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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the woman talking to our darla niles with the lead story tonight. >> reporter: well, bill, this 71-year-old woman has been commuting between borough park and the garment district for decades. nef yesterday morning she was minding her own business. before she knew it, she had been sliced in the face. >> listen to me personally i'm not afraid. never been afraid. >> she's back on the train, a day after carmen was sliced on the left side of her face. a 4-inch gash that required 20 switches and an injury she doesn't care to show the world. >> just pretending that he fell and he fell on top of me and that's when he slashed my face. >> reporter: the seamstress was headed to work monday morning around 7:00 when police say this teen 71-year-old with a knife and razor blade at the broadway and la fayette station. >> i didn't know.
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he flew out. he flew. they couldn't get him. they tried to get him but he was flying. i guess he got some wings under his shoes. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of that suspect flying jumping across the turn turnstile. >> i hope -- he should repent, you know because he destroy his life. young kid, maybe 17, 20. who knows? >> reporter: and just to give you an indication how modest carmen is when she returned home from work, she told her family she fell at work and that's how she cut her face and they didn't know what happened until detectives showed up at their home. if you know anything about this incident, take a look at the
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call crimestoppers at 1-800-577- tips. >> reporter: what a mess this is. we have all lanes shut down on the new england thruway because of this jackknifed tractor- trailer. it happened at exit 12. that's on the right side of your screen. that's the only thing getting through here. you can also see that -- i can show you the guy came up on the snowbank, that's what caused this accident to happen. these delays are enormous with all lanes shut down on the thruway taking ba onto the cross bronx expressway and getting worse. >> thank you. tonight something governor christie does not do very ove. apologize. he did that to the mayor of wildwood who christie called crazy. the governor was in new jersey during the storm but he left
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for president in new hampshire saying the flood damage was minimal. here's more. >> regarding the comment a private apology today following a very public comment. new jersey governor chris christie, presidential candidate chris christie acknowledged today his description of a south jersey mayor as crazy was over the top. it happened last night during a town hall meeting in new hampshire. >> i heard one crazy mayor it down in south jersey say this is worst flooding than san sandy -- sandy. his town didn't get hit by sandy. so of course it's worse. >> reporter: the presidential candidate indicated he went too far so he called patrick rosenello to say i'm sorry. >> i feel badly. i've known him for a long time.
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i feel badly i called him crazy. a little bit of one too many adjective. >> i would like for him to let the biz owners and first responders know that he understands what we went through. >> reporter: but the governor's crazy comment wasn't the only one that infuriated the people of north wildwood who saw floodwaters pour into town during the blizzard. >> i don't know what you expect me to do. want me to go down there with a mop? >> reporter: business owner scott chambers jumped 0en that remark and placed a mop outside of his door. >> he's been bullying everybody and making us look like idiots. >> there was not a what happened on friday and saturday that even resembled sandy and i did not want that narrative to become what was going on here. >> reporter: no doubt the governor succeeded in changing the narrative. perhaps an even bigger concern.
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president want their candidate to appear and act presidential. we'll leave it up to you decide if the go succeeded. >> thank you. to the cleanup from the blizzard that was not sandy. much snowplowed to fill a certain baseball poork park in the bronx. 66 times. all of those mounds of snow now melting. temps inspect 40s will cause that. several neighborhood in queens crews have been working around the clock. streets are down to the black top. some are still filled with snow. all of the streets have been plowed. check out this picture from long island city. talk about a great before and after. the car before and then to the right finally shoveled out. he said he knew it was his car because he pulled out the wipers. in newark, sanitation workers struggling to clear main streets where stranded cars have slowed the cleanup. but we're told late this afternoon school will be open tomorrow.
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toni yates in newark and we begin with dave evans in queens. >> reporter: this is 85th and ja kay ma avenue. black top here. a lot better after three days of complaints from this neighborhood. i wanted to go to video that came in late this afternoon. this is from today, this is from one of our photographers, brian white. he shot this video it's at 54th place. as you can see not good conditions at all. and so a lot of people tonight still rather unhappy. in places like woodhaven, corona and sunnyside, a streets are finally plowed. but a lot of anger having to wait too long. >> they should have been prepared a little bit better. if every area got cleaned -- manhattan got cleaned. what about us? we don't ever forget everybody in different parts of the city. jackson heights got 34 inches
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>> reporter: the san says commission -- sanitation commissioner said this was no typical blizzard. when we're talking about having to do scoop by scoop out of some of these streets with a front-end loader, it's very slow. >> reporter: so much snow there's nowhere to put it all across the city, sanitation turned to large melters. piled snow is dumped inside. everything comes out as water below. last night sanitation moved in half of the department's fleet. more than 900 trucks but it was so bad a lot of trucks got stuck. this morning, a bus, skidded and stuck a parked car. many parents were angry it's taken three days to get roads back to normal. >> right now a little bit better. but like yesterday, my daughter didn't get to school because
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>> reporter: today despite some lasting anger, the mood was mostly relief. >> very, very happy. finally, we waited 48 hours to get this thing down. >> it's frustrating. we're always the last on these side blocks. it's good that we're getting service now. we are -- we are patient. >> reporter: alternate side of the street parking it's suspended until february 1st. pickup will resume by sanitation on thursday. reporting live in woodhaven, dave evans, back to you. now it newark many streets are covered in show snow. the city has been cons slatting on clearing roads. late this announced classes will resume tomorrow. toni yates has more. >> reporter: the department of transportation, private contractors brought in workers
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are working overtime to dig newark 0 out, not just to get schools reopened but to end some very dangerous and unsafe conditions in some areas. this is merchant place. cars haven't moved since saturday and livelihoods are on hold. >> we can't go to work. i've been home since saturday. >> reporter: we found similar circumstances on polk street. one end of the street covered in snow, this one cleared but only because a construction worker decided he was making it into work. >> he take the snow outside. he has to go to work. >> reporter: fewer roads are blocked because they brought in extra crews from across the state. >> we have two shifts on hand.
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every 12 hours we're shifting. >> reporter: this is busy. >> it is. it's a large operation but we're used to it. >> reporter: they've jumped in big time digging out streets, dumping their halls into area parks getting newark moving again. >> we are making considerable progress going forward. ask that you be patient and we'll get through it. >> reporter: every day the streets are like this, it's cause for concern. the people are a close-knit group. they know which neighbors are most vulnerable. >> she have to go tonight hospital. >> reporter: there's a lot of snow and newarkers can help. >> if they can hold tight with their vehicles and move the remove their vehicles from the easier. a lot faster. >> reporter: and the situation was so bad here, d.o.t. believes the workers will be out on the street tomorrow trying to get this job finished. we're live here at the d.o.t. maintenance yard, toni yates,
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>> hope it's all clear tomorrow. >> thank you. as we don't continue, an 86- year-old man tasered by new york cops but he claims the cops got the wrong guy. now he's fighting back. and i'm lee gold berg more melts today. temperatures in the 40s. tonight, a few showers but they are rain showers coming in.
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xt police in brooklyn were looking for a suicidal man in his 20s. they found an 86-year-old man cooking soup in the kitchen. >> he had a knife in one hand and an onion in the other. that's when police tasered him. he's lucky to be alive. >> now he's suing. here's shirleen allicot. >> reporter: he came to this country from trinidad 45 years ago. he's the father of six and has another grandchildren than he can count. for the most part, he has lived a peaceful life until october 24th of last year. >> while here -- while in trinidad never experienced. >> reporter: you were cutting an onion and the doorbell rake. he left the door ajar thinking it could be his wife and
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>> coming up the step. i said what do you want? >> reporter: he said he was extremely confused. he still had the knife and on up-- onion in his hand. >> i put the knife down. >> reporter: he said he was tased on his neck. >> they are running. hit him again. hit me on my leg here and one kicked me in the stomach on the floor. >> reporter: his attorney said he was the wrong guy the whole time. >> a member of the 63rd precinct had called in to another part of the new york city police responding and gave the answer that it was a 23- year-old male that they had to respond to. >> reporter: here's a snippette of the actual 911 call.
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23 years old. >> i still have pain in my shoulder and leg and some nights i can't sleep. >> reporter: even though he's not the man they were looking for, he faces harassment charges. he will be in court next month. his attorney has filed a $5 million lawsuit. he didn't act in his first film until he was 50. abe vigoda died today. sal, that was his character, this was business, not personal as begged for his wife. this is barney miller. he lived a lone in manhattan but die the at 94 in wood lawn park, new jersey riding out the blizzard in the home of his daughter. and just ahead lee with your forecast and maybe a
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i would rather grab the umbrella just in case instead of more snow. we're talking to you. [laughter] >> outside we go. partly to cloudy night. a little easier to navigate into the parking spaces today. we started out with 27 inches of snowpack in central park on sunday. now we're down to 17 after some of the melting. a lot of piles to navigate around when you are walking around the big apple. 47 degrees. wind has been gusty. the 47 is nice. and the barometer on the rise. the high 48 and the average is 39. way above average despite the snowpack. our brief shower or sprinkle tonight. not a big deal. clouds will break tomorrow. the breeze picks up during the afternoon.
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not with a big coastal storm and then more melting as we go into the upcoming weekend. 38 on saturday. a little brisk that day with a flurry but sunday looks great 42 montgomery. now. these areas could go below freezing. belmont. by morning, clouds are starting to break. definitely breaks during the mid and late morning. a gusty breeze out of the northwest. a high of 33, 34. a couple of sprinkles near old bridge, middletown. they seem to be falling apart. they will be brief. you can take the umbrella. it won't be for any heavy rain. there are more showers off to the west with the cold front. this has to come our way during the nighttime hours. if you look at the future cast, the showers will probably be south and east of new york city if you are going going to be on radar and then get
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it's a little breezy. north of i-80 in new jersey, watch out for ice patches and then the low to mid-40s. the storm we're confident it stays offshore. maybe snow for northern new england by thursday and friday. this clipper is a little feisty. i think it could drag snowshowers on friday. wouldn't be surprised to see a coating. plenty of clouds. a couple of showers overnight. slick spots north and west. that breeze makes it feel like the mid- to upper 30s. tomorrow night is more widespread icing. we go down to the teens and 20s. thursday 39. on friday maybe a few snowshowers. the weekend good. we could be 50 in spots by the time we get to sunday. more at 11:00.
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which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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$25 million a year. sounds so good. the physicals today, now we play the waiting game. ses bed dis-- -- cespedis a deal, he agreed to a contract. he can opt out after one season. 17 home runs, 44 rbis. now looking for everything to wrap up. word from the knicks, anthony's left knee is still sore. he will not play against the thunder. the nets beat him by 10 during the snowstorm. they won't be happy cappers. knicks are 13-9 at home. and they score in the 80s. look to make noise against the thunder at home tonight.
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is -- he calls him a unicorn. >> we have nine games. seven at home. it's an opportunity to get home, sleep in our own beds a lot of nights and try to build something before going into the break. nets at home against miami. we expected a good one between the warriors around the sphurs. the top teams in the west. what we got instead was a 30- point blowout. san antonio has won 13 straight. golden state ran right past them. 120-90. seth curry scored and the warriors are 37-4. ready for the semifinals at the australian open? we showed you serene nonwilliams. the men have a heck of a one
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set win in the quarters. he rolled guns again but advances to meet federer next. federer. they've each won 22. giants' crow matter has been added to the pro bowl on sunday. super bowl is the following sunday. no official word yet but official network cameras seemed to picken you an interesting exchange -- picked up an interesting enchangesge. aparently manning says this might be my last rodeo. it sure has been a pleasure. no jail time for richardson. he plead guilty to lesser charges connected to that high feed car chase.
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devils and pug. bluejackets played last night. maddie should get three dogs here because of the sign. >> dad a said they are getting one puppy and maddie will name him cam. [laughter] >> thank you. >> thank you. time to look at some of the stories for the news at 11:00. sade baderinwa is here. >> new concerns about the zika virus. a new travel warning issued. billions of dollars in unclaimed cash. we'll show you how to get your hands on some money tonight at 11:00. >> we like that. >> hands-on money. >> join us later. that's it for us.
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>> i'm liz cho.
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