flooding along the jersey shore. we have a second high tied tonight, and a third high tied tomorrow morning that we'll need to get through. i've heard not on your air but others people compare this to superstorm sandy, it is absolutely nothing like superstorm sandy, the people should not be alarmed before superstorm sandy 48 hours i evacuated the entire jersey shore. we don't anticipate any evacuations today based upon the current model of the storm, what we generally are going to see is some street flooding another reason to not go out in your car, not go out walking around today because there will
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jersey shore. what i'm more concerned about is obviously power outages the wind is pretty fierce. we have 18,000 outages right now, those outages are being dealt with and they will be once the storm passes and i'm certain we'll have more as we go forward. governor christie thank you so much for joining us. let me bug you one last question i know there was conversation not to get political about you coming back from new hampshire, what made you want to come back, felt it was necessary to come back to new jersey as opposed to staying on the campaign trail. never changed my mind, let's make sure we know exactly what we're dealing with before we make a decision about canceling events and moving back to new jersey. once i got the latest forecast at 11:00 yesterday morning it
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to be a really significant snow event in new jersey and my first and most important job as governor, so as soon as we got that information 11:30, i announced i was coming home and home before the first snowflake hit the ground we are here and stay here until we think this is under control once this is you should control we could head back to new hampshire and campaign for president. but until that time comes, i'm here in new jersey, this is my home and this is my job. this is your 17th storm as you said. >> yes, sir. all right you do have your own meteorologist as well right governor? >> we do but we listen to you all too. >> thank you governor. thank you. lee goldburg, and amy freeze as well listening to you thank you so much for your time, sir. thank you. and as we reported just a few minutes ago governor cuomo of course has declared an emergency in new york state and we talked to him just a minute ago about that decision. it is very bad and it is going to get worse.
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supposed to hit us at about 11:00 so i've declared a state of emergency that gives the governor more power in contract and process to close roads, et cetera right now we have the roads open right now mta operating on a weekend schedule the buses are running the bridges are open. if the situation deteriorates we may make different decisions that may close roads. and people wind up stranded at their destination, that's the last recourse to close down roads or change the mta schedule. if the weather dictates that's what we may have to do people should consider that before making out today. they want to stress stafford township area, maybe
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gust and go into the high tied coastal flooding. chris christy just mentioned he thinks comparison to superstorm sandy are not accurate. kind of unfounded to compare the too. . officials have been moving the people out of that area seeing that surge. okay so we are in big time snows right now and again, we continue to see the bands sit over the same spots over and over so heavy snow across the good part of the area, yet i'm getting some messages from places in southern, and northern putnam, saying we're only seeing a few flakes. that's new york city, that's columbus avenue snow is whipping from north to southbound the avenue right now,visibilities are only a couple of blocks we have
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city, official wind gusts at the park is not 35, we have blizzard conditions in new york city, 25 degrees, northeast wind 26 miles per hour the high today mid-20s we're snowing in the mid-20s not a heavy wet snow, east meadow, midland beach staten island, rock away coming in at 7 inches. central park officially at a half a foot of snow, 8:20 in the morning we're snowing into the early evening hours we probably have in terms of accumulatingsnows 20-inch range maybe 2 feet across northern new jersey. hicksville coming in at 5 inches. i have 1 to 2-foot amounts of new york city and long islandparts of the lower hudson valley, north of i-80 out of the heaviest band it is a very,
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closer to the foot. that's when the amounts drop off in a hurry. you are getting into great snows here across central and southern west chester not in northern west chester may be a big difference over to danburg, where we could get in the 6 to 12 inches. 41 miles per hour gusts in flushing 45 miles per hour winds at jfk, blizzard conditions 44 miles per hour winds, look at that near 50 the winds will peek during the midday and early afternoon at 60 miles per hour would not be shocked to see 65 or 70 miles per hour gust in ocean county, frequent gusts to 35 blizzard conditions with a quarter mile a visibility or less, not only blizzard conditions but declare it a blizzard. snow throughout the day winds peaking midday and early afternoon gusting to 50 mid- afternoon dropping off a little bit during the evening still
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the snow intensity winds down. see the curl right there? there is your low. there is a lightning strike right there that gives you an idea what's happening this low may actually skip over and start to head out. we are getting heavier snowfall rates in the tristate area than d.c. d.c. advertised for the biggest storm one of the biggest in history we're getting the highest totals with this storm also something this is telling me if it stays in this from new york city, this northern edge has gotten as far north, and pivot over us that band is going to stay over the same place that's why we're talking about 2-foot totals especially in northern new jersey into the island, new york city where we've seen close to 10 inches in some spots already. there is your heavy snow fall rates we'll use this tool all day long when you see it in
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up to ryebrook, to valhala and the north shore getting cranked in roslyn, huntington and oyster bay. pivots to the north, through the noon hour heavy bands right over i-95 thepivots offshore and sunshine is back during the day tomorrow. coastal flooding and enormous concern, especially on the jersey shore with 15 to 20-foot waves, historic high waterlevels going through a high tied cycle on long island, that will happen again this evening and then tomorrow morning your snowfall amount 1 to 2 feet and lower amounts to the north and west we've got blizzard today, heavy snow powerful winds, 29 then tonight, 22 snow tapers blowing and drifting tomorrow white on the ground deep blue in the
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forecast, sunshine melting as we go to the police, thank you to the twitter police where it said it was 224 degrees at night, that's not going to happen. i'm having flashbacks from that christmas eve, seems like such a -- >> that did happen right? this was the week we were supposed to get the 20 to 30. >> cooking now. >> you said the band could sit over that part of northern new jersey and jump up those totals. thank you. speaking of totals amy freeze is seeing totals accumulate on the upper west side. amy. just confirmed central park 6 inches of snow on the ground, come on over here, you know
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the streets, i live in newark new jersey and i obviously do the security and i pretty much am going to stick around see what happens since i think that i don't have transportation but to new jersey here he is trying to find his way back home. get inside, get warm. it is brutal out here there are people getting around they have to go places they have to pick something up, they are going to help a friend you know this kind of stuff, if you have absolutely got to be outside, well i guess you have to go and face it, and that's why the wind is driving the snow sideways into your face, this is not the worst of it wind is sustained to 30. it is going to be worse this afternoon mid-morning to early afternoon winds going 50 miles per hour or higher. looking at the ground right
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you know what we've had the whole crew clearing the sidewalks and the snow starts to stack up and blows around in your yard 6 inches on the west side that seems very real. confirmed at the park already the twitter pictures we've seen coming in i've seen the drifts all across manhattan looking impressive. as far as it goes for travel out here i guess getting around on your feet is the way to go. it is uncomfortable, it is nasty, blizzard conditions and apparently looking into the afternoon we'll confirm a full blizzard and can you see how it is? i'm going inside back to you guys. you are saying flizzard. >> your face is frozen.
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i've never seen her quite this exacerbated. >> i'm freezing you need a hot cocoa. get inside. >> i can switch. a baton is going to be passed. let's use a sports metaphor. what inning of this baseball game are we in? third? we have a long way to go and already. just got out of the gates we'll peak around 1:00 this afternoon that's going to be peak conditions heavy snow continues. this is peak snowfall rates we're going to get our peak winds and snowfall rates together around 1:00. after 3 and 4:00, i think we'll see our heavy snow bands lose some of their muster and the evening hours i think after 7:00 or 8:00 we might get another inch or two and that's it. the worst by 1:00. >> let's go back out to bay ridge go to marcus solice, i don't know if you can show us the cars out there commissioner garcia from the sanitation department was telling us if you were out there in your car
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are going to tow you, and of course the governor cuomo was talking about as bad as we've seen since ' we are seeing black top, they've been running plows up and down third avenue in bay ridge and you can see a little bit of the street. side streets are a bit of a different story they don't get to them right away. this is 90th street you can see the sidewalks folks having come up at yet to shovel those out and so what we're seeing is people walking in the street because those are in better shape but you don't want to do that. we've got richie out here, he is out, what are you doing? >> i'm actually going to work. >> heating company. >> you work for an air- conditioning company. plus a heating company.
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take the day off today. >> going to be busy, boilers breaking down that kind of thing? >> we could use a little bit of forced air. forced hot air here. it will come up to my shins in my front door. you think you can get there by subway? take a couple blocks and come back home. >> you have to be careful walking out on the streets not the brightest idea. still have to go to work. you are out here working. >> i am, i tried to get out they wouldn't let me. >> people are going to work and walking in the streets,
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their destination, the cars really, that is what people are concerned about is keeping traffic off the roads so that the plows can do their job and on this street they are getting the upper hand the snow picks up and gets snow covered quickly once again, rob, michelle? that guy had a good point he was like, you're working, i have to get to work too. we all have to get to work. . >> i'm squinting and trying to turn my head a little bit, to try to deal with all of this, i do want to tell you we have learned from nassau county police there have been 27 accidents in nassau county this morning and issued a release telling everyone to stay off
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i stepped off a distance away from the road i'm getting nervous with all these small cars driving around slipping and sliding everywhere you can see in addition, looks like we have someone stranded here seeing this already people just these people are slipping and sliding everywhere. here comes another small vehicle going to be coming by here, again these small cars don't handle well in snow these are not the type of conditions you want to have your vehicle out in. i said before i'll say it again, i have an suv that handles usually very well in the snow. very, very bad. did not do well at all. clearly these are not the conditions that you should be in. we could show them, this is the shopping center you could barely see if we do like a
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you can't even see or make out anything, there is no oneel walking around all the stores are closed a dunkin' donuts is open and the guys went home, their owner called and said it is far too dangerous to be out. we are live in jericho, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> looking at pictures coming in please share yours let us know what it looks like outside your windows you can barely see a block down it is just coming downside ways this snow. >> our crews have been great shoveling the sidewalk outside the studio but can't keep up with it. check in on road cam this is in new jersey near exit 10. okay but obviously snow covered
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idiots going way too fast, slow down take it easy and get off the cell phones we hope and be okay. but just giving you a taste of the roadways out there, that's a perfect segway to check in back with heather, speaking of jersey, we know the jersey transit is shut down. the turnpike is at least plowed many other places forget about it. >> i just hope kristin and pete got a box of joe before they were able to close down that dunkin' donuts. let's talk about new jersey. route 18 and arthur street we are hearing a major phone line is down at this time we are also taking a look what's going on, route 88 near cincinnati avenue, downed traffic light and as you go into howell the ramp to 195, tractor trailer there, again, it is very serious out there, no reason to
8:36 am
have to, 78 east in reddington, we have a jackknife tractor trailer there. that has been cleared away mass transit. trains, buses light rail, suspended. we're seeing delays mta buses are running local service only. no express service this morning throughout what i believe will be most of the day. airports, flights canceled into and out of the airport you want to get in touch with your individual carrier, i am sure your flight is not taking off today a lot of flights canceled tomorrow. let's go over to a webcam, show you how things look on 195. that's a good thing. usually you see a lot of cars especially when i'm talking about what's going on with traffic. 195 not a bad ride because we don't have any cars as far as
8:37 am
bad rise don't go there unless you absolutely have to, new jersey, mass transit is not an option because it is suspended with new jersey transit trains, buses light rail, again, unless it is an absolute emergency you want to stay home if you can. i'm going to toss it back over to michelle and rob now. i got an update on power outages, trees down, about 100,000 power outages in new jersey, 50,000 in the southern part of the state and 50,000 backup here, evenly split, but power outages there the affects of all the snow and high winds, no surprise there. >> around 100,000, those are houses and apartments and customers not people. that number has grown in the past two hours or so. again early into this and mr. goldburg. going to be all day, lee. this came in full force no doubt about it. this is our camera, which is over in brooklyn. supposed to look at manhattan,
8:38 am
believe this is just the entryway on the brooklyn bridge. you can just see nothing here the cameras shaking, going to change the cameras and go to street level looking at our studios in the upper west side, that's the only way we can get views is look at street levels snowfall hitting the lenz like it was hitting amy we are stationed out there and do our west forecast and our stormupdates you see the road gets covered have we have 6 inches in central park snowing at 2 inches an hour we have heavy snow fall the gusting of a park reported 26 miles per hour but i think representative what's going on in new york city is la guardia, 32 miles per hour sustained and 41 miles per hour winds gusting. so we have a blizzard in new york city, we are going on a few hours of these conditions, very confidence it will be declared a blizzard remembered as a blizzard 1 to 2-foot amounts over much of new jersey
8:39 am
island a huge cutoff into northern west chester still able to get the big time amounts in and south of 287 northern new jersey can get in the 1 to 2-foot area, northern than most passaic sussex. the big change in terms of the perception of the storm will be in duchess, what are you talking about blizzard, big snows we're just coating the ground. we have a big shot to get in this in our top six list in new york city snowfalls compared to january 1996, so a possibility here with 20 inches of snow. blizzard warnings in affect coastal flood warning, there is our, one of the big reasons why
8:40 am
right now is a called subtropical jet being fed into this storm and moisture bringing in and you have a very strong jet stream over the top making it very dynamic and you have this heavy snow bands which are coming on shore which maybe they've turned on the brakes keeping us in the band for quite awhile. and over into parts of nassau county, over into port washington and now into parts of central as well. river head into the hamptons very heavy snow there. lighter snows and let's see parts of northern orange county northern west chester and fair field county as well. here is this winter storm, heavy snow bands 2 inches an hour whiteout conditions the
8:41 am
the early evening hours the absolute height of the storm should be 1:00 this afternoon. the snowflakes will midnight with later east and northeast of new york city, widespread 1 to 2 feet, heavy bands i'm not going to be surprised if we start to see a 30-inch amount. too long of a duration under the same bands so very, very concerned about that. again snowfall amount available at abc 7ny. and we really need some -- waiting for the weather service to come out officially 6 inches in central park, that was about a half hour ago, i imagine pushing 7 inches in new york city. michelle, rob, back to you. did you say 30? 3-0 inches? >> i could absolutely verify, especially in northern new jersey. >> we're not talking inches, 1
8:42 am
for you, and much of what we've been talking about has to do with the water coming let's go to belmar. high tied was 2 hours ago, flooding a story in all of this all day long as well. >> this is actually ocean avenue in belmar it is windy and snowy, also a picture from jersey, one of michelle's favorite places. the thing about this picture, look at the way that camera is shaking around. talking about gusty winds there is your proof right there. that picture kind of says it all you see the choppy waves that camera getting tossed around by high winds, we are
8:43 am
three hours and some change, about 1:00 this afternoon officials in manasquan moved people, evacuations trees down, power outages, 100,000 customers that's not people that's houses apartments, customers in new jersey without power let's go to brooklyn to bay ridge where marcus is showing us what it looks like good morning to you marcus. good morning michelle and rob, it is almost the whiteout condition, very poor visibility wind for a little bit we had a pocket there where it wasn't coming down, as windy as the wind picks up, makes it tough to see right in front of you. we've got george here, he has his friend jake look at jake, is he having a good time or what? >> he hasn't had a lot of storms in his lifetime.
8:44 am
himself right now. what kind of dog? >> he is a golden doodle. he seems to be enjoying this, is he enjoying this more than you? >> my feet are starting to freeze and my fingers are a little bit frostbite. i think he is having a good time here. you came out to walk him what are your plans are you going to stay in? >> i'm going to stay in shovel my house, my neighbor's house a few elderly folks on the block need as much help as they can get in this weather get a cup of coffee from dunkin' donuts and head back home. thank you george, thank you jake. while that goes on there is work at hand as they send the plows down third avenue here in bay ridge, at one point almost seeing black top but might again once this passes through one more time they are trying to stay on top of it of course
8:45 am
sanitation commissioner says they are hoping to get 2500 pieces of apparatus, came down harder than they anticipated in the beginning but trying to get the upper hand, the biggest aide in all of that would be for people to stay off the roads, that's what they were asking people to do so the snowplows can do their work, and a good scrape to black top as the snow continues coming down in bay ridge. you've been around a long time covered many of these in, how is this going to rank and feel to others? >> it is the wind all about the wind and the snow you know you get used to it, you are wet, cold, but when the wind picks up and blows the snow around, it really makes it tough. i don't know if you can really see on these cars, like some of
8:46 am
that there is hardly any snow that's accumulated because it is blowing around so much, not an even drift across the side streets here. it is blowing around and the wind when it picks up it makes it difficult to see. that's why they want people to stay off the roads, stop in front of them, so the difference here, no doubt about it the wind. all right marcus thank you so much. and a reminder to folks digging out their cars later you can already see the snow drifts are coming up to the exhaust pipes of the cars you get in there you start cranking your car to get it nice and warm, make sure you have dugout your exhaust pipe. otherwise all of those fumes are going right back in your car that's a terrible situation. back to that live picture as we give you some sound we
8:47 am
christy a few moments ago. the state of emergency gives us more legal flexibility if we had to put in a travel ban or other things, let me give the folks in perspective this is not our first rodeo, we know how to handle this. and we are prepared we're watching the coast very carefully, we see some minor street flooding along the jersey shore but other than that, evacuation down there and we're seeing power outages they are concentrated predominantly in the southern part of the state right now. as you heard it is not his first rodeo, 17 storms in 6 years. 17 in just six years. i guess he is counting. >> all right let's go back out to kristin thorne live all morning for us in jericho out on long island of course
8:48 am
snowfall and the wind and coastal flooding always seals to get hit pretty hard what are you continuing to see out there where you are. well, really, kind of status quo here, you know here i'll show you the visibility here 106, 107 here in jericho, it is just really, really bad. if you take a look at the highway sign, that's a good example, you can't even see it. hopefully no one should be on the road anyway, especially if you are driving in unfamiliar territory now is not the time to do that even if you have gps you are not going to be able to see much of where you are going. here is the nassau county police vehicle, that reminded me, they've had at least 27 accidents in the county so far, and they just sent out a release to all the media asking us to remind everyone at home to just stay home that the roads are extremely icy because underneath all of this there is a layer of ice apparently.
8:49 am
accidents out there so far, the thing is to just stay off the roads can we go around that way and see the cars coming here? there is just nothing good about being out right now in fact i'm starting to get a little concerned about us being out here because i'm not sure how we'll get out of here but we'll figure that out. we've done this before we've covered many snowstorms you've seen an american red cross vehicle i don't know if you can see that obviously they are going to be out and about as well doing their jobs. >> kristin can you hear me? we are going to try to keep your pictures but go to mayor bill deblasio joining us by phone right now good morning to you mayor. good morning. talk to us. you declared a winter weather emergency earlier what are you seeing where you are? >> so i've been just out a little around gracy mansion here going around the city shortly look, it is very gusty,
8:50 am
heard, there is no reason to be on the streets, i just want to say to all my fellow new yorkers, dangerous out there, icy stay home the snow over the last couple hours has picked up now we're getting 1 to 2 inches per hour just as very important for people to the weather emergency declared a clear message to stay off the roads anyone blocking the roads, anyone blocking our emergency vehicle sanitation vehicles will be towed and pay for that. even we've been in touch with the state and mta, we are really discouraging people from using mass transit unless it is absolutely urgent the situation is getting more and more intense just an absolutely smart stay home stay safe. >> let me pick up on that is there any possibility that mta will shut down like we saw last year? >> at this moment based upon
8:51 am
governor yesterday and our teams are having this morning we don't see that likelihood right now we know storms can change this, what we are hearing maximum, 18 to 24 inches, got a littlest mattes down a little bit in the last few hours hopeful, not on the agenda right now we are going to do this hour by hour. we talked to the sanitation commissioner telling everyone you have to stay off the roads if you break down or in our way, we are going to tow you, anything about parking, digging out i know in the past we've said that people are not advised to shovel out and throw the snow in the middle of the street that really messes things up. until a few years ago i had my own car in brooklyn and drove myself, i know it is tempting to take the snow and
8:52 am
people have to really think about when you shovel out put it right near the car on the sidewalk, right behind the car right in front of the car. look what we hope this is going to be over by the end of the day and tomorrow will be a clean up day and everything will be normal for monday or pretty normal for monday that's still what we see happening here, that's only if people stay out of the way of sanitation, there is just no reason to be out there, an absolute emergency, if sanitation has the ability to get their to, they can do extraordinary things in cleaning up what's happened in the past people get out get in their way and start to see traffic jams and streets that can't get cleared bottom line stay home and stay safe. how grateful are you and your administration that this is a saturday as opposed to a workday? >> mother nature has been kind to us on this one. first of all, the first storm of the winter and we're getting
8:53 am
pretty amazing to begin with, second, absolutely a blessing that we got through the workday friday, got through the school day at this moment if things continue on this projection pretty normal monday we'll be able to do school so it is pretty amazing that it hit exactly the right time. the ball game ain't over yet. mayor deblasio thank you so much for joining us on the phone live from gracy mansion we're talking about the top, the worst of the snow hitting us by 1:00 this afternoon a foot to 2 feet depending upon where you live in our tristate area. >> mike thorn! has no idea but he just helped get that car out. >> he is a good man a good indication how slick it is for people. what are you seeing out there in terms of traffic hopefully people will heed the elected officials call to stay off the
8:54 am
>> you know what i wish people would head that request. this is the fdr drive this is in the 70s up in the 90s on the fdr we have an accident reported and that accident is actually northbound involves a couple vehicles so again emergency crews are out there wasting their time cleaning up an accident that should not have occurred if people would stay home and stay off the roads unless a an emergency. lie, this is a look at the lie as you go through queens the eastbound side of the lie is closed then closed right near 74th street you can see a ton of traffic on the roadway we do have the plows out as well that's a good thing to allow for emergency vehicles to get on to the lie if that needs to happen. staten island expressway right near richmond road, staten island expressway i am happy to see i'll keep it on here for a little for you, kudos i don't see anything on the staten island further east if you were
8:55 am
the lower level to brooklyn is shut down, not sure how much longer that upper level is going to stay open we'll take a look at the energy turnpike the garden state park way the energy turnpike has speeds up to 30 miles per hour, also see speeds restrictions but look at the park way people are driving on the park way at this point. this is actually right down, i believe right by exit 109. tough that scene where you can't see the black top. long island railroad system wide 10 to 15 minute delays that could guess worse. we have new jersey transit trains buses, light rail suspended you have mta buses running local service only the subways are running but you can expect scattered delays seeing delays here and there, signal problems mechanic problems
8:56 am
metro north i checked in with metro north running on or close to schedule that's a great thing, and path trains i saw 33rd line dealing with some delays airports, come on you are probably not going to be flying anywhere today into, newark, jfk a lot of flights have been canceled get in touch with your individual carrier just to make sure going over here to route 88 downed traffic lights at cincinnati avenue. our street cleaning rules suspended but the meter rules are in affect. >> you and heather had a rough ride getting into work. >> we were going 10 miles per hour on route 78 which had not been plowed at all. we are looking at several inches maybe 5, 6 inches at that point then the snow drifts with the wind. that was 4:30. >> it is even worse now. be careful.
8:57 am
to marcus live in bay bridge brooklyn. hello, marcus. you got some folks walking down the street come on over how is the snow out there? what's that? deep in spots. >> what's the plan for today. sledding, snowball fight. >> sledding, yeah. >> getting ourselves in trouble. too bad it wasn't during the week you might have missed some school. >> they just walked out on the side street, the snow almost up to his thighs there that young guy as it has drifted in spots really piling up here in bay ridge,. >> all right. helping out to be my neighbor,
8:58 am
>> a lot of people are actually helping out neighbors that's what we've been hearing. be here until monday hopefully monday. >> might have to hit it a couple of times today. is it worse than you thought? more than i thought, not worse because i love it. >> do you. you want to stand here and hold this for the rest of the day and take my spot? >> we'll talk about it. >> i wish it was monday too because i'm a teacher. >> no snow day for you. >> what's your name? >> jonie. >> thank you so much. we did push a car out i don't know if you saw that but we aim to please here at eyewitness news when we're not doing weather reports we're pushing cars out. a car tried to go down the side street and couldn't make it. mike thorn steve, they were doing a great job it wasn't until i arrived i had my super human strength we were able to
8:59 am
in a day's work. . that's the most work he's done. taking a live picture you can see the camera bouncing around the wind is definitely part of the story, we've been on all morning since 6 a.m. we'll be on all day bringing you live pictures what this looks like in the tristate. we saw governor christie declaring a state of emergency late last night governor cuomo did here in new york also locally mayor deblasio declared a local weather emergency for new york city everyone is saying over and over again they want everyone off the roads just too dangerous, too windy too slippery, please just stay in and relax and cars blocking those plows out there they are


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