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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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i am on this side of 85th street and the photographer is on the other side. we wanted to somehow that this street, 85th, you can see blacktop here a lot better than it has been the last three days. just to let you know where we are right now, this is 85th a block away from jamaica avenue. i talked to one lady who earlier this morning told me, yes, much, much better but then she asked did we have to wait three days to get to this point. i think people are ticked with the mayor. sanitation moved in half of the fleet to queens and some sanitation trucks got stuck. the mayor admitted that he was not happy with some of the conditions but the extra effort last night, and the warmer temperatures today, that has helped. still, quite a few residents are unhappy with how they had to wait two, sometimes three days to get help from city hall. >> we have sanitation truck stuck because he tried to go up
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the streets in two days. >> 5 to $10,000 a year in taxes we pay, we should get representation. >> happy finally we waited 48 hours to get this thing done. we missed work yesterday because of this, we can't get out. >> it's frustrating. we are always the last on these little side blocks. so, it's good that we are getting service now. we are patient. so, thank god they are here. >> reporter: again, this is 85th street. you can see that it's somewhat plowed and certainly better than it has been for the last three days here in this part of queens. yesterday the sanitation commissioner told us that the reason why it was so bad in this part of queens is because the streets are very, very narrow here. the plows could not get through. also they got more than 30 inches of snow in this part of the city. so, yesterday they brought in front-end loaders that had to pull the snow out of some of these streets because, again, they are sonar row. we will hear from the sanitation commissioner at 1:00
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reporting live, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dave, thank you. similar state -- situation in new jersey. we just heard from the mayor of newark about the that city. schools in newark are closed for a second straight day. new jersey reporter toni yates is live with the latest. toni? >> the city of newark is saying that department of transportation crews that came to town to help them dig out, they are mainly focusing on streets that are around schools so that he can this -- so that they can get children back to school. that means streets like polk street here, you see children playing on the snow mound, streets like this may have to wait a little longer. literally only one half of this stretch of block of polk street is clear. the other half is covered in snow. people on the streets say that is because there are workers that live on polk street, construction crews and they had
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coworkers came and helped them dig the trucks out. that left the huge mound in the middle of the street but it didn't matter because the other half of the street has not been plowed at all in any way according to some homeowners. >> look. today. you go this way. >> but even the whole street is messed up. >> yeah, yeah, a mess. a lot of cars stay stopped in here. oh, my god, big problems. >> reporter: it's time for them to come and clean it up? >> yeah. >> reporter: there are a couple of narrow streets like this in the iron bound that are still covered and they have to be plowed out. miss rosa actually told me that she was told that crews would get to this street, polk street by wednesday. with department of transportation help in the city, they hope it comes sooner than that. we will keep you posted.
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>> a real challenge there, thank you. a much smoother commute on 9 long island railroad. the mta restored fume service on all branches. however, a different story for path riders. service between newark, penn station and journal square suspended but it should be back up and running later this afternoon. the path is running shuttle buses and new jersey transit is cross honoring tickets. we are hear to get the word out if your street is buried. snap a photo and share it with us using the #ploy my street abc7ny. you may see your picture on air and who else is watching, like the city. download our eyewitness news app to stay on top of the cleanup and any delays. breaking news in westchester county. a school evacuated because of a gas leak. this is happening at the tappan hills school in tarrytown.
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out to a county service for special needs children. a backhoe ruptured a gas line outside of the building. there were approximately 50 to 60 students and 20 to 30 staff members evacuated as a precaution. no one was injured. some special needs students are among those being evacuated. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will let you know about any new information. new details about a police shooting in manhattan. police say a 25-year-old man was armed with this knife when he charged at officers just after midnight. it happened at the jacob read houses in the east village. police say the suspect was ordered to drop the knife several times. instead he came at the officers and was shot once in the chest. the suspect is recovering at the hospital. we have new detakes on the slashing of a woman on a train. police put up wanted posters of the suspect. they are offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. the 71-year-old victim was
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northbound d train at the station. surveillance video shows the suspect stumbling as he tries to get out of the station. police say the victim is expected to be okay. firefighters in the bronx make a deadly discovery. they just put out a fire at an a began don't home in east -- abandoned home in east tremont when they found a body inside. 9 cause of the death is being -- the cause of the death is being investigated. testimony continues in the trial of the officer charged with killing a man in the stairwell of a housing complex in brooklyn. officer peter liang is facing several charges including second-degree manslaughter for the shooting of akai gurley. he was on a troll when he said he accidentally -- on patrol when he accidentally shot gurley. a blizzard mystery. coming up, a family's desperate
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during the storm and never came home. where he was last seen. >> the nypd makes a special rush hour delivery today. we will show it to you when we come back. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. you know what, the temperature may go up a little bit more
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we are following breaking news out of california. there are reports of an active
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center in san diego. the medical center tweeted that people inside the complex should run, hide or fight. emergency crews are responding to the reports of the active shooting but there are no injuries. we will keep you posted on this breaking story. we will turn now to vote 2016. with just six days before the iowa caucuses, republican candidate marco rubio is getting an endorsement from one of his former competitor. general pataki tweeted that i candidates. us together. >> reporter: donald trump is lasering in on his chief competitor who is returning fire in an increasingly bitter battle. donald trump and ted cruz accusing each other of vicious attacks. trump on gma. >> he is saying lie after lie. it's so -- it's not becoming.
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>> reporter: cruz on the campaign trail. >> mr. trumps policy prescription, what he supports for health care is bernie sanders style full on socialized medicine. >> reporter: a new poll shows 64% of republicans expect donald trump to win the nomination. trump has a big lead in the polls nationally. but in iowa, a statistical tie, ted cruz threatening to block trump's momentum. >> he has an opportunity to do something no g.o.p. candidate for president has ever done, win iowa and new hampshire. if he wins iowa, he is on a roll and i think the dominoes fall. >> it's a tough campaign and it should be because it's the hardest job in the world. >> reporter: front runners hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking on the issues and each other at last night's iowa town hall.
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wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> reporter: sanders admitted he would have to raise taxes to pay for his universal health care plan. all three are back on the trail in iowa today. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 eyewitness news. a suspect is in custody in the killing of a georgia woman in the caribbean. the murder happened on grenada as she walked on the beach with her husband. reports say she was attacked with a pirate style sword sunday. the 39-year-old worked as a physician assistant in an atlanta children's hospital. her husband was not injured. iran's president is making the first post sanction trip to europe and visited the pope. the president is working on building business relationships. iranian and italian companies have agreed to deals worth $18
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the next stop is paris. a special delivery for an nypd officer during the morning commute. >> i will take it. a special delivery indeed for some nypd officers. this did happen during the morning commute. a mom went into labor in the northbound lanes of the fdr drive and baby nicolea couldn't wait. officers sent out a tweet about the delivery. mom and baby were taken to the hospital and both are happy and healthy. >> and with a great story to tell. >> i bet they do. at the time tearing on the -- teetering on the edge of disaster what will happen to the people that live here. >> incredibly close call. out of slams into a police officer on the side of a road. how did this officer survive. >> let's take a live look outside. gray skies and you might want to keep your umbrella handy.
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teetered on the verge of collapse. they have been battered by storms driven by the el nino weather pattern. >> ocean levels are rising. high tides are higher and storms are ticking -- excavating more of the cliffs. >> red cross is helping find housing for displaced residents. the town hopes to avoid what happened in 1998 when seven homes were demolished before crashing into the pacific. >> it doesn't look like they can save most of those homes. i'm >> no, no. >> el nino once again. >> they had a drought. now they got a lot of water. many places on the pacific coast there. and here we have a lot of water coming from the melting of the snow that is out there. look at gotham at noontime from our camera in brooklyn. it looks nice. high clouds to the west. that is out ahead of a cold front coming our way. that will be coming in this afternoon with a new sprinkles of rain and temperatures that
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here we go at noontime. we are looking at temperatures that have been around -- in the low 40s, 42, 43 degrees. into the rest of the afternoon, that will be rising to the mid- 40s. humidities dry. winds are west. that is a warm wind. we are above the normal high temperature. sunsets at 7 -- i mean 5:05. likely then we will see showers at that point. i will explain when that rolls in. 41 teterboro. 41 j.f.k. all these numbers -- look at this, 48 down the jersey shore where there is lots of sun sheer. maybe sunbathers out there. 7 miles per hour wind out of the south at white plains. that is warming things up. west to southwest wind. and it's about an 8, 9 miles per hour wind. a warm wind up from the south. so, we are looking at a few clouds from the south. a sprinkle or two up the river valley. a few more showers will come in
12:18 pm
looking at less than a tenth of an inch. just enough that you will need your umbrella. here we are at noon. we are looking at a temperature of 42, 46, 47 down the shore. 5:00 at 40 degrees. here comes the sprinkles from the west. 8:00 just some cloudy skies. temperatures are still in the upper 30s to 40. more of this melting continues. and as we get to midnight, the showers are gone. in the morning, north and west. there might be some of these black ice issues on roadways above i-80 and i-84. i got to watch out for that. for the afternoon, temperature drops down but stays above freezing as we go into this evening and tonight. so, we got this late rain. front pushes through. high pressure out tomorrow. we got sunshine and 42 degrees. more of that melting snow. so, a few showers, 45 tonight. spotty showers, 34. well north and west below freezing.
12:19 pm
a good deal of sunshine. accuweather forecast seven-day forecast, we will look at watching the system out in the atlantic brush by on friday. that's when we might see a shower of snow possibly coming our way on friday as we get to that. i think as we get to saturday and sunday temperatures really warming back up and we will look at temperatures in the mid- 40s next week and more snow will get a chance to melt. so, i went on vacation to switzerland looking for snow. [ laughter ] >> we had it all here for you. >> why didn't i stay home. we have more snow here then in all of switzerland. >> you have been waiting so long. >> i begged for a blizzard. >> we shut down the airports on you. no coming back. tempers flair on the street. a wild case of road rage caught on camera. we will show you what happened next.
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nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. a fight in the middle of the road, a close deputy and incredible play on the tennis courts, some of the caught our attention.
12:23 pm
road rage that turned violent. eyewitnesses say the two men in texas were making obscene gestures on the road then this happened. they got the bats out, started swinging as the light was red. the other grabbed a large object. it was out of control. how did it come to an end? the light turned green and the two got back in their cars and drove away. unbelievable. then this video of a deputy's close call with a semi in ohio. captain brad more was directing traffic when a train slammed into a semi. the officer is then sent flying violently to the right side of your screen. it looks like he was run over a second time but he said a small incline near the bush sent him rolling to safety downhill and away from the semi's back wheels. >> it's a miracle, it really is. it's making you think a lot.
12:24 pm
that -- foot this way and one that way. i'm very lucky. fortunate. >> unbelievable. >> the captain received 25 stitches for two gashes on his head and broken left hand. he is alive and looking forward to getting back to work. he hopes to get a doctor's order to return to light work. a french tennis star is being called superman. look at this. he goes airborne, diving across the court after the ball. he didn't get the point. he went on to win the match. look at this, that move cost him. he was painful. initially he thought he broke his hand. he is lucky he only suffered a bruise and cut. a little something to make you smile. a dog's bathroom break turns into the big break as she finishes a half marathon. the blood haunt turned up at the starting line in alabama.
12:25 pm
entire 13.1 miles. this is great. everybody is run wearing me. did well. 7th place. the owner, not a runner didn't even know about her celebrity dog until a friend called and filled her in. finishes medal. she went home and took a nap. how about that one. >> 7th place in the alabama run gets you a pork roast. well worth it. >> smart dog. thank you, david. much more news ahead in the next half hour including the search for a man in new jersey
12:26 pm
we continue to follow two breaking stories. a school in westchester county evacuated because of a gas leak. these are live pictures from newscopter 7. the building in tarrytown is leased out to a group for special children. there are approximately 50 to 60 students and 20 to 30 staff members evacuated as a precaution. good news, no one has been injured. some special needs students are among those being evacuated.
12:27 pm
also breaking, reports of an active shooting at a naval medical center in san diego. a navy official says they received the report someone who claimed they heard three gunshots fired in the i vin night at the of building 26. at this point, there are no reports of any injuries. other top stories, the snow cleanup continuing across the tri-state area. crews are working hard to clean streets in queens and the warmer temperatures are starting to help melt the snow. in newark schools are closed for a second straight day. the mayor says sanitation crews are focusing on streets schools so students can go back to class as soon as possible. >> the l.i.r.r. is back to normal today. full-service to all branches restored this morning. however, in new jersey, a different story. the bath train service between newark and penn station and journal square is suspended. we begin with news detailing the search for a missing man in hoboken.
12:28 pm
the blizzard on saturday night. hello, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. the man's friends said they last saw him leaving a bar. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is live in hoboken with the details on this. anthony? >> reporter: all around this area, shirleen and dave, you will see this flier being posted on many of the utility poles near the bar and behind me. that is located on the corner up the street. you see a pick tougher of the young man inside of that bar. he left out of there on saturday, not long really after the snow stopped falling in this area and friends and family at this penalty in time are -- friends and family at this point in time are still holding out hope that someone will recognize him and call police. the disappearance of matthew genovese is considered to be a mystery. he was seen between 10:30 and
12:29 pm
pub. he turned east toward washington street heading to his apartment ten minutes away. he left after the snow finally stopped falling but the sidewalks and roads were still covered in snow. police say they are actively involved and they are searching and need the public's help. he was last seen wearing a gray fordham t-shirt with maroon text beneath a red, orange and gray flannel and khaki pants and tan colored timberland boots. many in the area near the bar are concerned. >> i know friends of friends that work with him. so, i have just been sending out the picture message, the missing information to everyone i know to get the word out there. it's terrible. it was during the blizzard. it's kind of like the worst time for him to go missing. very dangerous. >> reporter: and genovese is described as 5'3", weighing about 140 pounds, black hair and brown eyes.
12:30 pm
no indications that foul play is involved. that's the latest from hoboken, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks. a developing story. there has been another arrest in connection to the death of a baby in the bronx. the child's own mother is in custody. two-month-old mason white's father, a man jammed jose feliciano was arrested for the death. now danielle white is in custody. the baby was smoothered. investigators say after killing mason, surveillance video shows him carrying the body in a bag. it was buried and found 80 miles away in dutchess county. new information about the citadel photo scandal. officials from the military college are saying that more than a dozen cadets have been punished for a photo viral. the photo shows cadets in white hoods. they say they did this for the
12:31 pm
as the ghost of christmas past. however, many maintain that the image is racist. the 14 cadets are being punished for violating policy. >> it is based on their level of involvement, not just with this incident and not just because it was in the press but continued violations of the rules. >> we are very pleased with his cadets. >> reporter: civil rights say -- civil rights officials are satisfied with the punishment but calling for another change at the citadel. they want the confederate flag removed from the chapel. >> reporter: now to the massive manhunt for three fugitives that escaped from a california jail. this afternoon authorities are concerned the men could be anywhere in the u.s., canada, mexico. we have the latest from santa ana, california. >> reporter: three allegedly violent criminals on the run for a 5th day after breaking out of this maximum security jail. >> how concerned are you? >> my concern is the fact that
12:32 pm
of the immediate circle near the jail and probably outside of the los angeles area. >> reporter: former fbi special agent in charge steve gomez says if the three men traveled 6 to 800 miles by car each day, they could potentially be anywhere in the u.s., mexico or canada. authorities think the men escaped after a 5:00 a.m. check but they weren't record missing until almost 9:00 p.m. the rope made from bed sheets can still be seen hanging from this metal grate. >> they can be anywhere if they have access to a car. >> reporter: two associated with a vietnamese gang. authorities making apply to that community for information. >> we understand you may be fearful about coming forward but we need the information. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out when an alliance was formed between them. all three are charged with violent crimes ranging from murder to kidnapping and
12:33 pm
overnight the district attorney formally charged the three men with felony escape. also in the next couple of months, all three men had pretrial hearings set. two of them facing possible life sentences. president obama is using an executive order to ban the use of solitary confinement to punish juvenile offenders. the president says 9 practice of isolating young prisoners can cause harm. he said it will ensure that it is a practice of last resort when prisoners present a danger to themselves or others. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans with the after school forecast. >> after school, kiddos, when you get off the bus and head around town or around the five boroughs or anywhere in connecticut, new jersey, long island, we will look at the wet street situation with snow and a couple of sprinkles coming this evening from the west as we head in.
12:34 pm
hours, we will see the temperature getting into the mid-40s then dropping to the 40 degrees when the rain starts. after school the rain gets going around 5:00, kids. after school be careful getting to the bus and if you got outdoor sports, you can get a sprinkle but the temperatures are above normal for this time of year. we will talk about more of that and the accuweather seven-day forecast. on eyewitness news, variety magazine taking on the oscars backlash with its new cover. >> also ahead, cancer fraud. a woman accused of faking cancer. she received thousands of dollars in donations.
12:35 pm
today mayor de blasio is in albany to press for more money for the city's schools. it has been 13 days since the last visit to the state capitol. he will testify about the city's needs at a joint legislative budget hearing. in addition to more funding, de blasio wants an extension of mayoral control of city schools. chaos erupting in a new mexico courtroom. we are hearing from are the court officer is that stopped the attack. take a look at the video. defendant charges at a deputy district attorney after hearing the guilty verdict. he shoves the prosecutor to the ground and tries to punch him.
12:36 pm
rampage by tackling the defendant. >> i have never seen this happen ever. i have seen it on tv but never experienced it or seen it in person. >> that is the court officer who came to the defendant's rescue -- prosecutor's rescue. a nurse in georgia is accused of faking cancer to cash in on donations. police samari bennett told -- say mary bennett told people she had stage 4 ovarian cancer. she used money to travel around the country. she saved her head and posted pictures online of her at treatment centers but the hospitals have no record of her as a patient. a spaghetti dinner raised $4,000 for her. he is now pressing charges. >> i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it. for days after i still couldn't believe it.
12:37 pm
mary needs to be held accountable for her actions. >> bennett was arrested and is facing forgery and theft charges. now to the backlash over the lack of diversity at the oscars. variety is taking on the issue in its cover. the article titled shame on us. the magazine's coed tore in chief quoted the diversity crisis is a must read. this is in response to actor nominations that did not feature any people of color for the second year in a row and some calling for a boycott of the ceremony next month. excitement for the super bowl match-up but fans are also pumped about the commercials. which ad will go down as the best. we will take a look at the line up next. >> in a car riding around
12:38 pm
from super bowl l. fans gear up for the match-up, others are counting down to the cool super bowl ads. >> that's my personal favorite. which ones will capture america's hearts this year? i want to know. chris connelly has the ad line up for the super bowl. >> reporter: from date nights and web sites to bud lights. >> can you get the middle of my back. >> there is no middle. >> reporter: fancy cars and movie stars. the ads slated for super bowl l are another elite group. they better be. with 30 second spots on the tele cast said to be going for $5 million, major impact is a must. >> there are few places advertisers can go to get a lot of people in one shot and the super bowl is it. last year the super bowl had a record 114 million viewers.
12:39 pm
in this day and age. tea vin tyler walking this way for skittles. >> liam knees son. >> reporter: representing for lg electronics. christopher walken weighs in for kia. amy schumer and seth rogan. t.j. miller will have his modesty on tap. >> greatest super bowl commercial of all time. do you understand? >> reporter: three amateur clips are competing for doritos 30 second slot. all of these are eager to get your attention the way budweiser's lost puppy did at super bowl xlix last year. don't go away. chris connelly, los angeles. >> that's it. i can't take another season. >> i'm going to cry. >> i am looking forward to amy
12:40 pm
>> it will be funny and tj miller. >> that's when i stop, you know, eating and all the other stuff is for the commercials. >> we all do the same thing. >> back to the wings. >> i think this game will be a blowout anyway. >> the really. >> that's what they said. i know what you are thinking but they dismissed denver before and what happened. >> cam newton will blow them out. >> you heard it here. >> game over in the first half. we are looking at columbus avenue. wet streets. more of the wet street stuff is going to keep going on. some of these are a slush fest. you want to be very careful. here is our camera at astoria looking southward. we have a hazy look with the clouds. look here. we had a passing shower and snow and melting. so, our camera on the roof looks like this, like looking through a scuba mask at noontime. another passing shower or two as we go through the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.
12:41 pm
we are looking at around 43 probably. 45 for the high for this afternoon. so, way warmer than normal for this time of the year. that means more of this snow melting. everybody is above the freezing mark. belmar 50. that will help melt the stuff. tonight the temperatures north and west will get back to below freezing to create some of the situations and icy roadways. not much going on with sprinkles. that will happen this evening as the front goes by. this high pressure builds in tomorrow. 42 and sunshine. a nice day. as the high keeps sliding eastward, it will get cooler as we go into thursday. a couple of showers this afternoon around 5:00. lee goldberg will be here with more on that. then a spotty shower tonight. after midnight, we will have clouds. that will give way to sunshine tomorrow. around 42 agrees. sunsets at 5:06. should be pretty tomorrow evening. we will keep an eye on thursday and friday. there is going to be a storm in the atlantic. that might develop into something.
12:42 pm
into canada and the other low in here. we are in between. we don't have to worry about that so much. we will keep an eye on that. as we watch that, temperatures warm up. we are back to around 40 saturday. back into the mid-40s sunday and into next week. no real big storm on the horizon. i mean, when you have these second all-time high yeast snowfall amounts, set the daily record, those don't come along very often. >> they don't. >> you remember them. >> yes, you do, for a long >> thank you, bill. a great story to share. so, police are on the look out for people that don't clear off the cars. they are a hazard. people found one. the elderly man behind the wheel just cleared part of the windshield and the side view mirror. when the officer pulled him over and gave him the ticket, they decided we need to do something about this. >> so, i helped him out, cleaned the car off. there was about three feet of snow caked on the hood, roof
12:43 pm
like all right we gave him the ticket but we won't let him get back on the road. the driver don't remove it by himself because he couldn't reach the top of the vehicle. driver with some issues but officers are doing the right thing. >> he still got a ticket. >> he got a ticket. no getting around that. safely. >> kind of them. well, we will be right back.
12:44 pm
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the newsroom. later on eyewitness news, today we are hearing from the
12:46 pm
the fdr to deliver a baby and that is one healthy little girl. we will have that story for you. plus, how parents are finding baby-sitters at the last minute that come complete with a back grouped check. those stories on "first @4:00." i remember those days trying to find sitters. >> i know, like yesterday. thanks goodness. >> glad it's over, too. time for the feed. we begin with the sloth that stopped traffic and proceeded to cause social media to fall in love all at once. here is the picture. you probably have seen it on your feed. police spotted the frightened critter clinging to a pole after it failed to cross the highway. it's the same look bill gets covered streets. into the wild. love the face. >> can we just give it up to the sloth. planet. >> adorable.
12:47 pm
>> i told you. one pittsburgh couple is thanking their lopster pot for saving them after -- lobster pot for getting stuck in the blizzard for 20 hours. they posted it on facebook. they were planning to leaf philadelphia saturday to head home. because of the snow they opened to leave on friday. well, along the way they stopped to buy a couch. that was enough time for the snow to come and pound the pennsylvania turnpike. they were stuck for 20 hours and had to use their new couch race a bed overnight. that's when they discovered the lobster pot and used it as a shovel to set them free. >> i don't know what is crass year. nypd worked hard to get us through the blizzard. some officers had a little time for fun. check this out. a snowball fight with kids from the hood.
12:48 pm
twitter writing that sadly the cops lost the battle at glenn more avenue. >> clearly. >> the cops did say they will get with the mets and yankees and get throwing in before next winter. >> the kids got good technique. you can see the snowball. >> work on the throwing arm. >> great to see. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. be back this afternoon for "first @4:00."
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