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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news, with michelle charlesworth and rob nelson and amy freeze with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news this morning. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. digging out from this winter storm which seems to be one for the history books in many neighborhoods. more than two feet of snow fell in less than 24 hours.
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cancelled across the entire state. the blizzard left 16 inches on our area. wow! >> it is going to be one more hour before port authority reopens. bridges and tunnels. and until then, george washington bridge and holland tunnel and lincoln tunnel are still banned. >> we have team coverage for you on the cleanup from this monster blizzard. marcus solis, toni yates and kristin thorne. we'll begin with meteorologist amy freeze. what are the final numbers on this mega storm? >> we did have close to 30 inches in some spots. looking at historic snow storms over time this one turns out to be nearly the biggest. in fact, missing the slot by .1
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outside right now it feels cold. 22 degrees. thermometer readings in the low 20s. the breezy conditions picks up from time to time, it takes the wind chill factor down. northerly winds feeding down fiercely as it moved offshore. we're waking up to sunshine this morning. here are the new york city top snow storms of all time. this storm comes in second place by .1 inch. everybody says it was enough snow wherever it ends up. of course, beating out the 2010 storm and then the 1996 blizzard, as well. incredible numbers as far as the snow totals go. this was the official number in central park. coming up in a few break it down state by state and we'll tweet out and putting on facebook the official reporting
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details on how much snow fell in our area. we'll have that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. second biggest ever? >> by that much. >> reporters have been out there all weekend. >> this blizzard ranks the second biggest ever. marcus solis is live for us in brooklyn. good morning, marcus. >> actually we have been to the two snowiest spots in the city. williamsburg, 29 inches. pretty much untouched. the plows go in the other direction. you can see how deep it is. the plows put the snow the other way and this is what new yorkers are going to wake up to, trying to get their cars out. you can see how piled high the snow is. we mentioned 29 inches here in williamsburg. i'll show you some video from staten island.
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highest spot in the city. the cars are completely buried. we saw a street sign, the pole had been knocked over by a plow as he tried to clear out some of the snow. we know about the travel ban that is expected to be lifted at some point today. the roads cleared of the blacktop and wet in some spots. other spots definitely still a little bit slick and icy. so it is some treacherous driving out there still, but again we're waiting for the update as to when those travel bans will be lifted. for most new yorkers the big issue is cleaning out, digging out and getting their cars out, not an easy task. marcus solis, channel 7, eyewitness news. well, just one driver was cited for driving during the new york city travel ban. >> pretty good. >> yesterday afternoon. >> that ban is in effect until 7:00 this morning. >> people are honoring our travel ban.
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we made it clear the nypd would enforce the ban. there is a checkpoint behind us here. that helps people get the message that this travel ban was serious. >> the mayor was out on the west side last night thanking sanitation workers as they do their best to keep the city's streets clear. long thorne continues our coverage from hicksville, nassau county. >> good morning to you, guys. hicksville got particularly -- got hit hard. 29.6 inches. some of the most snow on long island. what is interesting, since being here for channel 7, the storms either come on the south shore, that is where they usually see the most snowfall or the north shore. but this storm went right through the middle of the island. i want to show you video from this morning from the hicksville area. the plows guys are still out in full force. 29.6 inches.
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we also saw high snowfalls in commack, islip. the north shore not so much. south shore a little bit better. really these towns across the middle got slammed very hard with the storm. we talked to some plow guys who have been working i don't know how many hours, up to 16, 18 hours, no sleep. they say even they did not expect this amount of snow. >> snow banks have been very heavy. roads are very dangerous, not a good time to be driving on the road if you don't have to. >> and don't forget that travel ban is still in effect on all of the parkway s l.i.e., until 7:00 this morning that is what we hear from the governor's office and county executives. looking at the l.i.e. from the overpasses and things it looks good, great shape. full concrete. you know, obviously still a
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should be good for 7:00 in the
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are closed down; holland tunnels are closed down. obviously you are not going to be commuting from new jersey into new york with the travel ban. we have delays and cancellations at the get in touch with your individual carrier before you head to the airport because i'm sure we are still dealing with some cancellations for today. the other problems we have, east river crossings, throgs neck bridge, whitestone bridge, rfk, triboro bridge, queens midtown tunnel, 59th street bridge, williamsburg bridges, are all closed down. this is relating to the travel ban in effect. there is a travel ban in effect for new jersey. you have a travel ban out on long island up in the bronx and of course in new york city. so we have all of our alternate-side of the street parking rules suspended for today. it will be difficult to find a parking spot anyway. route 80 in new jersey is quiet. i see a couple vehicles
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these are emergency vehicles checking out the roads. long island looks like it is pretty clean. new jersey is pretty clean itself. you can see the blacktop. i am seeing all these vehicles traveling along route 80. i hope they are emergency vehicles and that is why they're out there and we can look over here and show you how things are looking as you travel on to the l.i.e. as kristin was saying, look at how clean it is. we'll see what happens with that. rob, over to you. we'll get an update later on where things stand in new jersey and in new york. governor cuomo is planning a news conference at 9:45 followed by governor christie and mayor de blasio will speak after that and we'll bring you anything else. coming up on sunday morning, new jersey saw some of the highest snow totals as well. this is a live look at asbury
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there we go. >> we'll show you the new jersey
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welcome back, everything. looking at a live shot right outside of our studio here on the upper west side, 66th and columbus. looks like your neighborhood piled up, roads are plowed. it is pretty when it is over and you don't have to go out.
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>> it smells so good. so quiet. >> absolutely. you know, it is going to be, i think, okay for the meltdown. a lot of people when you have this much snow they start to remove it and then they're worried, is it going to flood later, what is the melting going to be like. >> they have the meltdown. >> they have the meltdown over the meltdown. they have the sunshine today. bright skies across the area. that will soften the snow a little bit. now is the time to get rid it. you don't want to go through the refreezing and crusting tonight. get the snow away while it is still soft. get rid of it. and then we'll have the gradual meltdown over the next few days. this blizzard, 2016, turns out to be the second snowiest storm we ever had here in new york city and we missed the top spot by only .1 inch. pretty hard to believe. everyone is, like, that is okay. we didn't need one more ounce of snow.
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these are the current conditions outside our front door. 22 degrees. 23% humidity. winds at eight miles per hour. we will have a wind chill factor normal for this time of 38. we're below that. we'll be in the low 30s the next couple of days. wind chill have been a factor when the winds pick up. laguardia feeling like 14. so here is what goes down in the history books, .1 shy of the all-time record. wee beat out 2006, 2010. the characteristic of this storm, most of the snow came in one day. a lot of the other storms came over a few-day period. bright skies, as i said, will soften the snow. gradual meltdone. here are the storm reports. we beat out washington, d.c. with our snow totals. we turn out to be the top spot.
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about the official reporting stations for the cities. northerly wind continues for us today but clear skies and no worries of storms for the next couple of days. we'll be dry. that will give us time to clear out. here is a look at top totals for new jersey. whitehouse getting 30 inches. newark, 25.7 inches. top, new york reports staten island turns out to be one of the top spots the location on this one we're looking up this morning to see if -- i think it is 29.1. we'll get that confirmed for you. jfk would have been 27.7 inches of snow. connecticut, greenwich, coming up at 16 inches. fairfield over a foot. came for westton. over the next seven hours we have the nice skies to contend with. northwest winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures mainly below freezing. it will be very cold out there
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take your time, take it easy, take a lot of breaks and know you don't have any worries today about any more storms or anything like that. no major winds to contend with. instead there is lots of sunshine even to start off monday are decent. it won't be until late tuesday that we actually have a chance for another storm around here and that looks like it passes to the south. 33 is the high temperature. just above freezing in the city. clear, sclik roads tonight. 21 degrees for the overnight lows. that is the refreezing i'm talking about. tomorrow more melting with 25. clear skies heading into tomorrow night as well. temperatures in the nighttime hours over the next two the concern for the refreezing. other than that, look at this gradual meltdown we have here. tuesday there is a chance for us to actually have a little bit of light precipitation to the south of us. all in all looking pretty good into the workweek.
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and if you have any questions this morning on twitter, my twitter handle is amyfreeze7. if you have any questions. this .1, can you believe it? if you go through that, don't you want to be the top snowstorm ever. >> at least tie it. >> if somebody could throw a little extra snow on the meter. >> and snow tomorrow but not -- nothing -- >> nothing interesting. >> we had enough, good till june. while we're recovering from yesterday's blizzard, some people in buffalo used the storm as an opportunity to poke a little fun on us. this sign reads like this. quote, if buffalo got two feet of snow it would be called tuesday.
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significant and it is better to be safe than sorry and at the end of the day we are thankful for this, we live in new york and not buffalo. >> i knew there would be a witty retort. >> stop there. >> and fancy sign. >> buffalo. >>. the massive blizzard we'll have a long -- will have a long-lasting effect on airports. we'll tell you about that and
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well, airlines are getting back up to speed this morning but travellers may run into problems at airports throughout the east coast. reagan national airport and dulles international are shut down today at last check there are 3600 flight cancellations listed on flightaware. the east coast backups are causing ripple effect into the workweek. 600 flights have been cancelled for tomorrow and that number is expected to rise. again that is the ripple effect. >> so amazing to me, d.c. and baltimore were supposed to get
6:21 am
numbers that beat theirs. >> it is dynamic situation. >> volatile. new jersey had damaging floods as well. >> right now there are about 3500 power outages in new jersey and most are along the shore. toni yates is live for us in manasquan. toni, good morning. >> that is an improvement because yesterday we had about 100,000 people without power here in new jersey. well, this morning my crew and i traveled from toms river through brick, through brielle and we're here in manasquan right the roads are looking good. the road crews were busy in the wee hours. like this. they're slush-covered but clear. they're a little slippery. out. there. we want to show you video from
6:22 am
just pummelling the coast at point pleasant beach. this was last night. we saw the same thing in seaside park yesterday. now we want to show you a picture that manasquan borough tweeted out last night. this was their low-lying area at fourth and brielle, where it got a little flooded last night. fired fighters and rescue teams were -- firefighters and rescue teams were out. everyone was fine the day before. manasquan had the voluntary evacuation for areas like this. back out life we're at fourth and brielle road which is where those firefighters and water rescue crews were out. as you can see the rather has receded. there is a body of water but there is still a lot of water in the front yards. you see a lot of snow over there but under the snow there is water.
6:23 am
these homes in this low-lying area that these people did voluntarily evacuate yesterday before this happened. so it is going to take a while probably for the water from in front of these houses to recede. the alert was off since 6:00 this morning. they don't think it will get any worse. now, getting the roads cleared for when people get back out on the roads this morning. back to you guys. >> toni, i know you're tired. thanks from reporting from the jersey shore all this still ahead, latest on the carbon monoxide scare at the height of the blizzard. tunnels and bridges shut down to traffic until 7:00 this
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people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family, it's fulfilling and it gives me, you know, hope that there is a better future enrollment ends january 31st welcome back, everybody. you know what that is, that is a live shot of times square. cleanup well under way, obviously, after 26 inches of storm. it is amazing, we take the snow but then we get it out of here. we don't waste time here in new york. times square is looking good but the remnants of what was left
6:26 am
a rough storm but, again, we had a mild winter. eh, eh, better than usual, huh? >> it played a roll in a sad situation. this was in new jersey. a mother and two young children were made very sick with carbon monoxide poisoning. they were found passed out in a parked car with its engine running on sherman street in passaic. the tailpipe of the car was blocked possibly by snow. the mother and two children ages 1 and 4 were rushed to the hospital out of that parked car where we understand they are in critical condition this morning. it was not a snowstorm that buried the knicks. all it took was x-knick jeremy lin and carmelo anthony. before sitting out the rest of the game.
6:27 am
the hornets. they ultimately beat the knicks, final 6497-84. anthony came to rest his sore knee for two days before the knicks take on the thunder tuesday night. much moore head on eyewitness news on sunday morning. >> as the sun comes up we expect a little bit of melting but it will not be enough to get rid of the two feet of snow, if you're just waking up. this is the number you'll hear over and over again.
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i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. we're bringing you the latest updates and snow totals from this massive blizzard of 2016. >> the national weather service says staten island, well, yes, you folks out there are the big winner in terms of total snowfall in our area. 31.3 inches fell in port richmond, more than anywhere else in new york city. >> the blizzard brought with it serious danger for drivers which prompted city official to issue the driver ban which will expire at the top of the hour, 7:00. the nypd reported 400 crashes. look at this, the front cover of the daily news, well done, fellows, well done. buried is all it says is all it needs to say. we have team coverage. we'll get the latest snow totals from meteorologist amy freeze.
6:31 am
and top totals across the area, many places, getting 29 to 30 inches. our official reporting station, central park, though, falling just shy of the number needed to be the all-time biggest snowstorm in new york city history. we give you that stack-up here. first off, a lot to clean up. feels like 22 degrees. barometer readings are in teens and 20s, wind from brooklyn and jfk we have single digit wind chills, feeling like 10 degrees. top snow totals put us in the, well, top storms of all time but second best by only .1. and we use the central park reporting station as the official reporting station for new york city. so that's why even though some parts of the city did get a little more, this one turns out to be the official reporting station, and so we're shy of that from the 2006 storm.
6:32 am
storm and also the '96, a lot of snow around here to get rid of. today we get sunshine with the skies and that northerly breeze that will continue that will keep things chilly for us, next seven hours look like this. low to mid-20s with a high of temperatures just above freezing, 33 expected in new york city. i'll have much more on the week ahead. we'll also break down the top totals by state coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. michelle. from staten island to brooklyn, saw more snow than they will see in an entire normal winter. >> marcus solis begins our coverage from williamsburg. good morning, marcus. >> good morning. 29 inches above what central park got. you can see half-way up the bicycle there that was left chained up before the snow started piling up and then the real issue is going to be trying to get cars out, and on the side streets it is worse.
6:33 am
you can see how high it is piled up. we're above freezing. past a certain point this turns to concrete. it will be softer as people dig it out. we show you video from staten island where that was the jackpot total of the entire five-borough area. 31 inches in port richmond. cars buried, street signs knocked over as they tried to clear everything out. we had the travel ban, roadways as we came over from staten island, just wet in spots but definitely icy in other locations. a mixed back out there on the roads although it will be okay to head back out on the roads. but as we come back live here we can see some folks -- it is funny, this car barely has any snow on it because of the way the wind blew, but there is definitely a lot of snow in williamsburg. 29 inches, second highest in the
6:34 am
marcus solis, channel 7, eyewitness news. heather o'rourke is here with traffic coverage. >> before we get to mass transit. talk about new jersey. you can travel around new jersey but as marcus pointed out a mixed bag of conditions. here is route 18. you see over here the main line of route 18 is doing okay. as you check out the entrance and exit ramps, they're snow-covered so you want to take it easy. we have a closure on route 18 in east brunswick by cranbury road and there is downed wires. i'm seeing a lot of that. we have a problem up on route 208 in northern new jersey. we still have suspensions, new jersey transit, trains, bus s light rail. they have to get out and inspect the track and make sure everything is safe. long island railroad remains suspended. metro north suspended. mta buses suspended. we have path trains, various
6:35 am
and then you have amtrak with a modified schedule throughout the mid-atlantic region. subway stat turks underground subway service is in effect but we noticed a lot of pictures of subway stairs. some of them are not fully cleaned off. you're definitely going to have to use a lot of caution coming into or out of the subway stations. above ground service is suspended on the subways. the shuttles, franklin, rockaway park shuttle are completely suspended. sleep in. chill for a little while. rob, michelle, over to you. the long island railroad is hard at work trying to get everything up and running. the lirr tweeted out this photo overnight. >> indeed. all those fires you see there, they're the switch heaters -- i didn't know they did that.
6:36 am
we saw the most snow in hicksville, nassau county. kristin. >> incredible, 29.6 inches here in hicksville and what we're seeing with the snow totals, very interesting. it is really the middle of the island. all the towns down the middle, commack, bethpage, islip, those are the towns that got hit really hard by the storm. power outages very interesting. only 100 people on long island without power, which is pretty incredible given the severity of the storm. here is some video we got driving on route 110 at hundington station. they're better than yesterday. you still need to be careful. 110 is a major roadway. the fact that that is still an issue you know the neighborhood roads are bad. the plows are out. i mean, we interviewed a guy earlier this morning, he was out for 16 or 18 hours. you should see the bags under his eyes, poor guy. he said they still have more
6:37 am
you know, still in effect until 7:00 this morning. i can tell you the l.i.e. looks beautiful, really, really great. that travel ban was very effective because it looks good. it is pure concrete wet, but pure concrete. that is definitely good. the plows are just focussing on the side roads. we're at 106, 107 and they're all over the place. kristin thorne. >> kristin, railroad the roads looking like? are they mostly plowed? just down to the way we see it behind you? >> right. i would love to give you a look. let me show you the problem. see this snow drift. this is what the plows have done. there goes a plow. i can't give you a sense. we have to be safe where we put ourselves so i am sort of buffering myself from 106-107 with this snow bank obviously. so it is hard for you to see. but over the way here, it is not bad.
6:38 am
bit of snow on the ground. it is slippery. small cars is not a good idea. my suv yesterday did much better today, yesterday it did not. yesterday it handled pretty well. if you have a suv, will be okay. a small car doesn't handle well. this will also be the problem. a lot of people walk this road to get to work. a lot of businesses along here. i have seen a lot of people walking in the road. bus stops. this will be an issue. we had this last winter as well. you can't walk here. you can't walk in the roads. so for people going to work tomorrow who rely on public transportation, bus stops, it will be a tough one. you will want to start planning for that now. >> all right. so suv you're okay. what about my ford escort? >> i don't think so. no, one of my photographers, joe, got stuck this morning.
6:39 am
what kind of car do you have? >> a jetta. that got stuck? those aren't good if you have a jetta. now you have an idea. this storm walloped parts of new jersey. many areas digging out more than two feet of snow. >> dray clark arrived in hoboken. he's live with the cleanup there. >> the storm has passed but now really the hard work, if you will, really starts and that is digging out. around here in hoboken you can see this van here is probably not going to go anywhere any time soon. deletely snowed in bumper to -- completely snowed in. we drove through town a half hour ago and we found a lot of cars and vehicles in this same situation. the good news, though, if you look down this veet here the city workers are doing a good job of keeping the main streets clear for the most part.
6:40 am
into place yesterday morning meaning limited to ee essential personnel only -- essential personal only allowed on the roads and they tried to keep these roads clear and passable. driving around town there are people out with their flow plows and snow blowers cleaning up their sidewalks. there are people out here on the street doing that long arm and elbow work. things not looking bad here in hoboken but they got 26 inches of snow. that is a lot of snow. there is no concern about, flooding. it is a place notorious for flooding but not this time. it is going to be a long process getting your vehicle out. but, hey, if you got the strength to do it, go ahead and get out there because you have a lot of work ahead of you. dray clark, channel 7, eyewitness news.
6:41 am
again, let us count our blessings this was a saturday storm and not during the week. wow. you have been sending us thousands of photos of you digging out of the storm. keep sending them in fact. use #abcny. thousands of photos at this point. >> amazing photographers watching us. wow, really nice shots. >> viewers have good eyes. as we continue sunday morning after the blizzard, a group of college students in the philly area trapped on a bus for hours. we'll have an update on their winter saga. and meteorologist amy freeze will have an update on the
6:42 am
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coverage in manasquan from the jersey shore. >> good morning, again, guys. we bullied our way back to the show. something is happening here. when we first got into manasquan this morning we were looking around for where there may have been flooding. as we were standing here, flooding again. you want to look down the street. none of that water was there when we got there about an hour ago. you see the full moon up there. we see the water bubbling up, about to cover brielle road here near 4th avenue. these are people who had the voluntary ee vak wations and maybe -- evacuations. this water wasn't here an our ago. we put an orange cone on the corner for safety reasons and when we jumped back out of the truck the water was covering the cones.
6:44 am
when we parked here on brielle street, it was dry ground. you see the truck, the water is coming up fast. we want to let the residents know this is the low-lying area they were talking about. this is where they had problems last night, where the water rescue and firefighters came to check on residents. so we'll break down and move to a safer spot to see, you know, how things go as the morning moves on. so live here in manasquan. toni yates, channel 7. >> full moon, huh. >> thanks for bullying you're way back to the show. >> glad you're moving. >> usually high tides will be up for an hour or so and then start to recede. the winds settled down which is helping a lot but after being, you know, battered yesterday with the waves up to 15, 20 feet, being shoved against the
6:45 am
beach erosion for the shoreline. >> was it as bad as feared the erosion. >> i saw horrific pictures coming from the coast yesterday, streets turning into rivers and ice chunks floating down the river. i'm sure a lot of people are dealing with a lot of disappointment because they did so much and a lot has been done to the beaches to prepare for events like this. unprecedented, again, and following superstorm sandy. things are not the same. this storm turns out be to be the second snowiest storm in new york city history and we missed the top spot by only .1 inches. outside there is a lot of snow to clean up. we have clear skies overhead. 22 degrees in central park. north winds 8 miles per hour along hour gust to go 17. high typically for this time of year would be 38 or kind of fall below that this afternoon but just above freezing.
6:46 am
softened due to shine. we have wind today so that keeps it feeling snow. when you work on the snow when it is soft, but take it easy, don't overdo it. we turned to the second spot for the blizzard of 2016 but follow it with bright skies and a lot of snow removal again today. gradual meltdown will happen this week as temperatures will be above average getting warmer and it will be slow enough we won't have major flooding. looking at the ac track northerly winds coming in and the storm well offshore and the skies looking good after 7:00 a.m. no worry about storms fort next couple of days. next chance of getting a is tuesday and that passes to the south. whitehouse, 29.6 inches. if you wonder how to measure the snow, in your yard, take out your yardstick and measure it in three spots and get the average.
6:47 am
but with the snow drifts it was a tricky storm to do measurement. port richmond, 31.1, top total for the city. jfk, 30.5. and that is the number that shows us what is going on down in the history books, the 31.1. the top storm was a few little skoshes of snow off. clear, sclik roads to slick roads. temperatures, 30s and 40s over the next couple of days. tuesday is the storm off sot south. we'll talk about that as the morning goes on. we posted the links if you want
6:48 am
we also have it at digging out all across the tri-state area. >> be careful doing that. governor christie gave us this update on twitter. new jersey crews worked through the night and roads in most areas are passable. that is from the governor.
6:49 am
please be careful as you dig out today. this historic winter storm is being blamed for 18 deaths including three in new york city. three people died while shoveling snow. two in queens and one on staten island. nearly one dozen others died in
6:50 am
>> you always hear that every storm. college athletes in pennsylvania got more team bonding than they expected after being stranded on a highway for 13 hours. the parking lot conditions covered roughly five miles on the pennsylvania turnpike. hundreds of drivers passed the time by eating, snacking and watching movies. my three favorite exercises. members of the national goord came to the rescue along with much needed construction equipment to begin digging all of those cars out. 13 hours on the road? and in kentucky 35 miles of a backup. >> awful. we are continuing our coverage this morning. here a live picture from north carolina, your home state, where the snow snarled roads and especially air traffic down
6:51 am
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we're talking about side effects of the storm. i was saying the worst part is nobody serving coffee. >> there is a place there, place there. >> oh, this is unchartered water for us. >> the city never sleeps and never doesn't serve coffee. >> it is napping. we're not sleeping but napping. plans to see the boss, meanwhile are being postponed by the blizzard. >> bruce springsteen and e street band was supposed perform at madison square garden. the concert is cancelled because
6:54 am
the show will be honored once a new date is set. >> the boss gets it. he gets it. if you look for something to do tonight, you can always take in a show. here is a look at times square, which should be people later today. broadway shows are expected to resume today for matinee performances, that is aftered broadway league cancelled shows yesterday afternoon and the travel ban went into effect. i remember saying yesterday morning, the shows will go on and then i was saying to myself, there is no way they're going on. >> and then i was saying i should try to get a ticket for hamilton. >> not to be. the big cleanup after this monster storm. it was .1 short of an all-time record. the new york city travel ban will be lifted in a few minutes.
6:55 am
this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with michelle charlesworth, rob nelson and amy freeze with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news this morning. good morning, everybody, waking up and digging out after this historic storm. the snow has finally stopped falling and this morning there are huge cleanup projects ahead. you're looking at a live picture from williamsburg right now and the travel ban we told you about yesterday afternoon put in place across new york city and long island has just been lifted. go about your business. >> that's it. right now we're waiting for updates on when service will resume on new jersey transit,
6:56 am
york and all of new york city subways. >> picture of central park. you want to know the final total of snow? 26.8 inches of snow. this officially, the second largest snowstorm in the history of new york city. it is hard just to read that. >> wow. >> yes. >> yeah. thanks for being with us on this cleanup day. sunday, january 24. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. we have an update from newark police. the travel ban that was supposed to be lifted at this hour has been extended, this newark police, until further notice. there are vehicles in the way making a mess for cleaning crews. but it is a different story for new york city. >> the travel ban has been lifted. it expired at 7:00 a.m. and it is now 7:02 and it went into effect 2:30 yesterday afternoon. this is a live look at times
6:57 am
earth cam. you see the one media truck there. one more guy in that truck. we've all sipping coffee. >> bridges and tunnels closed down as a precaution. they have also just reopened to traffic. this is the live look at the george washington bridge, lincoln tunnel and holland tunnels are also open for business. >> we have a team of reporters spread out across the tri-state as cleanup begins following the historic blizzard, second biggest snowstorm in history. here is amy freeze with the latest on the amount of snow we got that is unreal. >> it is is. to think we didn't make the top
6:58 am
to get the most far as totals. 29.6 for new jersey. newark 28.1. somerville 27.4. clinton, 27 inches. hackettstown, 26.8. hoboken 26.0. right on the money there, just over two feet. the way you measure snow for an official report, you take the yardstick and put it in three spots and get the average. it was tricky to do with this storm even for the official report because there is so much drifting. port richmond top, 31.1. jfk airport, 30.5. hicksville, 29 pine 6, williamsburg, 29.0. central park at 6 twoin 8. that is the official reporting station. we get a consistent rating over a long period of time over hundreds of years for a reporting station is what you need to be an untouched area. greenwich over a foot. norwalk the same. and fairfield getting over a
6:59 am
new canaan getting a foot of snow. northwest winds today. here is what to expect. the temperatures will be at the freezing point or below it all day long. sunshine and few clouds moving in. well have more in the seven-day forecast in the days ahead as the snow melts. i'll have that in a few minutes. we start our storm team coverage in new york city. as amy said the five boroughs are digging out from more than two feet of snow in some areas. >> crazy snow. marcus solis is live in williamsburg, brooklyn. >> rob and michelle, amy mentioned the totals and you heard williamsburg, 29 inches, second highest spot in the city. you know it is bad when you have to dig out your bicycle. forget the cars. some of the delivery men use bikes, and they're buried in the snow as well. on bedford avenue we see people walking on the street. look at the sidewalks.
7:00 am
open yesterday and so the business owners didn't shovel out. they are subject to a fine if they don't clear it out in a certain amount of some of the people say it is too tough to navigate the sidewalks and so a lot walking in the street. the bottom line is that people say they've got to get to work. >> i'm going to work. i work in a complex and i have to clear the sidewalks and make sure everybody can get out. >> long day. >> it will. >> and long day indeed. long day for folks who have to shovel out the cars. one thing that will make it easier is that it won't be below freezing. the slush won't exactly freeze up and get hard like concrete but that is the other factor that comes in. the slush is coming, folks. marcus solis, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> that gray slush. >> yeah. we all know that.
7:01 am
>> it looks like asphalt until you get the dreaded wet foot. let's head east to long island and nassau community -- nassau county community of hicksville. kristin thorne. >> you guys 30 inches of snow. >> almost 30 inches. i think so far that is some of the most i heard that we have been reporting. i don't know, maybe amy can tell us the highest totals where they have been. look at this snow bank. this is incredible. we want to warn people. you guys may talk about this later. we had three or four deaths in the local area yesterday from people shoveling. so please be careful. if you know that you're not in good health this is not the type of snow you want to deal with, 29.6 inches. call a neighbor. have someone help you if you get out there today. what is interesting about this storm, it is typically 29.6 inches in hicksville is pretty
7:02 am
storm, because it is like the middle of the island. usually we see these snowfalls in the north and south shore. it seems the storm did go through the middle of the island. i want to show you footage of earlier this morning of the trucks still out. these plow guys, they have been working the same hours we were working, or definitely longer, definitely longer. i don't think any of them got sleep last night. a lot of them around the hicksville area. we saw higher inches in islip, north merrick, bethpage. towns in the middle of the island from my experience of reporting out here, i have not seen this type of snowfall in the middle of the island before. i'm talking to a plow guy this morning. he said he hasn't slept yet and he said there is still more work to do. >> how long have you been working? >> about 20 hours. pretty tired and would like to go home but it is not happening. >> you still have more work to do?
7:03 am
>> oh, my goodness, did you see poor guy. thank you for stopping to talk to us. i hope he gets home and rests soon. we passed the travel ban. you're free to go about your business on long island. the l.i.e. looks great. obviously that travel ban was very effective over the night. live in hicksville. kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> we'll get an update later on where thing stand in new york and new jersey. governor cuomo is planning a news conference at 9:45 followed by governor christie at 10:00. wns again most of the travel bans -- once again most of the travel bans lifted at 7:00 a.m. in new york. >> heather o'rourke joins us
7:04 am
you see the traffic picking up outside our window. >> it was like they were waiting at the gates on the l.i.e. everybody said, all right, we can go. we have problems with mass transit. new jersey transit, buses, right lals suspended. long island -- right rails suspended uks rile railroad suspended -- lyre railroad is suspended. route 110 and l.i.e. near lakeville road is completely different story as far as coverage. be careful if you go out and driving with the mixed bag on the roads. rob and michelle, over to you. >> thank you so much. coming up on eyewitness news on this sunday morning we'll continue coverage of historic blizzard that hit us all. the entire tri-state. here is a look at hoboken. we have a live look from there coming up. like yesterday, we would love to see your pictures and video. this is a look at some of the thousands of pictures that we've
7:05 am
remarkable things are happening at your local acme. we're making changes, and we're getting better every day cleaner. friendlier. fresher. like fresher meat and seafood.
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to top it off! we offer lower prices every day. right now, get fresh boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.69 a pound when you buy 5 pounds or more. and select varieties of friendly's ice cream for $1.79. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. welcome back. new jersey was also hit hard by the storm from down the shore to communities over the hudson river. >> indeed. eyewitness news reporter dray clark live for us in hoboken with the latest on the cleanup efforts in that neck of the woods. >> good morning, guys. this is definitely an around the clock operation. the storm passed but we're in phase 2 where folks are trying to clean up what has already been messed up. the roads, you see behind me, streets are clear right down here to the blacktop, if you will.
7:07 am
around 5:30 or so we came across a lot of plows and salt trucks. the hoboken guys started early in the state of emergency making sure no cars were on the road. that gave workers a lot of room to work with in getting the streets clear. the sidewalks here, as well, a lot of business owners are out this morning with their plows, with their snow blowers and shovels trying to clear a path to make place to walk on the sidewalk here. we have had a chance to see a couple of people walking around this morning and they say, yes, it is good the streets are clear but it is still difficult and slippery in some places. in terms of dig's out, look at -- digging out. look at this family van. this is what people have a problem with, is trying to dig out. this car has been here for quite some time.
7:08 am
bumper-to-bumper. the person who owns this car has a lot of work ahead of them. everybody is trying to make their way out of this historic storm that hit hoboken hard yesterday. there are people sprinkling down now, taking the trains and buses that we understand will run here within the hour or so. people are getting out and moving around and doing what they have to do but you still have to be careful because despite the roads being clear for the most part and sidewalks being clear in a lot of places, you have to watch out for slip and falls. be careful matter where you are; no matter where you are. >> we're lucky this happened on a weekend. if this was thursday morning. >> all those people moving around and trying to get where they need to go. >> it was paralyzing even as it was. people had to stay home on the weekend. if we had people out on the
7:09 am
of the storm yesterday, the snow was coming down so hard it was >> true. >> yes. >> let me ask a question that asking. we went from six to eight and then we said, 18. no one said 27. i'm not blaming the forecasters. i'm curious -- i know weather is volatile and nothing is perfect. i'm curious what changed that 27 inches. >> the storms that originate on the pacific had a lot of moisture from the gulf. you mix in the cold air, it is potential to take two-inch amount of liquid and turn it into 20 inches of snow. there are so many other that have to go right. timing and track of the storm. the coastline has to be in a perfect position to be able to maximize that moisture with the cold air. there are other scientific
7:10 am
does the snow come down quick enough to change the dew points, which moistens the particular day. you could have cold snow coming down for hours and that is exactly what happened. so many things had to go right for a storm to form like this and it happened. sometimes you don't think that it will go according to plan so you try to make adjustments, but look at this, we have plenty of snow to prove that sometime everything does go just about right. the one thing that may have been the shortfall here in this big blizzard is we did fall short of the top snow spot ever. we turn out second place. january 2016 blizzard 26.8 inches in central park and that falls short of .1 inches. unbelievable. crazy. all right.
7:11 am
february 2010 storm, those are, you know, in recent memory history. you know how those storms went down. this one, though, most of the storm coming during the day. lot of those storms came in two pieces over a two-day period. just impressive amounts. behind the storms we have clear skies today. no worries about storms, no more snow. northerly breeze and lot of sunshine to close out the weekend. monday we have beautiful skies again. this will help soften the snow. so if you have to do the snow removal, during the day is best today. tonight and monday night will bb freezing temperatures and will make ice. we look at temperatures at the freezing point or just below it. so it will be a cold day out there. little bit of a breeze. we'll have wind chill at times and tonight it is clear, slick roads will 12, 21 for the overnight low. the seven-day forecast, the next couple of days we have the meltdown.
7:12 am
map looks for us as far as the snow depths. in one storm we've got coverage over the northeast and pretty the ground. so we will need the sun to melt days. temperatures above the 35-degree mark help. so much snow will keep us below the upper 40s and 50s down the stretch. the accuweather forecast you see easy week. storm sliding to the south on tuesday. that is how it wraps up. if you want to call it a classic nor'easter that performs to the top of its potential, just say january. >> overachiever. 2016. >> mother nature wanted to celebrate the an verse of '96 and we did. another look at the tri-state and conditions after
7:13 am
we continue our coverage of the historic blizzard with a live look of hicksville, long island. we have a team of reporters across the area to help you see what it looks like out there and help you if you're commuting -- pardon me -- and tell you about cleanup job ahead. >> remember, you can get updates by downloading our weather alert app and, please, keep sending us your pictures on facebook and twitter using #abc7ny. we like to get that stuff. also, outside of new york,
7:14 am
standstill. two feet of snow down there. cleanup efforts are under way. as you can imagine crews are trying to clean the roadways to get life back to normal to get >> normal. >> people in dc are about to return to their normal workweek, we hopeo starting tomorrow. reagan national and dulles international are shut down today at last check there are 3600 flights cancelled listed on flightaware. the east coast backups causing ripple effect. 600 flights are cancelled for tomorrow already. our storm team continues our coverage and big cleanup after the monster storm. this is a live look from hoboken, new no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
7:15 am
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7:16 am
well, we have been asking you to send if your pictures of the snow and the conditions in your neck of the woods out there. here is a look at some of the thousands of photos we have gotten into the newsroom so far. >> some folks actually sent us video as well. send us your pictures, video, all of it, using #abc7ny. such a sad story. a new jersey mother and her two children were made terribly sick with carbon monoxide poisoning. they were found passed out in a parked car with its engine running on sherman street in passaic. the tailpipe of the car was possibly blocked by snow. the mother and children ages 1 and 4 were rushed to the hospital and are in critical condition.
7:17 am
that buried the knicks in charlotte. it took jeremy lin and bad knee of carmelo anthony. anthony scored nine points before sitting out for the rest of the game. lin scored 26 points for the hornets. they beat the knicks final score 97-84. we are covering the totals, the cleanup, the aftermath offer this historic blizzard. here is a live look at some of the -- not a live look but this is a look at one of the snow plows right now. 's plus, amy is back with the accuweather forecast as we get out of this storm and get ready for the workweek and some on the camera, or ice crystals, or somebody sneezed, whatever that is.
7:18 am
you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. welcome bab to eyewitness news as we all dig out and cover the aftermath of the storm.
7:19 am
slammed with a total of 26.8 inches of snow. making this historic second largest snowstorm in new york city history. it is sunday morning and as we all wake up and see what is out there, january 24. >> i know we said it 10 times now, second largest storm. >> ever! >> and two weeks ago it was such a mild winter. and it was christmas and here we are waking up to this, thanks for cleaning -- tuning in for the cleanup. >> the new york city travel ban was lifted. we'll give you a live look now at times square courtesy of earthcam. >> indeed. the port author, bridges and tunnels have reopened to traffic in new york. the city that never sleeps is waking up again. this is a live look at the gwb, lincoln tunnel and holland tunnels are now open for business, go on through. as you can imagine, we have a
7:20 am
across the tri-state area. >> we'll begin with meteorologist amy freeze showing the new snow totals, the official ones received overnight. >> you remember last weekend we were talking about we might have our first measurable snow next weekend and then rob pushed the envem lope further -- envelope further and said we never had a late start like this. we looked back to 1913 where we didn't have snow until february of that year but it turned out to be an incredible snow season with more than 40 inch of snow. we didn't know we would get more than half of that in one day, but once the snow cranks, it is hard to stop them. 28.1 inches, somerville, 27.4, clinton, 27.0.
7:21 am
coming out from the national weather service. port richmond, staten island, 31.1, jfk, 30.5. hicksville, 29.6, williamsburg, 29.0. the central park is one compared for the history books and that turns out to be the second largest snowstorm in history following short of the top spot by just .1 inches. tenth of an inch. greenwich 16 inches, norwalk, 16 as well. we got a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures at the freezing point or just below it and a lot of sunshine. that should help soften the snow but it will feel very cold at times. take your time out there. you know, do it right. don't overdo it as you go through the afternoon. it is not worth it. temperatures will be above the freezing point much of the week and that the gradual melt down.
7:22 am
the big story today will be the travel, getting up and running again. we'll go to a photo from kevin ortiz. the spokesman for the mta. >> took the subway last night, i did. >> excellent. >> but i overslept today and i was upset that the subway was not running. so what is the latest, what you folks need to know this morning. >> in terms of subways we'll be able to restore most outdoor service by 9:00 this morning with some notable exceptions. we're still working on portions of the line in brooklyn on the n and q line, as well as the second avenue shuttle, and we also will not have service out in the rockaways by 9:00, staten island railway. with those exceptions, we'll bring back service incrementally
7:23 am
>> what is the biggest challenge with this storm? >> yesterday was essentially rate the snow was falling. we couldn't keep up with how quickly the snow was coming down. and that really applies today to sections of the system that are on open cuts, outdoor portion of our lines that are outdoors but not elevated so the snow has nowhere to go. so our snow cleaning equipment has a tough time getting through the snow. to bring those portions of the system at some point later on today. >> all right. sounds good. so new york will get back to life. thank you, kevin, appreciate that. thank for being with us this morning. >> you bet. pick up another line, new jersey governor chris christie is joining us live. thank you for being with us. we shared your tweet a little while ago about folks cooperating and staying off the roads so the crews can go out and clean up. >> thank you.
7:24 am
morning in new jersey. i think we've come through this storm extraordinarily well. all of the state highways are open and clear. they're a little wet and icy in spots. people should still be careful. that is why we kept our 35 mile an hour speed limit still going on the new jersey turnpike and the garden state parkway. we hope to lift that by midday today. we only have a shelter, little over 100 folks last night, all in the southern shore part of our state. that was done and those people are kept warm and fed last night. and from a power perspective we reached a high yesterday of a little bit of over 100,000 people without power, we're down to 22,000 this morning and 18,000 of the 22,000 are in the atlantic and cape may area. we're anticipating 90% of the folks of those 22,000 will be restored by this evening and 100% by tomorrow morning. >> governor, i heard you say multiple times yesterday this was your 17th snow emergency in
7:25 am
was there anything different or surprising about this storm compared to the 16 prior ones you've dealt with? >> the only one and i heard the mta spokesman said before, it was in the northeastern part of our state it was predicted not to be as bad as it turned out to be and it turned out to be much worse and how rapidly the snow was falling made it really difficult for our folks at the department of transportation to keep up with the snowfall which was two to three inches an hour at some point. and so but i have to commend our d.o.t. folks, they had 3800 pieces of equipment out on the street and gotten the job done. also for those who used new jersey transit, we should have light rail and buses back up by noon today. and rail service on a regular rail service on a sunday schedule by noon, as well. so we should be in very good shape for the monday morning commute tomorrow. >> wow, up by noon. that is great.
7:26 am
their ear right now, governor. >> listen, remember now, stay -- the weather is nice, sunny outside, and folks will begin to go out there to start to clean up. this is very heavy snow. first of all, be careful with your shoveling and the way you're cleaning up. make sure that you're taking care of yourselves. once you get out on the road, remember, too, it is still quite cold. it is a lot of wetness on the ground and could be patches of ice. we want people to proceed cautiously. the live shot you have there of the garden state parkway now, that is about what you'll see on the roadway, throughout, wet. lot of blacktop. that is work over the last 24 hours by the folks of the new jersey department of transportation to get it looking that way. >> which do you enjoy month, storm cleanup or campaigning in new hampshire? >> well, this is storm cleanup is right in my wheelhouse, you know?
7:27 am
feel very comfortable with this and i feel comfortable leading my state through crises like this, and i feel good about that and hopefully i can get back today to campaigning in new hampshire as well. and i want to commend governor cuomo. we were on the phone a half a dozen times yesterday coordinating closures and reopenings and he has been a great partner and he did a great job for people in new york, as well. >> awesome. thank you, governor christie, thank you for joining us yesterday and today. >> thank you, sir. everyone is digging out from this winter wallop. from new jersey we had east of the 5 boroughs. >> marcus solis live in williamsburg. >> [no audio] >> can you hear us? that a live look at williamsburg. can you hear us now, marcus? >> we may be having an audio issue.
7:28 am
long island all weekend long. >> hicksville got hit with about 30 inches. let's go to her. she's been saying sheer surrounded by snow drifts, we get your drift. >> yes, this is why i chose this location. i thought it would be good to show what we're seeing here in hicksville. 29.6 inches. i can pan over and try to show you 106-107 here. but it is hard to see the actual pavement because, well, the snow banks are huge. 29.6. that is an incredible amount of snow. some of these snow banks, one is 12 feet tall. i don't know if you can see it over this snow bank. either way, when we talk about power outages, it is amazing, you saw the wind yesterday, incredible. only about 100 people on long island without power right now. so that is very, very good. i want to show you some video from route 110 in huntington
7:29 am
it is still a little rough out. it is not the type of conditions that you should really be in. lifted. people are going to start going out. coffee. especially if you have a car that doesn't handle well, the back roads are very bad. on and off-ramps are bad. and trying to find the driveway for any forget about it. the plows are out there doing it, a great job, but unfortunately it is hard to see where you're going especially if you're trying to get into a driveway or business. it is difficult to see where anything is because the snow is still really, really high. the plow guys, they are still out there. they're working as hard as they can but there is still a lot more work to do. the l.i.e. looks great. really, really good. if you head out there, again, if you have to, you will be pleasantly surprised. the back roads still not a good situation. we were talking, we wonder if there is going to be school tomorrow. i thought there would be a delay.
7:30 am
photographers joe and pete said no, they won't have school, they don't have kids in the house anymore and they figure they don't have to worry about that. who knows if they will have school tomorrow. good possibility they may not because the back roads are still bad. kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> we'll let everybody know. we'll get update on where thing stand in new york and new jersey. governor cuomo plans a news conference at 9:45 this morning followed by governor christie at 10:00 a.m. mayor de blasio also will come on. we'll bring you the latest information on-line on social media, on abc7ny. the leaders have been on the ball. coordinating the public message, they were on it. straight through yesterday and today. the travel bans put in place
7:31 am
been lifted in the last hour, new york, get going again. >> clean off your cars. get update on traveling conditions. >> you also want to be aware of the people behind you if you have a huge chunk of snow on the top of your car and it comes flying off it can be dangerous. behind me is the manhattan bridge which is reopened. you see a truck going over it now. everybody is taking advantage of this being lifted. we also have the queensboro bridge, 59th street bridge, that is running once again, everybody going on and off that. we have our wais underground running at -- our subways running underground and above ground running with a few exceptions. we continue our live team coverage of the historic blizzard coming up after the break. >> we'd love to see your pictures and video from where you are. this is a look at the hundreds
7:32 am
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we continue our coverage of the historic blizzard and the
7:35 am
jersey. we have a team of reporters across new jersey. they will be out there helping you with your morning commute if you need to get out and around and the plans in place for the giant cleanup ahead. >> i know i'm a broken record , but i'm going to say it one more time, thank goodness it was a weekend. if it was a monday or thursday or any other weekday, it would be, you know... most things ready to roll again. >> not many people had to go to work. we were here in neighborhood hotels and we only had to walk in. >> this is the worst part after the storm is the intersections, because they get the roads cleared and then you can't cross the street. >> yeah, that is true. >> and then it sort of melts over the next couple of days and you think you can cross the street but then you step forward
7:36 am
and it is actually six inches of black water. is there a term for that? . i did have to climb a few snow mountains to get here. i'm dreading the gray bog. north winds 8 miles per hour, gusting to 17. no snow today, don't have to worry about that. temperatures expected to be below freezing or at the freezing point. that will be below average as far as temperatures. wind chills low teens, the single digit reading for jfk feeling like 7. it is a chilly start but you have a lot of sunshine to help with snow removal today. our storm here, january blizzard, 2016, tops off at 26.8 inches of snow. that is the central park official reporting station. so when you look at the top snow storms ever we fall short of
7:37 am
a tenth of an inch shy of the all-time record. some people say we don't need another ounce of snow and other people are disappointed we didn't get the number one spot after the fierce day yesterday. bright skies will help soften the snow. the temperatures will refreeze tonight. you want to get as much removal done as you can. brach gradual meltdown over the week. but because the snow is so deep you don't want the layers of ice in between. no worry about storms today or tomorrow. few clouds will come and go late tonight and tomorrow afternoon. it won't be until tuesday that we'll see a storm system coming in and that one looks like it passes completely to the south of us and so maybe we'll get a few showers through south jersey, but that is about it. central park looking at the profile today and planning through the afternoon, sunshine and temperatures in the low 30s. so a pretty decent day to get
7:38 am
mix of sun and clouds and sun setting at 5:03 tonight. clear skies and slick roads tonight as temperatures go to freezing. and the seven-day forecast, we'll take the numbers and take the slow trend from 30s to low 40s as well. we have all of the snow here on the ground and we'll have to concentrate first on the melting coming through and making sure that it happens at a slow pace. making sure your drains are cleared, the number one way make sure your snow runoff can happen and be a normal process. accuweather seven-day breaking it down through the middle of the week. you get next weekend staring at you with 38 for the high temperature on saturday. so there you go, guys. looks like the weather will cooperate with getting rid of the snow. we're not going to see any
7:39 am
big storms that create a lot of water around here. it will be sort of hopefully a gradual meltdown. >> maybe this is it for the winter. keep our fingers crossed. maybe there is just one. >> i think you just blew it. why did you say that? you're a sports fan. come on, what are you doing? don't talk like that. >> thanks, amy. straight ahead, another look at the tri-state and the
7:40 am
welcome back, flooding has been a major problem. we have been talking about this up and down the jersey shore.
7:41 am
brielle, in monmouth county, with an update from that part. good morning, toni. >> the high tide in manasquan chased us out of there. we had to run around and get our equipment and pack up and move to higher ground but, you know, things are flooding a bit in brielle, too. we're show you down the street. we're right near the water. those condos are called water's edge or something. but you can see the waters on this street. covered with slush and cold out here and some may turn to ice. we'll show you the video in manasquan before we left. this is brielle road near fourth. when we got there at 4:45 this morning, it was nothing but slush, no water.
7:42 am
we packed up and got out of there. the good thing is, it is just a high tide so it should subside quickly without doing a lot of damage. this is more video in beach haven, ocean county. those poor volunteer firefighters. look at their headquarters, it got flooded. water and ice, it freezed up their equipment. that looks like just about a foot of water, at least. just a mess in there last night. you can bet if there was an emergency of any kind they would have made it out because, you know, our firefighters over here, we're all jersey strong, so back live in brielle now, we don't think the water is starting to subside yet. in fact when you looked at the side of the road you can see a lot of theize from the slush floating up.
7:43 am
it looks like it is floating. we have to wait until the water subsides again. the police departments in manasquan and brielle is driving around to make sure people are okay. lot of people came down this street and other streets and they're looking at the water and say, no, we won't chance it. you don't know if there is ice or anything. people are careful and so are we. live in brielle. back to you guys, rob and michelle. >> all right. thank you so much. >> stay safe. >> good pictures. >> coming up, we continue our coverage of this historic blizzard that hit the tri-state. taking a live look over at
7:44 am
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this morning people around the tri-state area are waking up to snow and it is time for the big dig out, cleanup. >> here we go. eyewitness news reporter dray clark live for us in hoboken with details from that area. >> good morning, guys. folks in hoboken getting up and out this morning and moving around here. when you go around town, this is what you'll find on the main streets. they're still snow covered but you see black top and they're passable. it is the secondary streets that will be a problem. this is where you will find a lot of vehicles snowed in. folks will definitely have their hands full all day for those folks who decided to park their vehicles and leave them there in the midst of the storm yesterday. you will have a big job digging out. if you look across the street,
7:47 am
well who have been digging out this gentleman here has been at it for the last two hours or so. the good things we are finding a lot of people around town doing the right thing and trying to keep the sidewalks clear so people can have a way. no doubt the storm is gone but now we're in phase 2, the cleanup phase. live in hoboken, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> hopefully the weather will help with the cleanup in terms offer warmer temperatures. >> a shout out right now to the strongest, right? sanitation, what a great job. so many long hours, we appreciate all of your work and continue on because we'll try to stay out of your way today because there is work to be done as far as moving the piles around. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. 33 with sunshine, breezy at times, wind chill in the 20s. monday, 35, lots of sunshine, still melting and it could be a
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