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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> lirr train still suspended at this hour. commuters who thought they would be heading into manhattan right now, they will have to wait another hour. >> two days after the blizzard and some neighborhoods are buried under several feet of snow. from long island to new jersey, the massive cleanup kicks into overdrive today. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. the mta hoped to resume service by 5:00 a.m., but delaying the start until 7:00 a.m. we first reported this on the air. trains will not be running in either direction on the l.i.r.r. for at least another hour. >> and more than 200 schools are canceled or delaying classes today. this is not a snow day for new york city's 1 million students. >> the death toll from this monster blizzard has climbed to 30. ten people who lost their lives in new york and new jersey. >> and our team of eyewitness news reporters out in the snow covering every angle on the lasting impact from the storm.
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minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist, amy frieze in for bill with the accuweather forecast. >> there are still problems with travel this morning. a lot of it related to the weather, because we had refreezing overnight. any spots that turned into mush or water are now very slick and slippery. 29 is what we have in central park. we're going for a high today of 35 degrees. temperatures in the teens and low 20s. for newark, also 22 right now for jfk. factor in the winds ask it will be colder at tomes because of that windchill. be ready, especially your gear because of all this melting. we end up as the second best snowstorm in history, 26.8 shy of being the top of that list. here's what is next for the section seven hours. winds are changing. lots of sunshine through the
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again, this is going to be a story that repeated itself. we get the sunshine during the day. we warm up well above freezing, and at night, it refreezes. that's what is happening outside right now. so the latest on the commute has some of that problem, especially on the southern state, there's an accident being cleared away. mass transit, long island railroad suspended until 7:00 a.m. buses, you can expect delays. gladstone branch, new jersey transit remains suspended. newark to journal square is suspended. subway services back up and running. you can expect some delays this morning. th the d trains between 145th and the local only forest hills. newark, laguardia, jfk, get in touch with your carrier.
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cancellations at all three of our nay orairports. but if you can find the meter, you have to feed the meters. >> now more on the breaking commuter news. until 7:00 a.m. that despite an entire weekend of work using special deicing trains. long island reporter just spoke with reporters and joins us with the latest. kristen. >> reporter: everyone is a little disappointed. the trains were supposed to be back and running at 5:00. now we learned that's being pushed to 7:00. they have been working, even through the night, to get the tracks clear. because of free freezing, they are not able to do that. everything froze overnight because of the low temperatures. they say even if service is restored by 7:00, people who take the west hempstead long beach lines, they will not have service today either way.
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service to and from atlantic terminal. the major lines are supposed to be back up and running at 7:00. that would be huntington,oyster bay, but again, people here this morning are now trying to make alternate plans, calling friends, trying to do uber. anything to get themselves into the city and to work. we just spoke with a young man city. here's what he has to say. >> thinking, i mean, maybe a taxi. we'll see. taxi, but i was going to double check with them, because you have to think of some different ways. >> yeah, so a lot of people are arriving. it's not starting until 7:00 a.m. this morning at least, either they are driving off, or the
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earliest that the trains could run again. >> kristen, thank you. the snow situation is still severe. parents even started a petition to cancel school. even the public advocate tweeted to delay the start of schools for the safety of students and et tores. dre clark joins us from a snowed under queens. >> you know, yesterday mayor de blasio was not happy or satisfied with the way some of the roads looked luke in queens. this is the corner of 64th street and avenue. if you look across the street, you can see this part of 64th street is clear. but if you cross the street and look at the other side're here,
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this is what homeowners are jet set about. it looks as though a plow tried to come down, but turned around. you can see a number of cars. a dozen from one end of the block to another, they are all encased in snow. these drivers are stuck. they won't be going any time anywhere soon. after the mayor voiced his concerns yesterday, this is what happened. take a look. a convoy of front end loaders starting hitting a number of secondary streets throughout queens and trying get those streets cleaned up. a lot of people took to social media and sent out an sas saying please send someone here soon. meanwhile, we talked to a homeowner on 64th street and he says he is very angry about what they are up against here. >> they forgot about us. 11:00 saturday morning, that's
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through here, and then we were
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path here, so they can walk their kids to school sighfully t. driving again, just can't happen, because they need a plow to get out here. we're live this morning, dre clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. it is 60:00 -- black ice is a real concern. this tractor corral lost control on i-78. rob nelson is giving us a live look at the conditions in newark. >> reporter: the crew and i came out at 4:00. we're just fine, side streets, where we are right now, totally different story. take a look at this street. this is 3rd street and dickerson. this intersection clearly has not been plowed or salted and it's an absolute traffic nightmare. no way these streets are passable.
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if you take a look down the street, you see those two cars trying to make their way through. that's because someone got so stuck, now that van and that car you see backing up are trying to get around that vehicle, which basically just stayed in the middle of the street because it got stuck and they realized the street was impassable, and no other choice but to leave the car there. that car was in the street when we got there. and it doesn't stop there. right around the corner, lock down the street. that is absolutely the right term. no way he can get down the street. the driver right here understood that, and this car, too, is parked here in the middle of the street. and since we have been out here this morning, a few residents said thanks for being here,
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take a listen to j a gentleman had to say. >> do like new york does, get dump trucks and throw it in the hudson river. that's what you need. we don't need it to be wiped clean, just help us clean as much as you can so we can move forward. we can't move. >> reporter: so even though public schools are closed today for obvious reasons, again, folks still have to get to work or wherever they are going today. public transportation is really the best option. walk, whatever you try to do until plows have a chance to get to neighborhoods like this. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. glp just learned partial service has resumed for long island railroad train st.
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>> the lines out of service, are now getting most of them restored. they are running trains right now or the trains will resume momentarily. on seven branches. that's the acer bay bridge. port jefferson branch. huntington ban sp. babylon brin sp. also, phi yacht. >> we had gotten a call about happen half an hour from someone on the babylon bench. >> the direction that we wanted to get is moving forward and we weren't sure bewe would get some moving. than to be standing on the platform where it might not be able to get going.
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moving, we started doing that. it's better news we had before. the line we are still having trouble on is the rt w notice. we have three large pieces of equipment moving on the tracks trying to clear the snow off the tracks and off the 3rd rails. also, the long beach branch, hempstead branch, those are out of service until further notice. but we do have lines coming from the outside. we were able to make a lot better progress than exfected. and we are hoping to get service going on all directions. if not now, very soon. >> certainly more encouraging news that the last time we spoke with. yours are making shore thigh
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lines that were clear and thought we could count on for service at midnight, we were finding otherwise. so, it's a fast moving situation. check mt, which is always updated as soon as possible. the best place to check to make sure your trains are running. it's a far better picture than an hour ago. >> i'm sure a lot of happy people on long island. thanks so much for the update. >> another check on the weather and the rest of your commute when we come back. >> also ahead, several passengers -- the snow, the danger on board this international flight. >> governor cristie already back on the cam train trail.
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welcome back. a live look here at miniola. breaking news, the l.i.r.r. resumed partial service. most of the lines, heather o'rourke will have more details. the problem seems to be port washington, that is still shut down. although the first time we spoke with adam from the mta, we thought the situation was going to be much worse. apparently there is everything for the most part is up and
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>> a light at the end of the tunnel. seven people were hospitalized after an american airlines jet ran into heavy turbulence and landing. four injured passengers and three flight attendants ended up being treated by doctors. american airlines says the jet spent the night on the ground in canada and the airline was working to get the uninjured passengers there. >> it was 6:17. time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> testing my mike out here, it's cold. below freezing. that is spelling a little trouble with all the travel things that we've heard and people get out and about, what happened last night is temperatures fell below freezing. any melting that occurred yesterday has become slick and
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with the rails and it's also a major concern going through the early morning hours, whether it's by foot or even by car. making their way. so take your time, and wear good shoes today. allow you to get wet and not have wet feet all day. it's kind of going to be that se mare scenario for the next couple of days. phases of freezing cycles. there are many spots outside the city, especially in new jersey, where we are in the teens and low 20s. this is going to be the case through the early part of the day and see some improvements. a shoutout to the nypd, new york's strongest sanitation department, all the service people that helped with the big storm, we thank you so much for your service over the weekend. even if you're at home struggling expecting your roads taken care of, there are people out there working long hours for your benefit.
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20 to 30 inches of snow around the area. those areas in bright pink. we have more snow right now than chicago. we have more snow than some of the mountain locations out west and put that snow somewhere. it's not going to last too long with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. a big head's up for ice and snow. not just on buildings, but they will come down and slide off the roof at certain areas. be aware of that. we'll be watching for black ice. does not look like a horrible mess on tuesday, instead, just a few showers. so that's good news. these little pieces of weather. temperatures warm enough and alsoa chance for rain tomorrow t. this should not spend hairable. tonight, we sleep back below
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and the ac ewe weather-day forecast, mid 40s for much of the week. that's a big benefit, that would be too much water too fast. clear your drains, wait for the temperatures to do a lot of the work and if you can't get out of the house just yet, you know, bide your time, take it easy, don't rush things. there's no reason to rush. make it a gradual process. mother nature will do some of the work if you can get the snow out of the way. ken and lori, i think you made it in okay today, folks going to work, it's a struggle. the rush isn't worth it. take some time. >> give yourself double time. >> yes, absolutely. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> all right, let's check in with heather again and take a look at that morning commute. >> expect a lot of delays, gridlock as you try to cross the street and get from one
6:20 am
there's a ton of people waiting on this side. it was a mess yesterday. with we have that partially assuming, babylon, green port, and montac. so we do have some service that is still suspended with long island railroad, hempstead, west hempstead, and montac, and on our metro north trains, they are skipping melrose. the buses expect delays. new jersey transit is suspended. newark to journal square, suspended. we have alternate side rules suspended.
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on the money this morning, and wall street begins its own digout today.
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nasdaq and s & p 500 open 2% higher. overseas japan rose 1%. added more than 1%. governor chris cristie is back on the campaign trail. he made a quick return north after praising the way new jersey handled the storm and the cleanup. >> without having used the heavy hand of government to put mandatory travel bans in place, trusting the good judgment of the people of new jersey, with the volunteer travel band, they stayed off the roads, and as i was traveling around the state, the only vehicles on the road were emergency vehicles from police, snowplows throughout the state, and my car. >> governor cristie is warning new hampshire voters that nominating donald trump wouldn't, and his words hand the white house to hillary clinton. the blizzard led to a traffic island.
6:25 am
police say 66-year-old alman was hit by a plow that was clearing his property. he died at the hospital. no charges have been filed against the plow driver. we're getting a look at the damage done by a major earthquake in alaska. surveillance video from inside a hardware store shows the moment the earthquake hit early yesterday morning. quickly knocking over shelves. four homes beer destroyed, but nobody got hurt. >> we are following breaking news. railroad service is running on most lines. word coming down just within the last few minutes and riders here will soon be on their way. >> we will have the latest
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stop smoking... including nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. [text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> more than 24 hours after the storm and many streets remain impassable right now. many wondering how they are going to get to work and school
6:29 am
from second worst snowstorm in history. in the last 15 minutes, we learned the long island railroad resumed service. >> i'm lori stokes, and it was delayed for an hour, missing its goal of 5:00 a.m. >> four branches on the long island railroad remained shut down. >> let's get right to kristen thorne who has details for us. good morning, kristen. >> good morning, lori and ken. good news, a train just came through here about two minutes ago, picked up a whole bunch of customers. people were running. it was packed. by far standing room only, because obviously people are little behind their schedules now. so yes, partial service has resumed on oyster bay. huntington, babylon, however service is not yet restored on the port washington branch. so the reason for all of this is the lirr says over the past few days, crews have been working to get those tracks cleared, especially the third
6:30 am
all night. however, because the temperatures dropped so much last night, there was a lot of refreezing on those tracks. they wanted to have service back up and running on 7 of the 12 lines by 5:00 this morning, then we heard an hour ago that it was going to be delayed until 7:00. and now some partial service has resumed. >> we thought it was far better to let people know, hold off on heading to the station than to be standing on the platform for a train that might not be able to get going. as soon as we were able to get tracks moving, we started doing that. >> yeah, so again they were hoping for 7:00, obviously the train came through here a couple minutes ago, so they are ahead of that schedule. late from the 5:00 5:00 a.m. deadline. there is no service scheduled for that today. live, kristen thorne, eyewitness news. >> kristen, thank you very much.
6:31 am
o'rourke again. heather. >> once again, kristen was saying the port washington bridge is suspended. hemp stead branches, metro north is skipping the melrose stations. expect delays because of the conditions on the streets around those corners. the new jersey transit, all the other lines, 20 dreys. newark and journal square. subway services running once again, but expect some b train through brooklyn. local service only. we're also looking at accidents. we have 24 going westbound near morris avenue. we have this overturned vehicle. then we have the red. it's right undernote the overpass. that blocks the right lane, you want to get in temperature with
6:32 am
we have a lot of delays and cancellations. this mess we had with the snow is now going to be an issue with the temperatures warming up. is that correct, amy? >> during the day today, we'll have lots of sunshine. the temperatures are going to go above freezing and a south wind. all those will contribute to melting across the area. tonight, we'll have refreezing. temperatures right now close to 30 degreeses in stark park. just it 1 for newark. north central new jersey, temperatures are just right around 10:00, 11:00. it's very cold. a hard freeze occurring there. any spots showing melty have refrozen overnight. so be careful.
6:33 am
slick on the roads, but as the sun comes out, there could be melting. looking at sunny skies, mid 20s to near 30 degrees by the lunch hour. and we're finally above freezing at 1:00, 33. we'll go from a high in the city to 35 degrees. that's a look at weather for now, coming up, we'll have your accuweather seven-day forecast and take a look at what the rest of the workweek holds, including temperatures to the mid 40s and a chance for rain. i'll have those details straight ahead. >> thank you very much, and it is 6:34. scene in newark, where the city shut down today. mayor ross barack tweeted after midnight, the crews were still out in the dark working to try and clear snow. there's work to be done. eyewitness news reporter, rob nelson is live to tell us all about it.
6:34 am
but the real issue is going to be side streetings. just mounds and mounds of snow. the word impassable is really what comes to mind. just unplowed. untreated vets. this car just tried to move. people trying to move on after this blizzard, but side roads are a mess. main roads are okay, as you can imagine, residents waking up to this trying to get back to normal are not happy. we talked to one gentleman a few minutes ago and you could tell he is very frustrated by this scene here. >> i don't understand how he can live in a place like this. i have to do it. we need help. we need dump truck help, that's what we need. >> reporter: residents obviously frustrated with the city, but one of the silver
6:35 am
one, neighbors did come together to help each other dig out and with cars, they said maybe the city didn't do as good as it could have, residents stepped up to take care of each other. like this one. and again, we're going to try and get some response from the city in terms of what we can do. for newark, 4:00 this morning, we're okay. side streets are a different story. a reminder, public schools closed today. streets should be the next priority here in newark, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and some communitys are still buried under almost 3 feet of snow. our cameras found plows and front loaders removing snow a couple a hours ago.
6:36 am
dre clark is talking with frustrated soldiers. >> queens is the city east largest burro fr. in fact, they feel like they have been forgotten about. this is easesly one of the messiest cities in the -- from end to end, this is what you'll see. nothing but mounds of snow. in fact, it's one of those streets that the mayor says he was not satisfied with because city crews have noted crews have not been able to get down here. some of the secondary streets, but again, this is one that they simply could not reach. you take a look down the block, homeowners have called 311. they have even turned to social media to try and get some help. despite that, still, no plow. meanwhile we talked to one of
6:37 am
finding his street not plowed. >> he tried to come down, he tried to turn in, the truck slid. he said i can't do it, buddy, he said we're going to have a problem, i'm sorry. and he drove away. he tried. but if you look at the other street, it's clear. how come that is clear, is this not clear. >> street not plowed and cars are buried. that's a car underneath all of that snow. after the plow comes through here, it will take them days to get their vehicles out. schools are open today, but luckily. sidewalks are clear, but he has a long way to go. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> gut a home as firefighters struggle to get around. at one point, firefighters
6:38 am
the homes first floor collapsed down into the basement. firefighters rescued several people and a cat from those flames. three firefighters and two residents are being treated for minor injuries. 6:38. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist, amy frieze. >> ken and lori, good morning. it's cold outside, just outside our front door. 29 degrees below freezing. making the happen across the puddle city. some spots don't, getting into work this morning, making the walk. there are big mounds that you had to make it over in order just to get across streets. so, be aware of that. wear the right shoes, that's a good piece of advice. feels like 24 degrees and the city feels colder in other spots. we have between 20 to 30 inches
6:39 am
we saw the highest totals. filing like 15 degrees. and feeling like 21 for staten island. winds will be chinging west. beautiful sky conditions and the change in the winds. temperatures will be above freezing with a high of 35 in new york city. of your accuweather forecast, here is heather o'rourke. >> good morning, right behind me, i have a picture of newark airport, where crews are trying to get these planes going. they are at the terminals, but it looks like they have snow removal to do. right behind that, is the jersey turnpike. we'll head over to our maps. you want to check with your individual carrier if you're going to newark airport. we have long island railroad, oyster bay, port jefferson, huntington, bath lone, but we
6:40 am
alternate side parking rules are suspended today and they will remain suspended, but back in effect on monday, february 1. lori and ken, back to you. >> heather, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a mother and her children trapped by deadly fumes. a community learning a dangerous storm.
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it's 6:43. here's another live picture. the good news for commuters making their way in. this first workday after the big blizzard. long island railroad has resumed partial service. we'll get another update from kristen and heather o'rourke coming up. a bronx man has been charged in a gruesome machete murder. arrested at the scene last night. police also recovered a machete in the stairwell of the houses. sources say the victim, carmen torres gonzalez was hacked. police have not revealed a motive for the killing. >> the storm brought tragedy for a new jersey family.
6:44 am
after being overcome by carbon monoxide and a little girl is fighting for her life. the three were in this car late saturday night while the father tried to dig them out. the tail pipe was covered by snow and ice. sasha and her one-year-old son were killed in just minutes. >> it's hard, man. it's hard. two lovely people, healthy people. >> paramedics and a good samaritan worked so hard to keep the couple's daughter alive. the three-year-old is in critical condition at the hospital. 6:45, good morning america is coming up next. let's check in with robin roberts. >> good morning to you, coming up, we'll continue your coverage of the blizzard of 2016. new york, philly, washington, d.c., seeing near record breaking snowfalls. baltimore did set a record. the effects still felt this morning, thousands of flights canceled.
6:45 am
again, picking up your coverage. also ahead, the race for the white house just seven days a go until the iowa caucuses. so much at stake for both parties. john carl and george will weigh in on that and an abc news exclusive. the florida mom caught on camera fighting off carjackers. the two armed men threat bing the ening the mom. >> you'll see it here on gma. and kudos to wabc, watched you all weekend long, especially on saturday, michelle kicking things off, wonderful coverage. >> thank you. trying our best to let everybody know what was happening. >> thank you. >> all right. 6:46. we check the accuweather forecast. >> and let's check in with amy frieze who is outside where it's freezing. >> below freezing and that's a key critical factor for us. any spots that got hushy last
6:46 am
process, or treated with the salt. as they deal with the melting and refreeze, those areas are very slick, and this is going to be a process, it's affected travel on some of the commutes and the rail ways, also going to affect people outside your own front door. be careful on the stoop trying to get out and about. the temperatures will be slowly rising and we're expecting a lot of sunshine as the sun comes up, it really is going to be a beautiful looking day. it won't be that pretty looking down at all the snow melt and gung around. wear the right shoes. feels like 22 degrees. windchills in and around the borrows are in the low 20s, brooklyn, the exception. feels like 14. we are second on the all-time top snowstorm list. second best by just .1 inches. can you believe we were that close? that's the official reporting station.
6:47 am
did make the top total for the all-time snowiest storms. despite all the temperatures, wind will come out of the southwest today and that will help with the melting. heads up for snow and icicles, especially during direct sunlight, and the refreezing creates black ice and slippery conditions. be aware of that. we will have some rain on tuesday. it's not too much rain and that is the key factor. a little shower activity could be okay to help us melt down. the drains are cleared. timing on the future cast, spotty rain showers and out of here by 7:00. it's not an all-day rain, but it will help rinse away some of the snow. 35 is the high. tonight, going below freezing. the numbers will be more extreme, where we could have
6:48 am
readings again in the spots where we have the most snow. it will be too difficult to get temperatures to stay above 20 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast gives us a stretch of 35 to low 40s. this is critical in making sure we can handle the snow melt. with the gradual melting on top, it seems for favorable conditions. one key factor is making sure there's a plies for the water go. only only on the curbs, but making sure it is drained away from your home. you don't want to create a mound, it's coming back toward the house. that will create big problems. good luck, stay safe out there and we'll have some information online. if you're still wondering about snow totals, back to you guys. >> over to heather.
6:49 am
accident near kennedy boulevard being cleared. once you get past that, it's 15 minute delays. long island railroad, oyster bay, huntington, babylon, and montac, suspensions on long island railroad, west hempstead, rockaway and new jersey transit remain suspended. all other new jersey, subway services back up and running. expect some changes, delays, service changing, and we have an accident. tractor trailer wander led on to the parkway. our street cleaning rules are suspended. >> thank you. and still ahead, an out of
6:50 am
wall of a parking garage. strange place. >> but somehow, mark located his cell and the guy that
6:51 am
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6:53, a driver is dead after slamming his car through the wall of a parking garage. eyewitnesses say the man was spotted speeding through the garage at an atlanta mall shortly before the crash. it happened at night, last night in fact. the car smashed through the concrete wall and into a hotel
6:53 am
worker on the other side. the worker is expected to be okay. an unlikely case of lost and found brought a hollywood actor together after mark lost his cell phone with his wallet attached during the blizzard. well twitter helped him to find it in no time flat, after realizing it was gone and he tweeted, apb, for a cell phone. he offered a reward and signed. 20 minutes later, he tweeted the case was found. and thanks a woman who found it and her family for their decent si. it is 6:54. following breaking news impacting your morning commute. >> service has resumed in the
6:54 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at 6:57. breaking news, going to be a tough day of commuting after the snowstorm, some lirr branches are up and running. kristen. >> lori and ken, another piece of good news here, another train has come by right now, so this is good news for commuters. a lot of people got here at 5:00 this morning and then had to wait at least an hour or so because the l.i.r.r. was behind schedule. a lot of people behind their schedules. this is video of the train. the l.i.r.r. said service was resumed around 5:00 this morning. just a little after 5:00. they said that wasn't going to happen.
6:56 am
then this train came in at 6:28. the reason for all of this refreezing of the tracks overnight, major lines have resumed, huntington, babylon, if you take the west hempstead, hempstead, long beach, and far rock away lines, there's no service today. the l.i.r.r. hopes to have that service back up and running by tomorrow morning. channel 7 eyewitness news. you. new york is on the move again. still mountains of snow hanging out. >> eyewitness news reporter is live in queens, dre. >> good morning. this is 64th street and 53rd drive. one of the streets remains unplowed within the last 24 hours, there have been a number of people complaining that a lot of the side streets here in queens are simply a mess. in fact, the problem got so bad, that the mayor said he was not satisfied with how the roads looked. we do know that city crews are doing the best they can.
6:57 am
need help and they need help soon, because they can't get off of their block because there's just so much snow. of course, if you are one of those homeowners, so the city know where to find you and solve your problem. dre clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> crazy commuter day. >> yes, very crazy. if you are using mass transit, we have lots of changes and gladstone branch on new jersey transit remains suspended. all other lines, 20 minute delays. subway services back up and running. expect delays. we have a couple accidents and remember the ramps. especially from the palisades parkway to the george washington bridge, a mess. >> all right. >> thank you. >> as for the weather, lots of sunshine, which should help with melting, and temperatures above freezing. the high will be 35. tomorrow, 41. start with a lot of fog and a
6:58 am
tuesday, but this gradual
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