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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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robbery of a store. the suspect was taken to kings county hospital. a second person taken into custody. no police officers injured at this time that we know about. we have a crew on the way and will update you as soon as we get any new information. >> now to the man in new jersey charged in three sexual assault cases. they happened in newark and irvington over a period of several months last year. the suspect is also being charged with attempted murder. >> emergency toni yates is live with the story all new. >> the essex county prosecutor's office is calling the attacks absolutely vicious. one against a mother. another against a mother at home with her infant child and another against the 13-year-old girl in her bedroom when she was attacked. 35-year-old kirvan joseph michelle is charged with three attempted assaults and one assault these attacks happened
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in one investigators say he entered the woman's house and in the course of assaulting her while the baby was there, her boyfriend came home. a fight ensued between him and the suspect. the suspect escaped. investigators say in another case, he hit in a woman's car. when she got out of the car to go in a convenience store. when she got back, he forced her to drive to another location where she was raped. in the case of the 13-year-old child, he is accuweather forecast accused of assaulting, a parent heard noises from the bedroom. when they went in, the suspect escaped. this time he left behind items of clothing. forensic tests lead to the suspect and relatives convinced him to turn himself in. he is in jail on more than a million dollars bail. right now at this point, the prosecutor's office is wondering if there are more victims out there. coming up later on eyewitness news we speak to the
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case and about the attempt to go out and find anybody else assaulted by the same person. live outside the prosecutor's office, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. breaking news. island. the fire broke out in a first floor apartment of a four-story building on 50 north bergen place after 10:00 a.m. one person was found dead in the apartment. the cause is under investigation. a new detail as concern over the zika virus grows. the world health organization is concerned because the virus is spreading explosively. the u.n. health agency said the virus is spreading so fast it could be 3 to 4 million cases in north and south america over the next year. there are already 5 cases in new york state. two are in new york city, one in orange county and one in
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the nassau county executive met discuss the threat. n.j. n.j. >> reporter: dave, to be clear the case was not contracted here but there are concerns about this emerging health threat. one is that there is presently no cure and no vaccine. mosquitoes, as you know, are a problem in the summer months here on long island, no question about that. the virus is spread entirely by mosquitoes like the west nile virus. in most cases it produces a resolved itself. women. the illness produces a severe neurological condition in the defects are often devastating. that is what they are seeing in central and south america, in the tropics. the concern is for those who may travel to those regions on
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those people and members of the central and south american community on long island that may travel back and forth between long island and those regions. >> we expect to see more cases. we see those cases. that is our population of patients that come to nassau community medical center. hopefully they are male and not pregnant and we can give them medication and bed rest. if they are female, we have to get to the next level with the on stay trish chance. >> reporter: to be clear, the disease has not been identified in mosquitoes here but we won't see mosquitoes for quite some time and there is no evidence that the virus has actual emerged in this area. the concern is that it will ultimately emerge here and without a specific vaccine, the threat to pregnant women will be potentially serious. live in mineola, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness
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an officer gets dragged during a traffic stop. a suspect gets shot and an the city. the wild chain of events happened before 12:45 a.m. when officers tried to question the driver of a stolen car and the driver sped off. an officer got dragged by the vehicle injuring his foot. he was able to fire a shot hitting the driver in the head. the suspect is being treated at jersey city medical center for a nonlife-threatening injury. new information on a wrong way crash. police arrested 43-year-old stephen hennessy from florida for driving while intoxicated. police say he drove west in the eastbound lanes of sunrise police cruiser. suffered minor injuries. the hospital. we want to turn to the weather and after a chilly afternoon, we could see snowflakes tomorrow. >> oh, boy. let's check in with the
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>> not going to be bad. it will be a nuisance. it may slippery up the roads during the morning commute. at noontime, a barge, a pumper makes its way up the east river here at noontime. the temperature 39 degrees which is the normal high temperature for this time of the year. we usually reach the high temperature around 3:00. we have a few more hours for this to go up and over the normal high for the afternoon. 41 laguardia. 43 poughkeepsie. numbers are warmer than normal. picture. you see we have really nice pennsylvania. this area right here is where the clipper and that's what will dive down and through the area tomorrow. our futurecast, that band of clouds that you see right there in central pennsylvania, that will keep sliding eastward. then here comes the snow showers. here is midnight, western pennsylvania, western new york state as we get to tomorrow morning. around 8:00 we will see
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more snow showers, particularly in the city. want that might mix in with a sprinkle of rain down the jersey shore as we warm tomorrow into the upper 30s to 40 down the shore. it will be a slippery nuisance type situation then it clears up tomorrow night. then we will talk about the weekend in the seven-day forecast. dave and shirleen, back to you. >> thank you. new york city police commissioner bill bratton taking time to thank the traffic agents who worked through the blizzard. he told them, the city appreciates all they did to direct traffic, remove broken down vehicles and brave the elements to keep the city moving. mallory hoff has the exclusive details. >> reporter: police commissioner bratton made a special appearance at the traffic enforcement division roll call >> significant storm that hit this city. high attendance rates, low absentee rates. high performance on the streets. >> reporter: he was there with
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the traffic agents that kept the streets safe in and the days that followed. he spoke exclusively to us. >> chief o'neil over the weekend directing the department storm operations commented about how dedicated these guys were, men and women, and that they were out there throughout the storm helping sanitation. so, we wanted to come by and say thank you. >> most residents were at home. traffic agents were at work and on call. >> a good feeling, wonderful feeling. we feel like we are appreciated. that's important especially being a traffic agent. >> to stand in the middle of an intersection with traffic going by you, particularly with snow and drivers are grumpy, oftentimes angry, they are an extraordinary group of men and women, over 3,000. >> reporter: words of thanks to those keeping the streets safe
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mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have an update on the breaking news we told you about at the top of this newscast. a police-involved shooting in brooklyn. newscopter 7 is now over the scene above the midwood section. we are told that police opened fire and shot a suspect in a cell phone store robbery. the suspect was taken to kings county hospitalized. at this point we don't know the extent of his injuries. another suspect was taken into custody. no police officers were injured in the shooting. as soon as we get any new information, we will bring it to you. turning to the race for president, even off stage donald trump hopes to cast a shadow over the final g.o.p. debate over the iowa caucuses. the republican front-runner holding his own event instead of appearing on stage at the debate in des moines. kenneth moton joins us with much more. >> david, one thing for sure,
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tonight's debate stage but he will dominate the media cycle. trumps debate boycott. >> i get on the stage a number of months ago, i got an unfair question from somebody. we don't talk about that. >> reporter: the g.o.p. front-runner talked about it on the very network he is in a bitter public feud with, taking on bill o'reilly. >> i have zero responsible for megyn kelly. megyn kelly out. really suggested that he go to his christian values. >> eye for an eye. >> no, that's old testament. >> bill. >> if you are the christian the eye for the eye role goes out. >> ted cruz is demanding tom' debate him one on one saturday. the venue rented. >> i don't think he is afraid of megyn kelly or me. he is afraid of the people of iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a tie in a new poll.
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his white house visit with president obama. >> the energy, the enthusiasm, the momentum is with us. >> reporter: the signs of momentum for sanders can be seen throughout iowa. watching. >> i think if they let bernie sanders win iowa, he will win totally sets. it's in a different territory than they thought. >> as for trump, supporters are sticking with him on the debate boycott. trump will hold a dueling campaign event tonight in iowa. reporting live, kenneth moten, >> thank you. political reporter dave monday's caucuses. his live reports sunday night on eyewitness news. a sexting scandal rocks the same town trauma tested by a shooting massacre. three students are under arrest
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may be in trouble after a photo sharing ring is exposed. >> a high profile suspect loses his battle to stay in mexico. new video of affluenza teen ethan couch being put on sometimes, we all need a little help. today, you helped her plant a garden, and you want to be there to help her with all her tomorrows. if you're trying to quit smoking, you may need a little help. medications to help you stop smoking... including nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there
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a basketball team offering millions to resolve flint, michigan's water crisis. the opener of the detroit piston is pledging to raise $10 million to address the hometown. the michigan legislature is looking to approve $28 million in additional funding. the money would be used to buy more bottled water, filters and
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delays in children. did the so-called affluenza states. ethan couch arrived at an apartment in dallas a short time ago. authorities. the 18-year-old was arrested last month in mexico after police say he and his mother went on the run. letter couch is serving 10 years probation after a drunk driving crash that killed four people. a somber milestone. 30 years since the challenger tragedy. in 1986, seven astronauts were killed when the space shuttle blew up after lift off. among those killed, christa mcauliffe posed to become the first teacher in space. families gathered with nasa staff for a morning ceremony in and all over. there are social media tweets and feeds, everyone remembering in their own way. >> never for getting, for sure. a parenting alert about a
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coming up on eyewitness news, the duct tape challenge has landed one teenager in the hospital. parents and children need to know about the potentially dangerous stunt. >> and heros on the highway. the human chain of strangers that saved a driver from disaster. >> and taking a live look
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after being pounded, you are talking nuisance. it's a relief in comparison. >> they work with one another sometimes, sadly. >> many times snow is involved. >> it will be one of those things where tomorrow we get slippery -- >> what? >> take two. >> say again? >> we will get slippery flurries that may be a travel problem tomorrow. david. >> and we are gone. >> make sure you got the metro card. a look at the snow piles. this is my favorite snow pile here. it's getting smaller and small err and smaller. it may have a few friends with it tomorrow as a few flurries come our way. temperature 39 degrees. humidity 53%. winds from the south at 9 gusting to 18. a little wind.
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kind of like fair weather number. 30.00. it's 41 at laguardia. everybody is above the freezing but sussex right at the freezing mark. the west wind to a southwest wind continues at noontime. a little wind has picked up ahead of this clipper system and this front that is with it. this is what will swing down. snow showers out of chicago. clippers do two things, bring snow but not a lot of snow but a big temperature change when they leave. that's what we will see tomorrow afternoon. so, the first batch of clouds comes through. it's this snow that we will keep an eye on. starts at 7:00, then 8 scranton wilkes-barre. then the winds push it through quick.
12:18 pm
and snow showers. it's enough to make the roadways slippery. temperatures this afternoon 42 to 44 but they will slide down evening. saturday night maybe a shot at a couple of flor rice, particularly north and west. then sunday 48 degrees. so, sun and clouds this afternoon. 42. cloudy tonight. tomorrow snow showers, blustery and colder. temperature of 39. wind out of the northwest 25 gusting to 35. seven-day forecast, we will warm back up as we go into the weekend. we have a period of a couple of showers of snow around with real feels in the afternoon into the 20s then saturday a situation where it will feel
12:19 pm
coming up late at night and that would be a coating and things north and west of the city. 52 wednesday. that gets us set up for the next blizzard coming our way. >> don't say that. >> it won't happen. he is hoping because he missed the last one. >> then there will be something else. are. they taunt >> i see what is going on here. >> thank you, bill. a rescue from a burning car gets captured on camera.
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get out of the past. get fios. caught on camera, a police officer that saved a man from a car on fire. he ran up to a camp site in kansas and dragged the man away from the fire. firefighters say they are lucky to have gotten away from the flames since ammunition inside the car exploded as paramedics
12:23 pm
no one was seriously injured. good samaritans ban together to save the driver of a crashed tractor trailer teetering over the edge of a hillside. look at that. the truck lost control on a highway in pennsylvania during the weekend snowstorm. the group locked arms in order to get to the cab and rescue the driver. he was shaken but thankfully not badly hurt. >> a team of strangers turn into heros at the right time. >> thank you. connecticut high school no stranger to tragedy struggling with a sexting scandal. disturbing images shared on social media. now some students are under arrest and others may be in trouble. >> if you have ever paid too much for concert tickets, you are not alone. some are calling for the game to be changed to protect fans. >> we continue to follow breaking news. a suspect shot by a police officer in brooklyn during a robbery.
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. we are following breaking news. new information in a police- involved shooting in brooklyn. we are now being told that three or four suspects may be involved in a cell phone store robbery in the midwood section. one person was shot at least one other in custody and police
12:26 pm
newscopter 7 over the area that is search is. no police officer was hurt. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is on her way to the scene. we will check in with her when she arrives. a new jersey man is facing charges in connection to several sexual assaults. 35-year-old kirban joseph michelle from newark is under arrest. police say he is behind three sexual assaults and one attempted assault in newark and irvington last year. there could be three to four million cases of the zika virus in america over the next year. it is expected to be behind the birth of babies with abnormally small heads. it is a big concern to many. hello, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. we begin this half hour with a scandal brewing at a connecticut high school. >> yes, in the community that is not a stranger to tragedy. students at newtown high school were arrested after a child porn and sexting investigating.
12:27 pm
eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is live in newtown with the details. marcus? >> dave and shirleen, three students arrested. 20 others fasting varying degrees of legal action after pictures and videos went viral in the worst possible way. the arrests were announced this week but the investigation lasted six months involving as many as 50 newtown high school students. it was the school resource officer that got a tip sexually explicit photos of male and female students were being shared snap chat, face time and other imessage applications. they were saved and sent to others that were not the recipients. >> i am disgusted about it. we are minors. >> reporter: school officials and police became involved executing search warrants and seizing cell phones. many were cleared and some were
12:28 pm
and videos for a profit. three were arrested and charged with distributing child pornography. 20 others sent to a review board. >> parents need to be more concerned of what their children are doing on social media. how do you watch that but it's a tough one. something has to be done about it. certainly not a good thing. >> reporter: the three students arrested are chasing charges as juveniles. the 20 that will go before the juvenile review board will likely receive community service to keep them out of the criminal system. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. an update in the search for the driver in a hit and run crash that left a teenager critically hurt in brooklyn. investigators released these surveillance pictures overnight showing the red minivan involved in the accident. it happened last thursday night on broadway in williams burk. police say a 15-year-old boy
12:29 pm
was hit. he remains in critical condition. new information on a deadly stabbing inside a homeless shelter. police are looking for 21-year- old anthony white. he is considered a person of interest in the investigation over a stabbing at the boulevard homeless shelter in east harlem. it happened before midnight. police say the 62-year-old victim was found with a stab wound to the neck. died. new information in the new york attorney general's crackdown on live entertainment ticket industry. investigation carried out by eric schneiderman's office revealed most tickets for popular events are reserved for insiders. much of what is released is quickly gobbled up by brokers illegally using speed buying software. in one case, a 79-dollar ticket to see one direction at beacon theater sold for $4,600. queen residents are back in their homes after being forced
12:30 pm
a manhole fire on leslie in st. albans sent co into four homes forcing evacuations just after midnight. residents spent hours waiting outside in their cars, in the streets while firefighters vented the homes and replaced a burnt section of cable. police made more arrests in the oregon stand off as the leader of the antigovernment protestors issues a new message. he is calling on the remaining militia members occupying a federal wildlife refuge to go home. elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: three more protestors under arrest and each facing a charge of conspiracy. to those still occupying the federal land a message from ammon bundy speaking out from jail through his attorney. >> i love you. let us take here. please stand down. >> reporter: bundy and seven others were taken into custody yesterday.
12:31 pm
was shot and killed by law enforcement following a traffic stop. >> it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. >> reporter: authorities so far giving no details about the deadly shooting but this morning conflicting accounts are emerging about how he died. >> lavoy finicum, they murdered him. he had his hands in the air and they shot him. >> he charged after law enforcement. he was not on his knees. miscommunication. >> reporter: with remaining militants surrounded by federal agents, local residents echo bundy's pleas to supporters. it's time to go home. >> i am upset that bundy and his group didn't listen to the majority of the people when we said go home. >> reporter: reportedly there are as few as five militants at the compound. as for the deadly shooting, police say a full investigation is underway.
12:32 pm
we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast for us. >> here we go. a look at the the rest of the afternoon, next seven hours, sunshine. temperatures in the low 40s. might get a little higher prior to 3:00, 4:00. then the tim dives down with cloudy skies. after school kiddos at the bus stop, clouds increasing with the temperatures in the low 40s to around 40 degrees. it will be nice after school today. we will talk about the snow for tomorrow and the weekend too in your accuweather seven-day forecast in a moment. back to you. sounds good. thank you, bill. saying good-bye to all that garbage what has built up in the wake of the blizzard, trash removal services resumed in the city. transportation department sent out official word in this tweet. snow removal took priority. they warn there may be delays. they are asking everyone to
12:33 pm
to speed up the process. >> please. >> some of those are higher than the snow mounds. >> so true. >> good to see. a woman walking across the street when the bullets start to fly. coming up on eyewitness news, an exclusive, a pedestrian caught in crossfire gets shot. th meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. call now to get more. more speed. like, 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on demand. more places to make more unlimited calls. call now. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100 meg ultra fast internet, hd channels included, and unlimited calling to international destinations. we find more good things every day! more ways to watch more shows. on more wifi connected devices in our house. time warner cable made switching easy with a one hour arrival window. they even made sure all of our connections
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police are searching for the person that opened fire on a brooklyn street hitting a woman that just happened to be
12:36 pm
the surveillance video that you will see only on eyewitness news shows 54-year-old mary bell pagan walking near utica and carol in crown heights when someone started shooting hitting her in the knee. >> she was screaming, yelling. the ambulance picked her up, to her to the hospital. >> it's sad. it's sad. i pray to god for her family and everyone is in good health. >> police say the bullet was intended for someone else. a 29-year-old man was hit by the gunfire. right now investigators are trying to find the shooter. three fugitives remain on the loose after escaping from a jail as determined law enforcement officials look to close the net around them. investigators say they have made several arrests in connection with the case. we go inside the maximum security jail for an exclusive first look at how the prisoners may have escaped.
12:37 pm
taking you inside the jail where these three allegedly violent criminals escaped seven days ago. overnight authorities making multiple arrests in connection with the search. >> these people are affiliated with the gang. >> some of them are. not all of them but certainly that is where we have been placing the focus. >> reporter: but the three remain at large. authorities say the fugitives cut and moved aside the barbed wire, anchored the ropes and rappeled down the building. authorities say the prisoners went through a door to the plumbing system, fashioning a rope sling to pull them up into the ventilation tunnels. how it happened without being noticed is still unexplained. >> they have to have tools to do that. we are investigating where and how they got those tools
12:38 pm
something that they coffman fake turd inside the jail. >> reporter: one's crimes of torture and murder they believe is the mastermind of the escape. >> calculating a way to get out of the jail. >> reporter: they stand accused of murder and attempted murder with gang ties. overnight new photos of young showing tattoos and markings. the sheriff saying this is the worst nightmare, someone escaping from her jail. the biggest question is how the inmates got their hands on the tools they used to cut themselves out. a warning about the next teen obsession. on eyewitness news, the viral trend that could put your children in danger. teens posting videos and pictures trying to outdo each other using duct tape.
12:39 pm
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a new warning about the latest viral trend called the duct tape challenge. thousands of teenagers are getting involved and posting the videos online. but it could put your kids in danger. in fact, it nearly killed one teen. >> reporter: at first glance it seems harmless. the latest viral challenge among teens attracting millions of clicks turned dangerous. the duct tape challenge popping up across the internet wraps a person in duct tape and challenges them to escape, most cases sitting in a chair but not always. >> i regret doing that challenge that day. >> reporter: 14-year-old skyler fish took the challenge with his friends earlier this month standing up. >> i wanted to try it because i thought oh, it might be fun but now i know it's not a good idea.
12:42 pm
hit the concrete causing a brain aneurysm. life-threatening injuries requiring 48 staples and may cost him an eye. >> i'm so thankful everything played out the way it did after the accident happened because if it didn't, i wouldn't have my son right now. >> >>reporter: it's not the first dangerous challenge to become a fad. remember the cinnamon challenge. consuming a tablespoon of ground sin that men without fluid which some say can cause long term and permanent lung damage. and the kylie jenner challenge prompting teens to suck their lips into small glass containers despite her protests risking injury in the hopes of creating fuller more kylie jenner-like lips.
12:43 pm
of these kinds of videos on you tube right now. skylar's mom says stop and think. her daughter spent two weeks in the hospital before going to rehab. >> that is a scary reminder. a story that won't hurt you unless it's in your pocketbook. would you pay a million dollars for a picture of a potato? someone did. this is a photo of the million dollar organic irish spud known as potato number 345. you say what makes this potato so special. >> what is it? >> i hear your questions. >> is that a yukon gold. >> you won't eat it. it was taken by a celebrity photographer known for pictures of yoko ono, dustin hoffman and other stars. they say this could be a keeper. not just a picture, something that you hold on to. >> they verified it would be the 15th highest amount paid for a photo. >> it's organic. >> i want to eat it.
12:44 pm
>> i did. >> start taking pictures. >> did you ever see her pictures? >> that's why i chose the right career and you as well, my friend. >> i will take a picture of my lunch, baked potato, big dollop of butter. >> it will be gone before someone can take a picture of it. blue skies, really pretty afternoon in that this is a nice typical kind of ordinary winters day in january. we are going to be looking at blue skies. really nice. circle line was heading up the east river a few moments ago under the brooklyn bridge. 39 degrees. temperatures have been increasing through the sank and we will get into the low 40s. humidity is dry. winds are southwest. pressure 29.95 and falling. yesterday's high 47. normal 39. so, we are going to be above that today.
12:45 pm
32 north port and massapequa and hauppauge at 45. 52 at montauk. how about that. that southerly wind coming across. with that coming up, we will have a wind from the south and southwest making for a nice afternoon. off to the west is this clipper system. it's producing clouds ahead of it in the central new york, mountainous areas of pennsylvania. the snow tomorrow is back there in the great lakes around chicago. you will see tomorrow, by the time we get to 6:00 in the morning, temperatures are cold for snow and snow starts to the north and west in the catskills, 10:00, 11:00, noontime. in the afternoon, this front pushes through and it's windy and blustery and cold in the afternoon. saturday we will warm to 39. there might be sunday 48. 42 this afternoon. cloudy tonight, 32. tomorrow we got snow showers tomorrow morning. might be slippery on roads. then the afternoon features a
12:46 pm
blustery and colder. accuweather seven-day forecast, we warm up next week. 48 monday with a late day rain shower. then we will be in the 50s on tuesday and wednesday. well, you can say bye-bye to the snow by that point as we get into next week. >> what a difference. >> thank you, bill. we will be right back.
12:47 pm
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slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. it's no wonder we're ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power. now, for $79.99 a month online, get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. or with a 2 year agreement, get $400 back. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. hi, everybody, i'm diana williams. later on eyewitness news an nypd officer hit with disciplinary charges after eyewitness news investigators showed you this video. a store owner says it shows the
12:49 pm
during a raid. barbie has a new body. for the first time a new body shape is introduced in four different styles. we will take a look at the larger impact for this change. this is a big, big change for barbie and i think it's probably a good one. those stories and more at "first @4:00." what do you think. >> absolutely. thank you. we are going to go back to the breaking news we have been following throat the newscast. a police shooting, a suspect during a robbery at a store in brooklyn. >> this is in the midwould neighborhood -- midwood neighborhood. darla miles has the breaking details. >> reporter: dave, shirleen, i got an update from the nypd and we have learned all three suspects are in custody in this robbery. this attempted robbery. we have two different scenes in play. first i want to show you the suspect vehicle as best i can. it is a green truck here in midwood east 14th street.
12:50 pm
shooting took place. this is where the owner of the verizon store followed the suspect about 12 blocks perhaps in his own vehicle after the robbery, pointed the suspect out to police then the police get out and shot the suspect twice in the torso. the other scene in play is on east 2nd street, believed to be where this initial robbery took place, where the 911 call was placed this morning. we will have more on "eyewitness news first at 4:00." back to you. >> thank you, darla. we will update that story on abc7ny and we will have an update, complete wrap up on "eyewitness news first at 4:00." . before we go, you are getting tweets about -- did you use the snow word. >> s word and people are upset. >> reassure them before we go. >> a little snow tomorrow. it will be in the morning starting around 6:00 west of the city, north and west. by the afternoon it will be gone. very quick. a little coating on roadways. not a big deal.
12:51 pm
the morning commute and into midday. cold tomorrow with the wind. the windchills will be in the 20s through the afternoon and into the evening. there you see on the five-day forecast, the snow for tomorrow. the weekend shapes up to be nice. 44 by sunday. then you see 48 monday. we are in the 50s next week. >> i still can't get over that that we will go up into the 50s. >> and lots of melting. that is for sure. >> a lot of melting. >> thanks, bill. appreciate it. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. for bill evans and the rest of the eyewitness news team, thank you for watching. join us again for "eyewitness
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