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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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covered in it. this, we're going to show you right now, is 117th street and college point in queens. a woman forced to walk in the middle of a snow covered road because the sidewalks with impassable. >> trying to get by on a bus many manhattan proved to be a real challenge. commuters forced to hop over big snow mounds. buses to trains, despite crews working around the clock, there are suspensions on the long island railroad this afternoon. >> and as we take a live look at the cypress hills section of queens, this from news copter 7, wow is right. you can see there's still plenty to do to clear the streets. the cars just buried in snow. we're going to check in with shannon sohn in just a minute. our coverage begins with eyewitness news reporter dave evans live in lower manhattan. >> reporter: we're going to see a lot of this.
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department calls pile and haul. front end loaders will take the snow and move it over here. we have one of the large melters, set up in lower manhattan at the corner of broad and also water street. and of course then the snow is turned into water. it will come out the bottom of this large melter, and then go into the sewer system. the mayor today telling us several different things you need to know about, first of all digging out your car, and also keeping sidewalks clear and last but not least, how the clean up is going so far. the mayor said he is pleased with plowing operations on major roads and avenues. also he said things are going pretty well in manhattan, the bronx and brooklyn. he admits he looked at coronoa and side streets and plows can't get through. front end loaders are being moved in, and the snow is
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instead of plowed. despite all of the problems in queens, the mayor and school chancellor decided to open all schools today. the mayor said one decision has to be made for all 1.1 million students. >> we know for some people, they might end up being late. we get that. we know some streets were really tough. but overall, there was no question the city could get the school off effectively and safely. >> we got to some streets very early in the storm. they then received 20, 25 additional inches of snow, so anyone looking at that would say that that street has not been touched, which is appropriate. so we know we have several streets that we still need to get to that have not been touched to really dig them out, and because it's so deep, that's why we've had to bring in the friend loaders. >> reporter: two other things to let you know about the snow clean up so far, first of all,
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the situation all over the city. the mayor today says he wants every single sidewalk cleared about 3 to 4 feet wide. he says that will allow wheelchairs and also baby carriages to get through. he says tonight enforcement will begin and fines will be, if business owners don't have 3 to 4 feet cleared on all sidewalks. i wanted to point a car out to you down here. it is still covered up with snow down there. the mayor said the best advice is if you don't really really need your car, just go ahead and leave it. it's going to be a little bit warmer later on this week. let mother nature, he says, do its trick, and that will melt the snow, and the big problem has been the last couple of days, people take the snow, shelf it off their cars and put it back on the streets and the plows have to start all over again. we'll see you at 5:00. report live in lower manhattan, dave evans, channel 7
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the first view above the snow there, shannon, that looks like a problem. >> reporter: this is a definite problem and i don't think mother nature is going to do much in the way of melting this. you are looking down at glen street. we're going to take a tour at glenn street. we started at euclid avenue. the snow in the street was up to the level of the cars at the end of the muck, as you come towards crescent street, these guys have been at this for quite some time. they are trying and trying and trying to get this car out of here. looks like they're starting to meet with success. they have been at this for about 20 minutes to a half hour now. it's really really tough, but the thing about the cypress hills section, and this is what we really want to show you is just how widespread it is. so many of the streets look exactly like this. we're going to bring the shot right on down under the helicopter and we're going to take you along mckinley avenue and you can see, look at this, it is all covered in snow.
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no matter what road you look at, this is what you're seeing. as you get to elder street, you can see black top, and you think there's an end in sight. this particular street struck us. look at 95th avenue. you can actually see the footprints on top of the snow, which is almost at the level of the cars and the snow that is piled on top of those cars. this street hasn't been touched at all, and a lot of the streets in this area look this way. we saw it as well in richmond hill. we'll take you for a ride further up eldrid avenue. and right back into it at 93rd 93rd avenue. everything covered in snow. unfortunately these folks' cars here are not getting out of there anytime soon, and i don't think mother nature is going to help them with melting here. report live over cypress hills shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. so scare if there's an emergency vehicle that has to get down the street. look at this in brooklyn.
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73rd precinct helping to free a fedex truck stuck in the snow. the truck could not get through the now covered treat. the truck eventually was able to make it way free. from new york to new jersey now, and similar scenes this afternoon there where schools were closed and most big cities like newark, jersey city and patterson. many side streets in newark had not seen any plows yet, and residents there are now begging for some help. mayor ross baraka says the city is making progress and urging everyone to be patient. no word on whether schools there will be open tomorrow in newark. further south in sea isle city, there's still flooding from saturday's storm. most of the city is under water, and the flooding is in the area closest to the shoreline. on long island, the big problem, till the lirr.
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the rails that have snow all over them. right now, no service on the far rock away, hemp stead, and west hempstead branches and no service between jamaica station and long island terminal. there is service on 7 other branches including the port washington branch. some lines were up and running this morning but with heavy delays, which led to frustrated customers. >> there's a certain reality to the situation, right. you have freezing temperatures and you have 2 feet of snow. that is going to create a problem. >> the railroads would do us a better service by telling us they're not running, rather than have people come, and drive on treacherous roads and getting here. i see people leaving in two hours. >> there is no direct long island railroad service to tonight's islanders game at the barclays center. something to keep in mind. as for the
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that's getting done in a large part thanks to he feel neighbors. mri -- helpful neighbors. michelle charlesworth has more on that coverage. >> reporter: we have been in charles place and west bury in long island. no joke. all of this digging out can be really really tough. the secret is to do it slowly, in chunks through the storm if you can find a lull, and the big secret is in helping one another. poplar street is still a little bit of a mess, snow covered and irregular drifts. you have to look long and wide to find a street this bad. most neighborhoods are moving up fast. >> we have people on the block that are elderly but people help them out. >> we traded off. hot chocolate, come back and shovel a little bit. >> reporter: you have to make it an event. >> yeah, have fun with it. we live in the northeast, what do you expect.
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cutest puppy, cooper and a dug out fire hydrant. marissa and gabriella know why digging out fire plugs is essential. >> the firemen won't be able to get to shoot water. >> reporter: that's right, it has to shoot water if there's a fire. >> we didn't really actually play a snowball fight. >> reporter: you didn't? what did you actually do? >> we just throwed snowballs at each other. >> reporter: post call carrier yana is glad for the elbow grease. >> what percentage of folks are shoveling their walks so you can get up there and deliver the mail. >> i could say 90% have been doing pretty good on my out. that's all i can say. >> reporter: a lot of work to be done here, though. this one's from california, and maybe this right here is short for bury, clearing everything is hard work and the county executive cautioned against too much too fast.
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man went into cardiac arrest while snow blowing. on sunday we had four deaths that took place associated with this storm and snow removal. >> reporter: that's so upsetting. five men died. the youngest was 51 years old. this is from overexerting himself, and these men having heart attacks, so please, take it easy as you clean up and do not forget to clear out around fire plugs, live in west burr i, from long island, michelle charlesworth. a woman in new jersey seeking shelter from the blizzard was found dead in her car. police made the discovery in a burger king parking lot this morning. the 78-year-old woman told employees saturday night that she was parking there because she was afraid of driving in the snow. once the storm hit, she became trapped. >> and i noticed that a guy in a pickup truck, he's trying to
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wasting his time pulling the plow out of burger king. i noticed the car parked there, and it was sit willing all day saturday, and sunday, and this morning, i just realized the cops were there. >> police say the woman was from new york. investigators determined that the vehicle was not running and the tail pipe was cleared of snow. a frightening fall for a little girl in the bronx. the 6-year-old was walking down the sidewalk when she plunged 8 feet into a manhole. she couldn't see it was open because of the snow. a group of young men playing football nearby rushed to her rescue. the little girl spent the night at the hospital but doctors say she is going to be okay. the blizzard may be over finally, but for the airlines, delays continue to linger. 1500 flights remain delayed or canceled today. more than 13,000 fights were -- flights were canceled due to
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jfg, la guardian, newark, charlotte and baltimore lost a full day of flights and in dc, flights were halted for two days. there's a live look right now at kennedy airport. you can see things are much clearer today. the airlines canceled 484 flights in the new york area airports today, and remember, to hash tag your photos, channel 7 eyewitness news -- abc7ny. add the hash tag, plow my street. you can see them here on one of our shows and online. what a storm, and i suspect we haven't heard the beginning of all of the stories that have happened during this event. >> definitely. we turn our attention to what's ahead this week. lee. we're outside our west studio, and we're comfortable this is from our building, keep that in mind, there's icicles, stay a nice distance from the building. we are worried about
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storm later in the week. here's the next p hours with clouds around -- 7 hours with clouds around and temperatures dropping to near freezing. accuweather is coming up next. we'll see you in a few minutes. we'll have the days other news and a man hunt in california as police search for three escaped inmates. new clues on where they could be hiding. and why niagara's world famous falls could be reduced to a trickle. and as we head into break, here's a look at folks enjoying the snow day that they had with an afternoon of sledding. this is happening in burners township.
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. it's 4:15. time to check traffic. the long island expressway in queens, traffic is heavy heading east. meanwhile a look at the long island railroad service suspensions this afternoon. there is no service right now until the far rock away, hemp stead, long beach, and west hemp stead branches. alternate side parking routes will remain suspended until february 1st in new york city. the trial for new york city police officer peter liang is underway. he fired his gun into a dark stairwell in 2014, killing aki girly. his attorney said he was heading into a dangerous territory in a housing complex, and needed to draw his gun.
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recklessly pulled his gun out and did not do enough to help girly after girly was shot. we want to turn now to presidential election and we're learning more about former new york city mayor michael bloomberg's potential run for the white house. sources tell abc news that bloom berg will only get into the race if it's a match up between democrat bernie sanders and republicans donald trump or ted cruz. we are 7 days away from the iowa caucuses. the democratic candidates will face off in their final forum before the vote, with hillary clinton and bernie sanders rally today in iowa. >> why are we making it harder and harder for young people to get an education at the same time as congress will give huge tax breaks to billionaires. >> i can certainly tell you i will be a better president, a more informed and more understanding president of everything that we're going
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here at home and around the world. >> after returning to new jersey for the snowstorm, governor christie is back today. he told voters his rivals senator marco rubio and ted cruz are good people but not prepared to be president. so this next story, not meant to make you hate the snow >> no? >> it is intended to reach your daily zen, to power positivity after shoveling the snow. >> what are we going to see. >> slush jumping, here it is. >> what are we looking for? >> that sun. >> is that what it looks like, a shot from southern california. i feel like you're rubbing it in a little. >> this is for you. got to get to the power, positivity, imagine yourself there. >> when i was digging my car out the other day, that's where i was in my mind, you're absolutely right. >> and curse. >> internally, just a couple. >> 60 degrees there today, lee?
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today. they have us beat today. would you rather go through a blizzard that definitely inconveniences us or would you like to be out there with el nino and flooding and mud slides and earthquakes, i'd rather be here. that's all i have to do. >> dave's not buying it. >> i'm a lifelong new yorker, sometimes the storms kind of bear on you a little bit. i'm not sure. this is home no matter what. >> no doubt about that. of applause. you worked like rock stars this weekend and forecasting your little hearts out. an awesome job as always. >> our weather team is awesome. we go through the blizzard, and this is the worst one i have seen in new york city. and maybe that was the top one i worked in. this is the one in 06, that technically is still in the top spot. still throwing the challenge flag out on that one. outside we have what is a partly cloudy afternoon. it's actually pretty comfortable. i wasn't wearing the, you know,
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our building and hit a window sill. we are a ways away. when i was walking home, if you can come back here for a second. i was walking back from the storm, and a woman was walking toward me, and a huge icicle fell between us. be vigilant with that, i heard the huge chunk of ice. 37. high temperature today 38. which is right on target. we have climbed above freezing and we are doing melting. through friday, january 22nd, observe snowfall for the season. under a half inch. should have had 10 inches on average. now, above normal, after the weekend snowfall of 26, new york city, just a tenth of an inch behind the all time top storm in new york city history. as we move on, our numbers are in the mid-and upper 30s right now. again, we are above freezing. you see that all across the area. in fact, it's near 40 in poughkeepsie. you have less snow pack up there. that's why we have milder
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34 degrees at 7:00. partly cloudy. tomorrow morning, partly sunny skies and then the clouds will thicken in a hurry, and then the breeze will ping up out of the southwest. we'll get in the low 40s. heavy umbrella for a stray shower. clouds will thin to the west a little bit, and more clouds toward cleveland and cincinnati. there's a front, but that low is going well to the north and west. another chunk of ice fell off. a front is going to drag through the area. a couple showers roll through later tomorrow into tomorrow evening. look at the mild air ahead of that front. we get into the 40s tomorrow and that will continue to make things melt. watch future cast. clouding over the day tomorrow. front drags through with showers. that threat probably goes to the first part of the night, and after that, clearing. partly cloudy, patchy fog. icy roads, falling ice. 31 degrees. for tomorrow, high temperatures in the low 40s. we cloud up and showers around. about 42. then tomorrow night, clouds and fog, and a couple showers
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we are going to take a close look at the thursday map. on future cast looks fairly clear right now. there's a storm developing over the carolinas and a little too close for comfort. we'll let you know if there's a chance of snow coming up at night. liz and david, do not hug the buildings when you're walking around. >> definitely not. i was walking in the tower building and across the street. saw this huge thing of snow and ice come flying off the top of the roof. >> a great reminder and i suggest you get in right now. a pair of escaped prisoners called 911 on themselves. what had the pair begging to be caught. we'll tell you all about it. , and we're following breaking news from staten island, a jack
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get free installation with a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. we want to go to the breaking news on staten island we told you about a moment ago. news copter 7 over a jackknifed tractor-trailer. shannon, what can you tell us. >> reporter: this happened on the southbound side of the west shore right after the exit for arthur kill road, and you can see just how jackknifed this tractor-trailer is. jackknifed right off the roadway. it needs to serve as a reminder.
4:24 pm
get through and other than where there is damage to the roadway, from the tractor- trailer jackknifing, it looks like you're down to the black top here. this is the second tractor- trailer we have had jackknife in the same area today. be careful, take it slow on the roadways. your delays here are about a mile. you can look just to the left of it, that is the service road. if you get to that, you'll get here without a problem. live over staten island, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon, thank you. a major construction project to repair a bridge may shut off water to niagara falls. officials are working on a plan to replace the 115-year-old bridge linking the mainland to goat island which millions of people visit every year. to make this happen, crews have to build a temporary structure on the u.s. side of the falls that would then redirect niagara river over to the canadian side. process could take about nine months to do.
4:25 pm
is set for wednesday. two days after the storm, the story of commuters left stranded. >> i don't think it was going to be this bad. like no transportation really, like not everybody has tar. >> this is not right. they're not cleaning the streets. >> the frustration over the conditions of the roads in new jersey's largest city. and a desperate plea to capture three dangerous inmates who escaped from a prison in california. we have new details on how they
4:26 pm
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news. channel 7 eyewitness news. it is 4:30, and we continue to follow the clean up after saturday's blizzard. we just started getting some school closings for tomorrow in new jersey, and we have posted them at meanwhile, the majority of mass transit is up and running with the exception of the long island railroad. right now, there is no lirr service on the far rock away,
4:29 pm
hempstead, and jamaica station and atlanta terminal. and jfq -- jfk airport, flights taking off but hundreds of cancellations and delays. check with your carrier if you have a flight. >> and it could be several days before all the piles of snow melt, so the streets and sidewalks are a big slushy mess. >> that's for sure, for commuters and pedestrians, it can be dangerous to navigate, and lisa, you better keep your eyes on the falling ice on the buildings as well. eyewitness news reporter, nina pineda live outside our studios on the upper west side. >> reporter: it's not easy dave and liz, the snowplows have pushed the drifts over between the streets and sidewalks, so to get to a sidewalk safely to a corner, you have to come through and find the opening. this one is big but some are very small and getting around today is not for the faint of heart. definitely in danger of falling down on these city streets.
4:30 pm
here it's okay, but sometimes here, you see, you just come here. >> reporter: little an tan mom chose to shlep her baby on her back. if you see, there is a lot of water here, but it's a bit dangerous. >> it's a rough go navigating the clog and melting smog. pedestrians have to climb over the piles or walk the block fighting for an opening to squeeze through which may be icy, and ends in a puddle of questionable depth you can't cross anyway. >> if you're going to cut a path, should be 3 or 4 feet. >> you have to go single file? >> one foot after the other. >> reporter: many bus stops are blocked and buried, frustrating for riders waiting in the street. >> it's crazy we have to wait right here. what if cars come. >> reporter: and no easy task
4:31 pm
we did witness plenty of patience among strangers today, lending a helping hand, allowing each other to pass and generally being polite. >> too much snow. the snow is just too much. >> reporter: you can't fit two people through? >> you have to take the time. take the time, let them go ahead through. >> reporter: chivalry is not dead in the city when you're buried in snow. coming up at 5:306789 more of getting -- 5:30, more of getting around in the mess, especially if your job is pushing or pulling something. live on the upper west side, nina pineda channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, and now to narc and the city is struggling to get back to normal. many streets are still an absolute mess there. we could hear within the next hour whether schools and courts will reopen tomorrow, but frustrations are running high for residents there. here's eyewitness news reporter rob rob nelson.
4:32 pm
streets and it's easy to see why a normal morning commute was impossible for some today. >> get the act together and clean up the city so people can get back to normal. >> get in your house and pay taxes and look at this. >> reporter: here along heller parkway, many of the side streets are like ice reobstacle courses. >> i have never seen it like this before in a long long time. >> reporter: we found this group of people waiting for more than 4 hours for a city bus and reached out to cab companies. >> there was quite a few other people here, and they're just leaving. they're not cleaning the streets. >> i didn't think it was going to be this bad. no transportation, really, not everybody has a car. >> reporter: at the intersection of dickerson and
4:33 pm
so treacherous, some abandoned their cars in the middle of the street. >> we paid taxes and our side streets need help. hire dump trucks, do like new york, and throw it in the hudson river. that's all you need. >> reporter: residents here are beyond frustrated saying they have never seen things this bad or the city take so long to clean the streets. >> it's been extremely difficult for us getting on the side roads, a lot of abandoned vehicles which means we have to use front loaders and dump trucks, which makes the process take a little longer than we anticipated. >> reporter: mayor ross baraka is calling for patience as you said. 28 inches of snow fell in newark. 60 pile trucks have been out so far, and they are adding more every minute. report from newark. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. an icing could be a big concern for us tonight. we're going to check with meteorologist lee goldberg in a few minutes. he's going to have an update on the forecast. we love the pictures you have
4:34 pm
spent your day in the snow. keep them coming to us using the hash tag abc7ny. new at four, police say a drunk driver crashed into in a snowplow in the holland tunnel. 38-year-old germane davis rear ended a payloader that was removing snow along marine boulevard. he tried to flee the scene and wrestled with a port authority officer who tried to stop him. they found a bag of what they say is cocaine. he faces dwi and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. we may be deep in snow and months away from beach weather but environmentalists and business leaders teamed up in new jersey to develop new regulations surrounding access to the jersey shore beaches. a committee was appointed today to access rules and to find ways to make it better.
4:35 pm
parking and restrooms to discourage outsiders from using their beaches. airline passengers were rushed to the hospital after a turbulent flight over canada. the flight from miami to milan was forced to make a landing in newfoundland. three flight attendants and four passengers were injured. none of the injuries were life threatening. a judge has denied a request for teachers in detroit to stop skipping schools. detroit school district filed a restraining order, forcing the district to close schools over the past two weeks. teachers are upset over pay, class size, building conditions. another hearing about the injunction is set for february 15th. an unlikely plea from two fugitives. why they ended up beg to go get rearrested.
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one girl's tragic death may have saved another's life. the doctor didn't see any red flags but days after her death
4:38 pm
that piper had been complaining of cast pain. a few days later, another girl came in with the same flu symptoms and that same calf pain. so the doctor did more digging and it turns out that little girl had h1n1. >> i feel like something has come out of piper's death. that we have learned potentially another complication of the flu, and if we can catch it early, maybe there's something we can do. >> piper's mother says this obviously doesn't bring her daughter back, but if it did help save someone else's life, that's all she can ask for. two men who tried to escape from the law, instead end occupy calling 911 begging for the authorities to come find them. the men jumped out of a car after it was pulled overin california, and ran into a wooded area. officers spotted them, a few hours, later, and shouted at them that a storm was coming. they ignored that, and kept going into the woods. that night, the men called 911 saying they were freezing and
4:39 pm
rescuers found them the next morning, suffering from severe hypothermia. >> i have never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew they were going to be dry and warm. >> both men were treated at the hospital and turned over to authorities for arrest. a welcome home for miss universe. miss philippines returned home for the first time since winning the crown. tens of thousands of people lined the streets of the capitol as pia alonzo wartsbach, many people cheered from windows, miss universe says her next big dream is to become a bond girl. we remember the controversy which is why we're telling you the story. get ready to pay up if you plan to go to the super bowl. ticket prices are headed for
4:40 pm
the average resale price of a ticket to the game between the carolina panthers and denver broncos, now at more than $5000. only rich people going to this. according to ticket price tracker, seat geek, a pair of club seats near mid field have already sold for more than $12,000 each, making them the far. >> you can watch it on tv. >> yes. well getting ready to expensive iphone. several reports claim the iphone 5se feature a 4-inch screen, an 8 megapixel rear camera and touch id, expected to be unveiled in march, and store shelves sometime in april. >> you said that with high-tech knowledge in you. >> i can barely see the reading on my current phone. >> really, it looks gigantic. >> to make it smaller. wait until you hear this, you know the storm we went through, we could be getting
4:41 pm
meteorologist lee goldberg with his accuweather forecast, telling us what we're really looking at here. and are you looking for love? yeah. the blizzard may have helped partner people up. >> okay. and this is more than just a dad and son playing catch.
4:42 pm
as liz likes to say, looking for love during this storm, you are not alone. dating apps do very well in storms. happening reports a jump in use. >> what is happening, i'll tell you what's happening. >> what are you doing. that message is up 39% last weekend in new york. that's what's happening, and even bigger spike in philadelphia, i don't know why there, but with messaging up 34 2%. that's a big jump. new user sign ups increased by they say 43% nationwide. something happened in philly that was out of control. >> are you sure we're talking long-term relationships. >> it's a lot happening. >> it's long. >> we're just trying to bring people together in the weather department. >> definitely. >> a lot of people happy to be outside. not happy to see the snow.
4:43 pm
>> nothing like the scope over the weekend. right now, under close call, near mess. it's close enough that it has to be monitored thursday into friday. did david scare you. >> it's not what you want to hear. >> i can't tell him anything. >> i knew something was coming. i didn't know where it was. >> lee, what's happening. >> liz. i'm going to the wall. >> we have partly cloudy skies, george washington bridge and fresh snow cover out there. which does a few things. keeps our nighttime lows even lower, and also don't have the icy conditions as a possibility as well. and we have fairly mild area in the coming days. 37 degrees, partly cloudy skies, a west wind at five. the numbers fall to freezing. kind of hover there much of the night. it's not a case at least in the five burros. there will be asiany spots and
4:44 pm
patches, but not going into the 20s and teens. here's a snapshot in the upper 20s, north and west. we will have more icing to the north and west. there's less snow far north and west. tomorrow we'll feature an increase in cloudiness. have your umbrella. the first part of the evening may be a shower. if you watch future cast, we'll have partly cloudy skies overnight. there's your freezing temperatures north and west in the morning, and around freezing in many locations. skies will cloud up. a couple showers, not everywhere, but a few spotty showers in the afternoon and evening. and the second part of the night, it clears out, and we'll see more sunshine as we go into the day on wednesday, and temperatures in the lower 40s. that's more sun in the afternoon, more clouds in the morning hours. you look at the 7-day, accuweather forecast. a late shower tomorrow at 42. there's a decent breeze in the afternoon. here's the situation on
4:45 pm
you have a storm in carolina, and a storm off to the west. the two appear to be very separate storms. there may be some interaction thursday night into friday morning where an area of snow could get into the coastline. we'll have to watch that closely as we go into thursday night, early friday time period. it's a late flurry on saturday and sunday. middle 40s and lots of sun. with that storm threat, dave and liz, the numbers are above freezing all week. it is a melting, refreezing, melting, refreezing pile slowly going on. >> i heard the word flurry on that forecast. that's all i got out of that. >> anything with snow, it's just like not again. >> dave, what's happening. >> let's take a look at the trend. of course the historic blizzard generating a lot of buzz. i can't get away from it. the top trending hash tag, snow- zilla and blizzard of 2016, a little more bland.
4:46 pm
they grabbed -- nuns, they grabbed a sled, and the picture posted on abc alone, has 51,000 likes and shared more than 6200 typically. only the pope doing the same thing could top that right now. it's social media to the rescue for a hollywood celebrity. mark ruffalo lost his cell phone with his wallet case attached to it during the blizzard. you see, the blizzard, still trending. twitter helped him find it in no time flat. he tweeted apb for a cell phone. he offered a reward and signed a photo. just 20 minutes later, he tweeted the case was found. good for him. >> that's amazing. >> how cute. >> thank you brown family for finding his lost items. basketball star shaquille o'neal trending after getting a group of people the surprise of their lives. remember this, officer bobby white responding to a call
4:47 pm
too loudly, and the officer responded by joining them and having fun instead. shaq loved how he handed the situation, and joined him in a rematch with the kids. now they're all hanging out together. the greatest pickup game of a lifetime, and the guys showed appreciation on tape. >> i will respect my peers, my elders and especially my parents. >> love you guys! s! s! very nice. finally, a dad came up with a creative day to remove his son's loose tooth. they're big fans of the seattle seahawks and they hope russell wilson could inspire them. >> football, russell wilson, here we go. >> that's it. i did it. where'd it go. >> it's right down here. hold it out. yay.
4:48 pm
>> how cool is that. >> i think the kid's in shock. >> he's like it worked. the seahawks didn't do as well as the panther, as this young man did against his tooth. >> that's russell wilson's tooth. >> he's super brave to have done that. we have a wiggly tooth in our house, and it takes three weeks for the thing to come out. >> really? >> it is a surprise. >> love that. i'm going to suggest that at my house. check out the trend online. record that liz and send your trend ideas using the hash tag trend. >> hey, dave, what's happening. >> i don't like it when you say it. coming up next on eyewitness news, we have new details in the search for three men who escaped a prison in california. how they got out and where they might be now. and as we told you, a decision was expected soon. well, now it is official.
4:49 pm
newark. tomorrow, again, schools will be closed tomorrow. another day. we're going to have some other new jersey school closings posted right now at channel 7
4:50 pm
right now a manhunt is underway for three men who escaped jail in california. >> police are warning the three men are armed and dangerous. it's believed they escaped some time after 5 p.m. friday and have been on the run ever since. >> reporter: the all-out manhunt for these three escaped inmates is expanding in southern
4:51 pm
marshal's office joining the search. >> they're extremely dangerous and should be presumed to be armed. >> reporter: authorities believe the breakout happened just after the daily 5 a.m. inmate body count, the men first cutting through this metal grate in a holding cell. >> they made their way to the roof. >> reporter: that's when police say they used bed sheets to make a rope like this, rappelling down. >> the immediate jumped out to me was they had help and probably inside help. >> reporter: the next body count wasn't until 8 p.m., giving them a 16-hour head start. jose neyeri is charged with kidnapping and torture. jonathan tieu charged with murder. >> i want my son back, jonathan, please. >> reporter: his mother now
4:52 pm
they plea for the public's help in vietnamese. they say two of the escapees with ties to vietnamese gangs may be hiding in the community. >> there were two other escapees years ago, one from the rooftop. they don't believe anyone in the sheriff's department is involved but they are investigating. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. a little girl falls down a manhole. today she's talking to eyewitness news about the fall. >> i thought i wouldn't see my mom ever again. >> digging out after a blizzard for the record books. people in two boroughs frustrated with the city's response. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. two days since the blizzard ended
4:53 pm
the black top on the streets but many still remain unplowed. mayor de blasio says special attention was given today on snow removal on staten island and queens. the mayor was back in queens this afternoon assessing the sidewalks and the streets. >> in new jersey schools will be closed tomorrow in newark. schools will also be closed in brick township and toms river. you can find all the closing at abc7ny. the lirr still operating with partial service tonight. new jersey transit will cross-honor through tomorrow. >> we have a team of reporters throughout the cross state beginning with lauren glassberg where many spent the day trying to dig out. >> reporter: gary is feeling overlooked. he and his neighbors on 75th street in middle village left to dig out because the plows bailed. >> plow came down sunday morning, came up the wrong way.
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