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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. it's 6:00. for the first time we are seeing the suspect accused of slashing a grandmother in the face while sitting in a subway train. we are live as police figure out if he is behind other attacks. >> new information on the dead liam track rederailment -- derailment in philadelphia. what may have distracted the engineer. >> get ready for another mild day and melting snow and a sneek peek at the weekend. >> good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. today is wednesday, january 27th. only half a dozen school districts are closed or have delayed openings. >> we have the list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. you can see it at abc7ny. meantime, public schools in newark will be open for the first time since the blizzard. a live update in a moment. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast.
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and the slush festival will continue today. good morning. temperature 44 as we start the 6:00 hour. really warm. normal average high is 39. we are in the low 40s long island. 45 montauk. 41 down the jersey shore. nobody below the freezing mark. no worries about black ice on roadways. a couple of sprinkles from brooklyn and queens sandy hook, coastal connecticut. those will be gone by 7:00. at 8:00 cloudy. sun breaks out. a lot of sunshine later on today. temperatures in the mid-40s and that's right. debbie duhaime is looking at the roads and rails for you in center. >> good morning. problems on 287 northbound up to exit 1 in edison an accident cars. looks like one lane blocked. watch for emergency activity there. seeing some delays with metro north up to 15-minute delays in and out of grand central terminal on the harlem, hudson
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ongoing signal problems at the park avenue tunnel. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on time. watch out for a problem as well, 28 in rosedale park an accident with a downed traffic signal. inbound george washington bridge avoid the lower level. lower level they are doing emergency pothole repair. a lot of cars with flat tires. try the upper level. taconic, an accident in yorktown. subways on or close. the l.i.e. again westbound still moving slowly through little neck parkway into queens. alternate side parking rules are suspended. back to you, ken, lori. new details and video of the man accused of slashing a brooklyn grandmother at random on a subway train. overnight we learned the identity of the 21-year-old suspect and the charges he will now face. eyewitness news reporter dray
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station in noho, dray. >> reporter: the suspect, damon knowles is in yale because his grandmother turned him in. he was arrested in brooklyn on tuesday afternoon. his grandmother recognized his distinctive red sweat pants and hat and called the police and told them i know exactly who you are looking for. now, knowles is accused of attacking 71-year-old carmen rivera monday on the d train station. rivera thought knowles fell on top of her then she realized she was bleeding and she had a gash on her face 4 inches long that required 30 stitches. >> i hope god forgive him and he should repent, you know, because he is destroying his life. >> reporter: carmen rivera, 71 years old, is also a grandmother. she did not realize what
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she says that knowles slashed her across the face and jumped up and ran away. the surveillance video captured him as he ran away and tumbling over the turnstile. police are investigating to see if knowles can be connected to a doze seven other slashings that happened across the city in recent weeks and months. live in noho, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. it is back to class for new jersey's largest school district four days after the monster blizzard. students urged to watch out for slippery streets and sidewalks. mallory hoff is live in newark. mallory? >> reporter: ken, good morning. students will need to watch out for those slippery spots. we did take a good drive around newark and tell you things have dramatically improved. most streets are cleared since yesterday. sidewalks like this one have been cleared. the problem, though, the
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streets like this where if you can see to the side here, half this street blocked with snow. you can imagine that could create problems as students go back to school today. i want you to take a look at the video. this shows crews hard at work picking up the snow, moving it somewhere else. because of the conditions on the roadway, new jersey d.o.t. had to help out. 200 crews out on the roads trying to improve them. the mayor said the work would get done. >> we are going to do this done. i know tensions are high. we will not leave anybody stranded or left behind. we will work until it's done. >> reporter: perhaps this mural days ahead. it does feel better today but one thing we need to bring to your attention, a lot of these side streets, cars are in the
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the snow ends up back in the middle of the road. that's what you need to watch out for if you walk your child to the bus stop or school this morning. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> mallory, thank you. new this morning, a theory from investigators on what caused last year's dead liam track crash in philadelphia. officials think the amtrak engineer was distracted by radio chatter from other train operators. a full ntsb report on the crash will be released next monday. it is expected to dismiss rumors that the train engineer was using his cell phone. the crash killed eight and injured more than 200 others. in the race for president, donald trump is bowig out of the final republican presidential debate days before the iowa caucuses. he criticize fox news for playing games and that megyn kelly is the debate moderator. she asked trump pointed
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last summer was blasted by
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>> we are marching to astoria. as we look from queens southward, look at the camera bouncing around. a little wind here. our camera on the building south of the rfk triboro bridge about 27 stories up. it's kind of really -- a west wind coming around. that is bouncing our camera a bit. looking from brooklyn to wall street and around one world trade. 44 degrees. temperature will drop a bit then warm back up. showers are here from nassau, suffolk county to the east end down the jersey shore. a couple sprinkles here. those are ending later on today. sunny breaks. the temperature cools down from this point out to 38 at 8:00. 39 10:00. 44 to 45 this afternoon. way warmer than normal for this time of the year. at the bus stop, here are the said huckleberries with their ring leaders and the temperature 45 later on today. debbie duhaime not susceptible
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>> they are cut. >> how is it going? good morning bill and everybody. problems with metro north. 10 to 15-minute delay into grand central parkway on the harlem, hudson and new haven lines because of ongoing signal tunnel. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on time. watch for this problem on 2 7 north exit 1 in edison. accident blocking one lane. 28 blocked in rosedale park accident with a downed traffic signal. inbound george lower level pothole repairs. taconic north in yorktown a crash. southern state westbound building heading out to peninsula boulevard in says saw county -- nassau county. alternate sides are suspended. still ahead, update on a developing story out west. a deadly end to an armed stand off at an oregon wildlife refuge. how police and the fbi managed
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>> a lawyer is awarded a huge amount of money after claiming she was sexually harassed from the
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and you'll see healthcare differently too. across 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health.
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developing this morning,
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others arrested in a clash that ended a week long stand off between the fbi and a militia group in oregon. the leader, ammon bundy and several followers were arrested during a traffic stop last night. officials say when they pulled over the group, lavoy finicum and bundy's brother ryan refused to surrender, finicum was shot and killed. eight people were arrested. hot yoga guru bikram choudhury has been ordered to pay over $7 million to a former legal advisor. she sued choudhury saying he sexually harassed then wrongfully fired her for investigating a rape allegation made by another woman. bikram yoga has grown into an empire taught at more than 650 studios worldwide. he said his legal problems have almost bankrupt him. six other women also filed suit. five accuse choudhury of raping
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time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with meteorologist bill evans. >> this morning it feels good outside. we have a light wind to a west wind. you feel that coming in. everybody is getting off the subways with the right footwear on, the coat. we see this melting today. the temperatures this morning are not below freezing in any part of the area. we don't see a risk of any black ice on roadways or sidewalks this morning. here is a look outside from our cameras. we will show you a live picture from the beautiful jersey shore, asbury park. a morning where we start out at 44 degrees. winds are west, barometer 29.95 right at 30 which is our mark of fair weather. normal high of 39. yesterday 48. sun officially up at 7:11. a beautiful sunrise around 5:00. the daylight hours are getting longer than two minutes. 41 white plains.
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temperatures up in monticello, 34. so, above freezing with this light wind this morning. today we will have a fair amount of sunshine and a west wind. we do have a few showers across nassau county, suffolk county, jersey shore. those sprinkles are sliding eastward. there are clouds and breaks of sun for this afternoon. a fair amount of sun to sunset makes for a pretty sunset. by the time we get to 8:00 temperatures will rebound and start warming up. we will get into the low 40s, mid-40s this afternoon. to see to start tomorrow morning, there is that risk. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow tomorrow 31 to 36 north and west and 20s. quite possible tomorrow morning we could see 31 around the park. maybe black ice on roadways uped hudson river valley and around to the north and west. today we have a few sprinkles this morning and sunny breaks and sunshine later on. temperature 45. that is above the normal high of 39. tonight a chilly night with clear skies. overnight a little freezing. be aware of that tomorrow morning but by afternoon we are
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your accuweather seven-day forecast, a little chilly on friday. we have been talking about a system earlier in the week out in the atlantic. one system in the great lakes. both of them miss us. we are in the gap. it will make it windy on friday. it will be chilly then we rebound for the weekend to cloudy weather saturday and sunny and milder weather on sunday, 46 degrees. nice morning out here. a lot of folks out here this morning for this hour of the day getting going. >> there you go. >> we are saying how much the snow is gone. >> amazing. >> amazing amount of snow. melting will continue today and we won't have any real snowstorms on the horizon for the next ten days. >> good thing. >> thank you, bill. issues on metro north? >> that's for sure. good morning, ken, lori, bill, and everybody. metro north 15-minute delays into grand central parkway.
6:17 am
p. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on or close to schedule. potholes near the harlem river drive. people got flat tires. try the upper level. still moving okay at the george. lincoln 15. holland 5. exit one in edison an accident involving a truck and several cars. delays building as you can see. problems on 17 m at gilbert in monroe a collision. subways on time. l.i.e. west through nassau county, just starting to build by rosalyn road. the other camera on the inbound b.q.e. still solid here up to the brooklyn bridge. alternate side parking rules remain suspended. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, the clock is ticking on an e-bay auction getting a lot of buzz. how to get your hands on a
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the dow starts up 282 points. 16,167. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin more than 1% higher. futures are lower. >> nikkei closed up more than 2%. hong kong hang seng index finished higher more than 1%. apple just racked up the most profitable quarter for any american company in history. apple's profit grew 2% hitting $18.4 billion. it did that in spite of so so sales for the iphone. the iphone beat sales from the year before by less than 1%. apple says iphone sales will fall this quarter for the first time in 13 years. ipad and mac sales were down. time is running out to buy a giant size s.u.v. that used to be owned by a former california governor.
6:21 am
so the at the was the property of arnold schwarzenegger. the 39-year-old vehicle only has 1900 miles on it. arnold has autographed it before selling it to a texas dealership. >> at least it's a mercedes. >> nice. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the forecast. >> that's what you need to get over piles of that. a lot of piles around the area still. we will have a lot of melting today. we are looking at a few sprinkles on the eastern end of long island sliding east and down the jersey shore. these go out of the way, we see mild temperatures. 43 in the park. 34 monticello. 41 newark, staten island and toward elizabeth. next seven hours, here is what you can expect. temperature cooling a bit, to the upper 30s then back to the mid-40s for later on this afternoon. we are looking at 42 to 45 and a lot of sun later today.
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heather. >> metro north right now, 15- minute delays in and out of grand central parkway due to ongoing signal problems at the park avenue tunnel. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on or close. inbound george lower level pothole repairs by the harlem river drive. stop-and-go traffic across the lower level. 15 at the holland. 287 exit 1 in edison a collision. 80 east exit 44 a collision blocking one lane. taconic north in yorktown a collision as well. going outside to the l.i.e. stop-and-go traffic through kissena boulevard to the queens midtown tunnel. alternate side parking rules are suspended. back to you, ken, lori. >> thank you. naacp leaders presented a 15 point plan to help flint michigan as the city recovers from a toxic water crisis. leaders crafted the plan with flint residents then presented it to governor schneider
6:23 am
the plan calls for free home inspection, a repeal of the emergency manager law. naacp says that law gave emergency managers authority to switch flint's water supply. flint continues to receive generous donations of water from across the country. walmart and several beverage companies will deliver 6.5 billion bottles of water to the city. it will be specifically for schoolchildren and pregnant women. thousands of people across the country are remembering be loved character actor ab vigoda -- abe vigoda. at the age of 50 he got his the godfather. he moved to television as a warnout new york police detective on the sitcom barney miller. in 19 2 "people" magazine reported that he passed away. there were jokes dead or alive, abe vigoda. he was very much alive until yesterday.
6:24 am
he turned the death into a running joke. he grew up in brooklyn. he died in his sleep in his daughter's new jersey home. he was 94. >> well loved. >> definitely. closing in on 6:30. still ahead, new video of the 24-year-old man accused of slashing a grandmother across the face at random. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
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hudson river days after he vanished. >> get ready for more mild weather into the weekend. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. we want to mention six local school districts are either closed osh delayed. you can see the list at the of your screen and at abc7ny. >> the school bells will be ringing at public schools in newark. we will take a look live in a moment. >> first meteorologist bill evans. >> why not go to the beach on a mild day. take a look at our camera from asbury park. beautiful sunrise coming up in parts of the area. temperature 44 degrees. normal high is 39. newark 41. 41 white plains. newburgh 39. everybody is above the freezing mark. no black ice issues.
6:29 am
down to nassau county and the jersey shore. that is sliding eastward. 38 by 7:00. we will cool off a few degrees by sunrise. then we warm back up. 41 at noon. 45 this afternoon. a west wind cranking at 20 miles per hour. chilly tonight. we will talk about that next. weather and traffic every seven minutes. how is it going? metro north a 15-minute delay in and out of grand central parkway. it's due to ongoing signal problems at the park avenue tunnel. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on or close. george ten minutes in. pothole repair cleared on the lower level. lincoln 20. holland 15. throgs neck bridge an accident being cleared. 287 north exit one in edison a collision involving a truck and several cars. 80 east into wear ton busy with -- wharton busy with an accident.
6:30 am
earlier problems on the 1 and 2 completely cleared. garden state parkway up to the raritan tolls, reports of an accident garden state parkway north at 116 in the local lanes. to the other camera, westbound belt bunching up here heading out to kennedy airport. no reports of problems at the airports today. alternate side parking rules remain suspended. back to you, lori, ken. >> what a mess that is. all right, thank you. for the first time this morning we are getting a look at at man accused of slashing a brooklyn grandmother in the face on a subway train. eyewitness news reporter dray clark sent a tweet out about the arrest from the scene this morning. he is joining us live in noho with details on who turned the suspect in to police. you may be surprised. listen up. good morning, dray. >> >>reporter: the 21-year-old suspect is in jail this morning because his grandmother turned him in. she recognized the red hat and
6:31 am
the police -- red sweat pants and called the police. reporter: overnight we are getting the first look at the man accused of randomly slashing a 71-year-old woman across the face on the d train monday morning. 21-year-old damon knowles was arrested tuesday afternoon. >> i hope god forgive him. he should repent, you know. because he destroys his life. >> reporter: the victim, carmen rivera doesn't want to show the 4-inch gash across her face. she said the slashing in noho happened so quickly she didn't realize she was cut. >> he just pretended that he fell and he fell on top of me and that's when he slashed my face. >> reporter: although you can't see his face, police say surveillance video shows him running and jumping across the turnstile, falling flat on his face. >> he flew out, he flew. they couldn't get him. they tried to get him but he
6:32 am
>> reporter: detectives are looking to see if he is connected to any other random slashings across the city. now he is being held on multiple assault charges. the 71-year-old victim, also a grandmother, had to receive more than 20 stitches to close the wound on her face. she said despite what happened change her routine. she is a long-time worker in the garden district and will ride the subway every day as she has for most of her life. when she got home after the attack she told manager family she had fallen on the job. it wasn't until the detectives showed up that she told them what really happened to her. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a story. amazing, thank you. another apparently random subway slashing. this happened in manhattan. 32-year-old man was slashed in the face as he was waiting for
6:33 am
it happened after 9:30 last night at the 116th street station. the victim received stitches at the hospital. it's back to the classroom this morning for schoolchildren in newark. here is a live look at the street outside of sussex avenue elementary school. governor christie sent in state equipment to help finish the cleanup because it was going slowly. students are being told to be cautious as they make their way to class. some of the streets might be covered with snow. mayor ross baraka won't let up until all the streets are clear. >> we have done a substantial amount of work in the city since saturday. i think that we are almost there. we have a few areas to hit. we are going to continue to be out here until it's done. >> schools in philadelphia and washington, d.c. are also reopening today. it is a loss that would
6:34 am
the body of a hoboken man has been found in the hudson river. people are reading about this story at abc7ny. 24-year-old matthew genovese left friends at a bar in hoboken, supposedly heading home. it was a ten block walk. he never made it. a detective found his wallet and keys by the waterfront. that is three days after he vanished. new york city police divers found his body in the hudson. >> when he did not show up to work on monday morning, matthew worked on wall street, at that time family members were called. they came to us to report matthew missing. >> police say there was no sign of foul play but it's not clear how he ended up in the river during the blizzard. a case of a dangerous psych kay virus -- sikh kay virus is confirmed -- zika virus is confirmed three cases are in
6:35 am
president obama met with medical officials yesterday after they added the u.s. virgin islands and do mini call republic to a list of places that travelers should avoid. it is linked to brain damage in babies and paralysis in adults. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> here we go. we take a look from our camera on the roof across the park. lights are on at wollman rink. the sheep meadow and the softball fields are covered in snow. we got cloudy skies this morning h. sun up in a while. pretty sunrise. down the jersey shore we can barely make out the navigationnal buoy. temperature mild. 44 degrees. the showers we have been talking about, the sprinkles this morning, suffolk to southeast nassau, fire island down the jersey shore sliding eastward there. high pressure will build in. sunny breaks.
6:36 am
breezy breaks. wind picks up out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. 45 this afternoon. that will run us about 6 degrees above normal for this time of the year. clearing skies tonight. grab a jacket for the bus stop this morning. it will be around 42 cooling to 38 by school time. then 45 this afternoon. bright and breezy. i give it a b. heather is away. debbie duhaime is looking at the commute. 6 delays problems at bleecker street. metro north 15-minute delays in and out of grand central parkway terminal -- grand central terminal. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on time. george 10, lincoln 30, holland 15 minutes in. southern state west at central avenue and valley stream a collision. the volume here, this is the southern state parkway
6:37 am
into valley stream. blocking one lane. also rubbernecking delays on the eastbound side. to the other camera, very busy westbound belt parkway out to kennedy airport. alternate side parking rules remain suspended. back to you, lori, ken. >> thank you, debbie. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a dramatic explosion caught on camera in new jersey. the quick thinking that kept everybody safe. plus, the cause of the blast. >> also ahead, new video we received overnight that police
6:38 am
caught on camera in new jersey, a garbage truck catches fire and explodes in hamilton. the truck's two operators reported smoke in the cab. they jumped out, record the fire just in time. the truck burst into flames sending debris all around. four homes were damaged nearby. officials say a battery issue sparked the fire that caused a natural gas container to explode. the trial could start for a mother suspected of murdering her two young children. lisette is accused of poisoning and drowning her children at
6:39 am
in 2012. the two chirp, 5 and 4 months -- children 5 and 4 months were found unconscious by their father. new this morning, video of a gunpoint robbery in the bronx. police want your help in finding the man at the counter of this storage facility on southern boulevard. after pulling a gun on a worker, he stole about $90. it happened wednesday night. that worker did not get hurt. "good morning america" is up next. george stephanopoulos is joining us live. we have the stand off in oregon turned deadly. they were stopped by the police. one person dead. several others arrested. we will have the latest from oregon. the race for the white house, donald trump full of surprises. now he won't show hup at the fox debate tomorrow night. that is what he is saying. it won't be turned around. we will talk to his campaign
6:40 am
he has complaints about megyn kelly saying he is not being treated fairly five days before the iowa caucuses. remember the video that wept viral a few weeks ago, the young woman at the center of the storm for attacking an uber driver. she will speak out live on gma. >> interesting to hear what she has to say. explaining to do. have a good show, george. we check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill evans now. >> this morning it's windy. a breeze, we are looking at a morning where we start out with temperatures comfortable for this hour of the day. above the normal high temperature. these pictures tell the story, in high definition. from brooklyn to wall street down to the battery looking good. 43 degrees. humidity is dry. west wind will go to 20 miles per hour. that is a west wind that will
6:41 am
look at yesterday's high 38. normal 39. the record set in 1916 when it was 69 degrees. it gets warm this time of year. across long island, 42 north port to massapequa. just this hour temperature dropped to 32. overnight not enough hours to create lack ice but in case there might be some up that way to binghamton and monticello. everybody is above the freezing mark. not as harsh. there will be a wind mostly out of the west. a few sprinkles on the eastern end of long island, out to the hamptons, orient point. futurecast showing 42 at 6:00. might cool another degree or two by 8:00. look at the afternoon. sunshine by 11:00. plenty of sun this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-40s. tomorrow we start the day with
6:42 am
you may have icy road situations north and west. after school great day. 45 are school. kiddos, get outside and kick around the slush, will you. the 45 degrees this afternoon after the sprinkles this morning. tonight clear skies. the low drops to 28 in the city. watch fourth ice situation in the morning. by afternoon we are at 40 and sunset 5:06 to 5:08. that will be the daylight hours are two minutes longer each day. friday with a low out of the atlantic, it will be blustery and chilly. we warm back up saturday and sunday. 48 by monday. no big snowstorms any time soon, no harsh cold any time soon. great weather forecast. we have a great weather forecast. i know that makes pa happy. >> a little fist pump. >> thank you, bill. over to debbie duhaime and the commute.
6:43 am
6 train delays downtown with signal problems at bleecker street. metro north 15-minute delays in and out of grand central due to signal problems at the park avenue tunnel. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on time. slowdowns on the taconic north. exit 1 in edison an accident involving a truck and a couple of cars. southern state west into valley stream collision by central avenue. let's take a look. this is the southern state parkway westbound into central avenue in valley stream. an accident blocking one lane. rubbernecking delays on the eastbound side as well. going to the camera of the george washington bridge, inbound george about 10. the emergency pothole repair on the lower level completely cleared out of the way. also a look at the inbound lincoln tunnel, that is up to a 30-minute delay at the lincoln. holland 15. alternate sides are suspended today citywide. back to you, lori, ken.
6:44 am
a plan to shield lower manhattan from sandy style flooding a is hundreds of millions and several years away from becoming a reality. the project got federal support last week and city officials hope to start building next year. it's not clear where the city will get $300 million more that it needs to finish the job. the idea is to build a five- mile long barrier of berms, walls and floodgates around lower manhattan. new jersey governor chris christie is calling for a state takeover of atlantic city. the governor says the gambling resort city is incapable of getting its finances together after years of overspending. it would last five years instead of the originally proposed 15 years. new information in the case of a friend who apparently was aren't too friendly when it
6:45 am
he was arraigned overnight on grand larceny charges accused of stealing a friend's winning powerball ticket worth $50,000. prosecutors say he told the other man it was worth $4. investigators say he was going to use the money to escape to the dominican republic. an indiana school district is mourning the loss of a long- time principal killed pushing children out of the path of an on an oncoming school bus. a school bus lurched on to a curb as jordan's students prepared to go home. she managed to push the students to safety before she got hit. >> we will work closely with the authorities. we want to make it clear that it was an accident. and we just ask that everyone in this community and beyond please pray for our students and our great leader. >> two children did get hit but
6:46 am
no charges have been filed against the bus's driver. jordan was principal of the school for 22 years. what a brave act to do that, push the kids out of the way and she took her on life in the process to safe the kids. >> so sad. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," new information on caffeine and its effects on our hearts. >> plus, what this toddler was caught doing on the baby monitor that has turned her
6:47 am
a bad accident on 287 in edison, new jersey. >> john del giorno is over the scene. this is ugly, john. >> reporter: ken and lori, first live pictures from newscopter 7. it appears that the snow continues to be a problem. this is northbound 287. again, just past the new jersey turnpike. you can tell by the snow kicked out in the roadway it appears as though one of these vehicles went into the snowbank before careening on the highway. we have a big mess with the snow on the road, accident vehicles in the process of being cleared. left lane is open. live over edison, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. another reason this morning to keep on drinking the cup of joe. caffeine does not appear to give your heart palpitations. researchers at the university
6:48 am
caffeine frequently do not experience more jolt to the heart. scientists say it may actually be good for heart health but more research needs to be done. a toddler has become a hit online for counting her blessings. stop what you are doing and check out the video. they put her to bed without asking her to say her prayers. she prayed on her own. watch. >> mommy and cala and mama and -- >> how cute is that. a video monitor recorded the little girl as she prayed for her friends, parents, grandma and santa claus. we posted the video on our facebook page so you can take another look at share it with your friends. >> beyond precious. it's 6:54. up next the case of a
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get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. or with a 2 year agreement, get $400 back. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. a bad accident on i-287 in edison, new jersey. >> the latest from john del giorno over the scene in new jersey. >> reporter: we mentioned the snow continues to be a problem at the entrance ramps, exit ramps, shoulders, everything. you see the accident vehicles. one of these vehicles went off the road. you can see where it careened into the snowbank and kicked
6:52 am
northbound 287 at the new jersey turnpike. two lanes are open. big delays northbound through the another. live over edison, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. there is an arrest in the slashing of a brooklyn grandmother in the subways and another grandma is credited with helping police. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark is in noho with that story. >> reporter: the suspect damon knowles is in custody because his grandmother turned him in. here is a look at him. the grandmother recognized her grandson in surveillance video, the red hat and sweat pants. he is accused of slashing carmen rivera across the face early monday morning. rivera said it felt like knowles fell on top of her. it wasn't until she was bleeding that she realized she
6:53 am
required more than 20 stitches. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. another check on the commute with debbie duhaime. >> thank you, lori. the 6 train downtown delays with signal problems at bleecker street. metro north still reporting a 15-minute delay into and out of grand central because of ongoing signal problems. l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on or close to schedule. taconic north an accident in yorktown. 287 an accident by exit 1 in edison. watch for extensive delays back to the turnpike. alternate side suspended. back to you, lori r ken, bill. >> all right, debbie. this morning sunshine, pretty sunrise. a few sprinkles. cloudy skies and 43 will be the 7:00 temperature. we are going to be looking at temperatures that will fall a few more degrees this morning as we get going today. so, we will look at sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-40s. guys. >> very nice, thank you, bill.
6:54 am
i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes.
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