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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 28, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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they do it in canada. cruz's birthplace. what it all comes down to is an unprecedented battle between the front-running republican candidate and the front-running republican news outlet. >> there's a new campaign to try and take down donald trump. >> reporter: bottom line, trump doesn't like the moderator. >> i'm not a fan of megyn kelly, i think she's a third-rate reporter. >> reporter: oh how the times have changed. >> do you really think you're a better moderator than i am? >> no, i could never beat you that wouldn't even be close no contest. you have done a great job, by the way, and i mean it. >> reporter: from a fox news interview four years ago when donald trump, then the host of "the celebrity apprentice" was scheduled to moderate a republican presidential debate in iowa. but the candidates didn't like that idea. rand paul put out a statement saying, the selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate is beneath the office of the
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of that office's history and dignity. now megyn kelly told e.t. she's not convinced trump won't blink. >> i'll be surprised if he doesn't come. he says he doesn't want to but i'll really be surprised. i feel like the people of iowa are still persuadable. >> reporter: the art of the deal meets the ultimate reality show. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> as they say, stay tuned. thanks for watching, tune in tomorrow to gma. as always we're online on our "nightline" facebook page and
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a woman walking across the street when bullets fly. she's hit and in the hospital tonight. we have the exclusive video as new york police search for the shooter. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. n.j. burkett get ting the dramatic video tonight and posting the image on his facebook page. n.j. is in crown heights with the details. >> this is where it happened, just over 48 hours ago. one of the latest victims of gun violence in new york city is a 54-year-old disabled woman. but yes, it could have happened to anyone on this street corner. >> i feel sad, bad, you know. it's crazy. >> reporter: natalie valentine was there. and the gunshot could very easily have struck her. in this surveillance video the victim has no idea what's about to happen. she approaches the street corner and casually steps off the curb when suddenly she is knocked to the ground by
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bystanders come running and police are on the scene in less than a minute. paramedics later confirm that the woman was struck with a single shot to the knee. >> she was screaming, yelling. the ambulance picked her up, took her to the hospital. >> reporter: this appears to be the victim passing a row of storefronts with her hood on moments before the shooting. investigators believe the bullet was intended for someone else. perhaps a young man on the opposite corner seen running seconds after the shot was fired. it happened at 9 p.m. monday night at a time when utica avenue was bustling with residents returning home from work. neighbors tell us in the 48 hours after the shooting, officers had been posted outside the victim's apartment building just steps what sparked the gunfire was still not clear and the gunman remained at large late tonight.
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down the street just as you are right now. >> it was sad. i pray to god for the family and everyone is in good health. >> the victim is identified tonight as maribel, a disabled mother of three. she remains hospitalized at kings county hospital tonight recovering i'm told from surgery to repair her knee. live tonight in crown heights, brooklyn, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. a sanitation worker who says he was pistol whipped as he was removing snow now facing charges. the nypd just announcing a bizarre twist in this case. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger breaking the news on twitter. he's in queens outside the police precinct. >> talk about a snow job. sanitation worker had detectives searching all day for a pair of armed assailants but in the end determined he made the whole thing up. 30-year-old michael morel has been on the job with sanitation just four months.
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been jumped by two men, at least one of whom had a shuffled snow around 4:00 this morning. even claimed he'd been pistol whipped. this as thousands of new york's strongest have been working around the clock digging the city out of last weekend's record snowstorm. investigators say he did in fact have some sort of altercation. he was actually injured after that altercation but he claimed that he had been robbed for $25 while he was in uniform and on duty for the sanitation department. back here live at the 103 precinct station house where members of the squad worked all day on this case and eventually this story here unraveled. morelli has been charged with one count of filing a false report. it's not clear why he made this false report allegedly. investigators still trying to get to the bottom of that. no word from the sanitation department or the union representing sanitation workers.
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queens outside the 103 precinct station house, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. also new at 11:00, also in queens, a major drug bust. 100 pounds of heroin worth at least 14 million on the street hidden inside truck parts. the heroin pressed in to rounded square shapes so it could be hidden in axle casing. a dea task force team spotted two pickup trucks slowly circling blocks. the trucks' drivers were arrested. a manhunt for a gunman accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend and wounding another woman. police are searching for tyquan long. they say he shot two women inside an apartment building in far rockaway. his girlfriend, joanne, was killed. the victim's mother says long was very possessive of her daughter. >> beautiful person. very smart. go to church. very intelligent.
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and he started being possessed over her, like nothing, she stayed home, didn't do nothing. you know, no friends. nothing really. >> investigators say long also threatened to shoot a third person who's now being protected by police. a court appearance tonight for a man accused of slashing a woman's face during an unprovoked attack on a subway train. 21-year-old damon knowles arraigned tonight on separate charges. police say he admitted slashing a 71-year-old woman on a d train on monday. the grandmother of knowles' girlfriend tipped off police after recognizing the red sweatpants in surveillance video from the attack. the great news is the snow is melting. here's the bad news. melted snow is wet and with the temperature dropping dramatically the wet turns in to ice. see, lee goldberg, you don't have to be a meteorologist to know all this stuff. you've been tracking blizzards. now
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>> you look at the numbers, near 27 inches. now down to 9 inches. lots of melting and slush on the area roadways so the water is sitting there and our numbers are dropping more nights. what we had was clear sky then we have light winds around the area and then you throw in all the fresh snow pack and temperatures drop like a rock in the scenario so about to drop in the teens in orange county. new jersey. on the 20s on the island and down the shore below freezing at this point. look at the lows tonight. anywhere from 15 to 29 in the suburbs for several hours below freezing so there will be more widespread ice tomorrow morning. mostly clear. 18 to 23 in the suburbs just after 7:00 in the morning, around freezing in new york city. then we turn our attention to these two storm systems. even if this one stays shortly offshore, which we think it will, we have to be concerned with this one for snow. more on that in accuweather in just a few minutes.
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tonight throwing together a last minute fundraiser for u.s. vets that will run at the same time tomorrow night and just 3 miles away from the presidential debate he backed out of. the move comes the day after trump promised to boycott the fox news debate claiming bias from anchor and moderator megyn kelly saying she treats him unfairly. >> we're going to win so much, you're going to be so proud of your president. you're going to be so proud of your country. >> abc news' lauren trump -- lauren has turned down a debate. meanwhile bernie sanders tonight saying president obama is being even handed in his treatment of the democratic presidential candidates. sanders met privately with the president today at the white house. mr. obama has not yet endorsed a candidate. worries about the zika
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on long island. health and public officials gathering to try to calm public worries after a resident in nassau county was diagnose would the virus. five cases have been confirmed in new york state. one upstate in monroe county. all the u.s. cases are people who traveled to a country where the mosquito-borne virus is spreading. zika linked to the brain damage in unborn babies. new at 11:00, tickets for a concert or sports event gone in the blink of an eye and resold by ticket brokers at premium prices. it's a fixed game and a scam and now it's time for a crackdown. an investigation of the ticket industry obtained by abc news finds the average man has almost no chance of getting a face value ticket for popular events. most tickets are reserved for insiders. much of what is released is gobbled up by brokers illegally using speed buying software.
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fans of the boss. bruce springsteen and the e street band announcing they've extended their tour in to may. they performed tonight at madison square garden. the show last sunday was postponed because of the blizzard has been rescheduled for march. they'll have two shows at the barclays center in april. a little boy attacked. still to come on eyewitness news, what would you do if you saw a 6-year-old boy getting mauled by a raccoon? new at 11:00, we hear from a man who did something big and it saved the boy's life. >> president obama now weighing in on the oscars' lack of
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(cheering) jb smoove? we're going to the super bowl! order bud light with minibar delivery for a chance to win a trip to super bowl 50! we have new pictures tonight of a 6-year-old boy in the hospital after he was attacked and mauled this morning by a raccoon. the child on his way to school this morning in new jersey. his horrified mother watching the whole thing. so too was a man in his car. he rushed out and he saved the boy.
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from the hospital in hackensack tonight, here's eyewitness news reporter aj ross. >> there's a woman screaming. please call 911. >> reporter: it was a terrifying and traumatizing attack 6-year-old arian won't soon forget as he recovers at hackensack medical center. >> he had a nice-sized mark here, blood, and one on his face. >> reporter: arian was walking to school with his mother early wednesday when he was suddenly tackled and clawed by a raccoon. witnesses say the wild animal ran up from behind and latched on to the boy's face. until a neighbor heard his mother's desperate cries for help. >> i see this woman acting hysterical, jumping around saying somebody help me. i thought she was crazy because i didn't see anything and the snow was piled all the way up. when i drove up i seen this huge
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>> reporter: danny walls says instincts took over when he grabbed this painter's pole and beat the animal off the boy. >> i imagined that that was my son and instinctively it took over and i knew i had to kill the raccoon. >> i grabbed my gloves, jumped out the truck and ran over there to help and he started hitting the raccoon. i think more people should have stopped. lucky that guy was in an area. >> reporter: bergen county animal control is now performing rabies tests on the raccoon remains. school officials released a letter urging parents and students to remain alert. >> the family posted a personal thank you to danny walls, that good samaritan who quickly and bravely jumped in to action. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, president
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time on the controversy over the all-white oscars acting nominations. >> the industry should do what every other industry should do which is to look for talent and provide opportunity to everybody. and i think the oscar debate is really just an expression of this broader issue of are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot. >> and the president telling abc 7 los angeles that when everybody's story is told, it makes for better art. it makes everyone feel apart of one american family. important tonight about treating tumors. researchers in new york using virtual reality goggles to see what makes up tumors. researchers at the precision medicine institute at wild cornell medicine developed the software application. doctors wear a virtual reality head set to visualize in 3d protein structures of the patients. they search for mutations to understand how they work. >> you'd use both of your hands
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that would allow you to grow or shrink the model. if i want to turn the model i can use my right hand or left hand and depending how i move it up or down or left and right, the model equally rotates. >> very cool. and important. the new 3d technology already being used by medical students. thanks to eyewitness news, nearly 1800 people are richer tonight. following last night 7 on your side's report showing funds. the new york state controller says its unclaimed fund site has been visited more than 52,000 times. that's five times more than normal and it resulted in nearly 1800 new online claims for money which is double the amount the controller normally gets. if you want to find out if you have money, head to abc7ny. it's right on our homepage. >> i understand through the grapevine some people in our news room tried to do this. >> i went online and found unclaimed money. >> leave it to nina. going to give her a cut i hope.
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[ laughter ] it's going to be really chilly out. go with the heavy coat and allow for enough time. watch your step. going to be extra slippery tomorrow morning. 35 degrees. a northeasterly wind at 7. barometer on the rise. we already dropped at a more rapid rate than we've seen in previous nights because of the clear sky and a light wind in the snow pack. average high, 39. once again above average. our headlines look like this. we're tumbling in to the teens tonight away from the city. icy roads overnight. a clipper on friday can carry snow showers, even a squall in a couple spots. then more melting as we go the coming weekend. near 40 on sunday but saturday could make a run at the 50-degree mark. morristown already at 18. 25, andover. we're going to have these crazy ranges where it's 34 in teterboro. around the five
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in many of our suburbs. long island ready to dip in to the 20s. belmar and hudson valley dropping in to the upper 20s now. 33 at 8:00 in the morning, in new york city, widespread low 20s in many suburbs. light wind. increasing clouds. we get close r to 40 near the afternoon hours. skies continue to be clear right now. then we see a big high off to our west. as this gets closer that's why the winds get lighter. then we look to these two lows, one of the gulf of mexico and one over the great lakes. watch how they work. instead of merging, phasing, they don't work together. it's a little close we get some clouds. and rain or snow showers can get all the way up to maryland, southern tip. then that goes offshore so then we pay attention to this system to the north. look at what it's doing. it's poor timing. it's right near the morning commute. it's a vig orous little low. i wouldn't be surprised if a brief heavier snow shower could reduce visibility. all of the sudden you have icy roads and dangerous
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commute. something to keep an eye on. after that, windy for the afternoon hours. again, focusing on lows tonight. 15, 29 in islip. 15, morristown. cold tomorrow morning then we recover at 35 to 40-degree range in the afternoon. around freezing with the icy roads tomorrow morning. sun gives way to clouds. light wind during the afternoon. tomorrow night, down to 32 and maybe a late night shower or snow shower and that would go in to friday morning. by the way, even if you don't see a snow shower friday morning, gusting 40-mile-per-hour gust in the afternoon will make it feel like we're in the 20s for the most part. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. we'll bounce back over the weekend. stray flurry to the north. sun mixing with clouds on sunday. we're near 50. 50 on monday with a stray late day shower. we'll be in the mid 50s by next wednesday and it's raining. 9 inches of snow left in the parks going to go pretty fast. enjoy it now. >> snow pack, what snow pack? >> bill evans with more in the morning. coming up next, new worries
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and health problems as women get older. >> the star hitting the red carpet looking at one of the greatest con jobs in history. >> first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel. >> thanks, bill. tonight shaquille o'neal, allison green, music from banners, kanye versus wiz. we celebrate guillermo's meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. the wifi in this house is amazing. so is my guacamole. hi grandma and grandpa! ha, look at that! [laughs] time warner cable even has an internet plan for us.
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from 3 megs to ultra fast 300 megs they even made it easy to switch with a one-hour arrival window. why settle for less, when you can get more! get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call now. you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. tonight the red carpet premier of an upcoming mini series about the rise and abrupt fall of one bernie madoff that you can see here on channel 7. gives us a look in to the mind of one of the men who pulled off one of the cons of history. >> i don't empathize at all and i hope he rots. he committed
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blitz. >> people can't imagine a man who was so well liked and so well thought of that could create such chaos. >> madoff inspired in part by abc news chief investigative correspondent brian ross madoff wednesday and 7. in tonight's health alert, troubling new research about the hazards of using tanning beds at an early age. new research shows indoor tanning at a young age significantly increases the risk of women developing melanoma before the age of 50. women who used tanning beds in their teens and 20s were six times more likely to develop cancer than women who didn't tan indoors. rob powers up next with sports. >> a busy night, a fun night. the yoenis cespedes deal is done. we'll hear from eli
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playing in the super bowl. straight ahead, serena williams takes aim at another grand slam
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big announcement for the mets at the meeting today. general manager, the son of the owner, and the player himself. >> got to get those 18 in when you can. his representatives saying yoenis cespedes does not view this deal with the mets as a short-term relationship. signed a three-year deal. the mets are now a destination for players. it's not a franchise to stay away from. cespedes played 57 games, drove in 44 runs. turns out if this is the way he feels, cespedes is betting on himself and the mets. >> i think if you look at it, it was mutually beneficial. there's no question this all
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wanted to come back to new york. red storm still looking for their first conference win. pirates lost four of their last five games. three 3-pointers, st. john's in front. isaiah whitehead answers on the other side. the pirates are in front. angel del gaud gado had -- delgado had himself a night. the pirates were feeling it. seton hall wins it 79-60, st. john's 0-8 in the big east. in the big 10, rutgers at michigan. the scarl nights 0-7 at the conference lost 21 straight conference games overall. in the lead early, that was mike williams. aubrey dawkins had 11. this. the ball goes about 3/4s of the court the other way. take another look. you won't see this often. at least you rutgers loses 68-57,
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counting the days to super bowl 50. it could be peyton manning's final game in the nfl. eli said today he has no inside knowledge but if it is peyton's last game it would be good to go out on top. eli is already set. >> you talk about a legacy until after you're done playing, but he's been such a superstar in this league and a true professional. you ask any defensive coordinator in the last 19 years about his legacy, i think it can speak for itself. nba all star coaches is determined by what team is ahead. he's coached a total of three games in his career. cavs fired david blatt last week. let's go to the australian open. serena williams. first set could not have gone better for her. closing out here, won
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