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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  January 24, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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folks standing behind me and all of the folks they represent did an extraordinary job in clearing the roads and you can travel all across new jersey today. it is all clear. you can do that because of the hard work of the men and women start standing behind me and the folks still out in the roads doing the work now. we're happy to say there was only about 100 or so people sheltered last night in public shelters in atlantic, cape may, camden county s ocean county as well. and we're happy about that. and we also are happy to report that our new jersey transit system will be back up and running around noon today. bus, light rail and rail, and we had fewer than 300 accidents across the entire accident, which are a very, very small number and that is again a testimony to the folks staying off of the roadways. we had a high yesterday of 94,000 power outages across the state. we're down to 25,000 this morning.
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may county, 18,000 in the atlantic city electric area. in those -- and those folks, you have about 90% of them will be restored by the end of the day today. we have about 3,000 up in bergen county and we have about 4,000 in central new jersey. the 4,000 folks in central new jersey should be restored by the afternoon this afternoon and we'll see up in bergen county i would assume that will be the end of the day today as well although the president of the bpu will continue to monitor that very closely and working with the folks in bergen county to make sure their power gets restored quickly. the d.e.p. reports the high tide this morning was survived very well by the people of cape may county. minor to moderate flooding, street flooding. we don't see any significant property damage happening in cape may county. folks did have to leave because of lack of power in barrier
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harbor, north wildwood. those folks went and sheltered with friends and family, others went to hotels where generators were operating. we are happy to report no deaths in new jersey connected with the storm. we for today i think the most important thing is for everybody to remember if you go out on the roads, you know, please respect important. because there is still going to be places where roads are slick. it is cold. icing in places. we're working on continuing to salt in those areas but there may be slick spots. please be careful. take your time as you drive. you're free to go out and do what you want to do. go to church, go to the supermarket, go to some of your kids sdz sporting events if -- kids' sporting events. if those games are on, go and do it. if you don't have to go out, no
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plenty of stuff to do around the house with the foot and a half to 2 feet of snow that landed throughout the state. i feel fortunate to have the folks in my cabinet, the lieutenant governor, and all of the folks who work for the state of new jersey who worked so hard over the last 96 hours to get us ready for this storm and to carry us through it. it is our 17th snow emergency in my six years as governor. we know how to do this. and when you lead in a strong and direct way, as all of the folks standing with me did for their department s you get things done and you get things done very well. so for all of the people in new jersey, thank you, for your support, over the last 24 hours in particular in staying home. and we look forward to a normal tomorrow. so any questions i'm happy to take them. no questions. i'm out of here. so thank you all for coming
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for the people of the state, enjoy a beautiful day today. be careful, shovel your snow, okay? it is heavy, wet snow. we have had no deaths so far in the state from this storm. i would hate to see that happen today. let's everybody please be careful and move that snow around today. if you got younger folks who can help you with it, get them to do that. thank you all very much. >> chris christie, to let everybody know how the new jersey fared in the storm. 100 people in shelters overnight. very low number. power coming back on. >> few thousand folks lost power and they expect that to be running throughout the day and by the end of the day everybody should be back up and running. rare questionless press conference for chris christie. big headlines from governor cuomo's press conference, lirr back slowly restoring throughout the day. update on that at 6:00 p.m.
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>> they hope that will be back up for tomorrow morning's commute. bridges and tunnels back open. travel ban lifted here in the city. new jersey transit they hope will be back up >> buses and trains. buses and trains slowly getting back on track and jersey city, did you hear that scream, the kids in jersey city? no school tomorrow and the groan from the parents. >> just jersey city public schools will be closed tomorrow. please spread that word and certainly sending thoughts and prayers to now we know the five new yorkers whose lives were lost in the storm primarily as governor cuomo said from heart-attack relate the deaths. >> amy, snow totals unbelievable. >> second snowiest storm ever,
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but i would say even as they lift the bans and even governor cuomo said we're lifting the bans but be careful out there, some of the streets are not yet ready and they still have more work to do, so i think sidewalks and sometimes outside your own front door can be the trickiest spots. use caution today and over the next couple of days. >> what stars aligned that allowed this to become such a monster storm, crazy, 27 inches. >> lot of the properties of the storm come from where the storm rich flated on the pacific coast so it had a lot of water in it. plus it took a track through the gulf of mexico which allowed more moisture to fill the storm and then as it crawled up the east coast we had cold air in place and slip in the jet stream which allows the cold air to combine with the moisture available. what it takes in a classic nor'easter is for the track to be ideal and timing to be just right because even when the storm began it was very dry,
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the air to moisten up quickly because the snow is coming down hard. when the snowfall begins at a heavy rate it tools the lower levels of the atmosphere so a snowflake can remain a snowflake and fall to the surface. what that means it stacks up quickly and we get the maximum amount of moisture out of the storm. >> we got more than the folks in baltimore or d.c. >> is there any such thing as ocean effect snow? we talk about lake effect. >> that happens sometimes. we could sometimes tap into ocean air but on this particular track the storm itself already had enough moisture. had we tapped into more ocean air that is actually a warmer air because still lot of -- >> i was going to have my sandwich. i apologize. >> have a snack. go ahead, roshgs have a snack while i i'll just start talking about the storm. all right.
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he's working long. give the guy a break. winds 17 miles per hour. you combine the winds coming out of the north and the speeds could get to 15 to 20 miles per hour. we get feels-like temperatures that will teep kooep us in the single digits and low to mid-teens and afternoon when the temperature get warmer we should get wind chills that the twenties. bundle up. here are the numbers, top storm ever february 2006 and that 26.9. we in second best 26.8 it was just a tenth of an inch that got us the second spot there. we did beat out february 2010 storm january 1996. the december. these are recent storms. more extreme weather events showing up in our history and climate history, but all in all this one really was impressive because a lot of the snow came within a 24-hour period.
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rachlgs and this stacked up quickly across a wide area. the northerly winds are the only thing to pay attention today. other than that, hardly a cloud in the sky. blue skies. monday looks good to start as well. know that under clear skies we'll get cold temperatures tonight, likely low 20s in the city, teens in the outlying suburbs and places with the deepest snow can get 9 degrees overnight tonight. be aware of that. we'll see a storm system coming in late on tuesday, so tuesday starts fine but by tuesday afternoon to evening this will be a rainstorm that goes through south jersey. we'll keep an eye on it. today sun and clouds, 33 degrees, above the freezing point. little bit of wind gives you wind chill factor. tonight, clear sky, slick roads. the next couple of day, temperatures go up and then at night below freezing. you get the refreezing of surfaces as that happens. we are not alone here in this.
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northeast in areas in purple and pink getting more than 20 inches of snowfall. so that's pretty impressive. it will take time to melt this. it won't happen right away. this is over the next several days that we'll get that happening. now, as you watch the snow coming in yesterday it was pretty fun. everyone can peek out. it is nice out the window, thank you, mary grace for sending in the picture. today is the day you have to get out and work. e.j. is up this morning with the shovel. every little bit helps. be careful out there as you start to clean up. sometimes there is unforeseen things that happen and that could be the case here as we watch people cleaning up. this shot actually was taken by rob nelson on the upper west side. but there are other things under the snow. there are bikes along the side. you will get some of the icicles hanging down. there are things to take a precaution with as clean up.
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that came in, from woodbridge, new jersey. if you can see there is actually snow hanging off of his home, large pieces of snow, probable many hanging there because they were starting to catch on with the winds and all of a sudden it becomes a growth on the side of the house. these are odd things that happen in a snowstorm. when you start to clean up, keep safe. there were a lot of snow drifts which happened, covering items, like fire hydrants or your drains. be careful when you try to clear out spots like that because you may find a surprise or two. temperatures do stay in the upper 30s through the accuweather seven-day forecast. only wrinkle on tuesday is this storm that looks like it comes to the south and i think that will be rain, maybe help to rent everything out. >> it will be rain. >> rain, renting, cleaning out. >> thank you for your picture, rob.
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welcome back, to recap what we've been hearing from the governors and mayor. lirr, trying to get that back up and running, update 6:00 p.m. new jersey transit back up and running, buses and trains at noon today. a slow restart but getting back into action. years city schools only place saying no school tomorrow as they continue to dig out. >> only jersey city schools.
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>> go back out to eyewitness news marcus solis talking about what it looks like in williamsburg, brooklyn, slammed by two feet of snow. >> 29 inches and we did see a bus roll by here, which is normally busy with traffic. people walking on bedford avenue. people continued outside the deli. three guys carved out a path and they shoveled out, actually did what the sanitation department asked. they shoveled a lot back out onto the street. the plows work hard to clear the street and it gets shoveled back out. they ask that you not do that. however there is a lot of snow and not much option and so that is one of the things going on here. you also got this, dreaded slush puddles in there, gray slush, as this truck here is spinning out little bit. the streets are not entirely clear and that vehicle having a bit of a tough time trying to get past.
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ground. only so much space. when people shovel it out onto street it makes the street slick. bedford avenue, even though it is open for traffic and have cars coming down, lot of people auk walking into the streets -- and the sidewalks not cleared. it is getting bet as people open up their businesses and show up today. many of them couldn't get to them yesterday or closed yesterday for business and never got here and so now they're starting the tough task of cloning up and the other whole side thing is going to be trying to get the cars out of here and i don't know if we can make it down little bit here but as you see some people shovelling there are cars buried, completely buried and it will be tough to get it clear, get their vehicles clear out of that stuff. one good thing it will be above freezing today and next couple of days so all of the snow piled up won't become rock hard but it will be a tough task indeed as
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live in williamsburg, marcus sole lishgs channel 7, eyewitness news. >> impressive zoom into those parked cars. >> slowly getting back to norm wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies.
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with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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looking at hoboken, they have it on the side of the front end loaders there. >> it is the big cleanup folks. that is an easier site to see than yesterday with the winds and the snow and everything piling up. that is a beautiful site. everything is back in motion to clean up from the second biggest ever storm. i can't believe we're saying that. the big part is how we're getting back up and running. >> jersey city schools are the only once we're hearing from that are saying they're cancelled. >> get the latest on the commute. >> mass transit at noon, they
10:20 am
rail buses and trains should start running once again. we have lirr running up and going tomorrow. path trains and buses, some delays and some suspensions. amtrak is on modified schedule. south of the city, most of the south service is affected. ferries are running. that is a way to get back and forth across the river. we have some delays and service changes and expect service delays on all of the subway lines because of the storm. the s trains, shuttles, franklin, rockaway park shuttle suspended until further notice. we're looking at new jersey. well look at newark. there is a travel ban in effect for the entire city of newark. so as a result route 21 is completely closed down as you go through newark.
10:21 am
try to go southbound or come northbound from the airport. something to thinking about and the airports obviously lot of delays and cancellations today. new jersey turnpike has a speed restriction, 35 miles per hour and that is the entire length and. let us go over to a webcam and show you thing on the garden state parkway. as we look at the garden state parkway at the bergen tolls. it is all open, no major problems here. i saw some snow-covered areas as you went to the toms river tolls but it is just in the toll plaza. show down as you go into the toll plazas. this is midtown manhattan, sixth avenue. we have the snow on the street and this right here, see how these corners and amy was talking about this before, these corners obviously are tough to judge especially buses. that is why you'll find a lot of
10:22 am
that is what we need right now. little bit of patience. >> all right. thank you so much. new jersey was slammed on both sides by the blizzard, damage inland and flooding along the shore. >> toni yates is in brielle. >> the day after the storm it is a beautiful sunshiny day in the brielle manasquan area. the police departments in both boroughs are asking people, please, there are still flooded streets, do not drive through the flood waters, let oem clear it out, let the tides recede, we're on fisk avenue in brielle. you see the brown? that is still the bay covering up some of the street of fisk avenue. let the waters recede. we want to show you some of that video. the streets looking pretty much like they're just manageable but
10:23 am
low-lying areas on brielle road, this is the video that the street had only slush on it when we first got here at 5:45 this morning. but then that bay area started coming up quickly. last night even high tides were out there. rescue and firefighters cheksd on the people who didn't voluntarily evacuate. in fact, one lady said she was going over to check on the houses for her friends. and then of course today is the cleanup day and we found two young men, justin and matt getting busy trying to clear out the driveway and the sidewalk. >> what is the snow like this morning? >> it is icy, as it has been overnight. and it is powdery because it has been snowing. in the back yard we made a wall made out of snow and we had a fire last night and like you get
10:24 am
>> fun out snowing but careful during the cleanup. toni yates.
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okay. >> welcome back, everybody. meteorologist amy freeze is here with a final look at the forecast. >> you guys, temperatures are actually right now in the low 20s, you mix those with the winds and it feels-like temperature of 13. as you get out today to sort of run your errands or, you know, work on the snow, reminder to bundle up because you got a lot of sunshine out there. doesn't look so bad but we can have wind chills drop off in the single digits. the winds come and go, temperatures remain below freeze and big cleanup today. gradual melt down and it will take some time for this storm. look at these amounts.
10:27 am
newark 28.1. somerville, 27.4, clinton, 27 inches, hoboken 26 inches. port richmond, staten island, 31.1. all of these numbers closing in on 30 degrees but the official reporting station is central park, 26.8. the reason central park is the official spot is because it is a park and it will remain that way forever so we want to keep a consistent spot over time to get true data. greenwich, 16, norwalk, 16. the sunshine should help soften things as far as the snow goes and we'll get the cold air coming from the north. at times the wind chill will be a factor. snow can help to eat away the -- the south wind can help eat away the snow. on the futurecast there is not a lot of storm activity until tuesday. there will be another storm passing to the south.
10:28 am
we'll take the accuweather seven-day forecast and know today we're at the freezing point and tomorrow we're up in the mid-30, tuesday, 41. more melting happening on tuesday, 39, and the accuweather seven-day forecast in the upper 30s, decent week to melt it off. >> new york city schools on today. jersey city is the only one cancelling. >> stay with eyewitness news throughout the morning with the cleanup post-blizzard. >> mayor de blasio has an
10:29 am
ephanopoulos -- chaos at crunch time. just one week to iowa and a fractured gop taking aim at its front-runners. >> donald trump is getting really rattled. >> i would stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters, okay? iowa with eight days to go. plus, fight to the finish. >> stick with me.
10:30 am
could he really pull off a stubbing upset? bernie sanders joins us live and former mayor michael bloomberg considering a 2016 run, could he change everything?ouer: from abc news, it's "this week," here now, co-anchor martha raddatz. good morning and we're almost there, it's the final sprint in iowa, just eight days until the very first votes of 2016. and both party facing an identity crisis. with just surprise outsidersn both sides. looking like they can topple the insiders. just last night, the des moines regist insiders. giving their endorsements to marco rubio and hillary clinton. there's that breaking news -- michael bloomberg, billionaire and former new york mayor, putting together a plan to potentially mount a third-party bid for president.
10:31 am
but we start with the massive winter storm with millions of americans waking up this morning,everal feet of snow. abc news senior meteorologist rob marciano has all of the latest from new york city, which came within just one-thent of an inch of topping itall-time snow record. good morning, rob, just how bad was it? >> over 2 feet of snow, as you mentioned. for a 24-hour total we did break that record. we didn't expect to see this much snow. the city has digging things out. in areas just to the west, check out some of these numbers. this a huge swath of incredibly heavy snow.est virginia,
10:32 am
somerset, pennsylvania, 35.5. for the big cities, you literally shut it down, no place to put the snow. look at what it looked like yesterday in times square, you never see it like this, people kind of walking the streets there was a travel ban that has since been lifted. big cities like new york, philly brought to crippling snowstorm. >> what do you see in the next couple of days? >> today, it's going to be right around the freezing mark. some sunshine. taller buildings will see snow melting. you got these huge mounds of snow that pedestrians have to navigate. this will be become a little bit slushy monday tuesday wednesday as it warms up. today it's treacherous to get around. the roads aren't too horrible.
10:33 am
to deal with getting out here. first responders struggling to get where they need to be. the city itself they're hiring people, anybody over the age of 18, they'll hires you as day laborer to shovel snow. >> rob, thank you for joining us this morning. >> you bet. and joining us now here in our nation's capital is c. muriel muriel browser. i saw trucks all night plowing the roads. >> we finished 36 hours of snow last night and we have been working, pushing and plowing snow throughout the entire storm. but once the snow finished, that's when the real digout has become in washington, d.c. >> and give us an assessment
10:34 am
what will it look like in d.c.? government opened? roads cleared? what do you think. >> we're doing that assessment right now. i was out all night looking at our roads across the city, so, our crews are doing an excellent job on our main thoroughfares and now, today, they'll move into secondary and residential roads. this is not a one-day digout, i have to emphasize to our residents. we'll be dealing with snow throughout this week. we'll make an assessment of ournd government in the coming hours. >> and what is the likelihood with the metro, how long do you think this will take? i know it's always a problem with those huge snow banks and melting snow and ice? >> well, i know metro brought in tremendous resources over the
10:35 am
but also, deblasio joins us. welcome, mayor. you didn't expect this much snow, so, what are the challenges this morning? >> well, martha, we've ended up with the second largest amount of snow in the history of this city, going back a century and a half. you're right the original estimates were for half that much. i have to say, our city workers did an amazing job and the people of new york city, they get credit, too, they heeded the
10:36 am
which allowed our sanitation workers to get out and clear the streets. so, things in most of the city are pretty good now. we still have some areas that we have ta lot more work on. >> so, how long do you think new york city will feel the effects, that snow long, long time, those giant piles? >> well, yeah, i think today is going to be a very intense cleanup day, i have to emphasize, people a going to have to stay off the streets. there isn't a travel ban anymore. i think tomorrow's going to be pretty good. we'll be broadly up and running tomorrow as a city. you're right, the snowplows will with us for a while. >> that's good news for everybody you a quick question, listen to what donald trump said about -- >> which one, martha? >> you a lot of them.
10:37 am
about his candidacy yesterday. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any, that, mayor? >> it's incredibly insensitive. we're dealing with a surge in gun violence. for someone to be president to say that, it's not presidential and it's incredible arrogant. you know, this is another indicator that donald trump is not ready for primetime. >> and the reaction to the possibility that former mayor michael bloomberg might get into the race. >> well, i respect my predecessor for two things. my candidate is hillary clinton. and the second thing is, i don't think the people of this country want to give more power to
10:38 am
i think that what this election is increasingly about. i don't think most americans think billionaires are the ones who are going to help us give us a more fair economy. >> thank you for joining us. mayor debalas owe balas owe. we turn to the political chaos engulfing the 2016 race, with only a week to go until the first votescast, t candidates are over imorning. and we're right there with them. abc's devin dwyer is right tre covering the gop race and we begin with cecilia vega, live in davenport, tracking bernie sanders' surge ahead of hillary clinton in the latest iowa polls. >> martha, good morning to you. on the front page of the des moines register, this is what the candidates are waking up to, that coveted endorsement. hillary clinton right there. this might be the brightest spot in what has been a very tough
10:39 am
that new poll showing bernie sanders leading clinton. it wasn't necessarily a ringing the paper said she's, quote, not a perfect candidate. as coveted as this is, listen to thisent has ever gone on to winnetter iowa or the party nomination. i have been following both camps as they cross the state. i can tell you the attacks have been swift, they have been fierce, they have been nonstop. just yesterday, both clinton and sanders had dueling effects a few blocks away from each other, in clinton, iowa. the sanders' event was packed. he was confident. he was on the offensive. clinton campaign had a packed house, too. she did, though, repeat a line that she's been using a lot over the last few days. both campaigns are telling me
10:40 am
eight days to the ground game. using these teams, getting people out to caucus. the gop race just as tight on that side. for that we turn to my colleague devin dwyer in des moines this morning. >> thanks, cecilia. this incredible republican campaign is down to the wire. for the first time last night, both front-runners spent the night in iowa. ted cruz this morning, taking the day off before he finishes visiting all # 9 counties. donald trump is headed to church, but the top talker here, how personal and negative this fight has been. trump overnight said he would not vote for cruz if he wins. donald trump began running his first negative tv ad hitting cruz. cruz is fighting back. >> if donald trump wins it's
10:41 am
>> i was at that rally, ce against trump is getting sharper, it's electrifying his sporters. they're placing 15,000 calls a day, but the big question here is, will those huge crowds for trump actually turn out to caucus? his iowa operation of course has been deog, marco rubio getting endorsed this morning by the des moines register. rubio trails in the polls here. worth noting in every election in the last 20 years, the register has endorsed the republican candidate who went on to win the nomination. martha? >> thanks, devin. the supercharged battle playing out this morning over whether donald trump should be the new face of the republican party. just got even more intense. the billionaire, now, taking his feud with general bush, the one-time favorite of the gop establishment to a whole new level this weekend and governor bush joins me now. good morning, governor.
10:42 am
endorsement, calling rubio the party's best hope. >> to have the des moines register endorsement. i didn't get it. congratulations to marco. ultimately it's the caucus goers that decide this and voters in new hampshire and south carolina and nevada to start all this off. i'm confident when we get to that the pundits might be surprised. >> let's talk about the front-runners right party that can't even decide not to support among the the national review with that ooent-trump issue. bob dole has endorsed you is saying trump could probably work with congress because he's, you know, he's got the right personality and he's kind of dealmaker. it seems like he's supporting donald trump, what is this doing to your party and your
10:43 am
>> look, bob dole -- i'm proud to have his support. here's the deal, donald trump is not a conservative. you need a conservative to lead the conservative into the general election. he's not a conservative based on gun rights or abortion or taxes or spending or single-payer system for health care and you can't insult your way to the presidency as well. he views as a strength. and we're not going to win an election by prayingeying on people's angst. you have to get to 50. you do that with a solid conservative record with conservative ideas to change the course of direction in washington, d.c. >> do you think people will -- do you think trump would work better with congress than cruz? >> all i know we need a president to work with congress and right now we don't have that. that's what i pledged to do, to
10:44 am
taxes, the regulation that is a complete mess for our country. to begin to build a bipartisan consensus on foreign policy again, where america's leadership in the world creates peace and security. those are the things that i talk about and it seems to be resonating not amongst the punditry class but among voters. >> in an article this weekendtrump. the weekly standard says that you andsuperpac that the the rise guard clear trump by blocking several of his would-betacklers in partiwi each passing day, it become becomes more and more 16l be prom making donald trump the nominee and contributing to the crisis of
10:45 am
>> i'm the only guy taking on you trump on, because i don't believe that he's a conservative and my life commitment to the conservative cause is going to be validated by having a guy being b our nominee who's not a conservative. so, the weekly standard can say what they want. but i'm the only guy who consistently goes after him. i'll continue to do it as i advocate my plans. former mayor of new york michael bloomberg might getting into the race as an independent. >> he's a great man. a great mayor. he's much more liberal than i am. he's a great person. i don't think he'll get in the race unless it's donald trump and bernie saeshdz. >> right now, we're focused on eight days of getting our caucus
10:46 am
>> iant to mov to some of the domestic issues. let's talk about what's going on in the city of flint, michigan, hundreds of americans have been bathing, brushing their teeth in lead-contaminated water, while government officials were telling them it's safe to use. they'll need millions of dollars of care for the rest of their lives. how is this possible in the united states of america and who's responsible? >> it's horrific and it is related to the fact that we have created this complex, no-responsibility regulatory system where the federal government, state government, regional government, local and county governments are all pointing fingers at each other. it's a tragedy. we need to have a 21st century
10:47 am
there transparency. >> how much blame does government snyder bear? >> well, he's taken responsibility and i admire that. he's not saying it's someone else's fault. he has a responsibility and he's admitted >> it should he resign? >> no, he needs to do what he's doing which is to accept responsibility and begin to solve the problem. >> you once called him a spectacular governor, do you still think so? >> i think he's been a great governor for michigan, michigan was on its knees when he became governor and he's led to a rebound and forged consensus. this is a tragedy that we ought to focus instead of blaming people, what he's doing is creating a strategy to fix it because it's a complete disaster. >> it's hard to fix, the health care of those children at this point. but we thank you x very much, governor bush. next, our close look at the
10:48 am
for the future of the republican party. how the brawl for the party's soul will impact who comes out ahead in iowa. plus, senator bernie sanders is here, could he deliver early-state upsets to hillary clinton, once considered the inevitable nominee. and the powerhouse roundtable on a possible newcomer on that could seriously shake up both sides of the race.
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as the reality sets in that the republican nominee could really be an outsider, it's an all-out civil war inside the republican party. nearly two dozen thinkers banding together against trump in the latest edition of national review. while others, like bob dole, warming up to the billionaire, saying he could at least work with congress. trump, embraced the newfound support. >> and you know what, there's a point at which, let's be to the establishment. we got to get things done not x. >> george caught up with senator ted cruz on his campaign bus in new hampshire this week and asked the texas senator about why he prefers not to have the support of dole or anyone else in washington? >> you seemed to welcome the attack from bob dole, but how about the argument he's making? he said he believes your
10:53 am
is going to cause cataclysmic losses. >> he omitted two words, nobody in washington doesn't like cruz. >> that doesn't bother you? >> the biggest divide we got in this country politically it's not between republicans and democrats. it's between career politicians in washington in both parties and the americans. >> somewhere, a lot of republicans are coming around to the idea donald trump would be a more electable nominee -- >> it's not a question of electability, listen to what they're saying. you're right we're saying, the establishment is abandoning marco rubio and they're rushing to donald trump and they have explained why. bob dole yesterday explained why. he said donald trump is someone we can make a deal with, we can cut a deal, we can work with him. listen, if you're someone in
10:54 am
more republicans in washington to cut a deal with the democrats to agree with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, then you ought to vote for donald trump. >> and joining us now, rich lowry, the orchestrated effort to t blionaire and republan alex castellanos, campaign strategist to bob dole, george bush and mitt romney, who thought about blocking trump then had a change of heart. >> rich, is ted cruz correct there, you saw that interview with george, has donald trump become the establishment candidate? >> yeah, the reason, martha, we did this issue, we wanted to make two issues. number one, donald trump is not a conservative. and two, we wanted to make the point, not the so-called establishment that's opposing
10:55 am
have elements of the political accomplishment among republicans hiding under their desk, figuring out how they can co-op or deal with donald trump. we want to win this election. we want to do it with a consecutive and we think we can. >> rich, you wrote this morning, this is what national review exists to do, to plant the flag for conservativism, have you missed your chance, has trump led for too long? >> i object the notion because he's at 30% at the polls. this thing is effectively over. look, we knew we could get a lot of blowback from this issue. it's particularly rich that donald trump invoked william f. buckley and said buckley would be ashamed of what we have done. in fact, buckley wrote about
10:56 am
him a nar sissist. >> alex, you have a different take, at the beginning of the month, you tried to get an anti-trump thing going, you had no takers. is the gop going to have to live with a t >> as much as i love national review, i think they have shown up at the war long after the last shots have been fired here. they're telling the republican party to pull the rip cord long after we have hit the ground and gone splat. seven days to go before the iowa caucus and national review saying, we should be the party of ronald reagan but not donald trump. that's great. i check, reagan is not on the ballot. the choices we have been left with, ted cruz who has thrown the conservative cause under the bus for his own political gain many times and donald trump who
10:57 am
as well, he's not ronald reagan, he's not the long-term future of the republican party, maybe he's the turnaround ceo the interim leader who can clean up our books, keep our country from going bankrupt. >> alex, you wrote just months ago that trump was a power-hungry strong man, why is suddenly the man the gop should trus actually last august, what rich is saying in national review is not news. i wrote trump itrong man we don't need in august of last year. guess what, we don't have any. whose fault is that? i think a lot of the faultes to conservative intellectual leadership of america. with the conservative cause that an mates the republican party, we don't appeal to young people
10:58 am
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