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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EST

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capital police looked the other way. that's what making news in america this morning. >> stay tuned for "good morning america," everyone. have a great morning. this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. with lori stokes and ken rosado. heather o'rourke with traffic, and bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news this morning. tristate area is slowly coming back to life as we gear up for what will be a slippery morning commute no matter where you are. >> some problems on the roads to issues on the rails. commuters may face issues on the long island railroad. we are live with information you need to know before you head out the door.
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huge headaches from cars trapped in snow to just trying to walk around. eyewitness news is live covering all angles as we try to get back to normal after that monster blizzard. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosado. it is 4:30 on this monday, january 25. the big question is how you're going to get to work and school. let's get right to it. >> transit is running regular weekday service with exception of gladstone line and that has been suspended until tomorrow. most bus lines are running full service. >> most of the service is normal with the exception of newark and journal square until snow is clear from the tracks. >> it's all systems go in new york city. there could be detours due to snow accumulation. >> and you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist, amy frieze in for bill. >> good morning to the both of you. we may have finished second
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up and yes, it's going to take some time. the other issue is the melting and refreezing that's going to occur over the next couple of days. feels like the 20s and teens. windchill will be a factor. central park shelter there. so they are not getting the windchill effect. some of the burros feeling as low as 17 degrees. there it is. 26.8. that's what goes down in the history books. some areas getting well above that. some getting half that, but across the tristate, that's a clean up day and a few clouds out there through northwest new jersey and hanging through the hudson valley. we'll see winds turning out of the south later today. as that happens, in the early afternoon, more melting will occur. it will be a combination of temperatures with a high today in the mid 30s in new york city. and then also the sunshine and a southwest wind. that's going to help with the gradual meltdown that we're hoping for. i'll have more details coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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could be a slick and slippery commute starting from right outside your front door. >> very true. that's a very good point. the l.i.e., we have word it's closed westbound at the van wick and we are looking at the d and f trains. d trains to 145th street, f trains local only 36th street to forest hills. then you have the gladstone branch suspended. all of the other branches are running. we have path trains, newark to journal square suspended and metro north skipping melrose, and delays and cancellations at your airports. you want to get in touch with your individual carrier. street cleaning is suspended. if you can find the meter, you have to feed it. lori, over to you. >> it's 4:33. the workweek has begun. and many folks are wondering how are they going to get to work or school? seven branches of the long island railroad are expectedded to be fully operational.
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that's where eyewitness news reporter, kristen thorn picks up the story. she is live. kristen. >> reporter: well lori, the lirr says they are very pleased they can offer service to 80% of customers. 7 of the 12 lines now back up and running. so that includes fort washington, huntington, babylon, and green port. what is not running this morning, we have west hempstead and hempstead, long beach. there's no service to and from atlantic terminal. here's part of the issue. the l.i.r.r. spent most of the day clearing out trains that were stuck in the snow. the l.i.r.r. deployed all available staff to deal with this. clearing tracks, station platforms, also clearing switches, which they had to also do by hand. we're showing you pictures of them clearing the harold interlocking in queens. we spoke to customers who are obviously pleased and really
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this service is back up and running this morning. again, your challenge, if you're going to take the train is going to be getting out of your neighborhood. a lot of the back roads are still very, very dangerous. very slick. county roads and state roads look great. the l.i.e. and parkways look great. the other thing you want to lout for is the snow banks are large. i ran into this, this morning. if you are coming out, be careful that people see you around those snow banks. we're live, i'm kristen thorn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kristen. 4:35. the monster storm buried communities all over the tristate. many people in queens are not happy. take a look at this scene. crews working around the clock. people who live there say most of the side streets are impassable. clark live with that part of the story, good morning, dre. >> queens is the city's largest burro.
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way some of the roads looked. this is the corner of 64th street and 53rd avenue. on one side of 64th street, you can see there's a plow that has clearly been through here. if you walk across the street, you'll see on this side of the street, it's a complete mess. nothing has been through here at all. cars, encased in snow. snow mounds in the middle of the street. this is what residents are talking about. this is what they have been complaining about. take a look last night. after the mayor voiced his concerns and made that complaint, a calvary came here all throughout queens trying to reach those side streets. those streets that neighbors had been talking about. in fact, the problem got so bad that people turned to social media and made public pleas for the city to please send trucks here to queens and get the job done. well, the city heard those concerns and wasted no time getting those trucks here, but they still have a long way to go, at least for the example where we are
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aren't going to be happy at all. >> it snowed so much, i don't know where they could put the snow if they plowed it. they might be smooshing people's cars further. where we just came from, the snow was actually over people's cars. you know, the streets are clear, but those people are never going to get out. >> and this is a really good example of what he's talking about. that's an suv completely surrounded in snow. that vehicle isn't going anywhere soon. that's one of maybe a dozen or so vehicles we can see just standing from this position that is all covered in snow almost up to the hood. corks even so, even if a plow came, they wouldn't get out without putting in hours of work. people trying to get their kids
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certainly is not an option. however, we did notice we can get over there on this side of the street. the sidewalks are clear. some reprieve in the sense that they can walk their kids to school, but driving, at least here on 64th, is totally out of the question. we're live in queens, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's a matter of getting to school old school. thank you very much, dre. much appreciated. 4:38. battling flames, tearing through a queens home. that fire started just before midnight in a home on 77th road in cue gardens hills. firefighters say the snow banks made it difficult. the home's first floor collapsed into the basement. firefighters rescued a cat from the flames. the blizzard has cost kids and new jersey's largest city at least one day of school. newark public schools are shut
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lingering road conditions. not all workers have the day off. district's central office will have a delayed opening. employees are expected to report by 10:00 this morning. stay with eyewitness news throughout the morning for updates on the chute commute and also the cleanup. we posted a ton of information on abc7ny. >> 4:39, you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic, amy frieze with the accuweather forecast. >> ken and lori, outside our studios, you can see the pavement, but notice it's all wet. over the next couple of days, we'll have a thawing and refreezing occurring across the area. we did go below freezing and the city is just 30 degrees right now. so any of these areas could be very slick. that's going to be the case all over the tristate. we mentioned it before, the intersections will be key. 20 to 30 inches in the highest total spots. so much snow to get rid of and while the weather is going to
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cooling over the next couple of days, you want to be on alert for those slick spots. same thing will happen on the sidewalks as well. windchills in the teens and 20s. the rest of this day, we'll wait for the winds to move and change at the southwest. once that moves, more melting will be underway. temperatures in the mid 30s to near 40 degrees. we have mid 20s and after lunch, a high of 35. that's weather, here's traffic, heather o'rourke looking at the roads this morning. >> this is the l.i.e. near the cross island parkway. you can see traffic moving back and forth without any major issues. let's go over to our maps. the l.i.e. westbound, you have an accident all lanes are closed down. this is right in the cue gardens interchange. keep that in mind. subways, d and f trains, local only between west 4th street and 145th street and the f trains are local, 36th street to forest hills. mass transit, as far as new
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that suspension on the gladstone branch. and metro north skipping the melrose stations and of course, kristen thorn has all that information coming up about long island railroad, which has four lines suspended. street cleaning rules are suspended, but the meters rules are in effect. ken and lori, back to you. >> 4:40, still ahead, tragedy for a family in new jersey over the weekend. a mother and her child die from carbon monoxide poisoning. hear how the snowstorm may have played a role. >> two fugitives in california back behind bars this morning after escaping from jail. coming up, the scare that forced them to call the police on themselves. >> basketball star, shaquille o'neil makes a special trip to florida to shoot some hoops with neighborhood kids. hear how a police officer played a role there the big
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ay welcome back. the massive snowstorm stranded hundreds of drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike for hours upon hours. this mess starting friday night when a tractor trailer crashed, bringing traffic to a dead standstill. the red cross delivered food, blankets to people in their cars. yesterday, workers finally were able to clear the roads and get traffic proving again. >> many people spent the weekend without power around atlanta, georgia. it took 2 inches of snow for that to happen. the blizzard brought down trees and power lines. here's a woman who spent, like you, spent about 80 hours, 90 hours working.
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>> who is keeping track, right? 83.1. yeah, it was a long weekend. but wow, what an impressive storm. such a monster event and finishing second best by only .1 inches. kind of hard to believe we went from one weekend wondering if we would see snow all season long to wondering if we can make the most snow ever in one storm. this morning, it's operation meltdown across the area. what you're going to run into is slick spots, black ice developing overnight, and also falling ice. rooftops. those two combinations, head's going. when you're dealing with snow melt, those are the problems. long valley, 30 inches of snow. white house 29.6. really looking at these numbers, it is shocking to see that we got this in just one storm.
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port richmond. staten island, 31.3. williamsburg 29 inches. the snow has to go somewhere. the best we can hope for is a gradual meltdown. sunshine during the day will help with that and a southwest wind and steady temperatures throughout the week. connecticut, your top totals were 16 inches. you can get these numbers, i posted all of them on my social media and they are found on the national weather service page for new york. satellite and radar combined, only a few clouds. and winds will be changing up coming out of the southwest and that will be one thing that aids in the melting southwest winds are like a snow eating wind and they'll contribute to the melting. temperatures in the mid 30s with the sunshine also helps. here's what you can expect. it's the meltdown that naturally occurs. watching for the black ice and slippery conditions and those snow mounds a big problem as well. a shower could show up late tuesday, that additionally
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we see that showing up on the future cast. monday is just fine through the evening, tonight through midnight, the worst that we have in the skies is patchy fog. here comes a shower, we could see sprinkles and light showers also helping. not a huge rain event, so we don't have to worry about major flooding, but it is a reminder to make sure all your drains are clear to make sure the water has a way to get out of here. 28 degrees the overnight low. the refreezing that will occur for the next couple of nights. temperatures still in the teens this evening. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast. 35 to 40 all week long. wednesday and thursday are dry. friday is cloudy and there is something to watch on friday. there's another offshore storm. this one, the track is a lot more variable and it is something to keep for right now. not a good degree of certainty what will be happening with temperatures. do look warm heading into friday and saturday.
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this weekend. i think perhaps the best thing and the best bet for us today is the cleanup occurs to make sure there's a place for the water to run off. so even creating a little stream or a little gully, that will avoid other problems. you don't want to get into a silly situation where you stacked up snow and it affects your basement or home, keep the water away from the house if you can. keep it away from intersections. some of those things can go a long way to help in your own situation and meltdown. >> and it's good the temperature is much, too fast. >> that's a huge thing you worry about in a big storm, because does it get too warm too quick? >> it gives you time to take care of it. thank you, amy. >> heather o'rourke, how is that commute looking? >> it's tricky. let's talk about long island railroad. long beach and west hempstead
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montoc branch suspended and between jamaica and atlantic terminal. go into penn station or subway system is cross honoring on the 2 and e. at the cue garden interchange, all lanes closed down as a result and we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. ken, over to you. >> it's 4:49. the storm brought tragedy for a new jersey family. a mother and her son die after being overcome by carbon monoxide. a little girl is fighting for her life. the three were inside this car on saturday night while the children's father worked to dig it out from a large snow bank on a street in patterson. the tail pipe was covered by snow and ice, so the carbon monoxide went inside the car. lynn rosa and her one-year-old son were killed in mere minutes.
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two lovely people, healthy people, you know. >> paramedics and a good samaritan worked so hard to keep the couple's daughter alive. the three-year-old is in critical condition now at the hospital. a bronx man has been charged in a gruesome machete murder. 26-year-old, angela feliz was arrested at the scene. he's accused of killing his neighbor. the sources say that the victim, carmen torres gonzales was attacked in an unprovoked attack. police have not revealed a motive for the killing. three criminals are on the run. the three in the cell together when they somehow managed to cut through steel bars. they then crawled through plumbing pipes and made it to the roof. once there, they repelled down the walls and ran off. they were gone for 16 hours
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and mother nature and some might say karma landed two other fugitives behind bars. authorities say the pair ran from the police in northern california after a friday traffic stop and then hid in the woods. one person, snow was coming. they called police on friday night, begging to be rescued because they were freezing. search and rescue teams eventually found them saturday morning. >> we knew based on the weather conditions that yes, there's a very high likelihood that they would not survive very long. i have never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew they were going to be dry and warm. >> both men suffered hypothermia and possible frostbite. they are expected to be okay and face weapons and drug charges. 4:51. how would you react of a four- time nba champion joined your pickup basketball team? try this.
4:50 am
yeah, that's a normal reaction to seeing all 7 feet and 2 inches of shaquille o'neil. he made a visit to a neighborhood that produced the viral video of a police officer shooting hoops with some kids. they were being too loud by joining in their game. they went back to the neighborhood and brought o'neil as a surprise. >> that's so cool. look at him. wow. >> they were stunned, that's awesome. >> it is 4:52. coming up on eyewitness news this morning, the streets are not the only hazard after the big snowstorm. try navigating the sidewalks. almost impossible in some areas. the effort it takes to climb over the piles of snow, forget about it. now the city is looking for a few good men and women to help out. >> also ahead, the faa is investigating an incident after
4:51 am
4:55. welcome back. the first workday will be an obstacle course. one big problem, then there's the slush covered streets and the sidewalks. you get around, but it requires a lot of climbing. just go from one corner to another.
4:52 am
>> what about those little puddles? >> they are the worst. i don't have snow boots. >> it's a little slippery and some things are deeper than they seem. >> new york city is looking for extra manpower and woman power to clear corners and drains. the sanitation department is trying to hire app army of day laborers. it is definitely time to put on the snow boots. >> a lot of hard work out there. let's check in with amy frieze. >> we are days away from seeing the return to normal shoes. i don't know, you need the snow boots today need the rain boots because it is so sloppy out there. temperatures are in the teens. 0 in the city. we'll go for a high of 35. a lot of sunshine early on. a combination of temperatures with the sunshine is going to help with the meltdown. we're also going to see our winds switch out at the southwest. all those things helping with a
4:53 am
tomorrow, fog giving way to a shower, high 41. again, a little bit of rain could help. we don't want too much, too soon. all of these things will help to turn the snow back into water. make sure your drains are clear. that's weather, here's a look at the commute this morning, just getting off of your own block is a challenge this morning. >> very tricky. and trying to get a cab. you have to walk such a distance to pick up a cab, because some of st intersections aren't cleared off in order for you to get to that stop. the l.i.e. westbound side near the expressway, an accident. all lanes are closed down. you have long island railroad, the following lines are suspended, west hemp stead, and east, it's also suspended between jamaica and lant tick terminal. go to penn station, you can use your subways, street cleaning rules are suspended, but the meters rules are still in effect. >> closing in at 5:00, covering
4:54 am
this storm, more than 24 hours after the monster blizzard tore through. cars and sidewalks buried, mass transit suspensions in place. live team coverage. >> and meteorologist, amy
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this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. with lori stokes and ken rosado. heather o'rourke with traffic, and bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news this morning. we made it through the blizzard. now we have to get to work and to school. more than 24 hours after the second biggest snowstorm on record. huge piles of snow are covering many streets, cars, and sidewalks. this is a live look from queens. >> commuters may have problems on the long island railroad,
4:57 am
we have live team coverage to help you start your day. >> and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> it is monday, january 25, it will certainly be a busy day ahead. thousands of people across the tristate are digging out. as a result, public schools are closed today. >> but, public schools in new york city are open and you're going to see the list of school closings strolling at the bot bottom of the screen. >> four branches of the long island railroad remain shut down. we have team coverage across the tristate to keep you updated. >> and we'll check weather and traffic every seven minutes beginning with amy frieze in for bill evans. amy. >> lori and ken, as we begin this morning, i know reporters are out there waiting to give us the latest on the details. finishing second best, some people are disappointed we didn't make the top spot. others are like, thank goodness, i couldn't take
4:58 am
there's a lot to remove. 26.8 inches in central park. some parts of the area with 30 inches of snow. below freezing. looking for a high today of 35 degrees. winds are starting to change out of northwest to a westerly wind. that will also help us with the meltdown, along with a lot of sunshine. temperatures are in the 20s to near 32 degrees for the next seven hours. a high of 35, i'll have much more, including a chance for some showers around here. right now, the latest on your commute. both roads and rails, heather o'rourke is standing by to tell us how messy it is. >> you know, that's a great question. a lot of people are thinking, okay, i can fly today. i can get that flight to mexico or whenever it is you're planning on going. well, some of you can't. so you want to get in touch with your individual carrier. we have delays, cancellations at newark, laguardia, jfk. then you have this accident.
4:59 am
closed down. d and f trains, d, local only. f trains, local only. 36th street to forest hills. gladstone branch, new jersey transit remains suspended. you have path trains, newark to grove. metro north skipping melrose, and alternate side parking rules suspended through february 1. the metered rules apply. the problem is, we have so much snow out there finding a meter, that will be the difficult part. we had an accident. that accident has been cleared away. i also heard something about a jackknifed tractor trailer on 78. that jack knife tractor trailer has been cleared away. let's talk about long island railroad. and the hemp stead branch suspended. our street cleaning rules are suspended, but you have to feed the meters. lori, over to you. >> it's 5:03, mounds and mounds of snow remain on the streets
5:00 am
many people are wondering how are they going to get to work and to school? eyewitness news reporter is live now in queens and continues our coverage with the latest. good morning, dre. >> good morning. yeah, folks living here on the street, 64th street near 53rd avenue have a dilema. it looks as though a plow may have come down the street partially and just stopped here. i'm standing in the middle of the street so you can see this snow mound here. a shovel like this is useless. let's take a walk down the block and give you a better sense of what we're up against. people cleared off their driveways, because the street is full of snow. but then you take a walk down the street here and on either side of the street, you can see cars simply encased in snow. even if a plow did come down the street right now, it would still take the homeowners hours
5:01 am
this was a problem that many people complained about yesterday to the mayor. in fact, they went to social media making public pleas for the city to please come here and send some city workers to stand digging out those streets. the problem got so bad that even the mayor had to admit that he wasn't satisfied with some of the road conditions in queens. last night what we saw a number of front end loaders throughout queens loading that snow and clearing up some of those side streets. again, this is one of those streets that still hasn't been touched. now take a look at this. it's hard to tell, car underneath all of that snow. imagine you're a homeowner, you're walking out the door and you have to clean this mess up, it's not going to happen. this car probably will be buried for weeks. meanwhile, schools are open today. so driving your kid to school, at least from this street, is simply not going to happen because the street is not
5:02 am
however, giving the homeowners some credit, if you will. let's squeeze through here really quickly. they have done a pretty good job of cleaning up their sidewalks. take your time there, john. you can see all the way down the block here, they have cleared the sidewalks. so yes, they can walk their kids to school and that's a good thing. driving is simply not going to happen. they are making yet another public plea this morning to please send someone out here on this section of 64th street to get this thing all cleaned up, because right now, without exaggeration, is quite frankly a mess. we're live this morning, channel 7 eyewitness news. great visual for us, thank you very much, dre. 5:06. as heather mentioned, the mta is saying almost all mass transit services will be running, there are still some big problems and headaches. live in nassau county.
5:03 am
>> the lirr says the vast majority of their train lines will be back up and running this morning. 7 of the 12 lines. the major lines are back up and running. those include port washington, oyster bay, huntington, babylon, and green port. so, what is not running? hempstead, west hempstead, far rockaway and long beach. also no service to and from atlantic terminal. the lirr deployed all their available staff and extra staff to clear strand ready traps, clear platform, switches and third rails. they have been doing that since the storm hit. 240 even still up to this point. that's why some of the smaller lines are not back up and running today. there is some work that needings to be done. full service may not be restored until tuesday morning. the l.i.r.r. says if you plan on taking the trains, expect crowded conditions. there will be a lot of people trying to get on the lines.
5:04 am
thorn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and new jersey conditions are still so bad this morning. public schools are closed in newark and jersey city. the roads are slick and icy, a tractor trailer lost control on route 78 eastbound near routes 1 and 9 in newark. it has since been cleared. eyewitness news reporter, rob nelson, continues our coverage now. he's in newark, good morning, rob. >> good morning to you, lori. you just heard dre talking about all the problems in queens. not much better here at all. look at the street behind me, there's no way, and could get through these streets. we are hearing similar complaints that here in newark, some of these side streets are impassable. 28 inches possible. and you can see evidence of that right here.
5:05 am
this is in the middle of the street. whoever owns this car took one look down the street, knew there was no way to get through and stopped and parked right here. another car up the street as well, that decided it could not get through. we are seeing problems on the side streets are bad. huge eyewitness news blue news van and we almost got stuck trying to get in here just to bring you this live shot. on the side streets, a lot of issues. just to reiterate, that's why public schools are closed, no street sweeping according to the mayor's office. why? look behind me. mounds and mounds of snow unplowed. even though roads are shut down. for anyone hitting the ed roads, be careful. the side streets are a no go. roads like this just still a mess after that big r, big storm on saturday. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> rob, thank you. you are never more than 7
5:06 am
traffic. meteorologist, amy frieze is in for bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> ken and lori, good morning. after the storm, a lot of problems can still exist. up and at em this morning. slippery on the sidewalks. we have temperatures below freezing. beautiful shot looking down to one world trade, and a reminder that the sun will be out, big and bright, but you need to bundle up. temperatures will top off at 35 degrees. a lot of snow to contend with. operation meltdown looks like it will be a gradual melting. if we can do our part to make way for the water that did come from all this snow. 20 to 30 up spes in the areas in bright pink. it's incredible to see the amount of snow over such a large area when one week ago, we're going, is it ever going to snow? another contributing factor, the gradual meltdown is a southwest wind that develops today. we spin the weather wheel, and
5:07 am
we go for a high of 35 degrees and then things cool down again considerably. we go below freezing again. heather, it's going to be trouble when you have the refreezing. people think they have cleared areas out, but the refreezing can cause problems. that's a look at what's happening with the weather right now. ken and lori will send it back to you. >> we continue right now because of the wad bad weather, there's a problem on the l.i.r.r. >> we have adam on the phone with the mta. thanks for being with us. >> when you were talking about refreezing, that's what happened. we hoped we could have service running by 5:00 a.m. this morning. now we're telling customers it's going to be at least until 7:00 a.m. before we can have service going. we are very sorry about this. the tracks had been cleared, they refroze overnight. we had problems with blowing and drifting snow.
5:08 am
trains with any chance of problem happening, we have to keep the entire system down until at least 7:00 a.m. to make sure we can clear these lines, get enough equipment in place to operate that quick. for books who had an accident, ism very sorry about this. check that's our website where we are posting any kind of information. >> i'm sure all efforts were made to prevent this from happening. but the simple thing is that with the temperature drop, that really is causing problems. i mean, you apologize to your commuters. at the same time, it's out of precaution. >> right, unfortunately, there's no way around this. far rather disappoint people last minute than to disappoint them on the train. >> this is all branches of the l.i.r.r. in both directions? >> yes, some are in better shape than others.
5:09 am
have to run into a problem as they get closer to manhattan. >> thank you very much. again, the l.i.r.r. right now, nothing running either direction until at least 7:00 a.m. if you want more information, in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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welcome back. the weather making it difficult for thousands of commuters this morning, as we just learned that the l.i.r.r., all branches will be suspended until 7:00 a.m. this morning. that's because of the drop in the temperature and the tracks ended up freezing over. as a precaution, some areas don't have that problem, they want to make sure system wide, there's no problem to keep commuters safe. in fact, adam was just apologizing to the commuters who left. they are standing on the tracks
5:12 am
it will be suspended until 7:00 a.m. >> let's go over to heather right now for a check -- no, let's go to amy. let's check the weather first. >> heather is just behind me. temperatures slightly below freezing. winds are calm. these are the numbers coming from central park that overnight, there were breezy conditions. problems with blowing snow and places that have been plowed, yes, a real possibility. looking at the snow totals, top number for new jersey, 29.6 white house. 28.3. newark, 28.1 inches. the airport's jfk, laguardia, all making the top totals ever. our official reporting stations come in at central park and that puts us at number two for all-time storms. jackson heights, 34 inches. that's the top total i have seen so far. these are also official reporting numbers that come in through the national weather service. means they have been vetted by storm spotters who are trained
5:13 am
nor walk coming in at 6. darren 16 inches. bridgeport, 9.5. so, a wide variety across the tristate with new jersey being the hardest hit. that north central new jersey location that we were concerned about. westerly winds turning out of the southwest this afternoon. that is also going to contribute to the melting. a lot of sunshine. a head's up for snow and ice melting off of rooftops. watch for the black ice in the evenings, really every night this week we'll have refreezing. that will make for slick travel conditions and slick sidewalks as well. shower could show up late on tuesday. that will contribute to the gradual melting that we're hoping for as well. a cloud could come and go. tuesday, we could see a shower show up. a weak front could be moving through the area. and right here, mid to late afternoon, rain moving through. it's not going to be enough to flood things, but it will be more water. make sure your drains are clear for the meltdown and the showers that we're expecting
5:14 am
5 degrees is the high. 28 in the city. much colder in the outlying suburbs. we have temperatures that will go back into the teens and even low 20s in some spots, especially where we have a lot of snow outside of the city. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. by wednesday, mostly cloudy, 40 degrees. thursday, partly sunny conditions, 35. we extended down through the weekend, giving you a weekend in every forecast and friday, what we're going to be watching for is this coastal storm development. this is an offshore storm for now, but we want to keep our eye on. temperatures look like they are above average anywhere between 4 to 8 degrees across the area. so, once we get the snow melting, i think by next weekend, our temperatures are mild and we've got a much cleaner situation as far as the streets and roadways go. thank heavens in a way this is coming gradually, these temperatures are slowly climbing throughout the week and we don't have a huge storm
5:15 am
meltdown, because we don't need any other problems. the best thing you can do to help yourself is make sure drains are clear. that way when the melting happens, it has a place to go. >> make sure the fire hydrants are dug out. all the fire hydrants were under 7, 8 feet of snow. >> thank you, amy. let's check in with heather now. >> we heard long island railroad, we have those suspensions. they hope to have it back up and running. by this point, longbeach, hempstead branch sus pended and montac branch suspended and suspended between jamaica and atlantic terminal. subways will cross honor as well, and the expressway, an accident, only one lane is open. we have alternate side of the parking rules suspended for today and through saturday. of course, they are suspended on sunday, but then they are back in effect on monday. so, you have to feed the meters
5:16 am
find them. ken and lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. as we told you, following breaking news right now. you heard it first here, a service on the long island railroad will not resume until 7:00 this morning at the very earliest.
5:17 am
welcome back. it's 5:22.
5:18 am
breaking news on the long island railroad. all service has been suspended in both directions on the entire length of the lirr. that's due to freezing conditions on the tracks. apparently, things have melted for a bit yesterday and refroze overnight. out of precaution until i can get everything melted, there is no service on the entire length of the lirr in both directions through at least 7:00 a.m. >> all right, speaking of 7:00, you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. amy in for bill. >> i really think this is a scenario that will set itself up all week long. temperatures during the day will be above freezing, allowing for the melting. then, we're well below freezing, allowing slick surfaces to refreeze. temperatures are in the teens right now. we have 15 for belmar. sussex is at 14 degrees right now. here's a look at the accuweather forecast. we'll start with these early days in the week. 35 this afternoon. more melting occurring, and then foggy conditions early
5:19 am
shower in the afternoon with a high 41. mostly cloudy on wednesday, 40, and partly sunny on thursday with temperatures in the mid 30s. that will begin a gradual melting process, which we hope that people will be able to manage their snow and the runoff with. that's a look at weather, here's heather o'rourke, looking at the streets out there. looking at the rails and problems. >> you were talking about slick streets and we still have this accident on the l.i.e. this is near the queue garden interchange. it's right near the expressway. we have only one lane open. it was closed down. i have to tell you that i just found out about an accident at route 24, 78th. that intersection in new jersey. it's an overturned vehicle. is this serious out there. you want to keep it slow. going south, we have that accident, d and f trains, some local service only, but all of
5:20 am
track. we have our street cleaning rules suspended, but the metered rules are in effect. ken and lori, back to you. >> it's 5:24, we are bringing you updates on the aftermath of this weekend's blizzard. we are in position in some of the hardest hit areas across the tristate. a live look from queens telling the story. the plows haven't even touched some of those meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. hi grandma and grandpa! ha, look at that! [laughs] time warner cable even has an internet plan for us. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month and ask about free installation.
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5:27. we continue our coverage of the historic blizzard to hit the tristate, and the major cleanup ahead with a live look from queens. >> a team of reporters across the tristate to help you with your morning commute and the plans in place to remove these massive snow piles. parking is suspended until monday, february 1. >> on the money this morning, stocks are on the rise as oil prices bounced back. >> japan is up, rose more than 1%. futures are pointing to a lower open right now. the dow jones starts at 16093. nasdaq and s & p 500 open 2% higher. >> it's 5:28. coming up in our next half hour, the mta has just
5:23 am
trains will at least 7:00 this morning. >> many people are waking up to major headaches and a huge mess this morning. from cars trapped in the snow to trying to get arou if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill.
5:24 am
now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> and we're following breaking news right now. the last 15 minutes, we've learned that the long island railroad will not resume service until 7:00 this morning. we are live with new details coming in. >> from problems on the rails to problems on the roads. many remain impassable. people want to know how they will get to work and school. >> good morning, i'm ken rosado. >> thanks for starting your morning with us, it is monday, january 25, it's going to be a busy day ahead as thousands of people across the tristate are digging out from this weekend's monster blizzard.
5:25 am
jersey city are closed today. new york city public schools are open. you'll see a list of school closings scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we also have a list at abc7ny. >> and we learned in the last half hour, all service on the long island railroad is suspended until 7:00 a.m. we have team coverage across the tristate to keep you following the storm. >> in the meantime, you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist, amy frieze in for exclusive accuweather forecast. >> ken and lori, good morning to you. after the blizzard of 2016 and our second heaviest snowfall in history. we're looking at temperatures still below freezing and a lot of cleanup ahead of us. mostly clear skies right now when the sun comes up just after 7:00 a.m. we will see bright skies. all that sunshine will help and temperatures will be climbing during the day. the feels like temperature in the teens and 20s, a lot of locations, we currently have 30
5:26 am
very light wind. these winds will be switching out of the west and southwest. that's another contributing factor. so a little bit of wind, rising temperatures will make for slushy conditions, slippery conditions, and also a reminder that there is snow on the rooftops. buildings and homes across the area will continue to see chunks of ice and snowfalling. so be aware of that. high today of 35 in the city. that is weather, here is traffic, heather o'rourke looking at the busy situation that we have out there with delays and everything else. >> yes, so we have a lot of transit issues. long island railroad is suspended on all branches until 7:00 a.m. they hope to have it up and running. we have subway service back up and running, expect some service changes. the d and f trains. west 4th street to 145th street. f trains local only, 36th street into forest hills. now we also have some accidents to talk about. the l.i.e., westbound right near the van wick.
5:27 am
we have one lane open. that's because of an accident in the process of being cleared away. we did have all lanes closed down. huge intersection here. very busy as you travel along 24 to get on to 78 heading eastbound. we have an overturned vehicle there. it looks like it's right near where the local and express lanes split. so this could be a very big issue for you. new jersey transit gradstone branch suspended. newark to grove, metro north, street cleaning rules are suspended. metered rules are in effect. lori, ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. at 5:33, we continue our coverage with the conditions people are waking up to this morning. >> and for all the new yorkers thinking about digging their parked cars out of the piles of snow, mayor de blasio has a message, don't. eyewitness news reporter, rob nelson is live in newark, dre clark is live in queens. >> we begin with breaking news, major, major problems on the
5:28 am
christian is live in nassau county. kristen. >> reporter: well, ken, service was supposed to be restored by 5:00 this morning. we just learned from the l.i.r.r. that will not happen until 7:00. so two hours later than expected at the train station. the crowds are slowly starting to build a little bit because people thought they would be able to take the train. that is now not the case. i've been speaking with some people who have to be at work at 7:00 in the morning. so they are trying to figure, do they take an uber. some are calling friends to pick them up. crews have been working throughout the night to get the tracks clear, but unfortunately, there was a freezing temperatures overnight, so everything else has frozen because of these low temperatures. even if service is restored, people who take west hempstead, long beach, rockaway, you will not have service today either way because of the conditions out there. but again, most people expected
5:29 am
washington, babylon, green port, to be able to get on the trains by 5:00 this morning and that's not going to happen. we spoke to the spokesperson for the l.i.r.r. a short time ago. here's what we he had to say about the conditions out there this morning? >> the tracks that had been cleared and ready for service overnight, we had problems with blowing and drifting snow. rather than send people out in trains with any kind of chance of problem happening, we have to keep the entire system down until at least 7:00 a.m. >> and you heard him say until at least 7:00 a.m. we'll have to see if that indeed happens. that deadline, so if you're watching this at home, plan on taking the trains this morning, start making other plans. we're live, i'm kristen thorn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kristen, thank you. at 5:35, the trouble remains in queens where piles and piles of snow are covering the streets, sidewalks, and cars. eyewitness news reporter is live to show us.
5:30 am
>> i heard you mention something about an obstacle course earlier this morning and you're exactly right. this is 64th near 53rd and this is a street, the city simply forgot about. from end to end here, it's covered in snow. a plow, it looks as if may have come down here, and then did a u-turn. cars are encased in snow. the street is packed with inches of snow. these folks cannot get out. they can walk down the street, but they cannot drive. that's causing a lot of frustration, not just here on this street. but folks from wood side complaining that the city simply has not done a good job of plowing their street. some of those secondary streets and they are making yet another plea to police and they are sending an sos essentially to get someone out here. lives here on 64th street. he is one of those homeowners that can't drive down the street. what happened here?
5:31 am
was the last time a plow went through here. and then we were abandoned. you know, and i understand you have is the l.i.e., the big streets, but eventually, come make one or two passings here, just to keep the snow at a decent level, not to let it get out of control where you can't get down the street to clear it. so they have to call in heavy equipment. they would have passed every six hours, every eight hours, it would have kept it to a minimum, but nothing, you know. >> you're saying it looked like a plow started to come down the street and stopped. >> he tried to come down. i flagged them down. he tried to turn in, the truck slid, he said i can't do it, buddy, we're going to have a problem, i'm sorry. and he drove away. he tried, you know, if you look at the other street up the hill, it's clear. how come that is clear and this is not clear. >> thanks a lot. hopefully you'll get help soon. thank you for talking with me. really quickly, on this side of
5:32 am
if you take a look up that black, that's the other side of 64th, it's clear. so they are concerned. if there's an emergency, the emergency vehicle can't get down the street and kids who need to get to school. luckily, the sidewalks are clear, but they can't drive their kids to school, at least not from here. live this morning in queens, dre clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dre, thank you. and parents are scrambling across the tristate as many school districts are closed this morning. many people say that they haven't even seen a plow on certain streets. eyewitness news reporter, rob nelson, is live near one of good morning. >> good morning to you, lori. this is one of those streets, since our last report, we had a few people live on the street come out and thank us for giving some attention saying they have not seen a plow. take a look behind me. this street literally impassable. mounds and mounds of snow. they have 28 inches of snow
5:33 am
28 inches are still on the street. obstacle course is an understatement. no way, i don't care what kind of car you have, so, we drove in here from the station on the upper west side, some of the side streets are just a disaster. no salt, no plow, no way to get through whatsoever. so as a reminder to folks out there, if you have to head out for work or whatever you are going, take your time, be careful and avoid streets. no way you're going to get your car through. we talked to a few residents out here today who are waking up. they saw our report and thanked us for being here, hoping the city sees this and gets a plow into this area. we're at 3rd street and dickerson here in newark, and we caught up with a gentleman. take a listen to what he had to say about how bad this street is. >> it was real bad. last year it was a little bit different. but this year it was worse. not been plowed at all.
5:34 am
work. >> reporter: yeah, could not get out to go to work. so he was walking, trying to catch a bus. he said trying to get out of here to get to his job early in the morning. that is going to be the only option for folks, some kind of car service, bus, or not going to make it. as a reminder to folks watching, newark public schools are closed. city hall is closed. all government except for the essentials. no garbage collection, no street sweeping. they care about getting this street plowed and getting back to life as normal. getting rid of this snow and absolutely impassable street. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a mess, thank you so much, rob. >> all right, you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and amy frieze. >> lori, ken, good morning to both of you. outside right now, clear skies overhead. the sun will be up just after 7:00 a.m. as we go into daylight,
5:35 am
that sunshine will help. we are below freezing, 30 degrees in central park. a high today of 35. so, we have a lot of refreezing last night, so, slick spots out there. very slippery. so be aware of that, getting into the mid 30s. the sunshine changed the winds today, that will help a gradual meltdown begin. expect it will be chilly during the morning hours, especially factoring in a light wind, up to a 15 miles per hour. you need to bundle up and be ready for this. shoes are the most important situation, because you need your snow shoes, you need protection from the watter and slushiness. winds are changing as we speak. coming out of the west, we continue to see that pattern. in the week ahead, there's only one major feature. that's a weak cold front coming in from the west. that affects us tuesday during the afternoon. the future cast shows it right here. quick moving showers will roll through the area and cloudy skies all day on tuesday. spinning the weather wheel and above freezing with a high of
5:36 am
heather o'rourke is standing by. it's a head's up to things coming off the roof. and icicles to straight ahead to watch where you're going. >> absolutely. take it nice and slow this morning. if you're walking, you may have no other choice. this is the new jersey turnpike, so i'm keeping my eye on the airport. i see planes, they are at their gates and i also saw a plow going in this direction. so, they are up. i'm not sure if they are running yet, so if you're not sure, let's go over to our maps. i can tell you we have delays and cancellations. so you want to get in touch with your individual carrier. long island railroad suspended until 7:00 a.m. you have metro north skipping melrose, buses expect delays. alternate side parking rules are suspended. ken, lori, over to you. >> it's 5:42 and we continue our live coverage. continues, also, we would love
5:37 am
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we continue our coverage of the historic blizzard. this is a live look from miniola, nassau county. >> the breaking news is big, big problems on the long island railroad. all service is suspended. we're told through at least 7:00 a.m., and then partial service is supposed to be restored. we have a team of reporters to help you with your morning commute. alternate side parking is suspended through monday, february 1. >> meteorologist, amy frieze is in for bill. she is joining us with your accuweather forecast. >> good morning to the both of you. we're starting with clear skies across the area. really going to be a beautiful start to the day. we're expecting temperatures to get in the mid 30s. right now, we're below freezing
5:40 am
refreezing on the streets and sidewalks overnight. so, be aware of that and be prepared for it. we're looking at 30 in central park. but a lot of spots in new jersey, below the freezing point by 10, 15 degrees. colder than what we have in the city. 19 degrees. newark has 22. we finished as the second biggest storm, according to the number at central park. this is where we keep the records, 26.8 inches. the reason we use central park is because it's a spot that doesn't change. so it can give us an authentic reading. hundreds of years, but we certainly had totals above that and a lot of snow to get rid of. with temperatures climbing today and a lot of sunshine, plus the winds will be changing out of the southwest. those will all contribute to a gradual melting process, we're hoping for. these coming in via twitter. very interesting to see this. adam sent this in. this is actually snow that was sort of stuck to the home
5:41 am
this isn't the only picture. this one came in from wood bridge and pieces of snow hanging off the roof. large clusters just like this, which were created by winds, gravity, and the snow coming down. be aware of what's happening around your homes and buildings. a big head's up as the melting happens where the snow is going. black ice is expected all week because we have refreezing at night, melting during the day, and that pattern continues. a shower could show up late on tuesday. right now, on the future cast, we know a few high clouds are expected today and turns out to be really good looking, just sloppy under our feet. by tuesday, we're looking at rain in the area, starting with patchy fog and clouds and a shower showing up after 1:00. we'll see those scoot through and be out of here by 7:00 p.m. so, 35 degrees, lots of melting underway. by tonight, the refreeze. 28 degrees in the city, much cooler in the outlying areas, including long island, and all
5:42 am
will be into the 20s. now looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast, look at the numbers. that's not bad at all. not only is it going to be comfortable, but help with a slow meltdown. the only thing we've got to do is be able to get the water into the drains. we have to have the runoff and that will prevent problems with the flooding and freezing overnight. so give the water a place to go when you're shoveling today. it is not about getting it out of your way, but also giving it a gradual meltdown. you don't want to create a pile or huge mound that runs back toward your house and you have water in your house for just not knowing that you need to have a runoff spot. think about how things are strategically placed around the street and neighborhoods that could help a lot. >> pretend you're on a golf course, get down low and see the angle. >> let's check on the morning commute. it's a busy one and some trouble.
5:43 am
this is an accident delay getting on to the getting into the area. let's go over to our maps. it is westbound, right near new hyde park road. then another problem here west of the van wick expressway. an accident leaves one lane open. long island railroad, suspended until 7:00 a.m. it is making local stops. you have metro north skipping treemonte, the buses, you can expect a lot of delays because of conditions. gladstone branch, the light rail is running, somebody asked me that question. and the ferries, a very good alternate. street cleaning rules are suspended until next monday. so monday, next monday, february 1. can you believe that? they are going to be back in effect. ken, lori, over to you. >> thank you. it is 5:49. still ahead, eyewitness news this morning, monster storm buried communities all across the tristate area.
5:44 am
the clock to clear the roads. you want to watch out for black ice. after the refreeze overnight.
5:45 am
5:52. you've heard the line, necessity is the mother of invention. well, take a look at this woman in brooklyn. she was using a dust pan to try to dig her car out from who knows how much snow. she couldn't find a shovel before the blizzard, so -- >> how much snow do you think is on your car? >> like inches wise? >> yeah. >> maybe 26? >> wow. yeah. >> are you sure that's your car
5:46 am
>> yeah, i peeked in and i saw the trash inside. [ laughter ] >> sounds like alex, my daughter. well, a guardian snow angel did show up. a neighborhood woman lent her a shovel so she could cut down what she thought would be a three-day process. >> wow. >> and how about this for an image. a photographer tweeted out this picture of a coney island snow filled board walk. wow, look at that. it is 5:53. if you're just joining us, we are following breaking news. >> all service on the long island railroad suspended through at least 7:00 a.m. we'll have to keep you up to date on that.
5:47 am
information as we speak and
5:48 am
[engine revving] [crashing] [sirens] weather and traffic every ten minutes. skies outside are clear.
5:49 am
just looking at some of the windchills this morning, they are worse in northwest new jersey. they are worse in the hudson valley. in the city, not so bad. the winds haven't been gusting that much. 35 degrees should feel okay. by tuesday, foggy conditions to start. 41 degrees will be the high and we could get this brief shower on tuesday afternoon for parts of the area. all these numbers here on the accuweather seven-day forecast indicating a gradual meltdown, which is what we want. we want to take the water content in the snow right now and see it run off in a safe way so we don't have flooding. a lot of refreezing at night and that's what we are seeing this morning. heather o'rourke is looking by with a look at traffic. the refreezing could spell for slippery roads and hard travel. >> it looks like this happened. the refreezing caused this car to lose control. this is on the southern state parkway. you can see that the center lane is barely open.
5:50 am
talk to you about mass transit. long island railroad suspended. metro north, buses you can expect a lot of delays because of the road conditions in the corners especially. new jersey transit suspended. newark suspended. the ferries are running. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. so monday, they come back in effect. that's february 1. ken, lori, over to you. >> thank you. we are closing in on 6:00. the latest on the aftermath from the blizzard and breaking news. heather has been talking about l.i.r.r. service. kristen will have a live update at 6:00 a.m.
5:51 am
this is breaking news from
5:52 am
>> lirr train still suspended
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