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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they are looking for. they also released the surveillance images of the suspect wearing red sweatpants and a black jacket. it's still unclear what kind of blade was used to slice her left choke. >> when i said let me see your cut, she show me. it's 4 inches in the face. >> reporter: now, again, we just spoke to carmen who just got home from work. she does not want to appear on camera obviously because she has that 4-inch scar on her left cheek and she's a crime victim but this is what she said. >> i'm just covering it. it's 20 stitches. >> reporter: 20. >> 20 stitches. but he did a good job. right there, yeah. but i have no pain. thank you. thank god. >> reporter: if you recognize anyone in the surveillance
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call crime some terse at 1-800- 577-tips. reporting live in beryl park, darla niles, back to you. a grieving family blaming their loved one's death on a snowplow. >> his family says a plow trapped him in his car where he died from carbon monoxide. michelle has more. >> reporter: good evening. this family wants people in general and for snowplow operators all of them to know about this. they are distraught by what they believe was a completely avoidable tragedy. >> at least look to see if anyone is in the car. this is my life they took away from me. >> reporter: this valentine's day, they should be celebrating their second anniversary. and 15 years together. when she couldn't find him on sunday, she called everyone.
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i call the -- the central booking. >> reporter: she does not drive. she had not used the car and had not peered inside it. he died one block from home. man. friends and family. >> reporter: edwin morales says his mother called him in a panic to come over to help dig out the car. >> the door cracked open a little bit. so he did open the door a little bit but it was so tight, the snow, that he couldn't push it open. >> reporter: the family insists they snow he was plowed in trapped and poisoned by the carbon monoxide that was being redirected into the car after a city plow covered the tailpipe stopping it up. within minutes, they believe that simple avoidable mistake proved fatal. >> he put his phone on charge. the plow truck came down the street, got him stuck in the car. at the time, he tried to
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it was too late. >> he's the love of my life. this is so hard for me. >> reporter: this is so tragic. now, the autopsy results are not back yet. the medical examiner has not weighed in and the sanitation department is waiting for those results to respond. additionally, no one knows whether this was a private plow, a plow on a police vehicle or a sanitation department truck that came down the street in sunset park. we're live in sunset park, back to you. >> thank you. new york city's department of sanitation says crews have plowed 99% of the city streets since the storm ended and nearly 100% of the streets in queens have seen a plow. residents of several queens neighborhood complain it took days for the streets to be cleaned. things look a bit better today but not great. city hall defending the slow cleanup saying that some streets in queens are just too narrow for a plow.
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having to do scoop by scoop out of some of these streets with a front-end loader. it's very slow. >> the sanitation commissioner today explained there's so much snow there's nowhere to put it all. so they've moved in 36 large melters across the city. piled snow has melted at about 50 degrees and the resulting water then goes into the sewer system. we've got a developing story. a large part of the roof of a skating rink has collapsed. news chopter 7 was above the damage. we're getting a look at what happened inside that skating rink. obviously there was a lot of snow on the roof in that area. whether that led to the collapse, that's still under investigation. the gas and electric were shut off as a precaution and no one was hurt. it's an easier commute home tonight for people riding the path, service has resumed.
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penn was back and full service has been restored on the lirr. schools will reopen in newark, new jersey tomorrow. they were closed today and yesterday as that city tries to dig out. residents growing frustrated with the unplowed streets. toni yates at the d.o.t. maintenance yard where they are working nonstop. >> nonstop. >> reporter: oh, yes, indeed. right here at the department of transportation maintenance yard where we've been here for a couple for a couple of hours. it's amazing to see the workers come help dig newark out. they are helping people who really need it. d.o.t. crews have descend requested on the snowbound streets. they are taking snow away, not plow zwrg it requires snow removal instead of what snowplowing and salting. plows does us no good. it will just trap the cars in
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>> reporter: they are focusing on roads near schools like here where each side has to be accessible for schools and buses. they used front end buses to lift the snow up that are park. what 0 would you need the residents of newark to do to make your job a lot easier? >> the first thig, hold tight the street. that's just -- once we clear it it's making us come back into the same place. if they could remove the vehicles from the road, that would make our job easier. >> reporter: the mayor said every effort is being made to get all of the streets passable. >> we've made significant progress. we know there's more that needs to be done. we've been reading the e-mails, listen to the calls. i understand people's
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>> reporter: these folks live on tiny, narrow, dead-end places, not one plow yet with major concern. >> we have a kid and he don't go to school. it's impossible. >> we have elderly people living there. if the emergency car needs to come in here, they can't dumb. >> reporter: once again, the department of transportation workers are working around the clock toker clear the problems up. late word, schools will be open here in newark here tomorrow. toni yates back to you. >> if your street is still buried in snow we would like to see a picture of it post it on social media. new details about the suspect shot by police in manhattan. police say the 25-year-old man was armed with this knife when he charged at officers just
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reese house in the east village. officers say the man was ordered to drop the knife several times. he was shot once in the chest and is recovering at the hospital. police say he's a parolee wanted for questioning in an assault last week as well as a robbery in september. a gas leak prompting an emergency evacuation of a school in wes chest ter county. it happened at school in tarrytown. officials say a backhoe ruptured a gas line outside of the building. the school is leased out to a county service for specs needs children. up to 60 children and 30 staff members were forced out just as a precaution. no one was hurt. a shooting scare at the san diego naval medical center appears to be a false alarm. officials checked the center after someone reported hearing gunshots in a basement. the base was put under a lockdown as authorities went from room to room clearing the facility. they did not find anything. and iran's president is in europe tonight.
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to see the pope. the vatican covered up nude statues for the president's visit. the country's president is working on building business relationships in europe after the sanctions were lifted. iranian and italian companies have reportedly agreed the deal is worth more than $18 billion. next stop is paris. well, wall street getting a boost today, one day after suffering big losses. stocks continue to move in the direction of oil prices which managed to climb today. just yesterday, the dow took a triple-digit dive after a drop in oil prices. the dow closed at 16,177. the nasdaq added 49 points and s&p 500 rose 26 points. abe vigoda has died. >> how's the coffee? >> thick. [laughter] >> try mixing in hot water. >> i did. that's what made it thick. [laughter]
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he was known for roles on barney miller and a doomed mafia soldier in the godfather. he died it at his daughter's home in new jersey. he was 94 years old and we'll miss him. well, governor christie feeling the heat for storm cleanup along the jersey shore. coming up, hear from storeowners who have their own choice words for the governor. >> and we've got new information right now about a man who disappeared in hoe boeken during the blizzard. you. and an $18 million lawsuit against jay z over his apparent fragrant line and what he's accused of not doing. we continue to bounce back from the blizzard. a high of 48 in central park. even some rain showers moving through parts of new jersey.
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chris christie criticized for what he said about a local mayor and the storm cleanups. some residents claiming the presidential hopeful is ignoring them. >> mayor patrick rosenello said he was shocked to hear chris christie's comments about him on monday at a town hall
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>> i heard one mayor say this was the worst flooding. >> reporter: he received a call from christie apologizing. >> i think he was sorry. i would like for him to let the residents and business owners and first responders know that he understands what we went through. >> reporter: christie spoke about the apology at a news conference on tuesday afternoon. >> i didn't feel good about what i said about him. >> reporter: for many residents cleaning up the homes, the damage is already done, especially after this comment at that same town hall meeting. >> i don't know what you expect me to do. do you want me to go down there with a mop? >> reporter: this owner of the bike shop put out this display complete with a mop disgusted. >> he's been bullying everyone often the media and making us look like id die yots -- idiots. >> reporter: christie acknowledged the damage at the jersey shore.
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sunday, monday and i object to today is any type of character i days of what happens in jonas here to be anywhere near what happened to sandy. >> reporter: the governor says damage assessments are still underway. that process about two thirds complete. that will determine if the states can apply for federal disaster aid. trish hartman, channel 11 news. >> there is no suspect in custody in the murder of a woman in grenada. the suspect attacked her with a machete. she worked as a physician's assistant at a georgia hospital. conditions in the capitol are slowly improving as residents continue to dig out. despite the progress, federal offices were kleesed along with schools. the subway system is not back
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crews are still working to clear many of the roads that were covered by more than 2 feet of snee. the national guard coming to the rescue of a woman in maryland who survived being trapped in a car after the blizzard. the woman was discovered in the snow-covered vehicle at about 6:00 last night. a resident in the area was concerned about what pay peered to be an abandoned car. afrt first responders were unable to reach the woman, a national guard humvee was dispatched and carried firefighters to the scene to rescue her. >> wow. >> happy ending to that one. >> i was thinking the same thing. glad the tailpipe wasn't blocked. >> carbon monoxide, yes. >> i don't think we realize how dangerous and how many people die from carbon monoxide. >> it's a silent killer. i didn't realize -- >> very tough. >> yes. >> can you guide us through? what are you expecting? >> nice melting today.
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through into early february. we have one hurdle late in the week. hopefully we missed the storm offshore. let's look outside where we've had the snow piles, everyone makes a different path. you are waiting in line to go through these narrow pathways in the tall piles. it's kind of a pain out there. look at the guy in the middle. it gets a little dangerous. temperature at 48. mostly cloudy skies. that wind is picking up a little bit. a little brisk outside even though the numbers are well above average. we'll droop to the 40s. have the umbrella. by tomorrow morning, clouds are starting to thin out especially northwest and west of new york city. increasing sunshine and wind during the day. 43 feels like middle 30s. we had a couple of sprinkles that moved through hackensack and clifton and then they fell apart and dried out. a few vows in verona --
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and these showers are with a cold front coming through of it doesn't cool us off too much but that will pass through overnight. if you look at the future cast here, it dries out most of the showers. but there can be a passing shower. tomorrow morning early, early risers, there might be an east end or southern ocean county shower that leaves the scene and then clouds break for sunshine and if you missed the temperatures there, a little snapshot at 7:00 a.m., most areas are above freezing until you are 30, 35 miles northed a west of new york city. be aware you might have ice patches tomorrow morning. up look at this future cast, it's 44 tomorrow. the breezes make is feel cooler a. as we get into the day on thursday. i think what we're looking at here is a storm that's offshore but it stays offshore far enough. we have high clouds from that. the question is will this system off to the west give us some snowshowers on friday. and that's what we're hooking at. that's a pretty feisty little system. i wouldn't be surprised if the
5:19 pm
snowshowers and maybe there is a coating in a couple of spots. that would be the worst-case scenario. as we go into the weekend, saturday is the cooler half of the weekend. there is a system going off to the north. that might mean a flurry in the hudson valley. sunday is looking like the better day. as you are looking into next week, even mid-40s, i wouldn't be shocked to see a 50 next week. overall pattern, ending january and going into february is looking like it will be above average. it might take until the middle part of next month for another cold shot to nino season. one blast. there you go. half-hour. >> thank you. a health alert tonight where whooping cough has been diagnosed in our area. and we'll hear from this skier. what she says she tried to focus on during this fall.
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that thing is gop. a century old span was demolished in seconds. the bridge stretched over the allegheny river in pittsburgh for 108 years. it's located about 15 miles south of pittsburgh. the bridge was closed back in october and you can see in the background the new holton bridge already constructed. there it is. as for cleanup crews, they say they will have 72 hours to pull debris from the water. all new at 5:00, a 12-year- old boy is recovering tonight after he fell into the icy waters of a canal. it was a snow shovel that likely saved his life. that and a good samaritan who was holding onto the other end. but it was also a 7-year-old boy who set the whole rescue into babylon into motion. stacey sager posted a picture of him on her facebook page and has the story.
5:24 pm
>> reporter: he's only in second grade here in babylon. but wise beyond his years which is very clear the moment you meet him. you know what you want to be when you grow up? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: what do you want to be? >> a teacher. i already know. >> reporter: in fact, ben knows a lot. here on the dock, across the street from his home, he knew something wasn't right. a 1-year-old boy had slipped an fallen in the frozen water. he and his dad were outside playing about 40 guards a -- yards away. >> i heard cries of help. >> i didn't hear hi. vin a hear brock blesm. he said they need your help and i said who? and he said a boy fell in the water and needs your help. >> reporter: his dad was able to use this shovel to pull the boy out. >> the little boy appeared to
5:25 pm
for a moment he appeared to be in distress. >> reporter: it's now almost a whole day later. as you can see, these docks are still filled with chunks of snow and ice. very slippery. so the lesson in all of this, yeah, he knows. >> we're into the -- we're into the supposed to go near the water without an adult. >> reporter: he got to tell his whole class. he nailed his first lesson as a his grandma not surprised. >> he has the kind heart and would help anybody and was juvenile proving he's here for a good reason. >> reporter: stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> definitely fantastic. a new report urging doctors to screen all adults for depression as part of a routine healthcare.
5:26 pm
means pregnant women and new mothers, it involves health workers asking about symptoms, even if patients don't bring them up. but the new guideline does not say how much adults should be screened. a lot of story from the author of one of the children's most beloved books has been uncovered. kit and boot. they found a single drawing. the publisher delayed releasing it to coincide with the 150th anniversary of potter's birth. september. the zika virus. we're following adevelop -- jersey.
5:27 pm
and a man rescues his dog
5:28 pm
we're back with the developing story right now. very saddening in the search for a man who was reported missing in hoboken. late this afternoon, police recovered matthew genovese's body from the water near pier a. >> he disappeared during the blizzard. his picture was shared hundreds of time online hoping he would be alive. anthony johnson is in hoboken where he just spoke with police about what happened. >> reporter: well, matthew genovese's family lives in the bronx. he apparently moved over here to hoboken about a year ago.
5:29 pm
the search for 24-year-old matthew genovese ended sadly and tragically this afternoon. his body was pulled out of the hudson river at a location near pier a in the old erie lackawanna station. the saw ba team helped retrieve the body along with the team from the new jersey state police. authorities had found evidence that matthew genovese was near the waterfront r. >> around midnight detective here to my right was canvassing the area along with detective gomez and saw a small piece of black lecter hanging out of snow on the walkway. we found it to be the wallet of matthew genovese and his keys. >> reporter: matthew genovese was last seen walking out of mcswiggan's pub. he was in the pub with three
5:30 pm
himself to apparently walk home. a bar worker said matthew genovese did not pay peer to be intoxicated as -- appear to be intoxicated as he left the bar around 11:340. fliers were up and family members became very concerned when matthew did not show up to work on monday. that's when police were called in to help. >> we saw his items and he was very, very close to the vicinity of that. but there's no confirmation of how he entered the water. >> reporter: and matthew had apparently worked over on wall street. the new jersey state medical examiner's office will determine the cause of death. the county prosecutor's office is investigating the case. at this point in does not appear to be any foul play. live in hoboken, anthony johnson, channel 27 eyewitness 27 -- channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:31 pm
already arrested last month. now his mother, 31-year-old danielle white is charged with manslaughter. investigators say she smothered mason. surveillance video captured him carrying the body in a bag. a health alert in orange county for parents. a child has been diagnosed with whooping cough. the department of health sent a letters to parents saying the child is being treated for pertussis. officials also included symptoms of the cough and what parents should do if they think their child is at work. and we have new information about the zika virus. the cdc put out guidelines for testing infants suspected of being infected. there are 18 cases in sevennen
5:32 pm
health officials believe it's only a matter of time before it's spread more. >> reporter: a new warn from the world health organization. the see kaw virus linked to babies and paralysis in adults could spread to almost all countries in the americas. >> the explosive spread of zika virus to new begraphiccal areas with little population immunity is another cause for concern. >> take a look at this map. that mosquito is found in every country in the western hemisphere except for canada and chile. >> reporter: brazil has been hit especially hard and in an effort to show how they are aggressively responding. the brazilian government posted this video showing workers spraying and fighting mosquitoes carrying the virus. according to the cdc, so far only a handful of cases have been identified in the u.s. >> they think we'll see we'll see smowl outbreaks from people
5:33 pm
>> reporter: the virus is not known to spread from person to spen. the symptoms, fever, rash, joint point and red eyes, but the virus could cause life- threatening brain damage in unborn babies. the u.s. officials are urging expecting moms to stay away from countries where there are infections. >> if you are pregnant, the cdc says don't go. for other people if you go use repellent to use the chances you will get bit. >> for now there's no vaccine or drug to prevent this. if you think you have any of the symptoms all you can do is ask your doctor to be tested. it. today we're learning more about the indictment of two antiabortion activists in texas. the indictment said they used fake driver's licenses to infiltrate planned parenthood and shot videos that appeared to show officials selling tissue illegally. the grand jury found no wrong
5:34 pm
charged them with tampering with a government record. a new york still involving contraceptives is moving forward. staying health insurance cover all kat katds of prescribe -- categories of prescribedcontraceptives. a renewed effort to make mixed martial martial arts in new york state. an assembly leader says he's close to having enough votes to pass this. the critics say the mix of boxing, wrestling, kick boxes is just too violent. new steps to pave the way for increasing tourism.
5:35 pm
easing travel and export restrictions. officials have broadened the reasons to travel to cuba. airlines will be allowed to enter airspace briefly blocked. these changes come one year after the beginning of direct talks between the u.s. and cuba. well, jay z getting sued over his fragrant lines. a skier tumbles a thousand feet and survives. we'll hear from her and what she did during the fall that may have saved her life. a man in new jersey falls into an icy pond. tonight he tells us how his dog helped save his life. i'm lee goldberg. a couple of sprinkles. woodbridge, and then we're watchth storm that that's gonna develop in the gulf of mexico. it's at the end of the front. it's right here. it will start to come up the coast. as we go into the next few days. we'll have to see if that stays close to the coast.
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on thursday, could we have a coating on spots on friday. but back to 50 over the weekend?
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we're less than a week away from the iowa caucuses. a new poll shows 64% of republicans think trump will win the nomination. ted cruz, a distant second. in iowa trump and cruz are in a sttal tie -- statistical tie. the democrats face off one filial time. >> it's a tough campaign. and it should be. it's the hardest job in the world. >> i led the effort against wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> sanders told supporters he
5:40 pm
chance to win in iowa if voter turnout is large. miss in 234r5 releasing dramatic body camera video of an officer shooting at a suspected teenaged carjacker. the officer from the orlando police department said he feared for his life so he shot at the 17-year-old driver who was in a stolen car. moments earlier, officers say they tried to get the teen to stop for a seat belt violation. they even broke his windshield with their batons trying to get him stop. the suspect backed into another car and that's when police opened fire shooting at the car hitting the teen in the shoulder. police finally caught up with him and he was arrested. and take a look at this. a sheriff's deputy, close call camera. brad moore was directing traffic in ohio when it a train slammed into the tractor- into him.
5:41 pm
that push sent him rolling to safety, thankfully. away from the semi's back wheels. he suffered two gashes and a broken hand but he says he feels lucky. >> another lucky story, a skier thankful to be alive after a fall down the mountain. angel col inson was filming this and she said she was going pretty fast but was still in control. that was until she hit an icy patch that caused her to fall 1 -- fall 1,000 feet. >> i realized i was gonna fall for a while and the snow is icy. there's big icy snowballs as i was tumbling, i covered my face and protected my head with my arms and i kind of held on until i stopped. >> good move. she plunged for a long time.
5:42 pm
the video is being released and used. jay z slapped with an $18 million lawsuit over his fragrance line. the company behind the chain filed the lawsuit in manhattan claiming jay z broke his contract whoen he refused to promote the line called geeld jay z. the lawsuit said he was supposed to make six appearances since the line launched in 2013 but has not made any appearances so far. the nypd makes a special delivery on the fdr. >> hear from the officer who helped brick this little one in the world during this morning's commute and this. >> reporter: would you ever use an app to find a sitter? there a new option for parents especially when it comes to
5:43 pm
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we turn now to breaking news. right now you are looking at a tractor-trailer that jackknifed causing major traffic problems on i-the 5 in the bronx. shannon stone is live with more. this is quite a mess. >> reporter: yeah, this is a bad one. this guy jackknifed just a few minutes ago. in fact, emergency crews still responding to this on the new england thruway. that is the cab of the tractor- trailer. it's almost hard to make out but it looks like they are still working to extricate someone from that cab. so keep this in mind of the this is happening on the northbound side of the new england freeway. we want too take you one more time. all of this traffic coming off here. that's the exit for exit 12. that's where you are being forced off the roadway and look at the volume through this area. on the freeway. it's a bumper to bumper jamup that will take you back on the
5:46 pm
to the left side of your avenue. if you are local, it will get you around this. otherwise try to head over to the hutch. reporting live, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. if you were stuck in traffic on the fdr this morning, here's why. an impatient baby who couldn't wait to come into the world on time became a very special delivery. the expectant mom went into labor in the northbound lanes of the ft r. officer michael sharp was on his way to traffic court when he responded to the emergency on the side of the road. he jumped and helped drive -- deliver a baby girl. both mom and baby are doing just fine.
5:47 pm
>> we're really lucky to have their followup weather. >> we came out with the snow depth of 27 inches in the park. now 17. 10 inches of snow here. imagine what we'll do over the next few days. i want to show you a great picture. this snow lobster. see that? i just -- i'm seeing that for the first time that -- that little area of yellow, probably isn't butter stay away from that. as we look at the george washington bridge, a little slow right knew. there is a sheen on the bridge. but the numbers aren't gonna fall below freezing. parts of the hudson valley watch out for icy slots. average high 37. way above that. last year in the state, 5 1/2 inches of snow. we had 9 over a couple of days. thats watt storm -- that was the storm that gave us a
5:48 pm
numbers were incredible. 49 sussex, 38 in new york city. the island warmed up with a south wind warmed in the 40s. our icy concerns were north and west. we're way above average right now in the 40s. there will be a couple of passing three passing showers. clouds tomorrow morning and then the clouds break up. the wind is something notice that makes it feel brisk. a couple of sprinkles over staten island and going into brooklyn but very, very light and brief at that. you don't need the umbrella. a couple of showers off to the south and west with the cold front and will have to allow for a sprinkle during the -- during the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, clouds from the city eastward and then we'll see more of a clearing process during the afternoon. partial sunshine. after temperatures drop down below freezing north and west we bounce back in the 40s during the afternoon. should be pretty nice. going into that thursday/friday time period, i think the storm
5:49 pm
have to watch this other clipper system to the west. even she we may miss a big coastal system -- show we may miss a big coastal system, might drop a coating in spots. plenty of clouds. 36. pair of 4s tomorrow. clouds give tomorrow saturday night we're derned concerned about the icing. seven-day forecast. let's assume we miss the thursday storm offshore, get some snowshowers on friday. 38 cool on saturday, 46 to maybe 50 by sunday. next week we have a shot at 50 a couple of different times. we have a mild end to the month. >> looking good. >> thank you. there are plenty of times that parents find themselves in a bind. >> desperate for a last-minute baby-sitter. if all of your go-to sitters are not available, what do you do? now there is a new app for that. >> reporter: when it comes to hiring a baby sitter, liz stern is like most parents.
5:50 pm
are giving a child to a baby- sitter, that they are gonna be safe, not only safe but they will be having fun. >> reporter: she relies on referrals from friends but lately she's been referring to chime app. you can read bios, watch videos and read reviews. chime is the app version of sitter city, a website that helps parents find caregivers. the app is geared for finding a last-minute sitter with bedding done by the staff. >> we always bring them in to an evaluation, talk with them about their experience. they go through an enhanced background check. and then we also do a social scraping where we look all all of the social media sites they are on and see if anything comes up that would be of a concern to a parent. >> reporter: only about 20% of applicants are chosen. >> i would say on average i'm booked about 7 times a month.
5:51 pm
than i would get if i was working on my own. >> reporter: when it comes to getting paid, it's done through the app. the hourly rate in new york city is $17 an hour. >> handling cash at the end of the night is never koeblg. i've had instances where parents say i didn't have time to stop at the atm. so this takes care of all of this. >> these babies get on the floor and play with the kids and engage with the kids. >> great app. aman in new jersey gets stuck in an icy pond. >> tonight, he tells us how his dog ended of you saving his life and we'll meet t this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low.
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an incredible rescue story in new jersey. a man saves his dog from an icy pond only to get stuck himself. >> miss dog would not leave his side. actually managed to call for help.
5:55 pm
of that hero dog, a hero dog named short. >> reporter: short can lead the way once again here along the delaware canal, while clark who walks the dog for miss sister now staying on dry land. >> i few we were in trouble. >> reporter: last friday buck and shorts were walking the toll path when short broke for a glock of geese. >> he turns around and goes to push off with his hind legs. his rear end goes in. >> reporter: he shimmies to the ice. >> got out this zoom. >> reporter: you went in. >> yes. >> reporter: he was able to save him putting him on the ice. he's in trouble. >> he likes to bark. he was barking. >> reporter: enough to alert a neighbor who summoned first responders. >> he tried to throw a life
5:56 pm
>> reporter: a 20-year-old rescue diver was called to the frozen canal and knew he did not have much time. >> as soon as we got out to him, i grabbed onto him and you could see his body went limp. he was doing everything he could to stay above water. >> water. >> jason, he was pulling me to the shore. >> very nice to be able to say, you know, you were part of a team that helped, you know, save this guy's life. >> many others helped in the rescue but buck had the officer to thank. >> he thanked me personally. that's something that doesn't really happen that often. >> i can't ever adequately express my appreciation. fearforever indebted. >> reporter: tim fleischer, eyewitness news.
5:57 pm
right now. an 86-year-old man said he was taser wood rerred by the -- tasered by the police. but he wasn't the guy they were looking for. i don't know what you expect me to do. go down there with a mop? >> good evening. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. we're hearing from a 71- year-old woman who was slashed in the face as she rode a new york subway train. >> police are releasing new video of the man they say attacked her. it shows him stumbling as he tries to get out of the subway station where
5:58 pm
>> the woman talking to our
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