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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we begin with a father trapped inside his car. he was charging his cell phone when a snowplow came by and he never made it out. our reporter is in sunset park with the story. >> reporter: what's so scary, carbon monoxide deaths inside cars can happen within minutes. five, ten, 15 minutes. this family's convinced this 44 went back to his car, middle of the day jumped in to plug in his cell phone and warm up when a snowplow came down the street clearing the street and blocked him in. he couldn't open his door, plugged up his tail mine while the car was running. >> he was the love of my life. >> reporter: she says her husband had been missing for a day, sunday into monday. she called friends, work, police, looking for her husband, angel. she does not drive.
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but she found him a block from home. >> i said april gel, wake up. he wouldn't wake up -- airport -- angel wake up. wake up. i called my son. >> reporter: carbon monoxide car deaths happen in a minute. and people become sick so fast, the minute they realize they are in trouble, they can't get out. >> great guy. >> reporter: edwin morales junior is ginel's step son who was called by his mother after she realized ainge angel was in the car. >> probably came to the car, you know, he put his phone to charge. the plow truck came down the street.
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at times he even tried to escape, it was too late. >> reporter: you don't feel like there is a question that he had a heart attack or anything. >> no. i think he was plowed in. >> reporter: an autopsy on his body was performed earlier today. still no definitive word from the medical examiner, though, to the family as to exactly what the cause or manner of death was. we're live in sunset park. back to you. >> thank you. the storm cleanup from that storm, a bold proclamation from new york city department of sanitation. crews have plowed 99% of city streets since the storm ended. nearly 100% of the streets in queens have seen a plow. so is it any better today in new york's largest bow borough? >> reporter: it is better, but a lot of people very unhappy with the mayor and the sanitation department. i think the city has been
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it's much warmer today. 46 degrees. also the sanitation department is really the last 24 hours concentrated on this part of queens. so again, things are better, but not great. people unhappy about these large piles of snow in a lot of the street corners. this is 85th behind me. jamaica avenue down here. a lot of this has still got to do. the streets are better in queens today but not great. hit another car and so another delay. >> this is sad. >> reporter: your child is stuck on the bus? >> yes. we've been here since 7:00. >> wow. >> cannot do anything. >> reporter: and last night, residents in queens were furious. sanitation moved in half of the department's fleet more than 900 trucks but it was so bad, a lot of trucks just kept getting stuck. >> the sanitation truck stuck because they tried to go up the hill.
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>> for $5,000 and $10,000 in taxes we should get this. >> reporter: some streets are just too narrow for a plow. >> when we're talking about having to do scoop by scoop out of some of these streets with a front-end loader, it's very slow. >> reporter: the sanitation commissioner this afternoon explained there's so much snow there's nowhere to put it all. and so they have moved in 36 large melters across the city. piled snow has melted at about 50 degrees here and the resulting water then goes into the sewer system. today the focus remains on queens. >> we don't ever forget anybody, in different parts of the city. jackson heights got 34 inches of snow. those sanitation workers will struggle in those type of blizzard conditions. >> reporter: even though it's better today in queens, there's still a lot of anger especially at the mayor. >> they should have been prepared a little bit better. if every borougm got cleaned,
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about us in queens? >> reporter: the sanitation department says so far from the roads they've removed 7 million tons of snow. that is enough snow to fill yankee stadium, 66 times we're told. we'll see you later on. dave evans, channel 11 news. >> thank you. from queens to new jersey now. newark's mayor is declaring we are a lot better off today than yesterday. storm crip. ed new jersey's largest city. schools have been closed. many streets impassable and dozens of cars stuck in the middle of the road. well, today, newark resolved more than 600 complaints and removed nearly 600 disabled cars. >> i think that we are making considerable progress going forward. i ask that you be patient and we'll get through this. >> the whole street is still messed up.
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a lot of cars stay socked in here. oh, my gosh. big problem. >> schools were closed there again. we should find out later this evening, whether or not classes will happen tomorrow in newark. >> as parts of southern new jersey clean up from flooding from this storm, governor christie finds himself apologizing for downplayth severity of the impact. here's what he said when a voter asked him why he didn't stay in new jersey longer before heading back on the campaign trail? me to do. with a mop? >> that mop comment getting a lot of attention. one business taking the governor up on his offer in a joking matter, depending upon who you talk to. he also calls wildwood mayor supersandy.
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i got carried away. it's not the first time i've apologized for something i've said. >> in the end, dozens of people had to be rescued. three days after the blizzard, it appears all mass transit is back to normal. service was back up and running. full service has been restored on the long island railroad. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news as the area gets back to normal. you can post pictures of the snow and cleanup. well, now to some of the other news of the night and back to chris christie. he's calling for a state takeover of atlantic city. the governor says the gambling resort city is incapable of getting its finances together after years of overspending. the mayor has decided to accept the state's help.
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years instead of the 15 originally proposed. casino revenue is down more than $2 billion in the last decade. a gas leak prompted an evacuation of the school in westchester county. it happened at the school in tarrytown. a backhoe ruptured a gas line outside of the building. the school is kleesed out to a county service for special needs children. up to 60 children and 30 staff members were forced out as a precaution thankfully. no one was hurt in the incident. there are some new details about a suspect who was shot by police in manhattan. police say the 25-year-old man was armed with his a knife when he charged at officers just after midnight inside the jacob reese house. officers say the suspect was ordered to drop the knife several times. he was shot once in the chest. he's now recovering at the hospital. police say he's a parolee wanted for questioning in an assault last week as well as a robbery back in september.
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donald trump's popularity continues to grow. according to a new cnn poll, 41% of republican voters support mr. trump. in the meantime, the democratic front-runners are focusing on their differences over social security ahead of the iowa caucuses. here's more. >> reporter: in the tight race in iowa, where poms show bernie sand -- polls show bernie sanders doing better with hillary clinton with first-time caucusgoers, sanders needs them to turn out. >> in my mind, we will win here if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: clinton rolling back the clock in a new ad -- >> all of us have sa responsibility -- >> reporter: showing voters the proof of she calls her lifelong fight for children and families. >> i'm hillary clinton and i've towels approved this message -- always approved this message. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry campaigning with ted cruz.
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support behind marco rubio and jerry fallwell junior, officially endorsing donald trump. fallwell's nod could help into cruz. have you repented to harmed children and spouses he asked. do you think it matters? trump has not responded. instead focusing on whether or not he should attend the upcoming republican debate telling gma, he has not resolved his issues with megan kelly. >> no, i have no fear. i don't think he's a good professional. she's very bias. >> trump promised a special guest at a rally. we now know it will be joe arpaio endorsing him. back to you. we're following breaking
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a partial roof collapsed at an ice skating link i'm presuming it's because of the snow. shannon has more. rink. this the arena located at 270. foreseeable future. what we are being told is people inside the rink at about noon this afternoon started to hear sounds of wood cracking. they were able to get everyone out of the way before the building at least part of the building, the roof collapsed. you can see this big section. we can show you that where it went through right down to ground level. it's about a 40 x 80-foot collapsed. they are saying it's the weight of the snow and the melting that contributed to this roof collapse but nobody hurt. that is the good news. but you can bet this ice
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the foreseeable future. reporting live, shannon stone, , eyewitness news. a police officer said he fired his gun because of his life. we're getting a first-hand look at the circumstances during a police involved shooting in florida. also ahead, from the godfather to barney miller. we're remembering actor barney vigoda today. pretty mild out here. mild temperatures took a bite out of the snowplows. now you might need your umbrellas. here's your next 7 on 7. look at the numbers, holding in the 40s. talk about that late week storm threat out to the weekend.
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time for a check on the roads. stop-and-go traffic on the expressway in brooklyn. that's by prospect expressway. as for the hudson river cross, there are delays outside at the tunnels. no delays at the george washington bridge. officials now say that there was no shooting at the san diego naval center. military police checked the center after someone reported hearing three shots in the basement this morning. the naval base let personnel know about the reports of an active shooter on facebook. the base was put on lockdown as authorities went room to room. investigators did not find anything. dramatic new body cam
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moments around a police officer shooting in florida. the officer in pine hill said he feared for his life when he says the vehicle was heading directly his way. he started to shoot. police found out a 17-year-old stole the car when they pulled the driver over for a seat belt violation. the suspect was shot in the shoulder but they say he's expected to be okay. he earned his stripes as a stage actor. but it was in film where he made his name in movies and in tv shows. abe vigoda died today at the age of 94. sandy kenyon is here with a look back at his career. >> abe vigoda is a man who became part of the fabric of our city, a city where he learned to act with the
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toiled in obscurity for decades before a fiction of barney miller made him famous. his career was defined as "fish" and though barney miller was made in california, it was set here and he was always associated with our city. he was a relatively obscure new york character act ter when he was cast as an old friend of don who opens to take over the crime family after the death of marlon brando's character only to be blindsided by al pacino. the great success of the godfather and its sequel gave a big boost to his career but abe vigoda actually found his greatest success in a tv sit com. >> stay away or you will answer to me. now beat it. >> reporter: it's impossible to think of anyone else playing
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and yet this was the veteran's first steady job. he sounded like every breath might be his last, wrote one critic and yet he lived another three decades after the show ended. lived through a spinoff called "fish" and plenty of other gigs. >> that hurt. >> reporter: he was born in our area and died here, though he liked to say that hollywood had been very kind to him and this gentleman was always very kind to me. dead at the age of 93. his first steady job as an actor came at age 50. he said his experience taught him if you deeply believe in what you are doing, well, then success can come at any age. the man had a terrific sense of humor, which he needed. sense of humor even when he was first declared dead by mistake in 1982, when false reports he
4:19 pm
joke. abe vigoda was the first to have a good laugh. measure of the man. >> that stickers commercial. a good example. he was so self-depppry vateing. only 2010 was the super bowl commercial. >> i've never forgotten him. he was very nice to me. my first day of work as an entertainer reporter was the miller. >> wow. >> thank you. well, let's turn to lee gold -- lee goldberg. >> my kids snow because of the snickers commercial, i will play that speech for them. outside we go on, it's been fairly mild outside this we have have a couple of showers starting to get on radar. a couple of snowplows are
4:20 pm
because we overachieved. our numbers in the upper 40s right now. 50% humidity. there is a bit of a breeze that makes it feel breezy. you still need the overcoat. the high today in the upper 40s. running 9 degrees above average. that's impressive. this morning, wild temperature range, single digits with the snow pack in somerville. 38 in the freezing. and then when the wind kicked off the water, long island bumped it in the 40s. it was a really wide rain. huntingdon 47. we're doing well in the hudson valley, mummer mum -- mid- to upper 40s. the showers are light. this is patchy light rain. i would have your umbrella through the evening hours. i think the showers wind down. by the morning we wake up to cloud cover starting to thin out. it will be a breezy day tomorrow. low and middle 40s within reach again. just in the last few frames, a few showers getting into
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county and right along i-287, we can see shom showers come in here during the next few hours. i take your umbrella right now. right now it's a narrow band. most of it is aimed at central and northern new jersey. as part of a cold front, it's right over the spine of the appalachians. the showers seem to be knifing in the tristate area. this future cast is showth showers drying out. but i think some of them will be surviving through the first part of the night and then tomorrow morning a lot of clouds south and east. already clearing off to the north and west. the trend will be for skies to brighten but also with breezy conditions. we'll forecast 42 to 44 but i think it will feel more like 30s during the day. there's the temperatures in the evening hours. less concerned with widespread icing. we remain above freezing. i think you have to get about 30, 35 miles west of new york city to get the numbers freezing. and then, of course, the question late week.
4:22 pm
we want them to stay independent of each other. if they say separate, we're in good shape. right now, confidence growing that the one yf shore is going to stay away and the one to the west will come through on friday. plenty of clouds. a few showers overnight. there will be slippery spots north and west. a pair of 4s tomorrow. clouds give way for sun. gusts can be at 20 at times. tomorrow night is we'll highlight. we're down to 28 in new york city and teens in many suburbs that will be a night where there will be significant icing. a lot of snow and slush that gets melted. then we look at that friday map. even if we miss that storm offshore, we'll be dealing with the clipper 0 system off to the west. that can mean snowshowers and in the worst case, light accumulation. and we'll tell you where that is most likely to occur. right now getting cloudy. >> thank you. >> thank you. a very close call caught on camtra.
4:23 pm
getting run over by that semitruck. >> thankfully, that's not the case. we'll explain. >> also ahead, we'll tell you why some of italy's famous new statues are hiding under boxes its because of one prominent visitor. >> how long do you think it took to dig this car out of the snow there. you see the answer? and pictures of the final results right now at our website abc 7 sometimes, we all need a little help. today, you helped her plant a garden,
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iran's president is in europe after stopping by the vatican to see the pope. the vatican covered up new statues for the visit. the country's president is working on building business relationships in europe after sanctions were lifted. iranian and italian companies have agreed. the national guard came toot rescue of a -- came to the rescue of a a -- of a woman trapped. a resident in the area was worried about what appeared to be an abandoned car. after first responders were unable to reach the woman a national guard humvee was dispatched and carried firefighters to the scene to rescue the woman. a sheriff deputy's close call with a semitruck was caught on camera. captain brad moore directed
4:26 pm
slammed into a semiwhich then careened right into hill. over twice. but he says a small incline near that bush that you see there sent him rolling actually to safety and away from the semi wheel. they suffered only two gashes on his head and a broken arm but in the end, he says he amazing. >> wow. still to come -- we'll tell you how a dog helped save a man trapped in an icy canal in new jersey. and growing anxiety.
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. a dog helped a man -- helped save a man. >> he was prepared to day after he somehow ended up in the delaware canal.
4:29 pm
baching of his sister's dog te survived to tell his story. here's more from tim fleischer. >> reporter: this is certainly the feel-good story of the day. this was quite the dramatic rescue here at the delaware canal last friday. certainly, i can tell you that it took not one but two to come to the rescue of the man. all of this began last friday, as i say. buck had taken his sister's dog for a walk on the told path but he broke for a flock of geese on the ice and broke through the ice into the water. buck then shimmied out to save him. he then fell into the icy water as well. he was able to grab the man and push him back up on the ice again. but then sh us what started bark -- schwartz started barking and was able to alert a neighbor who called first responders. >> i knew i only had so much
4:30 pm
and sort of threw myself on my back and was gonna float. >> as soon as we get out to him, i grabbed onto him, you could see his poddy went limp. he was doing everything he could to stay above water. >> reporter: boundbrook officer jason, he's a 20-year veteran rescue diver was able to get out to buck and able to save him and pull him to shore. tonight, buck has two to thank, the officer and certainly schwartz. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the mayor spent the day testifying at a budget hearing today. lawmakers want him to accept the same property tax cap to to applies to every other local argument in the state. deblasio said the say should the impose new restrictions on the city. state senate voted to impose 2% cap on new york city reporters say it's been tremendously
4:31 pm
tax payers elsewhere in the state. a bill to expand birth control coverage moved forward in the state assembly. members passed legislation that requires health insurance plans to cover all federally approved categories of prescribed contraceptives. registered nurses and pharmacists will be permitted to dispense emergency contraceptives to a patient. a similar bill expected to hit the senate floor soon. the largest teachers union in connecticut is calling for state to stop using test scores system. years ago. scores account for almost a quarter of the teacher's review of the grade. a two-year federal waiver on using the scores is in effect after connecticut recently switched to a new standardized tests.
4:32 pm
decision to drop a student production of the green day rock opera. the drama director said the principal decided to drop the production because parents were concerned if the broadway version contained sex and drugs. armstrong sent a letter to the school and said there is a high school version of the production and said the bigger issue is censorship. the treasury department is easing travel and export restrictions for cuba. starting tomorrow, the u.s. licenses. american banks will be able to nonagriculture exports. the exchanges come nearly one year after the beginning of direct talks between the u.s. and cuba. still to come -- an you about.
4:33 pm
to detect for women. and a man is recovering from second and third-degree
4:34 pm
take a look at this dramatic new drone video showing homes teetering on the bridge of a crumbling cliff. dozens were forced to leave their homes along the california coast. a large apartment complex is on the verge of collapsing right into the pacific ocean. you can see that for yourself. this is about 15 miles south of san francisco. the standstone bluffs have been battered by the el nino pattern. we're learning new details about the three inmates who have escaped from a southern california jail. all three were awaiting trial for violent felonies. now they've been charged with the breakout. >> reporter: five days on the run and no sign of the three escaped inmates in southern california police consider extremely dangerous and possibly armed. >> the longer they are gone. that means that they've gotten further away. that makes it more difficult in capturing them. >> reporter: law enforcement
4:35 pm
hands on a car they could be anywhere in the country, even cap be da and mexico. all are charged with vary lent crimes. this man is accused of sexually mutilating a man he allegedly robbed. >> >> putting fire to his body, he poured bleach all over him. >> reporter: a deputy district attorney even called him hannibal lector. >> good morning. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office condemning that statement. investigators believe the men breck out of this jail after friday's head count, cutting through a metal grate and crawling through plumbing pipes to the roof where they used bed sheets to rappel down. they weren't reported missing for 16 hours. still, police believe two of the escapees with ties to a local vietnamese gang may still be hiding out nearby. >> we'll use every means to put
4:36 pm
them know we're coming after them. >> authorities have made several pleas to the public for help and the reward increased from $50,000 to $00 -- to $200,000. a family received second and third-degree burns after a battery that was inside a vaporizer exploded while in his pocket. surveillance video shows matthew gillson at his josh at a factory. he runs off as a trail of smoke follows him. his mother says the vinerrizeer battery exploded in his pocket. his underwear and his pants were shredded because of it. >> everything is singed. he was burned so badly. it was down into his flesh. very painful. el calls me every day. he's in a lot of pain. >> as we said, he suffered second and third-degray burns on his legs and hands. he's still in the hospital?
4:37 pm
police department making a special delivery during the morning commute. an expectant mom went into labor in the lnd lanes of the fdr. one of the officers detective sharp on his way to traffic court when he responded to the emergency call. >> opened up the passenger side door of the vehicle, the father was kneeling on the driver's seat assisting his wife. the baby had -- the head was out. the father was supporting the head an on the phone with 911 still. >> detective sharp jumped into deliver a baby girl with the help from some of the other officers, both woman and the baby are doing just fine. thank goodness they were there. >> tough guys.
4:38 pm
to this kind of a road story. two men fighting it out in the middle of street. what prompted the road rage incident. what brought it to a sudden end. and you may have hundreds of friends on facebook but how many are truly your friends? we'll take a closer look. and this next story is just the talk of social media. the kid steps up to the piano. wow. wait until you hear why he's
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breaking news. more on the snow out of newark. and if you are a child not counting on school tomorrow, we have to disappoint. school will be open in newark. classes had been canceled for the last few days because of the blizzard. the mayor said the city has made a lot of progress clearing the streets. schools in newark will be open tomorrow. the american heart association is issuing a statement regarding women and heart disease. it's stressing gender does matter when if comes to heart attacks. experts say women are more likely than men to die after a heart attack. heart attacks in females tend to be caused differently. they are more likely to involve small blood vessels in the heart. women also tend to have more subtle symptoms. >> we talk about that hollywood heart attack clutching your chest. chest pain is still the most
4:42 pm
in women, there are a range of symptoms. they are much more vague, much more subtle. some of the big ones unusual fatigue. shortness of breath. even flu-like symptoms, nausea. in addition to the classic ones like chest pain radiating to the shoulder, jaw. >> other symptoms for women, might wait too long to seek help. men usually show up in the emergency room within 15 hours of the first symptom. women show up after two days. take a look at this. it is a violent case of road rage. just frightened drivers on a busy street. eyewitnesses say the two drivers started out by making obscene gestures on the road in texas and that escalated into going at each other. one got a bat. the other grabbed a large object and started swinging in front of each other. what ended the thing, the light turned green, the two men put away their stuff. got back in the stuff, drove off.
4:43 pm
we'll talk about facebook. a lot of friends on facebook, some of you may have more than you can keep up with, right? >> a new study published in the journal society of open science, four of those friends, four are considered part of your go-to support group. those are the people -- when i say go-to support, they will be bay your side during times of crisis. four. the study also says the average person could count about 13 people as close friends unless you are liz who has thousands of cles cles -- close friends. >> i believe that. if you are really close, you text, you call. >> you heart right now,. >> no, no, no, no. >> my birthday, thousands of people say happy birthday. all my besties. >> they are for that moment.
4:44 pm
they are not our friends? okay. [laughter] >> so there. >> give them a lot of attention. >> yes. >> exactly. it's nice that it's kind of warm out there today. >> yeah. >> kind of. okay. >> there's our go-friend right there. she's in crisis. >> exactly. a big pile out there of snow and dirt on the side of the road. it's getting into the dirty stage. we'll continue to melt things down. i think the city is gonna look a lot different as we get to the weekend unless we get a coating of snow on the friday. a lot of the snow will be down to smaller piles. 48 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. a west wind at 16. thanks to jay, sent out a message on social media saying are there any sprinkles around the area. radar shows it's very dry. got a report from florum park
4:45 pm
that's a lot of friends. temperatures are in the mid- 40s. cloudy skies and a couple of showers coming in as well. these are light showers and spotty. but just have your brul -- umbrella. as we go through tomorrow, a lot of clouds early and clouds start to break. the wind will be gusting over 20. low and middle 40s probably feeling like mid-30s during the day tomorrow. there is sprinkles looks like it's getting into harlem and the bronx. yonkers. not too far from yankees stadium. we have 24 days from pitchers and catchers. getting close. there are the showers into somerset county. they seem to be falling apart off to the south and west. we can have a couple of sprinkles during the evening hours. the future cast shows drying out. upper 40s, 30s. not as much icing as we saw this morning. then during the day tomorrow, skies will clear and temperatures will get into the low and middle 40s.
4:46 pm
on thursday, we're going to be watching a clipper system up here and a storm along the coast. this one locks like it's safely -- looks like it's safely offshore. but this system has to swing through as we go into friday. i think it's a strong enough clipper, there will be snowshowers and there might be a coating possible. know we probable blip won't get the bigger coastal system. how about mid- to upper 30s on sunday and more melting by the second half of the weekend. we'll still watch that late week threat that looks like we're getting bile okay so far. >> that storm is still trending. listen to this, guys. here's what's trending. stories surrounding this blizzard are still coming around. among them a guy who saw an opportunity to profit off the mountains. it might have worked if not for a air bnb not going along with the scheme. the brooklyn man made a fancy igloo.
4:47 pm
and then charged members of the website $200 to stay inside. >> what? >> $200. he reportedly actually got some takers. however, air bnb took the offer down saying the igloo did not meet the occupancy requirements. >> igloo for two. >> all in the selling. >> just a mound of snow. look at this. bobby ray simmons has bigger issues. he's taken to twitter to insist the world is flat. he posted pictures of the horizon saying it's flat and when followers questioned his sanity he tweeted he's not crazy and feeling just fine. it caused enough of a stiff to caused a famed astrophysicist to say, this does not mean we all still can't like your music. very passive/aggressive. speaking of music an 18-
4:48 pm
wowed -- just sat down at a public mall and taught everybody what a self-taught guy can do. >> 18 years old. >> incredible. >> self-taust. he says he has not been able to afford lessons. now -- he went viral -- schools are contacting him. >> just started playing. >> thank you. finally, who knew chris
4:49 pm
>> the public service announcement on jimmy kimmel last night. >> like bu blay. we're about three weeks away from valentine's day. what if cupid strikes at work. is dating at the workplace a do or a don't. we have one couple's secret to making it work. and here is a quick check of the delays at the hudson river crossing, 15 minutes to the lincoln tunnel. minor delays at the inbound
4:50 pm
valentine's day right around the corner. finding love, not always easy but what if the one was sitting right across from you. [laughter] >> the big question is should you date a coworker? rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: these days many companies have policies that frown upon cubical court ship. what happens when the one is the one you sit next to every day? >> we workled together for over a year and i never told a soul. >> reporter: jacqueline and her husband were together for four years. when tyler took a job at jacqueline's company where she no longer works finding his desk right next to his girlfriend's. >> you didn't expect to be sitting 15 feet away from her. >> reporter: the couple choosen to keep their relationship private. >> we were worried a little bit about our reputation and what people might think or say.
4:51 pm
insider editor said there were several steps they took to keep their work and personal lives separate. >> should always check the company policy before you start an office romance. >> we weren't showing up and leaving at the same time. and to be frank, we rarely talked to each other. >> reporter: the couple except their lovey-dovey messages off their business e-mails and cell phones. and keeping their love qarles out of the office. >> i left the company and we stayed together. and a few years later, i proposed. the rest is history. >> well, this is a hot talker. what are your thoughts on dating in the workplace? a do or don't. join our conversation on our facebook page, abcny. sadly none of us have any
4:52 pm
>> not at all. >> we're moving straight ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now. governor christie apologizing. people infuriated about his comments about the cleanup efforts. and a heartbroken family in brooklyn insisting their loved one was trapped in the car in the snow by a passing blow. >> he was not breathing. i was knocking on the windows, angel, wake up. wake you. he wouldn't get up. >> good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. we begin with the frightening tale with this latest slashing victim in new york city. >> that's right. the 71-year-old who now has 20 stitches in her face is talking for the first time and despite the attack on the number 6 train just yesterday, this
4:53 pm
the subway. >> darla spoke to her and joins you with more. >> reporter: well, diana, this grandmother of nine takes the subway every morning from beryl park here to the garment district where she's a seamstress or a samplemaker and happened to leave late. when she came home from work, she didn't tell her family that she had been a victim of a crime. >> she didn't tell me anything. >> reporter: it took a while for the older sister of the 71- year-old slashing victim to getle the real story about how carmen ended up with a bandage on her face. she was attacked by a stranger on the d strain just as it approached the broadway la fayette station. >> you get up, go on top of her and slash. she didn't feel it. she went like this. saw the blood. oh, my god. >> reporter: investigators put
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