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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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desperate search for a suspect. we have video of the violent attacks where the victim was stabbed several times. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. we'll begin with breaking news. >> police searching for a gunman who they say killed his girlfriend, wounded a second woman, and has made threats against several other people. >> shirleen allicot is at the scene where she just talked to the girlfriend's mother. >> a very sad scene here in far rockaway tooptd. -- tonight. i just got through with talking to the mother of the victim. as you can imagine, she's very devastated. her daughter was killed in this apartment building right behind me. take a look. you can see there's still very much police presence here as the search for a gunman continues. >> reporter: the 29-year-old suspect is tyquan long. police wanted to get this photo out there because they say he's made several threats to others. let's take a look at video from
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police came here and found two women. a 51-year-old woman shot in the hand and found in the lobby of the building, and a 36-year-old was found inside an apartment. she had a gunshot wound to her torso and was pronounced dead at the scene. we have learned she was long's girlfriend. i spoke to yolanda who said that was her daughter joanne. she said long was very possessive. >> beautiful person, very smart, go to church, very intelligent. she met this guy, he started be possessed over him. like nothing. she stayed home, didn't do nothing, no friends. nothing really. >> this family really looking for answers. as for that 51-year-old victim, she's at st. john's university hospital. apparently she confronted long trying to stop the incident and that's when he shot her. it's worth taking another look at this man. again, he is 29-year-old tyquan long. he is
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he is armed and willing to use his weapon. if you have seen him, police urge you to call him. in far rockaway, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're going to turn to that robbery spree. police tonight want the knife wielding robber off the streets before he strikes again. >> he has done it so far five times this month, all the attacks in the bronx and at least two of the attacks he stabbed the victims. this is video of one of the attacks. >> marcus solis is in the williamsbridge section with more. >> you're going to hear from two of the five victims. one complied with the robber's arrest. the other was stabbed. >> reporter: it started with a demand for money, but in seconds the robbery turns violent. this is the aftermath. jose perez is recovering after being stabbed
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happened january 10th as the 49-year-old is walking out of his building, the suspect is getting ready, pulling up his hood, knife in hand. he strikes when perez opens an umbrella. he stabbed me hard three times when i tried to put my hand in my pocket. he said he told the suspect he would hand over his money but never had the chance. a fierce struggle continued in the vestibule. despite his injuries, the victim fights back. i thought of my kids and said, i'm not going to let him kill me. he managed to run away. the victim went in to a check cashing store for help. the nypd released this image and video of the man they're looking for. in all there have been five similar incidents all in the williamsbridge and wakefield sections of the bronx. >> in an attack position like this. >> reporter: henry fernandez was robbed last week. as in the other incidents it happened in the lobby. the suspects stole
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was coming. i tried rushing in to the building but he got in to the building as i was trying to close the door. >> reporter: fernandez wasn't hurt. it's a miracle, surviving seven stab wounds. >> very lucky indeed. another victim slash ed in the face, police very much want to stop this spree and are asking anyone with any information to contact them. we're live in the williamsburg section of the bronx, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what would you do if you saw a little boy getting mauled by a raccoon? one man in new jersey didn't think twice. he jumped out of his car, saved the little boy, then took care of the raccoon. what a story. happened this morning in the bergen county borough of elmwood park. here's anthony johnson. >> i don't know if he has rabies. i don't know what's going on. i wanted to protect the mother and the son. >> reporter: danny walls' quick
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thing to stop an ugly attack on a 6-year-old boy by a raccoon. walls jumped out of his vehicle to help a frightened mother whose child was being bitten repeatedly by the wild animal. >> he was traumatized. he was traumatized. he had cuts and bruises all over his face on both sides. you can clearly see he was attacked by an animal but i know for a fact he was emotionally and mentally traumatized by something like that. >> reporter: walls says he was thinking about his own children as he was trying to help, using his painter's pole and beating then killing the raccoon. danny's wife says her husband stepped up when someone needed help. >> saving the kid from the raccoon, i'm very proud of him. he took action and actually helped them when they were in need. >> reporter: the attack happened around 8:40 this morning. residents heard the mother's screams and called 911.
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please call 911. >> reporter: this woman says the boy and mother was stunned. >> the screams got louder, the voice got clearer. it was a lady screaming for help. >> reporter: residents of the neighborhood are worried about the wildlife in the area. >> i'm shaking a little bit because a little boy. it's so sad. >> reporter: the mayor says efforts may have to be increased to control wildlife in the area. >> we're doing what we can. we're contacting the county board of health. >> reporter: the raccoon is being tested for rabies but authorities say they won't have those results till friday. in elmwood park, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. new frightening data to tell you about. two people in a helicopter ride were forced to make a hard landing in the middle of a street on long island. kristin thorne is in lindenhurst tonight with more. >> this is the intersection
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it was removed about two hours ago. the pilot and passenger were not injured. we saw them smiling at the scene, obviously happy to be alive. >> reporter: this is video daniel morales took in his neighborhood. >> i run to my driveway and i heard the crash. >> reporter: investigators say the pilot, joseph lombardo, had just completed a training flight with student ming chen of china. the two were back to the academy of aviation when the chopper lost power around 700 feet. >> i heard the sirens come down. sounded like somebody dropped a pile of wood. >> reporter: what's amazing was the 26-year-old pilot was able to land the helicopter on this narrow residential street in lindenhurst, missing cars,
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>> the only thing they did was take the top of the sign off where it says slow. >> reporter: it's still unclear what caused the robinson r22 helicopter to lose power. >> it's going to be investigated internally, externally, and once we have facts then we'll release them but at this point it's speculation. all we know for certain is he did a real good job getting on the ground, keeping everyone safe. >> ming chen, the student, this was his first exercise. a resident told me he should keep this instructor as his instructor because obviously he knows what he's doing. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. fdny commissioner under scrutiny tonight after two firefighters were brought in to shovel his walkway after the blizzard. the city's department of investigation is now looking in to the incident. on sunday two firefighters cleared snow outside his home in white stone, queens. the commissioner could make it to a news conference about the city's response to the blizzard. tonight police
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blasting the new york post for calling for his resignation. >> department of investigation is doing an inquiry, appropriate, but i think a his resignation. let's remember service. i can guarantee writers of the editorial weren't standing at the base of the towers when they fell down. >> the fdny says the firefighters dug through a 4-foot snow berm. the firefighters did not miss any calls during the few minutes of shoveling. the dow down 222 points. nasdaq down 99. s&p 500 lose -- losing 20 points. growing worries about cases of the zika virus. new information tonight on where they have been reported in our area. >> and with all that snow from the blizzard still on the ground, it's really hard to find parking. we're going to show you some of the sneaky ways drivers are trying to save their
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>> and the piles keep shrinking with temperatures like this. we've been in the mid 40s. could even be higher over the weekend. first we're at 41 and temperatures headed below
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breaking news.
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delays at the inbound lincoln tunnel because of an earlier shutdown. >> we can show you this traffic creeping along here. that's the traffic headed to the inbound side of the lincoln tunnel. believe it or not, this is an improvement. as you mentioned, we had all lanes shut down. things are moving but at a snail's pace. we want to show you what it's doing to traffic because it's not pretty. you're going to wait over an hour at the inbound side of the lincoln. the delays take you around the the helix. >> long night ahead for those folks. health officials say five cases of zika virus have been confirmed in new york state. two are in new york city. we know one of those patients lives in queens. there's also one case in nasa and orange counties, and one case has been confirmed in monroe. all the cases in the u.s. are people who traveled to a country where the
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the cdc is warning pregnant women to avoid going to those 24 countries and territories. the virus is linked to brain damage in unborn babies. new at 6:00, we know lots of work to shovel your car out of the snow and the reluctance to give up a prized parking spot after all that labor, quite understanding. >> but some people are going too far, trying to save their shoveled parking space by calling dibs. >> so what's the ethics of all this? here's toni yates. >> reporter: randy is still at it. >> probably 25 minutes already trying to make a parking spot. >> reporter: and hence forth, that's his parking spot to claim. >> now i'm going to put my garbage cans right here. >> reporter: marking parking territory. and this is how we do it. >> you see the trash cans all lined up. everybody reserving their spots. that's for sure. >> do you blame them? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: so when they leave, they leave behind all
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cops understand in garfield for instance. >> a lot of people spent a lot of time shoveling the snow and making parking spaces for their cars. >> reporter: and in lodi. >> it's a courtesy they're there >> reporter: but you're really not supposed to do it. >> it is a violation to put objects in to the street to reserve parking spots. you can be charged and will have to go to court. >> reporter: this family in hackensack did the backbreaking work for many of their neighbors. >> we have neighbors next door that just had a baby about a week ago so their car was plowed in. we got the snow plow and >> reporter: police have had to respond to some arguments in some towns over cleared spots. they're just asking people to be considerate and neighborly. >> this street is a public broadway. we ask folks to be courtesy and use common sense. >> reporter: police aren't really removing this stuff unless it's something absolutely too dangerous to have on the side of the road.
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public works wants you to know they're going to start removing all of it on monday if you don't move it. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> some of the snow remelted. >> the only problem with warming temperatures during the day, when it freezes at night, what happens to the wetness on the ground?
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trihonda dealers. not just smart, street smart. we're in a pattern of melting, freezing. >> we've gone close to freezing, stayed above, and tonight it's teens and low 20s in spots. probably sheet of ice on a lot of communities tonight and tomorrow morning. just be aware of that. we'll go outside tonight. mainly clear skies and a great looking sunset. the sunset is at 5:07, getting nice and late. every ray started working on that snow. the average highs have starteded to go up.
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the sky looks so much prettyier looking above the buildings. air is still dry. the high today, 46, which is 7 degrees above average. we'll be tumbling in to the teens in places. there's a clipper on friday that carries a few snow showers and then there's more melting over the upcoming weekend. near 40 on saturday. upper 40s on sunday. temperatures now start ing to drop in cold spring at 36. 38, armaunk. they'll drop by 30 degrees tonight. we'll be in the teens and lower 20s. not new york city, probably about 33 tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. clouds will start to increase during the day. a few patchy clouds are clearing out right now. a couple cold fronts are moving in. high pressure and light wind moves in.
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talking all week about the next possible storm threat from these two systems here. instead of working together they're going their separate ways. we're safely snuggled in the middle here. we're on the western edge of some of the clouds. this little clipper is a little vigorous. a few snow showers friday morning and maybe an isolated squall north of the city could drop a dusting or coating making things slick early. highlighting some of the numbers tonight, 15, poughkeepsie. 29, islip. way below freezing for several hours will lead to icy roads. then we're up to 35 to 40 during the afternoon hours. your accuweather forecast, three cs. clear, calm and cold. tomorrow is up to 40 with sun giving away to clouds. maybe by dawn there's a couple flurries that start to work in. even if we don't get snow showers friday, you're going to notice a big time wind during the afternoon hours. maybe gusting over 35. so that will feel like 20s. the weekend is
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near 50 on sunday. 50 on monday with a late day shower. and look at tuesday and wednesday. could get a decent amount of rain on wednesday with so thaw to start february then cold follows in the weeks to come. >> get ready for football. super bowl champ big game. talks about his playing in the big game. we'll hear from eli. we'll also hear from the mets who signed their big bat last night, moving
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just for the record, if i sign three years for $75 million, i'll do all interviews and be on every conference call for everybody. whatever you want. >> he said he want the chance to finish what the mets started
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what could be the best of both worlds. three-year deal. $10 million signing bonus. cespedes is bet ting on himself to have a big season with the mets, opt out, try to earn another big contract and if not, it's $75 million for three years. 17 homers. 44 rbis. cespedes passed the physical last night, back in the fold today. >> wanted to be a new york met. and wanted to be here. we're a destination now where players want to be i think is the biggest testament. >> yoenis wanted to come back from new york. so i think we were successfully able to get this contract reached. getting ready for super bowl 50. broncos, panthers. no matter what happens peyton manning will be a major talking point.
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march. has battled injury. a lot of people think this could be his last game. his little brother spoke about that today. >> it would be a good way to go out. i don't know if it is but i think because of that possibility i hope he can win this game and if he decides to hang it up, go out on top. a night off for the nets and knicks. they both get back at it later this week. they have this in common. players on the rising stars roster during all star weekend. game of u.s.-borne stars against world stars. chrisops porzingis from latvia will play. we get the top seed in the australian open semifinals later tonight. in the men's quarters today, murray and roedich were winners. laura behnke with a group of young ladies definitely
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>> it's a high school relay dream team four years in the making. >> these girls are here from their freshman year. >> reporter: the girls four by 200 relay team is currently running the fastest times in the nation. >> it's just the focus and being so close to each other in a school where we're all friends. >> they are a very hardworking group and they are very intelligent. >> reporter: next up, the mill rose games where this team of mostly seniors will look to break the state record with the national record and a national title within reach. >> it helps motivate you because everybody always wants to be on top. we're just trying to make our mark before we leave because once we leave, there's nothing we can do about the past. just trying to make our mark pronounced. >> reporter: there's no better place to go after those goals than the games, an event that
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levels, from high schoolers to olympians. there's motivation. >> it's fun to watch how they've done the same thing as us. >> i hope to one day be competing against her. >> reporter: laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we've all got a new exercise to try. [ laughter ] >> that is some kind of exercise. >> impressive. >> and cespedes, he should have said thank you very much. something. >> i'll tell him the next time i get him on the phone. [ laughter ] so what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00? good question. for the answer we have sade baderinwa. >> a sanitation out this morning cleaning up from the blizzard attacked and rob. we're gathering new details on what happened and the search for the attacker. tanning bed concerns. there's new health information on the dangers for teenagers and what it means as women get older. we'll have those stories and more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter.
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