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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  ABC  January 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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school districts include newark and jersey city are already announcing closures. you can see the list of closed schools on the bottom of your screen. public schools in new york city will be open tomorrow. alternate side parking regulations in new york city are suspended until february 1st to help with all of the snow removal. >> governor cuomo warns that the long island railroad system struggling under the heavy snowfall may not be operational in time for the monday morning commute. >> we have a team of reporters from new jersey to the boroughs covering the storm. >> reporter: that's right. that may be the biggest impact in the tri-state area from the storm. we're expecting a statement at about 6:00 from the governor's office. i can tell you that my sources are telling me that service on the long island railroad will not be fully restored in time
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and may not be fully restored for several days. i want to show you what the problem is because we're right next to a set of tracks just outside the huntington train station. you can see, joe, what we're looking at now with the camera is a set of switches. those switches is snow covered. i'm told that is one of the biggest problems that the railroad has had to deal with is snow covered and frozen switches. so you see what the problem is. in fact, the impact is more severe than first believed. the good news is that there are plenty of parking spaces at the lirr station. the bad news for commuters tonight is that there are no trains. service on the nation's largest commuter railroad was suspended more than 24 hours ago. the trains and the tracks they traveled on are buried in two feet of snow, with drifts that
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the storm suspect empty up and down -- sit empty up and down the line. riders showing up for trains that didn't depart and won't depart for hours. >> it is confusing to get home. >> reporter: and i'm told that during the storm, there were as many as 15 stranded lirr trains. i'm told that a number of those trains are stranded up and down the system. as we said a moment ago. they were not stranded with passengers. they were stranded with crews in some cases for six to seven hours. the railroad workforce has been out working to try to dig out the switches and try to dig the trains out. but it's a very big system and a lot of trains were out there running for a long time during the height of the storm, as the storm was really cranking.
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lirr far more severe than first believed. service not expected to be fully restored tomorrow. it may be several days before the outlying branches get full service. they will focus on the main line, huntington. more on this at 6:00. we're live at huntington station, long island. >> thank you, mj. some people in queens believe their streets are getting the cold shoulder when it comes to the clean up. the borough was hit with two feet of snow. josh is in masbeth tonight. >> reporter: this sanitation plow truck has been stranded here on emerald avenue in queens since 2:00 in the morning. they haven't been able to get reinforcements here.
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trying to dig it out, waiting for reinforcements. that is one look what sanitation has been up against today throughout queens. at more than a hundred square miles it is the largest borough. people who live here are steaming. they see sanitation plow trucks. they just don't see them on their blocks. neighborhood after neighborhood, they're simply stranded. >> trucks pass by and we ask them to clean it and they say they're scared they're going to get stuck. >> i'm not satisfied with the condition of the roads and the neighbors in queens. >> reporter: the mayor admitted that sanitation had fallen flat when it came to queens. he ordered more resources to the park. those already out were not having an easy time. here in jackson heights, where this van got stuck and caught fire at the height of the storm yesterday, today massive front end loaders arrived to dig it out.
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all of this on just one small street in a huge borough where there isn't a lot of forgiveness to go around. >> this is not easy. >> no, it's not. it absolutely is not. if you sit and say you're prepared for this, then you should be prepared for it. >> reporter: and back live, just to show you another look at what they're up against here. you can see how close this sanitation vehicle is to the parked cars and their mirrors here. they have a procedure when they start to get stuck, they stop trying to get unstuck because they could wind up hitting a parked car and they don't want to do that. that's one of the reason that's this truck has been sitting here most of the night and all day, until they can finally get reinforcements here. we are told that they are coming. we will of course keep you posted and see how they do between now and 6:00 when we see you again. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> they have their work cut out for them. several school districts in new jersey are announcing
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struggle to dig out in the wake of this blizzard. you can see the closings at the bottom of the screen here. a.j. ross is in newark this evening. a.j. >> reporter: sandra, just hours ago the newark public schools announced they will be closed tomorrow due to the weekend storm. if you look behind me, you can clearly see why. we're along jefferson street, not too far away from downtown newark. this is one of the better streets, believe it or not. as we passed by, some were simply impassable for our four- wheel-drive truck to come down. just a couple of hours ago the mayor discussed the ongoing clean-up efforts that still have a ways to go. newark was hard hit by saturday's storm with more than two feet of snow. despite a travel ban in place, officials say a lot of people didn't heed those warnings, which resulted in dozens of cars getting stuck in the
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newark police say they received nearly 280 weather-related calls from cars stuck in the snow and downed power lines. people ignoring the travel ban also had ripple effects with several dozen police, fire and ems vehicles getting stuck in the snow, trying to help those on the road out. >> we had to change our entire operation to begin using our snow plows to help ems, fire and everybody else get through and rescue people off of the street. >> reporter: and even back here live, you can see there are several cars trying to back up and navigate through. you can't see the blacktop here on jefferson. as i mentioned this, believe it or not, is one of the better streets. another thing that the city is looking for is some small businesses in the area that have snow plow equipment. if they would like to team up with the city and help clear the streets so things can get back up to normal sooner, they
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anyone willing to help can contact the department of sanitation. i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. a mother and her son are dead. her daughter is in critical condition tonight. digging out from the storm. and carbon monoxide became a deadly combination. jim hoffer. >> reporter: you might expect a few deaths in a storm like this. fatal car crashes because of the snow and the ice. here in new jersey the only death caused by one clogged tailpipe it nearly wiped out an entire family. flowers mark the car where a mother and child died when overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning. >> i see the guy try to help two kids. and can't breathe. >> reporter: isabel stepped outside her home last night around 8:00 to see a man
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young children had lost consciousness while waiting inside their car to stay warm. as the father tried to dig the car out from two feet of snow. >> the boy don't have life. because he's like this. and i try, i try and my nephew try, try. and the paramedic try, try. those people work so hard. >> reporter: but it was already too late for the mother and her 1-year-old son. the 3-year-old girl is in very critical condition at the hospital in patterson. her survival due perhaps to the paramedics and this woman who was not afraid to get involved. >> i put my mouth in the girl's and the paramedic worked so hard. so hard to help the kid. >> reporter: the mother and the child are the only deaths in new jersey attributed to the snow. a silent kill, carbon monoxide, which strikes quickly and with little warning. >> any snow that covers your tailpipe, you want to first and foremost shovel out the snow in
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the tailpipe is before you even start the vehicle. >> reporter: we spoke to several friends of the family. they say that the father who works here at the nearby restaurant depot is incredibly hardworking. but whenever he has time off, he spends it with his family. especially with the two children. they say he is incredibly dedicated father. you can only imagine at this hour and all through the night he is going to be holding on to whatever hope that that 3-year- old daughter of his can survive. for now we're live in pasaic, jim hoffer, eyewitness news. >> a heart breaking story. the snow is not falling anymore but the ice is. look what is falling off of a highrise building in mid town. so far no one has been hit by the ice. a section of broadway between 53rd and 54th street is closed to protect anyone who happens to be walking by. even though the sun is shining, parts of the jersey
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moderate flooding remains a concern for some communities. you can see the high water level in jersey city. flooding probably won't be as bad as yesterday but authorities say water may once again rush through low-lying communities at high tide just before 8:00 tonight. the rebuild dunes in belmar held up. the mayor's words, preparation paid o he released video shot by a drone showing how the dunes protected the shore town. you can see how snowy it is behind the breaking waves there. there was one breach. but otherwise, a clear coastline today. there are no travel bans in place for new jersey. but drivers are encouraged to use extra caution on the roads. take a look at the ride from cranford into manhattan. slick conditions exist on city side streets. officials say roads should be in good shape for the monday morning commute.
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new york city from new jersey are being met with a mob scene at penn station. huge crowds trying to get back to the garden state are rushing the trashings as the numbers are called in. unfortunately dozens of trains are still canceled. a metro north train slammed into a snow plow in stanford, connecticut. it happened this morning. the snow plow driver managed to get out of the truck. he just left it on the tracks. stop. there were no passenger trains running at the time. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast from meteorologist jeff smith. >> what is incredible about the storm, the amount of real estate covered by the storm. the city, basically the western two-thirds of long island. some of the most densely populated areas of the entire country getting plastered with snow. this is number two on the list,
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storm at central park by a mere tenth of an inch. the march of 1888 blizzard, the blizzard of 1996. and we're near the top of that heap. there were areas of new york city that got quite a bit more than central park. jackson heights, queens. 34 inches of snow. port richmond, 33.3. brooklyn about 29 inches of snow. new jersey, long valley and morris county about 30 inches. somerset county about 30 inches of snow. even parts of connecticut getting upwards of 16 inches of snow. 35 in the park. we had a little bit of melting during the day today. temperatures go below freezing tonight. so that melting will refreeze on untreated surfaces so watch for black ice out there. the rest of the forecast is quieter than it has been. i'll tell you that. that is come up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. we will see you then. much more of our live
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digs out from a punishing blizzard. we will have new updates on the cond in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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>> the storm walloped d.c. with record rape fall. >> the goal is to make major roads pass skill do as much as possible for secondary roads. schools in washington will be closed tomorrow and mass
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remain shut down. it's unclear if federal offices will reopen on monday. not even the washington redskins could tackle the blizzard. snow on top of the indoor practice facility in virginia. it it caused the roof to collapse. the team says once conditions improve, the roof will be reinflated. also in virginia, the heavy snow too much for the roof of a shopping center. nearly five feet of blowing snow accumulated on top of a newly installed awning. that caused part of the roof and the front facade to collapse. no one was hurt there. in the end, we got walloped harder than that area. did we not. >> we did. we received the jackpot totals. new york city and new jersey. washington d.c. itself didn't
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dwi airport got their big jest snowstorm on record. it's a wide swath of near- record snowfalls. compared to the storm of '06, this storm was much more impressive. i can't say it enough. the highest total in that one was just in central park a very val band of heavy snow back in '06. this one was more like a 50 to 100-mile-wide band. look at the snow piles on the upper west side of manhattan. new york city sanitation doing a great job in parts of the say e-- in parts of the city. the temperature is 35. because of a snow pack, it will help to keep temperatures a little cooler the next couple of days. cooler than they would be had there not been a snow pack. because it acts as a refrigerator in the atmosphere. watch for black ice the next
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will get melting during the day and then temperatures go back to freezing overnight. a shower could show up in the forecast by late tuesday. that's a pretty weak front moving on by. if that's all we have to talk about, that's not a bad accuweather forecast compared to temperatures going a few degrees above freezing north and west of new york city. still at 27 in monticello. 32 on the island. 28 at tom's river. a little batch of clouds moving through right now. we will call it a mix of clear skies overnight with an upper level disturbance moving by. there's the storm. good-bye to that as it moves into the open waters of the atlantic ocean. here is the futurecast overnight. temperatures dropping down to 21 by 7:00 in the morning. teens in the suburbs. tomorrow, back up above freezing. on tuesday, late in the day,
5:20 pm
be a batch of showers moving on by. clear tonight. watch for the black ice out there. down to about 20. mostly sunny tomorrow. 35. clouds tomorrow night. and watch for the icy patches. we're down to 28. here is your 7-day forecast. maybe a late shower on tuesday. mainly cloudy wednesday. a chance of rain or snow wednesday morning behind the front. that wouldn't accumulate at all. 39. mid to upper 30s thursday. and back up into the 40s by next weekend. a gradual melt. not enough to cause flooding but enough to cause big puddles. you will be navigating that during the week. >> at least it will get the snow out of here. >> eventually. laura behnke has the night off. anthony is here for sports. >> the brooklyn nets game against the thunder has been
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the knicks got out of town to look around
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>> well, anthony johnson is sitting in for laura behnke tonight. now we get back to sports after the big snow. >> absolutely. today's game between the nets and the oklahoma city thunder has been pushed back to an evening start.
5:24 pm
off at 3:30 this afternoon and has been pushed back to 7:30 as work continues to clear the heavy snow that fell around the barclay arena. it didn't stop carmelo anthony from adding another accomplishment to his resume. he had soreness in the 4th quarter. the knicks escaped the snow but ran into a hot hornets team and lost 97-84. >> i don't know if he would have come back into the game without the sore knee. we weren't playing with enough energy. we looked completely worn down and worn out. >> it's championship weekend in the nfl. denver, the winner, goes to super bowl. right now the broncos and the patriots are in the 3rd
5:25 pm
trade ehas interceptions and denver is ahead 17-12. the rangers have won two in a row for the first time since november. they were looking for a third day against the senators. a couple of fans even made the trip with the team up to ottawa for this one. 2nd period, no score. jar add takes a slap shot and hits the post. finishes it off 1-0 senators. in the 3rd period it's hoffman, the quick wrister gives ottawa a lead. it's 3-0 right now as they play in the 3rd. hey, if you are a college hoops fan and heard about the hawks this year, maybe that's not because they're in first place but because they have the most entertaining bench players in the country. our laura behnke caught up with them this week. >> you may have seen them on sports center. now meet the bench mob. >> let's go. high energy. let's go. >> nobody was ever excited to sit on the bench.
5:26 pm
bench as something more than sitting on the bench. >> we sit on the schedule and there were huge teams we were playing. we knew we had to bring a new level of energy. >> bring it they did, the most creative celebrators in the ncaa. >> there's definitely ideas that get vetoed. >> we love it. sometimes on the bus ride to the game we're like what are we going to do today and that's when we start thinking about it. >> during the game, i never know what is happening and then i go home and turn on espn. >> i saw it after the game. i'm like where am i when tyler is lying down on the floor for like eight seconds. >> we have a pressure to top the last one. >> i don't see us running out of ideas. >> there wouldn't be any bench celebrations without something to celebrate. the hawks have surprised many this year. first place in the mac and eyeing their first ncaa appearance in a decade. >> they do their job on the bench and we do our job on the court.
5:27 pm
when you have that mentality, anything is possible. >> laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> great job, laura. they beat maris, 83-72 and still in first place in the conference. that's it for sports. back to you. >> they know how to celebrate. >> absolutely. the blizzard is history but the aftermath remains. coming up on eyewitness news, we will take you to the bronx to show you how neighbors are digging out after the massive storm.
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>> you're watching new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news at 5:00 with joe torres, sandra, and meteorologist jeff smith. now eyewitness news continues. >> here is a look at tonight's top stories. governor cuomo warns that the long island railroad system struggling under that heavy snowfall may not be operational in time for the monday morning commute. and sources tell eyewitness news that service may not be fully restored for several days. >> in new jersey, many cities and towns are struggling to clear the snow before monday. school districts include newark and jersey city have announced closures tomorrow. schools in new york city will be open tomorrow. the weekend blizzard dumped 26.8 inches on central park, making it the second largest
5:30 pm
good evening again, everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. all five boroughs buried in a record amount of snow. it's costing some business owners a whole lot of money. >> let's check in with eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson in the riverdale section bronx. kimberly. >> reporter: joe and sandra, it's been an extremely long day for many people here in the bronx. the owner of riverdale diner, george, tells me it took crews three hours to clear his parking lot. but that was just the least of his problems. >> we are closed for today. >> reporter: for the first time in half a century the tables here in the riverdale diner are empty. it's quiet except for maccelino, just one of two employees who could get to work today. he lives across the street. everybody else lives in westchester county and couldn't
5:31 pm
but no close on one of the busiest days of of the week. >> so we close today. never happened before. never. >> reporter: in other parts of the bronx, like so many in our area, it's time to dig out. >> we've been at it for 20 minutes. >> so you have to do it in phases. >> yes. it's back breaking. >> here on west 32nd street, they looked like igloo cars buried in snow. the eight boys are surprising his dad by clearing off his car. they tried this tarp trick. not really sure if that works. and frank is a talker. >> i'm a pro at this. i've been a new yorker all my life. >> if you were a pro, you wouldn't be in this situation. >> i would have parked in the garage like i was mentioning to my friend. dig up and do ten-minute intervals and take a five- minute break. >> reporter: on the upside, the elevated tracks were clear and
5:32 pm
it will be a long time before these folks get rolling again. >> reporter: to give you an idea, we were cruising around broadway and the l is protected. that is clear down to the blacktop. when you get on the side streets in riverdale, it is bad. you're going to have to take your time tomorrow morning. we're live in riverdale, kimberly richardson, eyewitness news. >> from the bronx to staten island, more than 30 inches of snow. now so many people working together to try to clear it all away. eyewitness news reporter charlene is in the sunny side section of staten island. charlene. >> reporter: and joe, we are at clove lakes park in richland county. 31 inches of snow. it is thick, it is heavy. it is really hard to shovel out. but in any blizzard, there is always a stiller lining.
5:33 pm
hours and hours of sledding fun. these kids have been having. meanwhile their parents have been hard at work. shoveling and more shoveling. folks in the port richmond section says it seems that it is never ending. that is what happens when you get hit with 31 inches of snow. this area beating out the entire tri-state area for snow totals. the sanitation department has done a good job clearing out the streets. it has been nothing but work for residents trying to get their deeply encased cars out in time for the workweek. when shoveling didn't do the trick, some guys brought out the big dogs. the man who owns it doesn't even live on the street anymore but he came back to help. that was the theme on every city block we went to. >> everybody here watches out for each other and helps with the snow cleaning. they're very nice people. they see we can't do it by ourselves. it's so much snow. it's unbelievable.
5:34 pm
woman would love to trade places with these kids who have been enjoying every last bit of it. because you know what, by tomorrow, it is back to class for them and all of new york city. in staten island, charlene, channel 7 eyewitness news. a foot of ocean water flooded the beach haven volunteer fire house. authorities reported no major damage. but firefighters are worried about high tide tonight and whether they will see a second round of flooding. to connecticut now. nasty flooding in norwalk rolled in with the high tide. you can see it reach the top of the fences here. the flooding and the snow led to road closures there. no word yet on the amount of damage. as of this hour, bus routes in new haven are modified or canceled until road conditionsem prove.
5:35 pm
eyewitness news for the very latest on the aftermath of the blizzard. you can also find updates and information around the clock at abc7ny. three accused violent criminals are on the run following a jail break. in southern california the three were in a cell together when they somehow managed to cut through steel bars. they then crawled through plumbing pipes and made it to the roof. once there, they repelled down the walls and ran off. they were gone for 16 hours before anyone noticed. >> clearly a well thought out and planned escape. >> if anyone sees them, we ask that you call 911 immediately. >> the escapees were awaiting trial for serious crimes including murder and torture. there is a $30,000 reward for tip that's lead to their capture. alaska was rattled this morning with an earthquake, the
5:36 pm
this is video of a cargo center at anchorage international airport shaking. items fell off shelves. no reports of injuries. there was a home that was badly damaged in an explosion and a neighborhood had to be evacuated because of a gas leak. well, just when you thought the presidential race couldn't get any more bizarre, surprise, another new york billionaire. former new york city mayor bloomberg is taking steps to throw his name into the ring. all this as donald trump finds an unusual and controversial way to boast about the loyalty of his supporters. the many political angles now taking shape. >> reporter: just how loyal are donald trump supporters. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incurred. >> reporter: this morning under fire for yet another controversial comment.
5:37 pm
shooting anybody in this campaign. >> he would be sent to prison. >> reporter: but the brash billionaire may not be the only billionaire in the race for very long. abc confirming that michael bloomberg is contemplating a third party run. he told george stephanopoulos that he would welcome the bid. >> he would take a lot of votes away from hillary, if it is hillary. >> reporter: hillary clinton raking in an endorsement from the register. and the influential paper endorsed marco rubio. ted cruz gets the endorsement of glenn beck. >> his word is his bond. >> reporter: this clip was posted on youtube this morning. the lanky teenager talking
5:38 pm
exactly what he wants. >> take over the world. world domination. rule everything. rich, powerful. that kind of stuff. >> still ahead this evening on eyewitness news, much more of our live coverage. beautiful sunset tonight. >> uh-huh. >> as the tri-state area digs out after that punishing blizzard. we will have new updates on the conditions outside and what
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>> you're watching abc7, number one in new york. >> his life story is the plot for the new controversial netflix document remaking a murderer. >> now avery is speaking out for the first time since it aired. here is dan harris. >> reporter: in a new letter to our abc station in milwaukee, steven avery, the convicted
5:41 pm
a murderer writes the real killer is still out there. who is he stalking now? much of the three-page letter is in response to an interview that avery's ex-girlfriend gave to hln in which she turns on the man she once defended. >> what do you want people to know? >> the truth. >> which is? >> what a monster he is. and he's not innocent. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: avery was convicted in 2007 killing the 25-year-old. the documentary raises questions whether avery was framed by local law enforcement officials that he was suing at the time because they had put him in prison for 18 years for a rape he didn't commit. he was later exonerated by dna evidence. >> we're now at the avery family salvage yard. >> reporter: i went to wisconsin to investigate the case recently. i met the former prosecutor who
5:42 pm
who is now bombarded by online threats. >> just examples upon examples of what i would refer to as cyber bullying. >> reporter: i also met avery's former defense attorney, dean strang whose defense of avery has made him a digital age folk hero. >> do you still believe that the department or members of the department framed steven avery. >> i'm still left with real reasons to suspect that. >> reporter: one of the local sheriff deputies recently spoke out for the first time since the document re. quote, you know all these allegations against myself and our agency are totally false. be careful what you wish for. if steven avery is ever freed, he may just become your neighbor. >> that was dan harris all right. what did you do during the blizzard of 2016?
5:43 pm
casey, you got your snowboard and hitched it up to a jeep. take a look at this. armed with a selfie stick and a go pro, the youtube sensation jumps over snow drifts. then his friend joins him skiing alongside. cheeky. they go all over manhattan ending, where else, times square. that's when the police pulled the pair over but let them go. so far his youtube video has more than a million hits. >> there was a travel ban. here is a look at some of the pictures of the blizzard that viewers have sent to us. we want to see all your pictures too. send them to us using the bc7. lots of pretty photos. they were on the road to nowhere. the blizzard that battered us traps hundreds of drivers on the highway. you will hear about the ordeal. a shadow of its former self
5:44 pm
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>> hundreds of vehicles spent the bulk of the blizzard stranded on the pennsylvania turnpike. the line of cars and trucks stuck in the snow stretched more than 7 miles. the backup happened just outside of pittsburgh when two tractor-trailers collided. the blizzard made a rescue impossible. so drivers had to hunker down. >> this is horrible. we've been stuck in the truck for 13 and a half hours and still counting. >> the national guard came to the rescue of the stranded drivers, bringing chem food and water. last night the accident was finally cleared. traffic started moving once again in both directions. >> what a story they have to
5:47 pm
>> you have quite the story to tell too. thankful we're we're all able to dig out. >> what a high impact storm though. this happened on a weekend. imagine if the storm started at like 1:00 p.m. on a monday. >> yeah. the city is counting its blessings for sure. >> the problems we would have had in that case. the city looks pretty tonight. unless you're at the surface and see the mounds of snow. from afar we look at the empire state building and the sky is very clear. a decent night tonight. freezing though. that is a problem because there will be icy spots developing as today. the temperature is 35 degrees. the wind is calm. but the temperature falling down to freezing by 7:00 p.m., down into the upper 20s by 9:00 p.m. down into the mid 20s by midnight. a patch of clouds in the next few hours. then we clear things out. another look at the
5:48 pm
look at the width of this two to three-foot band of snowfall extending through central and northern new boroughs of new york city and long island. such a sharp gradient off to the north. northern parts of the county got just over a foot. so just in a matter of, say, 20 miles it was an 18-inch difference in snowfall. just incredible. in terms of the top snow storms, we were barely number two by a tenth of an inch. still the february 2006 storm which was a much less high impact event beating us out. 31 in middle town. you don't have as much snow pack up there. you're actually mild. 29 white plains. 32 on the island. a batch of clouds moving by right now and then we clear things out overnight tonight. another system off to our west that will move into the day on tuesday.
5:49 pm
20s in the park. the snow pack keeps things colder at night, especially with the clear skies and the calm winds. highs tomorrow up to 35 degrees. here is your accuweather forecast for tonight. we're down to about 20. mostly sunny tomorrow. back above freezing like we were today. and then back below freezing. so it's the pattern of a little bit of melting during the day and then you get the refreezing at night. watch for icy spots. maybe an early shower of rain or snow on wednesday. and then mostly cloudy, 39. upper 30s later in the week. back into the 40s, middle 40s at least by next sunday. >> uh-huh. >> good stuff. >> not bad. >> just missed the record. >> come on. >> we will try again tomorrow. >> maybe not. >> even after a blizzard, new yorkers know how to have fun. >> coming up on eyewitness
5:50 pm
>> well, after the blizzard comes the hard work of cleaning up. there's also plenty of room for a little bit of fun. >> yeah.
5:51 pm
packed with children playing in the snow, and grown-ups as well. most were sledding, but some kids took advantage of the snowfall to develop their entrepreneurial skills. >> we're selling snowballs for 5 cents. or five for 10 cents. or -- i'm sorry. 10 snowballs for 10 cents. >> a deal is a deal. when we met them, they had already made $1.42. this was the scene today at cloves lake park on staten island. kids all bundled up to enjoy the winter weather. >> and as everyone bundled up for the snow, he dressed down. >> we are of course talking about the times square icon. is he an icon. >> if we say he is maybe. >> the naked cowboy. in spite of whipping winds, being pelted from snow, it seems from this instagram pic,
5:52 pm
>> he looked photo shopped to me. >> touched up. >> this will make you feel warm and fuzzy. look at the lower part of your screen. can you see it there? you will see a big message written on the snow on columbus circle. i heart lauren. we're assuming the correct lauren has seen this and knows she is loved. maybe it is for our laura behnke. >> coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we have the latest on the storms impact on the railroad. how long it will take to restore full service. also ahead, shoveling the snow turns to a tragedy. how a mother and her little boy inside a car were killed by carbon monoxide. and the massive effort to
5:53 pm
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