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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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how the iconic doll is getting a new look. i'm david novarro. >> i'm liz cho. we begin with breaking news. a question that tens of thousands of people in southern new jersey and long island are asking. what was all the shaking this afternoon. >> a lot of people complaining about it. diana williams has been looking into it. she has the details. >> david, liz, local authorities in new jersey were swamped with callers asking that question this afternoon. many people wondering if it was an earthquake. but we now believe it was a sonic boom. the question, though, where did the boom come from. this is the area where people reported shaking and tremors from cape may to amityville on long island. the first tremors began about 1:30 and continued about 40 minutes. police departments across new jersey took to social media to inform residents. barnegat police saying we are experiencing minor seismic activity and investigate same. surf city police tweeted we are
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lots of speculation on the cause. now, there were no measurable tremors and we now believe it was a sonic boom that originated two miles northeast of hammington, new jersey. no civilian craft can go the 700 miles per hour that creates the boom. whose aircraft went that fast. mcgwire says they have no aircraft capable of supersonic flights and that they weren't conducting ground artillery training. we are checking. south similar happened over the coast of south carolina. they do a lot of military flight training in that area. when we know, we will let you know. >> what a mystery. we are asking our viewers, did you feel the tremors? go to abc7ny and let us know. we will keep you posted throughout the afternoon as soon as we figure out exactly what caused the sonic boom. we turn to the other big
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police shooting after an attempted robbery in brooklyn. investigators say three suspects crashed their getaway car as they then tried to run away from the scene of the crime in the midwood section. >> as they got out, officers opened fire. eyewitness news reporter diana williams in midwood with the details. darla? >> reporter: well, dave, witnesses along the street on east 14th in midwood heard four clear distinct gunshots. the car that was crashed, that crashed earlier today is still down the street. it's a green jeep. now, police say that this is -- the reason they were able to track this car so quickly and catch these suspects so quickly after the robbery is because one of the people followed them after they -- the robbery at the cell phone store. >> i was coming out from my driveway. i bumped into one of the perps running on this sidewalk, two on the other side running that way. >> reporter: this is where it ended with a crash, chase and
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14th in midwood brooklyn. >> the cop was running, drawn his gun running toward the persons. the car was stopped there and one person shot on the floor on the corner of avenue o and east 14th. >> reporter: it started on east second and avenue p and wireless store in bensonhurst. two guys went inside to rob the store while a third waited in the car. >> two males entered the store and brandished a firearm. they ordered the employees into a back room at the location. they then removed a quantity of cell phones from the store. the perpetrators then left the location in a vehicle. that vehicle, you can see is behind us on the corner. >> reporter: police tracked the suspects in the green jeep here. one suspect pulled out a gun and two others ran. >> when they approached the vehicle, it crashed at the corner.
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one of those males was brandishing a firearm. our uniform police officer fired several rounds at that male. that male is now at kings county hospital. he has several gunshot wounds but he is in stable condition. >> reporter: so, let's clarify. witnesses on east 14th say they saw four suspects but the nypd says there are only three. there was the one shot twice in the torso who is at king's county hospital. one taken into custody here and the third is at large. reporting live in midwood, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a suspect is in critical condition after being shot by a police officer in jersey city. two plain clothes police officers tried to stop a stolen vehicle at the intersection of virginia and ocean avenues late last night. but the driver sped off dragging one of the officers with them. that officer was able to fire a shot hitting the driver in the head.
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at jersey city medical center. well, the world health organization is ringing a gloucester ball alarm about the zika virus saying that the disease is spreading explosively. as many as 4 million people could be infected by the end of the year. we have learned that a third confirmed case is now in new york city and that patient is a pregnant woman. >> we want to strongly advice the pregnant women or women considering becoming pregnant consider delaying travel to affected countries until we understand more about this virus infection. >> all of the infected patients traveled to countries where the zika virus is being transmitted by mosquitoes, mainly central and south american. when it's contracted by pregnant women, it can cause stunted babies. >> hopefully they are male and
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>> officials want to stress that at this time there is virtually no risk of getting the zika virus in the tri-state area because mosquitoes are not active in the cold winter months. a scary sight in midtown as smoke and flames came bellowing from a building under construction. this is what it looked like a short time ago at 20 west 40th street. the train attached to a building that will be a 32 story condo and hotel. fire crews are on the scene but they say the smoke has cleared out. no injuries to report in this case. now to the weather. some potential snow is heading our way. that sounds bad. it won't look like last weekend. it will be like a nuisance tomorrow morning instead. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it outside for us, outside the upper west side. lee, before we go to that, i would love to get your opinion on the tremors that people felt in south jersey. >> i see meteorologist amy freeze working on our accutrack
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between 1:00 and 2:00 was potentially at least signature of maybe part of the sonic boom on radar. it's happening on an aircraft going faster than the speed of sound. waves get compressed and you make this big sound. it was nothing seismic in the area. many are asking on social media are we seeing that in a frost quake. are we seeing that type of situation. that's what happens when water seeps in the ground. a speck near staten island. maybe that is some of the evidence of what happened around the area. we are looking not seismic, a frost quake, no earthquake but could it have been, this is it on radar, that speck is healthy looking radar return for a clear day like this. something we will be watching as we go through the afternoon and researching it for you. meanwhile we have clouds around. there is a front coming in. we want to alert you to the snow showers that come in tomorrow morning. 41 right now. above freezing. we are going through the melting refreezing routine we have done the last several days. probably not reaching the
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maybe in the highest elevations. the air is dry. we are seeing the clouds roll in. a vigorous clipper working to the north. we are not worried about the coastal storm. over southern michigan, that will sweep in. it's a brief snow then wind in the afternoon. futurecast, i am encouraged by squeezing in the morning commute without widespread snow showers unless you are well north and west. rain or snow shower through the morning hours into early afternoon, could be a rain shower, 40 miles per hour gusts come in. volatile day. make sure you pay attention to our hourly planner. it will change a lot, changing all the time. snow showers tomorrow morning may reduce visibility and make slippery spots, mainly north and west. 40 miles per hour gusts situation tomorrow afternoon could feel like 20s later in the day. looking at all the scenarios in
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what is going on, the latest in accuweather. >> lots to talk about. thank you. we will turn to new jersey where a man is facing rape charges related to three violent cases. he has been arrested. toni yates is in newark with the details. tony. >> reporter: the essex county prosecutor's office said these were vicious attacks. in two of them he followed the women. in the case of a 13-year-old girl, they say he broke into the house, snuck in her bedroom and he raped that child. this is the latest mugshot, a 35-year-old kirvan joseph michelle. a woman was able to get away. in june he climbed into that woman and attacked a 13-year- old. one of her parents woke up, heard the noise and the suspect escaped. they say he raped two women in irvington, one november 2 and the other november 4th. one of those women was holding her young child as she was forced into her home and assaulted.
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home into a stairwell where she was attacked. the suspect, they say, left behind evidence in the attack on a child. clothes and a knife in her room that police say helped them figure out who he was. >> once we give up the profile and we are able to identify who he was, we brought all the victims in to show them photos. and the 13-year-old did identify him as the suspect that assaulted her. >> reporter: again, investigators are looking at michelle as the possible suspect in that attempted sexual assault. we will have more on that coming up at 6:00. also important information that prosecutor's offers would like to get out if there are any other people that feel they were a victim of the suspect. live outside the he is sense county's -- ex-section county -- essex county prosecutor's office. a deadly stabbing in a homeless shelter in harlem.
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anthony wright. they are calling him a person of interest in their investigation of the stabbing at the boulevard homeless shelter in east harlem. it happened before midnight. police say the 62-year-old victim was found in a stab wound to the neck. he was unresponsive and later died. now to the race for president and the republican debate or the feud between donald trump and fox news. the back and forth between the two and trumps refusal to debate has taken center stage. trump is refusing claiming unfair treatment by megyn kelly. the debate is scheduled for 9:00 tonight. a lot could happen between now and then. brandi hitt is in des moines at the site of the venue. >> reporter: hi, liz, the stakes are high here in iowa. tonight's performance critical in trying to get the votes in their corner, particularly for ted cruz. he will do everything he can to
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now that donald trump has backed out. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> reporter: the final republican face off before the iowa caucuses. and front-runner donald trump is boycotting the event telling bill o'reilly the fox news network treated him badly. >> i said how much of this do you take. i have zero responsible for megyn kelly. >> reporter: she spoke with trump in the first show down five months ago. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: the latest poll shows trump leading in iowa seven points ahead of ted cruz that issued this challenge to the g.o.p. front-runner. >> one on one debate, mono mono. >> reporter: with trump out, cruz is center stage which could make him a target. >> marco rubio is gaining momentum in iowa. if he doesn't be careful, mark
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>> reporter: there will be an earlier under cashed debate. trump is holding a rally nearby for veterans. >> we are going to raise a lot of money for the vets. >> reporter: each candidate doing what they can to stand out with four days until the first votes of the 2016 presidential race. now, donald trump may not be here tonight but you are likely still going to hear his name on the debate stage. each candidate will push as hard as they can for as much face time because even a third place finish in iowa can help give their campaign a big boost. reporting live in dough money, brandi hitt, channel 7 eyewitness news. liz? >> thank you. political reporter dave evans will be in iowa for the caucuses. his live report begins monday on eyewitness news. we have new details on a possible terror arrest near a french theme park. what we are learning about a man arrested with guns at a hotel. >> and inside a terrifying road
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why he is speaking publicly and giving thanks. >> a major makeover for one of the world's most popular dolls. what is changing for barbie and what in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. but for years, i didn't do anything about it. i thought i didn't have the money,
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niece news is live on the scene. shannon, what do we know so far. >> police are investigating this right now. we can show you with skywriter
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question. police telling us the passenger shot. you can see the crime scene tape. this is at the intersection with corbin avenue. police are trying to figure out what caused the shooting to happen. in the meantime, if you are traveling through this area, you need to know that city vest san is shut down. the closure goes to this point to romaine. getting around this is not a problem, zip or dekalb gets you around this but the driver of the car fatally shot apparently by its passenger. reporting live over jersey city, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. police in france are questioning a man arrested for carrying handguns into a hotel near disneyland paris. the 28-year-old man was detained in the new york hotel, part of the disneyland complex there. an x ray machine found two small caliber handguns in the luggage.
4:18 pm
a woman was arrested but the park is open. it closed briefly after the november 13th attacks in paris. "washington post" reporter who was recently released from captivity in iran today returned to work for the first time. he was released from tehran in a secretive prisoner swap this month. he was emotional as he thanked the governor and newspaper for never giving up on him. >> for much of the 18 months i was in prison, my iranian tear gators told me "the washington post" did not exist, no one knew of my plight and that the united states government would not lift a finger for my release. today i am here in this room with the very people who helped prove the iranians wrong in so many ways. >> his release came as the u.n. certified iran's compliance with the international nuclear agreement. well, let's go back to the local weather.
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outside. lee, one of the things that stood out with the forecast, 40 miles per hour gusts at times? we will feel this tomorrow. >> tomorrow at this time, no doubt about it. one other thing i wanted to add because continue to follow this potential sonic boom, number one norad said not tracking anything that would cause a sonic boom. also wondering maybe a meteorite. space junk. >> interesting. i got to be honest, this is something i am finding very interesting. i'm dying to know what caused so many people to respond. >> we have gone into an alien landing. >> not seriously but everything is on the table. >> we are considering it all. >> welcome to my world. this is what geeks -- yeah, no doubt about it. it's not seismic. it's not an earthquake or frost quake. the grouped hasn't been frozen. this is happening from the air. so, we will see what is causing it. first of all, the breeze kicking up a little bit. a lot by tomorrow. a look downtown and you will
4:20 pm
we are nestled in between two storm systems. remember all week long this is the day we were worried about the ocean storm for the nighttime hours. thankfully it will miss us. pressure on the fall and high of 42. again above average and more melting. i can't wait to see the new snow depth, i owe liz an umbrella. i will quiz them today. sunday up near 50. the morning lows, we told you the raping 12 to 25 in the suburbs. that's what it was, that's why we had the ice patches. not as cold tonight. east hampton in the low 40s. new jersey in the lower to mid- 40s. it's 37 in andover. this planner will change, not that i'm going to change the forecast. it's changing from hour to hour. after we increase the clouds tonight, we start out tomorrow with light winds, then snow showers north and west. those snow showers are not widespread until we go to mid
4:21 pm
by noontime it could be a snow or rain shower. then gusty winds around. clouds starting to increase. watching. one off the coast, safely off the coast. then you have that storm system near chicago and upper great lakes. the two aren't holding hands are touching. there is a connection that snow showers will swing through with the clipper. we have to be careful tomorrow morning that we don't get an area of -- don't get an area of light snow. as we go into mid-morning, the snow showers will become more widespread. if you look at temperatures, they are above freezing. roadways primarily will be wet, maybe a few slippery spots. then after the snow showers go through by midafternoon, the winds kick up. they will gust to 40 and 30s with 40 miles per hour wind gusts will feel like 20s. if you look at the futurecast with the snow accumulation,
4:22 pm
maybe monticello by midday. i don't think this will be a big problem for the morning commute. maybe as we go into mid-morning north and west. mostly clear tonight. the clouds will be increasing. look for mcskies later. snow showers tomorrow. slick spots north and west. gusty afternoon. don't be surprised if you see a rain shower mixed with the snow shower. tomorrow night 26, clear, brisk then the wind backs off and numbers in the 20s. don't forget the accutrack weather alert app. it has the hourly forecast on there that will be critical to get you through the day tomorrow. guys, back to you. >> before we go, if you look at the camera. live long and prosper. [ laughter ] >> see you in a bit. >> right. >> thanks, lee. has this ever happened to you, you find out the favorite band is playing, go online to buy a ticket but the minute they are released, they are sold out. >> all the time. >> new york attorney general is
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good news this afternoon for anyone looking for a deal to check out a broadway show. broadway week has been extended. 2 for 1 tickets to nearly two doze central shows. it runs through february 7th. the great white way is hoping to make back some of the lost profits after being forced to
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every show lost money from sad night's cancellation. haul dropped 39% from the previous week. since we are talking about the great white way, a story set in brooklyn. if you want to see it you have to go to broadway. the latest version of a view from the bridge is on stage now but not for long. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon brings us his take on the show. >> reporter: this view from the bridge is bare. >> you don't see nothing, you don't know nothing. >> reporter: the play unfolds more than half a century ago in brooklyn. the staging brings out the universal themes of one of the greatest american drama's every written. the man at the center of the tragedy is a longshoreman that lives in red hook, works at the docks nearby. he has raised his niece since kathryn was a little girl. >> i took out of my own mouth to give to her. >> but what began as kindness turned to lust as she got
4:26 pm
>> what are you talking about. >> reporter: hard to believe the guy that plays the son of brooklyn was born 3500 miles away in london. but that makes mark strong's performance all the more remarkable and his character's betrayal, the way he rats out his own wife's relatives more powerful. >> in 2010 sligh ber played the part opposite scarlet johansson. >> reporter: i admired that version. this allows some audience members to sit on stage is one for the ages. >> marco, give me my name. >> i know broadway tickets are expensive and that's why i recommend a show quite rarely. this season we have two worth the price of admission, however high, hamilton and a view from the bridge.
4:27 pm
the play only has a few more weeks, dave and liz. >> it looks like a powerhouse. >> it's an amazing production of a terrific play. so worth it. catch it while you can. >> thanks, sandy. for years many critics said barbie's appearance portrays an unrealistic standard for little girls to live up to. now barbie's makers are doing something about it. we have the details changing with one of the world's most popular dolls. >> suffering from a collapsed lung. the victim of a road rage incident.
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we continue to follow the breaking news that we brought at the top of the newscast. the u.s. geological survey reporting a sonic boom in new jersey. people from cape may county to the south shore of long island saying that they felt tremors. >> the sonic boom originated two miles northeast of ham ming
4:31 pm
process frightened tens of thousands of people. >> i happen to have been sitting on the bed doing some computer work and i felt the shake and it got a little stronger and it caught my attention and then the bed started to move a little bit and it was swaying from side to side. >> obviously that was quite substantial. we have been on top of the story. we have meteorologist amy freeze searching for evidence of the sonic boom. what have you found in the weather center. >> you spoke to it first, the first thing we tried to rule out the earthquake because so many people described it as an earthquake or shaking sensation. we went through the computers and first thing we looked for was the evidence of any sort of ground movement. usgs s was able to tell us and confirm there hadn't been but a lot of computers show e when they come realtime. then we look oklahoma city, they had some. we look into our area, you can see this realtime on the computer.
4:32 pm
what you is going on. anything happening out west, this would give us the evidence to confirm that, perhaps, there was small shacking. if we go here to the east we can see nothing occurring all afternoon. this is a 12 hour data frame. then we go into the radar, anything coming and going from the radar? it was the for the diction radar that showed earlier this afternoon the potential for what would be this loud explosive noise or shacking that is caused by a shock wave. the interesting thing people say shock wave, that would be a sound or a quick movement that feels like an explosion. that is not necessarily the case. depending what is happening in the atmosphere, it can feel just like -- just like movement or a shake. there i go making it about 1:30. see that echo showing up to the east of new brunswick. that is the first i saw. there are a couple in here that give us the indication that potentially something could have been happening in the
4:33 pm
the other thing i have been looking into is the potential for some sort of -- there are a few more showing up around 2:43. these are clear returns. when we look on the radar, that can mean something moving toward or from the radar. doesn't tell us that it's an airplane. that would be the suspicion but sometimes clearer returns can be the migration of birds or something else in the atmosphere. the other piece of evidence that i'm searching for would be an hourly observation of the barometric pressure. if we had something like that in a five minute increment that could show us something happening with a quick ex panning and movement in the atmosphere. so, still sort of a mystery trying to look at the weather and though confirm the possibility of a sonic boom. that hasn't happened. the other thing, you need an airplane to create that. we have been able to confirm
4:34 pm
f-16, f 18 would create the sound waves. so, i don't have an answer for you just yet. a family in long island came into the hospital with a pierced young. he is telling how new year's eve turned into a night of hell how he will never forget. cefaan kim is live in bethpage with the details. >> reporter: supposed to be an older brother teaching his teenage brother how to drive. argument by road rage left the brothers bloody and fighting forth lives. >> next thing i know i am waking up in the hospital and doctors telling me i almost died. >> reporter: it quickly spiraled out of control. his 16-year-old brother had just got his learner's permit. he was teaching him how to
4:35 pm
when they got to manchester drive, they say a man behind them became furious because the teen was taking too long at a stop sign. cops say the three got in a heated war of words. the man then exited the evacuation wag again jetta. that's when he got out of his car to protect his younger brother. then the man got in his car and tried to run him over. >> i don't know what provoked him to go all crazy and go all out. i don't know if he was drunk, on alcohol or something. it was new years eve. >> cops arrested the man. he went into a pole. he was stabbed five times with dozens of stitches across his face. a nerve in his left leg was slashed. >> i am blessed that he is here now. >> reporter: the other was
4:36 pm
doctors told him three centimeters higher it would have cut his heart and he would be dead. the brothers didn't realize they were stabbed until after they chased the assailant. police say they found the knife at the scene. the brothers drove themselves to the hospital. doctors say that may have saved them. he may never regainful feeling below his left knee. he will know in six months. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. investigators on long island are trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire in freeport. flames broke out in a first floor apartment this morning. one person was found dead inside. investigators are not calling it suspicious. show down underway in brooklyn over the impending shut down of the l line. residents and commuters are meeting at brooklyn bowl in williamsburg.
4:37 pm
options for closing the canarsie tube that carries the l train under the east river. one would be a partial closure so crews can make repairs during the weekends that would take three years to complete. the other is a full around the clock shut down that would then be wrapped up in 18 months. the work could begin in 2017 and some 300,000 commuters use that line each day. liz? she has been the target of critics for decades. barbie is getting a makeover. we are not just talking new hair color. coming up, what is new. >> we will explain how keeping
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si a new york's attorney general continuing his crackdown on the live entertainment ticket industry. an investigation reveals most tickets for popular events are reserved for insiders, something most people suspect. if the tickets are released quickly, they are gobbled up by brokers who illegally use speed buying software. schneiderman calls it a shadowy network that uses any means to squeeze money out of fans. >> it took a bot one minute to
4:41 pm
a you 2 concert last summer at madison square garden. there is no way ordinary fans can compete. >> in one extreme case, a $79 ticket to see one direction at the beacon sold for $4,600. >> wow. history on the toy front today. matel, the makers of barbie unveiled a new line of the iconic dolls. instead of the blond bowl shell doll, little girls can choose from a doll in a variety of shapes and sizes. matel hopes that will boost sagging sales. here is the new version of the classic doll, different skin color, hair styles and most notably different barbie types. there are four sizes, petite, call, curvy and classic. they launched this video to announce the changes. the world of barbie is evolving
4:42 pm
reflect her diverse group of fans. >> this is radical. we are saying there isn't this narrow standard of what have a beautiful body looks like. >> we have to let girls know it doesn't matter what shape you come in, that anything is possible. >> finally, yes. this is the first real update to her physique in decades. interestingly some of the updates are more hidden. for instance, barbie's feet come in different shapes and sizes. who would have think it. >> you know, i'm skeptical. now they have to buy new clothing. you used to be able to switch out the shoes and all that stuff to work to their advantage. something to think about. in the wake of the storm, she was trying to keep kids from having to walk in the street. closing guard's proactive approach got her suspended. we will explain why. >> also ahead, the latest trend
4:43 pm
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a bit of a controversy involving a crosswalk. it's happening in southern new jersey. gina brown recorded cell phone video on monday of a snow choked intersection that forced students to walk in the streets. she texted the mayor. this is the mayor asking for help to get the crosswalk cleared.
4:45 pm
for two days for insubordination. >> kind of surprised that i was getting suspended for doing my job to the best of my ability and trying to keep other children's safe. >> she admits she was told the proper channel was to contact her superiors but the sergeant was not working that day. petition supporting her will be presented to the city council next week. she was trying to help. >> one more note on traveling after a snowstorm, it's not okay to drive with this much snow on the top of a truck. that is dangerous. south brunswick police department pulled over this tractor trailer on the new jersey turnpike. the driver was then ticketed. >> that is huge. >> >> that is a block of ice. gifts. number one, congratulations on your snow deputy from yesterday. >> thank you. >> you get a used lint brush. >> it is used.
4:46 pm
can we just let him take a shot. >> i don't want your pity. >> can i open up my -- it says accuweather. love that. >> 27 for the storm nearly down to 9 inches yesterday. what are we at today. >> 5. >> liz. >> i will say 4. >> i have to get to weather. 6 inches. >> i almost said 5 1/2. >> retribution. >> liz, doing weather, if we went from 9 yesterday to 6 today, what is the most likely accumulation tomorrow in the park. >> 25. >> come on, liz. >> it's going to snow. >> it will snow a little bit but we won't add to the total. 41. southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. next seven hours above freezing. do that much of the night in central park. not worried about icy roads around new york city. look at this planner. this is wild from start to finish.
4:47 pm
snow showers in the catskills. really not seeing around much of the area. the wind at that point is calm. we go through the middle of the day, snow and rain shower activity. they are scattered and brief. the wind starts to gust. then during the afternoon the showers shut off. we have sustained 15 and i would think we have gusts 35 to 40 into the evening hours. very different depending on the day part there. clouds are starting to roll in. the storm that we were watching down south brought tornado warnings to parts of south florida today. that scoots offshore. you can see even though they are separate there is a little bit of interaction where there are clouds into the area. our main weather-maker is the clipper and snow showers from the lower lakes. watch what happens. by late in the commute tomorrow, snow showers to get into sullivan, ulster, sussex, western orange, maybe if this is faster than depicted. be careful on i-84, i-80, through upstate new york.
4:48 pm
middle of the day, we have scattered snow and rain showers. temperatures are above freezing. roadways wet at that point. we clear things out and the gusty conditions. seven-day forecast, as we get to saturday, we have been concerned about a snow shower north. this system is going far to the north. maybe a couple of flurries. otherwise sun mixed in with clouds. look at sunday, upper 40s. a lay day shower monday around 50. this snow will be gone. tuesday in between storms at 50. soaking rainstorm, could even parts of the area hit 60 next wednesday? possible david and liz. all about warmth into february. >> this lint brush is fantastic. i love it. >> victory. >> a subtle hint. here is what is trending on this thursday. this is shaping up to be a good year for leo dicaprio. buzz that he is the front- runner for the best actor oscar. after his visit with the pope i
4:49 pm
here is a meeting of him in the vatican. he thanked pope francis in italian. he kissed his ring and gave him a check to donate for any charity work close to his heart. rihanna's 8th album is out and trending. you can stream it right now. it's called antiand will stream for one week. she shared a download code as a thank you to her twitter. deluxe version will be three bonus tracks available january 29th. listen to this. lee, paying attention? >> i am. >> potential new sport is presenting.
4:50 pm
>> oh, no. >> wait for it. look at this. >> oh, no. is this cool? we are talking about speeds of 70 miles per hour around tight corners, narrow straightways. the drones seen here are racing through obstacles in miami stadium. they will be competing against each other. they have announced the inaugural racing season. this is like the pod racers that you had with "star wars." >> what happens if you slam it into the wall by accident. >> you lose lots of money. >> by the way, it has the backing of venture capitalists. they want this to be the nascar of the future. cool, right. >> that is awesome. >> lee, let's practice, on video anyway. >> finally you will love the way this ends. a 2-year-old with down syndrome
4:51 pm
all he had to do was recite his abcs. >> a. >> b, c, dte, f, g. >> best f and sadly i don't have time but the w is fantastic. pam posted the video of her grandson online. the family is overwhelmed by support and positive responses. mom is taking him to early intervention and speech programs since he was six mons and it has been working fantastic. look at that. he got to the w. that's the face for the w. that's a great letter. >> got to love the self- confidence he has. how proud he is of himself. >> so proud of him. check out the trend online abc7ny. send us your trend ideas using the hashtag. >> that is pure joy. awesome. you heard of the cinnamon challenge and kylie jenner challenge. we have the cratest craze, the duct tape challenge.
4:52 pm
never look at health care through our eyes and you'll see healthcare differently too.
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we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health.
4:54 pm
well, a warning for parents today, the latest version of those online viral trends is proving dangerous for some teenagers who have taken it on. >> this is called the duct tape challenge. the premise is simple but the consequences can be terrible. ken rosato has the story. >> reporter: at first glance it seems harmless, yet the latest viral challenge among teens attracting millions of clicks turning dangerous. the duct tape challenge, popping up all over the internet, wraps a person in duct tape and challenges them to escape. in most cases sitting in a chair but not always.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: 14-year-old skyler fish took the challenge with his friends earlier this month, standing up. >> i wanted to try it because i thought, oh, it might be fun, but now i know it's not a good idea. >> reporter: high school's head skyler's head hit the concrete causing a brain aneurysm, causing 48 staples and costing him an eye. >> i'm thankful everything played out the way it did after the accident happened because if it didn't, i wouldn't have my son right now. >> reporter: it's not the first dangerous challenge to become a fad. there was a cinnamon challenge. consuming a table spoon of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without fluid which some doctors say can cause long- term, even permanent damage. and just last april the kylie jenner challenge prompting teens to suck their lips into small glass containers risking
4:56 pm
creating fuller, more kylie jenner like lips. high school hopes his -- high schooler hopes his near -- skyler hopes this will help prevent more injuries. still more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news, disturbing video of an after-school fight, students going at it while a coach eggs them on and another patient with the zika virus diagnosed in new york city and tonight travelers urged to change their plans. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. those stories in a moment. but first the mystery boom that caused tremors across the tri-state area and those tremors felt from the jersey shore to long island. police were swamped with 911 calls. the tremors lighting up social media as well. >> tim fleischer went to find answers and joins us live from
4:57 pm
>> reporter: i can certainly tell you if there's one place in this area that can possibly explain the loud booms that we heard today, it is here at the lamont doherty earth station part of columbia university. they were able to show us how these loud sonic booms of sorts were first detected. the first seismic signal from what is thought to be a sonic boom appeared charts at the lamont doherty earth observatory at about 1:25. >> sonic booms from the high speed, you know, aircraft flying over. >> reporter: the strongest signals were picked up by a seismic station p61 just outside of philadelphia on the ground in lacey township, ed richardson felt it. >> consistent for probably 10, 15 seconds and i literally thought the house was going to come down, the front of the house so i looked out the window because thought something must have crashed in front of the house. >> reporter: others felt it too
4:58 pm
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