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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take before your appointment starts. growing frustration as the tri-state digs out of a powerful storm. the death toll grows. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. temperatures falling right now and that's causing worries about black ice. >> we're already getting school delays and closings for tomorrow. that information is at the bottom of your screen.
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trying to dig out and clean up from saturday's storm. but there are more calls tonight. the city isn't doing enough to clear streets. >> after a frustrating morning commute, now claiming things should be back to normal tomorrow. the storm deadly in our area with people found in and around their cars in hacken saw, mahwah, and sunset park, brooklyn. >> we're going to begin with eyewitness news reporter lucy yang. >> it was a gruesome discovery today for a group of middle school students. they were coming home for school around 3:30 this afternoon when they noticed something in their neighbor's driveway. never did they imagine they would find a cold body underneath all of this snow. >> i was like, is that a bag of clothes? we were so confused. >> reporter: a manda and her friends had just gotten off the school bus monday afternoon when they saw a winter coat peeking
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neighbor's driveway. so they knocked on the neighbor's door to tell her. there was no answer. they went back to the coat only to uncover the horrifying reality that their neighbor had been buried in the blizzard. >> one of my other neighbors went up and we were all scared. and she kind of poked her and she moved a little bit of snow and she's like, she's definitely a person. we called our parents and we all ran home. >> reporter: mahwah police confirmed the victim was 64-year-old mary wall with no footprints around the body, officials believe she died while trying to clear the snow on saturday. they found a shovel near her body. >> it would appear at this point that she suffered a medical condition while shoveling during the storm and unfortunately it wasn't found until today. >> reporter: neighbors on sunnyside road say they are a close and friendly block, but the woman pretty much kept to herself. >> i typically go up and down the block just to make sure the elderly is cared for. >> reporter: steve says he
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>> she preferred to be left alone, didn't necessarily want any favors. i wish she would have asked for help or something. i didn't know her personally. >> police tell us they've notified the victim's next of kin. amanda said it was hard to focus on homework tonight after what she saw up here. lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> understandable. thank you. now to another body found, this one in a snow covered car in new jersey. an autopsy will be performed on the elderly woman to figure out how she died. her body was found in a burger king parking lot in hackensack today. workers say the 78-year-old woman told them saturday she was going to sit in her car because she didn't want to drive in the blizzard. police have identified a man also found dead inside a snow covered car. police say the body of ganell was discovered this afternoon in sunset park in the
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it's not yet clear if he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. plenty of kudos for workers trying to clean up but there have been pockets where that's not happened. mountains of impassible snow as you can see from newscopter7 and neighbors in queens filled with anger, at least some of them. josh einiger in fresh meadows tonight. any better conditions out there tonight? >> i guess it depends on your point of view. here in fresh meadows i'm on a small street beside a cemetery. they've got these giant dump trucks filled with snow they're pulling out of these neighborhoods. they're then creating this mountain here and then starting we're told possibly as early as tomorrow they're going to take all that snow and put it in this machine which will melt it and turn it in to pure water and melt it all away. that is progress to be sure, but to a lot of people in a lot of these neighborhoods, it just barely scratches the surface.
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department is almost 1,000 plows in queens alone. that's nearly half the city's fleet but this truck was no match for this section. on 75th street, a car parked right in the way. still people here blame the city. >> they haven't partly -- they haven't plowed the streets in two days. >> we should get a little bit of representation. >> reporter: here on 75th the crowd gathered for nearly two hours as workers managed to get that truck back down the hill where it got stuck again. and a front end loader had to lift the vehicle. this is why streets are still a mess in so many spots. the conditions are simply impossible, and it's why mayor de blasio was asking for patience even though he admits
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>> some areas strong, others less so. i didn't see the kind of results i wanted in sunnyside, west side, elmhurst, corona. >> reporter: in middle village the mayor hasn't made many friends. >> made lindsey look like a star. >> ghosts of mayor's past always loom large over every snowstorm in new york. for them there was coffee and cheers. when the big truck was finally freed ready to continue the fight. >> and back live, you're looking at another dump truck that's just about to empty out its load of snow on to this ever growing pile, this mountain here in fresh meadows where eventually it will meet its fate in this giant machine behind me that we're told can melt up to
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sanitation department said it will be here as long as necessary and will be likely necessary for quite some time. we're live in fresh meadows, queens. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> they're working very hard. new at 11:00, flights finally taking off and landing at laguardia. to try to go to or from the airport are finding themselves in massive gridlock on the ground tonight. a backlog of flights and an ambulance fire that shut down earlier combining to cause a traffic nightmare. some people stuck in barely moving traffic for two histories. add to that a lack of taxies. the wait more than three hours. quite a headache. trouble on the track s. but now some movement. what a nightmare of a day for some riders on the lirr. tomorrow the four branches closed will be up and running for the morning commute. the announcement coming within the last hour. n.j. burkett rode the rails posting this update on twitter. he's in mineola.
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main line of the lirr in mineola and yes, the railroad has just announced that full service will be restored across the entire system, all of the branches in time for the morning rush hour. but some riders will be skeptical after what they went through today. before piling on to trains, still simmering about their morning commute. >> they knew at that point that they weren't going to be operable at 5 a.m. so they should have informed us. >> reporter: few would have expected it. main line commuters huddled like arctic penguins in the cold, waiting for trains that were slow to arrive despite promises of an uneventful commute. in a press
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railroad officials seemed to leave little doubt. seven of the lirr's 12 branches representing the majority of lirr service, officials said, would be fully operational by 5 a.m. monday. but the blizzard left much of the railroad's fleet and infrastructure snowed in. despite round the clockwork, it was a promise the railroad could not deliver. even as trains began moving on the major branches, four smaller branches remain shut down this evening. we are extremely disappointed in the completeness and accuracy of communication provided by the lirr to its riders, said the railroad's watchdog group, demanding the mta conduct a transparent investigation. lirr rider richard gillmartin has his own advice. >> always be conservative. never over promise . try to do the opposite. if you think it's going to be ready in an hour, tell them three hours. >> keep in mind the port
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back online until just this afternoon. nearly 48 hours after the train stopped running and again now the update from the railroad, the entire system expected to be restored in time for the morning rush hour. live tonight in mineola, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. in new jersey pass service between newark penn station and journal square will be suspended through tomorrow's rush. 650 workers are working on removing the snow from the tracks. the system was inundated by snow drifts as high as 16 feet. path is adding limited shuttle bus service and new jersey transit is cross honoring tickets. service should resume by tomorrow afternoon. the streets aren't entirely cleared in hoboken but public schools will reopen anyway. crews slowly making head way. discounted garage parking has been extended until wednesday.
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newark where many of the streets are buried in two solid feet of snow. residents across that city complaining their streets are impassible two days after the blizzard. the mayor under mounting pressure tonight but for his part, urging patients. >> trying our best to get the streets clean so people will be able to go to work and kids are able to go to school. we'll do it as fast and expeditiously as we possibly can. >> schools in newark will again be closed tomorrow. temperatures falling right now and meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking another storm so how much will it affect us? >> that remains to be seen. we'll talk about that close call. refreezing at night. falling ice and snow, snow on the car tops, keep a lot of distance between the car in front of you. we're 38 and melting in new york city. look the suburbs. more on that late week storm coming up in accuweather in a few minutes.
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pulled over car like this. yep, no shocker he got a ticket but that's not the end of the story. wait till you see what happened next.
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oh, no he didn't. oh, yes, he did. a driver in monmouth county, new jersey clearing off a few flakes from his windshield. incased in snow. a cop stopped
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department posted this on facebook. yes, dashcam video. when you see what the officer does, that's part of the story. here's joe torres. >> township police told us the snow-covered car looked more like a minivan. >> i thought it was a joke quite frankly. there's about three feet of snow caked on to this car. >> reporter: john lopez pulled the car over and the 20-year police veteran relayed his thoughts to the driver in just three words. >> irresponsible, dangerous, inexcusable. >> reporter: the officer's dashcam captured the roadside stop along oak blain road near the middle of the 63-square mile town and exactly why did the driver clean only a portion of his windshield and side window? >> he complained to me that he couldn't reach the top of the vehicle. >> reporter: patrolman lopez issued the driver a $75 ticket for failing to clear off the snow and ice from the vehicle as required by state law but then the officer and his partner did something most people wouldn't expect. they helped the driver
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>> looked like an elderly fellow. there was a ton of snow on his vehicle. decided to help him out, clean his car off for him. >> i give him a lot of credit. our officers, just like every other police officer, they're compassionate. they're not here to ruin anybody's day. >> reporter: he said each snowstorm his officers hand out a handful of tickets for people who don't clear off the snow. those people don't realize they pose a danger to themselves and others. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. a 71-year-old woman recovering tonight after being slashed across the face while riding the subway. police say she was on the southbound 6 train as it approached bleecker street this morning. that's when a man sitting across from her got up and slashed the left side of her face. the stups got off that train and on to another. -- the suspect got off
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he's on the lease. -- on the loose. tonight the democratic candidates barraged with tough questions at a town hall meeting. all of them questioned separately in iowa city by undecided voters. sanders was asked to define socialism while clinton was peppered with questions about honesty and trust worthiness. >> what i believe in is creating a government that works for all of us, not just a handful of people at the top. >> i've been around a long time. people have thrown all kinds of things at me. i can't keep up with it. i just keep going forward. they fall by the wayside. they come up with these outlandish things. they make these charges. i just keep going forward because there's nothing to it. >> on the republican side, donald trump proving again he's apparently impervious to controversy. his remark about shooting someone on 5th avenue has not hurt his poll numbers as he sort of predicted.
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maintaining a lead over ted cruz. a new attack ad by senator cruz targeting mr. trump showing the billionaire businessman years ago saying he's pro choice. teetering on the edge of disaster. authorities danger of falling in to the ocean. powerful storms have eroded the sandy cliffs in pacifica, california leaving some properties dangling. several homes and apartments are threatened. the city manage has declared a state of emergency in the hopes of getting state and federal help. >> those are expensive homes too. risk and reward of living on the coast. we've been through so much. we've got ice overnight to worry about? >> not as much drama but still a little mystery. this is central park. you can see the meadow illuminated by the outline of snow cover there. you see the skating rink. we
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so we're still above freezing. even melting in to the evening. that's in the cities. suburb as totally different story. above average today even with all the snow pack. we go in to the weekend with half an inch of snow. below normal by a lot. we come out of the weekend above normal for the season. pretty remarkable. so icy roads tomorrow morning. 40s and a few rain showers in the afternoon and then there's a close call late week followed by more melting for the upcoming weekend. in fact, just to give you an early preview, about 38 degrees on saturday, maybe a late flurry. sunday is the better day as we look at mid 40s. temperatures on the island are in the upper 20s from ronkonkoma to merrick. weather watcher there said two feet of snow. hudson valley coming in in the 20s. all below freezing unless you're in belmar, 36. there will be icy roads tomorrow morning. take it extra snow. allow more minutes to get to work. clouds will be increasing. i can see a shower
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any time after 2:00 or 3:00. it is a little breezy out of the southwest. that's helping us warm in to the 40s. even because we had some clouds coming in. still low to mid 40s. clouds around right now, partly cloudy skies. they'll thin out a little bit to the west and there's your shower threat for later in the day. luckily this area of snowfall with this system bypassing us to the north and west. just a little weak front is dragged through the area. futurecast showing the clouds increasing tomorrow but lower 40s. front is slow to get offshore. wouldn't be surprised if there's still a rain shower on the east end. and then the sunshine will come back on wednesday. partly cloudy. icy roads tomorrow morning leaning toward mostly cloudy skies. up to 42. a few spotty afternoon showers and then tomorrow night couple showers, clouds, and watch the patchy fog. on thursday, here's the latest on that storm offshore. even farther offshore is the trend. there's still a clipper system to our west. there can be snow showers as we
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to friday as well. here's something to keep in mind. the weekend looks nice and mild. no problems there. just a couple spot showers tomorrow afternoon. make sure you have your umbrella and temperatures will be in the low 40s. melting and refreezing the big story as we go through the rest of the week. bill evans is back tomorrow morning. coming up next, talk about chaos in the courtroom. we'll tell you what led to this violent outburst in the
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new tonight, chaos in the courtroom. video of a wild attack on a prosecutor right after a guilty verdict. the defendant charged with the deputy district attorney in new mexico, shoving him to the ground then trying to punch him. the man had just been found guilty of criminal sexual contact for fondling a girl. the attacks set off a panic with people jumping out of their seats including the judge as deputies tackled him. an adorable little critter that lost its way. tonight on our facebook page, many of you expressing remarkable compassion for a sloth. police in ecuador discovering the sloth frightened and clinging to a pole. after trying to cross the highway, they helped the "lazy bear." the sloth was checked out by a vet. it was determined to be found and taken back to its habitat and released. stay off the highway, sloth man.
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looked like a stuffed animal. one game to go. super preparations under way in the nfl. we take a look at the next match-up, broncos and panthers for the super bowl. rangers and islanders both tried to roll in to the break on a win. plus serena williams has her sights
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north shore-lij is now northwell health. look north. the great news when a local team isn't in the super bowl is these two weeks pass like that. we've got the pro bowl. >> oh, i forgot about that. >> we open almost two full weeks of super bowl anticipation. broncos, panthers, super bowl 50. february 7th. santa clara, california. the who, what, when, and where of the nfl's big game.
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overall champion. broncos and panthers won their title games yesterday. now they get set to meet each other for the big prize. both teams have definite personalities. coaches say today that's not going to change before kick-off. >> we're going to stick to what got us here today. we'll emphasize that with the players and make sure we keep our personnel. >> our preparation, how we do things as coaches and stuff, we're going to stay committed to our routine that we use throughout the course of the year. local nba teams get back in action tomorrow. knicks get the heat. oklahoma city coach billy donovan played a handful of games for the knicks in the '80s. carmelo anthony hopes to play tomorrow. always enjoys matching up with kevin durant. >> that's what makes all the game fun and attract people to want to watch our game because of the kind of match-ups like that, all the challenges we face.
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this latest game at the garden. it looks like this goes off the elbow for the lead. they had a two goel lead in the 3rd period but scores twice over a minute part. miller comes to the rescue. and this lead would hold up, five goals in six games for him. 6-3 rangers win. broussard scored twice. that's eight straight over buffalo. in brooklyn, last game snowed out. islanders been playing well lately at home. john tavares, nice pass. brock nelson scores his 19th. wings scored two goals just over a minute apart. isles lose 4-2 now with 56 points. in the east, bring on that all star break. duda and mejia agree. mike piazza's number
11:29 pm
retired saturday, july 30th. on july 24th piazza will be inducted in to the baseball hall of fame. on to the semifinals for the australian open. within the last hour williams took on 5-seed maria sharapova. they have a history and most of it is in her favor. 6-4, 6-1. williams win. 19-2 lifetime against sharapova. quaep straight wins -- 18 straight wins. >> no one is 19-2 against her. >> how about that? >> so
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>> we'll be right [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
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join the conversation on all of social media. did you see lee's thank you to the viewers tonight for all they did to help with the forecast last
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>> we're thanking you.
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