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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news. an nypd opens fire on a knife wielding man inside a housing project. the tense situation that ended gunfire. >> neighborhoods buried under snow and ice. there could be relief coming from mother nature. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. piece by piece the tri- state area is returning to breaking blizzard. >> new york city schools are open once again today. although field trips requiring school buses have been canceled. >> it's a different story across the hudson. public schools there will be closed in newark along with about 60 other schools in new jersey. >> the nation's capitol will see its second straight snow day. federal buildings are closed in washington as the district tries to thaw out. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and
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>> yes, my son is at american university. they made a washington monument snow replica. with enough snow it's the same size as the actually washington monument. 3 feet of snow there. 40 there and a lot of the snow will melt across the d.c. area up to the tri-state and hudson river valley except once we get to the overnight hours, this. temperatures below freezing in the teens to 20 to 18 to 19. that means black ice freezing on roadways above i 80 above the merritt parkway, 287 to the north. to the south we have a situation where it's warm. more melting sunny breaks into the afternoon. then we get rain. you may need your rain gear late in the day today. we will talk about that. debbie duhaime is in the traffic center for heather. what do you have going on. >> i will tell you what is happening. on the l.i.r.r., you may see scattered delays. service has been restored. amtrak is on time.
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new jersey transit is cross honoring tickets systemwide. path trains suspended newark to journal square. newark, laguardia and kennedy cancellations over 200 alone. 287, bill mentioned icy spots north of the city. 287 east exit 11 in port chester, an accident there. let's show you the grand central parkway eastbound astoria boulevard, stop-and-go traffic with an accident blocking the right lane. volume l.i.e. westbound to the queens midtown tunnel. reports of an accident on 1 and 9 by communipaw. john del giorno is high above linden. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, debbie. we are watching the snow removal. big dig. three days into this. heavy construction on route 1 and 9 northbound in linden. this is in front of the linden airport. what the crews are doing is trying to get the right lane reopened.
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left and center lanes, very tall snow drifts out here trying to get the right lane open. we will see a lot of this throughout the tri-state area as the crews try to find the real estate to get the extra lanes and shoulders and exit ramps reopened. allow extra travel time. there are slick spots. we are live over linden, new jersey, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. right to breaking news on the east side of manhattan. one man recovering after being shot by a police sergeant inside an apartment building. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live in the east village. >> ken, police are on the scene investigating this incident. they are interviewing witnesses inside the apartment building. they say they were forced to shoot this man after he came at officers with a knife. police say they responded to the jacob read houses on the fdr around 12:30 this morning after receiving reports of a man brandishing a knife. they found a 25-year-old man in
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he lives on that floor with his grandmother. police say they told him to drop the knife. they say he did not do that. instead, he came at officers in a threatening manner. one officer shot him the chest. the man is in stable condition at bellevue hospital. no officers were injured. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. as debbie mentioned, the news is better for commuters on the long island railroad this morning. the mta says full-service has been restored on all branches. the bulk of the cleanup from the weekend has been completed however you should anticipate a couple of delays here and there as service gets back up and running again. drivers have had their share of bad luck dealing with the snow. cars were parked sways in the streets of harlem. alternate side parking is suspended all week. dray clark has more on the snow removal efforts in hard hit,
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>> reporter: yeah, good morning, lori. depending on where you are in queens, you are either having a good morning on bad morning here on this section of 83rd avenue in glendale, they are having a bad morning. walking down the middle of the street is like walking down a ski slope. it's ankle deep in some places and knee folks are angry that the street is untouched. the the mayor says don't worry. help is on the way. the sanitation department has almost 1,000 plows in queens alone. that's nearly half the city's fleet. and it's getting ready to use a giant snow melting machine in fresh meadows. all across queens clearing the streets is a back breaking job. plows get stuck on icy streets leaving sanitation workers to dig them out or hook up chains
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people are fed up braming mayor de blasio the same way mayor lindsey was blamed for not plowing queens. >> 5 to $10,000 in taxes we should get representation. >> absolutely terrible. >> it made lindsey look like a star. forget about it. lindsey lost elections d everything over snow. >> reporter: state senators and assembly members from queens are calling the mayor's response unacceptable and less than adequate. mayor de blasio himself is pointing at the less than stellar results. >> some areas of queens strong, others less so. i didn't see the kind of results i ntedin sunnyside, woodside, elmhurst, corona. >> rorter: and back live you can tell from this picture right here the depth of the snow here then you come and you take a look where neighbors have already shoveled or plowed their own driveways here.
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this is what we are up against, that deep anheave snow. they are asking the city to please come and do something here. i can tell you from going around queens this morning, what we are seeing this morning looks a lot better than what we experienced yesterday when the streets were bad across queens. live this morning in glendale, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. students in hobokeheading back to school as the big dig continues. classehas d been canceled yesterday in much iof hudson county and neighboring jersey city schools will reopen today as well but with a 90-minute delay. if you are away from a tv, you can find out which schools are open or closed on the accuweather app. developing overseas asian stock markets are taking a real hit this morning. the greatesdrop was on the shghai index after another
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shanghai composite dropped 6%. it's at the lowest point since december of 2014. sharp drops for nikkei and hong kong hang seng index. are down. the we will have more details later. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with the exclusive forecast. >> here is how it looks from our camera here in brooklyn looking across the east river to wall street, one world trade to the battery. at the bottom of the screen, delayed school openings, cancellations. you can get more of that at if you want to go to our web site and check that out. this morning good visibility. a morning with 40 degrees, above normal afternoon high and above freezing. so, there will be more of this melting today. clouds to the west. a few showers. a little ice in the mountains of pennsylvania.
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southwest wind warming up as a front slides eastward through newark, new jersey, connecticut. sunny breaks. this afternoon cloudy skies. in the low 40s with a couple of rain showers. a few rain showers into tonight and temperatures above freezing overnight. north and west there could be the black ice and refreezing overnight. i give it a d for damp after school as we got 43. a couple of rain showers, kiddos. grab your warm again as you make your commute, too. heather is away. debbie duhaime is in the traffic center. good morning, on the subways, they are on or close to schedule. let's tell you what is happening on the l.i.r.r. everything is back running again. you may see some scattered delays. new jersey transit cross honoring systemwide. metro north on time. buses, watch for scattered delays. path trains suspended newark to journal square. staten island railway delays as well. delays and cancellations at the airport.
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port chester a collision. a look outside at a problem on the eastbound side of the l.i.e., this is by woodhaven boulevard. an accident blocking the right lane. emergency activity. l.i.e. into woodhaven. alternate sides are suspended. metered in effect. back to you, ken, lori. >> thank you, debbie. coming up, another american tourist murdered on vacation.
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there is word a suspect is in custody in the killing of a georgia woman in the caribbean. it happened on grenada as she was walking on the beach with her husband. she was attacked with a pirate style southward on sunday. the 39-year-old worked as a physician assistant in an atlanta hospital. her husband was not injured in the attack. also new this morning,
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executive order to ban the use of solitary confine of juvenile prisoners. he said the practice can cause long term psychological harm. governor christie got sharp with a former new jersey resident that moved to new hampshire. she asked him at a forum why he was not in new jersey looking after the storm damage her relatives here were telling her about. >> i have friends, family calling, sending pictures. >> where. >> all over the state. >> all over the state. >> all over the state? one county is flooded in the state. one county, cape may county. the one county that flooded so i don't know where from all over the state since we have 21 counties where that happened. second, i don't know what you
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you want me to go down there with a mop? >> well, some of the best news for christie, the "boston herald" has endorsed him. >> he is very shy. let's go to newscopter 7 where, look at this mess. what are we looking at, john del giorno. >> reporter: well, ken rosato, a big mess on the long island expressway eastbound side of the l.i.e. near woodhaven. you can see the activity. let me zoom in. we can't get too close because of laguardia airport. what i am trying to do is get it lined up. over here you can see an overturned vehicle. we can show you where skywriter 7. eastbound side of the l.i.e. at woodhaven boulevard, overturned vehicle leaves the left lane open. big delays westbound into the city. look for all that rubbernecking. again, this is another spot on the highways where we are down
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because of all the snow out here. no shoulder available. one of the lanes is obstructed. spee gdset up and accidents like this, heading out on the roadway. allow yourself extra time. live over queens, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a nightmare, thank you so much, john. time for a check on empty forecast. >> bill evans is live outside the studios on the upper west side. >> good morning, ken and lori. how is it going this morning? grab your coats, hat, you will need that. it's chilly this morning. as you saw from john del giorno, we have wet roadways and black icy roadways, too. here is a look outside from our cameras. we have good visibility. a few high clouds. temperatures this morning are starting out very warm. 40 is above the normal high. we have a southwest wind but the barometer is falling as a cold front is approaching from the west. 37 around queens to 39 in brooklyn. look to the north, that's where
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not only this morning but tomorrow morning and wednesday morning as well. clouds are off to the west. we will get breaks of sun and clouds this morning. a cold front to the west. the low associated with that is going into canada. this will be a warm front coming through. after school today, kiddos, 43 is the temperature with a couple of rain showers. rain showers after school. so s the front pushes through. ment sunshine returns tomorrow. we will be at 42. temperatures above normal. then the high pushes cooler air in for thursday. 43 today. a couple of sprinkles later on. the need the umbrella for after school and the first part of the night. then clouds and sun tomorrow. nice day, 42. thursday a bit chillier, 37. now, thursday into friday a storm in the atlantic, we will keep an eye on that. the storm in the atlantic misses us. nothing like saturday at all.
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keep an eye on the track and see if it brings a little snow to us. as we get into the temperatures next week, well above normal for this time of the year. will, fresh off a break from the blizzard last saturday is my friend, the one and only maximus. good morning. did you get a snack from amy and lee last week? >> no. >> no. >> that a boy. i missed you last week and so did everyone in switzerland. they are like who is that dog. >> have a great day. be careful with the black ice in the suburbs. >> thank you, bill. over to debbie. >> good morning, ken, lori, bill.
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newscopter 7. i want to show you the l.i.e. again. this is the l.i.e. eastbound into woodhaven boulevard. serious accident. it looks like an overturned car here. very tough. one lane squeezing by because of the snow out there. as we go to the maps again, i will tell you the l.i.e. eastbound at woodhaven, the overturned car. now, it looks like black ice reported up here in westchester county, 287 sta collision. 684 seven at 4 and brewster a collision reported as well. truck route 1 and 9 the ramp at communipaw blocked with accident with a downed pole. l.i.r.r. some scattered delays. new jersey transit cross honoring. metro north on or close. alternate sides are suspended. metered in effect. back to you, lori, ken. >> thank you, debbie.
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wall street starts lower following another drop in oil prices. dow opens at 15,885. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin 1 1/2 percent town. >> wall street futures are pointing to a lower open after markets in asia took a nosedive. nikkei and hong kong hang seng index dropped more than 2%. the founder of a hot yoga method has been ordered to pay $900,000 to a lawyer who says she was harassed then fired for looking into sexual attacks allegedly carried out by the guru. the los angeles jury will decide whether he must pay
6:22 am
the hot yoga guy raw is facing lawsuits by six other women who claim he sexually assaulted them. the first of the trials is said to begin in app. mcdonald sales numbers are arching upwards. fats food giant saw sales jump nearly 6% in the final quarter of last year. the new all day breakfast menu is being credited with providing the boost. not all news was good. u.s. customer visits fell for the second straight year. it's 6:24. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> this morning skies are partly cloudy. we have wet streets. make sure you have the right food gear on today. we will be looking at the black ice to the north and west. more melting today and refreezing overnight. that will be all week. 11 sussex. ten morristown. 24 new city. that's where you could run into these issues of black ice on roadways.
6:23 am
tomorrow morning as well as the next few mornings here because we will look at this problem where it refreezing overnight. newark 27 and elizabeth. a little southwest wind will make it feel really nice. by the time we get to the after school hours, 42 with a couple showers, kids. be red i di -- ready for that. debbie duhaime is in for heather. >> up to john del giorno high above queens. this is l.i.e. at woodhaven. overturned car. you can see tough traveling. one lane getting by. tough on the eastbound l.i.e. into woodhaven boulevard. into the subways, subways on or close to schedule. l.i.r.r. scattered delays. new jersey transit cross honoring. metro north on time. alternate sides suspended. we have new video from philadelphia where they know what it means to dig out of the
6:24 am
they know how to have fun in winter scenes caught by a drone. stop what you are do doing and look. a gorgeous winter day for skating or sledding down a long gentle slope at belmont. those kids playing in the snow. want look at that. they had the day off from school, of course. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," new jersey's largest city is hoping for relief over the blizzard. new york scales canceled again as residents sound off on the city's response. >> a backlog of flights leading to a traffic nightmare at laguardia airport. can we expect the same scene today? >> take a look at this sketch. police say he is the man behind a slashing attack on a subway. more details on the suspect cops are looking for.
6:25 am
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breaking news. a man with a knife shot and
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manhattan. nypd officials are on the scene trying to sort out the violent exchange. outrage on the streets of queens. new york's largest borough saying the city is not doing enough to clear the streets from the monster blizzard. >> breaking news on the commute. john del giorno is live in newscopter 7 over the long island expressway. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, lori. this is what we were expecting this morning. still feeling the effects of the monster snowstorm. many of the highways are down, right shoulder not available because of snow and in some cases the right lane is partially obscured. i think that is what we had this morning. this is the l.i.e. in queens, eastbound at woodhaven, an s.u.v. it looks like it came off a snowbank and overturned in the center of the roadway. the vehicle has been up righted. only the left lane is open. looks like they got the third lane partially reopened as well.
6:29 am
from the queens midtown tunnel. inbound, let me pull the shot out. this is what a rubbernecking delay looks like this morning. bumper to bumper volume through the fairgrounds. there are lane restrictions due to snow removal. heading out this morning, you absolutely want to allow extra time. live over queens, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> boy is that a mess, thank you, john. >> certainly is. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. as the snow cleanup continues, another worry on the streets and sidewalks. mayor de blasio issued a travel advisory every night this week due to the risk of black ice. >> long island railroad is expecting regular morning rush hour service but streets are a mess in suffolk county. we have video from overnight of front loaders removing blocks of ice from streets in smithtown. >> there are problems on the path trains. we will get details coming up in a moment. >> first we get a check on the accuweather forecast. meteorologist bill evans with
6:30 am
>> as the water taxis and tugs make their way, we have temperatures that are warm. melting of snow around the area but parts to the north and west are cold. hud von valley into new jersey, all you have to do is get above i-80 and you just kind of draw a line in here from i-80 up northward and these areas to our north are keying numbers that are quite cold. black ice on the roadways. 39, 36 down the jersey shore. everybody warms above freezing later on. there might be sprinkles, showers starting later on this afternoon, after school and the evening commute. a lot of melting going on. in the morning hours, black ice situation which debbie duhaime in for heather will talk about. we have seen a few accidents north of the city and west of the city. take it slowly. let's go outside and show you the l.i.e.
6:31 am
side. eastbound at woodhaven, accident cleared. over to the maps, i will tell you what is happening 287 east crash. an accident with an icing condition 684 in brewster. 1 and 9 the ramp to communipaw an accident. alternate side parking suspended. back to you, lori, ken. >> thank you, debbie. firefighters made a deadly discovery. they just put out a fire when they found a body inside. the person has not been identified. the cause of death is being determined. and more breaking news in manhattan. a dangerous scene for cops in the east village prompting an nypd sergeant to shoot one man. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is following the latest for us. kristin? >> reporter: lori, police say they were forced to shoot the
6:32 am
after officers with a knife. that man is in stable condition at bellevue. police say they got a call from someone that lives inside this apartment building on avenue d, between avenue d and the fdr drive in the east village around 12:30 this morning about an emotionally disturbed man with a knife. when they arrived they found a man on the hallway brandishing a knife. they ordered him to drop the knife. they say he did not do that. he came at the officers in a threatening manner. an officer fired one shot striking that man in the chest. no officers were injured. police say they did recover a knife at the scene. live in president east village, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. the snow cleanup is not over yet in parts of new jersey and long island. queens residents have days of digging out ahead of dray?
6:33 am
is one of the streets in queens that remains untouched west 83rd off woodhaven avenue. the mayor said yesterday that queens would be getting a lot of attention in the way of the snow plowing effort. overnight we saw that happen. take a look. more than 1,000 or close to 1,000 plow trucks, 170 front- end loaders and an army of dump trucks dispatched across queens. the main streets have been in good condition but the side streets remain an issue here. queens is the city's largest borough. it has more roads than any other boroughs but many say -- it was the hardest hit in the storm. many say it received the amount of attention or so it seems. that made a lot of people angry. >> queens is the forgotten bough still. >> de blasio did a terrible job. he worries about manhattan. it's five boroughs. we pay taxes also.
6:34 am
we couldn't get down the street but they have school today. where is the logic. >> we are sending the need where it is the greatest. as manhattan got secured, brooklyn, the additional equipment was moved toqueens to reinforce the queens efforts. >> reporter: since then it has been an around the clock operation. even this morning we saw a number of those trucks still plowing and picking up a lot of snow. a lot of the snow that they picked up within the last day or so will go into these large melters that can melt about 60 tons of snow an hour. basically what it does, it weeds out the impurities of the snow and makes freshwater. that will be happening later on today when all the snow will be melted. back learn on west 83rd, you can see this block untouched. it looks like, with this hill, a ski slope coming down. many say they have been calling 311 asking for help and they are hoping the city will make
6:35 am
meanwhile, you can see also in the video, some of the plow trucks had difficulty getting down the streets because one they are sonar row and on other blocks the snow is so high. they are doing the best they can as fast as they can and asking people for patience. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. patience running thin in newark. anger has been rising since the snow stopped falling. many streets are still buried. mayor ross baraka apologized for the city's response but insists newark officials are working around the clock to get the streets cleared. people digging themselves out are not ready to accept the apology. >> he is not doing his job. every other street in newark other than the side streets are plowed. >> we cleared all of this out. we had a neighbor get a snow plow and come out and he helped us a little bit. but we are still-poem are still stuck.
6:36 am
cleanup operations. only a handful of flights are canceled at laguardia. for some travelers, the headache began long before they reached the terminal. the backlog of flights as well as an ambulance fire shut down two lanes on the grand central parkway leading to this traffic nightmare. some waited in bumper to bumper traffic for two hours. the line for a taxi to get out three hours. you are never more than and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> right there is newark airport and a morning where yesterday they had the runways cleared off, folks getting in and out of there last night. i happened to be one of those that had no problems there. the bottom of the screen you delays and at abc7ny. you can check them out this morning. our camera looking to lower
6:37 am
a nice morning where the snow is melting off. a few clouds around. back to the west is a front from toronto, buffalo, cleveland, cincinnati. a few sprinkles come through. warm air surge go ahead of that today. 40 at noontime. 41, 42 later on this afternoon tonight. kiddos at the bus stop even though it's around 38, 39 this morning, make sure you have the jacket, a chilly start. have the warm gear this morning. the huckleberries will be there chocolate i suppose. minutes. how is it going? >> cute little huckleberries. good morning. we want to show you a problem in queens that john is telling us about all morning. l.i.e. into woodhaven boulevard. an accident being cleared. expect delays. also look at the next web cam
6:38 am
that's because inbound gowanus 92nd street an accident. subways, service changes 2, 3, 4 and 5 but subways are running on time. l.i.r.r. scattered delays but back in operation. new jersey transit cross honoring systemwide. metro north on or close to schedule. alternate side parking rules are suspended. metered in effect. back to you, lori, ken. >> debbie, thank you. new information coming in about a random slashing on the subway in manhattan. new video of the attacker
6:39 am
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. welcome back. new details in the slashing of a 71-year-old woman in the subway at the time. police released this sketch of a subway overnight. we have video to show you. it shows the man stumbling as he tries to get out of the bleecker street station on the 6 line.
6:42 am
sitting across from the victim on a southbound train when he got up and slashed her face. he ran off. okay. also new this morning, police say the woman in this video has been very busy around the five boroughs. she is wanting for purse smashings in nail. there are 14 incidents dating to late september. another laser strike on a plane into laguardia airport. this time the target was an express jet airlines flight coming from charlotte, north carolina. the pilot reported being lit up with a green laser as seen in this file video. the incident last night happened before 8:00. the plane landed safely. "good morning america" is up next. amy robock is live in time's square. >> good morning, ken. great to be with you on this tuesday morning. we are still talking about the blizzard of 2016. the massive cleanup underway.
6:43 am
still doing out and major streets unplowed. the latest on that. then the major manhunt underway for the three criminals that broke out of a maximum security prison. authorities warning they could be anywhere at this point. was the elaborate escape an inside job. then an abc news exclusive. this video is heart stopping. the skier who fell 1,000 feet down a mountain in alaska joins us live. it's almost impossible to imagine that she walked away without any injuries. this morning she is sharing her story from her point of view, a view that i would definitely not want to witness firsthd. >> i'm okay. >> i'm fine. i just fell a thousand feet. i'm okay. >> unbelievable. >> just a band-aid. time to get your accuweather forecast. >> bill evans is outside the studios on thupper west side. >> good morning, everybody.
6:44 am
let's show you what is happening. grab the coat, gloves. a breeze is morning. in the overnight hours, across routes 1 and 9, 40 degrees, dry humidity, west wind at 6. with a west wind, a warmer wind, that will melt snow. the pressure falling because the front is approaching from the west. yesterday 39. that was the normal high. in the '50s, 70 degrees. today melting snow. watch out for falling ice on bridges and buildings. watch out for black ice morning hours, each morning this week because it refreezes overnight. a shower this afternoon an into tonight. temperatures are warm around the five boroughs to long island. 37, 38 degrees. that will melt a lot of snow. it will take a lot of that warm stuff to melt a lot of this frozen stuff that is around. up to the north and west we
6:45 am
temperatures in the teens and 20s. showers along that front. to our west and the warm air surging above that keeps the temperatures above the freezing mark. behind the front cooler air thursday. here comes the rain. it's this evening around 5:00, tonight. a line of rain showers. rain. look at the temperatures. still warm above the freezing mark. tomorrow into the suburbs north and west we will see refreezing and black ice. after school in the low 40s. a couple of sprinkles. be careful getting to the bus. not a bad day for temperatures above normal. there is the front pushing through. tomorrow a nice day with sun and clouds. temperature around 42. 43, a late shower and into tonight. then a shower or two earlier with cloudy skies, 34. 28, 25 north and west.
6:46 am
and a nice with the temperature of 42. the seven-day forecast, we are keeping our eyes on a system for thursday into friday in the atlantic. it may miss us. nothing like saturday. it could pile on a sprinkle. keep an eye on that. temperatures are warm into the weekend and into next week. be careful with the issues of black ice on the roadways north and west. get out and make it a good day for yourself. >> proper footwear is a must. proper footwear must. >> slushy streets. >> thank you, bill. over to debbie duhaime for the commute. >> thanks, ken. we will go up to john del giorno. he is high above the west side hay. good morning, john. >> debbie, we covered a lot of ground this morning. we have a new accident on the southbound west side highway. this is 125th street. we go to the ongoing problems with the snow piles on the roadway.
6:47 am
right lane partially blocked. this is common throughout the tri-state area. again, you want to keep the speeds down this morning and realize any accident that you have, odds are the shoulder is not available. all those accident vehicles and the emergency vehicles they remain out in the travel lanes here in this case we have one lane open. debbie? >> thanks a lot, john. as a result of that, we are seeing a build up of the george washington bridge 10 minutes in. lincoln 20. holland 10 minutes in. watch for delays at the 92nd street, a collision. delays across the verrazano bridge into brooklyn. changes on the 3, 4 and 5 and let's see what is happening on the buses. delays still. staten island railway delays as well. alternate side parking rules are suspended citywide. back to you, lori, ken. >> all right, thank you. all the snow did not stop some kids from having a lot of fun in brooklyn.
6:48 am
fight with officers from the nypd north precinct. look at this. they posted the video to twitter writing sadly the cops lost the battle. >> that's funny. >> cool thing to do. maybe the best place to be during a blizzard on a yacht in florida. but a pleasure cruise turned into a life-or-death issue.
6:49 am
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caught on camera, a yacht sinking during a pleasure crews off the coast of fort lauderdale. the coast guard rescuing all 14 people on board. the yacht was taking on water. a towing service tried to save the ship but it went down quickly. the coast guard saying it's impressive everyone got off on time. firefighters rescue a basket full of furry faces from a fire in california. it started in a garage at a sacramento home. flames forced eight people from the house along with three adult dogs. one human had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation. coming up, we will take you live to the east village and the scene of an officer- involved shooting. >> also, a wintry mess left
6:51 am
in manhattan, a police sergeant shot and wounded a man inside an apartment building. >> kristin thorne is live in the east village. >> ken and lori, police say they were forced to do that because this man apparently came after officers with a knife. police say they responded to the jacob read houses around 12:30 after receiving reports
6:52 am
police say they found a 25-year- old man on the 7th floor with a knife. poce say they ldto him several times to drop the knife. he came at the officers, they say, in a threatening manner. they shot him in the chest. he is in stable condition at bellevue. no officers were injured. live in the east village, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. sanitation crews have been busy plowing snow-covered streets in queens. >> the city is hoping to put an end to all the complaints. dray clark is live in glendale, dray? >> good morning, guys. they are making progress but they have a lot of work left to do. this is 83rd avenue in glendale off woodhaven boulevard. this street hasn't been touched at all. take a look. overnight close to a thousand plow trucks. almost 200 front-end loaders and dump trucks dispatched across queens trying to hit the side streets that many people are complaining out over the last two days. the mayor made it clear that
6:53 am
lion's share of the attention for the snow cleanup. he is not satisfied with what he saw initially after the storm. so, again, a lot of work being done but still a lot of work left to do. live in glendale this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. get another check on your morning commute with debbie duhaime. >> thank you, lori and ken. let's see what is happening on the subways. close or on schedule. subways some scattered delays. path suspended newark to journal square and staten island railway delays as well. stop-and-go traffic inbound gowanus 92nd street. delays across the verrazano bridge. traffic bumper to bumper whitestone bridge into queens with a collision being cleared in queens l.i.e. eastbound woodhaven oublevard accident being cleared up as well. 287 in port chester a crash. let's go outside, the southbound west side highway,
6:54 am
125th street. two separate accidents being cleaned up from the stretch. l.i.e. westbound out to the area of woodhaven boulevard. here is the belt parkway east busy to kennedy airport. alternate sides are suenspded. back to you, lori, ken, bill. >> thank you. this morning we are watching for black ice on the roadway. otherwise a pretty sunrise. 39 degrees will be the 7:00 tomorrow. 15 newburgh. 25 newburgh, 15, 16 from andover, middletown, carmel. those are the areas of north of i-80 and i-287 where there could be icing issues. today in the low 40s. rain this evening around 5:00, 6:00. a few showers tonight. tomorrow a great day, sun and clouds, 42. we thaw out this week. we will keep an eye fourth a storm in the atlantic for friday.
6:55 am
saturday's storm.
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