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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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see if we can build on it and have continuity. >> lisa: thanks. back to you, lisa. >> mike: all right, lisa. 35 years old and still an elite player. he showed it substantial with a stellar performance against the cavs here in cleveland. final score, the bulls, 96, the cavs 83. for jeff, mark, lisa, the producer and director and the abc crew who did a tremendous job today, mike breen saying thanks for watching. coming up next, local news except on the west coast.
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winter is back with a vengeance. >> nasty out here. >> the first major snowstorm of the year, and it's a blizzard of historic proportions. >> this is now going to be one of the top five worst blizzards we've ever had. >> wind, ice, flooding, and
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from headaches and hassles, to fun. >> raise your hand if you love the snow. >> now it's time to dig out. >> we had a good two feet of snow in front. >> good evening everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. this historic storm finally now winding down after constant and heavy snowfall all day. here is the latest. new york city's travel ban will be lifted tomorrow morning at 7:00. bridges and tunnels will reopen at the same time. >> at 6:00 a.m. the mta will begin assessing when above-ground subways as well as the long island railroad and metro north will return to service. they are hoping to have those up and running as quickly as possible. >> and the number of deaths from this storm growing tonight. five people have died in queens and on staten island, also on long island. >> we have team coverage with reporters fanned out across new jersey, long island, new york city, and westchester. we're going to begin right here in the studio with
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>> what a resume this storm has. we started to get a hint of it a weak ago. we deliberate all week. is it close enough to give us the big snow totals? and in the end it provides a season's worth of snowfall in about 24 hours. this is what it looks like in new york city. the streets are walkways. actually, people have been skiing by. we still have some flurries and a gusty cold wind out of the north. it's gusting to 20 miles per hour. now, as of 7:00 tonight it became the third biggest snowstorm in new york city history. we are confident after getting additional snow since 7:00 that we'll at least be in the number two spot, and we're anxiously awaiting word from the weather service whether we have the top snowstorm of all- time in new york city. no matter what, it looks incredible. meteorologist jeff smith just outside our studios. jeff. >> reporter: i don't know about you, jeff. it feels like we broke the record. look at the drifting.
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the wind has been making as it's funneled down here on columbus avenue. something i've never seen. multiple people skiing by on cross country skis on columbus avenue as that travel ban is in effect. people just walking down the street. abc crews doing a great job clearing off the sidewalk right here. just an incredible storm. check out some of the totals that we've had in addition to the near record total in central park, which may end up just being the record. jfk airport, 27.7 inches. williamsburg, brooklyn, 27.3. this was such a widespread area of 25 inches or more. staten island had over 27 inches. on the island, hicksville over 27 inches. suffolk county, 26.5. we're going to be updating that central park total as soon as we find out the final tally. look at new jersey.
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same deal at summerville an clinton. not to be outdone, connecticut. some of these heavier snow bands made it into fairfield county. greenwich, 16 inches and over a fat anywhere from fairfield to will ton, to shelton. new york city sanitation coming by right now. and they're actually getting columbus avenue down to a little bit of hard top. so we're going to be watching the crews clean up these streets overnight. thank goodness there are no cars on the roads, because it will give the crews a chance to help clean up the streets. just an incredible storm. kind of surreal out here, lee. it's exciting for us. it happened on a weekend so kind of the leastesque on commerce. it was just a neat little science experiment to watch unfold. >> really, really was. and at the central park conservancy, they measure the park snowfall.
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next hour they can two out there and take a measurement. meanwhile, 15 to 30 inches. a huge swath. over 30 inches in northern new jersey. the big ranges across the northern suburbs. very little snow in ulster and sullivan and dutchess counties. in terms of the actual snow, there's still some light snows going through the hudson valley but it's actually pretty good right here across southern fairfield and right across into the north shore of suffolk county. decent snows still in monmouth and ocean county that have to pivot out over the next few hours. our low has skipped all the way southeast of cape cod, and they're actually getting some surprise snowfall in the boston area along with blizzard conditions. this moves away, and then we're in much better shape by dawn for sure. we're seeing the snow end from west to east, blowing and drifting continue overnight. and how bright skies develop as the
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so much more on the seven-day forecast. there's so much to look at with this storm and the week ahead. that's coming up with jeff and i in a few minutes. >> you guys can track the latest on the weather with our accutrack weather alert app. lee and jeff just posted the numbers. more than two feet of show fell in new york city. plow trucks have been out on the streets all day and all night clearing all that snow. abc news reporter marci gonzalez is along the west side highway at a travel ban check point. marcy. >> you hear that sign behind me. that means an officer is seeing yet another driver breaking that travel ban. these nypd officers have been parked here in the middle of the west side highway since this afternoon, stopping every driver, warning them to stay off the roads through this treacherous historic storm. the city prepared for the worst and got it. more than two feet of snow
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>> i walked out the door this morning and it was worse than i thought. >> reporter: like the best efforts of the sanitation department operating 1800 plows and 500 salt spreaders. the roads are a dangerous mess. a travel ban in effect with drivers ordered off the roads until 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> they have to let emergency services, fire department, and most of al san day, do their jobs. if they're on the road, they're going to interfere. >> reporter: underground subway lines still operating. >> everything was running, it was gray. >> reporter: but not the above- ground trains which stranded some strap hangers. >> i was in complete panic mode. >> reporter: bus service canceled, too, mayor de blasio saying mass transit may not get back to normal until tomorrow afternoon, urging new yorkers, if they can to stay inside and enjoy the winter wonderland views from the comfort and safety of home.
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certainly don't travel if you don't need to. there's a lot of cleanup to do, and it's still not going to be entirely safe. >> reporter: still a lot of work to do, and still concern that even though the snow has stopped falling, there is big danger to the drivers who are still out here risking it. for all of the people we have seen out here, still walking in the middle of the street. live on the west side highway, marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> as you heard marcy allude to, nearly every mode of transportation has been impacted by this store. again, the long island railroad, metro north, and new jersey transit all were shut down today. so were all subway lines with tracks above ground. the lighter areas you sea on this map, those are the lines that are not running. and no surprise, airlines also canceled thousands of flights. jetblue planes buried under snow at jfk airport.
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more than 2,000 flights were canceled at new york area airports. specifically, 506 flights out of laguardia, 866 at jfk, another 663 flights at newark liberty. authorities continue to urge drivers to stay off the roads across the area, and for good reason. new jersey state police tweeted this picture of a car on fire. and when this picture was released, shortly after 7:00 p.m., troopers had already dealt with more than 230 crashes and helped more than 1,040 drivers. another major problem in new jersey, coastal flooding. look at this picture from manasquan, and take a look at the video from margate city in atlantic county just south of atlantic city. severe flooding on the roads right now. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross, she is in point pleasant, ocean county. a.j. >> reporter: joe, sandra,
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been putting on a show here along the beach in point pleasant all day today with this wintry, snowy ice mix that's just been blustery. the wind gusts have been extremely powerful pushing the ocean closer and closer to the shoreline. the good news is that the sand dunes here seem to have withheld the high tide. there's no noticeable erosion. but as we now begin to recover, flooding is certainly the next concern. all day the waves have been crashing here along point pleasant beach wrestling with these double-digit wind gusts. earlier today we caught up with governor chris christie as he visited the shoreline and detailed how crews have been working around the clock to clear the major roadways and highways and restore power to thousands of homes. >> we're now down to 50,000. now, we have very few outages in the northern part of the state, in your viewing area, but the storm is still headed up there and it is not done. so we could have some more outages be added from the northern part of the state.
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the state we're hopeful that if the wind dies down we won't add too many to that. >> reporter: according to the governor over 3800 pieces of equipment along with 228,000 tons of salvete been utilized throughout the state to clear roads and get things back to normal as soon as possible. but a key factor in things getting back up and running is people staying home and staying out of the way of those working overnight. >> what we say to folks is this. if your heat is on and your power is on, stay in your home. will you be fine. if there's any problems with flooding, we'll come get you. but we want people to stay in their homes. but if their heat goes off we want them to shelter with friends and family who have heat, or get to a local shelter. and law enforcement can bring you there. >> we are obviously having some technical difficulties. we apologize for that. now, as power was getting restored in belmar, new jersey
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hit with another outage. the source of the problem? let's just say it was a bit unusual. a sailboat's mast got tangled in some overhead power lines. the mayor tweeted this photo with the caption, can't this stuff up. right now there are 8300 customers without power in new jersey. there are a lot fewer outages in new york. at this hour about 505 on long island, just 108 customers without power throughout new york city. the snow is beginning to taper off on long island after the blizzard pummeled the area with heavy snow and strong winds. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in garden city, nassau county. stacey. >> reporter: well, hi, joe. the wind is still going pretty good but very light snow at this point. we're here on 7th street near franklin avenue in garden city. it looks pretty desolate down the street.
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still closed, the l.i.r.r. is still shut down, and we've seen why. this is the long island expressway tonight. old west ferry, where most drivers are heeding the travel ban. the same was true here on the meadow brook parkway and the oyster bay expressway where the only ones out tonight besides us are the snow plows and the ambulances. here in long beach, the waters of reynolds channel on the north side of the barrier island crept right up to the fishing pier, but not over it at high tide. a relief to city officials pouring all their equipment and personnel into snow removal. pedestrians were out and about, but not for long. meanwhile, in communities like westbury and beth paining, where at least 20 inches of snow have now fallen, side streets are still covered and main roads aren't much better. this is old country road where even a pickup truck with a
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and this woman, an essential worker, a nurse, can't seem to get home. >> i feel it's unfair that i give all may 14 hours to taking care of people i don't even know, i have a small child at home, i'm trying to get home. >> luckily, kindhearted souls are around to help. >> how many folks like her have you encountered? >> that's the third one. >> they're still driving. >> they're still driving. they should be at home sleeping. it is what it is. help everybody. >> reporter: and that man was, in fact, helping everybody. some people really had to get to work tonight. essential workers really had to get to their jobs. that poor woman had to get all the way back out to suffolk county. we hope she makes it there safely. most people were staying off the parkway and the expressway. i can vouch for that. live in garden city, stacey sager. >> we like it when folks follow directions. stacey, thank you very much.
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morning on where things stand in new york and new jersey. governor christie is planning a 10:00 a.m. news conference in somerset, and mayor de blasio will speak at 11:00 a.m. we've just learned governor cuomo will hold a news conference at 9:45. we will be there for all of them and of course bring you the latest information at abc7ny. >> stay with eyewitness news to get any new information from transportation to cleanup. we will bring it to you on tv and on-line as well. blizzard 2016 really boroughs. in brooklyn. places. some cars still stuck in the snow tonight. we've got a live report just ahead. but first, check out some of the amazing photos we got from our viewers today, neighborhood.
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neighbors helping push an ambulance in glendale, queens, a mom-to-be goes into labor and a team gets her to the hospital. we learned the woman was pulled in a sled to the ambulance, then when the ambulance got stuck, neighbors road. quite a story for a woman in labor in hoboken. there was no time to get her to the hospital so emts successfully delivered the baby at home. mom and baby are both happy and healthy tonight.
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accumulating snow made navigating streets tough even for the experts. one of our streams caught this cab driver stuck in the snow, spinning his wheels on the upper west side. and the nypd's precinct tweeted out this photo of police van in jackson heights that had to be towed. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang has had an up-close look at the pitfalls of trying to get through snow covered streets. lucy. >> reporter: well, sandra, as new york settles in for the night rest assured we are seeing emergency vehicles make the patrols in brooklyn, but even without traffic on flatbush avenue it is not easy navigating all this snow. even rescue workers needed to be rescued today. this police cruiser was stuck in a snow bank until some strong shoulders set free. an ambulance found itself
11:21 pm
this time good samaritans with shovels in hand spent 45 minutes to set free. >> when i saw it stuck, i thought i should do what i could to get it out. >> reporter: there was plenty of spinning, skidding, and slading as the blizzard made travel down right chosennerrous. even this rig with its huge wheels had trouble. perhaps the best mode was walking as we ran into senator charles schumer on his way to his daughter's house for dinner. >> i've been through all of new york's snow storms since was a little boy in the '50s, and this is one of the worts i've seen. >> reporter: it's clearly been a headline making storm today but from the ground level what we saw out here were a lot of new yorkers ready and willing to come to the rescue. we're live in brooklyn, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lucy, thank you. from brooklyn to the bronx, cars slipping and sliding there. look at this video of people who ignored the citywide travel ban and decided to head out on the roads anyway.
11:22 pm
in some cases, surprise, surprise, getting stuck. it is a perfect example of why the city called for the travel ban, to prevent scenarios like this one. only emergency vehicles and plows are supposed to be on the road. as we head to break, we're going to give you a chance to take a live look outside at all of this snow.
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the blizzard stranded some 500 vehicles on a stretch of
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more than 24 hours. the problems began last night soon after the snow started to fall. but the national guard had to be called in. the guard handed out military rations, so everybody did get fed. heavy construction equipment finally arrived this afternoon to start digging the vehicles out. kind of like a movie. among those stranded were buses full of church groups. they were returning from the march for life in washington, d.c. they got out of their vehicles and held mass right on the side of the road. well, as the storm made its way up the east coast washington, d.c. was one of the hardest hit areas. by this afternoon areas near washington had accumulated 30 inches of snow. d.c.'s monuments, typically crawling with tourists, stood vacant, and it was all play and no work on capitol hill where kids had fun with sleds and no legislation was passed. the storm proved to be -- >> as usual, right?
11:26 pm
>> it proved to be too much of an historic theater in virginia. the roof buckled. the theater built in the 1940's now has to be demolished. a gas station met the same fate. the snow caused the roof to crumble at a station in petersburg. heavy snow. >> we bandied about the term snow ma snowmageddon, snow pocket but this turned out to be the one. >> outside we go where we have what is a situation where flurries are still with us. snow piles on the side of the road. folks still enjoying new york city which is like this in a blizzard and on christmas day. our temperature is 26 degrees.
11:27 pm
a few more snow showers will swing through the five boroughs. the next seven hours show a drying process and breaking up but also very cold, something we're going to be dealing with over the coming nights will be melting and refreezing and slippery roads. typical mid-winter issues that we have to deal with. meteorologist jeff smith is going to talk about some of these ranges. he's outside now. jeff, is the weather service maybe tipping their hand a little bit as to if we have the biggest snowfall on record? we'll see. >> reporter: it was interesting, i was reading one of their area forecast discussion products, and at the bottom they listed the snowfalls, and they clearly listed this one as number three currently. that was as of 7:00 p.m. but they actually have a projection of 28.1 inches. and i'm wondering if they're thinking that the central park conservancy will be measuring that amount or maybe they got some information before.
11:28 pm
greatest snowfall here in new york city so we'll see if that comes to fruition. we should be getting that update within the next hour or so because snow is really coming to an end. once that snow comes to an end, we get that final update from the national weather service for central park's total. look at the snowfall bands that we had in this storm. this was really incredible. one thing that really stuck out to me in terms of in the context of other storms, the width of the area that was covered by 15 to 30 inches of snow. it wasn't just one tiny band. this included almost the entire state of new jersey, almost all of long island, all the way into the lower hudson valley into southwestern connecticut and of course there is a little jackpot area of 30-plus, and i'm sure we're going to verify 30-inch totals across parts of new jersey between i-80 and i-78, higher elevations. also another area that might get over 30 is over parts of nassau county where you're
11:29 pm
right now because some spots inches. hicksville, case in point, in nassau county. also the northern edge of this snowfall was so tricky, and actually in that national weather service discussion that i was talking about they were referring to how northern orange county got a dusting of snow, just flakes in the air, not really accumulating. southern orange county got about 18 inches of snow near tuxedo. so over a 20-mile distance, almost a 20-inch difference. so conceivably if you're driving through orange county you are going to be going up one inch per mile. that's incredible. >> that would be fun. you have some fans behind you. they're enjoying your weathercast. i mean, whether it's i-84 or
11:30 pm
incredible ride that will be over the coming days. it's actually decent snowfall over parts of morris and he is serks southern passaic county. that may have to waft through the city. then you have monmouth and ocean county, still some snow. also central suffolk county, south shore, fairfield, nassau still getting some snow showers that can put down dustings to about an inch. this will continue to move away as our storm is moving out to sea. high pressure valley. so planner for tomorrow, bright sunshine, and a gusty wind early. it's cold but the sun should feel better during the day. the wind feels lighter, we get above freezing. 22 degrees, snow ending tone, late clearing. tomorrow the sun returns, the melting begins, and we clean up. clear skies tomorrow night down to 24. again a refreeze.
11:31 pm
issues on monday as we return to work and school with slippery roads. there still will be delays, residual problems. mostly sunny on monday. on tuesday i think, looking at some new information, now that we can take our eyes away from this storm, there might be a shower tuesday night. we're going to get well into the 40s. don't wear the good shoes this week. 39 by the time we get to thursday 37. a close call but doesn't look like it's going to get close enough. >> between that sun and the showers, that's going to wash a lot of this before it gets too dark and dirty, right? >> a lot of it, but i don't think alternate side suspended for another week to ten days. >> thanks, lee. wipe the grin off your face. >> sorry. a little goofy. >> as we head to break now, we want to take you out live to westchester county. they didn't get the brunt of the storm, but still a whole lot of snow there as well. we've got a live report coming up. >> i'm sure they're not complaining.
11:32 pm
from this morning. this is a ct transit bus propped up on an electric pole after it slid down the hill. one person was injured. we'll be right back. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right.
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here's the latest on the blizzard of 2016. new york city's travel ban will be lifted tomorrow morning at 7:00.
11:35 pm
reopen at the same time. >> 6:00 a.m., the mta says it is going to assess when above- ground subways as well as the log island railroad and metro north can return to service. the number of deaths from this storm unfortunately growing. five people died while shoveling snow. the victims are from queens, staten island, and long island. the heavy snow also caused a roof to collapse in westchester county. this is what it looked like after the inflatable roof in mount vernon collapsed. fortunately there were no injuries. >> we're going to stay in westchester county and head to eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson. she is in yonkers. >> reporter: sandra and joe, in the last couple of hours things have significantly calmed down here in yonkers. we're not seeing that many cars on the road or people walking around, but in terms of the snow drifts and the wind, we're still not out of
11:36 pm
>> it's treacherous. very treacherous. >> reporter: in a city known for its hills, tonight the hills here in yonkers are winning. >> we just had three separate calls where our apparatus got stuck. so we're -- it's going to be a problem tonight. we're starting to see the plows get out there and they're clearing the roads. >> reporter: by sundown the plows were making their way through downtown. >> just give us time. everybody stay in the house, and we should be able to do our job. >> but what a day it's been here in westchester county where there was no travel ban. people were out and about. many simply could not stand to be inside for one more second. >> we were getting cabin fever so we decided to come down stairs. i was just going to go to the dollar tree to see if it was open, and it wasn't. >> reporter: for kids, it was picture perfect. >> it doesn't taste like strawberries? >> blueberries? >> no!
11:37 pm
>> reporter: for tony and his daughters -- >> the whole street to yourself. >> reporter: yonkers is your city. >> yonkers is my city. >> channel 7 eyewitness news. >> reporter: good job. now, back here live, this is one of the many streetlights here. that ice up there, looks like it's still snowing, but as lee mentioned, the winds, the drifting snow, of course, here in yonkers, we have the hills. we're right on the hud soon, few blocks. this is going to be a mess all night so stay inside, take it easy. live in yonkers, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a long day for you for sure. take a break. let's take a live look outside at the big city as it recovers
11:38 pm
in atlantic city fears of flooding realized today by quite a few people. one car more than halfway underwater. appeared to be floating near the marina. nearby homes had to deal with water that rose almost as high as the windows. a lot of water. with the storm hitting on a saturday many people got out and enjoyed the snow but workers at the sanitation department here in new york city, they have been in overdrive trying to keep the streets clear.
11:39 pm
marci gonzalez on the west side of manhattan tonight. >> reporter: they're working 12-hour shifts and doing a really great job keeping the roads clear. but still that travel ban is in effect. the mayor says most people have been following it, but not everyone. this officer has been parked out here since this afternoon, and we have seen a steady stream of drivers being stopped by him here on the west side highway for breaking that travel ban. officers have been giving just a really stern warning because despite those efforts by the sanitation department with about 1800 plows and 500 salt spreaders, the roads are still really dangerous. it we saw this firsthand, how easy it is out here to skid and get stuck. and there really aren't a lot of other options for getting around. underground subways are still operating but above-ground and
11:40 pm
buses should start running at 7:00 tomorrow morning but mayor de blasio says the rest of mass transit may take a bit longer so he urges new yorkers to be patient. >> tomorrow lay low. certainly don't travel if you don't need to. there's a lot of cleanup to do and it's still not going to entirely safe. >> reporter: but de blasio went on to say a bit of bad news for all of the kids out there who were hoping for a snow day on monday. he says they still have some meetings and discussions for tomorrow, but the plan for now is that public schools in new york city will be open on monday. we're live on the west side highway, marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. the blizzard of 2016 still a little bit lashing new jersey. the garden state got pummeled by an onslaught of snow, strong winds, coastal flooding. this was the scene in fort
11:41 pm
one lone person out walking in white-out conditions. eyewitness news reporter darla miles has more on how new jersey got walloped. >> i'm riding around with my buddies in the car. we were going to go sledding, but everywhere is closed. >> reporter: the first snowfall. but salad for some this isn't the chance to get out and play around in it. >> hopefully we can get to people who need us. >> reporter: with the nonstop falling flakes, many drivers stayed off the new jersey turnpike and other main thoroughfares so plows could do what they do best. >> been out since 4:00 this morning, plowing residences, taco bell. >> so you're missing gloves and a hat. >> sneakers. >> you know something? not even cold at all. i think because of shoveling, just overheating.
11:42 pm
that's a new one. coastal towns threatened by flood waters with evening tide and summer melting. >> i'm worried about it flooding my driveway and i can't get my car out. >> reporter: here on union beach many homes were raised after superstorm sandy so the flooding concerns at high tide aren't a big problem. but for everyone else whose homes were not raised, there's a voluntary evacuation notice. >> rare where we see this with a blizzard on the shore, then flooding. >> reporter: manasquan tweeted out this picture of high tide. the slushy water taking over the streets. >> monmouth county is a different place after sandy. we certainly learned a lot and we're at the ready. >> reporter: in monmouth county, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. our blizzard 2016 coverage continues. first some other stories that are making headlines including
11:43 pm
will he or won't he make a run for president? and how about another look at some of the pictures that we have received on facebook
11:44 pm
lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. take a look at some of the other stories making news. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering a presidential run as an independent candidate. a source tells abc news mr.
11:45 pm
thinking about it and his aids are said to be drawing up potential plans. bloomberg would have to throw his name into the ring by march. the blizzard it seems contributing to a very sad situation in new jersey. a mother and her two young children very sick with carbon monoxide poisoning. they were found passed out in a parked car, the engine running. this happened on sherman street in passaic. the tailpipe of the car was apparently blocked, possibly by snow. the mother and her two children, ages one and four, were rushed to the hospital. they are in critical condition. oscar host chris rock is shifting gears. he is reportedly rewriting his monologue to focus more on the controversy surrounding next month's show. producers say rock is eager to host the 88th academy awards even as a few black celebrities have decided not it to attend because of its lack of diversity.
11:46 pm
about the oscars "so white" hashtag. producers say the academy welcomes such humor. we continue our coverage tonight of this historic on this saturday in january. >> a live picture now of lower manhattan. tomorrow the digging out begins. look at that. no blowing snow anywhere in this picture. meteorologist jeff smith is
11:47 pm
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man, you're like a kid at christmas. are you going to be able to sleep tonight? >> it's just like a normal saturday. you get a winter's worth of snow in one day. it was like a snow ghoab out there. that's what it felt like. >> nice to have that in the rearview mirror. >> being on the other side. >> parts of long island and
11:49 pm
band of snowfall but that will be exiting during the next couple of hours. we head outside right now. look at these massive snow piles along 66th street and columbus avenue. occasionally you will see the pavement get down to the blacktop. sanitation doing as good of a job as it can tonight now that the snowfall rates have really calmed down it will give them a chance to treat the roads. 27, still some very light flurries that wind coming in from the northeast at 12, still gusting up to 23 miles per hour, but that will gradually be diminishing. temperatures will be diminishing as well, down to 22 by 5:00 in the morning. again, at this point, and we haven't gotten the latest update yet, but as of 7:00 p.m. we were at 25.1 inches of snow, putting us in this legendary list of storms, actually beating out the march 1888 storm. that was 21 inches. i think we're going to be very close, when it's all said and
11:50 pm
look at the snowfall amounts. jfk airport, 27.7 inches. you might end up with over 30 there. williamsburg, brooklyn, 27.3. staten island, over 27 inches of snow. this is almost unheard of to get so many locations over such a wide area getting over two feet of snow. whitehouse, new jersey, nearly 30 inches of snow. newark checking in with over 25 inches of snow. even up into connecticut, especially near greenwich about 16 inches. some of the heavier snow bands did make it that far forth. look at how wide of an area this was. philadelphia ended up with over 20 inches of snow. dulles airport ended up with nearly 30 inches of snow. such a wide area along the i- 95 corridor that got absolutely pummeled in this storm. such a sharp gradient.
11:51 pm
the catskills, northern ulster, northern sullivan county. but then not that many miles to the south and you're in the thick of that heavy band. snow finally ending from west to east. blowing and drifting will continue overnight. bright skies as that travel ban is lifted. we'll wake up to sunshine. radar still showing a couple of bands of snow. one just west of the city. this is trying to sneak back into new york city maybe to get us up to that record amount. also a decent band of snow over the jersey shore to parts of long island. your accuweather forecast, snow ending, it clears, melting begins during the day tomorrow, tomorrow night clear down to 24. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. a little bit more docile than what we've dealing with. 44 on tuesday, could be a shower. definitely some big puddles to be negotiating.
11:52 pm
seasonable as we head into the latter part of the week. we can take a breather in the weather department. after having such a calm winter so far, and then, boom. >> one day. >> that will do it. more to come in just a minute as we leave you with a dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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we are approaching sunday, of course, but the blizzard of 2016 still blowing in some places out there though not as strong as earlier. >> even though the snow is coming to an end we can still have some blowing and drifting snow. radar showing one little parting shot of snow. let's get the record. we might as well at this point. >> the governor and the mayor expected to lift new york city's travel ban at 7:00 a.m. bridges and tunnels will reopen at the same time. at 6:00 a.m.
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